Derrick – Zach is going home this week and we’re saving face with Detonators and Nicole

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-04 20-04-41-009

7:19pm Frankie and Derrick HOH
Frankie – We have to be clever moving Forward like Hayden hasn’t picked a side yet
Frankie It’s coming that we have to choose sides..
Derrick says Donny doesn’t care about them
Frankie agrees asks him if he won HOH would he put Donny up. Derrick says he wouldn’t he would look like an a$$hole
Derrick wants to call another group meeting, “it looks like you feel there is some dissension in the detonators”
Frankie does
Derrick – “You feel that there some more ulterior motives going gone
Derrick start beating the Team America war drum saying he’s only focusing on the team america week to week because that is guaranteed money.
Frankie – I feel that Cody doesn’t trust me with new information
Derrick asks him if he’s ever said something negative about cody that may have gotten back to him.
Frankie told someone that Frankie and Zach are Super close
Derrick says They need Zach right now for their own game and Team America.
Frankie is concerned about HAyden, he thinks he’s very close with Nicole “None of us have him”
Frankie brings up Donny and Hayden are working together, Zach told him that Donny asked him for an alliance with Hayden
Derrick – Cody doesn’t know how close we are.. with team America and that grandfather thing we have a genuine bond. Derrick – Would you be opposed with me going to Cody and asking him what he thinks about the Detonators and Frankie.. maybe there is something there that he is sacred to talk about or maybe there is something you are scared to talk about it.. lets squash this.
Derrick wants to be the mediator
Frankie would rather talk to Cody directly.
Derrick asks him if they really need to keep Zach.
Frankie says he trusts Zach
Derrick – we’ll keep Zach
Frankie asks him about the final 3 with Cody and Zach. Derrick denies it was serious Zach came to them at 4 in the morning while they were playing pool with Cody. The name was LTA Los tres amigos, “Zach was the sole person that initiated it we only really talked about it for the first couple days”
Derrick – You knew about that why didn’t you come to me
Frankie – I just did come to you.. it’s just been bothering me with Cody
Frankie – Do you still want to get to final 5 with the detonators
Derrick – Do we have any other choice.. what other choice do we have
Frankie we don’t
Derrick is trying to highlight the reason they should get rid of Zach.
Frankie says that Zach has created the 3 and the 2 in the detonators.
Derrick proposes Cody, Frankie and Derrick solidify something go to final 3.
Derrick says Zach is playing Frankie he’s putting a wedge in between Frankie and Cody. Frankie sees that now.
Derrick – I plan on going to the end with you
Frankie – I am to
Derrick propose they get rid of Zach this week they still have 5 because even though Caleb isn’t in the detonators he’s still part of the bomb squad. Derrick adds that once Zach is gone the 5 will be stronger than ever Cody and Frankie will be back close.
Derrick – We get rid of a guy that’s trying to f*** you possibly from what you are telling me.. but that’s your call
Derrick – What’s your heart saying right now
Frankie – you are 100% correct

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BB16-2014-08-04 20-19-18-257

8:18pm Zach in the hammock talking into his microphone
“This is the Zach attack Big Brother report Frankie is shitting green from the peas, Derrick is going around looking for matching socks, Hayden and Cody are playing pool , Cody is on his third game in a row, Nicole is getting drunk from 1/2 a glass of wine, Caleb is working out, frankie is getting big, everyone in the big brother house is in a chirpy mood.

BB16-2014-08-04 20-32-26-773
8:30pm Couch (A bunch of houseguests just Chit chat)
Hayden is pretending to be hitting on Victoria at a party. Zach says hadn’t Hayden made out with 4 girls in one night.
Hayden – I definitely have made out with three not sure about 4
Hayden saying he had three new years eve kisses in night. Everyone laughing asking him how he pulled that off, Donny – Did you turn back you clock”
Zach – Were they smoked bombs
Hayden – nah
Zach – were they grenades
Hayden – nah
Zach says he made out with 10 girls before 8th grade, “I made out with a girl frist day 6th grade.. tonsil hockey.. We made out for 10 minutes it was sick I was 12 years old”
Zach mentions how Victoria beats them all
Christine – Ya making out when you were 8
Zach – what was it like.. you were still in diapers
Victoria jokes – Magical
everyone laughs

BB16-2014-08-04 20-37-19-089
8:26pm Derrick and Cody Bathroom
Derrick brings up his conversation with Frankie, “Dude it was a perfect conversation”
Derick explains Zach has been playing all of them and it just came out to Frankie. Zach told Frankie about LTA trying to keep Frankie against Derrick and Cody. That is why Frankie has been acting the way he was. Derrick says everything is cool with him. Frankie is going to come talk Cody and clear things up. Frankie now knows Zach is messing up his game he’s going to vote out Zach. “Zach is going home this week we’re saving face with Detonators and Nicole”

BB16-2014-08-04 20-55-53-004

Derrick goes up to the HOH tells NIcole “Frankie is contemplating getting rid of Zach this week”
Derrick fills Nicole in on some of his conversation with Frankie.. They are both happy because now they don’t have to reveal their numbers.Nicole says Christine is working her magic on Frankie.
Nicole – We’re the rationale we’re behind everything
Nicole says this is how it works . You see it unfold on TV sometimes and are like “How does that happen”
Derrick says he’s going to keep playing Frankie so don’t think if something is up with i’m talking
Nicole says Frankie has to go soon. Derrick agrees.
Nicole trusts Christine a little bit more now that she’ didn’t use the veto but what Christine told her about Hayden making out with Victoria it sketches her out.

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Team Nicole Or team Christine

Thumps up for Nicole thumbs down for Christine who DO like better


Alright hands up, who voted for Christine?




This sucks…


These people are so stupid. They’re just trying to convince themselves that getting rid of Zach benefits them somehow, when in all actuality, it doesn’t in the slightest. They are talking about keeping the Detonators together…right after they vote out a member. The one question they should be asking themselves is how does keeping Jocasta benefit fit their game?

If Zach goes this week, I’m done with this season. It’ll be an absolute borefest and watching Cody, Frankie, and Christine will be absolutely insufferable. Such a disappointment.


Frankie is so full of shit, but that guy is smart. He knows that Zach is not causing a wedge between the alliance and he knows that Zach is loyal to him. He is just playing along with them(Cody and Derrick, aka the princess and the pig) for his game. He was playing like Zach has been manipulating him. Frankie is not the type to be manipulated, he is the manipulator! Zach couldn’t possibly manipulate anyone in that house because he is such a clown to everyone. They just think everything he says is a joke. I’m sure that he doesn’t want Zach out, but he has too for his game. He will throw Zach under the bus every time to protect his game. He knows that if he would have went against Cody and Derrick (ew to both of them), they would have rallied the votes to get Zach out anyways. And that would have made him the outsider. I don’t like him, but the little weasel is smart!


Once again Derick squashed the plan to divide the house. Ugh. I just hope that It bite him in the ass later on, he is playing really good but is far too much of a hindrance for good tv. I just hope that Zach explodes when he leaves on thursday and sells out the detonators to the entire house. That would destroy the trust of the other housemates and paint a bigger target on the remaining four, that way Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta (if she stays), Victoria and Caleb will group together against them.


Derrick is real good. It is quite impressive actually.


I agree. While Derrick isn’t the player I am routing for, I must say he has the best, most strategic game. Very interesting moves. The house would be wise to evict him. 🙂


He’s smart and educated, has a real job with real responsibilities and is an adult with family. He’s got his sh*t together which is enabling him to blow past this bunch of juveniles. Donny is the only one who can compete on his level but isn’t devious enough I think.

Please BB get some more smart people next year.


i don’t think they need a lot of “smart” players, they just need players who are gutsy and is not afraid to be a target and be on the block. As much as it pains me to say this but I’m actually missing Rachelle Reilly because of her ‘put me in the block but I’m gunning for you next’ attitude. Last year and this season are full of people who are afraid to have blood in their hands which is why people do not want to go against the majority.

Sassy gal

That’s true but would be nice to see smart educated people who can think for themselves, aren’t on ADHD drugs, aren’t fame whores and have real lives and careers to go back to. These people seem like the bottom of the barrel in society- freeloading, aimless, and dumb!

Taint that Jury!

Derrick is blowing past everyone because he spent ten years wrecking the lives of college kids for smoking weed. He was trained to lie and deceive. He’s still a lousy player. Champs like Hayden and Ian knew you kept your alliances tight, at least until jury. Derrick is destroying his, when it was a sure ticket to final 5. He’s well-trained, but so are many dogs, so that’s not saying much. He’s one of the worst players in the house. If this were poker, he’s doing the equivalent of folding a flush before his opponents even call.


I don’t want to take anything away from Derrick’s game, but even though he makes a case in certain situations, the majority of his decisions, and his take on Devin & Amber’s eviction was 100% WRONG. if Zach is evicted this week, Derrick will be responsible for another costly mistake. I think Derrick’s game stands out from other players, because the whole house is an alliance. he’s in 99.9% of every alliance in the house. Frankie should of seen through Derrick’s and Cody’s ploy in their conversations with him about the plan to evict Zach.there is no one genuinely closer than Frankie & Zach in the game. these two automatically joined forces with each other from the start, and now Derrick exposes himself asking for Frankie’s blessings to evict Zach. Donny is gonna win BB, because if anyone is playing the smarter game, it’s Donny. the more you talk, the more you panic, the more you listen, the less you panic.


I’ve always said Derrick is overplaying. When he talks game one on one with everyone, then if asked by everyone that he doesn’t talk game with anyone other than them, we are getting to low numbers and that stuff is going to bite him in the ass. Why not admit that you talk game but you are just BSing the other people, and that the true game talk is with ‘you” (whoever he’s talking with at the time)

He is definitely making big assumptions about TA and Donny. He is completely missing the point of it being a team, and he really thinks the challenges will continue if he and Frankie target and get rid of Donny. It was one challenge, and it was a completely stupid one obviously set up to expose both Frankie and Derrick as TA players, imo. Donny is the only one seeing that the TA voters are regretting choosing Derrick and Frankie for the simple fact, Donny is going to be America’s favourite, and they constantly and continuously try to put targets on his back to get him. out.

You think TA voters are going to want either Frankie or Derrick to continue to win $5000 each if they’ve both worked to getting Donny out of BB? For someone so ‘clever’, Derrick continues to make bad choices because he is continuously trying to scheme around everyone in the game, and at this point Donny has noticed what F/D are up to, which is why he wanted/had to win HOH. Now he has another chance to win HOH, and can if he chooses put Frankie and Derrick up, tho probably it would be anyone with Christine, which no one will mind voting her out if it comes down to it.

If Donny can embrace the next TA and be instrumental in making it a win, they might change their mind.


That’s the problem, Derrick is planning a really smart game. I just doesn’t make for great TV.


Nah, Derrick will convince them all that they knew Zach would say something like that, and not to believe him….they’ll all shrug and say “yeah you’re right” and that’ll be the end of it.


Exactly. These guys who are critical of Derricks play would be correct if he was dealing with smart clever game players. These people are emotional wrecks. They’ll believe anything Derrick says.

And why do these kids all take medication?? Can’t BB find people who are healthy?? Or does having psychological problems add ‘drama’??


Derrick is 100% playing a Dan S10 type of game – maybe one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. He’s golden for at least a few more weeks, his problems happen closer to the end when everyone left thinks they are in an alliance with him. Right now he still has Jocasta, kind of Caleb, and kind of Donny left to nom if he’s HOH but after that he literally cannot win HOH. If he gets caught he’ll have to flip to a Dan S14 type game and hope the jury rewards him in the end.


As much as I don’t want zack to go cuz he brings drama in the house but I still want his alliance to lose numbers. And I hope Hayden wins HOH so Frankie or Christine can go next!


Ughh so frustrating….

I have come to the realization that Derrick isnt this Dan 2.0 mastermind but Andy reincarnated.

Here me out- When Dan played both times and Andy played they worked incredibly hard to save face with eveyone but there was a clear distinction— Dan needed to play with genuine BB fans who knew the game and Andy played with relatively strong competitors but whom didnt know BB making his win far less impressive.

Now Derrick is just cloning the same game and for him knowing BB this season is way too easy. Nobody else (maybe exept Donny and yes Frankie) truly have any clue what is happening and by default run to Derrick to confide in.

Nicole/Hayden and Frankie/Christine are in essence letting Derrick decide ecery move without doing shit in comps. Now by convincing everyone Zach needs to go l Derrick is keeping himself out of harms way during this Double Eviction.




The difference between Andy and Derrick is that Derrick is actually persuading people to do what he wants and has been doing it since week 1. All Andy did was scurry around between groups and go along with whoever had the most power. One can say that the people in this BB house are just dumb because you don’t want to admit Derrick actually has some skills but….Derrick actually has some skills. He may not be who you want to win, but he’s playing the best game and is one of the better players (thus far in the season) BB has had in a while.

Taint that Jury!

Nope, cannibalizing your own alliance, while leaving someone in the game who will likely target you is DUMB.


If Zach goes home, I’m finished with the live feeds. This season has been a snoozefest. The girls are so boring. I’m missing last season.


The house obviously isn’t watching the same show we’re watching. Without Zach, we’re stuck with the likes of Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Nicole, who collectively couldn’t match his wits. Those are four people I hope I’m never stuck drinking beers with.

who's the man?d

derrick is the man.


no. he’s a pig nosed tool.


why is everyone bashing christine for flirting with cody when daniele did the same thing with nick?! it’s the same exact thing except everyone hates christine yet they love daniele??

The Sabouteur

1st of all, Nick kept flirting and flirting with Daniele and all though she liked him as a friend, she declined because she cared about her boyfriend back home. Nick wouldn’t leave the girl alone even though he knew she had a boyfriend. Daniele never made the choice for Nick to flirt with her.
Secondly, Christine is intentionally straddling and flirting with Cody hardcore. He accepts him and knows she’s married (d*uchebag) and she continues to do so, never even acknowledging her husband.
Thirdly, you’re an idiot.

For the love of....

Maybe Christine’s hubby is ok with it, or maybe they were having problems before. We don’t know. I DO know, that she kisses her ring in every DR and when voting. She talks about Tim A LOT. She & Cody aren’t as touchy feely anymore, other than occasionally touching hands or arms, I think that after certain HG’s decided to lie to them both to separate them for game purposes (Derrick to Cody, Frankie to Christine)…they only interact occasionally. Sucks cause I love her laughter (better than Frankie or the crickets I hear when these players get together) and their flirty banter. Then, it wasn’t game/paranoia induced, it was just funny AND it’s up to them what they do, they have to live with the fallout. Seems to me (from the hundreds of items I’ve been reading) that people truly don’t like Christine because she isn’t like the other girls, in looks or personality. That is a shame. And shallow.

Taint that Jury!

I hope Tim punches Cody in the face on finale night.


Nick was effin hot! Good on Danielle for her restraint.


Btw ….I guess it was real, because both of them are now married.


Random Thoughts:
-Frankie would be an awesome parade balloon if the Macy’s Day and Gay Pride parades were fused.
-A couple of chromosomes go the other way and Hayden is Rocky from “Mask”.
-I don’t want to say that Victoria has dead cow eyes, but wait, yes I do.
-Big Brother is tailor-made for insomniacs.


Did I miss something? Yeah, she could be a vote for him, but why is Derrick so concerned about protecting Victoria? Besides his alliance with Cody I can’t tell fact from fiction from him.


Derrick definitely would want Victoria for final 2!!!! He’s in it to win. None of this “I want you to win bro” bs

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Since the first time I saw derrick and victoria talk to each other I had a suspicion he was grooming her for final 2, it makes perfect sense as others have said she will never beat derrick in comps or votes. Now that the house is all turning on each other he can drag her through the bloodshed without anyone being the wiser, remember everyone shes a vote *wink wink*.


Victoria is more than just a vote… She is EVERY SINGLE JURY VOTE if she makes final 2 because NOBODY will give that girl half a mil!! Derrick will win big brother if he stays in that house longer than Donny & Hayden.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Agree 100%. If Derrick gets to final 2 with Victoria it’s a slam dunk win for him. But getting that far with her is a long shot especially when he’s being so obvious about it. The hammock dates are a dead giveaway.

Taint that Jury!

I’ll laugh if Zach is able to blow up Derrick’s game in the jury house, and convince them to vote Victoria in that scenario. I’d love to see her win over him. She played a bad game, but Derrick is cannibalizing his, he doesn’t deserve the money.


What are you talking about? Your reason for Derrick not deserving to win is “cannibalizing his own game.” But if he does get to the final 2 with Victoria this clearly isn’t true.


Derrick chose Victoria very early on to be his goat in F2.


It looks like Derrick is playing everyone in the house. I assume he wants everyone to like him so he has their votes in jury, but he might also think Victoria will be easy to beat in the final assuming no one will vote for her to win.


Victoria is to Derrick what Danielle was to Dan Gheesling in Season 14.
A naive girl he can drag through the game, who won’t question his instructions and has no idea what’s going on.
The best thing for Derrick: Victoria doesn’t even know who Danielle is and hasn’t seen Season 14.



I know you will give an unbiased opinion. Wasn’t Derricks game play during the 8pm hour very good? He literally just worked over Frankie and Nicole in the matter of 45 mins. Then at 9:16pm, he made the Frankie and Cody talk happen, he created that.

The dude is good.

been there done that

Come on guys. I don’t think Derrick is that good. I think everyone else is just that stupid. Also Derrick has an unfair advantage in my opinion. As a undercover cop he’s had the training and expertise to do exactly what he’s been doing —working people over and keeping the target off his back. There is no way he could have kept up his façade this long with a group of mature and hardcore BB gamers. He got really lucky with this bunch of immature wimps.

Derrick: Lackluster Hero or Inferior Villain?

As others have pointed out, Derrick made his career out of tricking college kids into selling him dime bags, so he has something of an unfair advantage when it comes to deceit, betrayal, and being an all around butthole.

Doesn’t change that there was no reason to target his own alliance this early. All the while leaving someone in the house who is likely to come after him should Hell ever freeze over and she win HoH. He’s a great liar, and so manipulative I’m not sure how his wife doesn’t lay awake at night thinking about it, but he’s a bad player.

Not Really

Neither Cody or Nicole reacted much when Derrick told them about his amazing accomplishment — most likely because they didn’t need Frankie on board anyway. I’d give Frankie some credit for quickly picking up that the tide had turned against him and promptly weaseling his way back into the fold. That would make it more of a win for Frankie than Derrick.


The most important thing to get these “power players” out is stopping the 2 hoh twist. They should with double eviction but we have no indication that it will happen at all

air quotes

say what u will about derrick but his game is spectacular. assuming zach leaves on thursday, they’ll be nine houseguests left and derrick is in good with all of them. cody, christine, and frankie are alligned with him in the detonators. caleb thinks he’s with him in the bomb squad. he has victoria wrapped around his finger. in the unlikely event jocasta wins hoh, she probably won’t put up derrick since he’s been a good friend, comforts her, and has approached her to work together. donny, although he has his suspicions about derrick, won’t put him up because of team america. and nicole and hayden are alligned with him the the quad squad allliance. no matter how the double eviction goes down, he should be ok.


I can not take how IGNORANT Nicole is!!!! I mean how did she get a nursing degree?? I wish someone would do a blooper reel type thing with all her stupid statements. Victoria too. Nicole was describing herself as “quirky” yet she wasn’t sure on how to pronounce it AND wondering if it was a real word!!!!?? Unbelievable. Now she blabbering on about her dating ethics and sounds like a 13 year old.

Maybe this is main problem. These adults are really immature. Look at the way Frankie dresses and talks and cries and grabs on to everyone for cheap thrills. He’s like an adolescent girl too. And he’s over 30!! It’s embarrassing how stupid and vapid this group is.

Where are the TWISTS??????

Also I noticed Donny mentioning he wants to shave the beard and once production lets him he will. So contrived they’re making him keep that stupid hillbilly look against his wishes. Ugh

Go Outsiders!

As entertaining as Zach is I really want to see the power flip from the detonators/Caleb to the other side of the house! Hopefully Frankie and Christine are sent packing in the double eviction!


So Frankie just blew Zach chances of staying? Might as well fast forward to the finale and hand derrick the 500 k


I don’t understand how Derrick thinks this is going to work. I thought he was all about the numbers. Nicole, Hayden, Donny, and Jocasta are gonna try to get together, especially with Hayden and Donny talking game all the time. I understand that Derrick has Victoria in his back pocket, but once they get rid of Frankie, i’m pretty sure that Christine and/or Caleb will jump ship. And Frankie is def. a complete sell out- I hope Zach sees how fake he is.


Derrick good? he’s evicting a guy who is on his side and keeping a floater that would evict him in a heartbeat, classic BB mistake

Derrick's PIG Snout Nose Smells Bacon!!

Yeah buddy, Keep running the house dude and soon you’ll find yourself out the door! Derrick the laziest BB player (Julie Chen’ words, not mine) isn’t the smartest lil’ piggy in the house! Frankie, Cody and Caleb will soon smell the the laziest BB player (Julie Chen’ words, not mine) Derrick out! In the laziest BB player (Julie Chen’ words, not mine) Derrick’s wild dream, he would love him and his wife…. (my bad) Victoria in the final two. Wishful thinking dude!

Team zach

Omg derrick, Cody and Frankie are so annoying. Dumb Derrick ur the one who’s making alliances after alliances can’t wait till it bites you . sucks that zachs going home this week because he’s not afraid of nominating anyone and he’s also entertaining. Derrick and Cody are the ones pulling a Devin like it’s to early to be sending ur alliance home, dumbasses good luck with double eviction this week hope Cody or Derrick get evicted, and they are gonna regret sending zach home after hearing about the double eviction.

Zankie Forever

Did anyone else realize that Derrick and Cody are the biggest floaters?

Not Christine…

Production Rigged It

I seriously think the DR got in Derricks head and convinced him to gun for Zach. We’ve already heard footage of them on this site talking crap about him, and as so many people have said, Derrick has always been about the numbers-until recently. Plus if there’s one thing a cop is good for, it’s following orders…

This is why BB isn’t nearly as good as it used to be-Grodner and her idiots don’t even appreciate a good HG when they have one, they think the majority of us want Rachel Reilly! What a joke this season turned into.

Double eviction

Simon, who do you think is in the most danger at the double eviction?

Double eviction

U DONT think Frankie is in danger? Because If Hayden win hoh he could get backdoored or does he have the votes to stay?


man! Cody is a limp wimp!


Why? Seriously, I’d like to know.
Seems to me like Cody has made the smartest decisions at the time, including keeping Caleb over Brittany. Caleb is pretty much on the same level as Victoria: He has no clue of what’s going on, loyal, and noone will vote for him if he makes it to F2.
Even better than Victoria: He’s so delusional he thinks everybody will vote for him to win.
I’d really like to know what people are criticizing about Cody’s gameplay.


He’s a coward who talks like a big man. It’s a Big Brother strategy, I guess, it’s just not a respectable one.

clever screen name

Derrick is playing everyone therefore playing the best game..he deserves to win if he makes it to the end with Victoria …BTW what is hi alliance name with her? Or has he even said they’re in an alliance? ? I am hoping its nicole ..hayden and donny f3…with donny winning over nicole!


If a houseguest does return, Derrick will be in trouble.


If a houseguest does return i know it won’t happen but i would love for Zach to return but he can’t hes the first jury member


Did the houseguests get a pet hen? Oh, that’s just Christine cackling!!! I don’t know how they can stand it.


How do Derrick and Frankie plan on doing TA missions without Zach considering they’ve used him so much because their too scared to do the missions themselves? Derrick looks legitimately paranoid in that pic with Cody. Zach is not going after any Detanators.


I bet Zach face is going to hit the ground when Julie say ur evicted and I think Zach can sense it cause they giving him the same treatment they gave Britney, Amber like everybody knows that watch BB if u got to campaign to ur own alliance to get votes then u don’t have the votes to stay. Zach brought it on his self at first he just slept all day and now he wants to say if he stays he going to start wining comps to stay Zach u blew it ur big mouth made u expendable to ur on alliance cause wat u brought to the table was nothing and Christine started picking up her slack and started finishing 2nd,3rd, in comps plus she just won a veto and Caleb won BOB there going to keep him around to go after Donny and cody u brought nothing so u leave with nothing say hi to Broski for me.


I think Derrick is making a big mistake. he has played things perfectly until this point. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you go from pulling the strings in a 5 person & 6 person alliance to being in an equal position in a 4 person alliance by voting out someone that is in both of your 5 & 6 person alliance. As great as Cody is to look at he is contributing nothing but adding to Derrick’s paranoia and for the second week in a row they are pulling a Devin and eating their own. I can’t stand Nicole (the whining and that voice, and she’s not even pretty unless you’re locked in a house without sex for 2 months) but Derrick just saved her rear. Derrick is about to mess up his game royally. He can still possibly get to the end but he is making things a lot harder for himself. I can’t figure out why these people can’t stick to an alliance for more than 5 minutes. How many different alliances are they even in at this point?


I don’t understand it either. Why ruin a final 5 that’s going to stick together until they get Nicole, Hayden, Victoria (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!), Donny, and Caleb out?! That’s the easiest way too the final 5. I would love to watch the detanators explode on each other in the end. I don’t want whiny Cody or Derrick anywhere near final 2. Really I’d like Donny, Zach, and Frankie in the final 3. Then I think I may actually like seeing Donny and Zach final 2.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I agree about derricks plan making it much harder on himself he could hold the alliance and keep the numbers but zach is being portrayed to be playing the alliance against each other and nicole saying zachs coming after them does not help his paranoia. End result he decides zach is too untrustworthy and he cant keep him which sets him to play a multi sided game that can get screwed up at anytime. Derrick cody and vic playing the middle while frankie chris and caleb vs hayden nicole donny jo seems to be how the house will move to but if the majority number of haydens group wins the next hoh they take out a detonator and now derrick and cody are most likely on the bottom of haydens group with no outs, Derrick literally has to go balls to the wall to make sure the numbers stay close or keep the numbers on the detonators by taking cody and vic and having 6, safe to say if he had kept his numbers stronger with zach especially since we all know jo will vote with donny not derrick so i dont know how he thinks he can get her vote.
TLDR: Derrick is playing this group really well but voting out his own will hurt his numbers and make the game over the next few weeks really touch and go for him.


The hardest thing about watching the rest of this week play out is knowing that the plan was to backdoor Frankie. Instead of seeing one of the most annoying houseguests this season leave, we probably are going to see the only one who makes the game exciting get evicted. Why couldn’t the POV of been used…


Because Christine is a fucking idiot i mean u could’ve saved an alliance member and even if frankie was backdoored he would’ve still had the votes to stay but Derrick and Christine r fucking up there game i mean if they kept zach or frankie was backdoored then would’ve both been safe they could’ve sailed to the finals but now the house is gonna flip and now that fucking alliance is gonna b picked off and final 2 will probably b fucking donny and jocasta or hayden and nicole the rest of the season is going b a snorefest when zach goes i’m not going to watch the rest of the season

The Z-Man

If Zach is evicted we riot!


Sadly, the dullards that find Donny even remotely interesting are not behind you on this one. If Zach goes, might as well watch the grass grow in the backyard. Which would be more interesting than watching Donny have to cut it.

Zach's DOG

DAM – Can’t that guy KEEP his mouth shut; yeah OK…We made OUT! So WHAT! Hey, it’s been seven years since THE GUY had a girlfriend.

Christine's crazy eye

So Cody has been close to calling Caleb out, was about to call Amber out, wanted to call Devin out, really needed to call Frankie out, and now is really close to calling Zach out. How much more can he take until he just explodes?
Will all the calls he didn’t make, just come pouring out? Come on Cody, just do it! Maybe if you do, you will finally become a real boy!

Zach's douche bag facial hair

Buh bye Zach! You are annoying, and honestly for all of you who say you like Zach causes he causes drama you’re lame. None of you would want to be in that house with him, I sure as hell wouldn’t! Good riddance you moronic frat boy douche.


Most of the people in the house I wouldn’t want to be in there with,(just like every season ) but you have to make the best out of who you got. As views , its boring to watch a bunch of people sitting around talking about knitting and other special things they do…YAWN! GTFO of here with that. No one wants a house of Jocasta’s “forced fun” all season. Zach is a total shit head, but as a viewer, he is one of the reasons most of us like watching BB. Or at least the reason I do.
He’s in an alliance of people who should have his back because he takes the target off of theirs. Derrick , Frankie and grounds keeper Willie should thank him for scoring them most of the money they have now!!


Derrick is a great player he is controling the entire game!!


reading this post made me relive the hilariousness of Caleb’s belief that he runs the house. when the game is over and he learns about the detonators and he watches the show at home, he’ll still believe in the bomb squad.


Man I can’t wait till Frankie and Christine go home. While I would like to see Zach stick around for a little while, at least the detonators are loosing a number. Also, this is beside the point, but can anyone explain why every year the HG’s stay up all night. Why does the sleep schedule get flipped to where they sleep all day and are up all night?


It’s really hot in Calif in summer so they sleep in the air conditioning during the day so they can play outside when it’s cooler in the evening.

This is why i hate police

Derrick you dirty dog your too good. But honestly frankie sees zach might be going home and right on que he throws zach under the bus instead of fighting for him. If he wouldve shown any heart there when derrick approached him might have been a different outcome. Pee sitter sucks. Hate him


Pee Sitter LMAO love it, I can’t stand him either. He is no better than a floater and always freaking out when someone says anything about him and whining over every thing. Dude you are on Big Brother shut your mouth there is many of us who would trade places with you.. Be a Man for once. You are more of a drama queen than Frankie


If Derrick doesn’t stand behind Zach, and is behind his demise, then I hope his ass is sent packing on double eviction night.


Zach brings up Victorias makeoutbsesh at age 8…. I rest my case…. He likes her


I would not be surpriFrankie and codys game from either a Pandoras box or voting a hg back in. I think pandoras box would be blowing people up and Frankie, derrick and Cody would be ruined.


That’s ALL – ANYONE PLEASEEEE send that drowned Ratine back to her divorce-contemplating husband.

BB Needs a Better Twist

Voting with the house has become so predictable and does not make for interesting feeds. Would there be any way for BB to work out a twist where perhaps there would be some sort of repercussion if there was a unanimous vote, making it so that at least one person has to vote against “the house?”

I don’t know if they could ever make that work, but something needs to be done — like have somebody grow a spine.


There have been virtually no twists this season and the Team America thing has been more or less a waste. I would not be surprised to see a twist or two to save Frankie and maybe even Zach but at this point its not looking good for Zach and I don’t see a twist this week as there is a double eviction.

I think Derrick may be in trouble in another week or two. He might end up being is own worst enemy. Note to future Big Brother/Survivor contestants. WHEN YOU HAVE THE MAJORITY ALLIANCE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DO NOT VOTE OUT YOUR OWN PEOPLE!!! JUST STOP DOING IT YOU MOROONS.


I hate when the mighty duo Down-low and Cuddles have their pow wow sessions. They think they are in cruise control to the finals. Over confidence trips you up every time and there is still a lot of game left to played.


I do not buy the pink weasel being on board to get Zach out, I think Christine telling them to split the vote is so they can mess with the numbers and get it so they end up keeping Zach. Yes I think the pink weasel wants to take Caleb to the end, easy win, but getting Zach out lessen the weasel’s numbers and he would never chance is a set up, Derrick, Cody and Nicole are walking right in it.


As much as I have enjoyed Zach’s craziness, I am okay with seeing him go since it puts a dent in the detonators. Derrick is playing a good game and taking out Zack weakens Frankie and Christine. Derrick plans to weaken both sides of the house to further his game while he drags Victoria to the end. Donny is the only one that is wise to what Derrick is doing, but unfortunatly he won’t put up Derrick if he wins HOH, he will however put up Cody.


Derrick is working everyone in the house, but he covers his tracks so well. Even if the people do decide to cross reference they have nothing.


I have lmao reading some of these comments

Brad H

It’s so obvious that cody & derrick are running shit… I can’t believe the rest of the house can’t see it!!! I really hope frankie talks to zach about everything before thursday because it could create A LOT of chaos!!! #zachattack

Thor's Sister

I agree, getting out Zach sucks right now. Im loving reminiscing when he says things like ” I hate all of you” ect ect. Ohhh Dr Will you sly SOB!!!!
Backd**ring Frankie would have been a good idea even though he is also entertaining. SO they choose to leave boring ass Jocasta in the game who has done F-ALL .
Whoever said that Zach wouldn’t vote against his alliance but Jocasta would basically slit any one of their throats was totally right. I think Derrick is making a big mistake. I hope it doesn’t come back at him.