Big Brother Spoilers “This is horrible being attached to him.. HORRIBLE.. “

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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9am – 9:20am In the earth room – Caleb is complaining that he can’t sleep with the leaves. The leaves are poking my nuts and my @nus. Cody says I had a s*x dream last night and now I’m pissed. Zach asks why? Did you j!zz your pants? Cody says no, because I woke up without a girl around me. I had two dudes beside me. Caleb says yeah and one hald n@ked dressed in leaves. Cody tells Victoria that she was letting them rip last night. Lady farts. Zach says disgusting. Zach, Cody and Caleb are goofing around. They try impersonating characters from Family Guy. Zach brings up how she is the voice of Meg Griffin. Zach says can you imagine having s*x with Mila Kunis?! You could cut my d**k off after. Frankie asks what?! No, she isn’t even hot. Cody talks about Megan Fox was way hotter before she got all her work done. Caleb says man I made it all the way through that true / false and I blew it. I had a good percentage too where 2 out of the 5 could have won.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-02 09-45-18-396

In the kitchen – Donny says she’s (Christine) sleeping up there in that room. Some people think me and other people think him. (as replacement nominees) I think they would talk her (Nicole) into backdooring me. Cody says I don’t think so. Donny says it very well could be, because last time she (Nicole) put me up. Cody says I don’t think she would do that because of what she said to me. She said that she wouldn’t put you up. Donny says well she is the best friend of the person that wants me out. In the buzzer challenge she was the one that put me up against Jocasta. Donny tells Cody that he wished Hayden had talked to Nicole the night before the nominations .. but I guess now we’ll have to live with the consequences. Cody asks if he should talk to her (Nicole). Donny says no I wouldn’t press it. Caleb and Victoria walk through the kitchen and Donny says oh n@ked people! Caleb comments on how its so weird without Amber here.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-02 09-51-04-353

9:55am – 10am Caleb and Victoria head up to the HOH room. Frankie asks how they slept. Caleb says horrible I had leaves up my butt hole. Frankie says I love leaves up my butt hole. Caleb says I have got to win HOH. If I am on slop again it will literally be the death of me.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-02 09-56-10-286

BB16-2014-08-02 10-05-42-267

10:01am Caleb is in the Diary room Frankie walks by
Victoria – “Frankie… This is horrible being attached to him is horrible.. ”

BB16-2014-08-02 10-08-25-784

10:10am Zach chatting about not being able to sleep last night. He went to bed at 1:30 farted for another 2 then at 4 he woke up made a turkey and guacamole sandwich went pack to bed. (Like a boss.. Also made a poem for the Eviction Ceremony.. thinking ahead )
Frankie says he’s trying to get as much food in him because he’s got a feeling he’ll be a have nots.
Frankie is looking tired.. He’s going to get destroyed as a have not.

BB16-2014-08-02 10-14-54-869

BB16-2014-08-02 10-16-33-338

10:17AM Bathroom Zach and Frankie
Zach – how did you sleep last night
Frankie – Really well Nicole did not snore
Zach – oh you slept upstairs.. nice
frankie – no one wants to sleep with her because she snores so I thought FINE i’ll go up there with her and “wrap up” my face.
Zach – If Nicole won the veto she’d keep it the same right
Frankie – Ya

BB16-2014-08-02 10-32-46-705

10:30pm HOH bathroom Frankie coming out of the show Nicole curling her hair
Adam and Eve are in the room with them getting some “Product” for their hair. after they leave Frankie asks what if one of them is on slop this week. Nicole tells him not to worry they are not going on slop.
Frankie mentions what if they don’t get to pick what if it’s random.
Nicole says “they” want to cause some drama this week “This is a hard week to pick you have people on slop for two weeks”
Frankie – I would think Caleb would Volunteer to be a have not
Frankie says he asked a hundred times and they told him he’s only allowed to bring two bags so he just bought one bag. He points out that Donny and JOcasta got to bring two bags.
Nicole – I only brought one… I was underprepared

BB16-2014-08-02 10-34-24-838

10:30pm The honeymoon is over

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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come on with it

AT THE END OF THE DAY (gag) these morons need to make it entertaining and get Frankie’s ass out before he wins the 500k. Flip the house, Nicole!!!


Quite frankly… At the end of the day




Simon or dawg do you guys know what time the veto comp is at or is it just random?


it’s random.. usually it starts around 4ish? but could be night or in a hour..


Ok thanks I’m just very anxious for it! I really love your guys site you guys do an amazing job!


Live feeders hate frankie and people that watch the show love him. I think frankie played too hard too soon. He should have not won that many HOH and should just have chilled and not talk game too much. This is the time when houseguest should start winning competitions to keep themselves safe. The first few weeks, you should only work on your social game and get people to like you and make alliance. Frankie had a great social game he did not need to win anything to get further. Now it’s the time to win and get the other houseguest out. Andy build a good social game and later won competions and got who he wanted out. Frankie played too hard and now hopefully he goes


Totally agreed..ln this game, it is best to lay low during the first half in terms of time line. Then about half way through the season, one should start o align and play to win competitions. Frankie blew it with his last two HOHs and became to arrogant for his own good. He should have just stated cool and not picked sides. They never seem to learn from past seasons. Now, I think if Caleb calms down and plays hard he may have a good chance of going far. He is not really aligned and that may help him.


Frankie just stated, “I’m sleeping in the HOH.” Nicole didn’t say a word…hopefully she’s saying “Sleep well, because, you’re leaving in a couple of days.”


Frankie is looking for any hint that he isn’t in control so he better not get the POV. He will not try to save Zach because his only real alliance is with himself. Someone else has to get the POV.


Yes I think Nicole wants to keep the rats (Christine and Frankie) close. She’s vocalized many times she doesn’t trust Christine. If they’re up there with her they’re not trying to work the rest of the house.

Christine needs to go him if Frankie wins the veto


Oh Lord,,, Frankie if only you known you are not going to be have not because you are going home this Thursday.. Lol


Nicole won’t put up Donny, her plan is backdoored Frankie. Zanies will be on the block together.


Ok guys, remember when going in the HoH room was a privilege? Like the only people allowed in there were the HoH for that week and their friends/alliance. Everyone else were peasants and had to share a bathroom and bed. Now it seems like its so open to EVERYONE. Everyone is always using it no matter WHO the HoH is. Idk, its a small detail but I kinda miss that.


It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. I was thinking about that when I watched the feeds the other night and everyone but Zach and Frankie were up there because they were sleeping. It just seems weird.


It’s been a long time since they’ve had a year where the house is really split into two camp, that’s what made it really interesting to me. Watching the power shift back and forth and seeing how each side handled it.

Society's demise

It is a function of the everything has to be fair attitude of the world today, and everyone’s subsequent entitlement attitude.


Why is everyone trying to get along? This is so painful to watch.
I have a lot of respect for Zach because at least he’s trying!
The rest of these clowns are the worst.

Agree completely

It’s because lately all the contestants have been so fake. They like to pretend that everybody loves each other and they’re all a big happy family, when this has obviously never been the case.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

My thoughts on this seasons lovey dovey attitude is more up to casting i think after the backlash that was last season with all the racism and discrimination i think they went out of their way to cast a more accepting group of people and the end result is this. I think they got what they wanted there very all for everything in particular the guys who are all about loving each other but it does not make for a particularly entertaining season though.


Blame that solely on Demanda, she owned the HOH bed all all season and never won it once… All her and McCrae did was stink the bed up. That’s probably why everyone gave them the bed, the funk could not be febreez’d no matter how much bottles they had.. Production probably had to burn the whole bed.

Time to tell non-HOH’s to kick rocks, you’re not HOH, go downstairs and sleep..

CBS Corporate Finance Asset Management

We had many requests to purchase the mattresses aMANduh and McCrap consecrated upon, however, our Community Affairs Division was notified by the Department of Health that they needed the mattresses for disease control and vaccine testing. We are happy to inform the public, that last year’s HOH bed frame was sold at auction and 50% of the proceeds went to various organizations like the NAACP, LGBT Association and Holocaust Museum, while the other portion of the proceeds went to litigation for The People versus Les Moonves, Chenbot, CBS Programming (i.e., Big Brother and The Talk), etal.




I wish someone would remind Frankie it isn’t his room anymore. Nicole is too nice and doesn’t want to tip him off but it is really annoying to se him take up residence even when he is not HOH. No respect for others . He is selfish and self centered and his idea of a school in Africa is self serving. Go home , Frankie!!!!

Victoria's Blank Stare

Exactly! Personally, I think it is the result of the increasing level of weakness/spinelessness of the HG’s over the past few seasons, (even as HOH, they don’t have the guts to take control over their room, make their own moves and pick their own noms). Really, wtf!?! Not to mention, the sense of entitlement with some of these people is off the charts, so that doesn’t help matters any.
Personally, I say forget some of these ridiculous, contrived, idiotic twists, that are utterly useless, and go back to some of the BB basics, as well as maybe a few new rules/bringing back some of the old ones that naturally create more division and secrecy (and resulting paranoia). Additionally, it would eliminate this “one big happy family” OR giant dominating bullying alliance, of which both are boring to watch, for the first half + of the season.


I think the problem with the last few seasons is that they have started focusing more on young good looking people. There is no diversity anymore. Boring snoring…

HOH Bedroom

I have always had issue with everyone thinking this is communal space like the kitchen, living rm etc. It’s not! That is a privilege given to the winner of the HOH Comp. Put the foot down and make it clear this room is earned. i’m not saying be all dictator but I would like to see the HOH have some clear defined things that they can act on, assign weekly chores, sit down dinners together, etc. HOH has absolutely no meaning in BB. It’s a title in name only. They do one thing and that’s nominate and under this stupid two HOH format one loses their HOH and can be nominated.


MY GOD…I have never been so bored in life. DO SOMETHING ALREADY! Nicole flip the f*cking house! Make them scramble.


YES! I am having such a hard time paying attention this season!

Hayden's Lisp

Simon you do great work, but is there any way you might go back to the old layout where you would post videos too?


we can only post videos for Big Brother Canada 🙁


Is Frankie judging people on looks again? Like seriously he is one to talk, pathetic 31 year old humping dog


Why did Frankie tell the other house guests that he was 28? He acts 15 but looks 40.

Nicole's Leaky Tampon

True LOL moment and I immediately thought of Frankie as one of those Chinese crested dogs with their little Mohawk hair colored pink. Hoping the little humper gets blindsided this Thursday!


LOL… I have a dog a day calendar on my desk at work One day two weeks ago I pulled up a
Chinese Crested with his little flip of hair blowing in the wind… So took it and wrote across the bottom FRANKIE BB 16 and taped on the entrance to my cubicle… My boss made me take it down because everyone stopped to laugh and talk about BB.


They need to open Pandora’s Box and get Devin back into the comp. Now THAT would be fun.


Frankie said Zach was attractive 10 pounds ago as well as Zach was attractive 15 pounds ago; conversely, Frankie was attractive 10 or 15 years ago.

I wonder if this is game talk…


Sadly Fakie was never attractive then either


the weird thing to me is that I don’t see Zach as 10 pounds overweight. I mean, I know people gain weight in the house but….I don’t see it

Frankie always talks bad about Zach, so does cody, I think some of it is just what they think people want to hear, and they are such wussies about who they are actually aligned with when everyone knows at this point. like Zach said to a GROUP of people, there are only so many people, Nicole is not in your back pocket along with hayden Donnie etc etc etc. and he was proven right. the wussies messed up, got rid of a loyal soldier in Amber when they had the numbers to erase hayden from the game with about 5 minutes of work

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Weel from the stream frankie talks smack about zach but does tells him nearly everything he says so i dont find the bad talk behind there back that backstabbing. As for zach being bigger he kind of has gained weight he has a little gut growing might just be me and this is coming from someone who finds zach extremely hot so i am just trying to be honest. Hayden would have been a good choice and zach even talked about getting rid of him if the y had won this hoh but that never happened so the end result is haydens now in the power amber was very wishy washy and hard to trust she did not make it particularly easy when she said she was gonna talk game with the guys then instantly went back and started trying to make deals with them again it does not make you look good.


Zach better be getting in the zone cause he needs to win this veto so I can calm down!!! And then to make me happy backdoor Frankie’s lying ass

I know

I cancelled Sunday’s BB episode because I just don’t want to see them make Zach out to be this horrible person and Nicole the sweetheart who uses his line against him in such a “GIRL POWER” way. #GONICOLE!!! #BARF


Can’t wait to see how the POV plays out, still hoping Jocasta comes off and Frankie goes up with his BoyToy.


That would be nice, Zack will write a eviction poem about voting Frankie!!


That would be great Zankie on the block together.


LOL @ the lady farts. I bet Victoria is gonna be telling the DR that’s she’s too pretty to fart


We told Princess V, “We need more lady farts. We gotta have more farts for the live feeds.” Vicky complained, “My body is sacred. My daddy pays a poor girl to fart for me. Well actually, she is an indentured servant. We sued her father, after he bumped into our Mercedes with a shopping cart. Since these vile cretons didn’t have money, the judge ordered the girl to work for us free of charge for 2 years or the father would have to go to prison. Please tell me that I am pretty.”


I have a strong feeling donny and christine are going to secretly work together and no one will ever know. I think nicole would def be on board. But who knows whats stored in Donny’s Beard lol. 😛

Double D

Could you imagine what it would have been like if Caleb was attached to Amber for 2 days? I bet she’s glad to be out of the house today.


Did I just see Caleb’s ball? God I hope not.

been there done that

That shot of Caleb’s family jewels practically exposed is great for my summer diet–immediate loss of appetite! As much as I cant stand Cody he would have rocked that outfit.


did anyone else see caleb’s junk poking out from behind the adam leaves in the picture in the bathroom?


Sorry to disappoint, but pretty sure that was flesh-coloured ginch. Thank heavens!

new to BB 14

What if………….

Zach wins POV removes himself Frankie gets nominated?

Frankie wins POV removes Zach? They can’t nominate the person who won the POV either? So Nicole has to choose between Cody,Christine,Haydon,Derrick,and Donny?

I’d be worried as well if I were Donny
Nicole will NOT nominate Hayden or Christine
Nicole just made a new alliance with Cody and Derrick(Quad squad)
that’s leaves Donny as the only replacement nominee

Donny is going home Thursday night


I hope and pray that nicole backdoors Frankie so he goes home. He’s pathetic. No one cares if he is Ariana’s brother. Half of us never knew that they were siblings until he came to the show and I still never liked him a bit!

wake up frankie

I still love that one photo capture you guys got of Zach sleeping while preparing for HOH, listening to music, with a box of cocoa puffs in the background….classic

Zach needs to get the heck off the freaking block. honestly even if they win POV(the stupid hayden alliance) and pull jocosta and backdoor Frankie, I can still see Zach getting voted out

we need a Zach POV win, I don’t even trust Frankie to be smart enough to realize he actually would need to use it and save Zach and that its time to stop covering your game so much, people know you have allies and people aren’t blind.

been there done that

Poor Donny. He had power and was in the loop for 2 seconds, now he’s back to feeling like an outsider.


Donny is useless.
I lost a lot of respect for him after Thursday’s episode. What a sadsack.
Does he not realize he’s playing BIG BROTHER?


Dude, he did the right thing. Donny will never against majority. He doesn’t risk his game or being a target. So, Man up!!!


This cast sucks… So boring…. No wonder broadcast is trying to get Team America to cause Drama. Screw Donny in declining our mission. Who the f@ck does he think he is.


I couldn’t agree more.
He’s such a downer.


Um, a person that’s playing for 500k, and can think for themselves?

HGs don’t have to agree to what Production(by way of DR) or America wants them to do. They ALWAYS have to agree to the suggestions, they’re not forced into anything.

BB13 when Shelly flipped the house to save Rachel. That wasn’t her idea, but when Production gave her that suggestion, she agreed to it, not knowing it would eventually kill her game.
Production attempted to get Ian to save Dan, but he refused, and they got JennCity to agree to it..

HGs always have to think about their game, and yes, sometimes, these suggestions can help their game, which this one, would’ve only helped Frankie’s and Derrick’s games, it did not help Donny..


Shelly flipping the house to save Rachel didn’t blowup her game. Going against Jeff and Jordan was her downfall, when she got rid of Jeff, she was toast.


Donny thinks he is a loyal guy who was absolutely not going to vote to send Jocasta home under any circumstances. Good guy in my book. Wasn’t going to allow 5k to mess up his game.

nicole's big move

is going to backfire and cost us #WILDCARD

I hate their freaking quad alliance. I bet ALL of them sit and pee

cody sits when he pees

So….POV better be rigged for Frankie to win and pull Zach

then they will be forced to put up Victoria

and we can finally get rid of one of Victoria or jocosta and call it a day. it has to happen at some point. better than losing Zach, and production isn’t about to rig it just for Zach, it would be a zankie thing as they have obviously told Zach and Frankie about #Zankie


Yes, get rid of the last 3 non-competitors Victoria, Christine and Jocasta. Then watch the blood pour down their hands for the rest of the season..


If production gets any more obvious in favor of Frankie, this may be BB’s final year. Playing favorites isn’t game play, it’s called fixed. Frankie added entertainment in the beginning but now he is just predictable and boring. Zach is good for comic relief . I think if Frankie goes he will create some drama but back off easily when he needs realizes others to keep him in the game. He does care…..

they can do anything

sorry but after Rachel WON, all bets were off when it came to production.


Victoria has immunity this week though.

Mister E

Victoria can not be nominated, she and Caleb won the BOB so they are both safe for the week.

production rigged it

Victoria can’t be put up if the POV is used because her and Caleb won the BOB.


Devin IS NOT in sequester he will not be coming back in the game


Derrick got a much-needed break from Victoria. Must be draining to have to hear her complain: if it’s not about being on the block, it’s about something else.
She’s gonna look really nasty in a few years so guys beware her looks aren’t getting better with age.
I do like Nicole’s game right now but wish she would listen to her gut instincts about Christine more.


Victoria’s just 22 but she looks so matronly. If I was to see her in a grocery store I would think she must have 3 or 4 rug rats at home.


Poor Frankie……he doesn’t have a clue!!!!!

Cough, Derrick!

So the Quad Squad it a legit alliance? Kicking Donny to the curb?


More like the Fraud Squad

Internal Affairs

Derrick time to trim some of your boys.

Asperger's Syndrome

I think Zach has me.

Officer Barbrady

Go Derrick!

Chief Wiggum

He’s done well.


I can’t figure out how Derrick is evading being on anyone’s radar?
What is it about him? I personally can’t stand him using his hands so much when talking like he’s the host of some game show.
Seriously though – what is it about him that nobody even thinks about targeting him? Donny maybe is the only one that even thought about it.


So Donny has to explain osmosis to Nicole therefore he is a genius medical professor. How did she ever get through nursing school? That is basic middle school biology. Is she really this dumb or is it her attempt at playing Jordan?


Nicole may be playing dumb or not, but I don’t think anyone can play as dumb as Jordan, that cutiepie had “dumb-blonde” down to a science.. SHe had everyone going “Awwwww, so cute” at every sutpid thing she said or did.

Christine's crazy eye

I would have thought Victim, er Victoria, why can’t I remember her name, and beast mode would have gotten along? They have so much in common, the both love the word ME! And have lead such fascinating lives. Plus, they are the best looking house guests. Maybe they are like a magnet, you can’t have 2 positive poles, they would repel each other.
If the whatever squad gets their way, and all the females are gone, I guess the conversations will go something like what Frankie, Zach, and Caleb had this morning. Won’t that just be scentilating! I just can’t wait to hear all about their itchy nether regions, spontaneous emissions, and other wonderful and exciting bodily functions.

Caleb's Little Pickle and Capers

I was with ya until you said “best looking houseguests” Caleb is attractive yes, Victoria looks like Kathy Nijimy

Christine's crazy eye

Lol. I meant that that is what they think. 75% of my posts are a bit on on the twisted side of things.

people on this site

need to stop it. Zach doesn’t have Asperger’s…that is where it goes over the top.

he gives you plenty to make fun of/laugh at/with him over. why use the unnecessary real disorder to describe his erratic behavior that in no way mimics said condition

Soap Box

Yeah, you can get me off me know. Reasonable observation that you’re blowing up.

Soap Box

Ummm Yeah. You can get off me now. Blow something up much. Comment wasn’t offensive.

Codys Closet

Its ok Cody the door is open, gooooo, Don’t be afraid you’re not alone.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I agree completely after rachel all bets are off what production will do, I didnt love rachel but she was at least a strong woman who was entertaining which i can not say for the females this year.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need an all-star season. Like a ‘real’ all-stars season. Simon and Dawg, are you in agreement?

I just feel like some of the real fans and competitors would bring a lot of respect back into the BB house that we haven’t seen recently. I miss the days of alliances openly fighting for power and votes in the house. All the drama and the truly spectacular information warfare. Oh and the comps were legit intense, so emotionally charged.

Omg the pressure cooker!!

Porky Pig

Can we please hear Derrick say just once …….”Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks”

Caleb's Little Pickle and Capers


Porky Pig

Calebs packing a Gherkin? sporting a camel toe?

Caleb's Little Pickle and Capers

Dang I can’t stand Squidward er I mean Christine!!! I hope she’s part of the double eviction next week….she can squirm right out the door behind Woody


I wonder if they will ever do a senior citizen BB65 and over


the Geriatric Edition! Joy.

BB Future Edition

I would love a house stacked with psychiatrists, psychologists, FBI BAU/Profiler types, Any PHD types that are also huge fans/superfans. Would like some of these intellectuals to maybe be a biker,metal head, etc, .something maybe unexpected outside of their normal career. Give me 16 people of Sheldon Cooper’s intelligence and get it on.

Truth Be Known

They would all act like deniable fools, because they would swear that was not their REAL behaviors in the BB House. The BB House allows for silly, immature and reckless behavior and some intellectuals are NOT as BRIGHT as you think they are. They would be all too happy to act like rejects to make good television and would sign a disclaimer to VOID out any backlash against who they are Professionally. Being dumb is a reality. Acting dumb is an acquired reality.