Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 9 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

Week9 Eviction-samall

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One big Question came up this week, were Derrick and Frankie sincere about keeping Donny or was it just a ploy to save face with the fans? I think it was a bit of both with Frankie wanting to keep Donny more than Derrick.

Donny knows the power centre of the house and he knows they are targeting him, because of this he started talking about how dangerous Derrick, Christine and Frankie are. Trying to cobble together something to challenge that group of 5 or if possible drive a wedge in so he can join up with a fragment. All these attempts failed.

Cody, Derrick, Christine and Frankie say Donny is targeting them so he’s got to go. Derrick/Frankie mad at Donny for “throwing them under the bus”  Frankie points out Donny was doing to them what they were doing to Donny they just happened to win the HOH’s.

As of last night The only way they could get Donny to stay was to split the house Cody/Christine/Victoria against Derrick/Caleb/Frankie with Donny. Derrick didn’t want this cause given the current house dynamic he’s going to win if things continue.

Derrick knows the fans are pissed about the predictability of the season he actually apologized to us feed watchers for it. Why apologize you are in the game to win the money employing whatever gameplay will take you there. It just happens that this gameplay is resulting in a boring predictable season. This is more on CBS. They should have used up their twist capital in smashing the power centre 2 weeks ago. Instead they wasted it on a crapshoot buyback, Silly team america fluff and ice bucket challenges.

Last minute updated .. Donny and Frankie continued to campaign right into Thursday morning to keep Donny with some pretty convincing arguments. Chances are it’s not going to be enough for all the reason listed above.


Summary of events

  • Zach goes home, twisted summer gets even more twisted and crapshoot competition decides who comes back into the game from Jury.. Jocasta almost wins but Nicole ends up getting it.
  • Scrambling ensues as the detonators worry with this few people in the house one of them will go home if Nicole/Donny win HOH
  • Cody wins HOH Nominates Donny/Nicole
  • Cody  considers getting rid of Frankie if Donny wins the POV
  • Team America gets a new mission, create a task then do it, America votes to see if this task is worthy of 5 grand. Donny wants the task to be to save him a member from eviction, Frankie and Derrick wanted nothing to do with this. too risky for their own games
  • Cody wins POV Thinks about using it to put up Frankie but is talked out of it by Derrick (heaven forbid this season gets exciting)
  • For the Team America task Frankie has the idea of a play BB Broadway presents House Swap “something fun and lighthearted”. Derrick thinks they should do something to sabotage people isn’t convinced the play is the best idea. Donny still wants them to save him.
  • BB Broadway runs, while it’s funny it’s nothing special. This is Something houseguests do every year multiple times. Frankie’s performance was particularly insulting to Joey . Was it worth 5grand for each member?
  • Fans try to rescue the house from a deep sleep
  • Cody doesn’t use POV
  • Nothing happens for days
  • Derrick and Frankie think about keeping Donny sounds promising here, here and here
  • Christine and COdy all over each other it’s getting noticed by everyone in the house and fans. Due to this players are uneasy about her character and use it against her.
  • The house as a whole began to turn on Frankie again for his dirtiness.. It becomes apparent to them that Frankie has help to do his cleaning.
  • Nicole explains her game  9:24pm
  • Wednesday night Cody refuses to keep Donny, Has vaild reasons. Derrick is quick to give up. Surprisingly Frankie fights on.
  • Donny knows his time is over in the house
  • One last attempt to save Donny Thursday right before the feeds go down Frankie makes a a play to Caleb and Cody.  Donny gives them a deal they have to take seriously 


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OBB prediction (remainder of the season edition)
Donny goes home
Frankie wins HOH puts up Nicole/Victoria, Nicole goes home, Derrick wins the next HOH… some things happen…. Derrick wins BB16, Donny wins America’s player and 2nd place goes to Victoria

Big Brother Canada 3 starts in February/March 2015 I highly recommend you join us all for that season we’ve been doing it for 2 years now and it’s loads of fun. Check out Big Brother Canada 1 and Big Brother Canada 2 we have all the feeds recorded on YouTube in those posts.

Offical results

Team America gets NO APPLE PIE they have failed in the task.

Christine votes to evict Donny
Derrick votes to evict Donny
Frankie votes to evict Donny
Victoria votes to evict Donny
Caleb votes to evict Donny
Evicted houseguets is Donny
New HOH is ? (It’s endurance get watch it on the feeds)
2 snowman to fill up the larger one gets you the HOH the smaller one gets you 5 thousand dollars and 5 thousand Hollas

Next week is double eviction

No one is going for the 5K dollas and 5K hollas

BB16-2014-08-28 19-02-02-964

BB16-2014-08-28 19-08-56-481

Nobody is going after the money they are all fighting to win HOH. Hard to tell who is in the lead.

7:13pm Updated to where the Snowmen heads are
Hard to tell who is in the lead. Could be Frankie, Caleb or Nicole

Christine, Frankie, Caleb or Nicole are the top four.. Frankie is in the lead

Frankie, Caleb And Christine are ahead.
Nicole is 4th
Victoria is a distant 5th
Derrick is going for the 5K


7:55pm All I can say for certain is Victoria and Derrick will not be winning it.
1- Chrsinte
2- Caleb
3- Frankie/Nciole

It’s between Beast mode and Christine. Frnakie has fallen to 4th Nicole is 3rd.


Hard to say But Caelb and Christine are in the lead
Nicole is ahead of Frankie
Victoria has no hope to win but she’s still giving it a good effort.

1- Caleb
2 – Christine
3 – Frankie
4 – Nicole

Safe to say Nicole is out of the running
1- Caleb
2 – Christine
3 – Frankie

Derrick gets the 5K and Hollas for the rest of the summer. Derrick says he’ll volunteer for have nots this week.

BB16-2014-08-28 21-17-27-429

9:20pm Beast mode is probably going to win this

BB16-2014-08-28 21-33-05-039
9:27pm Beast Mode wins HOH #BB16

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322 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 9 Summary of Events, HOH/Eviction Results

  1. All I can say is if Donny goes home they better give him a standing ovation for enduring these days locked up with these dimwits

      1. So what if he is? What does that have to do with the way Christine disrespects him and their marriage. I don’t think he’s gay. he looks like a little nerdy boy. In he and Christine picture when they were kids he favored Ian.

        1. You’re right it doesn’t matter if he is gay, it’s the disrespect she has shown to him and her family also Cody should be able to show some respect for his family, they really didn’t like it either. Worse for Christine because she’s married.

          1. I don’t know but what it looked like to me is that Cody’s family thinks his behavior is normal and they all act like that…. Except his sister who thought it was inappropriate. I guess you can’t blame Cody if he is raised like that he thinks it’s normal. Don’t forget adults would call his parents house and ask for the boys (Cody and his brother) to come “dance’ at these adult parties. The parents are fine with that too. And the fact that husbands have warned Cody to stay away from their wives leads me to believe that he lives in one fucked up world. Who knows. The dad seemed a bit juvenile so what can you expect.

        2. I hope Victoria wins POV and uses it on Nicole then Christine will go!!!! I cannot believe how awful she is. She bashes everybody, even her mother and father are disgusted with her. She makes me sick. I know Victoria doesn’t have it in her to win or go against Derrick’s mind control but one can dream.

    1. Bravo Donny. You played a great game and I think you have a great shot ay winning America’s Favorite Player.

      1. Congratulations to Donny. What a classy guy. Now let’s send Derrick to home so that Donny can have a real parting gift.

    2. first time I remember seeing an evicted HG have Julie tell that a CBS show wants to have them on their show! I missed the sounds the HGs heard when Donny went out. Do you think they get it now? why the TA task failed that is?

      more lies from Derrick/Frankie, tho i think Frankie would have like Donny to stay.

      1. if Nicole gets knocked out im almost wanting caleb to win liked derrick early but then cody Frankie derrick and Christine would say we could have taken him out when he took the 5k in veto that Victoria won

        1. hopefully if Caleb does win, that nicole will not be close behind him, and he will consider it to be Christine’s time to go before Nicole. I think the plan is to put up Christine and Nicole anyway, by him at least with Victoria as backup. I doubt if he cares which one goes, but if Nicole is not winning anything, and in fact is losing really badly, why not take out 2nd place Christine?

          Has Victoria given up yet? Has she decided half way to start trying for the $5k. Are we surprised that Derrick wanted to go for the money, after knowing he lost the $5 k due to TA greed and deceit?

          1. Yeah, the moment they mentioned the 5k prize, I knew that Derrick was going to go for it because he lost the TA thing & he can always justify losing the HOH comp as not ‘wanting blood on his hands’. Ugh.

            1. Girls in BB are always too stupid to work together. If Caleb wins HOH 2 girls are going up. If one comes off using a veto another girl goes up. Either way, a girl goes home. Unless a girl wins HOH during next week’s double eviction 2 girls go home. And that’s assuming a girl won’t be ultra stupid and nominate a girl. It’ll be 4 guys and Victoria in the final 5…..

            2. Remembering the time when Derricks was so mad because Caleb took the money instead of the POV and now he himself goes for the cash. Of course I don’t think Derrick had any chance of winning this unless he was throwing the comp. I also hope he aches like heck from this comp all week long because of the blatant lie he told in his Goodbye message to Donny. Talking how he try to keep Donny when if fact it was just the opposite.

        1. What did CBS offer Donny? The pre season Football game that didn’t have ANY STARTERS in the game pre-empt Big Brothers in my area, so I did not get to see it. Did the HG hear how loud the audience was for Donny and what did CBS offer Donny. Thanks for any updates.

          1. ok please someone tell me why Big Brother wasn’t on TV… I know football was on, but it seems like after reading some of these post… some of you were able to watch BB… I’m jst wondering how/why u were able to but I wasn’t… please help out so I can watch next week without missing… thank you!!! Text me please with a solution at 4199360567 im not ever on here, thank you

    3. Agree!! Donny leaving was so sad.
      On another note, why is it whenever a houseguest wins HOH, Stankie is right there to be the first one to kiss their as*?! He is so vile!!! It’s beyond pathetic. There is just no hope for this guy to have any redeeming qualities about him in the end of the game.

  2. Looks like production is focusing on Christine and Cody in tonight’s episode. The promo that I saw looked as if they interviewed Christine’s husband, Tim.

      1. But America got it RIGHT when voting NO to that stupid play!!! And Julie let them know how badly by saying by saying an “overwhelming no” to the request for apple pie.

        Suck on that, Frankie!!!

        1. To make matters even worse, Kathy B, Frankie tried to pretend to hold back his crocodile tears while in the DR to vote Donny out. He’s a real piece of work, isn’t he? What a phony b!tch!

    1. If they spin this in a positive way…..How disgraceful it would be to watch a man try to make light of the fact his wife will act like a whore for money…shame on them if they do!!! ALL of the HGs talk of how unbelievable her behavior is and how it couldn’t possibly be for an advantage in the game…I’m gonna roflmao when he dumps her and votes her out!!

      1. Well, Tim might of tiptoed around what he thinks of Crusty’s behavior, but kudos to both of her parents for saying they were not happy with her. She is in for a lot of “What the hell were you thinking acting like that?” when she gets home.

        Love you, Donny – Frankie’s gonna piss himself when he hears you’re going to be on the Bold and the Beautiful!

        1. LOL That’s hilarious! The wannabe actor/camera whore lost an acting gig to (in Frankie’s own words) “America’s favorite f#ck up”! Suck on THAT, Frankie! Can’t wait to see Donny beat you on getting America’s favorite too. I just pray that Frankie gets evicted before final 2 if for no other reason than to see the look on his face when he directly loses to Donny!

          1. Since Frankie loves the camera so much & overacts to everything, I hope they zoom in real close when Donny wins America’s Favorite. And I hope that it happens quickly enough that Frankie doesn’t have time to put a smile on his face & act like it doesn’t bother him.

    2. Is CBS going to do a special segment on what Derricks wife thinks of his play dates with Victoria? They can interview Victorias family too to see if they are proud if Derrick being all over their daughter.

      1. Sorry, I hate Derrick BUT I have never seen him “all over” Victoria or fondle her in any way. SHE is always the one touching him. He should not allow that and his wife has a right to be pissed, but Derrick is not the one instigating any touching. That’s Cody and Frankie’s role.

        1. You are the type of person that only sees what they want to see. Do you watch the feeds? If so, then you must not have seen all the times Derrick has initiated contact and stroked her arm and nuzzled with her. Go ahead and minimize what Derrick does because he is a guy while criticizing what Christine does because she is a girl. Although Christine and Cody are more obvious, Derrick and Victoria are as bad. Married means married and more than that, Derrick also has a little girl. What type of role model is he presenting for her as he does that to Victoria: another man’s daughter? He is lecherous.

    3. What will really tick me off is if Production comes up with a coup d’etat/DPOV/Pandora’s Box for these losers! I hope Frankie and Derrick can admit that the overwhelming NO to the TA mission was a message to them that we wanted them to save Donny and they blew it. Derrick’s farewell message was an out and out lie. Not ashamed to say that I teared up when Donny cried tonight. Casting made sure he never had a chance when they put him in the house with this group. We now have to make sure he is AFP. I hate to think for one moment that he is afraid he won’t have a job when he gets home. This extra money can help him recover financially. AFP can also let him know how much support he has from the fans. Please don’t let Frankie’s sister and her fans deprive him of this. (Cracks me up that Frankie and Caleb and Derrick think they have a chance to get AFP.

      1. I too hope too that Donny can get his job back. His GF Kristine was on a podcast earlier this week. She said Donny’s boss tried to hold his job open but a higher up came back and told his boss the job had to posted. She said if they don’t fill the position by the time he gets back he can probably get back on. Let’s all hope so if not I would think Donny’s community will be proud of how he portrayed himself and someone will offer him a job.

    4. That was so repulsive to watch!! I cringed watching that filthy montage of what Christine is doing to her poor husband. If this guy was smart, he would leave her as she plan to have him support her in 5 years. I do not respect her at all, she is beyond repugnant.
      Cody is just as nasty for encouraging that “needy and desperation to be admired by a good looking guy” behavior of Christine”s, Clearly, the b*tch has issues!! You can tell by her behavior on this show that she is a psychologically damaged and deranged soul. Poor thing. Somebody should start a ” embarrassed for Christine facebook web page for all she done to her character, integrity and to her poor husband, because clearly, she is NOT getting the message. That would epic if it got a million likes. LOL. and she would finally (hopefully) see how many people disapprove of her crusty behavior!! Although truthfully I am starting to think and believe that there is no motor under that hood.

  3. It would be funny if it was a non eviction week and after the votes are read when Donny/ Nicole is evicted the door is locked just to see the look on all there faces. I doubt this will happen but I can dream.

    This game is so predictable and boring and we can thank production for manipulating the outcome. I remember when it was gonna be 4 vs 4 before production got involved to save Zack over Jocasta ( even tho i like Zack) and when Caleb couldn’t sabotage Frankie which would have made it 4 vs 4 instead of 6 vs 2 and the most predictable season yet.

    1. I agree.. and earlier I just thought Nic was unlucky with production interfering but after the comps they have had since she has been back it is almost like they hate Nicole. I mean she is locked up in seclusion with anxiety about possibly getting back in the game and the HOH comp is a days comp. Then the veto is one that can easily be manipulated by a larger group with a strategy (which production knew they had a strategy making it nearly impossible for Donny or nic to win). And then the next HOH is a comp heavily favored towards guys.

      1. This is just the beginning for Donny. I imagine we will hear many good things about him in the future. The twits remaining in the house will hopefully fade into oblivion.

  4. Read the site all the time – love it, thank you. Never posted before but lmao “some things happen…”! Love it!

    1. Yes, thanks Dawg and Simon. This site has made this season bearable. The site and comments on here have been more engaging than the show!

  5. It’s going to be truly sad to see Donny go but honestly he will be better off away from this bunch of people. I’m really only okay with him being evicted knowing that we will get 25Gs and around 15k for team America… I mean thats not a bad payday

    1. As much as I wanted him to stay I am glad he is finally out of that hellhole. Week after week he was on the block and treated him as if he had some highly contagious disease. Never remember anyone being treated like this for soooo long in this game. Usually when someone is treated like this they as soon gone but not Donny, he kept pulling out a save. Donny definitely deserves the AFP title!

  6. Simon or Dawg, you mentioned watching BB Canada in Feb/Mar and covering that. I suggest you watch BB Australia that is starting Sept. 8th. I really enjoy that BB the most so far and would love to see aspects of BB Australia and Canada injected into BB America and stop this predictability.

    1. I started watching BB AU last year via you tube and very much looking forward to this season. Are there any sites that offer similar to OBB?

  7. Production clued Freakie and Derprick in that America ( us) loved Donnie and sending him home would make them hated. They devised a plan to make it look like saving Donnie was their plan and not their fault he went home. Thus being America’s favorite. Dumb old’ us!

  8. I have been rooting for Donny the whole time! Poor Donny I agree with Simon and dawn tho ….wish Donny had won ..

  9. What a boring season this has been. Caleb is an idiot. Cody is a puppet. Frankie is a fame whore pig. (An embarrassment to hear him call himself a man) Nicole IS a fruitloopdingus. Victoria is nothing. And Christine is a whore. Goodbye Donny. You are a lovely human being and will be missed. Wish u were staying. Congrats to Derrick for manipulating these dimwits and winning $500k. You deserve it.

      1. Derrick will have almost all the votes if he makes final 2. His social game is as good as we’ve ever seen. The sheep following him actually think they’ve made some decisions and he’s gotten almost no blood on his hands.

        1. That may be Derricks down fall. He has a pretty poor comp record and those voting may not believe him when he says he was the one pulling the strings. The other HGs maybe too dumb and arrogant to realize that they weren’t the ones making the decisions themselves.

          1. Derrick wants to be final two with Princess Vic which assures him the win. There is no one on the planet who thinks Princess deserves even one vote no matter who is there with her, that’s one reason why she is still being carried along by everybody.

      1. The viewers rallied and shot down TA getting $5k for that abomination of a “play” so I know we can absolutely pull off a huge vote for Donny to win AFP. If there is a BB God, I would love Derrick to slip up and say something to Spankie about not winning this mission because of his stupid idea and have Cody and Caleb ask what mission, what money, who was in on this, you kept this from us, we can’t believe you were getting money, what about us??!! And that. ladies and gentlemen, is when the sh*t hits the fan.

  10. Goodbye Donny, may you get the ovation that you so richly deserves when you walk out of the house with your head held up high. By then, the HG’s will realize that he probably will get the AFP vote and that will freak the heck out of delusional Frankie. Not entirely sure on who’s more delusional tho, him or Caleb. And oh, NO on the TA mission. That wasn’t a “play”, that was more of a Improv, and a piss-poor one too. Heck I’ve seen way more better-looking trannies in make-up and drag than this scary pink clown.

    1. i didn’t understand why he put all that on if he was supposed to be Joey. I don’t remember her as wearing a lot of makeup. it was bizarre.

  11. Apple Pie?
    OVERWHELMING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OVERWHELMING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OVERWHELMING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OVERWHELMING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OVERWHELMING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. All I Know is I really Like Donny & These misfits have been after this Gentle Old Man from day 1!! In a way I hope he does leave . On the Jury R his Friends Jocasta & Hayden… Plus he gets like 25 thousand dollars, not bad. Donny America Loves U!!

  13. Im sorry but Tim is officially a dumb ass. Hes the kind of guy that sees his wife come home with hickies and thinks she must have fallen and gotten that bruise. Wake up!!!

    1. I’m not sure about that, to be honest. I think he was simply remaining professional and respectful. It obviously hurts him seeing the way his wife is acting but really what good would come of him putting down his wife on national television? (Or on his Twitter for that matter). He’s clearly a good guy who doesn’t want his intimate details to be told to the world. If Christine was just a new girlfriend, perhaps he’d say some mean things but he’s known her since they were what – twelve? He cares a lot about her.

      1. I agree – I think he came across as a caring person. It is easy for us to say divorce her but that is his wife. I am sure this is the first of many bumps in the road for them. I think Christine feels she is a “hot nerd.” Did you notice how she mentioned that she wore her wedding ring so that guys wouldn’t hit on her at the coffee shop, but it doesn’t matter (I guess guys hit on her anyway) – to each his own. Anyway…I am glad he didn’t bash her on TV and glad that her parents spoke their mind about her behavior.

        On a side note – I think Cody’s sister thought it was gross but I got the impression his Dad thought it was cool that his son is such a flirt

    2. I agree 100%, Crustine was obviously Tim’s 1st love, but he’s obviously not her’s.. I honestly feel sorry for her, because he was a little too forgiving of her, literally no resentment at all in what she’s doing, he went so far as to joke about “rubbing Cody’s hair” on finale night. Either this dude is the most pathetic dude on the planet, or he could be a potential psycho, as in some day we will see a tragic story in a news article about the couple someday… Real Talk, dudes like him end up going crazy at some point, when pushed too far.

      He should get counseling now, before Crustine’s obvious sexual attraction to Cody sinks in…

      1. Down vote that, I know I was a lil harsh on Tim, but I can’t help it, I see that happening for real, it’s happened before.. Saw it on one of the shows on Investigation Discovery.. You can only push someone so far, before they snap… Crustine embarrassing that dude on national TV, is more cold blooded than, just straight up cheating on him…

        1. I dunno if he is going to snap but what she is doing on national tv is worst than cheating. Cheating can be just between u, ur wife and the other man. It all straighten up between u guys and decide whats best for u. But now being made to look like a fool on national tv is just terrible. All your friends and family seeing that going on must make it hard just to see them. Unknown people judging u is terrible.

      2. I totally agree, I think that Tim is going to snap. When they showed that Cody kinda flaunts how attractive he is to Christine & that he knows it’s inappropriate, I was just like…I hope they have security on finale night! Or at least a metal detector!

  14. Hey everybody, Donny threw the numbers comp! He just wants out of the house and away from these idiots. Why else do you think he didn’t play, taking himself out of the comp even when Cody had two BB tickets.

    1. Not sure about that. Stay/Fold has been played many times on BB and usually a stay will get you further in the game. What he didn’t realize was they had all pre-planned to fold every time with only one person answering which makes the game over very quickly.

    1. He is different looking – but not really fair to judge on looks alone. I don’t know what you look like, but I have no desire to be on national TV. I am sure I would be bashed for not being model thin.

  15. Heterosexual Males:
    You’re sitting around on a Saturday afternoon watching college football with your bros. Everyone is laying around the sectional eating chips and drinking beer. During a commercial break, one of your friends silently sidles up next to you, rests his head on your shoulder and places his arm across your chest. Do you:
    A) punch him in the face
    B) kick him in the nads
    C) jump up, pour beer on his head and exclaim ‘dude?!’
    D) gently slide your fingertips back and forth across his forearm and whisper ‘I love you, tell me about your famous sister’

    1. I can’t tell you what a straight guy would do.
      I can tell you what a gay guy would if it happened during a commercial of Project Runway.
      E) push him off and say “OMG you thirsty bitch… climb off. EWWWWW now I’m gonna have to show them on my Tim Gunn doll where the bad man touched me.” throw the pillow at him and “Hump this… Heidi is about to Auff someone.”

      Now if it was RuPauls Drag Race
      F) Sachet away you Thirsty Queen….There is no kai-kai in this family. Get the hook.
      (k(eye)-k(eye) refers to drag queens engaging in sexual activity with each other…. in a lot of drag families it is tabboo.)

  16. Julie asked Frankie about the mission because it was his idea.I bet he felt so bad. Also Frankie made it so obvious that something was up.

    1. Derrick said if they failed, it was all on Frankie. Let’s see if there will be any repercussions. I’m betting not!

      1. Duh…have you really looked at her? She is downright homely and ugly both inside and outside! No way could she attract a good looking man, let alone hold on to one. This show is the closest she’ll ever get and that is only because he is locked in there with her and can’t get away. The only other female there that is unattached is Vapid Vic and she knows better than to lay it on too thick with any of the guys there or her Daddy will have her ass when she gets home. I’m not surprised to see what her husband looks like. I wouldn’t expect anything better and while HE thinks he is good looking, I hate to burst his bubble but he doesn’t hold a candle to Cody. ( and I don’t even like Cody but I wiill admit that he is cute), Christine is a total emabrassment to her family and I hope she is truely ashamed of herself when she has to face her husband, Mom, and Dad.

    1. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Looks aren’t everything. We know Christine is an ugly person on the inside because we have had a chance to watch her but her husband was on for 5 minutes and does not deserve people bashing him. Just my opinion.

    2. Everyone is saying that Christine’s husband is ugly. Except for those horrible earrings I think he is quite cute. I watched some of his videos on twitter and he has a very cute personality. No reason to rag on him. He is not responsible for his wife’s behavior. I personally can’t stand her on the show. Hope she is different in real life.

  17. Big shout outs to Simon! Your 40 NO votes kicked Derrick and Frankie where it matters! In their wallets! Nice job!

    1. No people like you that feel the need to try to throw out your stupid political views every chance you get on anything are the dimwitted delusional morons…Jesus it’s big brother not election night

      1. I’m sorry but this had nothing to do with POLITICS/ I was only referring to a wife thinking nothing of her husbands philandering. I was not referring to politics.

  18. How much do I dislike these people? YOU ALL KNOW…and for all the reasons you’ve stated so well. Donny is a class act and will go out with his head held high; as he deserves. After last BB season and now this epic fail – this viewer will bow out.

  19. Derrick and Frankie just basically said a big F-YOU” to the fans by voting out Donny. So much fir them trying soooooooo hard to save TA. Glad that Anerica voted NO on the mission
    Frankie and Derrick are fake crying over Donny. What a bunch of phony hacks.

    1. I dont like Frankie at all but for his defense this time he actually did try to keep Donny. It was Derrick the reason Donny is gone.

      1. Yes! And Derrick had the audacity when he voted to lie straight-faced to “America” and say that he was sorry America-he really tried to get the house to flip but just couldn’t get it done….Are you kidding me!! Doesn’t he get that fans of the show are on to the fact it is his fault directly that Donnie was voted out. I cannot stand Derrick. He is so condescending and thinks the audience is comprised of idiots! Go away, dude. WE DON’T LIKE YOU!!

      2. Seriously?!?! Frankie wanted Donny out the whole time until he saw Nicole and Christine together and figured it was in his best interest to get her out. Did you not see the way he reacted when Donny proposed TA save him?

  20. Cody’s huge move continues to prove he has no balls, no brains, and no spine. Cannot wait until I read HERE that he has been tossed out of the house. What a wasted BB slot.

  21. I have been watching big brother my entire life. Maybe it’s because I am still in my twenties…. but I don’t understand what the Donny obsession is about! Sure he’s a “nice old man” but this is BIG BROTHER!! Hello! Every other season anyone who cried this much was made fun of constantly. He tried his hardest but he was not in the mix. No biggie. Move on. ITS BIG BROTHER!!!!!!

    1. You said it yourself, you are in your twenties. Perhaps when you have some life experiences behind you, you will understand our love and respect for Donny. Yes, this is BB but if you have watched all 16 seasons you may recall that most hgs have not been as vile, loathsome, boring or cruel as these twenty-something twits. Donny played his game as a gentleman and he showed respect to the other hgs, something they did not give him. Donny will come out the big winner this season. The twits all think they will find fame and fortune from BB when in fact CBS will shun many of them. Donny was not out the door 10 minutes when he was offered a guest role on a CBS soap. This is just the start for Donny and the sky is his limit. BTW, when you are 42 you will be hoping no one is calling you a nice old man/woman.

      1. Clearly you haven’t been watching the live feeds if you think Donny hasn’t said a LARGE amount of creepy, very innapropriate comments to the girls, or about the girls (I believe they even showed one he said about Victoria on tv on Wednesday) GROSS.

        1. Oh you’re an asshole. Why is it you think he’s “creepy” but don’t seem to mind the younger guys who say the crudest of sex shit to the girls and constantly grope them? And what EXACTLY did he say? It’s all bs from the likes of Vomitoria piling on crap about Donny because she’s such a loser.

        2. What exactly did Donny say? I don’t have the live feeds and i haven’t seen it mentioned here before.

          I can’t stand when people like Victoria throw around the word creepy to describe a man because they can’t find a better way to say it. From what I saw Donny was not creepy. Victoria thinks she’s something special worthy enough of someone creeping on her? GMAB. If he kept looking at you Victoria maybe he was looking at something in your area but had to constantly try to see around that huge freaking thing on your face you call a nose. You know it sucks when the older guy you call creepy has a girlfriend (hard wink!) that is a hundred times hotter than you.

        3. What did he say? When did he say it? What did Victoria say back? What did Derrick say? Isn’t Derrick supposedly Victoria’s big defender?

        4. So Cody and Frankie molest everyone in the house on top of EVERY young person having constant conversations about d!ck and v@ginas. Constant flirting and innuendo….but the 42 year old man makes a handful of suggestive comments (all he said about Vic Wednesday night is he’d like to see her do a skit again) and HE is the creepy pervert? Get real.

          I swear the people saying Donny makes creepy comments must be all very young if they’re blatantly ignoring the filth the rest of the houseguests say. The only reason idiots say “Donny says creepy things” is because of his age. Period. 42 is so far from being old. These kids will learn one day that you don’t just go into grandpa mode when you hit a certain number.

    2. One thing that perhaps is missing from your experience, and maybe it’s not, respect is earned, not demanded. Donny is a nice, intelligent, gentleman. Who earned respect in many ways. The other houseguests, by their very behaviour did not. The women sold themselves cheaply for fleeting attention from some very shallow males. And look what it got them. Christine has , by her actions with Cody, figuratively, not literally, spit on her marriage. Victoria is in need of so much attention that she seeks it from a man who has little regard for her or her humanity. The males excluding Donny, are almost as pitiful. Caleb, bless his heart, is almost as damaged as Victoria. Frankie is the worst sort of fame whore. Cody, sells himself almost as cheaply as Christine. His looks will fade, and he won’t have used his brain enough to amount to much. By and large, those who are left are spiteful, mean spirited people who would sell their own mothers for a magic bean. Fame on a game show is very fleeting. Their names may be known now, tomorrow, they won’t be.
      I realize that someone in their forties seems old to a twenty something. But, your twenties go in the blink of an eye. When you turn forty, you do not automatically become “old”.
      Big Brother is a game, true. But not one you should sell your soul to play.
      Donny knows that and showed that. Too bad, the rest of the ones in the house don’t know it too. Sportsmanship should count for something.
      Sorry for the soap box.

      1. 42 is not old but Donnie looks older then he is that play part in it. Couple years ago boogie was on show and no one thought he was creepy because he looked and dressed younger then he is. It all perception

    3. Tuh. It’s not an age thing that determines whether or not someone likes a player. I’m in my early twenties and have been watching BB since season 7 (all star season) and must say Donny’s one of my favorite newer players. Sure his strategic/social game play kinda sucks compared to a player like Derrick but he has something no one else this season has…HEART!!!

      1. You are absolutely correct. It isn’t about age, it is about maturity. Donny does look much older with the wiry beard. His pictures without it show a very nice looking man. I kinda hate throwing stones at the twenty somethings. I was an absolute mess and kinda a rude twit until I saw a bit of life. Thirty was a blessing to me. At forty I realized that I like me, and that allowed me to go past all the bullsh#t.

  22. Damn. Derrick did it again. How could he think that Donny won’t find out the truth about who was fighting for him to stay

  23. Maybe Donny pulled a Lawon! Maybe he self evicted himself because he thought he was going to get a special power.

  24. I am so furious with CBS. They are trying to make it look like Derrick try to keep Donny. That Stinks CBS! CBS you are being unfair to the other houseguests!

  25. And with Donnie being evicted I now have no reason or interest to watch the rest of the season and will no longer watch. See you guys for next season. Here’s hoping next season has real competition and alliances and not just one big blog of people too scare to make any moves the entire game like the last two seasons.

  26. Donny, you will be missed. Thank you America for voting no on the TA task. Wow….. Donny gets to be on the bold and the beautiful. How ironic. He is the only guy in that house who never talked about his ‘celebrity’ status after BB. Can’t wait to see the others reaction when they find out. Humble yourself and you will be lifted. Go luck Donny.

  27. and they want………..
    Victoria, Caleb, Cody, and Frankie all rise to accept……..
    wait!……they want……WHO?…..
    *Zach laughing hysterically and congratulating his friend*

  28. Gosh this episode made me cry!!!!!!! I’m Team Derrick FTW but I LOVE Donny!!!! So happy for him (B & B)! Yes gonna walk away from this thing with far more than the other HGs and I don’t mean just money. Go Donny!

  29. At least if u think about it Donny will end up with more money than if he got second place. I’ll miss him and Derrick can kiss my ass that liar

  30. Donny is what NC people are, honest. How the house treated him would never be accepted here. But he will be voted America’s Favorite and by the way Frankie, Donny will be a guest on The Bold and Beautiful, so take that and smoke it!!!!!!

  31. Oh, that was bitter sweet. He is finally going to be around nice people. Go decompress from that crazy house. Looks like your the real winner anyway. The only one who I take serious is Caleb, and next would be Frankie, that were really trying to keep Donny there. You played an awesome game!

    1. YEAH Donny… Such a good man!! He is walking away head held high, probably over $50,000 from TA, his stipend and hopefully AFP. Having a guest appearance on “Bold and the Beautiful” will be a fun experience for him as well as more money from his appearance on that show. People watching that show will get to see what the viewers of BB have seen this summer – a truly good and decent man who will be remembered as one of the most loved and respected HG’s of BB history. Donny also honored his girlfriend by respecting their relationship while the two so called MARRIED people made fools of themselves and their spouses in national TV. Hope to see more of Donny in the future – perhaps on a season of The Amazing Race.

  32. Well CBS, it’s official. I have turned Big brother off and won’t be turning it back on. Watch your ratings continue to fall. Donny, you are a classy guy.

    1. This comp is hysterical – just seeing Victoria and Christine falling (hard) on their asses is making up for Donny leaving just a little bit.

  33. Donny broke my heart yet again when he told Julie they had hurt his feelings. It was so sweet and genuine. The only happy moments tonight were Christine’s family and husband calling her out and Frankie getting a well deserved kick in the teeth with Julie’s “Overwhelming No!”

  34. Pig snout got Donny out. As crazy as this sounds, I think Frankie is the best player left.

    I wanted Donny to win, but he’s out.

    Christine’s husband may be ugly but he’s in no league with his gutter whore wife. She is one ugly mother-f—-ker

  35. That goodbye message from Derek to Donny angered me to no end.
    “I did everything I could to get you the votes etc etc.”
    What a lying POS.

      1. This is freaking Big Brother, what do you want him to say ? hey Donny i decided you had to go so i told my minions to vote you out ? He’s playing the game, you have to blow smoke everybody in order to win.
        Give the guy a break he outplayed your snowflakes and that stinks but be fair.

  36. At least Donny gets to appear on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. Hopefully he’ll get other opportunities now that he’s out of the house. Despite all the manufactured ‘will they or won’t they?’ drama, we all knew they would stay true to form and vote as a giant blob.

  37. HA!!! OVERWHELMING NO on the BB Play!! Way to show ’em!! Frankie couldn’t mask his surprise and disappointment. Hope this is a wake up call – sorry Frankie, you’re not as entertaining/loved by America as you think.

    1. I hated the broadway. However, I just hope Donny knows that it didn’t have anything to do with him. I hope he understands the fans don’t like Frankie and we wanted to save Donny.

  38. Either Nicole or Caleb is gonna win HOH there both going beast. Caleb was crawling so *fingers crossed* Nicole wins shes looking good.

  39. the head of household competition shows me one thing…. not one of these people has ever skated in their lives.

  40. So happy that “apple pie” was rejected ,…overwhelmingly I might add, I voted NO many times, lol ….hope Frankie gets a clue as to how America is starting to feel about him. So sad to see Donny go . What a great guy. He already has a guest appearance on the CBS soap opera lined up and I’m sure more offers will come his way. I’m happy that he can relax at jury with people that will treat him respectively and Chistine can stop with her ” I can’t stand Donny” rant .Now we get to see the slime ( Nicole excluded) fight it out but why do I think it will be another boring week with probably Caleb or Frankie winning and Nicole is on the block with Victoria (yawn) I would like to see Christine gone ASAP.

  41. Several things I’ve been waiting to see….Christine’s husband and family have said she crossed some boundaries she shouldn’t have….self respect and respect for your family should win over money every time. Cody’s folks didn’t think it’s a big deal that their stud was messing with a married woman…hmmmm IMO Cody is not that much to look at anyway, he’s pretty but how far will that get him in life, he doesn’t have the courage to win this game. As for everyone putting Christine and her husband down because of the way they look is just awful….remember beauty is skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone! Donny being asked to on the Bold and the Beautiful!!!! VERY Cool!!! I would have like to see someone with an ounce of integrity and character win this game but it ain’t gonna happen now.

  42. wow; first time ever did an evicted contestant bring tears to my eyes… really gonna miss you Donny … only great things will come your way , I am sure … with that said .. kick those guys butt Nicole

  43. ii disliked derrick with a passion,after tonight i hate his guts,holla holla. instead of sleeping all day he should get some sun on his pasty ass body,thinking were dumb .bitch we got live feeds and bb after dark we see what a lair you are with those big ass ears and that pig snout of a nose.holla holla im thru ventin and i am thru with big brother until finale night just to see donny get afp.

  44. Looks like Crustine the mutt will be in her parents doghouse while he cartoon character hubby is basically proud of her

  45. I’m really sad to see Donny go. Nicole is the only halfway decent person left in there and she might stir things up. I really dislike everyone else there. This. Season. BLOWS.

  46. People…Donny is 42. YES…he is much more mature but definitely NOT an old man. Don’t mistake his gentle, kind demeanor for “old”. He’s just a really nice man. Kudos to him for not stooping to the immaturity level of the others. I imagine it had to be frustrating being surrounded by a bunch of kids with no real life experience. He’s going to enjoy being in the Jury house, and he won’t go home broke. America loves him…A LOT!

    1. Yes, Donny is 42 but acts 62. I hate to see him when he actually is that age. He needs someone to remind him of that.
      Yes, Derrick is a liar. Acting like he was trying to save him. Obviously the next evictees will straighten Donny out on what a liar he really is.

  47. Frankie and Derrick… NO PIE FOR YOU…. but donny got something Frankie would have died for… He is going to be on the Bold and Beautiful.
    Tonight was tragic… Good to see Christine’s mother is not happy with her… wow I never thought I would ever see a BB mom hope their kid gets evicted. She is in big brother big trouble when she gets home. Their behavior was very cringe worthy.

    watching the start of the HoH it looks like Caleb and Nicole are the only two people doing it… I am surprised in Frankie and Derrick… this should be alll theres they are from cold states that people skate in…. all my cousins in cold states can skate, most play hockey. I can understand Victoria sucking at it she has an excuse this time… Israel and Florida are not known for their skaters. Christine is from Arizona forget about it.

    Goooo Nicole. Bite those boys in the butt.

  48. I’m ll about hating Christine and what she’s doing, But for those people bringing up her husbands looks it’s not cool. He’s a very nice person and his looks shouldn’t be mentioned, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what we may not see another might. He’s stated that he’s disappointed in her behavior and will handle it when she gets home. We all know how she’s behaving is disgusting and so disrespectful to her husband. I’m glad that her family is not cool with it, her parents seem very upset about it. I’m sure once she gets out, she’ll see how she behaved and I hope her family gives her hell. But let’s be adults and stop with the mean comments about her husband. He didn’t sign up for the show.

    1. I agree that it’s uncool to bash her husband for his looks but let’s be real…he is no innocent bystander!! He’s a fame whore like the rest of them. He does YouTube videos, Vine clips and is constantly on twitter and trying to get a big following. I think that if you want to put yourself out there and try and become ‘famous’ ( and those are BIG air quotes) then you have to be ready for the good and the bad…. Including comments about your looks. He loves the attention!!

    1. I’ll do my best but this is a really abbreviated version.
      They interviewed Tim he looked a bit wounded. He tried to play most of it off as part of the game. He did not appreciate all if the interaction between Cody and Christine as just game strategy. He did not seem bothered by it as much as most married men would be. He thinks Cody should back off a bit. He said when Christine and him are alone they will have an honest conversation about it. He said when he meets Cody he will hug him real hard and stroke his hair to see what all the fuss us about.
      Christine’s very religious Mom and Dad did not approve and looked embarrassed when asked what they thought. They are clearly hurt at Christines behavior and were visibly disapproving.
      Cody’s family played it off as that their entire family us very tactile so it’s just innocent. His Dad seemed proud of Cody’s flirting. His mom and sister said he flirts with everyone. The Dad said everyone wants Cody and he uses that in the game. His sister did say that she thought Cody should back off of Christine because they are pushing the boundaries on tv.

        1. Glad to help….consider it paying it forward for all the hours you have spent and will spend reporting on this boring season’s activities. Your caffeine consumption must be through the roof this year!

  49. Caleb is going to win this HOH easily. CBS didn’t want to even focus on that as it would be too obvious early in the competition. God knows they need to do everything they can to make this season interesting.
    I thought Julie Chen didn’t even look enthused to be there tonight.
    Every time you enjoy a nice A. Grande song just think of good ole Skankie. They both love each other. Uuugh

  50. Wow i was surprised about Christine’s family on tonights show they all look pretty attractive and seem nice. Christine definitely lost the roll on the genetic dice.

    1. Oh man that’s too funny. I was thinking the same thing as I watched tonight, are these people really her family? Was she adopted? Did they hire actors? But you put it in words perfectly. Genetic Dice, too funny.

  51. Donny is by far my favorite player. He was genuine, smart and just a sweet man that deserved to be in final two minimum. America should vote for him for America’s favorite but I fear CBS has rigged it by allowing someone with a famous sibling and millions social media fans already to participate in the game… So unfair!!!

  52. Anyone catch Piggy even lying in his GOODBYE MESSAGE? Saying he couldn’t swing the vote when actually he’s the one who told everyone to vote Donny out.

    PS First time watching this show and posting here. Some hilarious post on here.

    1. Derrick must have done something right as he is being painted like the saint this week. First they show him crying on Wednesday when talking to Donny and now he takes credit, in his goodbye message no less for trying to save Donny. Caleb and Frankie wanted to save Donny, Derrick was worried about losing his grip on Cody’s balls and since Cody was too afraid to keep Donny, Derrick wouldn’t do it. Derrick was the one that insisted that it be unanimous even though Cody didn’t insist on it.

      Its scary how piggy Derrick looks to begin with but this week in the Diary Room when he was wearing that hat that pushed his ears down it was just eery how much he looked like an actual pig.

    2. CBS clearly is favoring Derrick with the golden edits. I think that they think it is good Television to have a final battle between Frankie and Derrick and they are trying to make Derrick look “good” and Frankie look “evil.” The fan hatred of Frankie is way over the top at this point and they can’t make a cop look bad because that would just not fit into what is currently politically correct among CBS viewers. The feedsters know whats up with Derrick because what we see on the feeds is the real Derrick (manipulative, gossipy, angry and controlling) but what they are trying to do on the broadcast is show him as a loving family man who is just misunderstood. I think this is going to blow up in CBS face because when something does go wrong for Derrick (that’s coming soon) he is going to just lose it. He is a powder keg and will blow once things don’t go his way.

  53. Really torn here……….wanted Donny to win the 500k. Cried with him when his brother came on & when he was talking to Julie Chen. What a good hearted & decent man!
    At the same time I’m glad he no longer will be ostracized & gets to be with people in the jury house that he can have a good time with for a change.
    He gave up his job for this opportunity….hey CBS…want to make up a little for this horrendous season? Make America’s Favorite $100k instead!
    Donny for America’s Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS…Don’t really care who wins now…..maybe cheering for Victoria so that the other HGs are “crushed”..LMFAO!

  54. I never thought I would say this but if Nicole doesn’t win this, I want Caleb to win it. He’s growing on me. And I just just can’t stand the rest of them turds.

  55. Just an observation. The HGs think a double eviction is coming but they also think BB wraps up a week earlier than it actually does. Now we know there will be a double eviction as per Julie so does that also mean we may see another buy back? That could be interesting…

    1. I think I had heard that the number of BB episodes remains the same, but CBS is premiering their Thursday Night Football on what would have been finale night. I could be wrong.

  56. So glad Tim and Christine’s families said they don’t agree with what she’s doing. Including Tim sharing his feelings.

      1. Because she herself is blowing it off as strategy. Their comments made me see that they see what all the rest of us see. I’m pro-marriage. I’m not doing the hurting. What made me glad was to see they have some moral integrity too.

  57. Well they are giving Nicole a fighting chance. Endurance centered around basically ice skating. She grew up in long winters, in Northern Michigan.

  58. I can’t wait to see Frankie’s reaction when he finds out Donny has a part in a real TV show and Frankie is hated by so many? That will be priceless.

  59. Anyone else strictly getting their big brother updates from this site now? Cancelled my feeds, refusing to watch the show, and unsubscribed on Facebook from their page. So over your crap, CBS. This season, like last season, was a joke, and one of the worst ever. Frankie, Christine, Cody, and Derrick are all horrible, manipulative people. They don’t just lie within the game (as is expected), they try to lie to the viewers. It’s insulting…we’re watching your every move, jerkwads! Frankie and Derrick clearly never had any desire to save Donnie, and only wanted to save face, and Christine and Cody are disgusting adulterers. Deny it all you want, you aren’t fooling anyone!.

    1. I am as upset at CBS as you are. I get it!
      But, I am going to continue to watch only because I want to see Derrick get his comeuppance. Watching him get evicted will be the saving grace of this season.

  60. The thing I was MOST disappointed about was how Cody’s parents reacted about the way cody was all over a married woman. His sister seemed to understand it was wrong but his dad was making excuses for him. Christines mom got it right by saying she would almost rather her be voted out and that her behavior was not acceptable and NOT the way she was raised. The other thing that pissed me off was Derrick continuing to lie to Donny in his good bye message… for his vote. It is obvious who has integrity in this group and it is very obvious who does not! I hope Nicole wins and I hope she puts up Cody and Derrick!

    1. I think Cody and his dad have one strange relationship. The dad kept mentioning how good looking Cody was and how touchy feely their family was. The sister didn’t seem to like Cody’s tactics in the house or daddy’s tactics on the couch.

      I still can’t get over the image of a grown man Cody kissing his father square on the lips. It reminded me of the Saturday Night Live sketch where the family all makes out with oneanother.

      I almost fell off my chair when Christine’s mother said she would rather see her own daughter evicted than stay in the house and grope the male stripper.

      1. If you knew a thing about European families you would understand the “touchy feely” thing and “kiss on the lips” isn’t odd, gross or wrong. They are comfortable with their sexuality, unlike most North Americans out there.

        1. Actually I know quite a bit about European families as I am part of one. I have spent considerable time in Europe, especially Greece and Italy and from what I have seen that is not a common practice. Maybe we hang out in different circles. I am very comfortable with my sexuality but there is only one person that I kiss on the lips and that’s the boyfriend. (Although our kitten does try to get some smooches in at times).

      2. Cody’s actions may be an imitation of his dad’s behavior. Some men (perhaps Christine’s father and husband) should set Cody straight on appropriate behavior towards a MARRIED women. Christine is not innocent either, but will be duly reprimanded for her inappropriate activity by her decent parents and husband when she goes home. Her preacher may have a few words of wisdom regarding her sharing TMI about his wife on national TV.

  61. Please, please don’t let Frankie, or Christine win this HOH. I kind of thought Christine and Tim look like brother and sister.

  62. Not to be mean, but derrick is more desperate about money than a gold digger. if he wins big brother,500k + ta + job = el desperato.

  63. This competion is going to be between Caleb and Christine. If Christine wins, they are screwed. Nicole could possibly win VETO and send a Detonator home or Nicole could use all the information she gathered and tell Christine about how the guys wanted her gone. Derrick is out of the HoH and is putting a huge target on his back going for $5000. Being greedy sealed Derrick’s fate in the game and Cody (by body language) seems upset at Derrick for trying for the money. Even Victoria is still fighting (a losing battle) for HoH.

    1. Doesn’t matter, Christine won’t do a damn thing, she’ll put up nicole and victoria like a good little puppet, and pray for 5th place. She isn’t going to work with nicole, she will paranoid herself out of anything important. She might put up Frankie and Caleb, or one as a backdoor if derrick and cody push for it. But i doubt it. Like everyone else, she will also keep victoria.

      1. Christine could still be evicted on the Double Eviction Hour, and still be ousted, with her HOH (if she wins) being a complete waste.

  64. Oh so that’s why Derrick keeps falling – because his shoes are 3 sizes too small. I’m calling bullshit.
    I have to admit that I chuckle each time he falls.

  65. Thinx Julie – God this girl is the WORST!
    Was that her mom or her sister with the fucked-up eyes and eyebrows?
    I feel so bad for Tim yet I definitely feel Christine does not deserve such a great guy.
    Victoria may just win this one – ooops sorry forgot Victoria can’t win shit! Biggest move – cutting her own hat and demanding people like her and her fukking hair.

  66. Oh I just cried and cried when Donny left, I so hate the other guest they all are unprincipled, unethical, immoral, conscienceless, shameless, reprobate, exploitative, corrupt, dishonest, dishonorable, deceitful, devious, underhanded, unsavory, disreputable, evil, wicked, villainous, Machiavellian and shady.

    I HATE THEM ALL FOR WHAT THEY DID TO DONNY!!! Shame on you CBS for allowing this to happen SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

  67. I’m outta here. Too many scummy people.
    I’ll be back to vote for Danny for America’s Favorite.
    And I hope to see him on Big Brother All Stars some day.
    As for the rest of them, boy are you going to be surprised when you read the comments. ha ha

    1. I find the comments directed at the actual players more funny. Leave their families alone….we got enough material among the froot loop dingus players left to have fun.

  68. The venom will be flowing out of that foul mouth on the feeds, with him bitching that the BB audience doesn’t understand the theater.

    Problem for him (as he will find out at the end of this season of BB) is that the fans know him ALL TO WELL and they reject him on just about all levels.

    That, I can’t wait to see.

    1. He is already foaming at the mouth! Discussing the applause Donny got. And how obviously all the mental comps were rigged for Donnie too.
      Now of course even Caleb’s injury is acctually about pink frank.

  69. Strategy wise, it might not be a bad thing to throw this comp and not win, just so that you can play for HOH next week for double eviction. But one things for sure, Derrick will have a really hard time justifying going for the 5k when even Victoria didn’t, and she had no shot in hell at winning HOH. I think he may know his time may be limited now that people are starting to turn on each other and think for themselves. As for this comp, Christine actually might have the best chance at winning b/c I think she has the longest slenderest fingers. Lets just hope if she wins she doesn’t do something stupid like put up Nicole.

    1. after being the one who always implies or suggests to others that Christine must be throwing comps, (no one else brings this up when she loses), it’s going to be interesting for him to let everyone know why he went for the $$. I am sure he’ll mention the kid, food out of her mouth, blah blah, then talk about how he was falling (on purpose?) and unlikely, PLUS he’ll talk about how he thinks America will ‘love’ the insults so if he was successful they’ll have that on the feeds and in the show, great fun for everyone (for about 100 of them, then 4990 to go? not so fun)

      then he’ll bi tch to Frankie about how Donny lost them the TA task, and he needed the $$ for sure.

    2. What I don’t understand is all those Hollas? Wouldn’t that be a punishment for all the HG’s? I be pissed at Derrick for making me listen to all his shout outs so he could win 5 grand. Selfish behavior.

  70. Trust me I am not a Christine fan (can’t take her) but I don’t get all the hating on peoples’ looks. Seems small and below the belt. There’s plenty of other stuff to pay attention to (like what a big, fat, conniving liar Derrick is, Victoria’s uselessness or Frankie’s bloated self esteem, etc., etc., etc.) Tearing people apart about their looks is as mean and nasty as the people in the house. Why stoop to their level. JMHO.

    1. You are so right. We got enough losers in that house that we don’t need to go outside to find stuff to make fun of.

  71. Thinking about tonight’s events, I know a lot of you may be angry with what I have to say but hear me out. Donny is lucky to be out of the house. No more being ostracized on a daily basis. No more being put on the block weekly. No more being left alone and left out of the house. He’s in complete control as to who HE wants to give the 500k to. I’m happy for him. He still has his dignity and he WILL win America’s favorite.

    1. That is what I am saying as well. Handling that for 10 weeks is too damn much. This season is literally a frat boy season,a nd Donny was never invited to the Frat parties.

  72. Derrick, though it’s been boring, you’ve played a great game so far. Never on the block and no one is suspicious of you, even though you have controlled a lot of the voting this year. Going for the 5K is stupid and paints a huge target on your back. Idiot.

    1. Seriously what an amateur move. The whole point of that is to show someone being greedy which puts a target on their back. He might think that Caleb has gotten away with taking cash a while back and he probably can too but come on. Even if you’re out of the running you don’t do that!

      Also, can we please ban the words Beast Mode Cowboy from this site, and well from everywhere else. That dolt thinks that nobody will ever call him Caleb again and just refer to him as BMC forever. Good grief. Stop feeding the egos.

  73. Just watched the episode here on the left coast.
    OK I am not going to comment on Christines husbands Tims looks except to say what is up with the young kids doing that to their earlobes that is just gross and painful to look at.
    No surprise Codys father is proud of his son he probably has a few mistresses on the side himself apples don’t fall far from their trees.
    so Donny had to resign from his job as a groundskeeper that probably paid what 40 may 50k for a year? And in one summer hes made about 50k (15k TA challenges+13k jury stipend+25k Americas fav=53k !! So everyone better vote Donny to win Americas favorite!!!!!!!!!
    How much will a walk on guest shot for bold*&beautiful pay and by doing so does he get his SAG card ?
    Frankie,calib,cody,christine,and Victoria will definitely be envious!!!!

  74. to say about BMC is that his alliance can count on him to come through for them when they need it. I was pulling for Donny or Nicole, but with Donny out and Nicole likely to go up and out courtesy of HoH Caleb or Christine (another boring week ugh), I’m on the fence on who I think doesn’t deserve to win the least– Derrick or Caleb.

    It will be mildly interesting to see who will go 2nd in the double, and if they will finally stop the stupid unanimous voting yet. And also whether a genuine twist will ever appear. If I was holding my breath for a good twist though I would have passed out and died much earlier in the season.

  75. Ugh, I hate it when somehting random pops up when you did not comment anything.

    With DEviction being this week, there is a VERY GOOD chance that Christine is leaving this week, so we can look forward to that. It will probably be Nicole and Christine gone this week.

    I am saddened by Donny’s eviction, but there is also a bit of relief that he is out of there as well. CBS’s editing is just too damn much sometimes with the way they portray some of these characters.

  76. Loved donny ‘ s face when Julie told him he’s gonna be on the bold and beautiful! He was like “what’s that” lol

  77. The only thing that has consistently caused me to dislike anyone in Big Brother is the claims they make about themselves not exactly fitting the person that is filmed on camera for us to see on a 24-hour basis.
    If you’re going to claim to be a competitor, then do it.
    If you’re going to claim to be the hottest chick in the house, then let us at least agree with that.
    DON’T be a Beast Mode Hairdo and Loser and then still carry your ass around that house like it is all true.
    Victoria is the most deluded girl in BB history.
    Oh and yes, we believe she’s a virgin too when her boyfriend slept over every night.
    I want to see her ass in that orange chair this week so bad.
    She is one hair-brained woman (I think). Sometimes I swear she’s a transgender person.

  78. Derrick got the ball and 5k and has volunteered to go on slop. How about on the block? Also, seems like the real punishment is for everyone since everyone has to hear the dumb holla announcements. Hopefully it will piss them off more, b/c right now it seems no one is upset that he got the 5k, but we’ll see what they say later when he’s not around. But I think he may finally be in some real trouble this week without Cody as HOH to keep him safe, I hope at least.

    1. BTW, when I heard Derrick was asking production about the rules of the 5k I thought, oh how nice, maybe he’s thinking of giving it to Donny since they screwed him over last week on the TA mission. And then I heard him say, thats for you Tinly. So whatever, glad he won it for his daughter but could’ve been cool

      1. Question: Derrick went for the $5000 and the 5000 hollas (and yes, that obnoxious voice can only be Frankie’s), so ALL the house guests are going to be subjected to that noise? If so, that ought to make them turn on him like rabid dogs.

  79. Derrick volunteers for Havenots? I thought Julie said it was over. Maybe I heard wrong.

    I guess he found a way to recoup that 5000 they didn’t win in the TA challenge.

  80. Well it looks like Nicole’s out, I guess she’s gone next week, Crustine, The Pink Pansy & Caleb are in the lead & all of them already said if they win HOH she’s going up!!! The only thing can save her now is POV!!!!

  81. If I was in this house I would evict Derrick just so I don’t have to hear those annoying hollas anymore. I guess he compensated for Donny chickening out of the TA comp.

  82. Caleb won, so now victoria and nicole will be on the block with probably nicole going home this week if she doesn’t win pov. so predictable this season, so boring!

  83. I’m glad Derrick went for the 5K. He’s giving them perfect ammunition to get him out this week. Caleb will probably target Nicole but if she wins the veto, I hope he has the sense to break up the Cody-Derrick alliance.

      1. Unfortunately, you’re probably right. If Nicole wins the POV, Christine or Frankie will go. Christine and Nicole make a duo. Frankie is a comp threat. Derrick will be sitting pretty.

    1. Evict DerPrick and get his self satisfied shit eating ass out the door! But no it will be predictable as always – nominees: NIC and VIC Evicted: NIC

  84. The punishments were lame anyway and I agree the stupid Holla one punishes everyone.

    Everything on this show has become lame and predicable. How many recycled comps is this now?

  85. I hope Christine goes home, or he backdoors Cody. Simon and Dawg, bought a couple things from Amazon off the link on this page. Love all the hard work you guys do.

  86. I did not get to see tonight’s episode and cannot watch the CBS re-run as I do not live “in the region”. Would SKS give me a brief synopsis on the audience reaction when Donny exited and how did the hgs inside react to what they heard?

      1. Not a puter expert here so need some clarification. I can watch CBS normally via my cable provider but BB was out due to football. The site that Simon/Dawg recommended did not work and if I try to use CBS site to play catch up, it sez not available in my region. I use Hola to watch all my faves from home Corrie, Eastenders, etc all my Brit shows available on IPlayer. If I try to set Hola for US, will I lose my UK shows?

    1. Hard to tell if the cheers were any louder than usual. Though he opened the door wide, he walked slowly, it seemed, to the second door so I don’t know if they heard much. They did sort of say something though about it..but they didn’t spend much time crying.

  87. I just rewatched Donny being evicted. I cried all over again. I live in Tennessee so I may have to go see him and tell him in person how much I admire him

  88. I want to say–see I knew you’d regret not getting Beast Mode out earlier. But he seems to be sexist and I think all he can think of is guys against girls. So predictable week ahead. Snooze.

  89. Crustine has just as much chance of going home as Nicole. But Caleb’s likely main target is Nicole.

    Guys are safe this week, Caleb has bro-pack with them.

  90. $5000 and gets to cruise this week? Can Derrick lose? I think not!!! Hey CBS start making the check out to Derrick now bc my boy is going to win it all!!!! Bye Donny!!!

  91. Guess what in doing tonight. Setting my recorder to not record any more big brother. Hate that they let it get this bad. The comps are weak really. Not the show i feel in love with long ago. I will stay on this website bc i do want to see who wins (not frankie) but i hope that cbs gets the point and fixes the problems. I know me not watching doesnt hurt the rating but i feel like there are others who are thinking like me..anyways…malaria out!!

  92. LMAO at Donny finally going home despite everyone begging production to rig it for him to stay! And LMAO even more at the crybabies because Caleb is sending Nicole right back out of the house next!

    1. They’re not crying because of that, they’re crying because they believe it’s predictable.
      Because, these babies prefer entertainment over actual strategy.

  93. Could we get over that this is a boring season already, and just look that for once in Big Brother history there are still several comp threats still in the game? That’s something to appreciate, and with them wanting Victoria not to make it far, it’s fair to say it might be the strongest final 4 in the history of Big Brother.

  94. If you thought the finale sucked last year with Andy, Gina Marie and Spencer, this year will be twice as BAD! The ratings will be plummeting from here on out! Just end it already…

    1. Nothing can ever be as bad as last year. All that bothers me is the sexism–plucking the girls off instead of seeing them as allies. Derrick’s only secret he’s not sharing with the guys is Victoria. They’re too blind to see it. (When a man marries a woman, it’s because she will be a helper to him not just in housework cough cough, but in life strategy. These guys need to learn the value of women.)

  95. LOL! Frankie bitching in the kitchen about how much America loves Donny and how they probably didn’t have endurance comps b/c of Donny and how we are obsessed with him. Someones bitter. Could it be because of the OVERWHELMING NO! he got from America? Loved it, and Julie Chen for her perfect delivery! Can’t wait to see what he and Derrick say about it later, b/c you know he is devastated, haha!

  96. Stop Crying……I so agree with you. Completely tired of all the bloody whiners. Get a grip. DONNY DIDN’T DIE. He got voted off a game show for crying out loud. He brought nothing to the show, and was as entertaining as watching a fly walk up a wall. Sure he was a nice guy, but you know what they say about nice guys on this show…………they don’t win!! Social skills, comp skills and a huge amount of lying gets them all to the end. You cannot name another BB winner who didn’t use these tactics to get to the end. He said on the show tonight that his plan coming into the house was to play by himself. Great move buddy!!!!

  97. Frankie seriously becomes such a little bitch when he doesn’t get his way. Haha, if I were in that house I would exploit the shit out of that and let him get himself evicted. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Caleb is showering and Cody is talking about how Christine and Nicole were helping each other. Looks like theyre both going up.

  98. Cody’s favorite thing to do every night is to mess around with his dad… okay… after the first episode, when they were kinda making out on camera, can someone clarify to me what does he mean by messing around?

  99. Karma is a bitch… they finally got Donny out like they have been trying so hard to do, but they are all suffering like a bunch of whipped pups. I have to say that Caleb did an awesome job. I wonder if he will be able to make it up the stairs to his HOH room. They will be a bunch of sad sacks for a day or so!
    I sure do miss Donny, but I know he is totally enjoying life right now.
    We love you man!!

  100. Done watching the show.
    Every eviction has pretty much been
    Unanimous because everyone is afraid to think for themselves.
    Boring television!

  101. I think Derrick genuinely likes Donny no doubt. I think if he didn’t think he was a threat to him he would have tried to keep him around a little longer. I think Frankie going on and on about trying to keep Donny was bs. I think he did it for “crowd or fan” purpose and popularity. I think he thinks hes a fan favorite.

    1. Derrick thinks he is everyones favorite. He has the highest opinion of himself and thinks he can do no wrong. The guy is delusional and surrounds himself only with people who bow down to him and tell him how great he is. People that see his bs are quickly dispatched out of his life. That’s why Donny was such a threat to him and also why Devin was a threat: they saw Derrick for the slime he is.

  102. Hard to watch Donny voted out of the game while Victoria, who doesn`t even appear to be
    playing, is still in. Also didn`t like the way the group ganged up and fixed the veto competition so Donny and Nicole couldn`t win. Don`t know why production allowed this. I am looking forward to the ones still in all lying, cheating, and selling their souls for the big prize.

  103. I was so happy when Frankie received the NO from Julie. It was hilarious. Hope he and Derrick catch it that America wanted to save Donny.

  104. So BMC is the new HOH. Well at least Frankie can once again sleep in the HOH room. This week should be just as predictable as the others and as it is DE we can say goodbye to Nicole and Christine. The following week it will be Vic, then the fighting will begin.

  105. After seeing footage of Christine’s husband Tim…I am understanding why she is gropping him so much and Christines’ husband saying he is also very attractive ….LMFAO!!!!

    My solution for when they get out of the house…Tim start going to the gym!!!!

  106. I am surprised all you people going on about Christine, You seen picture of her when she was younger, sh looked like ugly duckling. and married someone in duck family cause he is same way, not saying they might not be nice people, because actually even though they look like that, the Husband seems to be a very easy person, that’s why he is allowing that, but she is doing it because I imagine that is first time in lifetime she has ever had good looking man show interest in her, even though I don’t think he is serious about it.throw a doggy a bone of course he is going to grab it. I am glad to see Donny life will be better after BB.I really hope Caleb wins it all, but he has to do a big move if he wants a chance at the game. Frankie, put him out to pastor, no one wants him at all. Cody, he is more interested in woman then the game. Nicole did not come back into game any better,unless she sucks up to Caleb, she might have chance. Derrick, he tries to make fans think he wanted to save Donny, if he had agreed with Frankie and Caleb, he would of stayed but you can see, he didn’t agree with it, I really hope he is not that sneaky at work, boss better keep eye on him, because by looks of things , he would do anything for money. Victoria sliding through because people feel sorry for her. I hope Caleb wins it all, at least this guy tells you as it is and seem honest and loyal.

  107. I have seen every episode of every season and I have to say, although I really like a few of the players this season, the predictability is boring …. the least CBS could do is tell the houseguests to ALL dress for the HOH challenge on eviction night. As soon as the camera goes live in the living room you know who is going home because they are the one NOT dressed to compete. I hate that the entire house votes together every week and that the person going home is dressed to go home. For the viewers it is boring. Live feed watchers may know and we all might think we know, but at least if they are gonna show the campaigning make you think someone might stay, don’t have them sitting there dressed to leave… YAWN!

  108. And regarding Christine and some of the other houseguests …. being in the Big Brother House doesn’t change who you are …. it only makes it more visible … yes, most houseguests lie or deceive to make it further, but the personality they display is the same as they would at home … i.e. Christine being married and acting like she’s single and Cody being a flirt … my personal opinion is the only person left in there who I truly believe it a good person inside and outside the house is Derrick … and I hope he wins.

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