Big Brother Spoilers “We’re Being Stroked bro.. We lose Frankie/Zach we lose a number”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,


BB16-2014-08-02 14-12-49-385

2:10pm Hayden and Cody HOH
Cody mentions the name of the alliance tentatively being “Quad Squad”
Hayden say the name for the alliance sucks He’s got four banked away he’s ready to fire out.
Hayden – “I have the coolest name ever.”
Nicole comes up says Christine is trying to convince her to put up COdy oir Derrick. She’s making this suggestion under the guise that Derrick/Zach would stay but the intent is to dlip the house and get cody//Derrick out.
Cody – they are trying to get Derrick or I up to send us home.. OH MY GOD.. Christine and Frankie are trying to get you to put up me.. I’m going to win HOH next week and you just told me my nominations”
Cody – When he does all these antics I want to kick him in the back of the head.. he’s so fake.
Derrick rolls in.. They compare notes about Frankie and Christine trying to get Derrick or Cody put up. HAyden says Chrsitne told everyone in the house that Cody, Derrick and Nicole were up in the HOH talking game.
Cody – They want to flip the script and get one of us out.
Frankie rolls in Cody – “F****”

BB16-2014-08-02 15-31-00-321

2:25pm Hayden comes into the rock room wearing Victoria’s shorts Starts grinding everything around him
Zach – Dude nice camel tow bro.. you got such a toe on these things..
Victoria says he’s wearing them backyards stretching them all out. They are surprised that Victoria and Hayden are the same size. Victoria isn’t excited about this start to get a bit pissed.
Hayden heads up to the HOH to terrorize Nicole.

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BB16-2014-08-02 14-56-38-958

2:42pm HOH Nicole, Cody, HAyden and Derrick
Nicole – Holy crap..
Cody – I’m going into the next HOH HAMMER TIME
Nicole points out how stressed Frankie and Christine have been. Brings up they told her they want to win HOH on double eviction to get a big player out Cody – He’s talking about me he wants me out ;
hayden – Frankie says he wants to cut throats and start backstabbing he said that to me .. I was like OK
Nicole he’s ready for a blood bath
Cody – thats vulgar who says that
Cody says he doesn’t give in to Frankie bullshit that is why Frankie is talking about him going up. He brings up how Frankie has Zach, Caleb and Christine wrapped around his little finger.
Derrick think it’s Donny that Frankie wants gone .. Cody tells him Frankie told Zach who told him he[s coming after him. Hayden asks them what they thought about “The Rationales“ as a name for their alliance. Cody likes it says it’s better than QUAD SQUAD.

BB16-2014-08-02 15-14-26-305

3:05pm Kitchen Zach, Christine and Frankie
Talking about Donny being a doctor or a science teacher. Frankie says he used the word osmosis, his brother is a science teacher and his friend is a professor.
Talking about the upcoming POV competitions, “They are building so much sh1t”
Zach – I gotta win

Frankie and Zach go to the BEEHIVE
Zach tells him to please win the competition and if he can’t he has to make up with Nicole he doesn’t want this week to be the week they draw a line in the sand.
Frankie – If you win it you can run around the house saying F** you
Zach doesn’t want JOcasta to win the POV, “If Nicole wins she could take Jocasta down and make an amazing move”
Frankie is certain Caleb and Christine won’t use the POV
Derrick and Christine come in Zach asks if Victoria and Nicole will use the POV. Derrick thinks Victoria won’t but isn’t sure about Nicole. Zach is worried someone will get in Nicole’s head.
Christine tells them that Nicole is getting jealous because HAyden has been wearing Victoria’s shorts.
Zach – AS long as Jocasta doesn’t win Veto we are golden
Frankie – I’m going to try to get Donny put up
Derrick – No chance in hell
Derrick says it will be interesting if Zach doesn’t win but POV is used who Nicole would put up
Cody joins them they have a detonator meeting in session
Zach starts talking about how good he is at estimating..
Zach tells them they should get Hayden out before Caleb. “It’s scary to say but I think we need to get out HAyden.”

Zach is planning out how they are going to get to the final 6 and who they should take with them. Ideally he wants Victoria because she has no chance in winning the HOH.
Frankie warns that Donny is really smart.
Zach – That is why he’s next after Hayden.
Zach says they need to get Hayden, Donny Nicole, Caleb Victoria out

Frankie tells Zach “You can be as big of a monster as you want if you have that veto around your neck”

BB16-2014-08-02 15-45-01-132

3:44pm Cody shows us the size of Donny’s Log in the toilet bowl the other day

BB16-2014-08-02 16-03-30-164

3:58pm Derrick and Cody FIREROOM
Derrick says they only have each other in this game just like he told him day 2.
Derick has caught Nicole in 3 lies, he is certain Donny and Nicole are working together, “That’s my opinion I don’t know if that is true”
Cody – What do you think of Frankie”
Derrick doesn’t know says Nicole is changing her story, “Play the numbers we vote out Frankie/Zach we lose a number”
Derrick – Would Zach put us up.. never.. would Frankie and Christine … maybe but I don’t think he’s saying things to the amount they’re saying he is.
Derrick – Nicole is a bad liar they are using me and you
Cody – they know we are the flips
Derrick – I caught Donny and HAyden in here alone talking.. “Why are they talking so much”
Cody – should we stick with the detonators
Derrick – we might have to
Derrick says Nicole and HAyden talk shit about Frankie because they know they won’t go to him to cross reference.
Derrick – Every time i Mention DOnny Nicole is like I could never put him up i would never put him up.. why .. he’s not part of the quad squad he’s not part of the rationales.
Cody – I love the rationales it’s a sweet name
Derrick – I do to
Derrick says every member of the detonators they can beat them he doesn’t think they can beat the rationales. THey agree they are being played, “We’re being Stroked bro”
COdy – Victoria isn’t working with them she’s with us”
Cody – Christine is with frankie
Derrick – She’s more with us not them up there
Cody -Zach is in Frankie back f*** pocket and that isn’t good for me
Derrick stresses it’s all about the numbers Frankie can’t get them out he doesn’t have the numbers. . “It’s all about the numbers.. we’re going up on the block dude on the block”
Cody – I Want Zach off the block
Derrick – Agreed
Derrick says they need to get DOnny or Jocasta out this week,
Derrick tells him Zach will never put them up. Cody doesn’t trust Frankie though.
Derrick – Frankie is playing both sides.. I don’t give a f** about Frankie as a person I give a f*** because he’s a number.
Derrick – we have to assume everything is a lie.. Nicole I’ve caught her in 3 different lies the biggest is her covering DOnny‘s plan to put you on the block.
Cody mention how he use to have Christine in his back pocket but now she’s gone.
Derrick says Cody needs to reel Christine back in they are trying to win half a million dollars use his face whatever it takes.
Derrick – I know 100% Hayden And Nicole are working together.
Cody thinks Donny is working with them.

Derrick wants to stick with the detonators get Donny, Jocasta, HAyden and Nicole out.
Derrick – I think Zach talks sh1t but I don’t think he’s getting us out
Cody brings up frankie talking sh!t about getting them out on double eviction
Derrick says when they get to final 6 he’ll vote Frankie out before Caleb
Derrick wants the nominations to be the same so if they find out Nicole and hayden are lying to them they will vote Zach out if not they will vote out Jocasta.

Frankie joins them… “I’m nervous about Zach.. I love him but sometimes I want to stick a fork in his eyes” Frankie mentions how he’s told Zach to make friends with Nicole.

BB16-2014-08-02 16-42-43-471

4:43pm Reading The Adam and Eve Story from the bible.

BB16-2014-08-02 16-46-21-753

4:48pm Christine, Frankie and Derrick
They are talking about the best case scenario is Zach winning the veto. Ferrick thinks she might put up Donny, “It’s the only thing that makes sense”

Cody and Derrick Losing their minds paranoia becoming an all time high
Cody – Bro who’s playing us
Derrick Bri we’re being played on both sides..

BB16-2014-08-02 17-10-19-987

5:02pm HOH Nicole and Hayden
Nicole – Christine came up to me and she said.. you have to put someone up against Zach That won’t go home… I asked her who do you want up.. and she said Cody and Derrick”
Nicole – And she said Just so you know Victoria and HAyden made out and Zach told me Hayden loves Victoria like thats why he’s keeping her in this house Nicole.
Hayden denies it Nicole knows it was a lie..
Nicole – Dude even if it’ true.. to toy with my emotions like that it’s rude
Hayden – You should put her up
Nicole – thats what i’m thinking .. she better hope she wins.. is that true.
hayden – No
Nicole – She knowS that I like you a little bit so to say that is just rude. “She said It DISGUSTS me it disgusts me.. About you and victoria making out I don’t believe it for a second..
Hayden – I promise Victoria and I have never kissed we only cuddled once in the FIREROOM
Nicole – I know.. I can’t believe Christine did that..
Hayden – oh my god
Nicole – This is the best part.,. She explains Christine told her Frankie talked to Hayden and he’s 100% down with keeping Zach so she has no other choice he has to put someone big on the block
hayden – Put her f** ing up she’ll go home
Nicole – She not very smart in her game she thinks she can manipulate me like that
Hayden – She is straight up the worst.
Nicole – I’m so happy i never told her anything
Nicole says Christine is a horrible friend she’s trying to mess with her head before the POV competition “She’s worse than Amber”

Hayden – if you had to choice right now who would you put up as a replacement
Nicole – Frankie and Christine.. I’m more afraid of Franki e
They agree they can fool Christine and keep her close even though they thinks she’s a manipulative snake.
Nicole – I’m 99% sure CHristine has been throwing all the comps
Hayden – Derrick and Cody know it to.. you wouldn’t have to tell me I could have guessed it’s obvious.
Hayden – She thinks she so smart
Nicole – who does she thinks she’s fooling.. you are vicious.

5:07pm Feeds go to Jeff POV TIME
(It’s getting good folks)

7:15pm The live feeds are still blocked for the veto competition…

8:15pm Still blocked..

9:10pm The live feeds are still showing live feed highlights … its been 4 hours and counting now…

9:50pm Nothing yet…

10:22pm nothing…

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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I think amber is americas sweetheart anyone agree. Nicole is a wannabee jordan but im proud of how she is playing. Very proud. She better backdoor frankie, that will show the viewers she has more balls than cody! Lmao #ateotd


America’s sweetheart…… You better fixed this or what my dad is going to do to you two. Its a game why go bring up your big bad dad into they game to light weight threaten Caleb and Cody. Definitely not a sweetheart, just her working image.


Amber was f**king useless! And now she’s gone!


Let’s be honest… Donny is Americas Sweetheart.


How the heck is the veto comp not over yet?????? It’s been 4 hours!


Someone is holding on to something for dear life. Hang in there wildcard!


Do u hear the noises in background?


Americas sweetheart is FRANKIE!


I just hope that Frankie goes home this week. I can’t stand him and if they don’t get him out now, he will Andy his way to the end


At least Frankie is remotely interesting. Andy was the ultimate floater.


Nicole completely f*cked up her HoH reign when she nominated Jocasta. She had to nominate two strong members of the detonators for her plan to work and now it’s likely Frankie may stay. Unless Jocasta ( highly unlikely) or Nicole win this PoV her plan would work but with Cody and Derrick wanting to keep Frankie, it looks like another HoH may have been wasted.
Congrats to Nicole for being an idiot and wasting her HoH.


The problem with initially nominating two strong players for BOB is that they will have a go at you the next HOH and since they are “threats” they will most probably win it. Not only she will she lose her HOH, she will gain two people targeting her the following week. Given the information that she has, her nominations are logical, she is thinking that she will have Donny, Christine, Hayden, Victoria’s vote against Zach and/or Donny, Hayden, Victoria, Derick, Cody against Frankie.

Has it been a regular HOH, I doubt that Nicole wouldn’t put up Frankie and Zach initially, she knows the game and is actually playing good (apart from being misted by Derick). Honestly I’m just tired of the twists that the American BB produce. I want a season where they are back to basics, with players who are not afraid to make big moves.

Roisen Dubh

I’ve been saying forever that they need to bring back the food challenges. They were forced to work together and that made the game more dynamic. Yeah, it was kinda on the lame side, but who would you target at that point? The biggest threat to your game that helps you win steak dinners or the floater that keeps putting you on PB and J? Little things like that change it up big time.


Two ways of looking at it. The other side is that if you put up two of them, you eliminate 1 vote and force them to scramble against each other. Plus, they’re getting ready to come after people like Nicole and Donny now anyway. I’d rather throw the first punch and hope to realign things.

Roisen Dubh

The minute that Derrick went up to her with that F4 deal when she was sole HOH should’ve set alarm bells off in her head. Nicole is just plain dumb. Hayden is also dumb for letting this happen. Derrick is getting a little sloppy and these people are just too blind to see it. Unreal.


I don’t know if i would say that she wasted her HOH the problem is if she put up two strong players more then likely they would have won the bob this way the house still think she is clueless and is going under the raidar. I think the house left two many strong players in at this point and now that hayden and nicole know not to trust christine it could work to their advantage as long as they let her believe she still controls them. I have to say lying is part of the game but i think what christine did took it to far using nicoles feelings for hayden against her was low. I think that if nicole went after one of the stronger players she may have gotten one out but come next week it would work against her because she would become there number one target.

Chilltown 4 Life

Damn it! Zach needs to win the veto or he might be gone this week.


Former Big Brother Winner Mike Boogie Malin Accused Of Embezzling Money And Using It For Gay Sex – says business partner. Mike Boogie Malin used the generated revenue from his partly owned restaurant to pursue fetish, role playing sex with older men, as well as gamble and travel around the world living “lavish party boy lifestyles”. He lost this law suit and now has to pay 329,000 to his business partner. Also Mike hasn’t been paying his rent for the restaurant and the landlord is seeking 10.5 million


Which are you? The butt-hurt business partner? The Landlord? Or the old guy who didn’t get off?


old news….and why bring it up anyways?


Haha all the chilltown fans are mad now! He even stiffed the staff out of their final pay cheque so if you still want to defend him go ahead

Chilltown 4 Life

Old news, and completely irrelevant…CT is the greatest, and most successful alliance in BB history–two winners in the same alliance on two different seasons.

Oh please...

Chilltown was only successful because it had one great player and a scum-sucking twat leeching off of and riding him to the end. Mike Boogie contributed nothing both times…aside from having a great partner carry him…which is probably exactly how the business partner suing him feels…


If that’s true “Damn”, another one wanting to be famous and living in the fast lane. Well, the money went fast and now he’s famous for being on BB and being a foolish, what a waste.


As predicted, Cody and Derrick have seen the light. Voting out Zach this week would be idiotic, and targeting Frankie this early wouldn’t be much smarter. The numbers still matter too much. Target someone you know for a fact isn’t loyal to you over someone who might not be. It’s not rocket science.


Bingo! Let’s weed out the boring and the floaters, THEN have a real bloodbath of the elite and interesting players left.

Enough of these boring f**cktards who think they belong there.


derrick is doing his usual manipulation. Nicole and Hayden are sincere, and now Derrick is able to manipulate Cody into thinking that they are not. I’ve said it before, all of Derricks manipulating and doubletalking is going to bite him in the ass. He’s focused on trying to keep Frankie, who is clearly targeting him and Cody, and he doesn’t even know it. Nicole seems to be the only one able to see what’s going on everywhere.

And he and Frankies continued and relentless target, Donny, is getting really tiresome. Eventually someone has to figure out they are lying about how ‘dangerous’ Donny is. Donny didn’t put Cody up, no one put Cody yp. Who cares what names were discussed or not discussed, Donny never had any concern about anyone other than Caleb, imo, with a side order of Zach. imo, he always planned to lose the HOH. And Derrick makes Nicole’s saying Donny isn’t going up look sinister, it should be fairly obvious to any BB viewer that the two made a no nom deal, depending on who won HOH. Stupid to think no one will figure that out.

so annoying for Cody and Derrick to come to the stupid conclusion that keeping Zach or Frankie is going to benefit them at all.


Oh ya! Derrick is annoying me! He’ll have a lot less blood on his hands letting someone else get his buddy Frankie out. Geesh!


LOL. Zach would never put Derrick or Cody up! keeping him is a vote to keep them if they get nominated by someone else. How is that not beneficial?

I’m guessing, just guessing, that you hate zach and frankie, and want to see them go home. Fine, we’re entitled to our personal preferences, but if you’re going to talk game, get real. Keeping Zach in Los Tres Amigos is a no brainer.


yup Cody and Derrick temporarily misted themselves. But sanity might be back. Watching BBAD last night I’m thinking WTF you dump Zack in particular the numbers start to turn. Notice how little Caleb’s name is brought up now to get back doored. These 2 are definitely thinkers. They have had the golden ride so far. Christine has gone from week one gold to WTF is she doing. Frankie better stop reading the press clippings and get back to BB social 101. That starts with not being a 2 faced back stabbing t u r d!

So soon we know POV results. No change looks like the boys will save Zack. Think Frankie goes if he is renom. Wonder if Christine could convince Nicole to renom Derrick/Cody? hope POV creates drama and Thursday sees a double eviction. PS AG get back to the old HOH comp with 1 HOH and 2 noms!

A lot of people starting to teeter. Most of it the result of to many alliances. Hayden and Caleb seem stable in an unstable house. So surprisingly is Victoria as all she does is follow directions.
The Teeter Todder………..
Think Donny is always second choice out. That may remain for awhile. Jocasta is do nothing like Victoria but has more respect. That will get her out sooner. So is it Nicole or next HOH that will fire the 1st shot. Lastly as for Zack he’s been playing a character. Survive this week and others may become bigger targets. His life in the game is in Derrick/Cody’s hands.

frankistine needs to go as does haycole

It would be cool if nicole life to Christine to appease her by saying if she uses the veto she would put Derrick on the block and then when Christine does use it on Zach or Jo she instead throws Frankie up. Her excuse could be that she panicked haha. With that she will have donny, hayden votes for sure just needs to convince the rest


At least we finally have the underdogs (Nicole, Hayden and Donny) against the majority. Just hope that Nicole or Jocasta wins this veto and Detonators have to send Frankie/Zach home. 😀


Right. But so far, I love how Donny has basically been a rocket science, chemistry teacher, G.I. Joe, doctor, police officer, nail technician, spy kid, president, Albert Einstein, opera singer, professional whistler and CSI investigator and we have not even made half way through this season yet. And the funny part is that he gets accused of being all things because he has COMMON SENSE. I hope he wins so he can say “I’M JUST A GROUNDSKEEPER, YOU FEEBLE MINDED MORONS”


Lol all because Donny used the word “diluted” he’s medical professor!

These people are stupid


Feeble Minder Moran’s…Love it! Best comment thus far.


OOP’s……Feeble Minded Moran’s!

Joey Perfect 10

Keep trying, you almost had it that time.


they don’t realize a groundskeeper can be smart, you don’t have to be a doctor, scientist or lawyer


I hope pig nosed cop and pretty boy rethink this plan. FRANKIE COMPLETELY THREW THEM UNDER THE BUS FOR THE DOUBLE EVICTION! If they keep the rat another week they will regret it one hundred percent. Nicole will also regret it because she should’ve never nominated Jocasta.


Can we all please gather enough money to pay for cody’s sex change when he gets out of the house. Theres no way hes not a female on the inside.


That’s like saying Amber’s a big lesbian!

Oh, wait…..


OMG! FuddleDuddle! So you actually think Amber is a lesbian just because she didn’t want to have anything to do with these stupid men the house??!! Well, by those standards, 99% of us would be lesbians according to your rationale. You sound as pathetic as Caleb. No doubt that will be his next excuse for Amber not LUVING BMC – she MUST be a lesbian to not want that hunk of shit!!


Bad news Cody isn’t tough enough to be gay or transgender… sure as hell is not tough enough to be a woman. If he was tough enough to be a woman he would have backdoored Caleb… LOL

Big Sister

Three words from me to Derrick’s about his stupidity: ” I am pissed!!” Somebody send a plane with a banner, please! When I think of all of the people AG could have cast for BB16, and she picked these (I don’t even know how to describe them) people…..

Nicole from TX

Ugh seriously Derrick and Cody? Stick with Nicole && Hayden. I can’t keep up and idk who is really loyal to who. It’s a mess!!!


Noooooo Derrick and Cody pleaaaasw stick to the plan to get zankie on the blockk!! I’m gonna lose it if JocAsta or donny goes


Omfg derrick! You say your a supper fan and now your want to ruin the entertaintment for the fans. Derrick u need to go! All you do is stop drama, caios(idk), and paranoia! With out derrick it would be a much funner season! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!


Wow, Cody and Derrick…flip flopping like crazy. So annoying. Get Frankie out of that house.


Derrick and his toady are freaking out for the first time because they aren’t in control and they don’t know who is playing them. They are all over the place! This is great! Too bad one of them isn’t going on the block if POV is played.


^ that’s me, just a typo


Only because Zach is my dude this year I’m thrilled Derrick is going back to the Detonators.

And jesus christ as a superfan Nicole had an incredible chance at a big move but isnt executing it well and got out smarted by Derrick.

Its clear as day Derrick is the only one who lives and breathes BB because he is killing it right now.



Well it looks like the douchebag cop and the pu$$y who sits to pee are backing out of the plan to backdoor that punk Frankie GD this is one BORING season. Someone do something. If those 2 wimps don’t take this chance and take him out,I hope they go next.


WHY does derrick need to ruin everything fun for us. First when he got caleb to vote Devin out and prevented the split….and now with getting Frankie out. Uhhh


When he got caleb to keep zach**


Derrick “the Mist 2.0” is a cop, that’s why. Cops are always party poopers.


Love how Derrick keep saying I caught Nicole in a lie. I hope Nicole or Jocasta win POV and Frankie goes up. I just hope production doesn’t get in the middle of it. They would have better tv if Nicole/J wins pov and take Jocasta off. I’d that happens (don’t think it will, production won’t let that happen) I hope Frankie goes home and Donny wins the first regular Hoh and put up Zachary and Cody and Zachary goes home and either Hayden/Nicole win the 2nd Hoh and put up Caleb and Christine and Christine go bye bye….. dreams:-)


Nicole may win POV. I have faith in her.

But Jocasta? Really? She can only win if the POV is a fugly whining face comp.

Gosh, I’m so tired of looking at that whining face week after week. I’m afraid she will float through to final 2 just being a pawn every week. Worst BB player ever!


Someone has to get Derprick on the block soon. Put him up with NoB@llsCody and let them battle it out.


I don’t think there will be two hoh’s next week if it is double elim and we know it will be-mlk

Baby Firefly

Derrick is a greedy pig! All production had to do was hint that he would lose that 5k a week from TA missions and he’s back to saving Frankie. He’s killing this season’s entertainment factor.

Guliana from New York

OMG I officially give up in BB. Now they want Frankie to stay. Wtf


Good to see another NYer who follows BB! But don’t give up faith yet…this season is going to get crazy over the next month regardless of who gets targeted this week. I agree that a Frankie backdoor would be beautiful this week, but there’s still a chance:)

Guliana from New York

Lol….. I really hope so, because this game is getting too predictable. It’s hard to get excited, because it lasts for just a second with these houseguests. So frustrating. I’m from Queens, NY. How about you 🙂

Kathie from Canada

After reading this, I’m confused! What’s the plan? Are they faking to keep Frankie in the dark, or has the whole plan just exploded??? Anyone, someone, please???


I’m right there with you. I’m completely lost. I feel like all I know for sure is that Nicole and Hayden are truly working together and that is about it. Also Derrick and Cody. If either Frankie or Donny goes,TA is over right? So is Derrick just constantly throwing out Frankie and Donny’s names to throw people off or has he decided to sacrifice TA for his end game?


Let me clear it all up for you. Production has had a little chat with both Derrick and Cody. They don’t want Frankie out (predictable) so they are sowing this paranoia.

I’m betting this HOH will be wasted on evicting Jocasta. All this other talk about evicting Frankie/Zach or any other detonators is background noise that should be ignored.


I’m so proud of Cody right now for standing up to Derrick’s indoctrination about “Nicole and Hayden are playing us, Frankie is our friend”.
That whole Hitmen conversation was really nauseating for me to watch, Derrick was really pushing to instantly dismantle the Rationale alliance, and I feared Cody would buy into it. Not a huge Derrick fan right now, going on and on on how Nicole is lying to them, but Frankie telling Zach that he wants Cody out 1st of the detonators is irrelevant? That was a bit too one-sided for my liking, Derrick!
In Derrick’s defense, I’m going to assume that he does this to keep Team America intact, and not that he actually really thinks what he says.
Once again, I hate Team America and the effect it has on the game, in this case on The Hitmen.
I really think the Rationale is a better team for the Hitmen to be on than the Detonators.
Way to go, Cody! You’re proving that you stand up for what you really think is the right thing to do. And I’m convinced you’re right.


Derrick and Cody are such pussies.

Not A PHD Student

Newsflash to Frankie, you do not have to be a doctor to be intelligent and know things about life. People do educate themselves and read and learn about things. There is more to life then colouring your hair and prancing around on stage. Frankie pick up a book and learn something new and not how to twit my sister is famous…….


Fakie can’t imagine a professional groundskeeper would know what osmosis is. Seriously? Its not like Donny working for a county government would have to know all local, state and federal laws regarding everything from pesticides/herbicides to asphalt and how they effect the environment and proper disposal.


If Derrick is the reason Frankie stays, I hope Frankie knocks him out of the game in the worse way! He’ll deserve it!!!!!!


Derrick doesn’t want Zach to go home=Zach isn’t going home. Hopefully. Looks like Frankie isn’t going home either, but really it is riding on this veto. If zach goes home this week i will start a riot.


I will help you from Sacramento, California!


I will join the riot from Sarasota, FL!

New England Zach Fan

Lets see if we can’t rally the northeast to join too!

been there done that

Nicole, Nicole , Nicoooole. Cody and Derrick (and Frankie for that matter) are on to you because you don’t have a good poker face and can’t keep your own lies straight. Your BB Super Fan card is about to be canceled. Ugh, I was looking forward to a big shake up.

Super Fan Catalog Keeper

Dear Been There Done That,
We regret to inform you that Nicole’s Super Fan Card has already been terminated. She has proven that she does not have the qualifications to handle the title of Super Fan. She has had numerous chances to be useful in the game and show that Super Fans know how to play the game and has failed more miserably than the Secret Powers that were bestowed upon Lawon.

We would also like to inform you that Christine’s Super Fan Card has also been terminated as well and neither will be allowed to request a new Super Fan Card.

Thank You,
Super Fan Club of Big Brother

Wannabe Superfan

I’m looking at you Nicole! I’d reserve that moniker for fans that have watched every seasons live feeds, can speak on: all seasons, previous winners, all key players, moves, competitions, read various websites and have been a contibuting fan for yrs, watched all CBS episodes, familar with Int’l versions(Canada/Aus/UK)….Be a BB Phd carrying fan. A player that watched/s only the CBS edited version is not a superfan.


Nooooooo dummies(tampax cody and derrick)! Get out frankie while you can! Otherwise it may cost you 500k!
God people on here can be so stupid….


did anyone see on the live feed frankie touch cody’s dick. I’m not sure if the houseguest feel comfortable with a 31 year old gay man touching them all the time or are they just scared they will come off as homophobes if they told frankie to stop.


Frankie is horny as fuck. He needs to keep his hands to himself and realize that there are no openly gay guys in that house that he can have sex with. I swear, if I were Cody, I’d tell him “personal space, you pink-haired bitch!”


Please. 31 does not an old pervert make. It isn’t as though he is playing with juveniles. I don’t think Cody minds the grope.

Roisen Dubh

It’s like the 12 grader hanging out with the 8th graders.

It's like

No actually its not! 17/18 yr old hanging with 12/13 yr old just comes acrossed inappropriate on the surface. Typically wouldn’t see this. But that all changes when people reach adulthood. My ex-fiance would not have had anything to do with me back in school, why? cuz she has 5+ yrs on me(pretty much 12th grade/8th grade). That all changes when you’re both adults. Bad analogy when speaking about two adults with an age gap.

King Silva

I didn’t see it so I do not know if this is true or not but it would not shock me the way Frankie is so hands on.

I think you are on to something that the guys don’t want to say anything because it could be viewed as homophobic but I don’t think they should have to let him touch them like that! Who does he think he is fondling people?

Like people have stated before, Frankie needs to act his age (30+…) and not like a 15 year old virgin.. -_-

Maybe Zach should give him some of his Vaseline…

Beast Mode Reaper Robe

If this is true then for that one brief moment of contact, I wish I was Frankie’s hand. Just that moment of contact. I would not want to be Frankie’s hand at any other time.


see derrick trying to save Frankie but don’t want to save Donny derrick is a joke he should of never being team America I told all this will happen cause he want Donny gone cause he turn down the misson but he want Donny gone before the mission I hope Donny get double pov next week


Derrick is starting to get paranoid and its going to hurt his game. He’s on nobody’s radar last thing he needs to be doing is stirring stuff up. That’s why i think a floater is gonna win this season. It got to the point were all the strong competiors are going against each other letting people like victoria and jacosta be “pawn’ and then realized they made it all the way to final 3. Example: season 15 spencer.


Im sure production had something with Derrick changing his mind about turning on Frankie/Zack. They probably said something to him in the DR.

And why is taking so long for veto comp?? They are probably figuring something out that Zack will win for sure.

The DR

You are correct – come on people – you must know by now – we control the game to the extent we can.

Oh Crap.....

Please please please God, let Jocasta win this POV……Frankie needs to GO UP NOW ! I can’t stand Christine….BLECH!


Simon I know you and Dawg are happy to finally have something fun to watch. Up until now I bet you hear “Amber” in your sleep.


Its great things are heating up .. August is going to be insane! And yes I have BBmares about after watching 12 hours a day lol


thanks for all your hard work


Thank you for letting us know you appreciate it! Hope you’re enjoying the season … August is going to get pretty insane ..


Zach wants Victoria in the final 6 because he likes her

Who's Got The Numbers?

I figured Derrick would realize getting rid of Frankie is getting rid of their numbers. Maybe Production is having the comp at night so Jocasta has a chance of winning-please let Jocasta or Nicole win tonight.


Check out that screenshot! He is smokin’ hot! Not sure what Frankie is getting at. If Zach has put on weight, it agrees with him.

Zach Sandwich Attacker

Actually, Zach is visibly gaining weight. Looks like he is an emotional eater.


What did Frankie say about zach’s weight?


Something to the effect of he’s fifteen pounds past hot.

10 & 15 lbs

Frankie has commented I believe on more than occasion that Zach was hot 10 lbs & 15 lbs ago. This is the same guy Frankie has been humping on for weeks and told Zach he thought he was bit “in love” with him. I can’t stand Frankie trashing him behind his back when it clearly seems they share a very tight bond and limits/boudaries have been pushed.. Do I think Zach is either Bi/Bi-curious/gay, yes I do.


NO! Derrick and Cody need to stop being paranoid! Not sending zack or Frankie home this week will probably f@&k them. The there is no trust in the detonators. Zack and Frankie will probably try to get Cody out as soon as they can because they can’t trust him


Ok umm let’s just have zach win veto… Then everyone can go crazy but right now Cody/Derrick need to CALM DOWN!! If the plan is to backdoor Frankie then fricking do it stop questioning it!! He’s a threat and a liar and not loyal vote his ass out!!!


What lies did Nicole tell Derrick?


Really Derrick? All these alliances are really going to start exposing you real soon as the numbers dwindle. People are going to start talking and put your sorry butt on the block.

Roisen Dubh

I remember people saying the same thing about Andy.


True enough. However I think this group is marginally smarter than last year and overall more interested in playing the game. Seemed to me that only Andy and Helen where interested in game play whereas the rest seemed to be more interested in how much alcohol they were getting every night and watching in amusement and/or terror of Amanda.


Sounds like production stepped in.

The Thought Police

That is our job!

She comments

You production? Bring ? The girls team mike brogue …. PlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzz it hurts pains to waach. You’re doing god job. Simonee u relate raven


Ugh Derrick and Cody…Hoping Jocasta or Nicole wins POV. Someone from the majority alliance needs to go home this week or the outsiders will get steamrolled.


Should have figured Cody would chicken out on following through with anything big (re: nominating Devin)…


I really hope Jocasta goes this week. I’m not routing for Frankie, it’s just that Jocasta is such a non-entity in this game. So the more real schemers left, the bigger the fireworks from now until the end because there’s nowhere left to hide behind Jocasta and Victoria nominations. Short term annoyance to deal with Frankie a little bit longer, for long term tension and drama. Fair trade off for me.


Does anyone else think that somehow Frankie will end up getting America’s Choice this year because his sister will have all her fans vote for him? Even though most Big Brother watchers don’t like him, he’ll end up winning it because of her? I think that will end up happening and it pisses me right off.

Production Says

AM choice is always our decision….


This is great everyone is scrambling and Zach is just flying under the radar, this happens at the end of every week! #GOZach #Wildcard


Are you kidding me right now? Idk why everyone is scared to put up Derrick or backdoor him. He is worse than Frankie. I hate them both!


Best case scenario: Jocasta wins POV (Yeah, its a looong shot), Nicole noms Frankie, Frankie goes home.
Worst case scenario: noms stay same, Jocasta goes home.
I have a bad feeling about this one.


To be honest, Jocasta deserves to go home. No complaint.


What exactly are the three lies that Nicole told Derrick? I can’t remember any.


Take out floaters, then go after each other…


Omg. So Hayden and Nicole are turning on Frankie and Christine. Frankie and Christine are turning on Cody and Derrick. Cody and Derrick are stuck in the middle and paranoid of who to trust. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for so long.. Lines being drawn and bloodshed all around. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Why do Derrick and Cody say that if Nicole and Hayden are lying they will vote out zach and if not they’ll vote out Jocasta? Why would they want zach out?


Isn’t it always funny when people who are lying say “I caught so and so lying.” a better sentence would be “I caught so and so lying about the lie the other one told me about them while I was lying to both of them.” Nicole must have been telling Derrick the truth because that is the only time they think it is a lie.