Big Brother Spoilers Week 5 Battle on the The Block Results “I blew it Donny”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?


BB16-2014-08-01 15-10-51-290

3:10pm Bathroom Zach and Donny
Zach – “I blew it donny”

BB16-2014-08-01 15-11-18-287

3:10pm BEEHIVE Victoria and Nicole Celebrating
Nicole tells Victoria to meet her up int eh HOH room so they can talk. Nicole adds that she needs to change her tampon because it’s leaking…. TMI

Results from the BOB are 
Caleb and Victoria win meaning Donny has been dethroned. Nicole is this weeks HOH her nominees Jocasta and Zach stay on the block.
Victoria is on slop and Caleb needs to shave his head and is on Slop.
Caleb has to walk around with Victoria as Adam and eve for 48 hours

(There may be more i’ll update when I find out the punishments)

BB16-2014-08-01 15-19-59-604

3:19pm Living room
BOB was very close Zach lost by “one Domino”
6 people eat slope this week
Caleb doesn’t want to shave his head he says “It’s against my religion”

Caleb – “Dude eating slop for 2 weeks I’m going to get Ridiculous Shredded”
Frankie – If Caleb is only wearing a fig leave I know who I’m sleeping with
Zach says he shaved his head once in high school his mom freaked grounded him for 6 months she said he looked like a concentration camp survivor

BB16-2014-08-01 15-33-37-898

3:32pm HOH Donny cleans up his Dragons horde of Poptarts and Candies


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BB16-2014-08-01 15-44-24-710

3:43pm storage room Zach and Caleb

Zach wants him and Caleb to hang out for the next 48 hours and talk about the grossest “Sh1t” they can think of to iterate Victoria.
Zach – This is good we would rather have Jcoasta out over Victoria.. worst comes to worst Jocasta wins POV Donny goes home

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Fly on the Wall

So does this mean that Donny or Frankie is getting backdoored?


I like Frankie, I know, I know. But it makes way more sense for Nicole to backdoor him than really anyone else.


Hey Simon, in the alliances the bottomfeeders are missing (Derrick and Nicole).

Not A PHD Student

Simon, I do believe Donny can be put up if the veto is used.

Derrick's Strong Bacon Aroma!

You would surely think Dumb Dingus wouldn’t put up Donny if Jocasta won the veto?…… But with lazy a$$ (Julie Chen’s words, not mine) Derrick running the show, he will tell her what to do!


Hate to see Zac on the block, even if the plan is not to convict him – things can change on a dime. And give them some booze, hard liquor for the love of God. lol


From a fans point of view BowTie wins POV (I know but anything is possible) and Fakie goes up against Zach. Bring on the fun!!

Caleb's Cool With Me

Bowpasta: I’m sure you meant “EVICT” him, not “Convict” him. It just didn’t come out right, right?


I expect Derrick and Frankie to try and push Nicole to put Donny on the block if the POV is used. They want him gone because, according to them, America would want him gone because he refused the TA task. They were planning his demise early this morning in the bathroom. Of course, they were pissed because they didn’t get more money, not because they didn’t do America’s bidding. The houseguests need to bounce those two pieces of work out of the house soon when they have the opportunity.


Last week’s mission doesn’t say a hell-of-a-lot for America. Donny had it right,, he came to play his game and not theirs. The other two couldn’t see past a 5K $ sign. Bet they take a lot of selfies…


Absolutely agree with you. I should have put “America’s bidding” in quotes. Those two believing America absolutely loves them is just getting tiresome at this point. I’d rather see TA go to the wayside, but if it must continue, hopefully dumping Donny delivers this delusional duo’s destruction. Someone on a previous post mentioned voting for the option that would more negatively affect their games. I’m all for that, to be honest.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people out there that were trying to blow up Team America’s game, just because they’ve been bored with the feeds–and they specifically wouldn’t mind if Derrick’s or Frankie’s game would blow up, just because they haven’t had to scramble, yet. Managing to get other people (Caleb, and Zack–who just needed the slightest push) to blow up their own games is not scrambling.


Last night Derprick and NoNutsCody were talking about getting to KnowNothing Nic before Fakie because they want him backdoored. Don’t believe anything Derprick says to Fakie.


Why does that idiot think that Donny would go home if Jacosta wins HOH? Is Zach really that stupid or has something happened that I missed?


If Frankie and Zach are both on the block, I will be watching a lot more of the live feeds this week.

Cough Derrick!

You do realize they were plaing BOB, not veto. Can’t talk about a back door unless someone plays the veto.


if Zach doesn’t win POV it’s a wrap for Zach. I rather see Frankie get backdoored this week just to see the little bitch tears come out his rat’s eyes.


I Hope Donny gets backdoored.
He can get some good sleep in the sequester house : )


zach. dude. reality check. Nicole is not going to be putting donny up as a replacement nominee. Even if they didn’t make a deal, don’t you think you should assume they made a deal to not put each other up?


Yay Nicole!


Backdoor the 31 year old trying to look 19!!! Bye, Frankie!


LOL don’t forget his little man syndrome and all the botox he used to try to look 19 haha


You’re screwed Zach!! There’s no chance of winning it. Not even Frankie can save you.

I don't understand

Why is Donny so popular?? He got what he wanted – Donny told Nicole it would be nice if you’re people dethroned me. Hope he’s the backdoor nomination.


I think Donny want’s Frankie gone. But because of Team America doesn’t think he can do it. So he hoped Nicole would


And he wants to be able to play for the next HOH.


If Donny stayed HOH he wouldn’t get to compete in the DE on Thursday but now he can so it was better for his game that he didn’t. Hayden has his back and is working to smooth over with Ratine just in case she wins.


Well.. saw that one coming!

Teri B

Yep….from a MILE away!


Nicole better back door Frankie now, if zack goes I’ll be pissed

new to BB 14

cmon someone win veto and remove jocosta and put up Frankie



There is still Veto ceremony
WORST: Frankie wins pulls Zach
ENTERTAINING: Zack wins, Frankie goes up
BEST: Jacosta wins Frankie goes up
or simply veto is not used.


Best case…Donny plays for veto and wins it. Jocasta comes off and Frankie and. Zach back stab it out.


Showing some spunk there Simon! Good on ya’!

Teri B

Times Infinity and BEYOND!!!!!!!


best plan 110% agree


if Frankie wins the PoV and saves Zach…Donny will go up and go home.


Maybe the King’s Crown will fit his swollen head, now that he has to shave it. lol


If the crown don’t fit his swollen head then just hang it on his swollen tit. He may be shredded of body fast on slop, but his tits will look like Dolly Pardon

Caleb's Cool With Me

Bamaboy: Caleb has a nice shaped head, so shaving it won’t make him look bad. He was in Amber’s eyes, too short (though she wasn’t woman enough to say it) so he will lose some height with the spikes missing from his hair. I don’t understand the hate. Overall, Caleb is a nice Godly man who has some growing up (maturing) to do. I think maybe you might need to do the latter, too. I don’t hate any of the player I might not like their game play, but there seems to be a lot of hate thrown around about people who are strangers. Just saying.


Um so your okay with stalkers? Putting aside his annoying self absorbed and over inflated ego he was seriously stalking Amber and that is not okay in any situation.

Christine's crazy eye

Ohhhh Noooo, my wish was for Crybaby, er Cody, to shave his head! Not beast mode! However will he compete, with his luverly locks shorn? Oh no! he shall be as Sampson. Ohhhh woe, wail, nash teeth!


GOD DAMMIT!!! Now zach could go home! Frankie better get back doored


Didn’t Donny want to los anyway? If so it paid off!


Good outcome! Donny doesn’t get any blood on his hands and can compete in the next HOH and we’re one step closer to the Frankie backdoor.

Wild Rose

There will be a double eviction next Thursday so Donny can play. 🙂 #teamdonny all the way ????


Hopefully Frankie will be the one to go. Glad Donny gets to play for HOH in the double eviction.


Yeah now if Donny plays in Veto he can win that take down jocasta and Nicole can put up Frankie, wouldn’t that be the best Frankie and Zach on the block together!!!!


Soooo it was definitely a “scarecrow bird” (Victoria’s funny story) that kidnapped that Israeli soldier.


This is going to be an interesting week as long as Nicole doesn’t get spooked, hoping Jocasta wins POV!


And I’m hoping that Christine gets hit by lightning in the back yard. I think that my wish is more likely to come true that yours. She is useless in comps.


Ooops…”than”. Why is it so damn difficult to edit a short comment before I submit it?


I hate to be the party pooper, but I really think Derrick or Frankie will manipulate her into not putting Frankie up as a replacement. I hope Heydan and Donnie continue to encourage her to backdoor Frankie.

Jimmy 64

Half the battle won way to go Nicole
Let’s get Jacosta off and back door Frankie .

Caleb's Cool With Me

That would be a pivotal change if all Jocasta could finally pull some of her own weight and help herself out. She needs to DIG DEEP and show everybody that she can COMPETE.


Jocosta is HORRIBLE at comps. I don’t get it. She has no excuses as to why she can’t win physical or mental comps. She’s not fat, she’s not old, she works out everyday with Donnie, she’s sociable and friendly with everyone. Doesn’t make sense why she doesn’t win anything.


If you think about it she has played pretty well in the BOB. Of the 3 she has lost, it was her partner.
When Caleb was her partner against Donny and Amber. He moved slow and even yelled out “Oh its a duck.”
Donny then told Amber its supposed to be a duck.
The chess competition ???(But they won)
When Vic was her partner for the wedding cake. Vic wouldn’t move her smaller piece so Jo could restack it. And she wouldn’t use the hard tier, soft tier, idea. That Chris and Nic used. Plus Vic and Jo were climbing up on the cake first, but Vic yelled for help, as Jo tried to help Vic fell. Then production accidentally banged Jo and dropped her on her knee.
Zake as partner. He takes the blame for not rechecking the dominoes.
Now with the POVs…that’s another issue. lol


I havent watched the last 3 cbs episodes just the live feeds. Sad but thats how bad the edits are getting


I hate how Christine tries to play innocent in her DR confessions because she wants that good CBS edit and they are giving her a pretty good edit along with Derrick too.


well. I won’t be watching this week’s BB to watch Nicole’s stupid edit, and her calling Zach a dingus and hahahah yay Nicole girl power!

the wrong people are getting the focus here. they will lose their nerve, and Frankie will go nowhere. when push comes to shove, production wants Frankie over Zach anyday. there is no way they part with him pre jury.

this has been a worst case scenario week for Zach ATTACK. because Frankie being in the house despite him dumping on Zach’s game, is a good thing for Zach. with him gone, he has no ally, and no one to tell him to keep it cool.

actually…maybe that is a good thing. then he can go on the ATTACK and get off that leash Frankie has him on…..but they better pull this off, I can see Zach going over Frankie even if they put up Frankie. Zach is just that hated right now in comparison.

Teri B

UNfortunately, you might be right. I’ve been waiting for Production to step in and save someone (they always do….every single year).

I would hate for this to be the time though….it’s getting good!


Hayden, Derprick and NoNutsCody want to backdoor Fakie so KnowNothing Nic has backup and won’t have to worry about someone coming after her. Vic will do whatever Derprick says and since Hayden would agree add Donny and BowTie and Fakie is gone. Ratine and CrazCaleb are out of the loop this week.


Could you give me a nickname too? lol


At this point (if it’s like last year), the next nine people to get evicted are the jury. Everyone that’s still in the house will now have a part in the end of the season whether is in the final two or the jury.

anonymous too

wtf!!!! who gives hayden the right to take donny’s new hat and caleb’s wearing donny’s dungarees now? these people have no respect for other’s property.


We all know Caleb did most if not ALL the work… I expected him to start playing hard once Amber was gone, now he can focus on playing the game for himself instead of carrying another player, that doesn’t want him….


I agree he might start playing a better game now, but he didn’t do jack shit for Amber. Just the opposite.


I’m watching the feeds and instead of Amber now all he can talk about is how to get out of shaving his head. He’s still not in the game because no one wants to be around him. And now that he’s going to be tethered to Vic for 48 hours this will make him even crazier.


Derrick and Cody were even saying that they would vote out Frankie this week so as long as Frankie doesn’t win POV, he should get backdoored.


Zach is talking to Caleb like they are still running the house. The plan is to send Jocasta home and if she wins POV, send Donny home. I really hope Nicole can stay strong and not let the guys ruin/run her HOH. I hope if the veto is used, Nicole still puts up Frankie. I would hate to see Zach go at this point because it keeps the house on its toes and keeps the feeds more interesting.

not a nicole fan

I can’t stand the Nicole/hayden edit. I think Hayden is actually more annoying than Zach and provides ZERO of the interesting side we get from Zach ATTACK.

the show is going to be all about how awesome Nicole is, and her brilliant strategy to get rid of Frankie, then at the last minute Zach is going to get voted out. if you don’t see it, you don’t watch enough BB. the only way Zach remains safe is if he wins veto. if not, that’s a wrap

and honestly, I have no interest in the CBS version of the show if they remove Zach.


I hope not. To make sure Zach is safe, he needs to win POV. I agree that Hayden is more annoying than Zach!

anonymous too

hope frankie wins veto and uses it on zack..the two of them will be safe and wonder who nicole would put up then? hahaha


Christine hopefully…. I would think Frankie and Zach have been complaining how useless Christine is and they certainly could get in Nicole ear and push her to put up her BBBFF… just point out how much less competition for Cody’s attention.

No way

Why does everyone not see the writing on the wall … It’s Jocasta or Donny going home .. Zach and Frankie are not in any danger … Think about it … Why would nicole put up Frankie … That would send her out in double eviction … She gains nothing by getting rid of Frankie … Nothing ! It doesn’t help her at all. Think like Nicole .. She has an alliance with Christine and Hayden … She wants to get an alliance with Derick … So going after Frankie essentially means having zach (who is but really isn’t after her), Cody, Caleb and Jocasta as enemies … Why would she put herself in that position … She will want to play it safe and if Donny is a dingus and uses the veto .. Bye bye Donny, there is no benefit to get rid of Frankie for Nicole ., none,

No No No

Why is Donny so popular??? His game is no different than any of the previous HOH. He got what he wanted in BOB – Donny told Nicole – it would be nice if you’re people dethroned me. Not sure what the strategy is in that – he then has no backdoor control – now it could be him …… Please, please, please.

anonymous too

donny doesn’t want the responsibility of backd’ring anyone if POV is used. he’d rather nicole get more blood on her hands.

@ No No No

Your opinion sucks. GTFO.

Christine's crazy eye

So that he can play in the HOH next week. The plan is to back door The pink flamingo.


Hmm let’s see: Donny’s a man of his word. He’s loyal. He plays a clean game, something that most of these players are incapable of. He’s not obnoxious or grating like Frankie, Victoria, Christine, and so many more. He’s genuine. He gives great pep talks, not to look good for the cameras, but because he’s a truly nice person.

America loves him, and with good reason.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Don’t you know you cant say anything bad about donny here or they downvote you but you can talk about how frankie is an insert homosexual deragotary word and get upvoted for days sigh….. but no donny didn’t do anything particularly big putting up caleb and vic it was a pretty typical move but i will give nicole credit if she does go through with the frankie backdoor it would be a big move but i don’t think it will change anything in the house derricks been running it and without frankie he will still be running it.

Butters Mom

Donnie winning HOH kept him from getting nominated and being dethroned allows him to compete for HOH next week during the double elimination… it was great for his game because Nicole will not put him up now.

Lady T

The reason Donny wanted to be dethroned, he will have the opportunity to play in the Hoh. He knows there will be a dbl eviction coming next week.


Now Y’all need to get it straight. I wanted to lose BOB so Frankie could be backdoored. I made a promise to not put Frankie or Derrick up and I always keep my promises. But I never promised not to vote Frankie out.


If Zach leaves this soon, this season will go down as the worst of all 15 seasons. This cast is absoltuely zero fun in the entertainment category and the gameplay category.


No. Nothing will amount to the trash that was Big Brother 15. Even though this season is boring and predictable, you know and we know it is NOT as bad as last season. Some people just like to be negative.

Don't back out Nicole!

I’m happy that Nicole is the sole HOH as Donny even said that he gave Frankie and Derrick his word and he doesn’t want to go back on it. I really hope Nicole continues with the plan to backdoor Frankie by taking Jocasta off the block and replacing her with the rat.
I don’t think Zach is in major trouble this week, but i’m kind of glad he lost BoB because his ego was bigger than Calebs ” love ” for Amber and it needed to be tapered down a little. He got way too confident and all he needed was a little fire lighted under him so i hope he gets smarter and learns that he needs to tone it down for his game.
If Nicole wants the viewers full respect back again, she needs to make a game changing and send one of the detonators out the door. If she does, her and Donny are my ideal picks for the Final 2.

Cough, Derrick!

I have a sick feeling that Cody and Derrick will talk Nicole into make a “BIG MOVE” to back door Donny. They can say that by replacing Zack with Donny and having Donny and Jocasta on the block she keeps both Frankie and Zack from coming after her. I just just hear her whining “Why do I have to get Frankie ouuttt? I already have Zack coming after meee. I don’t wanna get more blood on my hands.” She’s already put Donny up once. They may even tell her that Jocasta will go home.


I can’t wait to see the cringe inducing slimy
Frankie on the block and out the door!!


Donny is not getting backdoored!!! He ain’t going anywhere!!!!!

Cough Derrick!

Nicole will make her Big Move and back door Donny- after being convinced by Derrick to go final 4 with him and Cody


Derick needs to realize that getting Frankie out will be a huge blow to his game. Even if he solidifies a final four with Hayden, Nicole and Cody, Donny will finally be able to suss it out that the real head of the snake is Derick and will finally have a go with him. Frankie has been taking the damage of all of Derick’s move which is why the cop is able to hide his game.

This week will be interesting because Derick’s (and Cody) allegiance will be exposed to Caleb’s team (and Detonators) or Nicole’s team (outsiders). I doubt that he will be able to change the minds of Hayden and Donny to evict Jocasta over Zach (or hopefully Frankie) so in order to hide his game, he will once again convince Caleb to flip the lid on one of his “alliance”.

I’m just hoping that Zach or Frankie get’s “Brittanied” and flips out after their eviction. :))


I thought Caleb would be suicidal once Amber was evicted, but he is much better than I expected!

not a nicole fan

no clue why Donny and Nicole are so popular.

Christine's crazy eye

‘Tis the fickle wind of popular opinion. It blows one way and we all adore Frankie and are entertained by Zach buffoonish antics. It blows yet again and we are enthralled by Nicole’s gilded locks and Donny’s bearded magnificents! Who knows which way the wind shall blow next? Dare I say, Caleb, my studnificant beast mode stallion, how mesmerizing is your shinning bald brilliance.

Christine's crazy eye

I wonder if Jacosta ever gets tired of being the instrument of destruction. If you look at it sideways (and lord knows, I do) she has gotten rid of more players than anyone else. I am guessing the plan is to win veto, remove Jocasta and bd Frankie. Hopefully, someone can pull it off! But, as The Chinbot always says, expect the unexpected.


Nicole needs to make them all believe she will put up Donny so POV can be used.

Canadian Girl

How is it that the guys are talking about who’s going to go up if the POV is played? Do they seriously think (especially Zach!) that they control this HOH? Has Nicole given them any indication of that or is Caleb’s delusion contagious?

Roisen Dubh

Looks like the Frankie backdoor might happen. It all depends on Nicole having the stones to pull the trigger. Even if Frankie wins POV, Donny and Hayden still have the numbers to get rid of Cody. Derrick is iffy. I hope they realize that this week one of the detonators has to go no matter what. Good thing is that Caleb is such a floater and that BOB win will fuel his delusions, so hopefully Donny can use that to his advantage. I don’t see Zach leaving, he’s just too much of a meatshield for Derrick and Derrick knows it.

not a nicole fan

how does hayden have 15 percent of the vote on this ste

can someone tell me what he has done other than take Donny’s Hat? seriously. he is annoying as heck “HIIIIIIIII JULIE” and brings NOTHING to the table game wise, I don’t get it. how is he a popular player? must be the CBS Edit that is total BS.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Well i my self have not caught up to the edit i had been watching ,mostly streams coming in to this week but from what i have seen on the show nicole has gotten the naive good girl edit so i would assume that is why she is as popular as she is. Hayden and nicole do insult the rest of the cast as much as anyone else in the house outside donny but i guess it isnt shown nearly to that extent on the edit so they are probably getting votes from being the good guys so to speak also a lot of people had turned on a lot of the shows cast frankie, zach, cody, christine all have taken a downturn for the most part with popularity and where do they go they spill over to least hated but still seem to be doing something in the house cast members aka nicole and hayden.

Feeds Watcher

I feel your pain. it gets frustrating talking to people who watch the show but not the feeds. They almost seem to tune out when you try to explain the concept of editing to them. They really seem to believe the people are portrayed perfectly on the show, and that their diary room antics aren’t almost entirely scripted. It’s a big reason why Donny was so wildly popular right out of the gate. The DR fed him pure gold, and he ran with it. He’s a nice guy, but hardly worthy of America’s Favorite. Then again, neither was Elissa….or Jeff…but sadly, most people don’t watch the feeds, so they have no idea (or refuse to accept) their “favorite” is a product of scripting.

Let the down votes of denial begin! 🙂

Roisen Dubh

Donny should be a shoe in for America’s favorite. He’s a good guy playing a honest game. His game play is very retro BB and I dig it. True fan of the game. If he doesn’t win it, I’m sorry, the only other person should be Zach. The greatest moment was when he was up in the HOH room and tossed the candy on the table to Christine and Nicole/ Have nots and just taunted them. I would cut that guy a check for ten grand just for that alone. Pure comedy at it’s finest. I’m sorry, but if I had a third choice, it would be Devin, because up until last night, they were still playing his game. The people he picked are still together, but the only thing is, they ran with his ideas but didn’t want him in the mix. Even though Derrick is playing a brilliant game, he’s a buster for playing Devin’s game.


Hayden has great smile,,, and he drives a pedi-cab, whatever that is.

Teri B

It’s a bicycle/cab thing. Bicycle in the back, people ride in a buggy in the front. Popular in countries (and other places) where there are too many cars.

Hayden's Pedicab

They only ride in front of me if I’m being pedaled backwards.

Zach'a Nasty Armpit Hair

He won a POV you useless Fruitloop Dingus!

beast mode cowboy creeper

Im team Donny 100% but Im glad that he isn’t HOH just cause he was hesitant to backdoor Frankie. I love how Zach thinks that “worst case scenario” Donny gets backdoored. No dingus worst case your sorry ass goes home!


Frankie probably use the Andy’s playbook of kissing up Nicole!!!!


What is nicole’s plan if Frankie wins the Veto & takes his boy Zach off the block? Has she mentioned what her plan is then? I can just see it being rigged to get Frankie to play for veto and giving him an advantage! CBS doesn’t want that showman broken up.

Team Zankie

I mean they rigged the crap out the game for Elissa last season, it’s the least they can do for a couple houseguests that are actually entertaining.


I’m really not ready to see Zach leave yet, so I hope the plan to backdoor Frankie remains in play and works. Either that or evict Jocasta over Zach.


This could be good or bad for Donny. He could get backdoored the good part he can play for HOH on Thursday. I just hope its going to be Nicole’s HOH and not Derrick’s. Before she made her decision who was going up she asked Derrick if that was okay. Why does everyone have to clear things with him first, its like they are mind controlled and he is their handler.


It’s another drag on the game. But he seems to be comfort to spineless and clueless it seems right before he tells you it’s okay to go to the dark room in the back.

It shows how you can throw out a perception and control some people with it in there. Britney and Amber both left and still seem to have no idea that he was not trustworthy.And I’m not sure if Victoria has even questioned him being in an alliance that puts her up almost every week.


I bet Nicole had more guts to put up Frankie as a replacement nominee.

Roisen Dubh

Cody just told Nicole if he wins POV he won’t use it because he doesn’t want to see her HOH get dicked over like his was. Newsflash dimwit- you dicked your own HOH by being a pussy and not listening to Zach when he said he had your back if you went after Caleb. He even agreed with you that was in the best interest for your game. What did you do? You went into pussy mode and put up Donny, thus doing Derrick’s dirty work. God, I can’t wait for this idiot to get voted out. If that guy was my kid, I would seriously be looking for the receipt and return his ass back to Target. Moron.

Caleb's Cool With Me

Roisen Dubh: Cody is missing his “man crush – Zac Efron” on NBC’s New wilderness show, “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”. I’m not watching it, I just happened to see it advertised. He might want BB Production to let him see the show as a reward, if he knew it was on television. So SICK, the Dweebie Asswipe!

Roisen Dubh

The person who runs Bitchy B summed up Cody perfect. Cody is a pussy who pops a couple of Midols and puts a heat pack on his ovaries.


I have no idea! This is big brother not find the nicest guy in America. I am a super conservative 58 yr old grandma and huge bb fan yet I find myself rooting for Zach and Frankie because thus far they have been very clever, ambitious and actually playing the game. Donny doesn’t even have enough ambition in life to learn how to cook!

andy 2.0

58 year old women dont call themselves grandmas. wtf frankie is a lying rat like you so

Sigh Donny Fanatics

So you take a PERSONAL OPINION that someone makes about not liking a certain person on the show and you turn it into a personal insult. Gosh i bet if she was insulting and saying terrible things about the same people you hate you would be cheering her on. Disgusting


Hate to break it to Zach Attack fans, but if Frankie is BD then Zach WILL lose it on national tv and probably beg to go home during live eviction.


That’s something I would love to watch…before Frankie walks out the door


I’m sure you have all the credentials to make such wild speculations about human behavior. I bet you even have a subscription to Psychology Today.

Roisen Dubh

Don’t need credentials, just stay at a Holiday Inn.

Nasty much?

Hey man, you need to get a life!


I do hope Nicole backdoors Frankie, but wondering what the risk is for her? Will anyone be coming after her if Frankie is ousted?


I wonder what the penalty will be if Caleb refuses to shave his head? Also the comment which claimed Caleb is playing better because he’s no longer carrying Amber is ridiculous. Now that he’s has no fictional relationship to romanticize about and torment and irritate other players with he can finally concentrate on the game. Imagine how much better the game would have been if he’d simply done that day one. I hope that bonehead is gone soon!

Macho Woman Sandy Ravage

This is one of the most boring seasons ever.
The house consists of wimpy copy cats.
Jocasta & Victoria are weak as hell but so are:
and Hayden.
Does their white skin make them immune to being put on the block?


Whoa! What would make you introduce race in the nominations? Can you support this with any evidence? Any statements made by the HGs?


What a stupid comment. Nicole has been up twice, and Hayden and Christine have each gone up as well. Donny, who is white, has also been up several times. Jocasta being repeatedly on the block has nothing to do with the color of her skin, but the fact that she will most likely never win a HOH so there is no consequence to nominating her.

Macho Woman Sandy Ravage

Those people were put up as pawns and you know they were