Big Brother Spoilers Week 6 POV Results, Zach – “I blew it”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Summary of events:

  • Amber is voted out by a vote of 9-0
  • Nicole and Donny win the HOH, Donny nominates Beastmode and Victoria, Nicole nominates ZachATTACK and Jocasta
  • Battle of the Block commences Beastmode and Victoria win however they get a punishment turning them into Beastmode Adam and Princes Eve
  • Donny is dethroned Nicole promoted to week long HOH she forms an alliance with  Hayden, Derrick, Cody called the Rationales
  • POV players are picked Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,
  • The target is either Frankie or Zach but preferable Frankie.
  • Derrick and Cody get hit with some paranoia and start thinking they should stick with the detonators..
  • Christine tells Nicole a bunch of sh1t about Hayden loving Victoria.. Nicole knows this is a lie and is furious

BB16-2014-08-02 22-27-24-427

Christine Wins the POV
Everyone collected around the kitchen talking about the competition.
Derrick says they will not be getting the BAckyard tonight because the competition was very elaborate.
Jocasta didn’t come in last
Victoria “Blew d!ck” (According to Zach)
Competition was comic theme with houseguest as superheroes.
Zach’s had “saving little broskis from danger everywhere”
Donny’s had fear the beard

BB16-2014-08-02 22-35-32-677

Donny collects COmic books he’s got several thousands, “My oldest brother has one of the first Supermans that came out.. he’s got one that is over double digits”

BB16-2014-08-02 22-45-14-272

10:45pm Frankie is trying to make split pea hummus offers the make fish for everyone.

BB16-2014-08-02 22-48-03-378

10:48pm Caleb and Derrick
Claeb says the leaves on his costume are scratching teh4 sh1t out of his leges.

BB16-2014-08-02 23-03-50-979

11:03pm Storage room Nicole and Christine
THey hug CHristine says she did a great job. They agree to talk later “HAve a date”

BB16-2014-08-02 23-17-03-355

11:15pm Bathroom Zach, Derrick and Cody
Derrick tell im he has to know go suck up to Christine kiss her a$$

Zach – WE’ll at least I have a good speech prepared.. I added another verse to it.. It’s EPIC..
“Roses are red violets are blue Nicole is my target I’m, coming for you”
“houseguest I’m begging please give me another chance if you want to follow me on twitter or instagram is rancy pants.
“I love all so much you and I am so grateful maybe I’ll change my ways and not be so hateful“
“You all made it to jury you’re on the right track fans at home hashtag zachattack”
“this ceremony is important the wrong choice might Cost ya if you head to the diary room vote to evict JOCASTA”

Zach – Do you think Nicole is going to get hyer to use it
Derrick – no
Zach – we’re golden..
Derrick and Cody advice Zach goes up to Nicole and makes peace tell her he never intended on putting her up he’s just making good TV.
Cody groans says he has to sleep on a rock all week
Zach – would you rather lay on a rock or be on the block

BB16-2014-08-02 23-24-16-580

11:25pm HOH Frankie, Christine and Nicole
Frankie says Zach defeated himself during the POV. They talk about Zach throwing something at the camera and potentially damaging it.
Christine – Jocasta got third place
1st Christine
2nd Nicole
3rd JOcasta
4th Caleb
5th Zach
6th Victoria

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BB16-2014-08-02 23-28-24-221

11:28pm FIREROOM Cody and Derrick
Cody – If CHristine uses the veto I’m calling her out
Derrick says if Christie doesn’t use it they can work with her.
Derrick – We gotta keep Zack here.. right.. Can we afford to lose Zach..
Cody – I don’t know
Derrick – we gotta come up with something by Monday
Frankie and Christine are working together they
Derrick – If we flip now and work with HAyden and Nicole we lose the numbers.. we’re at the bottom of the totem poll because they have donny.
Derrick says they will continue working with Christine and frankie but “:Yank” them first
COdy – My nominations will be DOnny and Frankie and if POV is played I’m putting up CHristen
I’m not going to sit back and wait until they stab me in the back..
Cody point out Frankie and CHristine ran up stairs
Derrick says it looks bad

Cody – Donny lives Nicole
They both doubt Donny and Frankie
Derric – I’m going to get really close with Frankie these next couple days..
Cody – I really don’t like this Frankie and Christine thing
Derric – same.. what is Frankie sn Christine’s plan right now
Cody – Get us right now.. Frankie thinks he has Zach i’m going to blow that out of the water tonight..
Derrick says what is good for them right now is Caleb.
Derrick mentions that hayden is close to Victoria this week not because he likes her but because they are trying to rally the numbers.

Cody Christine plays this game scared as f**
Christine and Frankie join them Christine says she’s not using the Veto. Nicole’s going to have to chance her target.
Christine – “I have to convince her it’s OK if Zach stays”

BB16-2014-08-02 23-46-42-072

11:47pm Zach does the speeches for CHristine
Christine says the vote will; be 7-1 Jocasta to evict.

Back to Cuddling

BB16-2014-08-03 00-34-51-321

12:30AM Kitchen
Chit chat.. P$nis talk..
Cody – #meatstick.. #packingheat
Hayden tried on Derrick’s grey pants he wants to find out if his bulge is more revealing. Apparently Derrick was wearing the pants and his unit was showing through them.
They continue to talk about who’s seen whose unit.


12:45AM Frankie and Derrick
Talking about Keeping Zach they need him for Team America missions.
Cody and Hayden juggling with the limes. Caleb starts flipping between one or two hands. in the kitchen Frankie ans Derrick watching from the Living room. Frankie says Caleb is good at everything but winning competitions.

12:57AM Back to Cuddling

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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BB16 sucks

What? Jocasta did not win POV?!?!?! I cannot believe it! 😀 #useless



christine absolutely WONT use the POV because thats what she SHOULD do….. this will suck if they waste this HoH on Jocasta…. anyone but christine!!! what a bust….

BB16 sucks

Jocasta is a lifeless boring person, unable to do well in ANY competition. Her social game is inexistant… and she definitely deserves to pack her belongings and go home to her Bible reading sessions.

HOWEVER, the BB16 is EXTREMELY boring. NOTHING happens. Zero big moves, guys ganging up against girls, the cop is a huge ahole, Cody-the-Tampax is a chicken, Giggly-Hyena is despicable in every possible way… So, only Zach breathes some life & entertainment into this house, in addition to Donny who is authentic and fascinating for his Forrest-Gumpy ways.

And now Hyena won’t use the veto! YAWN….


I knew that it was too good to be true that Frankie could possibly go home. Even if the veto is used I don’t see them voting out Frankie. I don’t understand why Derrick and Cody are such pussies. They keep on talking about not having the numbers. If you stick to the plan and not try to be loyal to both sides you will have the votes! Who would come after you? Zach? He is no completion beast. He is the least of your worries. You would have the numbers.


Derrick is looking out for himself. He doesn’t care about Cody either. He would never take Cody to final two. He doesn’t want to get rid of Frankie yet, because of possibly TA missions. He wants to keep Frankie, because he knows Frankie can win HOH’s and get rid of everyone before the Detonators which means he won’t get any blood on his hands (which I don’t know why he’s worried about that blood, because they haven’t gotten anyone out major yet) He also knows Frankie would take out Cody before he takes out Derrick, and he would rather let Frankie take out Cody then having to do it himself. Derrick will throw a completion to Frankie if it means getting rid of Cody before him.


This game is best when they have all newbies who actually play the game instead of trying to follow the games of past players and do it badly. It’s time to make a move and if they don’t they only prove they are clueless on game play and have no game of their own. Christine and Frankie are playing Andy’s game , knowing this it is time for the house to do something to mess up their game. Will they? Not likely…………too bad! Where is Janelle when you need her?


This is why people need to get a spine and put up the people they want out instead of “weak” players or pawns. Only one can win POV and only one can possibly come off the block. They keep playing it safe and keep screwing up themselves in the process. This is the second HOH Nicole has wasted.


umm they would have the numbers if they flipped though if they got rid of Frankies bitch ass…Zach, Christine, and Caleb would be against Donny, Jo, Nicole, Hayden, and Vic


You left out Derrick and Cody, who will side with Zach and Christine and Caleb. Cody wants Frankie gone, along with Donny, Hayden, Nicole, and I believe they could get Vic vote and even Caleb if Hayden and Nicole were to tell him Frankie was behind getting rid of Amber from the beginning. Either way they only need 4 voted to evict Frankie with Nicole breaking Athe tie. Derrick was down with getting Frankie out, but don’t want to because of TA missions, that is why he’s trying to talk cody into keeping Frankie, but he’s going to talk himself right out of a half million dollars for TA Missions because Frankie is going ot screw him over.


Nope – it’s no surprise Jocasta didn’t win but at least she beat Beast Mode; that’s got to rankle his butt (oh,but he probably threw it right?)


Christine take zach off so Frankie can go on the block.


Unfortunately, not gonna happen. Christine is useless and will be easily convinced by her BB rat of a husband, Frankie, to not use the POV. I fear that Zackattack’s time is up. Hope it doesn’t turn out like that, tho. I really want Zack to stay.


I waited this long fir Christine to win

Uuuuggghhhh this sucks hopefully Nicole can persuade her to use it and say she’ll put Cody but instead put frankie up, just don’t know if Nicole is that smart


Why would Christine go for that? Putting Cody up would mean there’s a chance she would lose her dream guy snuggle bunny. Better to make her think Donny’s going up and switch it to Frankie at the POV ceremony.


Christine was ready to BD Cody last night but yeah of course Donny would be a good name to use too

well screw this

I hope nicole can convince christine to veto at least Zach, not knowing she will put up Frankie in zachs place, but thinking she will nom DOnny instead.


Please veto zach off Christine!! And then have your jaw hit the floor when Frankie gets put up right after!


Bummer. 🙁
I don’t think there’s any way Christine will use the POV. That would involve Nicole lying to her and telling her she’d backdoor Donny. Nicole won’t do that.
Now, the Hitmen will have to get Hayden on board first to keep Zach so they all don’t show their cards to the other Bomb Squad members. Then, the 3 of them will have to smoothtalk Nicole into not being too upset that they’ll keep Zach.
What a lost opportunity to get rid of Frankie. 🙁


Maybe all is not lost if Nicole says she will put up Donny and Cody and Derrick and Hayden say same and Donny acts worried and upset..then Frankie goes up and goes home. I can hope.


Oh, I’d LOOOVE for that to happen.
But Nicole isn’t exactly the most confrontational person… And doing this would mean she’d have to deal with Christine knowing she f’ed her over… Would make for great TV though…
Who knows, maybe Hayden can ‘cultivate’ Nicole’s growing dislike for Christine until the POV ceremony (mention Christine telling her about him and Victoria kissing a few more times!) and she might ENJOY betraying Christine?
I’d also mention to Nicole that this is an opportunity to make a big move, which would gain her a lot of respect in the case she sits in the F2… She’d have earned my respect for sure! 😉


Agreed. This would be a true power play for Nicole and IF she managed to pull it off I would feel she earned her chops to make it to the end.

She would just have to convince Christine that she realizes Zach is just acting up for the TV and that she really feels that Donny is controlling her game and wants to backdoor him. Then Christine would rat this info to Derrick and Cody and they would jump on board with that so quick. It would definitely take a lot to convince Christine and gain her trust but then a backdoor of Frankie would be the biggest thing to happen in this game.

Also it would leave Zach in for our entertainment and get Frankie out for our entertainment as well (would also help my indigestion if he was gone.. ugh)


OMG Christine!!!

I can't believe it's not butter

So does Christine winning mean Frankie is going up?


No. Christine will not use the veto as why would she? That would make absolutely no sense for her game. She needs Frankie and Zach for that matter to advance because of the numbers. Selling out to Nicole and Hayden would be stupid. It is now very likely Zachattach (thank goodness) will stay as it is very unlikely that Derrick and Cody will vote him out. Again, the would be stupid to do that due the numbers. The vote now looks more like 5-3 for Zach to stay. (Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine – Jocasta out) (Hayden, Donny, Victoria – Zach out). Nicole just got her ass handed to her. She will need all the luck she can get next week. Always be careful what you wish for….she may have overplayed her hand. Only if Derrick and Cody are stupid enough to vote out Zack will she win.

Dammit Christine

I had such high hopes for this week and now that she won the POV I feel like a balloon someone let the air out of


LMAO……no better way to describe the situation….thanks Dammit Christine!!
It’s going to be another long, boring week……

A dog

The rat won…..Grrr, woof. (I’m a dog i have the right to express my opinions about rats)


Ughhhh I just hope now Nichole can convince Christine to se the veto by telling her she’ll backdoor Donny and then put up Frankie instead and blindside those rats


yeah, but Christine would use the veto on Zach, and if nicole puts up Frankie, zach is voting out Jocasta. There’s no benefit for Christine to not take off Zach, and there is no way there will be enough votes to get Frankie out because the absolute duds, derrick and Cody have completely talked themselves out of doing something important or significant in the game. No matter what the ‘numbers’ are, they are not targets of anyone on the outside, so if Zach goes, Frankie goes, either one, they won’t have lost any numbers at all. The main targets depending on who you talk to will be Caleb, Zach/frankie whichever is left, Victoria, Donny and Jocasta, after that nicole and christine and then hayden, cody and derrick. Just because those two are the only two without anyone on either side really focused on them.


Cody better throw her a freakin bone so she can use the POV on Zack!


This isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened…Christine and Frankie are under the impression Nicole will put up Donny if the veto is used. Great TV would come out of Christine using the veto and Frankie going up as a result.


Convince Christine to use veto so you can backdoor Donny then backdoor Frankie.


ughh I really wanted Zach to win and stay so they could backdoor frankie out of the game. Christine probably won’t use it, but I hope they can convince her in some way to use it on Jocasta possibly, not looking good :/


What Nicole needs to do is lie to Christine and convince her to use the POV assuring her that Donny will be the replacement but actually put up Frankie when the time comes.


Awesome Idea but Christine will just listen to Frankie and not do it…


If Ratine does not use the veto she is the least smart person ever in the BB house.

After what Zack did last week, why would she wants him and Frankie safe?

Let`s go Nicole do something… Get that Fake Pink Sloopy Bitche out this week.

Phil Donahue

Frankie, Zach, and Christine made a final 3 deal this week I think.




FINALLY!! Nicole cant say she threw that comp. She came in second last veto, and came in second against zach in last week HoH.


Oh look Frankie’s hope of being safe won Veto.

Production trying to make it seem like they are not pulling the strings by having Frankie not picked but yet the one person that wouldn’t use it wins and keeps him safe.

Nice try AG….but we all see right thru it.


That’s why it took so long!! Ughhh!!! I want Frankie backdoored!!!


First I’m pissed that Christine won because I really wanted the house to be shaken up this week. Christine will of course follow what ever Frankie says and NOT use the Veto and in the end due to Christine’s vote, Jocasta will go Home. I have never seen such a weak ensemble of Women as I have this season….

Teri B

Well, bummer. Anyone think she will use it?


Of course production found a way to keep Snakie with Christine winning POV. Another week of hearing her stupid laugh and rubbing on Cody.


What a waste of a nomination between Donny and Nicole. Christine’s not going to use the POV. Jocasta is out of there. She’ll do whatever that little ferret Frankie will tell her to do.

BB16 sucks

Beast mode cowboy won one more competition… not! #pathetic

Jocasta rulz 😀

An unlikely outcome.

I would love it if Nicole convinced Christine that she would put cody up as a replacement nominee. And then when christine uses the veto, nicole puts up frankie instead.

Just me

I hope so. That would get Frankie out before jury and make Christine realize she needs to “smell the coffee” and stick with Nicole and Hayden. What an idiot!! Frankie was bound to be caught and she’s going to be right there.


Dammit! Well..hoping for the best! Puff puff…pass!!! Next!


Simon and Dawg…..heres a good alliance name for christine and Frankie…….
Chrankie!! 😛


not gonna work… everyone will still keep Zach… jocasta is going home this Thursday….. derrick and cody wont let Zach go they need him for the numbers……


I hope they get Frankie out Nicole needs to win this season


tell Christine to remove Jocasta if she removes Zack Nicole will put Christine


Christine is pov holder. If she uses it on one of the nominees, she is still safe.


The Veto holder cannot be a replacement nominee. If Christine uses Veto, Cody, Derrick, Hayden, Frankie, and Donny are the ONLY eligible replacements.


HOH cannot put up the pov holder


So Nicole has lost MAJOR points with me. She didn’t just turn on Christine. She asked Christine: if not Donny, who would you want as replacement? She can’t say Hayden to Nicole and doesn’t want Frankie (or herself) on the block so she says Derrick and Cody. THEN Nicole tells Derrick and Cody. I thought it was just accidental… But she later tells Hayden, making it clear she knew exactly what she was doing! Basically all Christine said is that she is loyal to Frankie OVER Derrick and Cody.

And you can say it’s okay to turn on Christine since she has done stuff, but killing a killer is still killing (that is, still NOT okay). Now it is official. ALL of the girls are disappointments this season.


Are you intoxicated in some way…?


hopefully Nicole will be so annoyed with Christine for lying to her, and finding out that Christine is trying to use Nicole that she will try to turn it around on Christine and say she will put Donny up. I doubt it though. Nicole doesn’t appear to be the type that wants to work at getting what she wants!!!


Doubt she will use it she does not like zack and Frankie will tell her not to because he will think they will put up Caleb and Frankie thinks Caleb is going to get him far in the game which I don’t get. Since Caleb is insane


She couldn’t put up Caleb. He and Victoria cannot be nominated because they won the BOB.


A once promising first week of non-bomb squad (or) detonator rule comes to a disappointing end. No way Christine uses Veto. bye bye Jocasta. What a wasted HOH week for a Nicole/Donny HOH. More of the same going into Double Eviction Week: Detonators target list for next week… 1. Hayden 2. Donny 3. Nicole. Feel sick to my stomach with this result. It would take and absolute miracle to change this week & or boringly predictable season around. Now.

King Silva

F*k Christine!

Nicole is going to hate when Jocasta goes home..

I can just see that happening now for sure.


I think the best part of this week is the perfect that Zach’s 2 nominations won HOH and Veto. That must really be the lemonade in the wound.


Christine is such a rat faced bitch. Save Zach he’s the only one worth watching, he could be the only person in the house and it would still be better than watching the guys in the HOH. Speaking of, Hayden makes me hate my generation of twenty something’s. He and Victoria are the most vapid house guests to ever be on Big Brother and I would personally pay Dr. Will to harass them for a couple of hours.


I would pay you double if you pay Will. I thought Zach’s mission (as he said early on) was to harass the hell out of Victoria.
She’s too easy a victim, can’t take a joke, doesn’t know a joke and would go crying to the diary room and I can’t take much more of that. Then again… to see Zach drive her nuts and tell her just how far removed from reality her opinion is of herself.


I know you might not like Christine but rat faced bitch? How can people comment on other people’s rudeness when you’re going to call them rat faced bitches?
Zach is so condescending it annoys me. He creates uneeded drama and plays this game so blindly.
What I would love to see more is Derrick maintaining his excellent game. Yes, it would be boring to watch, but it would be satisfying in the long run. As I like to say: You’re only going to watch it once, but you’re going to remember it forever.
Hayden is alot smarter than people give him credit for, with his 4.00 GPU as he stated, and is laying low, but is not at the point where he is irrelevant. I can’t speak for Victoria though.


Rat faced bitch is putting it nicely:). She might be okay as a person but this is a game she signed up for. It’s absurd to go on television with the idea that the audience will be basing their opinions off of personality. This is entertainment, of course we’re going to be superficial and judge others on looks! Would I call someone a rat faced bitch to their face? Probably not.
As a viewer I would be happier watching an interesting cast rather than someone who is “most deserving of the money”.
When it comes to Hayden he’s either playing dumb very well or he’s book smart and lacks common sense. At the university level GPA is important but you also have to factor in the courses taken. Having a 4.0 GPA with a communications degree doesn’t necessarily carry the same weight as a 3.0 GPA with a degree in the hard sciences.
Victoria has absolutely no redeeming qualities except being easy to make fun of.


Man….I really wanted Frankie to go up….But she had to go and win the darn thing…..
Now it’ll be Crankie…..Christine/Frankie for the win. If something isn’t done


I wish the POV will be use on Jo so that Zach and Frankie will be on the block together! That would be wonderful.


Result….. very little chance of veto being used. Thanks to Cody/Derrick coming to their senses Zack looks golden tonight at least. The minister can preach to the converted a week from Sunday gone baring Christine doing the very stupid and removing Jaco.

This moment has not been brought to you by AG but rather Donny who nomed wrong for BOB. Next week I’d be very concerned if Cody or Derrick are back. They are likely thinking time to thin the herd some more. Likely luck box question time for HOH. Bring on the double Thursday!


Best case scenario : christine uses pov on zach ( as much as i want to see zankie on the block I dont think she will use pov on jocasta ) thinking nicole will backdoor donny but instead both rats get blindsided with frankie on the block. Imagine their faces

Roisen Dubh

Wow, what a let down. Just cut Derrick the check right now, it’s over folks.

Teri B

I know…totally agree. Sad but true. And again…bummer. It could have been SO MUCH MORE!!


Well we knew production wa gonna rig it and save Frankie somehow. Individual veto and Christine ‘conveniently’ winning was smooth in Grodners part. Well played Allison.

new to BB 14

Do they have to votes to evict Zach if Christine chooses NOT to use the veto?


no Derrick and Cody chickened out and are sticking with Frankie and Zach, so they do not have the numbers.


man there is no way that little pink weasel is ever going up, if by some chance Christine uses the POV, on Zach, she would never use it on Jocasta, there is no way Nicole would put up the weasel, she is too scared to make a bold move, she will do as the weasel wants and put up Donny,

This just sucks! I told myself not to get my hopes up, but I still did, there was part of me that was thinking hey maybe it could happen, but nope they all too chicken and basically are handing the pink weasel the win.


Christine already said she will not use it but want to talk Nicole into keeping Zach

Roisen Dubh

Zach isn’t 100% safe, but his chances of leaving this week are slim. Remember, he put her on blast big time and Christine is still butthurt. I know I’m grasping at straws, Derrick has them all on lock. Damn, Frankie will never know how close he came this week and now we are going to be subjected to his I’m a genius rant in the DR.


Please don’t vote zach out!!!!!! Production NEEDS him to stay at least a couple more weeks as do the viewers!!!!


Agreed, please let jocasta go! She’s useless and boring anyway!

Zach is the most entertaining HG right now! He needs to stay!


Nicole finished 30 sec behind Christine in 2nd. Story of this season. 30 sec away from a total shakeup: & now we get more BS/Detonators total rule, until final 6-7 HG’s. 8 weeks + of unanimous votes. What a total bummer.

Production's Stopwatch

Nicole 2nd place by 30 seconds…or was she? Try proving that though. Isn’t is “convenient” to have to comps where no one other than production/AG really knows who wins. We’re just supposed to believe what BB tells us.

Why try and save the nasty little woodpecker anyway…am I the only one who had never heard of (and still doesn’t give a furry Christine’s a$$ about) his sister?


Scared money dont make money….. go big or go home……this may be the biggest HOH fail of the season…..and another thing im a big time Hayden Hater what has he brought to the table but corny jokes and being a goof…I hope Zach stays and takes him out


I bet Frankie wants to take Caleb to the end, figuring no one would vote for him (Caleb) so it is an easy win.


Look at the pictures on top of this website just now, I realize that HOH, POV holder, 2 nominees stand near each other. That’s coincidental. I hope Christine uses it on Jocasta and let Zankie be together on the block for their last week