Hayden’s telling Frankie Christine flipped the house ‘Technically it’s what she’s doing’

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-04 15-10-10-424

3:06pm Donny and jocasta
Donny says he hasn’t been talking to her because he’s a target and with him being a target near her she’ll become a target. With her on the block it’s dangerous there’s nothing they can do if the vote changes.
He’s heard the house say Donny and Jocasta.. Donny and Jocasta… Donny and Jocasta before they aren’t right now DOnny wants to keep it that way.
Donny leaves says “DO you really understand “
Jocasta says she does understand she loves Donny.
Donny – “That’s the hard part of the game”
Jocasa heads to the lawn chair and sobs opens the bible starts to read it….

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BB16-2014-08-04 15-20-39-725

3:17pm Donny and Hayden
Hayden saying that Christine is trying to pull him and Nicole apart. Brings up Christine saying Hayden is making out with Victoria.
“Nicole and I are completely fine.. she knows it’s fake it’s a rumor.. I wonder why Christine would say that”
Donny says Frankie’s goal was to put him up and get him out.
DOnny mentions when he was HOH Christine was trying to get Victoria and Cody up. He always sees Cody and Christine playing with each others hair he didn’t want to have to break the news to him.
Hayden says the other side is Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Possibly Derrick.. Hayden isn’t sure about Derrick, he thinks they can trust him.
Donny – He sure does shun me and that shows a lot.. he’s not number one though..
Hayden doesn’t think Derick is doing a lot of the work right now maybe he was in the beginning but not now. THe main people are Frankie and Christine with Caleb doing work for them.

Donny and Hayden try to decide who is more dangerous Christine or Frankie. Hayden says Christine is a really good actress she’s hard to read and she’s manipulative. Frankie has the physical and mental ability to win
Donny agrees asks him about this week whos the target.
Hayden – Zach’s going home
Donny – there’s pros and cons..
If Zach stays he has more of a chance to win things and Donny doesn’t think he would put them up, “Jocasta isn’t going to win Head of Household.”
Hayden – Zach is a number for Frankie.. Frankie has him wrapped around his finger…Frankie thinks 100% Zach is staying
Hayden overheard Frankie and Zach saying they want to put up Zach and DOnny .
Donny – why am I the target
Hayden they are still set on this 8 person alliance.
Hayden – If Zach was here i honestly I think he could put you up”
Donny points out Jocasta will never vote against them “SHe’s more valuable as a vote than a head of household”
Hayden agrees keeping Jocata is best for their game.
Hayden – if we take away Zach we take away a piece of Frankie

They mention how Christine talks sh1t about everyone in the house. SHe’s the biggest complainer. Donny is nervous about Cody if he goes with the other side they lose the numbers. Hayden trusts Cody not completely but enough.
Donny thinks Cody is sharing news to Derrick, “When you talk to COdy and Derrick never say Donny.. I hope Jocasta this week don’t say DOnny a lot and she shouldn’t”

Hayden – I 100% believe Jocasta is safe.. the only people that will vote her out is Caleb and Frankie”
Hayden – If you won HEad of household who would you put up
Donny would put up Christine and Victoria
Hayden would put up CHristine and Frankie if its double eviction or single
Hayden mentions how Caleb isn’t coming after him so hes not high on his target list. Hayden says the only problem with Caleb right now is he’s targeting Donny.
Donny instructs Hayden to pull Caleb aside and try to tell him they need to get power players out try and move the target off Donny
Hayden say the only problem is Caleb is still loyal to the 8 person alliance for some stupid reason
Hayden says if it’s a regular BOB HOH next week he would put up Jocasta and Christine/Frankie
Donny says they should put up Christine and Jocasta because she may not be able to win the Battle of the block with Jocasta on her team.
Hayden wants to blame the house flipping on Christine , “It is technically what she’s trying to do.. I’ll tell him that CHristine told me I was Zach’s next target” Donny thinks it’s a good idea but what if Christine wins the HOH.
Hayden – We can blame Zach going home on Christine
Donny – as of right now Frankie doesn’t talk to me and Derrick doesn’t talk to me.. Christine tries”
Hayden says he knows for certain Christine has been throwing all the competitions except for the last POV Citebase she knew Frankie was was in danger. Donny says Christine sure if going to be trying to win from now on.
Victoria joins them..

BB16-2014-08-04 16-02-15-299

4:03pm Frankie, Victoria and Jocasta They decide to clean up the kitchen..

While they clean up they are studying the dates. outside Cody, Hayden and Donny are speculating about the HOH’s and studying dates.

BB16-2014-08-04 16-35-04-042

4:35pm Beast mode sighting He crawls into the backyard tells every one he’s hungry “I feel like i’m corroding away”

BB16-2014-08-04 16-39-06-258

4:40pm Working out They walk around the backyard grab weights during one section and do curls.
Cody – look at us go we’re crushing it
Nicole – I’m goign to switch to tens
Donny we’re getting turnt up
After a couple laps Hayden joins them..
Donny – Hayden’s a chop off the old block
Donny – Caleb if you want to jump in on the muscle train
Cody – That’s what it’s called the muscle train..
Donny – “Wimps need not apply ”

After a couple more laps Cody says they accomplished have getting Caleb to leave.

BB16-2014-08-04 16-42-42-648

BB16-2014-08-04 16-46-33-178

Where the Vote is..
Zach going home.. (He has two votes to stay right now)

Frankie, Christine, Zach and Caleb on one side. Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta on the other side. Derrick and Cody with both. Victoria is somewhere in the middle as well she’s vocal about targeting Frankie but is heavily under the control of Derrick.

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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I want to start this speech out by praising my lord and savior, God is good, and some other bible thumping cliche phrases… Jocasta doesn’t want to have to do anything to stay in the game. Jesus doesn’t get a vote Jocasta wake up! She believes she deserves to win. Why exactly? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because she’s better than everyone else.


I’m still in shock she had the nerve to tell Cody, “Catholics really aren’t Christians” Seriously, Jesus’ best friend was the first Pope! Yes! That is still bothering me! If she is that Clueless in her own profession how can she possibly have a grip on the game.


BBored…. I need help. I am in theology school and I only deal with the 1611 KJV. Can you please help me in telling me where I can find the word Pope and the Word Catholic in the bible. If it’s not in there then I can use your info. I didn’t know Jesus had a friend who was a pope. what book can I find that so I can share this with my class? Thanks!



That should do it for you. The Catholic Encyclopedia…

Child please!

If you knew anything about christianity and catholicism that you would know that Roman catholics are not christians. My sisters are married to Roman catholics are Roman Catholics will tell you themselves that they are NOT christians. Catholics do not believe in thesame doctrine of salvation as christians etc.
and if you really think the pope was Jesus’ then you are crazy. The papacy was not invented until 67AD.

PS: Jocasta is NOT a minister. She herself says shes a motivational speaker who runs a womens ministry


I don’t know about your brother in law but I and every Roman Catholic I know consider ourselves Christians. We believe that Christ is the only begotten son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, who was crucified, died for the sins of the world and was resurrected on the third day to lead us to salvation.


Catholic’s are required to confess to a man and say repetitive prayers to be forgiven, Catholics believe in purgatory and the Saturday Mass will get people out of it, that is if you did not do enough works to make it into Heaven, also Catholics will often pray to the dead/saints, some of which were never real in the first place. They believe a single person on this earth is infallible (their Pope), http://ivarfjeld.com/2009/09/30/the-catholic-saint-that-never-existed-has-a-statue-in-rome/ – Catholics also often put “Mary” on par as a CO-Savior with Jesus.

So it is there that we say, Catholics are not in fact Christians, as they do not share the same core beliefs, and those who do not understand that do not really understand the teachings of the Catholic church.

Christians accepted a free gift from Jesus in the form of salvation, that was an exchange and you belong to him after that, no one can take you from his hand, including yourself. Therefore being good enough (works) is not what gets you into Heaven, and there is no purgatory. We pray to the Father in Heaven/Jesus, not to any saints, nor do we ask a person on earth to come between us, Jesus clearly stated no one comes to the Father but through him. No one on this earth is infallible and that includes the Pope. We do not pray to the dead either. So when it is said a Catholic is not a Christian, there is a reason, and these are only a few typed on an unrelated blog.


Except…you are unbelievably ignorant. Catholics are a branch of Christianity, they believe in Chtist, they are CHRISTIANS!! Besides, this is online big brother not some basement bible thumping revival group. Stick to the feeds ! #wildcardbitches!!!


Obviously this is an unrelated blog, however the topic is relevant to the bb house. As for your claim that they are just another branch, this is incorrect. The differences are stark. Muslims believe in Jesus as well, but they are not Christians, they put him as a prophet, but even refer to him as “Al-Masih” (Messiah) still not a Christian. It is accepting Jesus as the Son of God, accepting his free (to you) sacrifice for your sins which makes one a Christian, followed then by trying to live according to the teachings of Jesus.

The simple truth is that Catholics, whatever they believe about Jesus largely believe many things which do not line up with Christianity itself. The Roman Catholic Church is a beast and deceives so many. Any Christian will weep for those blinded in the RCC, their earnest hope and love for Jesus is polluted with a works based religion, one that worships the dead as idols, even parading skulls of “saints” around. It is sad, it is horrible and any Christian will feel the same way about a Catholic.


I was curious to see how a minister could play this game and remain true to themselves…..would they be able to align with people and be considered valuable to a team?…..unfortunately Jocasta has disappointed me because she just doesn’t do anything to play…this is not the BB religious retreat!


Lying is a part of Big Brother as Big Brother is a game. I think any minister/pastor who played Big Brother and lied would be okay in a just God’s eyes. I mean, if God really cared if people lied in a reality tv game based around lying then I would be really shocked.


I believe each person in the house thinks they “deserve” to win, pretty sure you would too. At least she tries to win comps. So what she’s religious, that’s her life. I don’t recall hearing nor reading her stating she deserves it over anyone else. She’s not the first person in BB history to not win comps, but she is the first to my knowledge to be very open and without shame religious, maybe that’s your problem with her. Get over it!

jacosta go home

Unfortunately, you might call her religious, but she really is just spiritual. She doesn’t even follow a specific religion, and doesn’t know catholics are christians.


Well anon, no, not everyone thinks they deserve to win. Everyone wants to win. Some people are even playing the game. Jocasta’s stuck on he sidelines crying and praying. She tried to pray Frankie’s gay away!!!!! Then she talks about getting into physical fights at da club. Guess “turn the other cheek” (much like other biblical advice) only applies when you feel like it!

hey jocasta if there is a god, she doesn't care about bb

actually there have been a lot of openly religious people on the show. jocasta just takes it to another level. displaying her religious fanaticism while participating in a show like this just makes her look ridiculous.the stupidity of her praying for her game is killing me. her ignorant comment about catholics is also beyond belief.

Nuther nonmous

I am very religious myself, and Jocasta makes ME nauseous! I don’t have a problem with people having faith, I just really doubt people who have to spout the rhetoric and push it in everyone’s face every two seconds. It IS possible to “Praise the Lord” constantly – and silently. We all know she loves God, we don’t need constant affirmation. Also, I find this show to be a wildly poor choice to audition for as a self-proclaimed Christian. There are other reality shows that don’t require compromising her faith in such a blatant manner.


BB shouldn’t be pushing any religious agenda. The only book in the house is a bible[?] .Is it New and Old Testament or just New? It matters! This so-called minister needs to take a comparative religion course before she starts telling others about their faith. It looks like BB has a religious agenda.. When she told Cody he wasn’t Christian , she crossed the line. She and others are welcome to their beliefs . It just appears that the gutter talk about sex and the nature of the game doesn’t fit with bible study and self righteousness .


You shouldn’t mock someone else’s religion or beliefs, just because you don’t believe in the power of prayer or have faith doesn’t give you the right to slam those who do. The beauty of this Country is our right to express our thoughts and opinions, but when those opinions are expressed in hate and anger, it usually ends up pointless.

The Z-Man

If Zach is evicted we riot!


but the feeds will be so boring they will put us all to sleep.

Zombie riot?


Zach is probably asleep at this very moment. He sleeps just as much as everyone else and that’s why they’re all boring including Zach.

Jimmy 64

Hey a man


Wake Up: Derrick is your biggest threat in the house and Cody isn’t loyal to you! Donny and Hayden are misdirecting their targets and as a result they will be easily picked off one by one.


You took the words right out of my mouth.


Can’t wait until Derrick blindsides them. Both Frankie and Derrick are threats to people’s games but Derrick is doing a better job at mesmerizing without any attempted flirting.

I'm Done

Production is the problem people!!!!! They dictate the games and rules…
Why do they let them constantly sleep all day and night?
There has been someone asleep at any given time except for comps..
What a joke!! Who wants to watch people sleep and cuddle?


How to keep the house guests awake: a) Loud Music b) Strobing Lights c) Electrified Dog Collars
I vote for ‘c’, but I don’t think it would fly with standards and practices.


The girls this season are a big let down. They act like they lack a brain.

Random Thought

They don’t lack a brain. They have one split between all of them ….


That is so TRUE! I was talking to my friend the other day and I pointed out how there are and were no strong females in the house this year. Even though Andy won last year the house was full of a bunch of strong women! What went wrong in the casting this year?


Zach is very overrated. None of his outbursts have even been performed well. It just ends up wobbly and lame. It’s obvious what he’s trying to accomplish and Nicole called him out perfectly in her speech. His “friendship” with Frankie makes so much sense. They are both embarrassingly desperate attention whores.

Charlie Moonves

Zach is very overrated. None of his outbursts have even been performed well. It just ends up wobbly and lame. It’s obvious what he’s trying to accomplish and Nicole called him out perfectly in her speech. His “friendship” with Frankie makes so much sense. They are both embarrassingly desperate attention whores.


The only hope for this season is if Caleb or Victoria win hoh.. They r wild cards and honestly will do what’s best for their game and their game only. Caleb will put up Cody and Christine. Vic will put up Frankie 10000000000%%%%%%%

been there done that

Caleb is wasting away before our very eyes. Victoria is also cracking up.10 more days of slop? If either one of them goes up on the block during the DE they will have a major meltdown. Even better is the fact that Christine may be on the block with one of them. Thursday cant come fast enough.

Crybaby Caleb

Caleb may have more muscles, but Ian was/is more of a man than he ever will be. He welcomed BB punishments.

Suck it up, Caleb! It’s just slop for pete’s sake! I wonder if he b**ched and moaned this much in the army?

Beat Meat Cowboy

Caleb is hot!


Good. I like donny and hayden working together.


Donny and Hayden make a great team.

it is hard

Donny lays himself very low but using Hayden doing his work. He is also very paronode when Christine called him and Jacasta to do the quiz together. He cant keep thinking about it and even not talking to Jacasta.


Just another day in the BB house with Victoria and Jacosta crying for no apparent reason. Habit, I guess.


If Jocasta stays, does anybody want her or Victoria to be HOH? I want that to happen. I don’t want them to win this game but I know if one of them are HOH Frankie,Cody,or Derrick is going up because they haven’t been on the block. They need to know the feeling of being on the block.


A Victoria HOH is a Derrick HOH. A Jaco HOH is a Donny HOH. Get the real HOH if you want them not the surrogates!

For the double I wish the following……..
1st) old format back with 1 HOH
2nd) HOH winner Cody or Derrick as I want some blood! Easy to talk about game lets see them own it)
3rd) Backdoor don’t care who to add pain to missing jury
4th) No one returns to the game this season. Your evicted your gone!
Lastly lets hope 1 HOH firms up the real alliances. Especially interested in Derrick and Cody.

Baby Firefly

Noooooo Hayden, you can’t trust Derrick OR Cody!!! Jeez, where’s your head? Damn, I think the Outsiders know they are going to be picked off and now it’s like let’s just throw out possible Hopeful scenarios cos we are F**ked.

Broken Record

Really wish the same people would stop posting the same crap. Get a job

such a pot

If youre here enough to see and complain about the same people posting the same stuff then perhaps you should get a job and a life….shut up!


Love it, i mean really, we get it. Zack is great, zacks a dick, christen is ugly, derricks a pig, hate frankie, love donnie. Nichole/hayden no jeff/jordan. Jocasta who, victoria omg. Cody should learn to pee standing up. Caleb, well, bless his heart. This cast sucks, most boring season ever
etc …


Since production has a hand in everything that happens, I think they are telling some people what to talk about as well. Since today is only Monday, the next few days are going to be boring. I would like to believe Derrick and Cody are going to vote out Zach but I think it might be a ploy to see who tells the other side (Frankie, Christine, Zach) what the “plan” is. Thursday is a long way away.


Oh Gawd, boring people in control. Always sucks for TV.

Get rid of the boring people first, then let the interesting people fight it out.

No way Jocasta is more interesting than Zach.

miss piggy

Is Zach gay – he sure acts that way with Franket


Nothing wrong with being Gay, but think Zach is and just has not come out as of yet since it was reported on Joker’s that last night Frankie had his hand down the front of Zach’s pants in bed making him happy until Caleb said something since it was just the 3 of them.


Zach can go and then his future ex husband Frankie can follow him out the door on thursday.


“Future ex-husband” nearly made me spit out my drink.

Butters Mom

The Headline should be Hayden tells Donnie… not Frankie right?

Butters Mom

ohhh… I see. thanks. 🙂


I know this is random but who smokes in the bb house?

The Quack Pack

Cigarettes? None of them. Donny has chewing tobacco, Zach has talked about smoking weed, but obviously BB is not going to give him that in the house.


Have you seen the CBS commercial for BB calling Derrick the “Don”? I guess we know who production is rooting for.


Donny needs to put up Frankie up wit caleb & Hayden needs to out up derrick wit christine if the win HOH like that they know for sure one of them is going home, forget bout backdooring someone this week.


I’m it sure if they will keep 2 HOHs with the double eviction because they’d have to play BOB, POV and then vote after having voted someone out. It will be interesting to see what CBS plans to do with the HOH twist and the double eviction.

smd nicole

this comment section is just full of hate its incredible! this season is actually pretty good but y’all just LOVE to complain! is it really that hard to just sit back and enjoy the season for what it is?gosh

Oil's Proboscis Gigundus

After all the talk about noses previously, how many of you hit the mirror and checked? C’mon, you can fess up. Did ja’ get that great profile shot? Can you rival any HG?


Zach has to stay, derrick and Cody are so stupid that they only see him like a number, but the odds of a Hoh on their side will be reduced, I’m not team Frankie but I’m pretty sure he’ll realize he’s been played by derrick and Cody and he’ll win the next hoh, he’s a beast in competition.


Frankie’s HOH wins – 1) first one of the season and competitors threw competition because they were afraid of twist 2) won with a partner (Cody) 3) Derrick handed it to him

Yes maybe he would have won 1 or 3 without help but I’m not sure how confident you could be that he’ll win another.


This season is easily the most boring of all time hands down. I honestly like this is the time production should step in and quietly tell hayden and donny “hello what the fuck are you doing, you are handing derrick and cody a check for first and second place.” However, regardless of what is going on, the finale just got pushed back, so it is obvious that these remaining 11 houseguests are going to make up the jury and at least one will return because there is now an extra week left. Honestly say what you want about zach, but he easily the most interesting houseguest other then donny remaining, and I would hate to see him go over an idiot like Jacosta. But I’ll bet one hundred bucks productiuon sends him right back in after he goes. Here’s hoping this season gets better with a clear divide begining to surface with derrick and cody no longer sitting pretty. You’d think cbs would learn after season 12, that no one wants to see the same thing over and over. (it was great to watch the brigade make it far, but also very boring, specifically after rachel left, e.i, who is very similar to zach.)


Zach is not overrated. he is a live feeds king. on cbs, yes, he is overrated. his DR sessions are pretty awful. but he is still one of the most interesting parts of this season. I would watch him over weenie cody any day.

I think the hg’s are far too comfortable. life is too good in the BB house. Zach is part of the only thing that drives them insane. take him away and life will be like a vacation in that house. its not supposed to be like that. comps need to be harder and more painful. they need to keep hg’s up for a week with loud noises, they need to keep throwing stuff at them and force them to crack.

leaving Zach may help this happen. without him Frankie is still the most opular in the house

Victoria's Tears

“Ummmmmm ya boo hoo hoo, what if the world hates me, what if they think I’m mean, I couldn’t handle that”………………hello, she can’t handle anything!!! She is so painfully boring. Everything about this cry baby is hard to watch


So if Derrick is this year’s Dan and Victoria is this year’s Danielle, is Donny this year’s Ian?


Derrick and Cody should rename their alliance “The Blues Brothers”


I think it would be funny if they played a song by Ariana Grande in the morning to wake up the guests. Do you think they would put 2 + 2 together or not have a clue who sang the song, except Frankie?


Previous comments about 1: Smokers in the house – not cigarettes but several talk about weed. Zach said this is the longest he’s gone without it because he smokes it daily.
2: If Victoria or Jocasta won HOH people seem to think Victoria will somehow become a power player and do the smart thing. Victoria’s HOH (as preposterous as that sounds), will exclusively be dictated by Derrick and no one else. Period. End of that story. Victoria would go to bed at a certain time and eat poop if Derrick told her at this point. She is totally under his control and trusts no one else. She is Derrick personal robot. IMO Jocasta would more than likely listen to Derrick’s instructions over Donny’s because Derrick is far more persuasive and aggressively so.
Just my opinion though.


4pm last update? Whats going on Dawg, wheres everyone heads at?

Bitch much?

Why is it that every season everyone always say’s THIS IS THE WORST SEASON EVER? And the complaints are the same each season. What the hell do you people want? You CAN change the channel and watch something else.


do we know yet which way derrick and cody are going to vote…is it clear yet whether they’re flat out lying to hayden or if we can expect zach to go home? thanks


Can’t wait to carry Victoria away AGAIN!

Zach's Diary Room Sessions


Christine's crazy eye

Gather round dear posters, for a tale filled with Angst and Heartbreak, Love, Lust, and Loss, a tale of the Ages, Timeless and True, the Tale of BB 16:
We begin with the sun rising over a fluff-less mound of mildewey towels, gently resting upon surfaces most foul. Our insipid, er intrepid heroine, Victoria, long ebony extensions flowing in tangled waves caressing her shoulders, crying, “oh wow is me! Why oh why cruel fate, must I suffer so!” Her handmaiden, the lovely, long suffering, pious Jacosta, gently cradles her to her bountifullness ” alas my child, life is notith fair. But fear not, for thou has plytithed you vote to Sir Derrick. And he shall protectith you from the slings and arrows of the cruel, cruel, wicked witch,Christine and the evil wizard, Fakithy.”
Meanwhile, on the other side of the castle, Sir Derrick le Don lays out His EVIL plot for our, umm heroine, to his loyal lackey, Cody of Cryington. “Ha! He cackles our plans come to fruition! We shall USE Lady Victoria, la belle victim. She will secure our numbers against my mortal enemy, Donny of the Carolina’s. And then we shall rid ourselves of her tiresomeness!”
It’s all for now, gentle posters,
Stay tuned for the further adventures of our adventuresome adventurers.

Sorry for the long post, I just couldn’t resist when I saw the screenshot with
V & J 😉

BB16 sucks

Frankie and the Cop are the WORST!


Hate and anger? Haha yeah, I am ann


The more I look at Christin the more she is starting to look like the wicked witch of the west!!!!!! With that pointed noise, you really make me sick GIRL!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait until you go home. This is the worse season of all the 16 seasons and this will be my last. Why don’t they bring back players like Evil Dick or Jeanelle and even Rachel and Brendon. Those are the true BB players and the ones that will go down in history as great players. Grow up BB you lost a true and trusted fan. No more I am done after the season!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach's Diary Room Sessions

Now that Amber is gone, Caleb is wasting away.
Is Nicole starting to part from Christine strategically, or is she just stuck on Zach’s “you can’t trust Christine” rant?
Jocasta, you go to church, WE GET IT
Donny, we love you
Frankie, you conniving little genius, it looks like you’re going to pull an Andy this season and make it to the end strictly by being everyone’s best friend in the house.
Victoria, the door is THAT WAY
Zach, can someone please tell him to humble himself? His ego is going to get him evicted! And his diary room sessions are so staged..it hurts to watch
Hayden, we love you
Christine, I’m not sure whether I don’t like her because she’s actually playing a good game, or if it’s because of the simple reason that she had the opportunity to get my boy Zach off the block and didn’t take it!
Derrick, gotta respect the guy, his gameplay is really lowkey, really strategic, and really effective.
Cody seems to have lost his mojo don’t you guys think?

Let me know what you think, I’m @ASIANROULETTE on twitter 🙂