Nomination Ceremony Results! “You want to play cat & mouse? I’m coming for you Nicole!!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4TH
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 11-43-19-805

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10am – 11:43am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place.
HOH Nomination Ceremony Results:
Nicole Nominated: Zach & Jocasta
Donny Nominated: Victoria & Caleb

HOST of the Battle of the Block: Christine

The live feeds return – In the bathroom Derrick tells Nicole that her speech was good. Nicole asks it wasn’t bad was it? Derrick says no, you took an innuendo from his book and used it on him. It’s not bad that I said it was a strategic move to nominate her (Jocasta) is it. It’s what it is. Frankie joins them and tells her she did good!

In the kitchen – Zach says she wants to play cat and mouse.. well she looks like a mouse and I’m as swift as a cat and I’ll bite your head off. I’m coming for you Nicole!! Zach ask Frankie do you think they (Nicole & Donny) worked together to do that. Frankie says I don’t know, does it matter. Zach says it definitely matters if they worked together. Frankie says well you would know better than I would. Zach says well I am going to go find out right after I make this sandwich.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 11-47-10-050

11:45am – 12pm In the kitchen – Caleb says its cool you pick on beast mode! Beast Mode pick on you! You say its because I put you up, well I am coming after you.

In the bathroom – Frankie tells Jocasta that she needs to listen and work with Caleb in the battle of the block competition. He is military, don’t take his tone or yelling as being mean towards you. Victoria says I know. I need that. Victoria grabs Caleb and tell him she knows they’ve had their differences but.. Caleb says we haven’t had our differences, we’re good. Victoria tells him that she will listen to him and they jsut need to go out there and take themselves off. Caleb says I feel like I should be good enough to carry us both through it. Fight through it and lets get through it. Victoria says and don’t be scared to tell me what to to. Caleb says oh I’m not. Beast modes ready to play!

In the hive room – Zach tells Jocasta that he is glad his up with her and not Victoria. He says hopefully its a mental competition.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 11-51-31-141

12pm Up in the HOH room – Cody and Derrick join Donny in his HOH room. They thank him for not putting them up. Donny says your welcome. Donny says I hope Caleb isn’t mad at me. I only put him up because he put me up. We’re even now. I didn’t cry when he put me up. Victoria comes up to talk to Donny. Cody and Derrick head into the other HOH room. She asks what if they win and come off and then Caleb wins veto? Donny says don’t freak out. I have thought it through. I put you up because you are the better competitor. And think of this I am playing in the veto too. He has yet to prove that he is some competition beast. He nominated me and so I nominated him. You have done nothing to me and if you are still up come Thursday I will do my best to get you the votes. Donny tells her not to worry this early. Victoria says I know. Donny starts giving her pointers on the winning. Donny tells her sorry. Just know you’re not the target.

Cody and Derrick talk – Derrick says we want Donny’s nominations to win the battle of the block. Derrick tells Cody ideally we need Zach off the block because I know he wouldn’t vote us out. Cody brings up trying to get Frankie out this week. Derrick agrees. We need to solidify something with Nicole before Frankie gets to her. Cody agrees.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 12-02-06-073

12:10pm Nicole and Donny talk to Jocasta. Donny tells her to stay calm and that she’s not the target. Nicole says I’m sorry. Jocasta says it’s okay. She talks about how she just doesn’t feel good and isn’t able to go to the bathroom.

12:20pm In the earth room – Zach asks Cody if Caleb is still up and wins the veto who is Donny putting up? Cody says I know I am. That was part of the conversation last night. I put him up so I know he would put me up. Zach says what if Victoria and I are still up and Victoria wins Veto then it would be you and I up on the block. Cody says I know if Donny puts me up then that means he wants me out. At that point there’s no tit for tat. Wnen I put him up there were still 13 people in the house. Cody and Zach think it would be better for Nicole to stay HOH. Zach says it would be good if Nicole won veto because then she would keep the nominations the same. Zach says what was Nicole thinking putting me up on the block! F**k Nicole! I’m coming for her head!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 12-14-52-718

In the kitchen – Caleb comments that it looks like I have a vag!na in these pants because they’re so tight. Frankie says that’s because you’re d**ks not big. Derrick says its not like I have a 13 inch c**k either. Cody says like Ron Jeremy. Christine says I had a dream about Ron Jeremy last night. He was interviewing us. Caleb says I am going to stop wearing underwear so people can start seeing how big my stuff is! That’s what I’m going to do.

12:30am In the earth room – Frankie laughs about how Caleb said you can’t see his c**k in his pants. Frankie says because you have small c**k its like Derrick. They laugh. Zach talks about going out and killing it in the competition. Zach says then we can have celebritory an@l date after. Frankie says oh my god I need it so bad! Caleb joins Zach. Zach asks what if Victoria wins Veto, then what? Caleb says I didn’t think of that. Zach says there’s less than a one percent chance she would win it. Caleb agrees.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 12-27-57-262

12:35pm – 12:40pm Derrick and Victoria head into the havenot room. Victoria says that she is stressed. Derrick says you’re in a good position. You’re not in a bad position, you’re not in a good position either because you’re on the block. Victoria is worried that if Caleb comes off the block then I am going home. There are no other targets. It just sucks. I feel like I would go home against any one. Derrick says not necessarily. Victoria start crying. Derrick says I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.

12:45pm – 12:50pm Derrick comes back and tells Victoria she just needs to win today. You have a very good chance at winning it. Caleb is strong and he’s not dumb either. Last week you were with Jocasta this is different, he will carry you the whole way if he has to. Zach won’t beat him. Victoria says I have to win. There’s so much pressure. Derrick says you have to relax as much as you can. Victoria says I know. Derrick says you’re going to win, I promise!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 12-43-11-369

Victoria heads up to the HOH room – There is a lot of pressure for me to win today because there’s still a slight chance I could go home. Victoria asks what if Caleb wins the veto? Nicole tells her you still won’t go, I promise you. Nicole and Victoria try to sleep in the HOH bed.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 12-53-50-142

1:10pm – 1:30pm All the house guests are napping / resting before the battle of the Block competition that will happen this afternoon.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 13-10-55-933a

1:40pm – 1:55pm Donny heads down from the HOH room and starts doing laps around the kitchen table. Victoria comes down and says she just had a good power nap. Donny tells her to stay awake now and keep your heart pumping. There’s no noise out there so it could be soon. Victoria says this is when the game gets.. like were every competition counts. Donny says yeah and you’re with someone that is very confident so that’s a plus. Last yeah Spencer was nominated 8 times! Victoria says but I don’t want to be a Spencer! Donny says if you do sit there till Thursday and you stay to a unanimous vote ..that’s a compliment that all your friends voted to keep you. Donny tells her to not be afraid to tell Caleb something.. because he’s not too smart. Donny says if someone other than the nominees win the veto they would be afraid to use it because one of their friends might go up. Victoria says right. Donny says since we didn’t have a double eviction last night.. there might be one this Thursday. One of the people will go home and the other will go to jury. Donny says hopefully we made it to the second phase of the game to jury. And even if we get kicked out now at least we can influence who wins. Victoria asks Donny do you want to get married. Donny says well one day. I am a little worried because I’ve never done it before and most end in divorce. Big Brother gets called to the diary room and Victoria says it (Battle of the Block) might happen soon since she just got called in. She’s the host. Donny says oh you’re right!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 13-54-23-987

2pm Donny heads up to the HOH and asks are you ready for me to be tar’d and feathered if I get dethroned!? Nicole says it might be me.

Victoria goes into the fire room and climbs on Derrick’s back:

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-01 14-00-14-156

2:03pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Battle of the Block Competition to take place..

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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Zach pulling himself off of the block, especially since Caleb is stuck with Victoria.


I hope Zach pulls himself off the block but I think Victoria is a better competitor than Joco.

I hate that it was Zach and Caleb on the block; I wished it would’ve been Cody and Derrick with Frankie as renom.

One could wish…

Jimmy 64

Hey Andrew BB
Jacosta is worse than Victoria .


The only reason Victoria won the POV was because Caleb chose the 5k? She didn’t really earn that win, and she’ll never win one on her own.. Victoria lost the BOB for her and Jocasta, because she didn’t listen to her at all. They’re both terrible but Victoria is the worst of the 2..

IMO, They should’ve nominated 2 weak teams, that way, they could backdoor , Zach,Frankie or Caleb easier…. Either team got a great chance of winning BOB… Instead of trying to protect people they should’ve been smarter with the noms.


if you put 2 weak teams and backdoor someone you don’t have the numbers unless big alliance flips they should have put up Frankie and caleb Zach and derrick that only leaves cody he wont win veto if the other 4 win veto replace with cody now caleb or an alliance member is gone because that’s the 2 on the block use joc and vic for votes simple


you have to have a voter, not a floater, on the block with the target. You want Caleb out, he’s not going out unless you drop some of the potential votes, so Victoria with him, Vic isn’t able to vote him out. That leaves the rest all voting Vic out. You want Caleb out, you put Derrick up next to him. Derrick is no longer voting out Vic, it adds up to two against Caleb staying that way.

If anyone wants someone out, they need to start thinking about putting Derrick up not Donny. Derrick isn’t going to be voted out by Frankie, Cody, Hayden, Victoria, Jocasta, and probably at least one other person. if Caleb was not on the block (this for future HOH/noms) he also will not vote out Derrick. He is the next perfect pawn if you want to ensure a specific outcome.

funny enough, he set this up for himself trying to stay off the radar off the block, he has become the next Donny, the one with enough allies to be a pawn.

Truth sayer

I don’t know how all of you don’t see the obvious … If Nicole is hoh Donny or Jocasta goes home and if Donny wins Victoria or Caleb go home … There is such a small small chance that Jocasta and Victoria take themselves off and if they do it will just end up being bye bye Donny or Caleb repesctively … Don’t think Nicole will do that ..’oh should would … She will tell Donny .. You change my nominations and you are going up. And if Jocasta managed to win .. Haha yea right .. Donny would go up anyway … I don’t see her being ballsy and putting Frankie next to zach .. But hey it’s still in the realm of possible but that’s the least possible scenario.


I used to like Zach but have to come to realize he is nothing but a bully. Really hope Frankie goes home. He is such a disgusting individual.


WTF is that. Zach and Jocosta? man…they really want Zach gone over caleb. its kind of amazing to me

Nicole is really messing w/ Zach ATTACK’s game. he needs to get her out of the house next week. best case is a double eviction, and he takes her out with an HOH win. he is close on almost every single competition. Zach has a real legit chance to win any comp


The plan is to backdoor Frankie after the veto after what he did to Nicole last week with throwing her under the bus. Zach should stay safe this week if no complications arise.


I couldn’t agree more. He was at the tie-breaker for this past HOH and choked on the math. Idk why your comment is so disliked, Zach is just as entertaining for the game as Nicole is – I’d like to see both of them stay another two or three weeks just to keep things interesting. Zach can send Christine or Hayden home on double evict (assuming someone like Nicole wins POV and pulls the other).


Nicole is no where near as entertaining as Zach. Nicole adds nothing to the game. She claims to be a super fan but she is stupid and boring as hell. I hope she goes soon, unfortunately I don’t see her going for a while.


shut your pie hole, Frankie is the target ..Zach is clueless and so are you 🙂


How can I save both me & my boo Victoria when we are on different teams? I will find a way dang it, I will find a way!! LOL


LoL, that’s funny.


I dunno…Jocasta was already saying she’s not feeling well…again…just before a competition. Sheesh, lady. I prefer Donny to not have HOH; Frankie feels like the legit target for both Donny and Nicole. Happy Day!


If zach wins BOB (which I hope he will) I think he’s gunna blow up! We might see some fights today everybody!


For sure…

he’s going to go the fuck off on Nicole and Christine – and it could mean danger for Frankie.


this guy will detonate himself out the door very soon.. he’s a joke, a complete first I thought he was funny, but now he’s making a fool out of himself, when you try too hard , you FAIL!


Zack’s a bore? lol Geez, I wonder what you think of the rest of the house? They’re like watching paint dry for the most part. He’s the only entertaining player there.




oh believe me , THEY’RE ALL BORING, but Zach tries too hard, and it doesn’t make this season any better, his tantrums looks childish, fake, and stupid, we want real drama!!


Detonators want Caleb gone, and want someone else (like Donny) to have done it not themselves. So for them, they’ll want to see Zach win the BoB, so Caleb is still there. Caleb only thinks he’s a big winner, but really has won nothing other than hayden willing to drop off before him. Hayden is a subtle winner, he can and does win things, or in the HOH chose not to. it’s not the same thing as Caleb actually winning, and there is a huge chance that Caleb won’t win this. The BoB he claims he threw, there is no guarantee they were even close compared to Donny and Amber, who were the right combination

I’m not fond of the BoB comps, i find them kind of dumber games. i don’t feel they are designed for anyone to win, i feel they are only designed for athletic people first, and mental challenge secondary.


Unfortunately useless Jocasta is on his team so he might lose.


What will it take for these dumb A$$ girls to understand the guys are in an alliance to get the girls out???


maybe u should check whats going on before u complain… the plan is to backdoor FRANKIE!!! is frankie a girl? i don’t think so

Zach's Nasty Armpit Hair

Are you certain Frankie is not a girl?? That’s debatable.


Good Game Move, about time somebody made an aggressive move


I am now done with Frankie. I was OK with him for awhile. but his absolute insistence on destroying Zach’s game, when Zach is really the best ally he has at this point and he is clueless to that fact, is enough to annoy the heck out of me.

he has shat all over Zach’s game all summer. he and Cody, the closest allies, have ruined his game. it would be the same as if after Dr Will gave his speech, Boogie went to EVERYONE in the house and complained about how Will is hurting his game and blah blah blah. both would have been gone very quickly.

Frankie continues to back the wrong horse, he seems to think Caleb is his answer to how he can win this game, and I think he is so far off base with that, its laughable.


in fact, it would be like if Boogie dropped Will for what he did, and went to try and make an alliance with Howie.


It’s ironic because Frankie freaked out at Zach when he confronted Devin at the POV meeting.


This 2 HoH crap is horrible, it avoids to straight up put the bigger targets in the house since it will give them 2 chances to save their lives. All this does is get the bigger targets backdoored without the chance to compete. I wont complain if it happens to Frankie though.

mr ed

Didn’t know pink haired woodpeckers wear hotpants !!! Frankie is a fashion mavan LOL.Dresses like a 10 year old !


Okay…who voted for Victoria as favorite competitor?
Fess up!


MEEE! Sorry that crow story had me bawling haha


Alright….but that’s all…that story can’t amuse you another week!


Be good to see Zach or Beast Mode exit

Not A PHD Student

WOW talk about a hugh game changing move, well done Nicole, well done.

Can anyone get a spine in this game?


I sure hope it works out and they get rid of Frankie. Maybe then people will start thinking for themselves. Next best move, get rid of Christine.

What cowards...

Nicole and Donny had their chance to make a bold move…and they blew it! It should have been Zach/Cody and Derrick/Caleb now they will just wait to get picked off by the arrogant boys. Go big or go home don’t want to see Donny go home, but it’s not looking good.


That makes ZERO sense. Why in the world would Donny/Nicole want to make 4 enemies ESPECIALLY this early in the game????


No, the way they did it gives them more back door options and a slightly better chance of winning and controlling the veto.


Worst case scenario would be Frankie winning the POV and taking Zach off. If that happens i hope that either Derrick or Cody would be nominated as the replacement but, it’s unlikely.


There’s no upside in that scenario for Frankie. He’d only use a POV on himself and use his trite quote of not wanting to get blood on his hands. But Zach’s not going anywhere. Nor is Frankie. I see Jocasta or Victoria finally leaving.


Good Luck Nicole!! I hope Zach is coming after you.


I really wish they could make this BOTB a 1v1. Just tell Jocasta and Victoria that to save them the embarrassment, they will not be competing. In fact, tell them that because they are both so horrendous in a competition setting, they have to stay inside. Then just have Caleb versus Zach in some crazy event to decide it.


I would be happy to see Caleb or Zach go even though Zach is entertaining. I think he tries to hard to be a villain. What I really hope is that they backdoor Frankie like they were planning last night! Finally the Nicole I wanted to see. And of course I love Donny. Who doesn’t? Can’t wait to see these guys squirm and the look on Frankie’s face if he is backdoored!!


I wouldn’t get your hopes up guys. Unless two detonators are up, which Nicole and Donny seem incapable of doing, Jacosta/Victoria gets the boot.


this, 100%, what a likely waste of an hoh. splitting up jocasta and victoria was a major mistake, donny and coco let derrick get into their heads.

now the only chance donny and nicole’s side has is if the hoh wins veto, and uses it to backdoor the detonators side. it’s not looking good, glad the double eviction is next week.


Its a smart way to get 2 detonators on the block at once and not have it look like an obvious attack. If Hayden, Donny, Nicole win pov they can pull either jo or vic off and nominate another detonator and have the numbers.


that’s a really big “if”. why not just start with two detonators on each side?


Hope it works out right and Frankie is gone. The next smart move is get rid of Christine.


Agree. Get rid of Fakie and then give Ratine the boot. Now Derprick has lost his spies, Zack will be out of control, Caleb will be obsessing over Amber and these HG’s will be forced to play the game.


Finally a BOB to see, can’t wait hopefully Vic and Caleb win it and Frankie gets backdoored and is on the block with Zach
Who do you think will go home Zach or Frankie?


Don’t be so sure!!! Zach will win BOTB!! If it’s mental challenge, then Caleb doesn’t stand a chance.


Zach will win BOB and dethrone Nicole!!!


If KnowNothing Nic is dethroned then at the double evict Hayden will have to step up and win HOH or Donny could be screwed. I think Hayden would have the b@lls to put up Derprick and CodyNoB@lls. That would be so much fun.

Mister E

Out of those 2 i would think Zach would go. He has upset a lot of the house and the only people that would want him to stay would probably chose Frankie over him (except for Donny and Hayden, but thats not enough to keep him)


Don’t be so sure because Zach is really smart in mental challenge.


Derprick and CodyNoB@lls want Fakie gone. They know he’s working against them and will take their shot when they can.


I hate that Caleb and Zach say they are now coming after Donny and Nicole because they put them on the block. They put them on the block first! Stop acting like the current HOHs threw the first punch and take being nominated like a man.

you just don't get it

stop listening to what Zach says when he is with caleb

Nicole asked him straight up AFTER she won HOH, “Zach if you had won HOH would you put me up” Zach- “Absolutely”


I am good enough to carry you, bring Amber back with my special powers and bestow world peace on the planet. Plus, I can give you a totally bitchin haircut. I am CALEB!!


Caleb has a God complex.


I think Caleb would be more inclined to believe that in actuality, it is God who has a Caleb complex.

Beast Mode Rentboy

Nah no God Complex. I’m just a douche.


Haven’t you heard? Caleb has moved onto Nicole’s friend Mariah! Poor girl. Amber’s off the hook. 🙂


One season coming up should be called Big Brother: Retro ( or something cool like that I don’t name TV shows or anything ) where a lot of the game uses rules from the old big brother – but don’t tell the contestants. Re-do the house to make it look like season 1,2,3, etc. Bring back the PB&J. Silver POV ( although I like the gold ) or maybe the rule that HOH and 2 noms get to always pick who they want like season 3 or 4. OR all contestants like the beginning seasons. Food competitions etc. They’ll all be waiting for some special power like Pandora’s box or think they have timed the evictions/jury right because it’s so predictable. I know some people have commented ‘ oh it should be how it used to be ‘ but actually make that the theme – once they figure it out it’ll be good.


I’ve never hoped for someone to lose more than I do for Caleb…. well and Victoria. It’s a win win if those two losers lose!

Jocasta, try not sucking so bad please please please!


Ditto. Can you imagine if he wins?! Beast mode will not stop talking about it 24/7 all day everyday…


Has Caleb won anything other than the very first HOH? I’ve missed a lot of shows and blogs. He talks like he has…. as if he’s indestructible, but I can’t recall what he’s done other than win the first HOH, which if I’m not mistaken, is NOT something you really want to win.


Oh lord! Jocosta is on the block and is getting “sick” again. I think the doctor should come in and diagnose her with EVICTIONitis. The cure: she should not be on the block or else she will get stomach pains, dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea.


I know right? Can’t she just whine hysterically like all the women do when they’re up? Don’t fake a sickness..

I remember when Brendon got evicted? Rachel acted like she was gonna die… That’s probably why production brought him back for a week, to keep her from walking out. Like damn, calm down, it’s just a game.


I hate this game just hate it and I will never watch it again as long as I live. Why did those nominations go that way, these people don’t know how to play a game. Frankie needs to go he is running the house and they cant see it. I know your suppose to like little people but I really dont like him for some reason!!!!!!!


Bye Bix!!!


Anyone get a kick out of Victoria’s and Calab’s convo? Beastmode: I think I should be enough to carry us both through. Victoria: Don’t be afraid to tell me what to do. Beastmode: Oh I’m not.

Maybe Calab should’ve chose Vic to showmance with.


The only scenario that will squash the Frankie-backdoor is if he is chosen and wins POV. I think he would sacrifice Zach to save Derrick or Cody from going up.

Nicole needs to test Christine. Donny needs to test Derrick.

I am already sick

sacrificing Zach for Cody would be a terrible move for Frankie. he is not friends at all with cody. cody wants him gone, so does derrick. Zach has his back and is a better challenge competitor than both of those guys(See where he finishes)

Christine's crazy eye

Frankie and Derrick were all over that mission! But when the time came to put up a physical threat, who did they push through? Amber, not one of the guys, Amber, who while the strongest girl, was not the strongest physical threat in the house. Donny did the right thing. The TA missions don’t just screw with the house. They screw with the TA members as well. As in are you greedy enough to risk your long term gain ( a possible 500 k) for the short term gain of 5k. Maybe you should stop getting high on the smell of your own farts. And take your head from your ass.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Well its kinda funny how much people talk bad about everyone in the house but someone says anything about donny regardless if its true and people instantly call bullshit on it. If they had not tried to do TA tasks these past couple weeks when frankie and derrick had power everyone would have complained ohhhhhh they are pussys cause they dont do TA tasks im sorry frankie throwing zach out to basically make himself a target was bad for frankies game making one of the few big allies he has a popular pick to go home and that was all to get a TA task done, but when Donny doesnt do the TA task everyone runs and says ohhh Donny doesnt need to do the task cause it would hurt his game….. sure lets just call it as is hypocrisy its fine when its derrick or frankie doing the TA mission but donny doesnt have to just because.

Christine's crazy eye

Not a Donny fanatic. However mr diddles is waaaay out of line. If Frankie or Derrick had not wanted to do ANY of the TA challenges, I personally wouldn’t have given a rats ass. But to attack someone’s family in the way diddles did is rude and frankly too much. And perhaps even someone like you should be able to see that.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I definitely don’t agree with anyone talking about someones family like that its disgusting but its why i said what i said i think a lot of the fandom for reality shows Big brother in particular love to take cheap shots at peoples family and i have spent weeks hearing about frankie’s use of grandfathers death to move forward in the game or that he didn’t love him cause he didn’t leave and the terrible insults christine’s husband gets for just being married to her. I don’t tolerate it and makes me sad to be a part of a fandom that up votes these kind of insults because they don’t like the people. People seem to choose when something is right or wrong based on the person not the actual occurrence example being when derrick goes through the same situation for instance no one degraded him, his reason for staying or his family. Its fine to dislike a person for the game they play or the things they say but I don’t think its ever acceptable to degrade a person or there family to the extent i have seen.
TLDR: I don’t condone what diddles said about donny but i don’t think everyone else should be upvoting disgusting insults about others in the house either.


I agree with you. Only wussies stand by and let women get spoken to like that (especially that Amber veto speech nonsense). I don’t understand when or how Donny became Captain America. Five minutes after complaining the same people are always up on the block he nominates people who have already been on the block. That TA mission was a no brainer. There’s no way he’s going to win or even come in second place. In fact if he had not won HoH he’d be prepping for BoB right now or be a possible backdoor target later. With the little bit of time he has left he should making HUGE moves and stirring things up as much as he can to cause his enemy alliance to turn on each other. In fact if they had completed that TA mission there would have been more dissention in the house making Donny less of a target. Bottom line he’s wuss. If he were going after the true mastermind in the house (Derrick) I would feel differently.

Easy week

I predict if nicole remains hoh – Jocasta or Donny goes home .. If Donny remains hoh Victoria or Caleb goes home. Such an easy ass week for the detonators … These other houseguests are just clueless. Who knows how many times they will get another chance.

Love This

Neither Zach or Caleb will go home. If
Caleb were to pull himself
Off the block and Frankie went up as the replacement do
You think that maybe this is
The plan to make sure Frankie will for sure be loyal to the boys?


Troll much?


That was aimed at Diddles.

anonymous too

i am so over seeing victoria sniveling every time she gets put up on the block. she should be used to it by now. hope she finally goes home this week. but unfortunately, she and jaco will probably end up winning the whole game.


I really hope Zach & Jocasta win the Battle of the Block competition.


Where will all the fun and exciting entertainment go if Frankie and Zack leave? With them…..and we will be left with dull, duller and dullest times 3. You thought it was a snooze fest before? Well grab a blankie!

Sigh Donny Fanatics

In all honesty they made the best choice they could make with the least actual blood being put on their hands. If they had put up the four boys leaving frankie off for possible backdoor i don’t see how u can justify that to cody or derrick they would see right through that and the targets would be squarely on donny and nicoles back come next week. Also you also consider nicole doesn’t want to put up cody and derrick because she trusts them look where that got amber and brittney but i digress. The plan does have a lot of chinks in it doing it the way they did it and if they had put the four boys up end resulyt would have been guaranteed getting a big guy out but nicole and donny are not in a situation where they can put the boys up and not get themselves targeted unless they get out derrick cause it be much harder to mount a counterattack without the brains of the alliance but they don’t have the votes for it cause derricks got this game in a bow right now.
TLDR: Hohs made best noms based on target with the least blood on their hands.


Frankie IS a girl.


Don’t get too excited about Frankie possibly leaving (finally), I have a feeling he will win POV. (BB wants to save him for ratings probably)


Zach should be safe, since he’s up against Beast Mode Cowboy for BOB.

Mister E

He has more guts than just about everyone in that house. First time someone actually went after a threat instead of wimping out and putting up the same girls over and over. Plus the TA mission would have been a nail in his coffin in this game and he was smart enough not to do it. He may not be the most athletic person in the house, but he is one of the smartest. This David (Donny) is trying to slay the giant (detonators), and you are calling him a coward. Seems a little backwards to me.


How is he slaying (the giants) two weak girls were put up again and Caleb and Zach who are disposable in the detonators eyes?


And if he gets put on the block(and hopefully backdoored), he will cry like the little b1tch he is!


Perfect scenario for me would be, Caleb and Victoria win BOB. Jocasta gets pulled off by POV, and then Nicole replaces her with Frankie. Can you imagine the scheming that would take place. Would make one very interesting week. Be good to actually get a shake up, tired of the unanimous voting. jus sayin

Boxer Mom

As much as I would love to see the house “shaken up”, a part of me just wants to see Jocasta and Victoria gone. So tired of Victoria’s crying and self righteousness, and Jocasta’s uselessness and injuries/illnesses.

I am already sick

both are placeholders on the block, both have a chance of making it far when people think they need to make a big move each week(See Nicole, see Derrick and Cody making a deal with every HOH ever, see every HOH thinking they all of a sudden have this game long power to hold an alliance together)

I wish both would go, Vic and Jocasta…neither play the game, seriously. they both can cry, that is it. they have no allies, they don’t really ever care who is getting voted out as long as its not them. I have no idea why either are there other than for TV time and to win the money obviously. but there is zero desire to play the game that gets you the money. Victoria walks around like that POV win is the most amazing thing ever. its a good thing for Zach he got Jocosta in the BOB, because if he got Victoria she might get lazy or throw it. Jocosta will go all out even if it is a lousy overall outcome

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I completely agree i really dislike seeing people that don’t even really try to play the game just move through week after week but such is Big brother. Id think that unless derrick is just gonna lock alliances with everyone the house will keep flopping to whomever has the power during that week as this season has been and they will keep taking out actual players of the game that go against them so get used to seeing Jocosta and/or Victoria because one will most likely just move through unscathed plus easy win come final everyone can see that.


Women on the show whine too damn much… They act like they’re broke and need the money to pay for someone’s expensive medical bills…. It’s not that serious ladies, you’re on a PAID vacation, Chill, Enjoy the Free Ride…


Victoria start crying. Derrick says I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.

Oh c’mon Derrick, quit being fickle and support your jury vote thru her crisis. LOL


And I can just hear him now, “all I want to do is build schools in Africa……” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself:)


He really is but he has other ways of collecting money. I want Donny to win.

I am already sick

of the edit Nicole is going to get this week. she and hayden get the most ridiculous edit on CBS, I am tired of it. they aren’t cute, she has been cuddling with cody and talking mad BS about people, but plays this innocent card that is really fake.

I would be so happy if Zach ATTACK pulls off that BOB win, terrifies her all week, wins HOH next double eviction, sends her packing, and finally Hayden can become a real target, as it seems the girls will all go before him SMH


That is the kind of tv we all deserve.


Jocasta seems in reasonably good health unless the day of the POV has arrived or the BOB.
In other news: Victoria is crying to Derrick.
In ‘weirder by the day’ news: Caleb talks about his junk needing to be seen as bigger.
I’m glad I didn’t subscribe to the livefeeds this year.


Hoping Zach can pull off a win today! If it’s physical, he’s basically screwed with Jocasta as a teammate, but who knows what will happen! The anticipation is killing me..


Jocasta and Victoria, the weekly block favorites. Quit fooling around and finish them off. Then the real game can start. Bloody hands every week.

Frankie is the snake, going around offering everyone the apple. But look how many have taken a bite. They will gather and cast ye out! (Jocasta taught all that to me)


I’m hoping to get a glimpse of the mythical “BeastModeCowboy”


That cowboy is all hat, scarf, bunny slippers and Amber underwear. What you sees is whats you gets. No mo!
To find the beast you must look down.