Beastmode Adam and Princess Eve – “guys have to get together you have to procreate”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-01 17-56-01-425

5:53pm HOH Hayden, CHristine, Jocasta, Cody, Nicole, Donny, Victoria
(Laughing about what Amber was like)
Christine says no one fishes for more compliments than Amber. Hayden and Cody say they really dished it out to her.
Hayden jokes that Amber was still campaigning after she was evicted “I’m loyal you should keep me in the house… “ they gently guided her out the door. Hayden impersonate Amber dodging his hug. (See Image)
CHristine has never given anyone a hug after eviction says it feels too awkward. Nicole feels the same way.
Hayden – she was a real sweetheart of a person.
CHristine – yes… she was really sweet.
Hayden says Amber was able to carry more towels than her actual weight. They all agree AMbers, cooking, Laundry and Cleaning will be missed.
They start talking about the show Workaholics Christine, HAyden, and Cody really like it the go over favorite episodes.. Christine – Blake is HOT (Some character on the show) Workaholics Season 1, Workaholics Season 2 , Workaholics Season 3

BB16-2014-08-01 18-32-03-213

6:25pm Kitchen Frankie, Cody
Cody – Hows zach
Frankie – he’s actually OK …
Frankie thinks the only way they could get f***d is if Donny’s name gets drawn and he wins POV.
Cody – That’s what i’m hoping for it’s all very nerve racking… his name always gets dawn
Derrick joins them. Frankie mentions Caleb’s been in the Diary room for a hour now.

BB16-2014-08-01 18-41-04-916
6:35pm HOH Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole Christine
Talking about Joey and POW being so loud. Donny mentions how JOey would swear so much Donny was “Looking for the soap”
Donny adds Joey spoke to him 5 times and it always started, “So you’re from South Carolina right.. What does it feel like to live in South Carolina.. So South Carolina..  Donny – “I always said I don’t know i’m from North Carolina
They talk about POW and JOey not being very smart in the game. Pulling everyone into rooms the first day making alliances.
Hayden – Joey was in her sports bra and yoga shorts.. she was half naked when I first walked in I was like holy crap already..
They talk about Joey running around naked, “Her b**bs flopping around”
Jocasta – she said we do this all the time we’re nudists..
Victoria comes up says the costumes will be ready soon.

BB16-2014-08-01 18-52-57-787

6:50pm Kitchen Caleb, Frankie and Derrick
Caleb goes on and on and on and on and on about shaving his head.. His hair is the new Amber.. He shows them what he will look like with no hair..

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7:09pm LIving room
They are waiting for Adam and Eve to come out.

Frankie starts to impersonate Ragan (BB12) and Andy (BB15) when they would vote in the DR.
“Hi Julie.. I sadly vote to evict Amanda” .. “This is Ragan… this is Andy.. “(See images.. )

Christine sand Frankie starts making fun of Rachel impersonating her , “I spelt Chemistry.. CHEMISTRY Julie because we have chemistry.. Brendon spelt UNDERSTANDING” .. Nicole says she thinks Rachel was funny. frankie says he loves Rachel she was great but she’s so easy to make fun of “C’mon”


(They have to wear this for 48 hours. Originally Victoria wanted to wear her wedges but they said said she couldn’t. Caleb was giving her a hard time with this saying “You think MOses wore nikes”)
Caleb My name is Beastmode Adam
Victoria – I’m princess eve
Frankie keeps saying how hot they look

Hayden – you guys have to get together you have to procreate
Christine – its in the fine print.
Victoria says it doesn’t matter if they shower together as long as they wear their bathing suits underneath.

BB16-2014-08-01 19-43-08-775

7:43pm Princess eve checks herself out in the mirror
Beastmode and princes get called in the Diary room.
Derrick tells the living room bunch every time Victoria goes near a mirror she stands up on her tippy toes and check out her butt.

BB16-2014-08-01 20-00-36-556

Caleb’s Head getting BUZZED


Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Roisen Dubh

Vic’s got a nice body. Too bad her personality ruins it for her. Just when I was staring to like Hayden, he gets stupid again. Amber done way more than Christine in the game. I was so glad when Zach put her on blast. Truer words were never spoken


Yea, a nice body but that butter face though…
Bring on the down votes but we all know it’s true


Never heard that term – what does butter face mean?


Everything looks good… butter face (but her face)


Jocasta, where you at? Need the verse of the bible!!!


Wait did Nicole,hayden,Derrick, and cody solidify something yet?

Teri B

I’m kinda looking forward to seeing this competition that resulted with Caleb and the princess half naked, and Caleb getting his head buzzed.

Can you even imagine how hard he must’ve tried to convince Production to let him keep his hair? OMG!







Go Away all Caps Guy. It’s clear you are just trolling this site to try and get under peoples skin.


Go away Ariana Grande – we already know you’re pulling for Frankie to win, even though you can give him $500,000.


HAHA Zach is probably so jealous that Caleb gets to be with Vic 😉


So the suspense is killing me – what is this tattoo on Caleb’s head?


Like everything else Caleb has ever said his tattoo is of: LIES


He maybe lying, who knows!


He was lying. His friends who are running his twitter account confirmed Caleb’s claim of having a tattoo on his head was false. He also lied about writing a chorus of a song and the song actual writer called him out on. Caleb’s delusional claim: twitter. . The actual song song writer. . Listen at 1:29 in his youtube video.


UN-F@CKING-BELIEVABLE!!! This ridiculous creepolla deserves everything coming to him when he gets out! How did he NOT know that would come back on him. I hope the songwriter ends up with his stupid stipend.


Just when you think it can’t gear any worse…….what an a-hole. Making the Army proud!!


Oops… Marines….. Don’t want to insult the Army.


He also Lied about going to WestPoint which Derrick called him out on


It’s probably a small swastika, he hinted at it being racist.


Don’t know. Was done in invisible ink.


It’s a self portrait of himself riding a Pegasus.

no maid service

I hate how they keep taking about how they miss Amber doing the cooking, cleaning and laundry , especially Hayden. Watch a bunch of lazy self entitled mofos. This is the big brother house, not a hotel. Learn to clean up after yourselves. How old are they again ?? Geez

Production Guy

Did everyone see me today? I made a cameo as the 12th member of the house today. Alison never says hello to me when I see her at craft service…it really eats at me, but today I showed the execs that I’m a star. Please vote for me as America’s Favorite!!!! Even with union overtime, I could still use the extra 25K!

I’ve already told my parents and friends…check me out at 3:45pm today on camera 2.

I rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you validate or refute this with an image, please?

Production Guy

I love your work, but I’m so disappointed that you didn’t falshback to see it! Just go to 3:45pm today on camera 2 and you’ll see me.

Production Guy

Apparently you don’t have live feeds…otherwise you would have checked yourself.

Nathan…you suck

anonymous too

omg that was so funny!


I’ll bet Caleb’s delusions is telling him, when Amber sees him now, she’s going to regret not wanting this body…. ROLMFAO The boy is gone….


I would just like to say this about poor delusional Caleb, if he’s this obsessed over Amber by just looking at her, I would not want to be in that house if Amber gave him some Funky Monkey. He probably would have really walked out with her but instead he’s holding onto her stinky house shoes. How weird is that? I’m beginning to believe BB16 didn’t do a thorough investigation on Caleb the kid obviously has serious and scary problems his lights are blinking to fast in his brain. He’s done nothing but make a complete fool of himself, shame shame


Frankie wants to be famous really bad. All he is there for is fame and people knowing who he is because no one gives a fuck about him. Dude has not talent, no respect for himself, he acts like a teenager. Ugh he makes me sick and I can’t wait until he goes home. For those who like him cause of his sister, stfu you dumbass!


Which is funny because its fairly hard to find anyone from past bb seasons out there even winners unless theyre all over twitter or getting arrested or doing a big brother recap show or coming back to cbs for more reality shows. I hope he leaves soon and never comes back on another season




Please let Zach be safe. Cody is a two-faced beeyotch!

Boxer Mom

Christine actually said something nice about Amber? I about had a heart attack!


I believe rat face was being facetious, she doesn’t come a cross as someone who accepts beautiful people who aren’t 100% white. Example; her comment during BB after dark (in the kitchen with Hayden, Nicole and Victoria) when she said “Amber thought she was going to be the pretty one in the house” and then there were crickets because no one else thought that or at acknowledge it, and the feeds switch to the HOH room. BB does a lot of covering up, but it seems to work for the less important people in the house. V, get out, I don’t like you are your self entitled ways.


Thought she was going to be the pretty one in the house? SHE WAS the pretty one in the house. I don’t get her point. I hope she wasn’t thinking she was the pretty one. If so she best invest in a new mirror.


True, the way Rachel looked and acted, made it easy to make fun of her… Her resemblance to Boy George when she didn’t have makeup was where it all began.. Season 12 was memorable on OBB, we had whacky images for everybody. Good Times!!!


. I can’t remember if I had this name or not but you are right that was a fun (and sometimes cruel) season on here. Rachel and Brendon were such train wrecks back then so it was hard to really not go in on them especially Rachel.


Rachel’s voice and laugh were way too obnoxious for me. I didn’t like her at all. I hated them bringing her back. They should not bring people back unless its all-stars


Am I the only one who finds Victoria grossly unattractive? She said her “beauty” is what is going to win her the game but I just don’t see it.

Also, Christine looks like her nose is attached to her glasses.

Detroit Girl

Neither one of their noses fits their faces, at all.
Vicky MIGHT have hope if she lost the attitude & toned down the red lipstick
Christine needs a better hairstyle, that doesn’t emphasize how long her face is. There were some old pics on her husband’s Twitter with a bob just above her shoulders and more body, like she invested in a good conditioner.

A little nosey

Wonder what Vic and Chrust would look like if they switched noses.


You’re certainly not the only one. Beady little eyes, huge nose, small lips, extensions that are too long and make her look irregular, and style from 80’s disco era with the most tacky shoes I’ve ever seen. Oh and an accent that I can’t understand when she speaks.
She truly believes she’s gorgeous but then again she thinks she is a competition beast and is solely responsible for taking herself off the block.
BTW Victoria had a nip slip last night after the eviction while she was changing and Jocasta was bawling in the fire room.


You must be perfect to rip apart someone’s personal appearance….seriously?


it’s not you, Victoria is ugly and it’s not just the big nose either. Her face looks worn out and tire.

german team

It’s her eyebrows!!!!…they look like she had them tatooed in that horrible shape…..makes her look older and angry all the time


I blame that girls parent for her obnoxious behavior, she’s spoiled and full of herself because of that “JAP” stereotype. Outside of the house I don’t believe any of those guys would seriously date her, bone her maybe, marry her, never in a million years.


“Caleb’s hair is the new Amber”

I die.

Detroit Girl

“Frankie keeps saying how hot they look”
– Do you still doubt Frankie’s ability to lie with a straight face?

“Hayden – you guys have to get together you have to procreate”
– No, please no, just stop it! That’s a nightmare!

“Victoria says it doesn’t matter if they shower together as long as they wear their bathing suits underneath.”
– My how far we’ve come from not sharing a room/bed with guys.

Waiting for the day when someone says, ” Julie, I vote the worst attitude & biggest delusions – bye Vicky.”


2 weeks in a row Victoria had a snyde comment during her vote to evict and got booed both times. She is the female caleb just delusional about herself and everyone else


Does anyone know FOR CERTAIN if the jury is (9) or (7) this year?


“Caleb’s hair is the new Amber”….I die.
You can see hand prints on Victorias spray tan…sechsy!!


Frankie needs to go and then Zach needs to win hoh!! Who knows what he will do, the the only one with any balls.


Does anyony know for CERTAIN, if this year jury is (9) or (7)?


I think its 7 because usually the twists end at jury and the twist hasnt ended.


On Thursday, Julie could announce to the houseguests that this eviction sends the first juror to the jury house, right before moving into the first live eviction of the double-eviction night. You never know. She announced the first jury member that way last year. Just a thought… I’m so looking forward to the double-eviction! Hoping a detonator or two are short-circuited early! Cut the pink wire first! 🙂


I see how it works. Ask a question, wait 4 minutes and if no one responds, ask again.


Victoria looks a hot mess.

over it

hot sticky mess to be precise 🙂


OMG!! Nicole kick that rat Frankie out of the HOH bed. Leave the room. He is working because he knows he is the replacement if the Veto is won and used. Nicole you can be the hero of the season.


Simon – I think you meant 48 hours not minutes (for how long they need to wear their costumes)


Too bad Frankie is “cold”. Get over it . You chose to come into this game. You are not special. Maybe if you put on some clothes it would help your “condition”.

Roisen Dubh

That’s such a bullshit excuse. CBS gave in to his demands because of his famous sister. And because they caved to him Christine came up with her bullshit excuse. But I feel for Frankie, it has to suck that he can only be somebody through someone else. He really needs to go. The only reason he wants Donny gone is because Donny ain’t down to playing grab ass like all the other men in the house are. No I’m no homophobe but you have to admit, dude has molested almost everyone in that house.


Aggressive cuddler tied to a guy for 48 hours. What could go wrong?


Can you imagine if Amber had survived, and SHE was the one tied to Caleb? She would have self evicted for sure.


There goes Andy , running to the HOH! Oh snap, I mean Frankie. Goes downstairs thinking he is untouchable.


if Zach does something stupid in the next 48 hours, he could be going home this Thursday…


Hopefully pov is used by someone! Then its bye bye Frankie andy wanna be sneaky I’m so did I mention snake in the grass…um yeah. :-p popular jerk manboy.


Say what you will about Victoria but she is SMOKIN HOT!




What are you smokin? Are you wearing beer goggles or what? Is Christine sexy too?


Nicole just said on the live feeds it was awesome when frankie and Zach got called out for using production as part of their strategy…. Anyone know what she was talking about?


Zach is a nuisance but I would take him to the end before Iwould slither to F2

battle tough ?

Caleb is on slop for two weeks+ shaved head+ chained to Victoria for 48 hours+ double evection in effect next week+ he knows deep down these people don’t really like him + he’s a target+ he’s going to have to win all comps from here on out and campaign really hard. Lets see if beast mode cowboy is really up to the task.


When this season is over, and Caleb finds out that both the house guest and the vast majority of the fans think he’s narcissitic, delusional, ignorant, stalker status, a compulsive liar, a complete tool, etc etc, instead of take this info of how he is truly perceived and get the pyscho therapy he seriously needs, his narcissistic, delusional attitude about how he came off on BB will be that he is still “the sh*t” and we are all a just bunch of haters and we are hating on him because we are so jealous of him and wish we could be half as awesome as he is. And at the end of the day, he will not get the mental help that he needs in order to be a productive, successful member of society.


“At the end of the day”
What a perfect touch. How many times did he say tht when he was talking to donny last night omg.


Uh he’ll be too busy heading to ‘Survivor’. At least that’s the lie he told last night on BBAD.


So I’m a little confused – which granted – with this bunch is probably inevitable. But Christine said she wanted Amber to stay – yet she was the 1st person to run & tell the B.S. that Amber was working against them. And also, what happened between Cody & Amber? I thought they were really close & that Cody wanted to get rid of Caleb. I also thought Zach wanted to keep Donny because “he has Donny in his pocket.” Now Zach keeps saying he wants Donny gone. I swear, I just can’t keep up with this bunch. I know it’s B.B. & all – but these people change their minds every other second. I’m glad Donny can play in the HOH next week because I’m really worried about him in the double eviction. I think he & Nicole came up with a pretty good plan & just hope Nicole sticks with it. Worried that Derrick will talk her out of backdooring Frankie. Nicole trusts Derrick & he has a lot of pull over her. Actually, probably the only consistent thing in this house is the fact that Derrick continues to run it! Kinda wish Donny would have made a deal with someone while he was in a position of power. One last note – I do find it amusing that the two most delusional players in the game – Caleb & Victoria – are gonna be chained together. They won’t even need to talk to one another because they both will be talking to themselves all the time! LOL!


Well Frankie going to be in for a rude awaking when he gets out he thinks he’s going to be this big time actor and have these movie and tv people knocking on his door begging him to do they movies well Frankie ur wrong ur going to go back to ur regular life and that’s hoping to do movies and for some reason he likes to think he’s the funniest gay person to do BB but he’s not Ragen was funny Wil Heuser is funny and his spoofs are Frankie ur going to go back to living vicariously through ur sister wishing u was this big star but u want be.

I like Wil

I’ve enjoyed Wil’s BBSAGA’s but this season’s musical theme he has going is horrible.


He may be crazy, but you can’t deny that Caleb looks in his adam costume. If only the the brain matched the body, but I guess some people can’t handle both. Oh well.


Always a problem. I’ve never been able to find both in the same body. It’s ‘per near’ impossible.


Caleb has a great body and I’m sure he has worked very hard to get it.
I’m pretty sure it’s the source of his raging over the top narcissism.
It’s a shame he’s never spent a minute developing the muscle between his ears.


He is too short and has small man’s syndrome. He also looks like Tobey McGuire. He really sin’t all that hot. Cody is another story though.


Fuck FRANKIE. He is an undesirable FUCK-UP. Freak of nature.


Really hope frankie plays in pov, wins it, & pulls zach off the block!! Not because I like him but just so cody & derrick don’t get to have someone else do their dirty work. Cody is a bitch and I’m sick of him not getting any blood on his hands. He’s the most paranoid person in the house yet he has the least amount of enemies!!! He’s ALL TALK.

Cops suck

I’m so tired of Derrick. I wish they would get this pig f*cker out. How many alliances is he in now? I guess when you are a professional paid liar it just naturally becomes your life. Just goes to show, never trust a cop.


So you hate him..because he’s playing the game?


Derricks head reminds me of a bowling ball.

warlord link

caleb are get with victorie shes hot,,she are be ashame to be messing with derrick he got the hots for her she looks like his wife…caleb be good but she might be zac woman and they playing us…zac lives in florida she lives there