Big Brother Spoilers “The ideal way.. If Frankie is against Zach, Frankie is going home”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4TH
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-31 22-15-36-977

9:40pm Caleb and Donny Bathroom
Caleb says the only reason he put the Donny up week one when he was HOH was because Donny was the first on our in the HOH competition. “It was all Devin being suspicious of you”
Caleb – TEchnically you’re HOH you are goign to do what you want to do.. At the end of the day i’m willing to make a deal with people.. I’m very capable to win competition and I think we all know that.. I’m a target in this house”
Caleb says if you give someone like him two chance to pull himself off he might be able to do it.
Caleb – So the feeling of being Backdoored could happen and I wouldn’t like that at all. because then i’m in trouble
Donny – that is a bad feeling
Caleb ya at the end of the day …
Donny interrupts say Caleb’s been on the block before it’s not a good feeling
Caleb – you feel helpless..
Says he understand why Donny used the POV on jocasta she’s the most hopeless person in the house. He feels there’s people in this house that do not deserve to be in the game.
Caleb – Honest truth I put you up week one with POW because you fell off first”
Donny says he fell seconds before DEvin and Cody
Donny – you could have done what Frankie did and put up the first two that fell down”
Caleb – I wanted to put up one girl and one guy”
Caleb understand if Donny puts him up.
“At the end of the day if it does help if you don’t nominate me I want nominate you and if you do get nominate by someone else and I win the Veto i’ll use it on you.. if I gotta make a deal with someone.. at the end of the day you gotta do what’s best for your game
Donny – whoever I out up there may not be the target. Donny says if a strong player goes up they still get to compete in the Battle of the block and if they win they are completely safe

BB16-2014-07-31 22-02-06-595

9:57pm BEEHIVE Jocasta and DOnny
Jocasta congratulates him says she’s very proud.
Jocasta thinks that Nicole will put her up
Jocasta says Nicole and CHristine talk a lot whatever amber told them they ran over and told Caleb, Cody.
Donny says if Nicole puts up two weak players he’ll be forced to put up two big boys to dethrone him.
Jocasta asks him he would put up Zach.
Donny – I wouldn’t want someone so verbal coming after me
Jocasta warns him about Frankie he’s the best social player and very good at competitions
Donny agrees says his strength to weight ratio is far better than anybody in this house. His dancing makes him flexible
Jocasta says Nicole might put her and Victoria up “It will be last week all over again”
Donny – WE’ll see how it shakes down I can only nominate two and she might grab the two I want to”

BB16-2014-07-31 22-19-37-198

10:16pm Donny and Victoria
He tells her there’s always the same people that are going up him her and jocasta .
THis week it’s going to be a hard decisions.. The people the other side they claim are weak players theres not enough of them any more.. there will have to be some competitors in the battle on the block..” when it comes to these types of games we’re all equal..”
Donny says they people think they are weak players but they are not.
Victoria agrees
Donny says if Nicole goes first she might pick two weak players and it’s not going to give him a lot to go with “it’s going to suck.. it;s really going to suck ‘
Victoria says she doesn’t have any target but there’s people that put her up before.
Donny says Cody and Caleb put him up but he wouldn’t want to put two players like that up to compete in the bob.
Donny says the only thing he can promise her is if he gets dethroned he won’t vote against Victoria ‘ THere’s other targets in the house.. theres people in this house that underestimate me
Donny – how bad would you hate my guts if I put you beside Caleb
Victoria – Oh my gosh
Donny proposes if she went up with Caleb “He would go home 100%”
Victoria – to go up on the block again the emotions .. i don’t know
DOnny says if he puts Caleb up against a big guy they will win the BOB and Victoria might find herself up with JOcasta. If i don’t put you up with Caleb she might put you up with JOCasta
Donny – “What if it’s hot outside.. look at the board theres not a lot to choose from” (Jocasta cannot handle heat if it’s hot outside she’ll lose 1 hundo percent)
Donny knows if he hadn’t won HOH he would have been nominated.
Donny whispers “ I don’t want to get you out I want to get Caleb out “

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BB16-2014-07-31 22-35-53-267

10:35pm Who wants to see my HOH room
Donny got a gilligan hat, journey’s greatest hits, pop tarts, sea shells he picked with his girlfriend christine at myrtle beach.

Donny’s letter is from his girlfriend christine

Hey DJ Skirl zippy poopie sweetie my love if you are reading this you won HOH you earned it and deserve it everyone is here we are so proud.

your house yard and chicken truck are all in good shape.. bear and jossie miss you they can’t wait for belly rubs i still go to the gym a couple days a week and the pool on weekend and neither one is fun without you I get bored and lonely.. watching the fireworks with the dog this week its not the same without you

Been going to Albemale to look for house and visit Mom, Dad and Tommy and getting some home cooked meals.. narrowing down the list of houses, for when you get back.I miss you so much I miss your kisses.. holding you hand, your touch your hugs and your massages with those wonderful hands I miss snuggling with you and lying next to you i miss the way you smell since you’ve been gone I’ve realized there is an emptiness in my life. And a void in my heart without you here. You complete me and make me whole. You mean the world to me and i don’t ever want to be apart from you ever again
Donny “no more big brother for me”
you are doing a great job over there sending my heart prayers, god be with you thank you for loving me.. love always your biggest fan christine.

Frankie- I want a massage

BB16-2014-07-31 22-44-01-292

Nicole’s letter is from her friend mariah (Caleb had commented on how hot she is) “She’s my soul mate”
Nicole – Young Chipmunk
I want to start off by saying i’m so proud of you.. As for what’s goign o in my life still living the dream as a waitress you know how much i love that NOT . also I recently got a boyfriend Oh my god i’m totally kidding
Nicole “I was going to say Mariah not when I’m gone “
I’m totally kidding your not going to buy that for a second but I thought I needed to throw in something exciting. I miss you so much this is by far the longest that we have gone without talking since we’ve met and it’s a struggle. BUt like I said i’m seriously so proud and lucky to have you as my best friend even though I miss you I hope its another couple months before I hear from you. Keep having fun adn kicking buttand makign friends just don’t make any friends you like more than my
love you so much
Mariah – young turtle

BB16-2014-07-31 23-13-05-569

11:12pm Living room Caleb, Zach and Derrick
Caleb says he’s going up 95% sure he also thinks Cody will go up because those are the two that nominated Donny.
Zach – there’s two people that are going up this week Victoria and Jocasta

Derrick I agree with that, Donny puts up Victoria Nicole Jocasta
Caleb says they are safe they have the votes.
Zach – that’s what Amber thought
Derrick says the best scenario if two of them go up it’s on opposite ends. then they will be fine.
Cody joins them they agree if Nicole picks noms first and grabs Victoria /Jocasta it will force Donny to put up two strong beasts to make sure he gets dethroned. .
Cody thinks they will split up the strong players.. .one weak one strong. That way Donny gets no blood on his hands.

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I honestly think this backdoor Frankie plan is foolproof unless Frankie wins POV. Think of it, if nominations will be Donny nominating Caleb and Victoria, and Nicole nominating Zach and Jocasta, then most likely Caleb and Victoria win BOB. Donny dethroned, Nicole stays HOH, Zach and Jocasta stay up. If any of the Detonators minus Frankie win POV they take Zach down and Frankie goes up. If anyone else wins POV, Jocasta comes down, Frankie goes up. Jocasta, Donny, Hayden, and Victoria vote to evict Frankie and Nicole is deciding vote(if everyone else votes Zach) and Frankie is gone. If Caleb and Jocasta stay up it’s the same thing. So this Frankie backdoor is almost completely foolproof. Only way it’s screwed is if Frankie wins POV. Worst case scenario, Zach or Caleb goes home and I’m fine with that.


You’re counting votes from people on the block. If Zach comes off the block and Frankie goes up it’s Derrick, Christine, Zach, Caleb, and Cody voting to keep him. Jocasta can’t vote and Victoria would probably vote with Derrick.
The only way it works is if Jocasta comes down and Frankie goes up. Then they still have to get Victoria, which may be hard.
It all comes down to Derrick. Whoever he wants to leave will be gone. Maybe that’s Frankie, maybe not.


I don’t know about those votes. Derrick and Cody have been talking about removing Frankie because he’s all over the place and they know how hard it’s going to be to remove him later on. Also, if they vote to keep him, they will be drawing a line in the sand and basically exposing their “alliance”. Christine’s game will be totally exposed as well. Either way, if anyone other than Frankie wins POV it will be very interesting!


So the 4 votes needed to evict Frankie in this scenario would be (Donnie or Nicole), Hayden, Christine, and (Jocasta/Victoria); leaving the remaining HOH to be the deciding vote? I would suggest that you could be fooling yourself because if Christine and Hayden really wanted to vote out Frankie or either Zach, Caleb, Derrick, or Cody, then they would make the suggestion that the only sure fire way to do it is to nominate 4 of them and in almost any scenario (excluding the one that is not the original nomination winning veto), one will be available for a replacement nomination. Since that is not happening, I am not convinced that Hayden and Christine are ready to turn the tables on the main 5 guy alliance.


I agree with you that the only way Frankie goes home Is if he is up against Zach, however you are wrong about Hayden. In fact this is Hayden’s plan. Christine definitely won’t vote out Frankie but I do think Victoria would (after all she is out for blood from him daring to put her super competitive self on the block). Part of me thinks Cody would too but I am sure Derrick will talk him out of it.


Yup, it’s a good plan, and there are enough Detonators and leftover BS guys that whatever happens one of them can go up. Best case scenario of course Jocasta or Victoria or HOH wins that POV, takes off J or V, and puts up another target. That way it is a guarantee eviction.

not sure what Zach is thinking but ‘put up all girls or else’ method isn’t really working. Donny’s been put up on the block, like how is that any different from what has currently been happening? he already knows that had he not won HOH, he’d be up there. Nicole knows that as well


Unpopular opinion: I like Frankie and don’t wanna see him go yet.

I sure miss the luxury events. Throw them all in a car and whoever is the last one in there wins it. Wow, the good old days of Big Brother.

I HATE this voting with the house stuff. Like why did this even start? Here’s an idea: Gee, maybe if everyone voted the way they truly wanted, there would be SEVERAL targets….and not worrying about being an only target if they do differently…I mean isn’t that the point? And if even if you ARE a target, so what?! Play your ass off! Things change so drastically in the BB house in a week’s time.



I can’t stand Frankie the only think interesting about him is that he is Ariana’s brother which half the house won’t even know who that is, he is so desperate for attention nothing like seeing a 31 year old man humping 20 year old boys

BB Fan

US BB is probably the most watered-down and predictable version of the game I’ve seen. The producers need to take cues from other country’s versions. BB UK is fantastic. I watched a season of BBUK where the houseguests could not discuss with each other who they were voting for or, if they got caught, they would get a strict penalty. Genius. You can’t have a group vote when the group can’t discuss it. Right now, BB US is all a game of numbers. People form an “alliance” and it’s just back and forth and extremely boring. This BOTB and two HOH is a pretty good way to throw a wrench in game-planning, but it’s just not enough. They really need to make this a GAME and throw curve balls left and right. I’d love to see a week where every houseguest has to pull from a bag (no HOH that week) and the draw determines who goes on the block… kind of how names are drawn for the POV games now. Instead of Double-Eviction week – why not make it Triple-Eviction week? They can always have a game to bring a houseguest back – they’ve done it before.

Just no

They tried the UK style game…it was the worst. BB UK is the game that needs to change, not the other way round.

Here come the down votes!

I really like Frankie too. He’s so entertaining. I don’t care who his sister is (never heard of her before this). I think Frankie is great on his own and not nearly as bad as Andy. He’s not a saint (who is?) but I don’t think he’s a bad person. He’s just playing the game. Some comments about him are really harsh, but it’s that way every year. People need someone to hate with a passion.

That being said, I don’t want Frankie to win. lol I’m rooting for Donny, but I hope Frankie sticks around for a while for the entertainment factor.


The so called entertainment factor is old and boring !!! Frankie $hitface must go now ! His act is so lame, plus he is a turdface!


Except the Frankie part, I could not agree with you more!!

zach is on the ATTACK

you need to make up your mind I don’t understand how is that is 100 times better in competitions but then a couple sentences later you claim that Zach does nothing Zac is a dangerous player in this gamebecause no one is taking him seriously yet at the same time when Nicole asked him if he would have put her up after she had already won HOH he said absolutely it’s that honesty that makes people trust him when he needs them to. Biggest mistake is detonators removing ambet instead of hayden..but at the same time think of him as a non threat


This kid Hayden is about to flip this house!! If he somehow gets Cody completely I think it’s done and the house will have flipped. But I don’t want zach to go!!! I want Frankie back doored but I don’t want zach on the block to do it ugh


How is Hayden getting credit? I really want to see Hayden and Cody go. They don’t know the game but unlike Brit, they found partners (Nic and Der) to tutor and CARRY them. Neither deserves to be here AT ALL. Plus Cody only won a team HOH, Hayden, a fixed BOB and a veto where Frankie and Christine screwed themselves and he nearly lost to JACOSTA. Not that Victoria, Jacosta or Caleb deserve to be there either.

Last week was so much better. I hope at the very least Jury starts now so it won’t be the end if someone good goes. Not happy about the HOHs even though I like both of them, they are after people I like. I’m pretty sure if Zach went, production would do something… Or the show would be like last season 🙁


well, well. the underdogs have arrived. hope they use their power wisely! please send one of big boys home!


oh this would be sweet if they back-doored pinky and nostrils goes home in the 2nd evict……..


It would be a ratings bonanza for BB and CBS…nudge..nudge..wink..wink..!!


LoL, who is “Nostrils”??


Unless Frankie wins POV, I think he no chance of staying honestly by the looks of it. Really think about all the scenarios. The POV is 95% chance to get played this week. Frankie goes up against any 4 of those going up, he leaves. I think backdooring Frankie this week will work.

Roisen Dubh

First off I have to say that this week depends on Donny and Hayden flowin and Nicole has to keep her mouth shut with everyone else and roll with the two of them.
Derrick- wow his name isn’t even coming out of their mouths and they all know he’s the ringleader. Amazing.
Zach- just hilarious at every turn. Starting to remind me of Dr. Will and Evil. Has the goods on everyone and everyone is too scurred to put him up.
Donny- great HOH win, he was for sure leaving next week. His chances went down big time. He has to take out Frankie, Derrick or Cody this week.
Hayden- is this kid gonna prove me wrong? I’ve said many a time that he’s was gonna go down in the nastiest way this season. But him teaming with Donny and knowing about Frankie Cody and Derrick, he might not be as dumb as I thought he was.
Nicole- maybe growing a brain but needs a backbone. She needs to trust Donny and Hayden and keep her mouth shut this week. I hope she listened to Donny when he told her to dummy up around Derrick, and I hope she’s smart enough not to talk to the Detonators/BS/Hitmen/ Dirty Mike and the Boys Ect….
Frankie- They’re on to you son. Derrick knows TA is so 2014 and throwing your name out there. You better get Zach while you can, cuz your time is very short.
Christine- Again they’re on to you, you’re just a vote at this point. Zach busted you.
Cody- How do you say that “Being fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son” but he isn’t fat or Drunk?
Jocasta- Join up with Donny and Hayden, you got a lot floating left in you girl.
Victoria- Shut up and realize your the Spencer of the season.
Caleb- Kepp yappin. Nobody is scared of him and he will be that potential back door for at least another 3 weeks if he’s smart enough to see which way the wind is blowing.
Thanks for putting up with my nonsense.


I miss amber already! 🙁 i hope that cbs can bring back an early evicted hgs like in bb13. I would want devin, or amber to come back. Im soo proud of amber on how she went out. She need to come back even maybe on another season.


She will NOT be back. They let her know too much from Christine’s video. She went out with class (most so far) but she was a threat to Zankie and… I’ve already forgotten all about her…


Please let them backdoor Fakie love to see his rat face on the block where it belongs and then Caleb right after him for DE
Omg loved when Fakie tried to hug Amber and she walked the other way


Just put two strong players. The bob will be fair same way


God i hope the plan goes through to backdoor Frankie. If this happens, my respect for Nicole and Hayden will redeem and i would be more than happy for a Donny,Hayden and Nicole final 3 ( obviously with Donny being the winner ) What makes it even better is that Frankie goes home pre jury! Luckily he knows that America and Canada hate him, even though he thinks that he’s americas sweet heart just because he rides off the coat tails of his sister. Frankie, your only fans are 6-13 year old girls who know nothing about Big Brother and only watch the show just because of Ariana.

Here come the down votes!

I’m a fan of Frankie (rooting for Donny to win though) and I had never heard of his sister before this. I think he’s entertaining and just playing the game. Wish he was on Donny’s side though. meh


Finally this week the shift in power is finally starting to happen! The whole BOB business is really making it tough to make ‘strong’ moves. Nicole and Donny are basically forced to keep the perpetual pawns on the block – but they both seem to be pro-getting Frankie out.

Donny’s making too many deals, this could come to haunt him. He told Frankie/Derrick he’d keep them safe, yet wants to target with Nicole/Hayden. Really, what’s best for his game is to hope Victoria/Caleb win the Battle of the Block, we’ll see if Donny can be the next in line to take control of Caleb for his benefit. Donny will throw veto if he’s in it, and have Nicole have the blood on her hands with the Frankie eviction.

The whole “Donny and Nicole not working together” charade completely benefits Donny — it really only benefits Nicole in that she can slowly make moves against Christine this week. In all, it’s good as it keeps both of them fairly safe.

This week is going to be a real tumultuous week to see if the Detonators can retain power. If Nicole/Hayden get Frankie out, it completely brings Christine back into their fold. Donny can solidify Jocasta on his side, and Hayden could keep Victoria in the mix to keep a soft six-person counter-alliance against Derrick/Cody/Zach.

It’s really Hayden’s week to shine over all of this. His two biggest allies are HOHs. A lot of people are claiming Hayden has been playing the best game in this house by far. We’ll see once power is finally in his grasp, how he’s able to manage it. Really, Hayden’s #1 target should be Frankie/Derrick, as those two would have been gunning for him this week – we’ll see if he’s wise enough to push Donny/Nicole to make a power move. I hope we get some real strategy confessionals from Nicole/Donny/Jocasta/Hayden to see where their heads are at, as they can emerge as the new powerhouse!

Christine's crazy eye

Donny is serving them the same dish they have been serving to everyone else.
Tell ’em all what they wanna hear, give a big ol slice of hell ya I’m with you. Then it’s oh you don’t mind being on the block, do you? I thought you would be ok with it. You know, the way I was? Oh no, sorry, my bad.

Michelle D'Ann

I like Donny, Hayden and Nicole working together. I hope they are able to make this work, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…

Jimmy 64

I hope this back door works
I would love to see Frankie go bye bye

Michael LB

Thinking of tonight’s eviction, I’m proud of Amber – she was calm and cool but wasn’t going to let any of ’em give her their lying sh*t.
Some people are saying she had no personality. I couldn’t disagree more, she has a very sweet, sincere personality. She may not be the “look at me, I’m the center of attention” gal but if I were in pretend world and had to pick one who I would like to be friends with it would be Amber (or maybe Donny). She’s one you could just hang out with and have a good time. She’s the real girl next door, sorry Nicole.
Amber’s game play, however, not so good. That’s what you get with recruits instead of fans.


oh this is too good to be true, the pink weasel or the loud mouth, oh that would be perfect. not getting my hopes up, but man it would be sweet! Thank you Hayden for planting the seed.


When did Nicole and Cody start liking each other? I always thought it was Nicole and Hayden? I assume Hayden sees them cuddling?


Cody flirts and cuddles with all the girls, he is going to be cuddling with Nic especially now that she is HOH way to keep the target off his back


I hate Andy and his strategy but his gameplay is far superior to that of Frankie. Andy was never the target until there were only about five of them, everyone in his season except Elissa trusted him and was able to manipulate the “masterminds” Amanda, Helen and “competition beasts” Aaryn and McCrae. Frankie on the other hand gained already half the house rallying against him and it’s not even the jury yet (if there will only be seven this year). Frankie may have win a lot of competitions early in the season but I honestly think that the latter ones are the most important. I would eat back my words if Frankie manages to be in the final three but with how the season is going it would take a miracle to do that.

Roisen Dubh

I couldn’t stand Andy, but the truth is, his game was solid. Best floater to win since Jun. You might hate the guy folks, believe me I do, but if you think about his game and be honest with yourself, it was a solid 10.


I will buy the most expensive bottle of champagne and celebrate on the night of Frankies eviction. I can’t take one more second of him groping and molesting every straight guy in that house. Seriously. Wil was respectful, kept his distance and knew what was too much. It’s disgusting and he needs to keep it in his pants, seriously.


If groping and molesting bother you so much, why aren’t you saying the same thing about Cody? Is it just because Frankie is gay and it bothers you to see men touching? Those guys are grown, they can say no….yet they are often the ones initiating contact with him.

Christine's crazy eye

Ugh, it all bothers me. It’s a game, I know they’re bored, but seriously some years you have to wash your tv with bleach. This year is not as bad as Amanda/McRae’s fluid festival, but come on, get off of each other. BB needs to give them something to do. How about cleaning their sty. That’ll tire em out.


Thank you! Nicole for having balls for once.


I don’t see Derrick giving up his army who are 100% loyal to him to gamble on Hayden and Nicole. If Hayden and Nicole had approached him with taking Jocasta or Victoria out it would have been fine. However right now they are playing with his numbers. He’s not getting rid of any of his guys. Watch him at his best this week. He needs Frankie for TA, given the new development with Donny not wanting to do the task. So he knows his best bet of making that extra money just in case he doesn’t win, would be impossible without Frankie.

Derrick would be dumb if he sends one of his own home this week. Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Victoria and Christine could turn on him and Cody in a minute. So he will try to persuade them this week the best thing to do is send Jocasta packing. If not he might have to basically draw the line with the votes and hope Hayden and Donny don’t win HOH next week.

Derrick is definitely in a pickle this week, but I am eager to see him navigate through it. I still believe 100% he will not send Caleb, Zach or Frankie home this week. If you notice when he had his conversation later that night with Nicole about forming an alliance of 4 (Hayden, Cody, Derrick, Nicole), towards the end he says to Nicole she’s not Caleb’s target. He says he likes strong players and he considers her a strong one. We all know this is not true because Caleb said the order should be Donny, Nicole, Jocasta then Victoria. Because Nicole and Donny are threats to their games. So him putting in a good word for Caleb is rare, because it looks like he’s working with him.

I think Derrick will take control of Nicole’s HOH if Donny is dethroned. If Donny stays HOH it’s easier for Derrick to save one of his people with votes, no line would be drawn in the sand. Hayden knows already Derrick wants to keep Caleb so he wouldn’t be upset if they keep him. I doubt Donny would have the guts to put up Frankie, he already told Nicole he probably wouldn’t do it. So I see him leaving his nominations the same unless Caleb takes himself of the block. In that case if he threw anyone else up there “Lets say Frankie” Victoria would probably go home and Derrick would say “I told you we didn’t have the votes to take him out.”


My ideal eviction order:
Nicole and Donny final 2


i ONE-HUNDO,agree bud !!


Watch them put someone up against Jacosta and get a surprise when Jacosta finally doles out a win.


I don’t know what I will do if Zach leaves cuz he’s the only entertainment we get to see, I truly hope it does work to backdoor Frankie this week then.


There are a load of great players this season, each playing their own game but well masked one way or another. Don’t underestimate any of them (Okay, Caleb excluded since his eyes can’t see beyond his own big head and his brain…well, I suppose it’s in his pants instead of that inflated skull cage). I truly enjoy all of these houseguests (minus Caleb). Let the games begin. Orwell would be proud.

The Saboteur

You can tell Donny hates the team america twist. He obviously has no problem with Hayden and Nicole planning to backdoor Frankie. I hope he feels the same with Derrick.


Yes yes yes yes yes yessssss

I love Nicole and Donny’s plan!


There are dozens of posts in each thread railing against Frankie, using the exact same wording over and over and over again. Is there, like, some obsessed nut who posts endlessly here, or what?! Yeesh!


First 5 house guests all voted out unanimously. Is that a big brother first? This really seems like the season of cowards & people scared to play for themselves or “vote against the house”…..I mean wtf they won’t know your the one who voted differently! Also this BOB twist was fine for the first few weeks….but come on it’s time to end it!

Live Feeds

Donny didn’t vote to evict Pow-Pow, so they were not all unanimous.


Paola’s eviction was not unanimous. Jocasta and Donny voted for Zach.

Teri B

Wondering if my memory is playing tricks on me… does that sometimes. LOL

Did they or did they not used to refer to the Double Eviction as a “Fast Forward”?????

Maybe I saw it in a dream….LOL


I think Frankie has been playing a good game. If he wasn’t such a weasel we would all be loving him. He is shady but not too cruel and is very good putting ideas in peoples heads. I like Frankie and he has done a lot in this game. I hate the comparison to Andy and that stupid look he used to have on his face, that whole howdy doody thing happening, Grrrrrr.
Don’t get me wrong, Frankie does need to go but he is playing a decent game so far.
Everytime people start to play the game, people complain about it and the way its being done but if they just sit around and don’t talk game or make moves they are floaters? Sooo I ask ya, which kinds of people would the public like to see in the house, because if “Honesty, Loyalty, and any of the other words that end in “ty” are on that list then I guess you were not fans of players like “Dan, Will, Boogie, Janelle, Rachel, Ian and some of the other players that played the game really well. I guess it is players like Maggie and her pal Eric and Jen (the one who lied to Kayser to give her the HOH cuz he was safe, poor Kayser lols ).
In a game where people don’t like you and you get kicked out for , winning things, being liked, being mean, being annoying and bullying people, being whiney or too nice being hated or being the house snitch or not talking game at all to being a super fan to that being a hinder….HOLY F**K people, if this stuff wasn’t going on , imagine how lame the show would be. We all have this type of stuff in our life but its just not usually all at the same time…; you meet a guy, you make a friend , someone close passes away, someone talks sh*t about you or lies to you or about you, some one likes the guy/girl you like, some one takes advantage of you and the list goes on. It just doesn’t all happen at once in the real world. Its interesting to see all the drama go down and how people handle it.
Okay Rant Done….. 🙂

Frankie up Caleb up Jocasta up Victoria up. Zach is the replacement for one of them? (I think that sucks but……) should be Christine replacement!

Is it over yet?

The two boring pieces of white bread (Hayden and Nicole) has finally started to play the game. Get It Done

Zach Tops

I have a strange felling in my stomach, that whining Nicole is going to get scare and will change her mind about getting rid of Frankie.

Thor's Sister

Caleb doesn’t want to be “backd**red” does he? He wants to be told if hes going to go home or not. Hmmm does he not want to have that sad look on his face like Amber did when she heard everyone knew she was going up on the block and going home. Poor girl still.
I hope Frankie doesn’t go home yet or Zach. I actually would like to see (since there will be no girls left) Cody, Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Hayden and the peoples favorite (Meh) Donny left in the house to battle it out.
I cant stand Nicole, shes starting to bug me.
Jeez Donny’s letter ffs I couldn’t even keep the tears in.

I love that you said “1 Hundo” in your description………Hearts and smiles .

Roisen Dubh

Oh, God, Nicole is telling Derrick she could vote out Zach and Frankie- This is already starting to be a big disappointment. Why can’t these people just shut up? Derrick coming up making a final 4 deal. Jesus girl, can’t you get a clue when he came at you like that?


Congrats to DONNY u own it bud! HOUSEGUESTS please evict FRANKIE or u all b fucked by the FUCK-UP!!!!

Beatrix Kiddo

Can someone tell me why on earth was Cody playing with Christines hair in that way when they were lying on the bed……Ummm Gross and WTF.


There are no other girls he could fondle with or grope. They voted out all of them, Nicole is Hayden’s fondler, Jocasta is not an option, and Victoria………………………….no comment. Christine is his only option.

Black Mamba

Cody is looking for some lovinnnn, best chance is Frankie


The HOH will be boring as hell with these fools in it. People don’t even seem comfortable now sitting there with them.
If Caleb even gets wind of them wanting him gone he will go ballistic in there. (Yikes)
I find Frankie entertaining and at least he keeps the house alive even though he is a little much sometimes he still keeps them engaged. Zach does too but he doesn’t know when to pull it back a touch. Its like , all or nothing when all he needs is just a little.


Oh, I hope Frankie gets backdoored. He’s just so full himself, even though I admire his intentions of building schools if he wins the money. Honestly Frankly, I just want you to go. There will be “One Less Problem Without You.”


I like your snark and your ability to use his sister’s lyrics against him! I’d love to see him go too.

Thor's Sister

I agree she left with class. It would have been awesome if before she left she said to Caleb, “You can thank-and she points to whoever,this group of liars for ruining what we had, you let them get in your head and now you will never know what could have been” then say See Ya!!!! and walk out the door hahahaha OMG he would have tore up the place that night and would have been out for blood. She was above that crap and it was really nice to see. Doesn’t mean if the other thing would have happened I wouldn’t have laughed my ass off :)…


I hope the veto is played and they backdoor Frankie and I hope they treat him just like they did Amber & Britney all week talk shit about him say how much u hate him and lie to his face making him think he got the votes to stay I bet he’s going to have the biggest shock face just like Nick from last season when Julie tell him u have been evicted.


I hope the house realizes DERRICK is the threat, not Frankie. Gameplay I would rank them:
1. Derrick (amazing and somehow everyone trusts him)
2. Frankie (so good people have noticed)
3. Zach (a threat that no one fears)
4. Christine (people are starting to catch her but still good)
5. Donny
6. Nicole
7. Hayden (thanks to Nicole)
8. Cody (he doesn’t realize if he’s friends with everyone he has no one to nominate and a betrayed friend is worse than an enemy… His game is basically Derrick)
9. Caleb (better than Jacosta/Victoria, but prolly won’t make it as far)
10. Jacosta (her game is basically sitting back and watching from the block)
11. Victoria (doesn’t realize she needs allies)


At about 3:10 a.m., Frankie and Derrick talking in the bathroom about TA, saying they’re going to get rid of Donny because that’s what America wants. America wants to see more going on in the house, and Donny was unwilling to put his game on the line, so they’ll move forward without him. Hmm… Okay. Wow. So sad that Donny is saddled with these two guys and the lackluster TA twist. Such baggage those two are. Some people in the BB house are thinking more highly than they ought to. I’m over these two. Hoping the plan to take out Frankie works this week… It will be great to watch!


I’m impressed by Hayden’s insight!


I can’t listen or look at this clown shoe any longer. Caleb personifies d-bag. A onsie unzipped to belly button, hood on and cowboy boots, really? Any shirt this azzhat wears that has any buttons, zips, etc is always open to show is physique and he believes he’s a chick magnet. Is it me or does he “pose” most of the time, whether standing or sitting? Again, is it me or does he seem to be “flexed” often? I know some d-bags but this is a disgusting display!


Victoria whining to Derrick about going up on the block, complaining about wearing the costumes and not wanting to be seen as a pawn. His pep talk to her is priceless (@ about 3:20 a.m.):
D — What are you see yourself as in competitions?
V — I’m a warrior princess because I keep taking myself off. (Snicker, snicker).
D — So what are you worried about?
V — I cannot be a pawn. I don’t want to be a Spencer. I’d rather be more like a Rachel or Elissa. (She’s delusional).
D — Well, Rachel and Elissa won HOHs, so win one.
V — I’m winning POVs and BOBs. (With serious help or by default, dear girl).
D — I’m motivating you right now.
V — Janelle didn’t win HOHs. (Oh no, where is she going with this train of thought?)
D — Janelle was one of the biggest competitors in the game. She won…
V — POVs. She won POVs, not HOHs. She was the POV queen. (Seriously, she can’t think that…)
D — She didn’t win HOHs? So you’re Janelle; you’re Janelle. (Just feed her delirium, why don’t you, Derrick?)
V — That’s what they said when they cast me. They want me to be the next Janelle. They literally told me that. (Wait. What?!?!)
Victoria, bless your little heart, you are nowhere near Janelle’s league. Talk about delusional. Poor girl — such a distorted view of the situation at hand…


I’d love to see Frankie go but I get the feeling he’s been inducted into that BB royalty club like Rachel/Brendan,Jeff/Jordan. If he goes at all, he won’t be gone for long. It’s obvious CBS/BB enjoy his antics,along with that of his pal Zach’s.


Well, I still have my doubts about this, since this season is the Unanimous season, and the detonators will probably still control most of the votes. I have no issue if Caleb, Zach, or Frankie goes. Those 3 are the most nauseating to watch out of everyone there. Caleb is starting to feel the heat. It is really interesting that they want all of the girls out. But as soon as that happens, Caleb and Hayden are goners.

Huge Question

Lets say Donny loses, and I hope he doesn’t, can Nicole put Donny up on the block as a replacement????

Donny fan

Yes, I think Derrick will try to convince Nicole to backdoor Donny. Derrick, Frankie, Caleb and Christine have said they want Donny out. They will probably say if you don’t put up Donny, you (Nicole) will be target next week or at double eviction.


I am so sick of this put up weak player game. This is the outsiders chance. They need to put up Caleb, Cody, Zach and Frankie. That way at least one of these go home. Plus it puts blood on their own hands, they have to vote out one of their own. Can you imagine the discussions this would start?


It won’t work they will not have the votes to get Frankie, Zach or Caleb out if they are up against Jocasta or Victoria. They would have to win the PoV and use it to save Jocasta or Victoria and then nominate Derrick. What I would do is, if I where them and not in any alliance really. Go balls to the wall and nominate.
Christine/ Frankie and Zach/ Cody
Then say at the nomination ceremony.
“This is nothing personal, it is all game. Devin told everybody about your Alliance, we did not take him seriously until the same people kept on getting targeted like Devin said what would happen. Then the same people practically lived in the HoH every week. Then the “Project Brittany” it was always the same people disseminating that information. It is just game, I can say we are are giving you a chance to fight for your safety. You will have to fight for it so do not throw the BoB, if you have to fight for the PoV to save yourself… save yourself. This will be your way of saving yourself. There are two players we have kept out of the nominations and you may have to be on the block sitting next to one of them and it will not be good for you if you are. In closing you hold your game in your hands, fight for it. This ends this nomination ceremony.”
They can not get that mad, if it is all game. It will also make derrick fight like hell for the PoV to save him and Cody or Him and Zach. That will send a clear message to either Frankie or Christine when he uses it to save Zach/Cody. Give Hayden that extra push to win. The Beast Mode Cowboy would fight for that PoV to save himself. If anyone that is not Derrick win the PoV and uses it Derrick go’s on the Block.
People spend too much time feeling they do not want to be a target, when they are already a target and you can always say “Welcome to the other end of target practice… fun isn’t it.”