Big Brother Spoilers “F***g cops as long as they don’t arrest me I’ll be happy” -Derrick

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-05 19-17-48-210

7:24pm Hammock Victoria and Nicole
Victoria about Christine – Are you close to her be honest
Nicole – I will be honest .. we’re not as close as we use to be
Victoria – certain people in this game have come to me and told me I am the only person they have said something to that hasn’t got out.. you can trust me 100% nothing people tell me gets out EVER

Nicole – You should trust me way more than her
Victoria – I don’t trust her
Victoria says Christine told her that there was a guys alliance and they are keeping Zach.
Victoria – She talks a lot alot alot and it’s getting caught
Victoria tells her if she wants to work with her they need to talk more game. Nicole wants to talk more with Victoria.
Victoria – trust me when I tell you i’m not as stupid and naive as I seem
Nicole – you need to win the HOH
Victoria – if it’s endurance I will
Nicole – do you remember anything else she said.. try to remember what she tells you from now on.
Victoria says she still wants Zach out. Nicole pushes that Christine cannot be trusted. Victoria agrees says she can twist everything around. Nicole warns her not to tell anyone she said not to trust Christine.
Victoria says she knows Christine will manipulate her words to turn people against her “I know she thinks I am a pawn”
Nicole – I haven’t been talking a lot of game with her
Victoria – “do you trust Frankie”
Nicole – I don’t know.. I think so.. don’t talk about me to him
Nicole adds that she’s still trying to feel people out.
Victoria says she doesn’t talk Game to Frankie
Victoria bring up her conversation with Frankie today when he said he’s entertaining the idea of voting out Zach.
They agree everything you tell Christine goes to Frankie

BB16-2014-08-05 19-52-42-150

7:51pm Zach and Derrick
Zach has noticed that Jocasta isn’t really campaigning much, he wonders if Nicole will keep him in a tie. Derrick never notices Jocasta campaign much when she’s on the block.
Derick is expecting a big twist “Something’s coming bro something’s come.. something is going to fuck with our game it’s going to either fuck with our game or help others.. what if these trackers the two highest numbers are HOH”
Zach – I’ll be so pissed if I went home in Thursday
Derrick – I don’t blame you at all .. not one bit

BB16-2014-08-05 19-53-08-322
7:52pm Frankie, Christine and Cody chit chat
Christine – “i wonder what differences are going to be in my life when I get home

BB16-2014-08-05 20-06-30-484

8:04pm HOH Nicole and Cody
Cody says Christine is trying to put seeds in people’s head. Nicole brings up Christine wanting to work final 2 with Nicole early on. “She planted the seed in my head to put you and Derrick up”
Nicole wonders what Christine is trying to do saying there is a guys alliance
Cody – she said that today
Nicole – yes
Cody brings up Zach and the alliance he tried to form last night. Nicole wishes she could remember the name of the alliance.
Cody says Frankie and Christine are playing both sides of the house. “I’m seeing the game she’s trying to play she’s trying to play everybody”
Hayden rolls in
Hayden says he got Donny to name his targets in priority 1) Caleb, 2) Frankie, 3) Christine
Hayden – I feel it’s the same thing we generally want
Hayden adds that Donny wants Derrick out 4th.
Cody – Derrick on the bottom then
Hayden says Caleb for Cody, Derrick and Hayden is fine he’s not putting them up. The problem with Caleb is Nicole is second on his list.
Hayden says Caleb’s targets are Donny, Nicole, Victoria and Jocasta.
Cody thinks Frankie wants Donny out but he’s trying to play both sides.
Hayden Ya he’s always said he wanted Donny out.. why what is he saying now
Nicole – he always has to poop it’s so annoying… (LOL he’s always coming into the HOH to use the bathroom)
Cody – I wonder who Victoria’s targets are she makes me nervous
Nicole brings up Christine telling Victoria about a boy alliance.

Derick comes out spells out their name ‘Rationale’
Derrick and Cody tell Hayden about Zach coming to them last night to form an alliance.
Cody “It was derrick me franke and Zach.. Zach was all like you guys we got to work together I know we trust each other we need the numbers”
“Frankie was like Christine needs to be in “
Nicole can’t remember what the name was. Cody brings up that Christine wasn’t even outside when Zach pitched the alliance so Frankie must have told her.
Derrick says he never said the name but he said it was going to be a play off the bombsquad.
Cody tells Hayden that Zach is targeting Hayden.

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BB16-2014-08-05 20-41-04-608

8:35pm HOH Derrick, Cody, Nicole and Christine
Chit chat about what Derrick really does. Derrick mentions that Frankie said he thought he was a cop
Christine – I don’t think you are a cop you’re too cool
Derick – thanks another insult.. cops can be cool
Christine – I have a bitter taste in my mouth
Derrick says he’s gotten more tickets that Christine , Christine says she’s been pulled over 7 times but never got a ticket.
Christine – When my car got stolen the cops really screwd us over so i’m pssed with them.
Derrick – F***g cops as long as they don’t arrest me I’ll be happy.. now if they arrest me I hate cops”
Christine – you getting arrested sounds hilarious
Derrick – I’ve never been arrested.. I’ve gotten in trouble.. the cops know of me.. that sounds so bad.. I don’t think they do that was so long again I was a juvenile i’m 30 years old
Christine you’re so old
Cody you’re a grandpa

BB16-2014-08-05 20-37-09-646

BB16-2014-08-05 20-57-58-717

8:52pm Hammock Victoria and Hayden
Hayden – I’m Voting Zach out..
Victoria – Someone said to me this morning and told her that Hayden wasn’t voting Zach out”
Hayden guesses it was Christen.
Hayden – Don’t trust Christine at all and this definitely stay between us.. CHristine and Frankie are both not to be trusted at all
Victoria OH I know
Hayden – Christine has been planting seeds all week she is spreading a rumor that we were hooking up
Victoria – Are you serious .. if anyone believes that
Hayden – no one believes it.

Hayden – She wants all three of us to feud I thought i could trust her but not any more
Hayden says christine says sh1t about Victoria behind her back
Victoria what s to know. Hayden is reluctant to tell her.
hayden – “ dumb things .. the same as Amber that you don’t know what you are doing.. you know”
HAyden – she does that all the time it’s non stop it’s ever day .. everyone else in this house knows it.. The only person that trusts her is Frankie.. he’s like the new Amber running around crazy
Victoria – He’s me target.. oh I shouldn’t have told you that”
Hayden tells her not to worry
Hayden says Christine is very manipulative and hard to read but Frankie can win competitions
Victoria brings up Christine telling them about a all guys alliance
Hayden says Christine told Nicole that Victoria and Hayden were making out and it was “Disgusting”
Victoria – That’s insane..
Victoria says she told Christine she was saving her self for marriage all she really did was kiss a guy.

Where the Vote is..
Zach going home..


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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“i wonder what differences are going to be in my life when I get home” Christine.


Christine can count on two evictions coming soon to her. the first eviction will be coming from the BB house, and the second eviction will be from her husband when she gets home.

bb lover

Here’s to hoping. Wish I could witness her and her husbands reunion!


Actually it doesn’t seem as if her husband has too much self-respect, he’ll probably stay with her according to how strongly he’s still supporting her online. I would at least stop being her loud and proud cheerleader if I were in his position, especially after she commented on Cody being “so good-looking I can’t look away” on the hammock while cuddling with him and going on a pretend-date with him, and finally ranting about Amber being jealous of Christine going on this pretend-date with Cody. I think we would be even more cutthroat if Christine was a man cuddling with some gorgeous girl while married. But then again, we never know what their exact relationship is like at home, maybe they’re aware that neither of them have many options…that sounds really mean as I say it.


Maybe he looks like her ! YIKES !!!!


I would like to see Jacosta win HOH just to see if who god will put up.


LOL Chris thinks she is going to be soo liked lol, she is such a snake talking shit about all the girls and plus disrespecting her husband on tv can’t wait to see her and Fakie go


She can expect a whole lot of hate mail and a divorce.


It’s will be so funny if Jocasta is sitting in final two after doing absolutely nothing. Their bad LOL

BB Rule Book

rule # 1 : If you don’t know how to spell the name of your alliance , you cant use it.



They get info dropped that Zach “tried start an alliance just last night and they accept it without much interest in why they are being told this. It is clear Zach is leaving (sigh) but Christine/Frankie/Cody/Derrick come to you with suspicious info and Nicole nor Hayden ask more questions or go to Zach…..

They must understand that the timing of this is extremely bizarre and they dont attempt to ask more questions, and if they did they could see thru their bullshit.

Unfortunately if Donny got that info his head would be spinning until he gets to bottom of it, and he would definately go to Zach because well Donny knows how to play BB.

It seems like Derrick is toying with them with being sloppy about the Detonators and him being a cop because he can.

Nicole and Hayden WAKE UP AND TELL DONNY !!!!!!


ITA. The Detonators are being super sloppy & Nicole/Christine are just putting it down to Frankie’s telling Christine things/Christine’s lying. Dumbos.


I was surprised to see Jocasta lol. Her and Donny are almost never shown on TVGN.

been there done that

I ‘m pretty sure Victoria finally got the message that Hayden is not interested in her. He said, “Those rumors about us hooking up were DISGUSTING !” “NO ONE believed it.” Gee Thanks! Then she tried to play if off by saying, ” I’m saving myself for marriage.” Yeah right !


Victoria is horny, she would bed ANY guy in that house, if she could… She even tried something with Frankie and he’s gay… She’s so hurt that she won’t get the D in the BB house… I don’t think anyone will be sexing in the BB house…

Read it again

Hayden says…

Christine told Nicole that Victoria and Hayden were making out and it was “Disgusting”

been there done that

Thanks for clarifying as that’s a really important detail. I’m BORED and misread it so shoot me.


Hayden didnt say that it was disgusting. Christine told Nicole it was disgusting. Christine said to Nicole: “Hayden and Victoria made out.” “It was disgusting.”

Rats leaving a SiNKiNG Zach

Ratine and Frankie are the WORST! Can’t wait till it happens to THEM. They really believe they are MASTER gamers.


Oh my God our ugly little princess learned a new word today – Alliance. Victoria watch out your might get smart or something….nah.
If anyone with half a brain heard what Derrick said and didn’t know he was a cop well….
He said it was an insult to call him a cop because he’s too cool?
In other words, they were insulting cops and he let them know he was insulted???? He’s not as sly as he thinks IMO. He’s just full of power boosted by his position in society and he has the gift of gab but they aren’t exactly rocket scientists in there. I do think Donny is probably the most intelligent (in IQ) out of the lot of them and the most keen on reading people.
I’m not as naiive as you think says Victoria – no you’re pretty unintelligent, sheltered and materialistic and yes you’re more naiive than they think.
Her mother tells her a ‘crow’ swooped her away and she believed it. Enough said.


Actually I don’t think Victoria is as stupid as she appears. She’s actually got a pretty good read on most of them in there, but plays dumb & says little. I wonder if Derrick really has her as snowed as he thinks he does – big mistake on his part saying to her that he is in no other alliances IMO.


LOL Christine, for one your husband who looks as equally odd as you do will be out the door. Since you won’t be winning the money he won’t have any reason to stick around and you won’t be able to get a guy 1/10000000000 as hot as Cody to look at you again.

The same goes for Nicole. Zero appeal, even less sexuality. Victoria? even worse and that princess attitude would kill any anyway. The only reason she is getting attention is for gameplay and the fact that these guys haven’t gotten any an a month and a half. That can make you do crazay things.

Cody is playing the gigolo role perfectly. Other than look good and be Derrick’s lap dog Cody is pretty useless unless its cuddling with or being stroked by one of the girls. I’m surprised he hasn’t kissed all the girls. Judging by how awesomely he FRENCH KISSED HIS DAD he must be good at it after all the practice at home.

Derrick throwing them off the scent by slamming cops? Great career move.

And the constant affection involving the married people is also creeping me out.

it is hard

it is a really good question………… is hard to say

yea .... uuhhhhhh

Does Donny ever play pool? I have not seen it once. He’s gotta school these arrogant pricks. He’s a damn ringer! Pimp that cue, Donny….dammit.


Morons! The whole lot of them!


I hope Zach’s parents didn’t rent out his room thinking he’d be gone all summer.

an observation, nuttin' more

If the rationales were legit and true, Derrick & Cody would recruit Donny into the alliance, keep him there until final 7, then dismiss him. That’s all. No “Cody’s a wimp” or “Christine & Frankie are rats” or “this season sucks” (it kinda does, who gives a shit?) I am aware of the fanboys/girls on here, but Donny is really just floating by. Not a floater, bit so under the radar he’s not a blip. Derrick is running the house. He’s in the middle, and the paranoia is brutal. And he’s as good as gone. The season is a drag. But it will get mighty good later .


They believed the detonators started just last night, without questioning it? F**k these people are stupid… I don’t care that Zach is leaving, as I didn’t care that Amber left, that’s the game, but Zach is actually entertaining, Amber was just eye-candy.. I honestly think Derrick is going to continue running these idiots til he wins 500k….


Nicole has caught them in several lies about the same story, and STILL hasn’t figured out the connection between Cody, Christine etc. Maybe she really is a fruit loop dingus.

Hopefully production will give her a clue…


Really want to cancel live feed if cbs don’t step in, we’ve been seeing our favorite players been evicted


Have you guys seen Wil Heusers vids on youtube? He makes BB parodies and they are hilarious! So spot on hahaha I’m watching the one he uploaded today about Amber being placed in the witness protection program after being evicted! Spot on.

I don’t really like these last 2, but the first 3 making fun of this season are too funny.


Donny rules. He is true blue and the kindest man I have experienced on tv and in real life. His GF is the luckiest lady walking this earth. Congrats girl, he is a keeper!!!!!


What is with these awful alliance names? The Rationales? Really? Trilogy? Hitmen? This is what happens when you cast boring people with zero passion for the game.

Victoria is saving herself for marriage? Ya right. The only guy she will convince to marry her is one of Brittany’s old dudes with bad eyesight.

I know that some of them have medication but how is Hayden getting access to pot in the house? The guy always seems to have that stoner buzz going.

Other than Donny, they have all become so unlikeable. Zach at least provides some entertainment but he is gone this week. I can’t imagine how dull this is going to get.

The only think that could save this season would be production manipulating things so Victoria and Jacosta get to the end. It will be one of the biggest shockers in television history it could save the season. Nobody would believe that it could ever happen and they would tune in every week to see if two of the most useless players on any reality show ever could pull it off..

BB16 sucks

Caleb is the dumbest person in the Universe:

I’m dying laughing 🙂


My fav part about it is how he plays them all…and looks just like them! DYING hahaha


Zach has grown on me, I really wish it was someone else going home. To send Jocasta home would be a total waste of Nicole’s HOH but Id rather see Caleb, Frankie or Cody go.

Where’s the controversy this season?! Last season was so entertaining and insane. I’m bored with this season.


I just checked out Amber’s interview about her BB experience, and I was 100% right, she wasn’t playing Big Brother right at all, she didn’t want to use people to further her game, even though Caleb did kinda force her into his Alliance, but totally without her wanting, or asking for it…. This isn’t the game for a sweet person, it’s cutthroat, you gotta lie cheat and manipulate to get far, you can just be a goodie two shoes… This will be the last tie we’ll see her playing BB, I think she’ll come back for a comp…


this is just mean. so when the person you all ostrasize tries to play the game, come up with an alliance(mind you, they had no problem the previous weeks when he named them) then laugh at them for trying to form an alliance

cody is seriously the worst. I hope Zing Bot hits him on three things: he is a weenie, he fears the stand the pee, and he is by far the worst “bro” in the history of the bro code. if Caesar had Cody as a friend he wouldn’t have lasted a week

this is the perfect time

for a non eviction. have Zach realize who turned on him, (CODY) among others, and then the noise is made and the door is locked. sorry, a non eviction. it would be perfect. give Zach extra life, and then we go into a double eviction(with just the one eviction) being after Zach is kept, they all fight for HOH, if Zach were to win all of a sudden cody and derrick are in trouble. it changes everything. if he doesn’t, then he goes home then they play another HOH and start the week. worst case we are down Zach still, best case we still have Zach and the game is turned on its head…or we lose some floaters….(Victoria, jocosta)

we need a no eviction week

to save Zach, and change the game


Sigh. I miss split votes. Everyone is so afraid to go against “the house” I miss when a person voted how they wanted and not gave in. Like even in BB13 when Danielle was going her allies still stuck by her side, not vote with the house.


Maybe Victoria’s mom meant the Stork??(lols) I don’t think Derrick was talking sh*t about his fellow Officers (nice try though) I think he was just playing around, jeez man no one can even joke around anymore with out everyone all over them. *Amber saying her father will “come after them if they backd**r her” you could Clearly tell she was jokingly saying it YET everyone was all over her ass about it. (Pulling at straws sometimes eh)

I really wish these people would reconsider the eviction of Zach, I cant believe they are going to do this. Nicole is a waste anyway so why not waste the HOH on getting rid of a non existent player like Jocasta. IDK , it just bugs me seeing someone who jacks up the house like he does (good reality TV) go this soon. 🙁


At least floaters would b out ex jocasta and victora yes that would b a waste of an hoh but least the stupid lazy people will b open and people actually playing the game would have a chance to stay and play hopefully somehow someway Zach can stay win HoH and veto during the double eviction and take that dumbass nicole out man i hate all these stupid players i hope someone who has a brain and someone actually playing wins i’d hate of a floater won


Derrick goes over the top with his cop comments & keeps bringing it up. They’re stupid to not figure it out, although I think Franke does suspect it.


I think Derrick likes to talk about himself and all his other “jobs” or anything about anyone not telling who they are really because….. He wants a cbs edit montage of himself made about how he has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. Just seems very self-serving to me.


So happy that they all are turning on Christine! Hope she is sent packing soon! She wonders what changes will be in her life when she gets out! For one she will realize everyone hates her and that she herself is a catty girl and also that her husband is beyond pissed at her now. Nothing good will come out of this experience for her and she deserves nothing for the way she is,


Uhh Nicole aren’t you into Hayden? Not a good look Nicole..


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