Big Brother 16 Week 4 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results

Another nail biter of a week…

This is what happens when you have a super strong alliance that holds the power for weeks. Fear not sooner or later that alliance will blow up only two people can make it to the end. Something will happen to shake up the house it always does after all, this season is supposed to be the full of twist after twisted twist and we haven’t seen many twists so far.

Last Thursday Devin was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 11-0. He says he’s excited to see his daughter as he exits the house.

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Caleb says I want to grab a banana & smash it in Amber’s face! I’ll smear it in her grill!

1:45am UP in the HOH room – Hayden, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine and Zach are talking about Victoria. They all laugh about how she actually thinks she was picked up by a crow when she was younger. Caleb says I left room when she said that. Hayden says how cool would her sister be if she made up that story and got Victoria to believe it. Hayden tells Zach how today in the kitchen Victoria talked about how much you loved her. She said that you were talking about how hard working she is. Hayden says and then I remembered how you were up in the HOH room talking about how you were going to lie and tell her that. They all laugh.

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Big Brother 16 Week 3 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results –

This has not been a very eventful week, the house knew what it was going and no amount of campaigning on Devin’s part was going to help. Not to worry though this coming week will likely be filled with lots of drama, stalking and backstabbing with even more new alliances forming each day.

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Caleb says this is nothing I’m used to being with soldiers taking cold showers & p**ping in a hole.

9:30am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Devin has been awake since 7:30am this morning getting prepared for the eviction tonight. Zach and Victoira wake up after 9am. Zach’s in the kitchen making pancakes. When live feeds return – Frankie, Christine, Caleb, Zach and Amber are in the kitchen. Frankie says that Victoria does this thing when she’s sleeping where she needs to punch, jerk, twist. Christine complains that it sounded like someone was hammering the fire room wall all night. It was so annoying. Frankie says that he used to hear someone going up and down a spiral staircase in that room.

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Derrick says get sleep so you can go Beast Mode in the HOH. Cody “DON’T put Beast Mode on me!”

1:45am Derrick, Hayden, Brittany, Cody and Caleb are in the kitchen talking about the havenots. They talk about how Christine can’t eat gluten. Derrick says we can’t feel too bad for her because she signed up knowing that she would have to do it at some point and she’ll have another option. Brittany says that there’s another option just like there’s a diabetic slop option. Derrick says in all fairness we have to be havenot’s and then compete in HOH competitions. Even though Frankie has a circulatory condition he could still have a sleeping bag to use in the havennot room. I don’t care as long as he does it. Caleb says that its not fair Frankie could use a sleeping bag.

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Big Brother Spoilers Caleb “If Amber goes on the block I’m doing nothing about it”

6:45pm in the HOH Caleb and Frankie are working abs everyone else sleeping or chit chatting.

Caleb says when he was 4% body fat before his sport illustrated shoot he couldn’t even do one sit up, “It’s all muscle on muscle” (Caleb tells this story a least once a day)
Caleb tells them when he tore his hamstring it was the worst pain he’s felt in his life. “I had to stay in bed was on percocets all day” Took him 5 months before he could walk. He warns them to warm up before they run.
Caleb – “I can run from here to that door lightening speed”

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“Shout out Brittany’s B**B, Shout out Brittany’s left b**b, Shout out her right b**b”

4:41pm Doing dishes Donny, Hayden and Frankie.
Doing their english accents.
Frankie says every time they say a bad word they say “Sticks your fingers in each others holes.
Frankie – “Long john and I we’re about to do.. “Quick stick your finger in your holes.. stick your fingers in your holes”
Frankie does a brooklyn accent teaching kids about “The Bird and the Bees” his character didn’t like those terms because “I look down there I see no birds I see no Bees” his character calls it “Snakes and tunnels” instead.

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Devin says “Amber doesn’t know when to shut up! She always wants to put people on blast!”

12:50pm Devin tells Donny that he really wishes him the best of luck. And when you realize who you can trust make sure you take care of Jocasta. Devin asks what do you think Pow’s tactic was about saying stuff when she was leaving? Was it to stir stuff up? Donny says I don’t know, like what? Devin says like telling people that Zach’s cousin is Amanda Zuckerman. Devin asks do you think I handled this week pretty well? Donny says yes. They head inside. In the kitchen – Jocasta, Devin, Amber, Victoria and Brittany. Jocasta pretends she’s in church and starts preaching.

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Frankie shows Jocasta how Victoria climbed on him and told him she’s sick.

9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Christine complains that someone took her b!ble without asking. She says she really doesn’t like it when people do that. She heads outside to where Hayden, Donny and Frankie are sitting on the couch. Frankie asks are you worried about your b!ble? Christine says I’m pissed people keep taking it and not putting it back where they found it. I wouldn’t care if they just put it back. Frankie says I will tell you who didn’t take it. Me and Hayden and that’s the gospel truth! She says that she is also going to hide a bottle of lotion in her dresser just in case you need any. Frankie says it puts the lotion on its body or it gets the hose again.

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The DETONATORS – Insert, Twist, Blow it UP! Thanks Devin, you’re the first to be blown up!

2:35am UP in the HOH room – Derrick is talking to Cody about his flirting with Amber and Brittany. He tells Cody I’ve been straight with you from the beginning.. I don’t think you have a target on your back, but it could turn into something if one of them gets pissed. Derrick says if that happens, I would get rid of one of them right away. Cody says I mean, Amber is literally like.. Derrick says she is on your sh*t. Cody says that Amber said I want to trust you, you’re the only one. Derrick says Amber is on your sh*t, what about Brittany? Cody says that she’s hot & cold.

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Zach Attack “I want Frankie gone sooner than later.. He has control of people.”

8:43pm Victoria and Devin
Victoria thinks theres a lot bigger targets than her out of the girls. Derrick tells her she’s always got to prepare for the worst.
Victoria says she found out today that more people were watching.
Victoria says she has to take allergy medicine every morning and she talked to a Certain Doctor there you go get it? “they told her she’s doing so great.
Zach comes in tells Victoria if he wins HOH he will not put her up. Zach asks her who she would put up for the BOB. Zach says he’s not putting up Derrick and Cody. Zach tells her if he wins HOH he’ll put up Jocasta and Donny.

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