Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Now they’re done! They can’t f**k with us!”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach and Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 11-39-38-535

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11am – 11:38am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto meeting to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that as the veto holder Christine decided NOT to use it and as a result the nominations stay the same. Either Jocasta or Zach will be evicted from the big brother house during Thursday’s Live Eviction.

11:38am – 11:50am In the earth room. Derrick tells Cody now they’re done! They can’t f**k with us! Cody says yeah. In the kitchen – Christine heads out and sits on the backyard couch by herself. Nicole comes out and Christine says oh good I’m not alone. Nicole says she is going to lay out and suntan. Nicole asks Christine if she was nervous. Christine says very! But I did it! Caleb joins Nicole by the pool and comments on how Amber asked him if he had her bunny slippers and he told her no I don’t have them. (He has them and is still wearing them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 11-41-04-771

11:55am Out on the backyard couch – Donny tells Christine she will probably have an appointment (Diary room session). Christine says why, I have nothing to say. Christine comments about Caleb… A personality does everything.. I am not attracted at all to him. Donny says he thinks Caleb looks better with short hair.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 11-56-53-277

12:10pm Caleb starts talking about all the Big Brother things he can sell when he gets out. Frankie fucks with Caleb and says “What about your hat? Someone would definitely buy your hat with the Caleb/Amber stickers on it!” Nicole silently laughs. Frankie says Zach looks so much like my ex. My most recent ex. Nicole gets called to the diary room. Frankie tells Caleb Christine did good today. Frankie says now we have a big target in the house. Caleb asks who? Frankie points to Donny. Caleb says well we could have gone after him today. Caleb says they keep putting me on the block I will keep pulling myself off. The main 6 just have to stay true. Caleb tells Frankie if anyone is up against you I am saving you. Frankie says thats exactly how I feel too. Caleb says making it to jury is huge. Frankie agree. Caleb says and Nicole can’t compete next week so that’s one less we have to worry about. We’ll get rid of one of them this week and another next week. They talk about the possibility of a double eviction and if the jury will be a 9 or 7 person jury.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 12-16-05-427

12:30pm Caleb says he still thinks he will get back with his ex some day. Frankie says you are the craziest person about love I have ever met before. Caleb asks what do you mean. Frankie says you fall instantly in love with someone and then break up and love someone else and then go back to the other person. Frankie says even the fact that you are entertaining getting back to an ex from 3 years ago is mind boggling to me. Caleb says she will never find anyone that will love her like I did. She is a billion time more beautiful than any girl in this house. Caleb says that we will see if Amber likes me outside the house. If it was a game of finding true love over 500K .. I would choose love every time! Frankie says well I think you found it. Caleb says The thing is if the love is a Christian Godly love that is even better. They put her in here for me. And if they didn’t then I got the last laugh because I am sitting here and she isn’t.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-04 12-25-58-181

12:35pm – 12:50pm In the fire room – Victoria tells Derrick I think they want Zach out. Derrick agrees. He says I think that’s who Nicole wants out. I am trying to figure out who is working with who .. because there might be a smaller group of people choosing who goes home. Victoria says I don’t think Nicole wants me to vote against. Derrick asks did Hayden ask you to vote out Zach? Victoria says no. Derrick says Hayden and Nicole are definitely working together so he’ll want you to vote out Zach. Derrick says we can’t go against the house, so we’ll have to vote him out. They wonder if the battle of the block will be done with so few people in the house. Victoria says that she thinks Christine will start playing hard once Zach’s gone. Derrick says good because then she’ll be an even bigger target. Derrick tells Victoria I am just going to stick with you and hope we get to the end. And let all these other people keep being bigger targets.

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Where the Vote is.. 
Zach going home.. (it’s very confusing right now lots of person X playing person Y playing person X etc etc.. At the end of the day… Zach doesn’t have the votes right now)
Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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136 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Now they’re done! They can’t f**k with us!”

    1. OMG I hope it is Zach leaving!!! I’m so sick of every week no one wants to get blood on their hands…bunch of damn puzzies!!!!!

    1. Oh, c’mon!
      The main entertainment come thursday will come from Zach’s face when Julie says “by a vote of 8 to 0, Jocasta…”
      – in comes Zach’s smug look and/or comment –
      “… you are safe. Zach, you have been evicted.”
      – then we’ll see how cool and “I don’t care” he is.

    1. Thanks Christine for being a coward and now you’re a target to former alliance member Frankie, Cody & Derrick. Good luck of not survive in double eviction.

      1. The girls OFFICIALLY deserve to get absolutely ROLLED in BB16!!

        Christine is more delusional than Caleb is she thinks she can parlay an alliance with 4 other guys into a BB16 win…..
        Nicole is a coward for not even attempting to get the Veto used….
        Jocasta and vicky, are jocasta and vicky

        Well played ladies…. hope all the women watching for next season learn something from this….

        zack was entertaining but he would his personality would have imploded the guys alliance and nicole and christine made it easy for them to get him out…. can you imagine how this week would have went if nicole had actually made a move….. oh well- check mate ladies…. CBS is writing the check to a guy….

    2. If Christine was smart, she would have gathered Nicole, Hayden, Donny, and Victoria to keep Amber last week. They would have the numbers to take out the male detonators. She missed her chance, now she’ll leave in the next two weeks.

      1. That is a really big “IF”. Christine was so blinded by her jealousy of Ambers beauty that she couldn’t focus on anything else. Silly girl.

    3. What detonators? Zach will most likely be gone Thursday while Frankie and Christine have replaced Caleb and Victoria as the next two targets. Derrick and Cody are morons. Switching one alliance they were running AND had the numbers to make the final 2/3 to join another alliance they will be at the bottom of.

      1. Agreed…I just don’t get that strategy on their part. I think it is one of the stupidest moves in the game so far. To sell your current alliance in which they are not the targets to go with an alliance that will put them up the first chance they get. Cody is looking dumber by the minute. Caleb may just sneak in there at the end. Don’t be surprised.

    4. I hope Zach is first jury but gets back in the house somehow and turns on the detonators. He aligns with Donny. Nicle. Hayden and Cody for final 5.

      1. You people writing posts in support of Zach are idiots. Zach is the sleaziest little piece of Florida Gator fan filth I have ever seen in my life, in Big Brother or anywhere else! If you looked at an Ebola virus under a microscope it would have Zach’s face. Hope nothing change between now and Thursday and that low life inbred scum sucking piece of maggot s**t goes out the door, hopefully feet first. If I were walking down the sidewalk and saw him lying in the street with his guts on fire I wouldn’t stop to piss on him to put him out.

    1. Even if you don’t like her personality, it’s really rude to call her nose a “beak” – hate the players, not their looks!

      1. Then you should tell Christine that. She’s always going around commenting on looks, when she’s the last person that should say anything! By the way Christine, no one cares who you think is unattractive, you’re married! PS, she does have a beak.

      2. Speaking of personality…didn’t Christine just say that one’s personality really makes a difference…cause she isn’t attracted to Caleb. Yet, last night, she gushed about how attracted she is to Cody…and that walking vagina has as much personality as the maxipad stuck on his ass. She should stop worrying about who she does or does not find attractive in the house and maybe worry a little more about not getting caught in her constant web of bull***…or maybe even her husband’s feelings…

      1. I’m not sure that’s correct. Currently, there are 11 houseguests. If the 2nd evicted houseguest starts the jury, there will be 8 in the jury. In the past, BB has an odd-numbered jury to avoid a tie at the end. Jury should begin with either the first evicted houseguest on Thursday or the houseguest evicted on Thursday, August 14th, unless I am calculating incorrectly…

      1. the first member of the jury is usually in the jury house alone for the first week. i dont think the first two jury members have ever arrived there on the same day.

    1. I was wondering same thing being there is 11 people in the house right now. I wonder if the first evicted go homes, the 2nd goes to jury, which would make America the 9th jury member?? Just wondering is all :)

    2. If it is a 9 person jury like last season, everyone has already made it. There are 11 houseguests left, so 9 jury members plus the final 2 is 11 people. There are currently 11 people in the game. If it is a 7 member jury that means everyone who survives the double eviction will make it to jury. I have seen several people post that the first person evicted on thursday will go home and the second will go to jury, that is completely wrong. Either they both go home or both go to jury.

    3. If there is a 9 person jury or a 7 person jury… Im guessing either way… someone that goes to jury gets to come back into the game.

  1. I honestly think Derrick intends to keep Zach. I think last night his paranoia got the best of him given Christine’s actions and his name being thrown out there for possible eviction. I think he also told Cody what he wanted to hear to quash any insecurities he may have with keeping Zach in an effort to prevent him from saying something detrimental to Nichole or Hayden. Now that POV is over and he is safe, he will side with the detonators.

    1. Derrick was just playing safe and Zack will stay in the house. Although I can’t stand Derrick it was a good move to make everyone squirm but he knows he needs Zack and will use him as a buffer for the double evictions coming up.

  2. The paranoia has now really set in. Derrick is leading the way. If Zach goes home, this season goes down the tubes. I am just hoping by Thursday that Derrick and Cody come to their senses and vote to keep Zach. Zach is playing a game just like so many others have in the past people and everyone loved them, like Evil Dick. It’s time to keep Zach and the ratings for BB. This has been by far the worst season ever, and if Zach goes it only gets worse.

    1. Not everyone loved Evil Dick the dick. I, for one, feel he is one of the most vile humans to ever be, inside or outside the BB house.

    2. Dick was terrible at big brother and only won because the house was complete morons and the only one who had any game play was being controlled by America who was brain washed by editing

  3. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dunno who i i want see gone first, frankie the molester
    or Christine, the creepiest house guest of this year, always touching cody,
    im ready to vomit.

  4. Zach is going to be sitting comfortably in the jury house because it’s almost guaranteed production will come up with a way to bring him back and he will conveniently skip out on two or three weeks worth of evictions, not get his hands any bloodier, and then have the opportunity to Zach attack the final house guests until he is set up for a final three deal. Smooth sailing.

  5. I just hope Derrick does not change his mind about showing Zach the door this week as he has the influence in the house to decide the outcome. Zach leaving will definitely shake the house up and above all get Frankie scrambling more then he is now.

  6. Christine is not just unattractive. She’s an idiot, too, if she thinks there is a snowball’s chance in hell that those guys are going to take her to the end. She’ll be gone before she can say go.

    1. When the guys kick Christine to the curb in the next week (hopefully during the double eviction this Thursday, Christine will feel just like Britany did when her Brigade voted her out. Can’t wait. I just hope for her sake that she and her husband are tight and he gave her the green light to do whatever she thinks she needs to do to win the $500k. Her behavior makes me cringe.

  7. Are we really, truly, deeply sure that master Derrick and Crybaby C are gonna vote Zach out? ‘Cause that’s almost like Christmas. But, I don’t wanna get my hopes up. Frankie’s Botox will probably fail and down will fall his face. And I will laugh and laugh.

  8. Why do I think that Derrick is really getting his crew to vote out Jacosta??? Seem like it cause he said, “They can’t f*** with us now”. I think he may have been twisting Nicole & Hayden. Can’t wait for Thursday!!!

    1. That comment of his right there is just one of many reasons I can’t stand over confident/cocky Derrick. He is playing a good game, but I still don’t like him or want to see him in the finally two.

  9. Send Jocasta to finish up her vacation in the jury house. She will literally have the exact same influence on the game from there. It will be like nothing ever happened. She’s boring, and I can’t watch those brows anymore. The only energy I ever see from her is in her DR sessions. She’s the only one laughing at her jokes or even listening to herself speak anyway. FREE JOCASTA!

  10. Derrick’s thinking makes no sense, and Cody is a complete floater. Both need Zach to stay to maintain their numbers and keep the nominations off them. Aligning with Nicole and Hayden is foolish as the current Detonators have the numbers to get rid of Hayden, Nicole, and Donny especially if Jocasta is gone and Victoria will vote anyway Derrick tells him (BTW, Derrick better be careful of Victoria or a divorce may be waiting for him). Either way, makes no sense to get rid of Zack. That would be one of the dumbest moves in BB history since a double eviction is likely coming. These house guests just don’t have the confidence to play to the end.

    1. Derrick isn’t joining Hayden and Nicole, he is hedging his bets so he can pin the house against each other. Once BoB ends, it’s gonna get real, alliances will become clear, and strong players are going to fall. If Frankie, Christine, Caleb, or Victoria win HoH, they will target Hayden, Donny, Nicole, and jacosta. And vice versa. Derrick wants to play both sides against each other and pick them off evenly. If he sticks firmly with the detonators he will become a target of the other side.

  11. My money is still on Jocasta going home. Everybody has been waiting for ‘twists’. Now would be the time they mysteriously pop up. Zach might have a bumpy ride this week,but he’ll live to (scheme) play another day.

  12. If zach leaves, i am:
    Cancelling my feeds
    Rooting for anyone but derrick and cody
    Voting to screw up team america as much as possible.

  13. I hope this comes back and bites Derrick and Cocy in the A**. Derrick and Franke had Zack do all this crazy shit to win the America Favorite money and screwed his game. I hope the 3 of them go out the next three because they threw away there numbers.

  14. Yeah I’ve got to admit the kid had promise but might need to do some more homework on how to play masterfully.
    If Zach goes I know I for one can say he was entertaining yet a little on the immature side but he sure did make a great effort.
    He is playing absolutely e v e r y b o d y in that house, including Frankie. I don’t believe he ever had any intention of getting down with the Pink Pompous Pompadour egomaniac. Zach would tease anyone that was open to it, unfortunately for him women found him objectionable, to put it mildly.
    Anyways, we shall see; if and it’s a HUGE if, he is given another shot I hope he tweaks his game alittle to his advantage (from a purely entertainment standpoint).
    I still believe Donny is playing with the most integrity I’ve seen in a while in this game and that has to come to an end – either his integrity or his stay at the house will be in jeopardy.
    I’m not rooting for anybody in particular, but I find watching Victoria do or say anything anymore, is soooooooo shockingly offensive to the game.

    1. I actually think the feeling (or lackthereof) is mutual between Frankie and Zach. Neither really is as ‘in love’ as they pretend to be. It’s a showmance of convenience, encouraged by the Production and both their personalities. Zach likes pushing the envelope and Frankie likes being the center of conversation.

      1. You could be right. Funny you should say envelope; Frankie is the envelope waiting to be …..nevermind..
        After Big Brother you can bet that Frankie will go to every premiere he can, every ‘pink’? carpet event, etc., and he will most likely go to any openings – even the opening of an envelope…..Heard this joke about a Kardashian once and couldn’t resist. :(

  15. you did it with Rachel, now throw Zach ATTACK a bone

    I don’t care if he has no chance to win, and thanks to the biggest weenie and worst bro in the world Cody who sits when he pees and gently strokes Christine in bed…let him go crazy with a power or something and give us some excitement. everyone is so scared of their game “blowing up” and the ONLY reason Frankie’s did was because Zach is so erratic. same with many others. he puts them on blast and it makes them crumble even if its incredibly stupid(his execution lately hasn’t been as great, the speech’s must stop)

    save #WILDCARD

  16. It’s funny that Caleb’s game is respected as much as Jocasta’s and Victoria’s. Everyone sees him as a number and that’s it. He could go anytime just like Joc and Vic.

  17. Honestly this season is full of boring people.. so far dummy devin and crazy zach are the only ones who have kept this game interesting… jocasta is annoying, victoria does nothing, christine is dumb, caleb is a stalker, cody is forever in bed worst season ever….keep zach atleast he makes things interesting

  18. I really hope Frankie goes home soon and does not win this game. He claims he would build schools with the winnings, but since his family is already worth millions why has he not already started an organization that helps the poor? I know it’s not about who needs the money the most but who plays the best game but if someone like him wins over someone who really needs the money it would just turn my stomach. I just highly doubt his intentions with the winnings are for helping others but more for his partying and refusing to grow up self centered lifestyle. I hope I am wrong but actions speak louder than words and he seems to be a really nasty person. Not to mention him admitting he had to detox before coming into the house. Must be nice to live off family money in the NYC and just party your life away, not!

  19. I can’t honestly understand why fans are not keen on sending Zach home. Granted he makes the drama in the house but in watching how the game unfolds I would rather have him send home now rather than the pathetic player Jocasta. Sending Zach home will be putting a wedge between Frankie/Christine and Derick/Cody. That only makes the game interesting, if they keep Zach, the Detonators will only keep rolling until Donny, Hayden and [probably] Nicole leave the house. People are complaining that the game is getting monotonous and predictable, now is the opportunity to change things up yet people are still not satisfied.

    1. I am hoping the same. I hope the main group all will turn on each other and set their sights on one another allowing Donnie to squeak by to the end…..I know it’s a long shot but fingers crossed!

  20. Derrick tells Cody, “Now they’re done. They can’t _____ with us!!” “They” is ambiguous. To whom is he referring? I’m hoping Frankie and Christine, rather than Nicole, Hayden, and Donny…

  21. Derrick was just playing safe and Zack will stay in the house. These Detonators are afraid of their own shaddow.
    They need to watch out for Donny as he plays the country bunking [He’s playing the game full bore and they still aren’t on to him]

  22. Still holding out hope that Jocasta gets shown the door on Thursday as the first evictee. Lots of things can happen over 72+ hours.

    My nightmare scenario: Zach is evicted first and Donny is evicted second Thursday. You can then give this season a blindfold and a cigarette.

    Best scenario for Thursday: Jocasta is evicted first and Christine is evicted second.

  23. Zach is safe. Jocasta is going Home.
    Votes to Evict Jocasta:
    Frankie (duh)
    Caleb: He’s a good soldier he will follow orders.
    Cody: He will do what Derrick says.
    Victoria: She will do what Derrick says
    Derrick: He thinks numbers numbers numbers. He need Zach to get through Double eviction.

    (Derrick just needs to tell Nicole, Hayden and Christine that he and Christine are voting to evict Zack so that it will be a 4/4 split. Then blame Christine to Nicole and Hayden to lock them in for him and Cody.)

    Votes to Evict Zach:

    Zach stays Cody and Derrick keep the numbers. Christine looks like she works with Zach and Frankie making her look like a bigger Target. Jocasta go’s home only the Fast Forward Eviction go’s to jury this week.
    Frankie and Christine go on the block Double Eviction
    Christine or Frankie go to Jury.

  24. I cannot believe that production will allow Zach to leave. As irksome as he can be at times, he is the only one that adds a bit of life to Snoozefest 16. He must be a ratings dream. If he does leave on Thursday I am certain there will be a Pandora’s Box or other event to return him to the house. Production also has to consider how Skankie Frankie would deal with Zach’s eviction. Will he pull a GM and curl up and cry for days on end or will he look for a new conquest ( Caleb )? I believe we are finally going to see things shaking and moving in the house ( with the exception of Jocasta).

  25. This eviction is going to show everyone’s cards. I’m sure Hayden and Donny will evict Zach, and hopefully Victoria. If Derrick and Cody evict Jocasta Nicole and Donny will know and will not trust them. This will also make Christine choose a side. Nicole and Donny will be very puzzled if Christine votes to keep zach. In the unfortunate event Zach stays it will be interesting to see Nicole, Hayden, and Donny realize they need to kick it into high gear to get the other guys out.

  26. Biggest Twist of BigBrother16? The secret 12th remaining Houseguest reappeared last night. Hayden and his prick are clearly the strongest alliance left in the house.

  27. Anyone else see that derrick has just been agreeing with everything nicole/hayden/christine have been saying just to keep his and cody’s names off the radar. When he say’s “they” can’t F with us now. He’s talking about nicole/hayden/christine. He knows caleb/frankie are sure votes to keep Zach. He controls victoria and cody’s vote. It’s basically derricks choice and he will keep his numbers and dwindle down any chance of the house ever flipping by eliminating jocasta’s vote from the game. Allying with nicole/hayden does nothing for his game. He’s already mentioned he knows he would be under donny on the totem pole if he joined those 2. Why would the king trade in his thrown to go live with the outsiders? Nicole cant play HOH, christine is throwing comps. Zach will gun for nicole. Frankie and caleb will turn on derrick and cody. Too many negatives and i guarantee he’s celebrating because now 100% he controls the vote.

    1. I agree , I think by Thursday Jocasta will be the one walking out the door… but I am confused as to why Derrick just told Victoria that they have to vote Zach out… is he afraid she will blab to Nicole if he tells her this soon that they are actually voting Jocasta out?

  28. Well I guess Karma’s coming back to get you Zach, I’m sad to see your kinda crazy go because you were fun to watch but I think there is little hope for you now. Your mouth wrote a Check your butt couldn’t cash…..oops…..I hope Christine’s the second one out the door behind you….boo ya!!!

  29. Ugh, stop with voting with the house! This week exposed there is a split in the house, so why keep up with voting with the house. Let each side fight it out! That would make this game a lot more interesting.

  30. You gotta realize that this is big brother and its all about betrayal. Most like Zach will go home and then Derrick is gonna get caught playing both sides. I think they need to get rid of Donny, anybody sitting next to Donny in the final 2 will lose, and Frankie is like a clone of Andy from bb15. Derrick will probably get evicted around final 4. Derrick is similar to James from bb6, they both are playing both sides of the house, once they see their alliance crack, they quickly jump to the ones in charge. Frankie might have a chance of winning. I’m rooting for Hayden and Nicole to make it to final 2, become the first actual showmance to make final 2

  31. Frankie and Caleb talking. Frankie said he might head in and clean and Caleb says no that’s the girls job and how Amber and Brittany would clean and the girls left don’t. Hey Caleb, news flash, this is not 1952, women’s rolls are not longer just to take care of men. We have brains, a lot more than you have shown for sure. I know you think girls will be lining up for you out of the house but I really hope they see not only your crazy stalker obsession with Amber but also you constant degrading comments against women, oh and not to mention the racist and homophobic slurs before the house you made and not give you the time of the day. I am a proud Kentucky woman and you sir bring shame to our state.

    1. Im actually glad Caleb and Victoria won the BOB, not because I want them to stay in the house but because Caleb having to be on slop for 2 weeks straight and suffer is awesome! Anything that makes Caleb suffer in that house is good entertainment… I cant stand that tool.

      1. I think only one goes home on Thursday. CBS has run promos saying the double eviction will be on Sunday.

  32. Derrick will now slowly convince cody that it’s best for their game to keep zach while at the same time going last minute to victoria and telling her that we can’t go against the house we have to vote out jacosta. Last second word will get trickled down to donny and he’ll hop on board and that will leave hayden/christine who are soooo sure zach is going home. Perfect people to sic zach on. He’s already bit nicole/christine. By keeping zach he ensures zach’s next nominations will be from those 3. Can he ensure haydens? Or christines? Or even god forbid jocastas? Lol that last one is impossible but you see what i mean.

    1. That would be the smart move but will see how intelligent Derrick really is. If Zack goes I go too after watching every year!!!

      1. People keep saying if so and so goes… Im done watching the show… Im confused as to why you watch it in the first place…
        As spectators, we see ALL that goes on in the house… as players in the game they are not privy to all information that we have and only see what is presented to them… Zach comes off to some of these players as an ass and is annoying… imagine yourself being in there with him… as a spectator, he’s awesome and makes things interesting… that is why you and most of us like him in there but unfortunately … we dont get to vote… so .. he may be going… so what. Its still worth watching. Dont get me wrong… there are always people I am disappointed in … last year I almost threw my tv out the window because of Elissa and I hated how much production interfered and she made it quite obvious by talking about it all the time… Im sure production will do something to keep things interesting if Zach goes and things get boring. Elissa mentioned several times that she was making more money than everyone else for being in the house… Im willing to bet that Frankie is also making more money than everyone else this season too being that he keeps mentioning it is for charity… which is also what Elissa did last year.

    2. I guess we’ll see what Donny is all about this week. No matter what he hears about the house vote, I don’t think he will vote out jacosta. And I don’t think the others will expect him to do so. If he did he might appear disloyal to the others and I don’t think he wants that.

  33. Derrick says “they can’t vote against the house and will have to vote Zach out”!! Do these people know that they’re voting in private and can vote whichever way they want??? I’m so tired of hearing “I don’t want blood on my hands”!!! What a bunch of cowards!!!

  34. Hey Zach, I will never get what you did. What an awful game…hope being an ass got you the TV time you cherished. Loser.

  35. Zach is getting the last laugh. Julie will annouce thursday that they all made jury…then derrick and cody will realize zach will never vote for them, and will poison the jury against them for their betrayal. He will expose them for the weak, overly paranoid players that they are, and they can kiss their 500k goodbye. Zach would vote anyone over them in the final two, and at the very least, will be able to convince frankie, christine, and victoria to do the same. They will lose all respect for derrick upon learning he was actually loyal to no one. Cant see donny, jocasta, or hayden really throwing him a vote when that comes to light either. Game over, derrick. Look on the bright side though, buddy. That weekly stipend buys a lot of donuts.

  36. So so happy they are starting to see how Christine is! Hope someone flips on her and sends her packing next. Also I am happy Zach is probably going home. He tries to hard to be an a$$hole. He is not a natural villain like Evel Dick. Yeah he’s entertaining but annoying. I think, well I’m hoping things will get interesting from here on out even w/o Zach. Can’t wait to see his cocky face when he’s evicted and also that little rat Frankie’s too! I hope they stick to evicting Zach.

    1. Wouldn’t you rather have Frankie & Zack on the block at the same time? That would be awesome!!!! Can’t do it if Zack goes this week

  37. I’m not a huge supporter of Zach but at least he keeps this show entertaining. Christine has no backbone and seems to have the ego that she is winning this game but I think she has a strong possiblity of going out with this double eviction! They all are making a mistake by not taking out a big player like Frankie who has been the puppet master for weeks and told everyone’s secrets to everyone else!

  38. “They put her in here for me.”
    – Still on this BMC, still?!
    “And if they didn’t then I got the last laugh because I am sitting here and she isn’t.”
    – No, we got the last laugh watching you make a fool of yourself!

  39. Just a side note, you want to REALLY read betweens the words, scenes, interactions between them all? Learn (just read the basics) body language, so much is being said and acted out with no words. Brings a whole new dynamic!

    Why is it that Christine says and does the things that were asked of her for the Alliance, gets thrown under the bus then gets called all kinds of horrible names because she is making side alliances….JUST FREAKING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! Oh, she made up stories? Very few on any BB hasn’t. She wasn’t honest with the Detonators? The misogynistic little boys need to grow up cause they lied to her first. Not one person has been truly honest with the others, not even Donny. He is very good with being sneeaky, but seemingly innocent. As for Derrick? Mad respect for him, but he’s thrown so many “silently” under the bus that his hands are in no way clean. Cody is having a hard time but will figure it out and hopefully make a move. Needs his confidence back.

    Truthfully, I don’t care if they make it to the end or the jury house, I’d just like to see both Christine & Cody finally talk like they used to. If they confided in each other they’d realize that it was Frankie & Derrick who planted doubts about the other, sabatogizing thier friendship and others. I think Team Americas missions were very detrimental to the entire game and cast.

    Just my opinion.

    Out of ALL the women on BB, now or the past, Christine is the only one I’d like to know outside of BB.

  40. Say what you want about zach. The guy is loyal. Makes me sad derrick and cody are pulling a devin on him. Hypocrites. I hope devin puts them on blast finale night for stabbing their alliance in the back.

  41. BB’s season is pretty much done! When the pathetic Jesus-freak leaves on Thurs. who will continue to watch 3 incompetent women battle the mysoginistic men, half of whom are trying to sort out their sexual orientation!!? Agree with so many others – WORST BB ever!!!!

  42. “Christine comments about Caleb… A personality does everything.. I am not attracted at all to him.” Right back at you Christine, right back at you.

  43. It was only a matter of time that Zach was going to be toast. His behavior in the house was looked upon as okay but if a female would even remotely get paranoid, they would be voted out unanimously in a hot second.
    I get why people think Zach is entertaining, I found him to be endearing but then he came across too forced.
    His diary sessions seemed like he was trying to hard with the yelling/arms & mannerisms of Dan & Will.
    People say he is this years favorite, Yes I can see that but I think the general masses really like Donny. He doesn’t try hard & you don’t see that type of forced acted behavior in the DR * Yes Frankie, Jocasta & Zach I am talking to you *
    Overall this has been a more exciting week then the past & let’s hope after Double Eviction, it continues.

  44. What is wrong with this group of cowardly people. There all talk and no action when it comes to them being HOH. So tired of hearing them all say “oh it will be to much blood on my hands”. Its that the name of the game to get blood on your hands and get out the biggest targets, instead there going after the week people and making this season on of the boringest seasons ever!

    I used to like Frankie but after he started making fun of jocasta, who just had that nice service for his grandfather i have no respect for him now. I want him to go so bad. And please as far as Donny not wanting to do that last mission, i don’t blame him as he would look bad if he got up and called someone out as it isn’t in his character and as far as frank and derrick goes they have people to pertect them as donny doesn’t. So as of rightnow my favorite players are donny, hayden and nicole. Least favorites re frankie, chiristine and chaleb. Please start making big moves or please have perduction do something to pick up this season.

  45. I hope Derrick is just talking about getting Zach out so Nicole and Hayden get a false sense of saftey. Zach would definitely go after NIcole while the rest go after Donny. I’m mean if Derrick seriously thinks he can slide Victoria to the final 2, I think he’s delusional. Derrick and Cody are idiots, well we all know Cody is, but I’m shocked at an undercover cop. If he keeps Zach, he would make it to the final 5 with whiny Cody, Christine, Zach Attack, and Frankie. That’s a 1/5 chance of winning the whole game!!! Why would you try playing the middle when you’re sitting so high? What the actual f**k?!!! If I was in the Detanators right now, I’d be speechless at the level of stupidity.

  46. if donny and nicole had any sense, they should have left jacosta and victoria out of the picture. they dont matter in the end and everyone else will keep putting them up. they had to know basically who was working together and should have put up all them guys. however, now that it is what it is, i hope they send jacosta home simply because she is so boring. zack may be a a bit goofy but he is growing on me. christine’s laugh is bugging me and her constant lying to nicole and everyone else makes her worse then a floater so my vote is for her to get lost next. we liked frankie a bit, but maybe his head got a little to big because he probably thinks he will never be evicted. my favorites have always been nicole hayden and donny even if the odds have been stacked against them most of the time.

  47. CANT stand Faggie, LOOK AT ME< LOOK AT ME he gives all us gays a bad name, fake, liar, twofaced, back stabbing, and the biggest drama queen on tv. VOTE HIM OUT ASAP!!!!

  48. anyone notice Christine looks like Marsha Marsha Marsha from the Brady Bunch after getting hit in the nose with the football? LMFAO

  49. caleb said god want him to have amber..i think she in love with him,,member shes cried when they asked her in the house was she in love with him..i think amber lying shes fall in love with him if he win that got damn money 500,000 us,tvgn money and cbs money he be rich cause networks pays you out of all rights so they can place on dvds and stuff he get more money..caleb is a war hero he might get a tv show also most war heros get shows member drew carey,late bob ross on etv that became pbs and ronald reagan,many others…caleb fought for america and amber in love with him..she told him i want tell anyone my business if i am in love with you i hide it from them in here and the public….i saw it in her eyes shes in love with him when he win that money she jump in bed with him get a baby fast-marry him..watch ya see,,he going win that money hes a war hero



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