Big Brother Spoilers “I’m ready to make a big move. Frankie does nothing for my game”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4TH
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-31 20-52-01-253

7:56pm Living room Derrick, Zach and Caleb
Zach says Jocasta and Victoria were the first two out in the HOH competition. He points out that 4 of them can go up then POV be played and a 5th person goes up.
Caleb – I don’t really care if I go up I go up I’m a beast.
Caleb says when he wins HOH he’ll backdoor Donny maybe put up Nicole to.
Caleb – you should have seen Donny checkerboard thing.. math all over the place.. multiplication.. he ain’t dumb..
Zach asks him if he means the chalkboard.
Caleb says Donn will put up Christine
Zach wants Victoria gone this week
Caleb – THere’s something about Christine that donny doesn’t like
Caleb says Amber bite the hand that feeds

BB16-2014-07-31 20-02-56-562

8:02pm FRIEROOM Frankie and Zach
Frankie says they don’t have to worry Nicole will put up Jocasta
Frankie – Even if he puts up you and Caleb they will win the BOB
Zach point out how Christine rella y f**d up the competition
Frankie is certain Nicole will put up Jocasta and Victoria if she has the chance unless Donny puts up Victoria then Nicole could put up Zach.
Zach – depends who draws first.. if Donny draws first …
Frankie – Donny will put up a strong person and a weak person.. Jocasta and Victoria will be going up regardless.
Frankie is going to try and talk to Donny but he’ll be as opaque as usually

BB16-2014-07-31 20-13-35-280

8:05pm Nicole and Derrick ROck room
Nicole says she didn’t feel safe with the people left in the competitions (Caleb and Zach) She didn’t want to throw a competition and go home
Caleb rolls by says if he goes up he wants to know he doesn’t want to be lied to. Nicole says she was talking To donny but all he said was he had a bad day today. Caleb leaves.
Nicole complaining how hard it is being HOH because you want to talk to people…
Nicole says she didn’t feel safe this week.. she says the two people left in the HOH competition were the two people coming after her (Caleb and Zach)
Nicole – I hate this BOB crap
Derrick – Ya it kills the game.
Nicole – I’m ready to make a big move. Nicole wants to solidify an alliance with Derrick, Cody and HAyden.
Nicole brings up backdooring Frankie, “He does nothing for my game”
Nicole points out that Frankie is everywhere.
Derrick agrees “He’s everywhere”
She asks him if he would be onboard with getting Frankie out. Derrick says he is “I’m not working with him”
Derrick says the bottom feeders is a thing for him. (Nicole/Derrick agreement)
Nicole warns that Christine is really close to Frankie
Derrick thought she was close with Nicole
Nicole says she’s not
Derrick warns her not to tell Christine about the Frankie plan.
Derrick says if that’s the backdoor plan i’m for it
Derrick – THe frankie thing i’m for it all day long just make sure you have the votes.
Derrick leaves Hayden comes in She whispers to him that Donny and her want to talk to Hayden tonight they need help.. Camera switches to Zach eating grub in the BEEHive like a boss

BB16-2014-07-31 20-19-48-366

8:19pm BEEHIVE Donny and Zach
Zach – you and Nicole are not going to be working together.. that’s my first thought you two don’t have the same agenda at all.
Donny – in a situation like this you can’t throw a big competitor in there they knock you out
Zach and they are coming for you
Zach if you get drawn first do you know who you will put up
Donny doesn’t he was banking on one head of household.

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BB16-2014-07-31 20-21-31-787

8:20pm Hayden and Nicole Rockroom
Hayden says DOnny knows Frankie is the leader.. I told him Caleb wants him gone but it’s Frankie that is telling Caleb they want Donny out.
Hayden thinks Donny is going to put up Cody
Nicole – REALLY
Nicole – he’s going to be dethroned for sure
Hayden -”Not necessarily”, he adds that A guaranteed lose in the BOB is Jocasta and Victoria Nicole says Donny is not putting up Jocasta
Nicole – I’m not putting up Jocasta
Hayden – you have to put up Zach for sure
Nicole – he told me to put him up maybe i’ll talk to Victoria and use her as a pawn
Hayden proposes Zach and Jocasta for Nicole and Donny puts up Victoria and Caleb
Hayden adds if POV is played she can put up Frankie ‘Frankie goes up he’s going home.. for sure”
Nicole – you know how hard this will be to put him up
Christine joins them.
Nicole says she’s not working with Donny on this one.
Christine – you putting Zach up
Nicole – ya he told me to.
Zach comes by Nicole asks him if he had won HOH would he have put her up
Zach – Absolutely
they all laugh

BB16-2014-07-31 20-38-52-630

8:30pm BEEHIVE Donny and Derrick
Donny says he won’t put Derrick or Frankie up he gave them his word. Donny asks if they have much time in the morning to talk about Nominations. Derrick says they need to figure it out tonight they might call them in early tomorrow.
Donny asks if anyone is targeting him
Derrick says no because Donny doesn’t talk game with anyone.

Derrick lies about what he said in the DR during his vote about not doing the Team America task. Donny tells the truth. They start to try and justify why they didn’t do it. THey say it will hurt their long term game. Donny thinks America will respect them for turning it down. “They didn’t want us to be greedy”
Frankie comes in and Donny tells him he’s not putting up any of Team America
Derrick tells him he really needs to try and be HOH so he should put up Weak players.
Donny says there’s three people that have nominated him
Derrick – Caleb, Cody and Nicole
Donny – I don’t want to get knocked out in BOB though.
Frankie says the two people that are always being brought up are Zach and Caleb.
Derrick mentions they would have to put those two up either sides.
Donny – Don’t that will be one killer of Battle on the block.

Donny wants to keep Zach for another week because they can use him for Team America tasks

BB16-2014-07-31 21-03-22-720

8:48pm Donny and Cody
Donny says he’s happy to win the HOH.. “I’ll probably cry before I cry”
Donny wants him to throw out some names he won’t tell anybody
Cody says Caleb is a target
Donny – Is he really.. the bulk of the house doesn’t share things with me
Cody says Frankie is playing the whole house “I really don’t know what he’s doing.. 4 nominees are going up of the 9 people”
Donny says he was thinking last night about who to put up but he was planning on double eviction so right now he’s trying to figure out a new plan .
Cody – What are you thinking
Dony – if she got top pick first.. I hope she wouldn’t pick Victoria and Jocasta .
Cody – She’s leaning toward Zach
Donny – maybe she’ll go guy girl and i’ll go guy girl
Cody says at the end of teh day two people have to go up .
Donny says People like Cody and people like donny but in the house people LOVE Frankie
Cody – I think that everyone in this game is getting little smarter and seeing things..
Cody says he sees what Frankie is going around the house.
Donny says he would like to be closer Christine but it’s tough with Frankie in the game.
Cody says he used to like christine a lot but since Frankie has gotten close with her he has talked to her much.
Cody adds that Zach and Frankie are really close.

BB16-2014-07-31 21-20-19-879

9:16pm Beehive Christine and Donny
Donny says there’s four people that can go up they just need to work together, “I hope if she gets picked for that she doesn’t leave me in a tough spot”
Donny says he wouldn’t mind putting Caleb up because he put him up wonders if they can get Nicole to put up Zach/Jocasta and a Caleb/Victoria.
Donny – will she have a hard time with Jcoasta to.
Christine says she might put her up, adds that Zach won’t do well in the POV COmpetition.
Donny asks her why did Donny and JCoasta go up during last weeks HOH
Christine says she made a mistake she was told to to thats he feel really bad
Christine tells him next week she has his back .
Donny asks her to not tell anyone about their conversation ,, Please.
Donny tells her he doesn’t mind being dethroned Nicole is a good person to be dethroned by

BB16-2014-07-31 21-21-58-320

9:38pm Holding each other for support

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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Um, they’re already in jury… (assuming 9 jurors, same as last season)


Actually it’s a 7 member jury plus the winner and runner-up for a total of 9, so after this weeks double eviction they should be in Jury.


Do you know this for a fact? Honestly, just asking. Last year, with 16 houseguests, there were 9 jurors. Why wouldn’t this season, with 16 houseguests, follow suit? I know there were rumors last year about Candice and that whole situation, so she was included in the jury… I know in Season 9, there were 16 houseguests with only a 7-member jury.


It will be a 7 person jury. Julie Chen said it on the Talk.


If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Julie tell them when they’re in jury? I missed the eviction tonight so I didn’t see.

And if Nicole can get Frankie evicted, she will be my f*cking hero!! Now we just just need Christine to go on the double eviction hahaha!!!


Frankie is the biggest asshole ever! I cannot wait to see him swear and cry! Karma’s a f’in bitch you nasty vile


yeah! because calling someone a “nasty vile rat” isn’t something an asshole would do is it?


Not if the nasty vile rat is a nasty vile rat.


I have faith Donny will not let us down. So fun to watch the dickheads scramble after what they did to Amber.
A Frankie eviction would be heaven


They may not have the votes anymore. The 3 remaining guys (out of the 4) plus Caleb plus if they can convince Victoria or Christine. Unless those guys decide to turn on each other now. What I would do is put up 2 of those guys to ensure they can’t out-vote the opposition (that may or may not come about).




I hope the plan of backdooring Frankie and getting him evicted works. #fingerscrossed! Please send Frankie out!


its really sad that Donny gave Derrick and Frankie his word, and knowing his character hes unlikely to backstab them. hopefully he learns about them trying to backdoor him


Love how the majority alliance is scrambling


Wow I thought Donny said he was gonna put up Derrick and Frankie if he wins HOH? Looks like that’s not happening


Yes Nicole you better mean what you say. Hopefully she makes a big move and gets Frankie out


Lord Jesus, can someone, ANYONE, nominate Frankie already!!!



for the love of......

What the hell are they doing!!!!!! I wanna know. But….looks like derrick is even $ to stay. But its early. Donny gave his word to Derrick. Nicole wants to align with Derrick. Jesus Holy Christ, for the son of god, he sure is a sonuva – b$#!*.


At this point I will be surprised if Derrick doesn’t win. He doesn’t get name for anything negative/


YES!! Nicole is finally proving herself to be a tough game player and is not afraid to put the rat up! I’ve been waiting for this to happen for way too long and it’s gonna be glorious to see the detonators s#itting their pants.
Donny and Nicole as the two HoH’s couldn’t of been a better pick.


Don’t speak too soon. Nicole has proven in her past HOH that she talks about getting out big players, but chickens out. I’m sure that she will talk a big game all week and then when it comes down to it, she will just play it safe and do what is best for the house and not herself.


Agree but the BIG difference this week is that Donny will be the last one with her before the agree on nominations.


Frankie and Zach have made the “all to well functional” cast this year fun, however they are catching on to Frankie…hmmm! Caleb is still talking about Amber!!! Derrick and Hayden are playing the best game. Christine amazes me with her ability to get by. Cody is going to make it another week NOT nominated. Victoria will again sit on her nomination block “throne.” And Jocasta will pray for everyone and everything while wearing her bowtie. LOVE the updates thanks Soooo much!!!


If Nicole actually goes through with the plan to backdoor Frankie I’m ok with Donny losing BOB so he can have a shot at the next HOH during the double eviction. I hope Donny realizes that Frankie and Derrick don’t have his back at all.

Christine's crazy eye

Poor beast mode, still doesn’t realize Amber is GONE! Ammmmbeaer!!!

Anywho, back to the big boys n gurls…go Donny go! Go Donny, go!
That screen shot with Frankie n CryCody, kinda reminds me of kiss o death.


Hahaha…Caleb screaming “Ammmmberrrr” like Rocky. But with a bit more stalker.


Where’s Victoria – sitting on Derrick’s lap or crying in a corner?

Fly on the wall

Tough choice for Donny and Nicole since they’ll be the next targets of the “detonators” if this week does not go well D:


I’m hoping this is the week Frankie goes home.


How hypocritical of Victoria to be calling Amber fake during the eviction, when Victoria wears 15 pounds of makeup and hair extensions..jeez this girl needs to get over herself.


Very brave of her to say that about a second girl now, and each time when they’re not there to actually respond to her. She’s pathetic.


Frankie needs to get evicted this week. Besides his rat persona and his disgusting urges to molest and straddle every straight guy in the house. He is nothing more than a shadow of Andy. Seriously, who uses their dead grandfather as sympathy to stay in the house? Pathetic really.

This Bitch!

Wow! I think Nicole has finally come to her senses and will put up Frankie.


She has said Zach is going up 100%. This is stumped on the other nom.

She plays the game too scared. Go some balls girl.

Donny Why?

Shazam!”, “Gawwww-leeeee”, “Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise!”, and “shame, shame, shame!”. How far away is Albemarie, NC from Mayberry, NC.


I live in Charlotte NC, about 40mins from Albemarle we are not all dumb fucks like you are making out..for your information its about 102miles from Albemarle to Mount Airy (fictional Mayberry) ….why, you saying everyone who lives in NC are stupid??? Obviously you don’t know nothing about the Carolina’s…


MAYBERRY was a fictional town, for a fictional show. I have several wonderful friends in North Carolina and not one of them says gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawleeeeeeeeeeee, shaaaaaazzzzzzzzam or shame, shame. They are intelligent, educated people. Donny may try to portray himself as a Gomer or Goober but I believe beneath the puppy dog exterior, there is a very intelligent, deep-thinking man who is well aware of what is going on. He just needs the backing of others to turn the house on its head. Unfortunately most of the men do not possess the bollocks to make a change and the remaining women don’t think further than the next lie they can spread or, in Miss Vickie’s case, the next sparkly outfit she can model or the next elbow job she can give.






Please backdoor Frankie. I hate how Derrick blamed Donny in his DR vote. What a narc! Thank god Donny won, I really hope he stays hoh this week.


Frankie would love to get backdoored.


Yep…typical sneaky play by Derrick. I am not surprised at all…he loves to place blame on anyone..but himself. Of course, unless he can get someone else to do his dirty work or take the fall for it…he wouldn’t have the balls to go for it, either. What is funny is that he probably thinks he is making Donny look bad to America…by blaming him for the task not being completed. But, in reality, Donny only makes himself look even better and wins more respect…by not compromising his game for a little cash…and proudly taking full accountability for it.


I think Nicole will remain hoh… Nicole as hoh is not bad for Donny because he can play for next hoh….. I think Nicole will backdoor Frankie if that option is open to her…..

The Old Jacosta

Hey girl, I’m back. Now that we close to jury, let me start getting my game on and try to win this money, let me get a Amen… Amen, girl. These fools in here think I’m weak, yet I know all there business and Derrick, you ain’t fooling nobody, I’m on to you, boo boo, but you know what, I got your back even though I know you don’t have mine. Damn, who this calling…

Damn that heffer, the block


I honestly hope Donny is dethroned because I feel he would be safe with Nicole.. And next week is a double eviction & I think it’s crucial Donny plays & wins to ensure his safety.


This is the one HOH I would have thrown. It is soooo important to play in double eviction. They know its coming now, since it wasn’t this week.

Donny you need to be dethroned or you are screwed.


Well, the names being thrown around the most are Caleb and Frankie, and I have NO issue with either of these disgusting men head out the door. Caleb needs to shut the hell up about Amber. He did not hand her crap, and everything he did to “keep her safe” she never told him to do, or told him to not do it (to go on the block for her).

Let’s hope that Nicole means what she says and says what she means. The Detonators/Bomb Squad is scrambling like crazy now. LMAO.

It sucks that Victoria is STILL here. I really want someone to get the Princess Jasmine wannabee out of the damn house with her thirsty self.


I loved seeing Christine the Rat being taken out in the hoh comp. She sucks!!! Get the 2 rats (and the pig) out of this game please.


Nicole and Donny need to realize that they are BOTH outsiders and BOTH need to put up four detonators. Screw this “weak players go up, then backdoor a strong player” crap. Nicole can put up Frankie and Zach…they both burned her this past week. Donny can put up Cackle-twat (Christine) and Walking Vagina (Cody)…they both have been talking shit about him and he is smart enough to see it. Let them all battle it out to the death and no matter who wins or loses, either Cackle-twat or Frankie are still up there. If the veto gets used, then throw either Derrick or Caleb up there…at least they are guaranteed that a detonator goes home this week…(Cackle-twat or Frankie, preferably). They might not get another shot like this one. I think Donny would have the smarts and balls to do it…but I am not sure if Nicole would. Hopefully, Hayden sees this golden opportunity and convinces her to do it…

Just me

I would love to see Caleb or Frankie go. But hopefully Donny and Nicole use this opportunity to put those who have never been on the block up! Let them squirm and know what it’s like to fight their way back in the game. Give Jocasta and Victoria a week off for a change.


That is great as a strategy. Put up the people who haven’t been up on the block. Who cares if it is all 4 BS guys, if Nicole is dethroned, Donny is not going to put her up because they are working as outsiders. She is safe to play HOH for the following week and keep him safe if she wins. She’s already proven she wins things she plays in, like HOHs and BoBs. in order to become a winner, she has to stop trying to avoid these things, and get on board to play to win. people will still underestimate her, but at this point she only needs to look in a mirror to see the target. As long as she is female, the rest of the BS, detonators are targeting her. The only way to avoid what they want done is to win, and keep winning, or Hayden wins and keeps winning.

All Donny needs to do is Zach and Caleb, all Nicole needs to do is Frankie and Derrick, and it’s done. One of those people is going to go home, because the replacement nom is going to be Christine, imo. You make sure you keep the ones who will vote your way off the block, the ones who can be convinced to vote out Frankie for example. I’d rather see Zach and Frankie on the block, lose the BoB and Nicole wins the veto and leaves the noms the same.

Operation Brittany

There are three things I don’t want to happen. 1. A root canal. 2. The zombie apocalypse. 3. A detonator to win BB16. This could finally be a fun week. Sounds like neither Donny nor Nicole wants to nominate Jocasta or Victoria. They should just make a pact not to put up Hayden, Jocasta, or Victoria. Then they would both be free to make a big move.


Derrick is a douch and I can’t believe Frankie thinks America likes him cuz of his sister. Yes your sis has talents, you got none so stfu! And those people who like Frankie cuz of his sisters are a bunch of dumbasses!


I hope Some how the detonators get exposed this week the only way I see that happening is if christine rats them out or zach goes psycho they really think they have the game in the palm of their hands hopefully donny or nicole figure it out.


I am afraid to get hopefully that the pink weasel could go next week. It is too good to be true…right? Yes Caleb needs and I mean NEEDS to go, but please please get the weasel out first. I am so tired of this…want to be famous idiot!


The Pink Weasel….

lol, I am laughing so hard right now.


hopeful, not hopefully…sorry


I wonder who will be have nots…
So if it’s Zach/Jocasta vs Caleb/Victoria…it’ll be a good BoB. Finally.

Zach grew on me

I was just thinking how funny it is that I hated Zach on the first episode and suddenly he is the only reason I’m enjoying this season at all.


Agreed. Zach is great television. Donny, Victoria, Nicole, Cody, Jocasta – BORING!


Was kinda hoping for caleb/zach hoh because it would have been crazy, but this works for sure this is going to be an interesting week. Finally a little mix up in the house.


too predictable. Who you putting up? Victoria And Jocasta. How about you? Donny and Nicole. Oh, right, them again.

Obviously this HOH comp was selected to ensure one of the outsiders had a good chance to win it. At least an equal chance, plus Donny had the edge due to puzzles, and Nicole had already proven she seems more motivated to figure out the right answers.


Watch Frankie kick Cody under that bus so hard… his brother will feel it.
Watch Cody backstab Zach
Watch them all backstab Christine


So what you are saying is they will be playing the game of Big Brother.


I wonder if Donny will pussy out on his nominations like he did his Team America mission.

BB16 sucks

I TRULY hope the Evil Gay Clown Frankie will be the next to go down the drain!

If only Nicole didn’t trust Derrick/Tampex-Cody crap and Donny didn’t tell anything important to the Giggly Hyena Christine…


I pray to the Big Brother Gods that Frankie goes home this week!


I never would have expected that Nicole would be going after Frankie and Donny would be putting up the floaters. I thought it would be the other way around. That said, I still think Donny is making the right decision. With two HOHs, it’s still too dangerous to put up Frankie, and Donny knows that he doesn’t want to create a target if it isn’t necessary.

Ugh Frankie

Frankie touches, hugs, and kisses on every man in the house and they just smile and go with it. Let one of the women do that and they’re sluts and whores.

new to BB 14

worse case outcome
for Donny and Nicole whoever ends up being the final HoH they get calib,zach,and possibly Frankie exiting next Thursday. But the detonators will be coming after them!!


I just can’t help myself – Can we just agree that Victoria looks so awkward and inept in every competition?
I love when Zach goes for her jugular and I wish he would do it more.

Christine's crazy eye

Uh oh, Caleb has seen this pic of Nicole’s friend, Mariah! Run Mariah, it’s not too late for you. I am sure you can get good, cheap, plastic surgery. Zankie huggin n kissn too bad Zachs not gay. How adorable would they be together?
It’s literally soo fascinating watching the goofus troupas trying to figure out a new strategy. At the end of the day, they won’t let the paranoia get the better of them. Frankly you just gotta roll with the punches. At least they will make it to jury house.


is what it will be if Zach and Frankie end up together on the block post veto. Where’s the bromance then?