Christine says Nicole is the B-word! She talks about me and Cody all the time. She’s jealous!

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH Aug 7
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 13-39-50-328
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 02-15-47-635

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9:30am – 12:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Donny and Victoria are wake. Big Brother then blocks the feeds again until 12:30pm. Hayden and Donny are in the kitchen. In the bathroom Victoria, Derrick and Nicole are getting ready. Nicole asks Zach how he’s doing? Zach says fine! Derrick and Zach head into the storage room. Zach says f**King Hayden and Nicole! I’m so pissed! Derrick tells Zach that he can’t let them on to him knowing. Derrick reassures Zach that he’s safe. Zach asks again if he is staying. Zach wonders if he should talk to Vic before Derrick does. Derrick says you’re on the block, of course he should campaign. Derrick tells him not to let on that he knows anything.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 13-42-53-823
In the bathroom – Zach asks Victoria you’re voting to keep me right?! Victoria tells him no one wants him gone. Zach says don’t lie to me! I know what’s going on. You have to do what’s best for your game. If you vote to evict me I am coming after you. Victoria heads into the kitchen to sit with the others while then talk about random things.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 13-47-49-810

In the bathroom – Derrick, Donny, Nicole and Victoria check out the bathroom stall door with all the past house guests names etched into it. Derrick points out the mist (Dan Gheesling), Ammanda and MccCray, Judd, Jeremy, Etc.. Victoria and Derrick head into the hive room and she tells him how Zach confronted her in the bathroom. Victoria says that Zach told me that if he goes I will go up on the block every week. He said that if I vote to evict him and he stays and finds out he will come after me. Victoria asks Derrick if Zach knows he’s leaving? Derrick says something is going on, I am waiting for Cody and Frankie to wake up? Just be careful of what you say. It would be better if he does stay because then you wouldn’t go up. Zach has told me straight up that you’re not his target. Victoria says I just can’t Derrick says I will find out and come talk to you. Don’t talk to Hayden or anyone. Victoria says you have some work to do! Derrick says you just look pretty, that’s all you have to do today. Victoria leaves. Derrick comments to the camera .. I have work to do!? Okay!?
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 13-58-14-742

1:50pm In the bathroom – Jocasta asks Victoria how she’s voting? Victoria nods her head.

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2pm – 2:10pm Nicole is doing Hayden’s hair. Meanwhile in the storage room Christine and Zach are talking. Christine says she can’t wait to see Nicole’s face when he stays. Christine says I am praying that we win HOH. Christine says that they are saying all these things that Frankie and I never said. Zach asks so it will be a 5-3 vote. Christine says yeah. Christine says that Nicole is the B-word! She talks about me and Cody all the time. She’s jealous. Zach agress. Zach says that they’re not brilliant but they’re smart. Zach says I am pissed. I am never f**king talking to him again. I am going to make Nicole cry everyday. I am pissed!! And she is always around Cody, she likes Cody. Christine says I don’t want to have anything to do with Donny either. Zach says f**K Donny, Hayden and Nicole. Christine says by a vote of 5-3 Zach you’re safe. Jocasta get to stepping. Zach says he is going to looks straight at Nicoles face. Christine says oh their faces! Zach says he is going to try and distract then from winning HOH. Christine says oh distract them dude. I think they think its going to be an 8-0 vote. This is the first HOH blindside! Christine says I wanted a good excuse for me to send Nicole home and this is perfect. Christine says she can’t stand it when Nicole comes up to her asking if she is okay. Like get off! Zach says you’re a great actor! Christine says this just made us stronger which is perfect!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-07 14-17-32-311

2:40pm – 2:55pm In the living room – The house guests are sitting around chatting about random things while waiting for the live show to take place.

3:13pm Chit chat while waiting for the show prep to start.
Feeds cut to jeff..

Wheres the vote
Zach staying

The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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160 thoughts on “Christine says Nicole is the B-word! She talks about me and Cody all the time. She’s jealous!

      1. No one would be jealous of Ratnine!!! She is one ugly disrespectful hateful person. Will not disrespect all the women in the world be calling her a woman. Her husband must be so ashamed of the way she acts. Cody is one desperate man to touch that ugh!!

      1. He’s probably thinking, better him than me!!!!!

        I’ve heard her say that Tim drinks a lot, and now we all know why.
        He has too,,, She’s A Piece Of Shit.

  1. Anyone thinks there will still be a BOtB tonight? They’re taking forever to shut the live feeds down. I wonder if the trackers will decide HOH this way they won’t have to have a competition for HOH. And why is Frankie and Cody still asleep, and not up?

    1. Hayden or Donny winning tonight is CRUCIAL. Like I can’t even wait until the live show starts. The minute Jacosta is evicted, Hayden Donny and Nicole need to realize it is them against everyone. .

    1. Any other time Frankie would be running around scrambling until the last minute, because he’s either always paranoid, or don’t trust anyone, but today he’s sleeping, and in the HN room where he complains about it being cold and not being able to sleep good or too long.

      1. Thought/action control is the entire premise of the term “big brother.”
        In the case of this show, add in the notion that the people who make money off producing the show don’t care at all if we are happy with who is evicted or who stays. They just create a situation that encourages us to keep watching… ie: thought/action control.
        Attention production: this show is going to become boring very quickly if Donny and Nicole are evicted. And you know what that means for your bottom line.

    2. another predictable involvement by production. Jocasta goes first and Victoria will go second.

      1. I actually think they will keep Victoria around for a while, because once Zach stays and lines are drawn and after they squeal on each other about who said what, I think they will be too busy trying to get each other out before they get out to even focus on Victoria. I wouldn’t be shock if Victoria is sitting in Final two or three at this point. Her and Caleb. They went from being everyone’s target to get out to being on no ones radar because one side of the house wants Nicole Hayden and Donny out and the other want Zach, Christine Derrick and Cody out. No one’s focusing on Victoria

          1. I dont think Frankie will win. Everyone already believes taking him to final two is like giving him the money. If Frankie doesn’t get Derrick first, then Derrick will get Frankie. I think Frankie will leave in final no later than final 4. That’s just my opinion, but I don’t think he’ll win or Derrick. I honestly think it will be Victoria, Zach, or Hayden that that end up in final two. Derrick and Frankie showed their hands too soon and everyone sees them as a threat for jury votes.

    3. At thus boring predictable point production had to intervene so that these dummies Nicole hayday. Donny could see the line drawn right in front of their faces. Keeping Zach will do this. The way Derrick and Cody or manipulating them they are blind and keep doubting what they see right before their eyes, you’re outsiders guys

  2. Cackle, cackle, cackle all you want Christine. You won’t be when you remember how low on the totem pole you are because remember “You were in the right room at the right time.” Essentially you’re just a vote, not an ally.

    Zach staying might be good entertainment but it does NOTHING for the game to get interesting.

    1. I think she or Cody will be the second house guest leaving tonight. At least I hope. Nothing against Cody, but he doesn’t realize he’s at the bottom as well.

    2. I think she or Cody will be the second house guest leaving tonight. At least I hope. Nothing against Cody, but he doesn’t realize he’s at the bottom as well. Keeping Zach if he does everything he says he will tonight will expose everything everyone has said. I think if he does what he said it will start an argument especially between Christine and Nicole and everything will come up about Christine lying and it will begin to trickle down to Derrick and Frankie. I think this is why they’re keeping Zach, because a can of worms will be opened if he say all the things he says he’s going to say, and he looks like he’s ready to burst and can’t wait to say it. The funny thing is, is that Christine and Derrick want him to say these things thinking they can control Zach and con him into believing Nicole and Hayden are liars, but I think it’s going to back fire on them.

    3. 10000000000%! After zach going home we were going to get a good big brother woth 2 sides fighting eachother and frankie and christine going home soon but noowww thats not going to happen. like wow these hg r like the bb15 hgs except these hgs arnt discusting as people but frankie, like last years.

      1. Frankie needs to be on slop more often, he was actually better this week. He wasn’t running things like he usually thinks he is. Derrick had one up on him. He gets off slop he’ll be back to himself.

    1. They’re all excited now. I hope the trackers does decide the HOH and watch the looks on their faces (Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and Zach) if it’s Hayden and/or Donny that win HOH. Now that will be worth watching. Especially if Zach does his speech, and Christine and everyone else chimes in it would be worth watching the looks on their faces as they scramble on who will vote to save them? After tonight, I really think Cody is going to regret saying anything.

      1. I think they may use the trackers for something. However, this is Big Brother. They already used them for the most active (and got everyone moving). If they use them again, expect the opposite! It will be whoever is the LEAST active…

        1. I don’t think they will reward people that don’t move around. The purpose of the trackers is to get fit and maybe a promotion for the company. I only think that because earlier this week they were getting on the HG for shaking their wrist to make it move when they realized they didn’t have to move around to get it to track them. Production made the stop shaking their wrist. I won’t be surprised if the company that makes them come out with a 2.0 version now that they know the trackers count if you just move your wrist and not actually work out.

        2. They did use them. The Have Nots were the laziest people in the house last week. Remember CrazedCaleb complaining his tracker must be broken?

  3. I know this is hypocritical, because I usually HATE it when production messes with stuff (ie keeping Rachel in the house -.-) but now they actually did it for someone I like so I’m so happy! Team #Wildcard!

    1. It is NEVER good for production to butt in. It is fun to see the HG’s duke it out, and that includes dealing with consequences of their actions.

  4. “Derrick says you just look pretty, that’s all you have to do today.” What a demeaning remark yet Victoria gobbles it up. Why didn’t he just pat her on the head and say “good dog”?

    1. I said the same thing basically because I didn’t read the comments first. It was the most condescending remark ever and a good indication of how he feels about women.

      1. I must disagree with your take on Derrick’s comment to Veronica (yes, I know her name is Victoria). Vivian hasn’t done a thing in this game but cry and put on her makeup. She is totally worthless – as we all saw her dreadful attempt in the POV competition last night. Derrick was feeding Valerie’s ego by making that remark – thus attempting to stave off another hysterical fit.

        1. Derrick was simply looking out for Derrick because he doesn’t want Vicotria to say anything about what his plans were earlier in the week. He knows she’s also close to Hayden an don’t want her talking to anyone before the vote and possibly afterwards. That’s why he said to let him do the talking which was rude of him to dismiss her that way for his own sake..

      2. I don’t think Derrick thinks that about every women, just Victoria. He know that she eat that sh!t up. Why wouldn’t he say that. He’s a smart player. What would you rather he say, “you don’t have to do anything…like always?” BTW, my 1, 2, 3 are… Donny, Zach, Nicole.

    2. I loved derrick but now hes really on my nerves. I think he realizes that nicole made a great move therefore he needs to ruin it so he can be the only one who does great moves.

    3. I agree. He says he’s nice to Victoria because he has a daughter. Well game or not, would he want someone using his daughter even if it is a game considering she genuinely like Derrick and trust him? He’s just using her. While the things Zach said were offensive, but he’s not much better.

      1. Derrick’s comment was condescending and I didn’t like it one bit. But Victoria is responsible for Victoria. If she actually trie to play the game instead of taking the easy route out by having Derrick think for her, she wouldn’t be treated that way.

    4. Can’t production tell Derrick to stop talking to cameras??!! It’s like he’s so aware of being on-stage. For some reason it annoys me… He thinks he’s some big star..

    5. He does every day!!! She is a lazy do nothing lay about. Lucky she has any value to anyone as a vote.

      PS… say bye to Zack for me. I’m not buying he’s staying.

  5. Nicole is jealous of Christine and Cody. Is she delusional, I would have to say yes she is. Are you kidding me, she was the one that was all stressed out when Cody and Brittney were together. She even told Nicole that she was jealous. She is one sicked twisted bitch that is going to be in for a big surprise when she gets out and finds out how much her and her beak are hated. Hopefully, tonight.

    1. I am curious to wonder why she thinks and keep referring to “her and Cody” as if they’re a couple? She’s married or has she forgotten? I really hope this is game play on her part because if it isn’t, I can only imagine how she behaves with men outside the house.

      1. What hate? There’s no hate. Simply stating the obvious. Even a blond man can see what she’s doing is not how a wife should behave She seems really interested in Cody. That was her sole reason for wanting Amber and Brittany out, because of their relationship or so she thought with Cody.And now she’s saying the same things about Nicole.. I mean seriously there are other guys i the house and she only seems to be upset with the women she feels threatened by when it comes to Cody. She doesn’t act that way with Victoria or Jocasta, why? because she knows they don’t spend time with Cody. Makes you wonder if she’s lying about being married, because if she’s telling the truth no amount of money should make her disrespect her husband.that way and on national TV. Unless they have an open marriage or an understanding, I am sure his family and friends are wondering whats going on with her when she’s not in the house. She’s simply obsessed with Cody.

        1. She is married. He’s on Twitter and people are letting him know what they think of his wife and Cody. He said he’s going to deal with his beer issue so she’ll be surprised when she gets out.

    2. I love it! You’re so riiiight, Christink is delusional, but what is more disturbing is how the girls don’t have each others back. Those girls voted Amber out because of jealousy not game and it obvious the guys are thinking Bros before (you guessed it)! Too bad the girls can’t jump on the bandwagon and vote chicks before pricks/dicks!

      1. I am not a Nicole fan. But, I really dislike Christink. By the way, love love love that name, why hasn’t anyone made that connection before? The fact of the matter is, Christink’s out of control jealousy is what lead to the evictions of Brittney and Amber. I don’t really believe either Victim or Nicole would’ve been nearly as nasty, if not for ol stinky face. They guys have taken advantage of her noxious nature. As for Zach, meh, I know a lot of you like him. He can be entertaining. I just cannot get into the more negative aspects of his character.
        He enjoyed telling Amber and Brit sooo much how they were staying, and they left with class. But, being almost served the same dish, left him angry and vindictive. This type of thing made me stop watching last season. I just couldn’t stomach the hate. If this truly does go the way they are talking, I don’t know what I will do. I am truly a fan of the BB concept. I have enjoyed watching most of the past seasons. And love, love, love BB UK & AUS. I am saddened that BB US has sunk to the level of acceptance even encouragement of these verbal knife fights. It doesn’t advance the play and only sinks into smut.

        1. LMAO, Crazy Eye. You are spot on..Yep, Christink is sending all the girls packing , maybe after Cody has a couple of beers she’ll look good to him and Christink can live out her fantasy

    1. Sadly there isn’t a girl in the house that Christine approves of. Her inferiority complex is hiding behind her arrogant superior attitude. She is living her dream with these guys.

  6. Ugh, I want Zach to stay but I hate that side having all the power! All I can do is hope Hayden or Donny wins HOH in the double eviction…but would they still just put Victoria up again? Or will they know the sides? Going to be a great BB night!
    Simon/Dawg – Will you be watching the live show tonight? Cheers everybody :)

  7. Derrick is so condescending…. All you have to do is look pretty to Victoria and she’s too dumb to take as anything but a compliment.

    I really wish Zach found out what was really going on and how his allies were all planning to vote hi. Out until the 11th hour.

    Christine’s indignation is hilarious since she was doing all kinds of stuff to mess up Hayden and Nicole’s game.

    I hate that Christine is right and this just makes their game stronger. I’m hoping that Donny wins HOH and survives DE. I’d said Hayden too, but not sure how loyal he is to anyone, but after tonight’s eviction he will be on a side regardless of his choice.

    1. I’m thinking this may be the end of two HOH’s and hope Donny or Hayden wins. If that were to happen I would put up Derrick and Cody and Back door Frankie. Let’s not forget Pandora’s Box that may be in play soon. I wouldn’t be too soon to get rid of Nastine I would try and use her but you get rid of Derrick Frankie and/or Cody she wouldn’t know what to do. Nicole, jealous, Really Nastine I mean you have nothing going for yourself, nothing and may be divorce sooner than later. I can understand you being jealous of Nicole she’s trying to better herself by going to school and she remained a LADY through the season. Yes, I can see you being jealous of Nicole most sluts are jealous of nice respectable ladies.

  8. Do these people not realize they life continues on the outside. That Crustina will always be known as the evil witch? That Frankie will always be the conniving bitch? Yeah Caleb us cookoo for Coco puffs and Zach is a royal ass bully closet freak ….but at least they act and say it to everyone. Just shameful.

    1. And that Derrick is a lying pig! He must think he’s really cool talking to the camera like people don’t know he’s a pathological liar. That’s how he makes his living. Pig!!

    1. No. Put up Derprick and Fakie. If POV is used put one of their minions up Derprick=NoB@llsCody Fakie=Ratine. If one of the minions is the one that pulls them down then Zack back on the block. Now that would be the BEST show EVER!!!

  9. We’re about to see what Nicole is really made of because she’s gonna take ALL the crap for this fiasco. Hayden might get a little blow back and I don’t think they could fluster Donny no matter how hard they tried but we’ve seen how they come down hard on the females in the house and Nicole is dead center in Zach’s bulls eye. She’s either gonna show us her backbone or she’ll dissolve into a mess of snotty tears. Either way it’s gonna suck to be her.

    1. I think she’ll fight back, and once Zach calms down and hears everything I think he’s going to be the downfall of Derrick and Frankie. Especially once Caleb backs him up, because Derrick didn’t want Caleb alone with Zach telling his version. And I also believe as much as Zach is upset with Donny right now, because he doesn’t know the truth, i think he respects Donny and believes Donny will be honest with him, and again Caleb and Victoria will back him up, and of all the things the house has said about Victoria and Caleb, they haven’t been called liars by anyone which “should” make him think and see the truth. And don’t forget he was the one that told Frankie people wanted to get him out, once he thinks things through he’s going to put it together that the same thing Derrick and Cody tired to do to Frankie they tried to do to him. Won’t be surprised if he tells Frankie the names of the ones that wanted him out and those two team up against Derrick and Cody. Either way after tonight Nicole is going to hang on to whatever endurance it is for dear life, and Frankie won’t win if it has something to do with cold water. Caleb may win since he’s always bragging about his military training and if that happens wait to see how Derrick throw Frankie under the bus saying it was Frankie that lied and wanted Amber out and the things Frankie said Nicole said was a lie. .

    2. I could care less about Nicole and Hayden, I just hope Donny can make it through the double eviction.

      1. You may say you don’t care about Nicole and Hayden but without them Donny will be completely alone. Much as I hate it I don’t see any of the three being around much longer.

  10. Man my head hurts. This is, though, a brilliant way to make this season @ least entertaining. & it does make the #’s solid on both sides. Dammit, Donny, make an alliance!!!! Now!! I love double evictions! & exclamation points!!!!

      1. Exactly. the way Zach has been practicing his HOH speech we know there’s a script. He hasn’t changed a word. He says it the same way every time and keeps practicing it.

  11. Zach, Zach, Zach – you’re gonna talk yourself into getting evicted if you don’t calm down. LOL

    Also, don’t call people out BEFORE the HOH comp; do it if you win it, if you have to.

    I feel a Hayden win tonight.

  12. Christine talks so bad about her husband says his belly is going to be so big because she’s not there to control his drinking ect. I really think she believes Cody likes her and this is not gameplay for him. It’s obvious that Christine has a huge obsession on Cody and given the chance she would be doing some freaky deekie stuff with him in that house.

    1. Christine recently made a comment that she wonders what her life outside the house will be like when she gets out… and how much change will there be….. hmmmm

  13. I’m going to expect the worst tonight and hope for the best (a Donny HOH win after the first eviction) and wait for Christine to get her just desserts, eventually it will come and I’ll be happy! I hope she watches herself after she gets home. I wanted Frankie gone but now I hope Christine goes first! Talk about delusional!

    1. Agree….and the only thing that could save this week for me would be Christine (or Derrick, or Frankie, etc.). I want an Outsider to win HOH and stir up (and hopefully disarm or harm) the Idiot Squad. If not, this is really going to be yet another boring week. Not to mention a wasted HOH. Oh well….

    2. If Christine leaves tonight and goes to jury with Jocasta, she’ll probably ask to go home, because she can’t be with Cody. What would she do with herself in Jury and Cody is in the house with Nicole (who she says is jealous of her and Cody). I hope she goes tonight and that Cody and Nicole stay in the house a while just to get under her skin and wonder what they’re doing. It would drive her crazy.

  14. To everyone waving the “Zach’s the most entertaining” flag:

    Let’s be honest, folks…it’s all relative. There is also a “most entertaining” show on C-SPAN.

  15. Christine is such a hypocrite. She really did tell Nicole she wanted Cody or Derrick to go up on the block if she used the veto. Now she’s walking around and calling Nicole a b***h for telling the truth. I hope after the eviction of Jocasta, Nicole publicly calls out Christine in front of everyone. Let’s see how much of a liar Christine will be then. Praying for a Hayden or Donny HOH, if that happens you will really see the Detonators detonate, lol.

  16. One of the reasons I hate this Detonator group:They’ve been villifying Donny and others hardcore. They can’t just evict people because it’s good for their game, they have to drag that person through the mud for stuff that never happened before they send them out. I wanted to smack the snot out of Cody last night because he re-telling his HOH convo with Donny and painted Donny as some sort of criminal mastermind for trying to keep himself off the block on eviction night. He turned a perfectly legitimate game move on Donny’s part into some sort of dastardly personal attack.

  17. Zack is already starting in on planning to be rude, nasty, cruel, snide and just plain ugly because he thinks it’s what the game wants him to do. I don’t think it was game when he was such a bad sport losing two comps, I think that is the real spoiled jerk that is Zack.

    Sorry, I can’t understand why he has fans who want to see more of this entitled, spoiled, immature brat. . He gives me the creeps. I’ve seen freshman frat boys who are more polished than he is.

    1. If you were as smart as your name implies, you’d realize Zach is being sarcastic. He realizes he’s on a show and is playing a character. However the people in the house have become accustomed to Zach. Why do you think no one ever blows up on Zach? He called Nicole a fruit loop dingus on live TV and last night she said it was hard to be mad at him which is why she thought he was playing a good game. Zach is not a villain so much as a loveable asshole. And he’s not even really an asshole. He has little patience for stupidity. You should look up his parents interview. His family certainly isn’t as well off as you think they are. He’s not Frankie.

      1. He was at one of the best schools in the country and admitted to partying and screwing around so much that he graduated with only a 2.8 GPA. What a waste of tens of thousands of dollars and the opportunity to have a great future. While he’s pulling out all the BS for the show he’s also showing an out of control temper. He’s unemployed now. If you were someone looking to hire (outside of the entertainment industry), would you risk hiring Zach? Would you risk his going off on another employee or trash talking about them and the lawsuit that would follow? Last season several HG’s found themselves without jobs so its not a stretch to think this is not going to help Zach’s future unemployment.

  18. I hope once Nicole Hayden and Donny and Victoria ( if she votes to evict zach) that the rest of the house is working together and hopefully Donny and Hayden win hoh and put up either Frankie Caleb zach cody Derrick and Christine and hopefully one of their alliance members goes home. I really was hoping for zach to go home but it is too predictable who goes home each week which I think is boring. Hopefully there is a twist that would help Nicole Hayden and Donny. I can’t stand Christine and isn’t she married?

  19. I really wanted to see Frankie go but I changed my mind and want Christine gone now! She is a horrible person. Ugly inside and out.

  20. If Hayden keeps on acting like an idiot against Production, they might do what they have been accused of on the blog and actually mess with his game.

    1. Hayden does act like an idiot a lot of the times and I’am sick of all his d!ck jokes, he is too immature for Nicole. I love Donny and he deserves to stay in the game a lot longer then Hayden so I hope Donny isn’t the one going during double eviction.

  21. And who knew Caleb could from the most hated houseguest to one of the better ones. Christine, Frankie and Cody are spineless.

  22. Zach isn’t saved yet…but, he’s already showing what a bully he will be. He’s told Vic, he’s coming after her. He plans on screaming, jumping up and making Nicole cry…..everyday.
    Great call production….great call. Not!

    1. Which is why she should vote for him to leave and stand by it! Grow a backbone and refused to be bullied. Tell him damn right I voted to evict you, you are an ass and threatened me! Who the hell do you think you are? Then I would out Derrick and ask, well, why aren’t you defending me? Isn’t that what you said you would do? Well?

    2. You act like Nicole and Victoria are two sweethearts. Victoria talks shit about everyone, and even worse she does it behind people’s backs. Nicole and Christine were jealous of Amber and talked about her and lied about what Amber. Amber was the only good person inside and out.

      Zach is playing a character and doing it well. This is reality tv you know. They cast people to fil roles.

    3. Are you new to big brother? Zach isn’t the first to use that tactic (if you vote against me you’ll be my target) and he won’t be the last. Besides he’s just mad (which he has every right to be) but he’ll calm down and flip the script once he finds out what his alliance had planned to do.

      1. You are right, Zach isn’t the first to use being a bully to his advantage. If, IF, this is a “character he is playing” he is not digging that deeply for inspiration.
        You are right, Victim and Nicole have sunk to jealous, nasty lows. Not defending their behaviour. Obviously, you are not familiar with my past posts.
        What I am pointing out, is that, simply, if you allow a bully to intimidate you, you allow him to control you. I personally prefer Derrick’s game play. It is much more subtle. But, that doesn’t mean I like Derrick. I am a fan of the BB concept, but not a fan of any of the current players. I will however defend each of their rights ( for lack of a better word ) to play the game free of being verbally assaulted. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who find that entertaining. I do not, it makes me uncomfortable, even when I am not involved.

  23. #TeamUnderdogs?
    Nicole, Donny, and Hayden all the damn way.
    Praying Hayden or Donny pull off the HoH tonight and send Christine or Frankie out the door. Actually, any detonator would be great.

  24. ohhh tonight is gonna be a sh*ttttfest!

    we are going to see if nicole and hayden can play the game or not.

    fingers crossed one of the underdogs win the upcoming HOHs!

  25. Well just as I said earlier Derrick has once again shown how arrogant he has become . He tells Victoria all she ahs to do is look pretty ? How demeaning and she is too dumb and too infatuated with a married man to see it. I hope his wife rips him a new one when this is over he sure deserves it. Wonder how he would feel if one day someone spoke to his daughter this way ? He always acts as if he would beat someones butt if they disrespected his family, what does he think he is doing to Victoria ? Sounds like a double standard there Derrick !
    As for Zach threatening Vic if she votes for him to leave, my gosh who owes him a vote ? And last and certainly not the Christine. Hoe can one woman be so delusional to think Cody would even look at her outside this house in real life. She has become the bitchy high school girl who thinks she is hot stuff. Girl get over yourself you are in for a rude awakening to see how we really feel about you.. Go Donny, pulling for you hard. Fight hard tonight.

    1. Not a fan of Derrick’s and if he said that to me I would have laughed in his face. Victoria seems to think that the way the world works… Men are strong and decisive and women should be arm candy. She probably should have joined the Israeli army, she might have a gained a bit of street smarts. I joined the army at 18 and it smartened me right up.

  26. Cristine is playing a game, its called Big Brother! Of course its her fcking strategy you nimrods.
    Same goes for Derrick flirting with Victoira, there is nothing wrong with it. Are you ppl that uptight that you cant flirt with the opposite sex just because your married?

    1. Yes, usually marriage happens when you don’t want to flirt with anyone else. If you want to flirt with other people, DON’T get married!!!!!

    2. Hey nimrod, flirting with the opposite sex is find but a married woman/man needs to keep their hands to themselves. It’s called RESPECT and if you’re married that’s what I want you to have for me. Touching, and cuddling in the bed under the covers Heck NO, that’s not flirting that’s being disrespectful. Flirting hey you look good in that outfit wink wink – not you look good in that outfit and rubbing on you at the same time.

    3. The difference between Derrick and Christine, regardless of how arrogance he is he respects his wife and does not cross that line in his marriage with Victoria. he has made it clear and on his part it comes off just like he said it. He looks at Victoria like a little sister. But Christine on the other hand is jealous of every female in that house that gets close to Cody and she’s married or at least she says she is. She didn’t like Amber or Brittany and now Nicole because she’s afraid of the attention and time they spend with Cody. No married woman should behave that way about a man that not their husband, That’s not game play, because if it was, why isn’t she all over Caleb and Zach and Hayden that way. Why is she jealous of the other women talking to Cody. She is not jealous of Jocasta ad Victoria and why is that? Because they have zero interest in Cody. I mean if that’s how you view a marriage should go then I can see why you don’t have a problem with it and consider it game play, but if she has a husband, I am sure he nor his family or friend will think her caressing and stroking and cuddling with another man is worth her stipend because she’ not going to win the game. Certainly she makes more than what she’s getting in her stipend in a year, and if that’s the case making it in three months is not or should not be worth her portrayal as a married woman.

      1. Dude give it a rest.
        You reply waaaay too much and say basically the same damn nonsense.
        Who cares about Christine’s marriage. She hasn’t crossed any lines at all.
        You make up all of her reasons in your own head for her voting girls out.
        She disgusts you. Poor you to be jealous of Christine.
        Go away already…

  27. Derrick tells him go campaign to victoria but dont let her know that you know whats going on. Zach proceeds to go in the bathroom and threaten her and tell her he knows whats going on. Lmao wildcard. His game has no rules or blueprints thats why nobody can figure out what he’s doing besides being “entertaining”. I could totally see zach winning HOH and putting christine and derrick on the block lol. Hes crazy. Why not

  28. What if for the most twisted summer ever in the double eviction America could chose who the want to evict that way we could get the detonators out sooner!!!

  29. What Derrick and Cody realize that if they go to the final 6 with the remaining bomb squad members they r gonna be sixth and fifth because of Frankie. Frankie has everyone but Derrick and Cody he has Caleb and essentialionally he gonna want to keep them

  30. So Zach is staying….so if I were production I rig the HOH competition so Hayden wins (not Donny because he won’t put up Derrick or Frankie) if Hayden won hopefully they would be pissed that Zach stayed and he would then nominate Cody and Derrick because their alliance is over. Production can then start planting seeds in Nicole and Hayden’s head (like they did with Derrick) to talk to Zach and let him know what really happened this week. They can start by letting Zach know that they told them he tried to start the detonators this week and they know who’s in it. That way Zach will know something is up and might flip to Hayden and Nicole side.

    But this is just a dream of mine haha

  31. This season isnt very good. These people are not likeable. If frankie wins that is the worst possible outcome because he comes from a very rich family already. His victory wouldnt mean cash to change his life… Rather lots more “fun tokens”. I am not cheering for anyone. I guess just Nicole or Victoria because Id like to bang those two at the same time.

  32. Just looked at my TV and there is a NFL Preseason Football game from 7:30pm – 10:30pm – then something called “taking action” then the news on CBS.

    Does anyone else have the above and not Big Brother on their CBS tonight?

    Where can I watch the Big Brother Live Show? Does it stream on CBS dot com?

    Tonight is going to be one of the best live shows and my CBS is not airing it – if anyone can tell me how to watch tonight’s episode of Big Brother live I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. If you live in NYC, it’s airing on channel tv55. They might be doing the same in other markets: airing it live on another channel.

      1. This happens every firkin season during BB. Don’t know why CBS can’t get their shite together and re-work the schedule.

  33. I’m starting to believe Christine is more delusional than Caleb and is also way nastier! And as for Derrick’s condescending remark to Victoria….she may be too stupid to be offended, but he’s made himself look REALLY bad with that one. If I were Victoria I would have ripped him a new asshole for that comment.

  34. Even if Donny or Hayden manage to win HOH, they will put up Frankie and Christine, Derrick will cruise through Double evictions. I can’t wait to see Porky Pig on the block. Unless he flip-flops all the way through without ever being a nom.

  35. I hope the hoh ISNT based on their trackers. Derricks in the lead. I would love for derrick, frankie, or christine to leave tonight!!!! Christine has some nerve calling nicole a bi**h when she knows shes the liar!! Jealous of her and cody?? Isnt she married, her poor husband. Id kill my husband when he got home if he carried on like she has (didnt mean that literal, so remain calm). Shes the bit**h!!!!!!!

    1. Derprick is at the top of steps, miles walked, etc but not for active minutes for yesterday. Active minutes leaders for yesterday are Nicole Hayden BowTie and Donny.

  36. Victoria can’t look pretty – so there goes Derrick asking her to do another thing she is incapable of….She is gross, eats like a pig, incompetent and believes she’s ravishing. She’s going to be devastated when she gets out that she is the ‘least liked’ (on this board anyway).

  37. Chrustine’s game is about to blow up I think (hope). She’ll be home with her pot bellied husband soon, the slop Funkie’s been eating is making him weaker (heh heh heh) Can you tell I don’t like these two weasels?

  38. Time for my predictions (just so you can get a good laugh later) . . .

    -Jocasta gets evicted 6-2
    -There will only one HOH tonight and for the rest of the season. Goodbye, BOTB.
    -Zach wins HOH, then nominates Victoria and Nicole.
    -Frankie wins POV and doesn’t use it.
    -Nicole gets evicted 4-3 (although I wouldn’t mind if it was Victoria)
    -Before the end of the show, the HG’s get a severe endurance HOH comp-“Good night, houseguests”

    BBAD should be interesting.

  39. This is getting boring! When is someone going to not follow the leader and make their own choice on their vote? No one has a mind of their own. Very disappointed with this group.

  40. I hope the detonators win the hoh and steam roll the rest of these punks. then I hope they win it next week and the week after. Getting rid of Nicole hayden and donny. Derrick and frankie for the win!!!

  41. Prediction for Tonight:
    Zach v Jocasta: Jocasta goes home 6-2 (Hayden and Donny on the outs)
    1st HoH Comp: Zach wins (he’s the most pumped up today)
    Nominations: Nichole and Hayden (Victoria will keep herself off the block by keeping Zach earlier)
    Veto Comp: Hayden, of course taking himself down.
    Replacement Nom: Donny
    Nichole v Donny: Donny goes home, unanimous vote…

    I hate to say that, because Donny has grown on me…but when the house hears that it’s DE, don’t think for a second that Derrick and Frankie will have any other target in mind. They’ll be able to eliminate someone they consider a threat, with what they will perceive as minimal backlash from America. They will both pretend tonight was just, “so chaotic” and Donny got caught in the crossfire. No…this has been their plan for weeks. Donny is in trouble tonight.

  42. I know a lot of people has been disappointed in this season’s lack of ‘drama’. Something tells me that ends tonight. Like Derrick or not, he was right when he said last night that the move of keeping Zach is drawing a line in the sand. I’ve read several comments where they think Hayden (if he wins) would be put up Frankie and Christine. No way! After being double-crossed by Derrick and Cody (which I believe Hayden believed was a TRUE alliance), he will no doubt put them up…..he may put up Christine or Frankie if the POV is used, but book it, Derrick and Cody will be Hayden (and Nicole’s target) after this betrayal. After tonight, the lines will be drawn!!!! Let’s hope the drama follows. :)

  43. Worst case possible: Zach stays and Detonators win HoH, backdoor Donny and he is voted out.

    Best case: Derrick or Cody flip their vote, it is a tie, Nicole sends Zach packing, Hayden or Donny wins HoH, and Christine gets to go home, being greeted by divorce papers from her husband.

    Thumbs up if you agree, down if you don’t!

  44. Alliances that you can stick a fork in . . .

    -The Rationale
    -Old timers
    -(If Donny goes) hopefully Team America

  45. If by chance Donny, Hayden or Nicole win either of the HOH’s tonight they need to forget the pawn crap and put up 2 of the best, if one comes down put up the next biggest threat. After all they have nothing to lose at this point.

  46. What happened to Christine wanting to take Nicole to the final 2? BFFs? Now she is being influenced by her weird obsession with Cody and manipulated by Frankie. I thought she was a super fan, but she is letting those 2 run her game… I hope that is going to be her downfall, preferably tonight!

  47. I despise that skankhole Christine…she talks crap about her husband about what a drunk he is yet apologized to her mom & hubby for her behavior. That skank is all over Cody & guilty and desperate as hell! How dare she spew lies & then look people in the eye & say Nicole is jealous. She is jealous when Nicole & Cody are together. She is hideous inside & out! She goes off about putting up Zach but is so jealous of Nicole that now she wants her gone to have Cody to herself-gross!

  48. IMO Christine thinks she is on her computer online playing a reality game. She is the princess and Cody the wussy prince. Wait until she has to cut off her computer and cuddle her husband big droopy ears. Eek

  49. I am not a huge Nicole fan but respect the fact she is or trying to make a big game move(Frankie).All these session players suck. They fall in line like drones & don’t have a mind of their own or tall game play…I am soooo over the puppet matters Frankie & Derrick. Zach is an idio dingus froot loop lol & BMC is a crazy Amber stalker. I want Christine & her ugly self gone! Nicole & the floaters need to rise up & wake up!

  50. Jocasta is being evicted first

    Praying Donny is second(not that I do NOt like Donny hes the only one that’s lieable has a brain and integrity) so Donny can go home and enjoy his august and the rest of the summer and not be stuck in the Big Brother Jury house. CBS can fly him in to pick up his Americas favorite 25000 dollar check at the finale!!!!!!!

  51. Part of the problem is that non-Detonators have been too timid to engage in game play. They sit on the sidelines reacting instead of taking charge and making the other side scramble. Like it or not, BB isn’t about fairness. It’s about scheming and thinking two steps ahead of your competitors.

    Non-Dentonators like Donny have his head in the right place but lacks courage to execute. Nicole is too scared to state her intentions and rally the troops to excute her wishes as HOH like other HOH holders before her. Hayden has decided riding the fence and engaging in a little bit of showmance is best for his game. It might satisfy his hormones but it does little else. Jocasta and Victoria don’t warrant me even mentioning since we all pretty much agree on their game play (or lackthereof). Derrick has had it too easy with only Frankie being a possible threat. The rest just fall in line and that’s because someone decided to lead the sheep. Now if only Non-Detonators could do similarly

  52. Praying to the BB Gods that Donny or Hayden wins HOH and any one of the a-hole detonators ( Zach excluded for now) goes up and home. I’m sick of the “Derrick and Cody / Frankrattine” show. Derrick basically tells Victoria to ” shut up” though had to add the ” and look pretty” so her conceited ego could hang on that and not that she is only a pawn to him.

  53. Ring.. “Hello Jocasta… It’s us. We’ll be parked outside the BBHouse in the pimped out Chariots waiting for you. PEACE (my child)”

  54. It’s ridiculous that people are saying production is meddling. If you watch the show, you’ll know Nicole and Hayden are being promoted positively and heavily, so why would they put them into disadvantage? That just doesn’t make sense. If they want drama, then Zach will be going out that door.

  55. Every year at some point everyone whines about production rigging the show. Can someone show 100% proof that its rigged. Probably not.

  56. Watching Christine is like watching an episode of Snapped or a Lifetime movie. She is jealous of every attractive woman in the house and any woman, who receives attention from a man. She initiates attention from Cody, as if she is playing out some fantasy….she had no intention of taking Nicole to the end only Cody…..Einstein Derrick £ the crew just don’t realize that yet….they are mere collateral damage. The only satisfaction is she has revealed her true cards to Nicole now….

  57. I hope nicole nominates caleb & frankie and somehow those 2 stay on the block!!! Then if one wins pov she can put up cody or christine!! She needs to tell zach everything she heard this week about him!! Nicole better not seriously work with christine again…

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