Quad Squad is Formed “I said last week I would love to back door Frankie”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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The Joys of being Adam and Eve

BB16-2014-08-01 20-24-17-153

8:21pm HOH Christine and Hayden
Nicole says Frankie and Zach sketch her out so much she can’t decide which one she wants gone. Hayden says there’s a couple did ways they can so this week but they need to get the POV done.
They are worried if Frankie wins the POV and uses it on Zach.
Hayden is a bit worried that the POV will not be played and Jocasta goes home.
Nicole – You can’t send JOcasta home that is a waste of a HOH..
Nicole asks if Donny and Zach are working together secretly. Hayden doesn’t think so he’s certain Donny will send Zach home over Jocasta.
Nicole – If I put up Frankie with him …
Hayden – Frankie goes home
Nicole – What if he doesn’t…
hayden – if they are both up guaranteed one of them goes home..
Hayden explains if they get Zach and Frankie on the block they have the votes to get Frankei out because Jocasta will vote whatever Donny says, they have Donny, Jocasta, HAyden, Derrick, cody and most likely Victoria.
Nicole says Zach if targeting her.
Hayden – He dislikes Christine a lot if he has the choice he would take her out.
Nicole and HAyden both would rather Zach goes home.
Hayde – “For my game it doesn’t matter.. but Frankie will win the next HOH
Frankie comes in says he’s made some pasta.. he leaves..
Nicole – He’s gotta go he’s just like Amber he’s everywhere.. so paranoid.. Frankie is so conniving and he’s got Christine to.
Hayden mentions that Frankie told him he’s in the game to cut throats.. make friends and stab them.
Nicole – OH M G if Frankie wins the Veto there’s no one to put up.
They got back and forth who they want out Zach or Frankie..
Hayden says maybe if he wins POV he takes Zach down and she puts Frankie up.
Nicole – Oh so he’s not coming after me so hard
Nicole – Zach’s going to be campaign so hard for Frankie they’re best friends..

BB16-2014-08-01 20-54-53-041

8:52pm HOH Frankie and Nicole
Nicole wants things to stay
Frankie says if DOnny wins and uses it on Jocasta it would be the worst thing
Frankie is unsure he would use it again because Donny has been all about telling people they are not working together.
Frankie says Zach might have another blow up this week, “He’s so erratic”
nicole says Zach ask her in so many ways verbally twice he told her
Nicole – He’s going around saying i’m his target
Frankie whats does hayden say
Nicole – we didn’t really get to talk about.. I think he’s offended what I said to Zach we never got to talk much..
Frankie- the dictionary thing?
Nicole doesn’t know what Hayden thinks of all this “crap”
Frankie – people are just waiting to see after POV happens.. would be interesting what Hayden thinks
Nicole – I also want to know what CHristine thinks
Frankie says Jocasta has done nothing
Nicole doesn’t want JOcasta going home on her HOH.

Frankie says it all rests on Hayden, “Whatever he’s got planned”
Frankie says Caleb is a piece of work.. he’s now walking around saying he should have thrown the BOB because it wasn’t worth it.

Frankie – “But Donny gets to play in the HOH next week and he’ll still go after Caleb.
Frankie thinks Donny will go after the people that put him up Caleb and Cody
Nicole I put him up
Frankie – he has no reason to put you up.
Frankie thinks Caleb is going to lose his mind being on slop for two weeks is going to be tough. Nicole says Hayden and Cody both volunteered to be have nots.
Frankie – I was vegan for 3 months I’m pretty sure I can survive slop”
Nicole do you think your hands are going to be fine
Frankie – they are working on it..
Frankie says the cold shower will be hard for him that is usually when he has an Attack they might just up his medication for the week “Which will suck”
Franke – I have a documented medical disorder it’s not like DOnny .. OH my SHoulder “
Frankie – My circulatory medicine improves my circulation EVERYWHERE that is why it’s been particularly challenging (he gets a boner)

Nicole – that would be awful
Frankie wonders how it is for people that work regular jobs going back to them after something like this.
Nicole says she’s just an ordinary person she’s going to be super happy just being a nurse.

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9:13pm Living room Donny, Victoria and Donny
Donny think they should have given them a rubber snake and apple. Caleb telling them that Women have pain during pregnancy because of the sins of Adam and eve. Donny and Victoria are agreeing with him

BB16-2014-08-01 21-40-23-150

9:38pm Living room Donny, Derrick, Caleb and Nicole
Caleb asks her if Mariah will like him with his hair like that

BB16-2014-08-01 21-41-15-255

9:38pm Cody and Derrick
Cody – I’m so beyond sketched out with Frankie.. he went to Hayden and Nicole to link up with them
Derrick has been sketched for awhile.
Cody says they have to make up a name so Nicole gets excited about it.(Hayden, Nicole, Derrick and Cody alliance)
Derrick says they got lucky with Hayden if he wasn’t there bro they would be the ones going up this week.
Nicole comes up
Cody – how long until Frankie comes up here.
Nicole says Frankie told her he would use the veto on Zach.
Nicole – He wants me to pick him as houseguests choice,.. NEVER
Nicole says Frankie is trying to persuade her to put DOnny up.. basically he’s telling me..umm.. He’s showing his cards way too much now
Cody he’s more paranoid than Amber
Nicole – way paranoid..
Nicole says the worst case scenario is if Frankie takes down zach
Cody and Derrick tell her they will not use the veto unless she wants to backdoor someone
Nicole We only need four votes.. “
Derrick – Zach could win the veto
Nicole – that won’t be as bad as Frankie winning the veto.
Nicole – Frankie wants Jocasta to go home.. I don’t want to waste my HOH
Cody says Frankie was pushing him heavy to put Brittany up explains that Frankie always pressures the HOH to put up the people he wants gone

THey all agree Frankie talks to everyone and tries to work with everybody but isn’t sincere with his deals. Nicole says he wanted to work with her and now she finds out he was throwing her name out there.
Nicole mentions how sketchy it was Zach and Frankie got called out for using production as strategy
Cody – I said last week I would love to back door Frankie “
Nicole can you protect me from Zach next week if it’s double eviction
Cody and Derrick agree to .
Nicole wants Zach and Frankie on the block so one of them is guaranteed to be evicted
Derrick proposes they pull Zach down they have his vote and Zach won’t be mad.
Nicole – I don’t want Frankie and Jcoasta sitting beside each other .. what if they both stay.. it would be horrible .
They agree best case scenario is if DOnny gets pulled to play in the POV and uses it on JOcasta.
Nicole wants to come up with a “Cool name” for their new alliance.
Derrick – Have you ever seen that movie 3 men and a baby.. how about 3 men and a lady (Three Men and a Baby/Three Men and a Little Lady)

Nicole likes it but thinks it’s a big long.
Cody – Wolf pack… like the four people in that movie hangover
Nicole – it’s so generic though ..
Cody – you’re the queen wolf
Derrick – we’re your cubs
Nicole – no
Derrick – how about the quad squad..
Cody – QUAD SQUAD.. dude that is so cool
Nicole – that’s perfect thanks .. what’s up with the word squad..
Cody – I always thought goon squad coming in here.. obviously with Nicole here I wouldn’t call us the Goons
Nicole- I wouldn’t’ care.
Nicole tells them she wants anybody but Frankie playing in the competition. Derrick says if he
The guys agree Jocasta could winning it tomorrow you never know
Nicole says she could cry right now she’s so happy that she’ just made an alliance in the HOH room. they hug it out (LOL)
Nicole says Christine and Frankie are super close she’s already trying to persuade her to protect Frankie, There was three things that happened between her and I that sketched me out.
Derrick warns her not to tell Christine about getting rid of Frankie because it it doesn’t work out and he wins HOH..
Nicole would never tell Cristine that.

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Will some one please get cody or derrick on the block soon these two are cruising to the final two if they keep making alliances.


Frankie now knows everyone in the house is tired of his BullShit and phoney act. he is noticeably nervous tonight on the feeds and he seems very uncomfortable with his conversations with people. should serve him right the way he treated Joey, POWPOW,, Devin, Brittnay and Amber with his “your safe this week” conversations with them. I hope the house flips on him and have him thinking he’s safe if he’s on the block to be backdoored.

Roisen Dubh

I wish I could give you 100 Thumbs up. I agree. Well said.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Well it interesting that frankie seems to be getting the hate for telling everyone they are safe because everyone in the house was doing that to all of them cody and derrick went so far as to spend all there time the day before brittney was evicted talking about how much they like her and will vote for her and amber getting laughed at by cody and hayden when she walks out the door talking about how no one will vote for it, the cast is disgusting for the most part as people so while i agree you can flame frankie for doing it if that is your reason for insulting him or wanting him out then you should say how much everyone else in the house should go home as well.

Big Sister

From your mouth to God’s ear, as we say in the south. PLEASE let it be a true blindside! He deserves it the way he treated Amber. I would pay money to be in the room if this goes down.


I think QuadSquad might rival the Friendship as the whiniest alliance of all time if they stick together. Cody moaning about everyone, Nicole crying about being called a fruitloop dingus and victoria flirting with Hayden, and Derrick whining and incorrectly labeling certain people in the house as playing a “Dan, Andy, Evel Dick etc.” game. Yuck. At least Amber is gone so Hayden doesn’t have anyone to whine about now.

I also think it’s hilarious how Nicole doubts Christine now, but is still pissed at Zach and wants him out. Of course it was Zach who insinuated to Nicole last week that she couldn’t trust Christine. And when I say hilarious, I really mean fuc*ing stupid.


Zack has been openly verbally aggressive with her in his threats to evict her… of course she’d be threatened by him and want to send him home. Christine is just disloyal but she wouldn’t actively send Nicole home. That being said, love Zack, hate Christine.


I can’t cant how many alliances that were formed so far, glad it’s noted on this site. I lost count, however a majority of the alliances contain either Derrick or Cody or both… Chances are, if someone does not catch on to their game, they will skirt by and win it all. We talk about true floaters and I’m thinking these two will float their way through this game using their voices in other’s ears… It certainly worked for Andy…


Derrick isn’t a floater. Floaters don’t win comps, control people, or even make as many alliances. To call Derrick a floater is like calling Dan or Dr. Will a floater.


Love the Quad Squad!
That will give Nicole the courage to actually throw Frankie up there – she was wavering a few hours before.
Sweet! Fingers crossed the wrong person doesn’t win the Veto (Frankie, Caleb, Christine).


HATE the alliance. Cody and Derrick PLAN for it to be a one week alliance. They are disloyal to everyone but each other and if not for Derrick, Cody would already be gone (and I wish he was). I wish people would catch on to Derrick (but I want him to stay). Cody and Hayden are the ones I want gone.


When did they say that they saw this as a 1 week alliance?
Derrick told Cody “at some point you and I are going to have to sit down and decide who we’re rolling with” (means: IF detonators win next HOH, we should still be friends with them). That’s all.
I have no doubt in my mind that Cody has already decided he’d much rather roll with Quad Squad. Derrick too, but he’s just more methodical about it.
They have lost trust in EVERY SINGLE detonator member (Frankie, Zach and Christine). They haven’t shared their true strategy with any of them for quite a while now.
They genuinely like Hayden and Nicole.
Any other ‘theory’?



jk… donny is my fav


I’m do happy about this quad squad alliance. Some of my favorites. May Operation: Backdoor Frankie commence.


It’s just in time. They are overdue for an endurance comp, and Frankie would probably dominate that.


Absolutely awful alliance name… It sounds stupid because of the bomb squad like they basically just copied that is so lame!!!


Oh boy …..2 days of Victoria on her tippy toes sucking in her stomach


Who knew Nicole had it in her? I think it’s downright hilarious all these ridiculous Zankie fans are freaking
out on social media ( all 50 of them ) about Frankie
going on the block. Do they not realize weeks ago
Frankie was stabbing Zach in the back mutiple times?
I seriously cannot stand Frankie, he is NO GARY GLITTER, there is such a huge fakeness about him
that grossed me out. The only reason he even got
on the show is because his sister is flavor of the month.
Thank god for real authentic people like Donny, he’s this season’s saving grace.
Can’t wait for the F-WORKS to go down this week
& hopefully a Julie Chen interview with the cringey
pink woodpecker on Thursday night!

Roisen Dubh

Oh, he’s Gary Glitter. How old is he and how old are the people he plays his sex games with? I mean they’re all legal But this guy listens to Justin Bieber? What if Donny was hittin on all the women in the house? Imagine the boards lighting up. He would be called everything from a dirty old man 95% of the comments and the other five would by DDP fans- Duck Dynasty Pimp that uses Sharp dressed man as his theme song, not the wrestler folks.


If BB Production has anything to do with it, we are not going to see what we all have wished for (Frankie’s azz out the door). All this talk about getting Frankie out, and Nicole seems like she is swaying too much which tells me in her mind, it’s not affirmative. I bet, by the end of the week, it will be someone like Donny leaving and another wasted HOH… Just saying.


I said it; nice and I’ll say it again.. This is the ONLY chance they will have to take out FRANKIE…because I see production rigging shit for him to be safe…we have saw it b4 ..so no surprise .
Say what you want about Jocasta but I want her to stay because just by chance if she wins hoh she is the ONLY female who will make a solid move..all respect will be lost if Nicole wins POV and goes back on her word about using it on Jocasta..Nicole says she doesn’t want to waste her hoh on Jocasta..well now is your time..
Best case is that Donny ,Jocasta,Nicole or Zach wins POV because it will for sure he used and if Frankie is on that block he is OUT..


I prayyyyyyy a good thing happens at veto to tomorrow & Donny gets to play…
We need a power shift..its double eviction SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN!

Evict Production

I’ll be more surprised IF the plan actually goes through.

But I have a feeling that Production thinks Ariana Grande brings in SOOOO many viewers (which she doesn’t) and will try and turn the tide in Frankie’s favor. After all its AG’s MO to have a pet, groom it, pamper it, and make sure the pet gets to the best possible spot.

Oscar Meyer

Frankie the keener wiener is another media hoe just like his twin sister, Kim Kardashian

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I have to agree with you no matter how much people hate frankie he has played a pretty good social game but way too many mistakes will be his downfall and you need to take out these kind of players while you have the chance. Nicole unfortunately i don’t believe that she is a power player the whole thing about getting frankie out as a big play is only gonna come true if derrick says it will and end case nicole is just another girl being used by cody and derrick in this game. As for the flip in the house, well the flip is instead of derrick and cody being in power now derrick and cody are in power yea…… I think as caleb likes to say at the end of the day derrick with this alliance pretty much guarantees him to the end the only other person who will think about getting rid of him now is donny and i expect him to be gone next if derricks smart hes the biggest threat, which will leave basically hayden to take out derrick by flipping out of the alliance which he really does not seem like he will since he trusts derrick.
TLDR:Frankie goes home, than donny and derrick will make 500k with this new alliance in place.

Quad Squad

I might have to like derrick just for a week is frankie goes


I just viewed the video clip where Caleb lies about writing a chorus to a song. Ya’ll, at this point, I feel sorry for this guy. He has serious issues. I dont understand how BB allowed this guy to be on the show. I’ve never seen this before! I’ve never seen someone tell so many lies. Does he really think these people believe the things he comes up with? How do they not just bust out laughing in his face by now. Its almost as though he believes his own lies. How does his brother who is a pastor of a church explain all the crazy lies that he is telling? Where does his religion come in to play? Doesnt he know one of the commandments is “Thou Shall Not Lie.” His lies are beyond lieing to play this game. His lies are all about him and his inflated ego and his “exxagerated achievements.” Its not even funny or entertaining, its kind of alarming actually.


What do you expect from someone who believes women have birth pains because “Adam and Eve” God gave women birth pains for a reason. Like, what? LOL!

I kinda feel bad for how much he’s embarrassing himself but he’ll probably continue to laugh it off and pretend like he thinks he’s the shit.


I agree with you. I think he will just laugh about everything after the show when he’s confronted on his bullshit. I think he’s so delusional, he will not be fazed by his stalkerish controlling behaviour and his lies being revealed. “Normal” ppl would be mortified, but “normal” ppl don’t act like him. He is definitely not in his right mind!

Iam so happy Amber is out of that house away from that creep! He was becoming so passive aggressive towards her. I know ppl were saying “it’s just a pillow or candy wrapper being thrown at her.” The point is what was behind these behaviours was underlying aggression and not playfulness. The “violent” thoughts he had towards her and behaviour didn’t actually cause her physical harm, but who knows how it would progress behind closed doors if she was actually his girlfriend. It pisses me off how the guys in the house blame Amber and not Caleb for his fatal attraction. Now, he’s starting to slowly obsess over Nicole’s friend Mariah. Ugh, I hate him!


I’m sure no one would dispute, that there was obsession over Amber, but to make a statement, that there was never anyone that lied in the Big Brother Game… LOL Every year, just about everyone lies at some point, some more than other’s (Andy from last year), in addition to numerous other houseguest, (too many to even think about listing). It’s Big Brother, lying and backstabbing are all part of the norm… LOL


I’m talking about his lies that have nothing to do with advancing in the game. These include claiming to write a song he never wrote, saying he went to point west, and claiming he was a offensive tattoo on his head. The real song writer called him out on twitter and posted video proof which I posted on this site’s previous blog, Caleb’s friend running his twitter account said he doesn’t have a tattoo on his head, and Derrick caught his lie about West Point. However, I agree deception is part of the game, but not these type of lies have nothing to do with game play.


Oh, I totally understand your frustration, but before they address character lying, hopefully, they will address the bullying of women first. It isn’t just this season, but every season prior, seemed to have that D-Head guy (or girl particulary A-ManDa), taking his frustrations or anger out on an innocent girl at her expense only.


Yes, I think the way he treats girls one of the reasons why I despise him so much. He punishes women when they don’t accept his disgusting “romantic” advances. Then he acts like he owned Amber and kept making comments about how he’s the king and boasting how he controls her destiny in the game. Basically implying she’s below him as a female and she is to act according to what he desires, if she wants to advance in the game. I remember the way he talked down to Joey when he found out she wanted to form a female alliance. So hypocritical since he was already in one. He is so fricken controlling, it drives me nuts. I seriously wish I could go in that house and rip his head off.


Not saying that I agree with him, but according to Genesis Adam and Eve are the cause of women’s pain in childbearing (after the Original Sin men have to till the earth to get food, women go through pain to give birth, the serpent has no legs and has to move across the dirty ground). If Caleb believes the Bible literally, he’s not wrong.


People who believe the Bible is literally true also believe the earth was created in seven days. And that homosexuals are evil sinners. Some believe literally that they can hold poisonous snakes and not be bitten. These are common beliefs in parts of the U.S. So the birth pains thing comes from Genesis. Where’s the ‘lol’ – that they have a mixed up fundamentalist on TV?


But, just wait. The second you start feeling too bad for him, he starts doing something SOOO egotistical that you just can’t feel bad anymore and you want to scream. But I know what you mean. As the saying goes…been there, done that.


What show have you watched in the past, that “you have never seen this before”? This is Big Brother, just in case you need to be reminded.

Ians Beer

Caleb is the female version of Danielle Murphree or whatever her name was. She was a delusional liar also, have you forgotten??

been there done that

How convenient that Derrick and Cody are forming yet another alliance with someone who just happens to be the current HOH. They make me want to puke and yet I’m forced to admit they are playing a heck of a social game because they are the only two players (besides Frankie) who haven’t been on the block yet and no one is currently targeting them. I’m so glad Nicole is showing some backbone but Derrick and Cody are just using her and I don’t believe for a second they will save her if Frankie or Zack or both survive this and come after her next week.
p.s loving how unhappy Caleb looks and they are just a few hours into their punishment.


The old saying is if you’re going to shoot at the king you better kill the king. Getting Fakie out first takes power away from Derprick. Take out Zankie and Derprick is left with NoB@llsCody, Ratine and CrazedCaleb. He might pull in Vic but Hayden is getting close to her. No one trusts Ratine so the best way to take power is to chip away at it.


lol, Sgt. Derrick will not net Hayden anywhere near final 4, this alliance is probably good for a week or two at most.


Lol Frankie is losing it I love it. Now that Derrick (aka the mastermind) is on board to backdoor Frankie it looks like there’s a very good chance Frankie could go home this week, that would be huge. The “Quad Squad” (which is a horrible name might I add lol) just needs the right person to win the POV and it’s game over for Frankie, and I’ll probably cry tears of joy. Frankie is the type of manipulative player who will sneak his way to the final if you don’t take a shot at him right now, this is a crucial week to get him out. God forbid that they put Frankie up and he STAYS then it might be game over for the “Quad Squad”, anyway so happy Frankie could be walking out that door this Thursday!


“Nicole mentions how sketchy it was Zach and Frankie got called out for using production as strategy”
Does anyone have an idea what that might mean? How would they use prod as strategy? And who called them out on it? (prod?)


I was wondering the same thing. Does anyone know?




I was wondering the same thing, Does anyone know?


I was wondering the same thing. Does anyone know?

Captain Crunch

1st it was Amber, now it’s Mariah. All women need stay away from Caleb for their safety. There something seriously wrong with him mentally. How is he crushing on someone he doesn’t know??


His hair!
Don’t forget his hair. Caleb is already over Nicole’s friend and is now madly, desperately and creepily in love with his hair. Since it’s gone (for now) and he’s so desperate to have someone to stalk while on national TV, I guess he’ll end up trying to score Victoria really soon…
The chain they have to wear for 48 hours must please him, seems like the kind of stuff he’d envision with his girl: her tied down, at his mercy… What a CREEP!
Who would come up with “I have a discriminatory tattoo on my head” to avoid having to shave it?!? Braindead at his best.


Unbelievable that he’s so vain as to think that having his head shaved on a silly tv show would prevent him from getting modeling jobs. I’m sure all the modeling agencies are watching & seeing him like that will make them not want him! I have a feeling other things are what might prevent that or any other entertainment career – he’ll be lucky if Lowe’s doesn’t fire him for being an ass. Seriously, he’s not that bad looking but he’s way too short to be a model (even for a female).


this plan of backdooring frankie actually has a chance of happening and for the first time in weeks i feel hope for BB16


Buh bye Frankie! Looks like you couldnt cover your tracks after all you not so sly manipulator!!


Is Nicole serious? You big dummy!


Derrick and Cody will not vote Frankie out! She’s an idiot!


They would totally get rid of Frankie. No doubt about it.


I don’t think Derrick will vote out Frankie due to TA. He’s no dummy.


Silly Girl, Derrick and Cody are really planning to vote out Frankie if he is put up. They are working on a power shift of the house. They really are sketchy about Frankie. They started talking about backd**ring him since last week.

I love Frankie

So, Cody is feeling sketched about Frankie because he tried to form an alliance with Nicole and Hayden……but Cody also formed an alliance with Nicole and Hayden.

And….Cody keeps saying that Frankie is paranoid about being backdoor’d….. except it’s true that they are actually trying to backdoor him. So he’s not paranoid….he’s perceptive.

I would rather Cody just be seen….and not heard.

And if Frankie is voted out – I hope Cody and Derrick are evicted right behind him.


You’re completely wrong. Cody and Frankie are completely different characters – and BB players.
When Zach went on the block, for example, Cody told (the dictator?) Devin straight to his face that he wouldn’t vote out his friend.
Frankie, on the other hand, said “yes!!! let’s do this!” and, while still talking with Zach about their final 2, was always supportive of anyone who was talking of getting rid of Zach. He was even trying to (very subtly) convince people that sending Zach out the door was the better decision.
Cody has shown that he’ll campaign to support his friend(s) in this game, where Frankie has shown that when his ally needs his support, he’s MIA. The fact that Zach has litterally imploded as an ally due to his priority of being an entertainer has finally led Cody to drop Zach as a N°1 ally. You really can’t blame Cody for being realistic, given all the crap Zach has pulled on Cody.

Roisen Dubh

I hope Frankie gets BD. All the other houseguest left with class. His true colors will come out and it’s definitely lights out for this guy. He’ll cry like a big baby screaming until the bitter end. Then it’s on to Christine. Zach sunk her battleship. Derrick is slowly losing power. I hope Nicole can put it together and see that getting rid of Frankie is great for her game, and then go up to Zach and say “now we’re even, cut the shit out.”


Nicole did a LOT during her time as HOH, she was able to gain a (temporary) ally in Donny [I doubt that Donny will target her for now], make an alliance with Derick and Cody (based on the one on one of cody and Derick they seem sincere with it), smear Frankie and Christine’s game and possibly destroying the detonators.

If she is able to persuade Cody and Derick to vote out Zach (or Frankie) this week she’ll fully gain my respect back after allowing Derick to control her first HOH. I just really hope that Frankie does not win veto and save Zach, that will be terrible for her game as she will be left with no choice but to nominate Cody, Donny or Christine.


Nicole didn’t do anything. Both of these things fell into her lap because she became HOH. It’s this stupid twist. The co-HOH’s automatically align. Derrick and Cody have 14 alliances and would have found a way to create a formal alliance with whomever became HOH. Nicole is being used, but at least it is going to be in her best interest which is to take out Frankie.


I don’t think it just “fell on her lap”. She did earn it by winning the HOH, I do think she’s being used by Derick and Cody now but she is also using them to eliminate threats to her own game, which is what you do if you are the HOH (Cody should learn from her). Also in case the veto is played or not (as long as it’s not Frankie on Zach), she will be exposing the allegiance of the two. Whoever they vote to evict, the two will have to choose between quad and detonators. This week she only needed four votes and she already has Hayden, Donny, and Victoria, she will know that in case things f*cked up, Cody or Derick ultimately flip. She has also placed herself in a position where no one will vote to evict her; unless against Derick and Cody who has a lot of alliances and are relatively safe.

She is no Neda, Jun, Amanda, Danielle and Dani YET but the half of the season is just starting. You’ll never know come final seven or jury she suddenly turn into a physical threat and started targeting Derick and Cody (I doubt it but we’ll see) Also in a house full of morons, she is definitely playing one of the best games.


Looks like they solidified it now, Quad Squad.

Like I said earlier. This alliance will take them to the end. Hayden and Cody will battle it out final three, to see who brings Nicole along for second place. I don’t see Derrick winning comps at the end.

Since there are so many Derrick and Cody haters on here, no one must like this alliance.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I don’t know about derrick and cody haters considering the polls show derrick as 4th in hgs out of 11 people i would not call hated but i have to admit that this alliance does not make the game anymore interesting then the detonators were when they were voting everyone out it will follow the same story in the end and finals seems a lock for this alliance, so essentially this season is derrick and cody running things with some people then its derrick and cody running it with other people then the finals so yea i think this season feels really disappointing on paper overall. I was on board if the outsiders would flip the house and it led to derrick cody frankie and zach playing a good social game to stay in it or even letting zach just stay around because you know he will at least make the show entertaining but i think we are gonna end up with a season where zach can do nothing cause he cant muster the votes to hurt this new alliance and will go home and will it be a very tame end, i am hoping for a more interesting next season because the 2hohs, bob, and putting an undercover cop in this house literally killed this game.

Period much?

You really need to put some periods in your posts. Without them, your posts are hard to read.


Wow Nicole’s so clueless.


Actually think her game is solid so far. She is now aligned with strongest males in the game. She will go far, they will protect her. She can win question and puzzles comps too. Just difficult to listed to her strategize, her voice is so freaking annoying. After about 5 mins, I can’t take it anymore.


I agree her voice is annoying, but that’s about it – if she & Hayden trust Derrick & Cody they are idiots. Hopefully they will use it for just this week to get out Frankie & realize that there is NO way Derrick wants Hayden around for long (not hopeful).


Oh and if POV isn’t used. Watch Cody and Derrick convince Nicole, Zach needs to stay.

Jocasta better pray the POV is used.

Not fooled

Cody and Derrick, the fact that you want to backdoor Frankie is great, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re hated.
Sorry.Nice try though.


For the Derrick haters out there. Can you give me some time stamps, so I can go back and see why he is so hated. What exactly did he do?


I hate Derick because he is playing a great game and has been in power right from the get go. He is in control of the house and was able to align himself into various alliances that benefits him. If he ended up winning the season, I would be glad for him because he was this year’s “mastermind”. Having said so, it is very painful to watch a season where the power is in control of a single person (or alliance) where there are no real threats to his game. It becomes monotonous and predictable and ultimately destroys the joy and suspense out of “competition/game show”. I was rooting for him when he was able to convince Caleb to vote out Devin but quickly regretted it the week after because it “unified” the house. My hatred for Derick is not rooted from his personality, “I just want good f*cking TV” and he is one big blunder in achieving that.


It’s unfortunate that he’s the only great player in the house. He’s even said how boring it must be. But I can’t fault him for being good.


Sorry, but I can’t stand Derrick’s personality – he’s a slimy, cocky misogynist who thinks he can fool the public with his Diary Room sessions & comments on eviction night as well as the idiots in the house. It’s clear that Donny is the only one who sees it – too bad Donny didn’t try harder to reel in Nicole & Hayden. I like Donny & think he’s didn’t have much to work with because of the Bomb squad & Detonators at the beginning, but with those falling apart this was the perfect time to solidify an alliance for himself & he’s been too tentative & passive.


I think Carlos is 100% correct. I don’t personally hate him as a contestant I just hate that he’s the only really smart one in the house and uses his smarts to play this game. I guess his undercover cop work is helping too.

As I’ve said many times it’s really all in the casting and they did us viewers a disservice for throwing together this bunch of dimwits. Did Nicole really ask what the term ” squad” meant??? It’s embarrassing to hear the ignorance from supposedly educated people!

One thing I do hate about Derrick is that stupid hat he wears trying to be young and hip. It so doesn’t fit his personality. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make it to finals and in that event is a lock to win.

One last thing, if I was Derrick I’d be using all this down time to build up my body. Hayden is literally transforming himself. I’d stroke Caleb’s ego (real hard to do) and get him to be my personal trainer. He could use some definition

Quad Squad 4 Life

My dream scenario for the double eviction is first having Frankie get evicted then have Zack sent packing. Lets get it done Quad Squad


I love the pink weasel not being in the loop, I am not sure getting him on the block is going to work but I just love them at least talking about it, at least he is on their radar. Of course I want him out, more than anything, but that is too good to be true so I will just enjoy this moment.


I won’t be surprised if a ta mission forbids Donny and derrick on evicting frankie ,would really be a pity


It wouldn’t matter. Donny has proven he’s going to do a TA that hurts his game and they can’t give a TA without giving all of them the mission so that would mean Fakie would know that he’s going home.




I think they are just trying to keep themselves off the block. And are making up the Quad Squad to make Nicole think they are with her and Hayden to stay safe.


The Hitmen (Derrick and Cody) is their main alliance, but it seems obvious that they traded the 3 very sketchy detonators for 2 more genuinely likeable and trustworthy quad squads.
Seriously, if I was in their position, I wouldn’t want to work with
– Frankie who has deals with everybody and doesn’t care about saving his “allies” unless it’s Caleb, his human meatshield. They know that Frankie is throwing them under the bus to everyone all the time, and that he’s basically a snake in the grass.
– Zach who only cares about “marketing his brand”: he’ll be asked back on BB for being so entertaining, but he’s hurting anyone who works with him. If they did tell him anything regarding strategy, he’d immediately think of how to spill the beans to as many people as possible, in the most spectacular way. He might put up his BFF Cody if he won HOH, just to cause the biggest shock possible.
– Christine who only rides the wave as long as they carry her, she will throw everything for a long time, so she’s basically dead weight for them.


More likeable?! Hayden is completely fake, not funny, poor hygiene, wanted Amber to go splat, and gets ‘Bo jobs from Vic after kissing Nic. He is by FAR my least favorite and I think least likeable. Plus he is not a fan, almost lost to CHRISTINE (?!) and half of his wins were fixed. Plus he and Nic BOTH turned on Christine. Therefore NOT loyal. At least Devin was entertainingly awful. Hayden is only the second half of that.

And obviously I think Zach is by far the most likeable person in the house. Dan Gheesling gives him a run for his money, but maybe most likeable EVER.


Well, as of right now, the count is 37 agreeing with me, and 2 not.
I’d say you’re in the minority.
Zach is very ENTERTAINING for us, but LIKEABLE for the other HGs?

Seriously, Cody has told him in confidence that he distrusts Frankie, and Zach has RUN to Frankie right after that to rat him out. That’s the kind of stuff that could have very grave consequences for Cody. Zach doesn’t give a $hit.
Hayden on the other hand is a smart guy who understands how to play this game TO ACTUALLY DO WELL IN IT. Zach $ucks at playing BB, all he cares about is to be memorable for future fame. He’s willing to throw any ally under the bus and ruin their game to achieve that fame. How can you expect anyone to be “LOYAL” to Zach at this point? The guy they built a friendship with over a few weeks has disappeared and got replaced by a lunatic rock of Kryptonite. They were more than patient with him.

And btw, I think Hayden’s humor is much more likeable that Zach’s way of being the center of attention, which only consists of insulting and slandering people. He’s not subtle at all. Still entertaining to watch, but it’s getting old imo, just like Frankie’s eternal, repetitive “acting”.

Carn in Canada

The problem I have with Zack is that he is trying to “carbon copy” Dr. Wills game! And I am sure Will would agree with me! Using the same speech “I hate you all” using the same mannerisms he is just trying to hard to be Will 2.0 and I would rather root for someone who has their own game, and not trying to be someone else! I guess that is why I cannot find a single person to get behind and root for this year! So I guess it is the lesser of all evils for the win!


Not sure what they saw in Frankie but his diary sessions are so uncomfortable to watch. He is embarassing & tries way too hard. He acts like he owns the house, him
Derrick & Caleb are seriously the worst.


I 100% agree about Frankie. He tries too hard and is obnoxious in his diary room sessions, but sadly, I think it’s who he is and how he comes across. The fact he was imitating Andy was pure irony. Does he not see he is Andy incarnate in this game?

As much as I don’t like Frankie, Derrick is slicker and I’d rather he get backd@@red because everyone is working with him on some level. His toady Cody is worthless and Derrick know this and that is why he keeps him in his back pocket. I’m waiting for the light bulbs to go off and people to realize who’s running the show, but sadly, I think it’s not gonna happen Derrick and Cody will be holding hands and skipping to the final two.


Derrick’s “toady” Cody. You hit the nail on the head there! Love it!


man why do the hot guys have to be so stupid and creepy, caleb is damn hot but wow one of the dumbest men I have ever seen


Did Nicole tell the pink weasel he could sleep in the HOH, or did he just tell her? Someone really needs to kick the weasel out now and I do not mean just the HOH bed. think I need to add another hate to my name, three just does not seem enough.


Letting Fakie sleep in the HOH keeps him close and feeling safe. You can track who he’s talking with and how long. Are they whispering? Are they just hanging out? And Fakie gets to believe that he’s off the radar.


I suppose it might be smart on Nicole’s part to let him sleep there given the circumstances, but I’d have a hard time not telling him get the F*** out.

BB16 sucks

Zach tasted the almond milk, liked it and then said: “I have to remember to say to my mother to start buying this shit!” Hahahaha….


NEWS ALERT, NEWS ALERT Media sources are today ( Sept 30, 2014) reporting the abduction of A. Grodner, the androgynous executive producer of BB. Grodner, of indeterminate age, was forced at pickle point onto a white stallion, complete with a feather boa. The suspect, a short, stocky, whiney, tattooed man was dressed in a onesie, open to his navel. Beneath the onesie, a giant fig leaf was clearly visible. His chest was one giant breast and on his shaved head he wore a crown. Strangely enough, his feet were clad in bunny slippers. Witnessess described how the unsub was screaming AAAmmmberrrrrrrrrr, AAAmmmmberrrrrrrrrrr, your king is coming for you! You are the missing jewel in my crown. As the subject and hostage galloped down the LA Freeway, the horse reared and Grodner was thrown into the bush. When emergency services reached Grodner, she commented that the suspect pickle whipped her as she would not give the address of the lovely Amber. “Why should I” said Grodner, “that hussy does not want this wonderful man, but I do. I want to be his queen”. Apparently the suspect, now identified as BMC from BB16 was apprehended outside the BB house, clutching a hair which must have fallen from the lovely Amber’s head, wearing the make-up she left and sniffing a pair of her panties which he had hidden before she was evicted, at the hands of Creepleb Reynolds. He was taken to hospital where he will undergo observation for 60 days.


Oh taylor, you should write a book. That was so creative & witty – think it would be a best seller!

King Silva

I so want Frankie to walk out the door come Thursday. I would be sad if Zach went instead of him but it seems like the best back up plan for Nicole/Donny/Hayden/etc.

I hate the name Quad Squad but I’d be really happy if those four were the final 4. My favorite three (Cody, Derrick, and Hayden) in one alliance is pretty cool.

I don’t hate Nicole either so I hope this lasts and they can get out their number one threat Frankie. 🙂


Wake up houseguests and stop making deals/alliances with Derrick and Cody. They can’t be trusted. If they keep their word and protect Nicole I’d be shocked. Aren’t Derrick and Cody basically working with every person in the house now? Something has to change and people need to wake up or those two boys are holding hands and skipping to the final two.


If zack wins pov..or even if frankie wins and takes zach off the block, put caleb up and he goes home. Its also double eviction this week so there could be the chance that both frankie and zack would get nominated and that guarantees one will go home. I would like both zack and frankie gone then they can take their dry humping somewhere more private


Caleb and Victoria have immunity (BOB). If Frankie wins Veto and saves Zach, Nicole can only choose from Hayden, Christine, Cody, Derrick, and Donny as the replacement.

And you do realize if Zach and Frankie get sent to Jury and do their humping in private, we won’t get to see it, right?!




You should consider renting a p0rn. You’ll get what you want out of this, and if you’re into the game of BB, you could focus on watching BB again.
Just sayin.


Derrick and Cody truly are the hitmen.

Bees Knees

Doesn’t Frankie live in NYC? I’m pretty sure the winters here are worse than a 5min cold shower so his “problem” shouldn’t exclude him from being a havenot.


But he can wear mittens there…. I doubt he owns a pair if grown up gloves.

The key to cold showers is to massage your body to warm it up before getting in the cold shower.


Skankie’s mittens probably come equipped with idiot strings ( for those old enough to remember idiot strings )


I’m so sick of reading continually, the Caleb haters, comments. Say what you want about Caleb, the guy has one of the most perfect bodies, in BB history. With that said, yes he is a little egotistical and dense, but next to Mr. Spectacular, I’d rather listen to Caleb. There are far more people to get out before Caleb. Look at the list of alliances, he is not in one… He still thinks he is in the original Bomb Squad, which is now defunct. One thing you can’t take from Caleb is his loyalty. He is tolerable, at the least, next to some of these weasels in the house.


I bet Amber is watching this and thankful she’s out of that house. Can you imagine if she had been tethered to CrazedCaleb?


a LITTLE egotistical ?!?!?


Add at least a half a foot to his height then yes, otherwise, too short. And his tattoos are just a No.


Did Zack say he used the Vaseline on his butt hole??? Wtf!!!!

Nicole's Leaky Tampon

What more proof do we need ?


You know the why! He and Frankie have a date later 😉


Did he go into a room with Frankie right after??????????????????


Who else hopes the Team America task is to save Zach!?

Mister E

Nicole must not have noticed she just aligned with the same guys that were always putting the girls up for eviction. Even the girls that were in thier own alliance. I hope she realizes once Victoria, Christine, andJocasta go home than she will be on the next on the list. I do think it was smart because it might save her a few weeks but don’t trust them at all. Once someone else is in power they will turn on her in a second. She has played a smart hoh for the most part. I like how she keeps telling them she didn’t work with Donny and that she hasn’t talked game with hayden. She is playing a pretty good game at the moment.


I don’t think they realize that by taking out Amber, they helped Caleb’s game. Endurance is coming up, most likely in the 2nd HOH next week, as the next HOH will need to be quick and fast for the live show. Caleb will make it far.

I think it’s a great season, just wish there was a bit more entertainment. But it’s definitely better than last years awful cast and season.


Would Donny and Derrick really vote out Frankie with the TA still happening? I can see Derrik maybe, but Donny talked his way out of nominating Frankie so voting him out might be iffy.

Love BB

Donnie has been really smooooth with this week. He’s played on Nicole’s distrust of Frankie to 1)breakup the guys powerplays & get one of them backd**rd. 2) to end TA, he knows that Frankie & Derrick are not truly aligned with him. 3) arranged for Nicole 2b HOH this week so he could play in next weeks HOH (he knew Jacosta could not win BOTB). I think he knows next week is Dbl Evict.
He just sits back & observes, figures out when & how he should make a play & then uses subtlety to accomplish his task. He is the definition of stealth.
What do you think Simon & Dawg?
Man, I cannot wait for next HOH…..hope he wins it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chief Wiggum

I mentored Derrick well. Good boy!


Did any of the houseguest call Caleb out on his tattoo when he got his head shaved? How did he explain there was no tattoo. Sock Monkey this is your time to flee from Caleb while he is shackles. Run Sock Monkey run……….


i don’t think i’ve ever seen alliances form and re-form so much. i’m tired of them always having to be named. ugh. anyway, i’m saving my happy dance for when frankie or zach walk out on thursday because that’s really something i can only believe when i see it, with as fickle as this cast is. i don’t watch the feeds i just get all my info from here, so i’m sure i miss a lot of stuff other people see but…like, yes, you’re supposed to set your sights from one target to the next but does that mean everyone has be so mean? call someone a floater, too much of a comp threat, fine, but throwing personal insults in there when in reality nobody on that show is flawless? that doesn’t make for good tv it’s just plan rude and unnecessary. just last week everyone was bashing amber and now it’s fair game, is anybody really loyal to anybody? will cody and derrick turn on each other? they’re coasting way too easy for me and i hope people realize they are playing both sides, because i believe if the back-d plan doesn’t work they will run to wherever the numbers are and throw nicole/hayden under the bus if need be. don’t get me wrong though, kudos to them of course because if they can keep this up thats pretty great for their game but from the perspective of watching it it will get pretty frustrating if no one recognizes it.

At the end of the day

Why is everybody always picking on me? Huh? You know what overused phrase in todays society makes me sick “With that being said” Ughh. Stop already.

Zachs Diagnosis

Asperger syndrome?

Kathie from Canada

Not even close.


I love you, Kathie from Canada!


Not even close is right. Maybe ADHD, but only maybe. I just think he’s a class clown type. I like Kathie in Canada too.

Nicole's Leaky Tampon

I really believe that Derf**k and Coody will vote out My Little Pony cuz they’ve brought it up several times before…who better to get the blood stains than Nicole ? This is prime time to do it…channeling Donny: ” Git Er Done “

been there done that

“my little pony” LMAO!!