Beast Mode’s Jacked up knee “it’s my meniscus. down for the count. put me in the Jury house”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: ?
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BB16-2014-08-28 22-03-12-575
Caleb on the couch “I’m all jacked up.. my knee I don’t know if I will be able to do anything”
Derrick comes out from the Diary Room tells them to drink a lot of water take Aspirin and have some banana “you are going to cramp up that’s comes from the doctor”
Nicole wonders if she can drink Gatorade. Derrick apologizes for not asking them says she should ask first. Nicole – if I have to wait 2 hours I will
Caleb tells them he got thirst and drank some of the water in the scoop. He never took a break for water. Cody points out Caleb’s pace stayed the same the entire time if anything he sped up.
They start talking abut Frankie grabbing the water in his hands and grabbing the slush. Caleb didn’t start doing that until near the end.

10:10pm Derrick gets a HOLLA
Derrick tells Caleb he better drink water his upper lip was purple. Derrick starts making excuses for getting the money says he fell so much in the beginning, “That last time I fell I thought I was going to cry” He tells them the 5 grand is for his daughters college fund, he hopes the 5000 HOLLAS! don’t bug the other houseguets.
Christine comes in says she’s never seen that competition so long and with a incline.

They agree Donny got a HUGE CHEER, Caleb says Donny really teared up when he saw his brother. Frankie comes in singing gets told by Big Brother to stop. Frankie says he’s sorry he’;s just so happy right now.

Derrick – I would love a Vicodin right now

BB16-2014-08-28 22-18-08-637

10:15pm Kitchen Frankie and Cody
Frankie – “I’m so happy Donny’s gone.. So happy.. thrilled couldn’t be happier about anything actually”
Frankie wonders if Nicole will even unpack her suitcase.
Derrick joins them they chat about their family messages.
Frankie – Did anyone look anyone instead of my sister

BB16-2014-08-28 22-31-49-484

10:24pm Derrick, Frankie carry Caleb to the shower.
Caleb says he needs crutches.
Frankie – If you don’t win the 500K i’m giving you 25K for that
Frankie – I’m taking care of my man
Caleb – it’s my meniscus again.. I’m down for the count.. put me in the Jury house.
Frankie – don’t say we can compete for you.

BB16-2014-08-28 22-29-52-204

10:29pm Bathroom
Cody says he heard Nicole tell Christine “Scoop the jelly Christine”
Cody saying the girls are getting close Christine could have won the ball was withing reach but she didn’t know she could reach it. Once Caleb got his she tried and pulled it out right away.

Caleb saying he was doing his military drills to work through the pain, “I don’t need to stop and drink Gatorade waste time..”
Caleb explains he drank the competition water but never swallowed it.
Cody – Still some of it went in your mouth that sh1t was nasty

BB16-2014-08-28 22-46-02-438
10:43pm Frankie and Nicoole Kitchen
Frankie keeps saying “So strong those women are so strong”
Frankie says everyone loves Donny he’s going to win America’s favorite.
Frankie says Donny made him feel really bad “He’s so good at that.. it’s hard to look at him.. WOW”
10:47pm Living room Derrick, Victoria and Christine
Christine is saying she loved that competition. Derrick hated it say he wiped out really bad hit his head a couple time.
Frankie scream – Dinner’s ready

10:50pm Rock room Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says Nicole came to him asked ‘Can we talk later” Caleb smirks “OKAY”

BB16-2014-08-28 22-51-54-792

10:52pm Dinnertime
Frankie – The obstacles that those 3 women have done makes me feel like a sh1thead for thinking anything I’ve accomplished in this house was hard.
Frankie – Caleb what do you htink of my sister now that you’ve seen her for real.. SMOKE BOMB.. god she’s hot it’s ridiculous”
(Caleb is walking around on his own now)

10:01pm Caleb, Christine and Frankie
Frankie is bothered about Donny’s popularity keeps saying how he’s not winning America’s favorite Donny will. He cannot understand why says “Donny did shit in this game what did he do!” Christine mentions DOnny was on the block almost every week and won a crap load of competitions.

Frankie – Caleb that was HUGE victory what a GREAT GREAT comp
Frankie say there’s no point in Nicole talking to Caleb it’s over for her she’s done. “I’ve been in teh house with her 77 days I know what she is doing”

BB16-2014-08-28 23-06-40-406

11:05pm Derrick and Nicole
Derrick – you hear that cheer Donny get
Nicole – he had a good heart
Derrick says he cannot believe how much his daughter has grown it’s really killed him seeing her.
Derrick is worried the baby will forget about him.
Nicole tells him not to worry she’ll remember Derrick.
11:22pm Caleb and Derrick
Derrick telling him next week it’s mental him, Frankie and Cody are going to kill it. Derrick says they won”t study near Christine they’ll just drill and drill all week. Nicole won’t be competing either.

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196 thoughts on “Beast Mode’s Jacked up knee “it’s my meniscus. down for the count. put me in the Jury house”

    1. I can’t believe frank would even think he’s America favorite he’s one of the most hated player in the game get a clue dude

      1. I must say I’m being entertained by Frankie……entertained by the fact that it is eating him up inside that a simple, kind-hearted person is beloved by America and he is not. He cannot fathom how a person can be liked without some gimmick or without even trying. I do hope that the Ariana fans don’t skew the AF vote and hand $25k to Frankie. He deserves to have Donny’s popularity rubbed in his face, especially after all the shit he (and the other houseguests) have talked about him. And I would pay to see Frankie’s face when he finds out that Donny was asked to be a guest star on The Bold & the Beautiful.I hope Julie mentions it at the finale. Frankie will die considering he wants to be an actor and wants fame so badly.

        1. But it doesn’t bother Flunky that Donny is more liked than him. I mean he’s said so over and over and over again…ya know, that he’s over it. :)

          And I laugh every time!

          1. I love seeing Frankie and that glass ego shattered into a million tiny pieces. So self-absorbed, he actually convinced himself that the rest of the world would naturally love him. Most of us want to see the game develop organically,not some fame hungry over-the-top character who pander to the cameras and manufacture drama. And if you happen to be a villain, So be it. Own it. Don’t go crying when you are not liked because of it.

            He’s devastated that he’s not the center of attention or even the popular one. Serves him right. I guess he never heard that (quasi) fame is a fickle mistress.

        2. When you just read the things Frankie says, you don’t get the full impact of how viciously he is saying those things This is the first BBAD that i’ve watched in a while past the first 15 minutes. Frankie is viciously telling whoever that Nicole needs to be put on slop again, even Cody shakes his head, like that’s not fair Frankie, and Derrick is saying that he (derrick) already volunteered. NO, Frankies say, F- that. Like what did Nicole do to warrant that spitefulness.
          They had the chance to vote her out, and he chickened out. Too bad. Too late.

          It was perfection for them to all hear Donny’s reception. He’s burning UP with jealousy and spite. At least they both realize that they are not popular, they are not likely to get Americas Favourite, and that just eats him up inside.

          Now he’s blaming it on dressing up in drag? Uh, no, it is because you guys deliberately chose to not do Donny’s idea of a game changing TA task. Nothing to do with the play, the play i think went over fairly well, on it’s own, but let’s face it Donny’s Devin was the real hit.

          Oh, and they ‘think’ they were edited to ‘appear’ as if they were against Donny’s staying, no guys you may spit that stuff out in DR, but no one was buying it because you did NOT talk like that in the house, and the things you were saying, pro and against keeping him, came down to one result: you guys did NOT protect your TA alliance member. Now blaming him, and claiming he did ‘nothing’, still not winning you any fans, no matter what you think you are saying in DR to finesse your way out of it.

      2. Frankie encourages sissy stereotypes. NOT all gay men wear makeup, dance like princesses ballerinas, sing Broadway tunes, and act like a teenager when then are well into their 30’s.
        Frankie is so full of himself, I can’t not watch BB anymore. I was a die hard fan.
        Shame on BB for worst season ever.

        1. How has Frankie made it this far? Ride your sisters coat tails much? He is obviously used to acting like a diva. His constant need for attention is sickening. A man his age acting like a spoiled, self-centered child is too sad.

        2. My nephew is gay and you would never know it. He is muscular, tall and beautiful. Girls fall all over him. But he does not wear pink and is not flamboyant. He is a joy to be around. You would love him.

      3. Frankie was in a state of disbelief last night!!! I think it will take him a day or two to come to terms about the fact that America loves Donnie. He knows that Donnie will be AF. I sure do hope at the final show Julie announces that Donnie is going to be on Bold and Beautiful. Frankie will have a complete melt down. After all he is suppose to be a star not Donnie.

    2. Now at least we have a little fun with watching Frankie having a bit of a melt down with him realizing he might not be America’s favorite player. He’s saying over and over how America loved Donny. And the look on his face when America told them we hated this cra### play. Frankie is such a fame bitc@, He knows what he’s doing when he ask the others: what did my sister say” He know full well what she said, and he’s just throwing his sister fame back out there again, for the 100 time. And then asking Caleb if his sister looks better in real life. Oh then there, you two can do a duet. This psychology is so elementary school. Then we get Derrick, oh we are sorry we let you down America. I say they get told that from this point on Americas team is over, sleep on that you idiots.

      1. Frankie finally said something that was truthful – that America loves Donnie and he’ll probably get AFP.
        He says he doesn’t care that he has haters; au contraire, Francois, you DO care, because you see your slim chances of winning anything based on fan votes whittled down to nothing. You said, in so many words, that we’re a bunch of losers because we don’t appreciate creativity. No, we don’t appreciate your self-indulgent, over the top buffoonery.
        And Christine, you’re quickly starting to run out of people to hate.

    3. Sucks to see Donny go but glad Nichole is still there. At this point I just want either Nichole, Victoria, or Caleb to win. Not because I like the way they played. I just don’t want any of the other lames to win!!!
      It’s so AWESOME how much it bugs Skankie that Donny is so well liked! Wonder what happened to all his twitter followers? Guess they don’t like him as much as he though or better yet he just doesn’t have any. Hahahhahah
      Nothing better then seeing someone that thinks they are more important then they are getting shut down. Skankie is a legend in his own mind and not even his sister can help him. Infact I bet he ends up doing some damage to her reputation. Today wasnt so bad after all. Hahahaha

    4. Cheer up anna. Donny will get a phone call to his family. He will spend Labor Day in jury with people who love and respect him. He doesn’t have to sleep on a block of ice or eat slop–Get that man a tomato sandwich!! Production loves him so the people that are with him during the day will enjoy his company. That comp would have really hurt him and then they would have made him a HN and go after him again so he would have insult to injury. And the jury house is clean!! Also he has an extra $15k

      Plus Fakie and Derprick now know they are hated.

      Feel a little better?

      1. Someone should start a fund where we could all donate $1 to Donny. I bet he would end up with more then 500K and they could all suck on that as they eat each other one by one! Now Donny can relax, take the 40K (assuming he wins AFP) and the $ he will get for being an extra on TV.

        It would be awesome if at the finale Julie tells them Donny won AFP and HIS fans donated 1M or whatever it was. The looks on the other losers faces would make it all worth it!

        1. I would definitely donate a dollar or more to a fund for Donny!!! It would be for every degrading comment Frankie & Christine have made about him.

        2. Donnie would never accept charity. Someone attempted to start one for him and his family politely but strongly asked please don’t do that. Donnie would never accept charity.

          1. Maybe if people donated to him it could be labeled as payment from his fans for his time on BB that we got to enjoy watching him, therefore it wouldn’t be a donation. If he still felt it was a donation, he could donate it all to his favorite charity

          2. It would not be charity, it would be America rewarding him for his hard game play. Just because the idiots in the house don’t think he played the game and played it hard to the best of his ability, with so much against him. 70 days of loneliness, shunning, slander, and pure meanness from the other, “Donny Haters,” He would have earned every dollar America wants to donate for his kindness, his heart, and his forgiving nature. but It must be a legitimate fund set up threw legitimate fundraiser to make sure he receive it and America is not snookered by some crook. not sure how or who it could be set up. Maybe it should be done threw CBS and Big Brother so we know Donny will receive it.

            1. We should do it for Nicole too for all the crap they are putting her through!! She was just put on slop again and is crying in the BY. I can’t stand these bullies. Frankie said he would punch her in the face if she came crying to him!!! Really Frankie grow up!! She put you on the block once. Get over it!! I hope to God Nicole keeps winning POV. That’s the only way she can stay in the game. If she wins HOH she can’t play in the next one. She needs to lay low and not talk game to anyone.

              1. I hope Frankie got called to the DR when he said he’d punch Nicole; actually Derrick, Cody, and Caleb should go in with him, and all 4 should be told that threats, even empty ones, are not acceptable. Under ANY circumstance. And if it happens again, there will be some sort of penalty assessed.

                I’m just so sick of these guys – it’s like they were raised by wolves, except that’s insulting to wolves.

        3. I agree Dan! I would Donate a $1.00 to Donny… Love Donny!! Broke my Heart when he came out crying , broke my Heart! I’m like how can U be happy he’s gone!! Christiana & Frankie R simple the Worst! Even Caleb/BeastMode said he was sad when Donny Left! So I’m all 4 the $1.00 Donation!

      1. I seriously think Christine and Cody are sleeping together. If not, she’s blowing him or SOMETHING. Did you guys see her put Cody’s toe in her mouth? Ew. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this mess she’s made with her marriage.

      2. when can we vote for America’s Favourite????

        I’m not even American, but who cares, as long as no one else wins it!!

    1. Somebody please put a muzzle on Frankie. I don’t think Big Brother has had a more annoying house guest. The more frankie is on the more he is disliked. Now that Caleb is HOH grow a pair….put your big boy pants on…..and make big moves. Put frankie and Christine on the block….

      1. If they had an award for most annoying houseguest Frankie
        would win it hands down. They should fine him for annoying
        us especially talking in that British accent.

        1. Yes and the reward for being voted the most annoying HG is they have to return any money they were going to receive because of it….won, stipend, TA tasks, etc. Gone!

  1. soooo is frankentroll gonna try and whore his sister out to caleb to make sure he is safe this week ?? jesus that sad excuse of a man is beyond disgusting.

      1. I am glad i DIDN”T notice that but I did read here or maybe joker’s that at one point when they were talking about how discusting the house and Frankie personally were they were talking about him leaving his pubes and other body hair all over the shower! I never really look at him thankfully. It was awesome to watch him freak out about Donny. He is going on and on and on. I bet he will be in the jury house with him shortly so he need not worry. Cotex hates him, Derrick is scared he would beat him in the end, Crusty will stab him in the back at anytime, (whatever Cotex wants) Nicole it goes without saying not only hates Frank the Skank but anyone besides her will be A ok, Derrick will remind Caleb how it was Frankie who lied about queen Amber and tell him Frankie wants him out. (he could piss on Caleb and convince him it was raining inside) and then there is the other warm body in the house who will HATE whoever she is told to hate this week. I don’t think Frankie stands a chance. He thinks everyone forgot about all of his lies but they have been just using him like the cheap whore he is.

        I am so glad they did that play and realized how hated they are. It makes it much more fun then say last year when they didn’t find out until after the show. Now we get to watch the aftermath. To hear Franke the skank realize he is hated is great. Now THAT is what is going to make great TV you dumb asses

      2. Frankie the lil btich, is fugly. No wonder she has to wear makeup.
        Wouldn’t surprise me if he transitioned to a real woman.

    1. Frankie: I’m a mogul

      Caleb: I had a dog that was a mogul

      Nicole: I think you mean mongrel

      Caleb: Oh

      Nicole: I was talking to Frankie

    1. And did you see Derrick’s face? He looked so disgusted. Shouldn’t have gone along with that plan! I think Frankie has seen too many old musicals. “We can’t lose the farm! We’ll put on a play to raise money!”

  2. I’m so tired of hearing Frankie’s voice – it seemed like tonight he just needed to make it all about him. When he was helping Caleb get the shower – he was telling production look what a good job I’m doing. Or him yelling about how amazing it was for CBS to get Ariana Grande on the show – plus about how all the members of his family are just f…ing gorgeous. I think what would be great is if somehow Frankie earns a punishment – and the punishment being that he has to be ABSOLUTELY quiet for 48 hours. The lack of his voice in the house would be such a welcome gift to everyone – including the remaining houseguests. I loved the look on Christine’s face in the bathroom when Frankie was going off about how amazing it is that he got to see Ariana and how amazing she is – she agreed with him but then when he turned his back she had a disgusted look on her face.

    1. I am sad I can only give 1 thumbs up. I want to give your comment 100 thumbs up. I actually feel that way about a few of the comments; all those that relate to Skankie and his realization that he is just NOT all that!

  3. LOL, Frankie is so pissed about the OVERWHELMING NO he got from America, I love it. Derrick passed by him in the kitchen and whispered something to him about it and Frankie starts bitching out loud in front of everyone about how America is obsessed with Donny and how he doesn’t understand why b/c he didn’t do anything. He’s seriously so worked up about it and I love it! I hope he slips up during his next bitchfest and outs himself and Derrick as Team America!




    This should be lesson to those who go oppose my BAE Cody that you cant stop nor defeat him cuz he is the best bb player of all time after that move and he will win this season and go down as the best and cutest contestat of all time.

    1. O please “Donny Ain’t Nice”, your just jealous that Cody isn’t winning in the polls…he took the pussy way out with his HOH. Make some big moves people.

      1. His dad looked and acted like a tool just like his boy. I can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree as they say. Sounds like baby Cotex still lives at home with mommy and daddy. They try to justify him being a dirt bag hanging all over a married woman as that is how they are. to illustrate it to the viewers he goes to make a move on his daughter! Ah the family that plays together…………………………..!

        As much as I feel bad for Tim, man that is one F’ed up looking dude. I can see why to him Crusty is a 10. I am cool with the nerdy geek look look (Big Bang made the look acceptable) but the blue wagon wheels in the ears? too funny. It was telling that he said he want to hug Cotex real tight and rub his fingers through his hair so he can see what all the fuss is about. I am sure Cotex won’t be his first but will be the best looking thing Crusty has ever brought home in the past

  5. What a tough guy cowboy is ! thumb up for winning this one!
    I think Derrick sure that he will be safe so he didn’t try to win it but better targets next one , as well as won’t be hated by taking that 5k home.
    now, hope Frankie can make big movie, a good chance, even back door

    1. Just like Derrick controlled Cody’s HOH, Frankie will do the same thing with Caleb’s HOH.. It will be a battle to watch who is the best manipulator in the house; Derrick or Frankie. My bet is with Frankie this week. if he wins POV, then Frankie/Caleb will control the house this week and possibly get rid of two players in the upcoming double eviction next week .. Let the screaming commence from Frankie bashers. I see Nichole and either Victoria up this week, only because Victoria is a vote for Derrick and getting rid of her will weaken Derrick’s game which is something that Frankie knows well , and Nichole is a comp threat so that will benefit Caleb’s game. Then all that will be left is Derrick /Cody on one side with Christine in the middle and her vote up for grabs, Frankie/Caleb on the other side.

  6. Ok, I never wanted Donny to win….but Frankie is the last person I want to see come close to winning. He is PATHETIC!!!!! I don’t know anything about Ariana, but if she is not absolutely ashamed to watch her brother, she is pathetic as well!! Derrick for the win

  7. Wow, Donny getting some serious love from CBS. WOOT!!! He’s gonna be on the Amazing Race. Bank on that. Frankie is gonna lose it when he finds out and Donny taking AF. This clown is so far up Caleb’s ass it’s pathetic. Come on BMC, don’t waste your HOH on one of the girls, now’s the time to make Derrick, Cody and Frankie really sweat. Don’t fall for the BS. Make a deal with the girls to keep you safe next week. I hope he goes after Cody and Derrick. No more excuses, the alliance made it. It’s a clean slate now.

    1. BMC is not that smart He well end up putting up Nicole and Victoria. If Nicole Win’s the POV he put up Chrsitine. I don’t see him making any good move’s he to scared if he was smart he would put Derrick and Cody up If one win’s the POV Chrsitine would be up there. Chrsitine would be the one who goes home. We well wait and see but i don’t think he well be making any good move’s only if Frankie try’s to get him to put them up but i don’t see that lol. Frankie want’s Nicole out. For me i want Nicole to win. She has no one in the house He going to play it safe and get her out if not her it well be Chrsitine. I don’t think Derrick want’s Victoria gone just yet. Let’s hope he does make some big move’s i sure don’t think he well he not really smart to make any good move’s Derrick or Cody well win

      1. I know that your right and it kills me inside for only one reason. Caleb could jam up all the guys about the detonators and how it got his woman booted. If he brought that out, man.

      2. Why do some of you people insist on stating that Nichole is not a good choice for Caleb to put up? He has said several times that she is the only threat to him when it comes to comps, even though we all know he was exaggerating his own prowess. Nichole is the biggest comp threat to everyone in the house. if that point is lost with some of you then you haven’t been paying attention all season! Caleb’s mindset is on comp threats and he is not looking at the social aspect of the game which Derrick is leading. Victoria is a vote that Caleb or Frankie never had or have any chance of getting, but they both know she is a vote for Derrick, getting rid of her will weaken Derrick’s game. The lines will be drawn very soon right after the double eviction.. Frankie/Caleb vs Cody/Derrick with Christine in the middle if Nichole and Victoria are evicted. That all depends on who will get POV, but I think it will be Frankie again and he won’t use it. But who knows maybe Nichole will win the POV, because she knows she will be back up on the block and out the door if she doesn’t.

    2. Even with his bum knee BMC kept right on going faster than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I believe he is smarter than ya’ll think, except when it comes to being such a legend in his own mind. At the end of the day at least he’s more likable about it than Frankie.

      It’d be great to see Caleb make a big move against Frankie/Derrick/Cody this week but his sense of loyalty probably won’t allow for that–not because he’s afraid to make a big move. I wish he would get a clue about the detonators. If Christine had a lick of sense she’d know she’s in jeopardy and clue him in about it. He’s already suspicious of Frankie and would go after him instead of her next. She’s too blinded by Cody to think that far ahead though.

      1. Although I thought it will be a big move of Caleb to stir up the house this week, and I want Nicole to stay, but Nicole is the right choice to put on the board or to be backdoored. If Nicole can get to the final two, at least three of the jurors would vote for her : Jocasta, Hayden and Donny. Not sure about Zack though. It’s almost inevitable that she has to go asap. Nicole had lost two of the HOH competitions and kind of disappointed me. She had wasted the big opportunity that I think it would have been better if Zack could come back. At this point of the game, If she can’t win the next POV she’s really deserved to go. No complaint.

  8. poor donny always getting the s1it end of the stick, i will miss you so much donny but know that i will see plenty of you in the future, good luck hope you all the success in the world

  9. Hi Derrick,

    Stop trying to manipulate the audience. I see why you did it, a favourable audience means production is going to be on your side (or at least will not try to sabotage you). But its not working; kind of counter-productive. Keep deceiving the remaining house guests and outgoing jury members, though – You’re 3 weeks away from 500k!

    1. He is not going to win.
      He will continue to overplay his game and that will be his doom.
      Frankie will do a dance in Derricks honor once Caleb and him backdoor Derrick.

  10. Maybe Derrick can pay Victoria for all the elblow jobs she’s been giving out in return for her safety.
    His wife and daughter are beautiful but he’s been a total douche bag with letting Victoria touch him so much.
    Of course, she’s just a little trashy bitch willing to do that and not think about his wife. She condemns Christine for behaving the same way.

    1. Funny how CBS gives Derrick and Vicorias stroking each other a favorable edit and gives Christine and Codys antics an unfavorable one. You would think that Julie Chen would be more sensitive to treating women equally on her show. Come on Julie, how can you just gloss over Derrick and Vicorias flirting and canodolling? Its kinda obvious that Derrick is doing to Vicroria what Chrstine is doing to Cody. They are both disgusting for making their spouses go through this. It really is wrong, no matter how much money is at stake.

  11. On the bright side we won’t have to watch Donny being mistreated, shunned, and treated like those poor kitties and doggies in the sad ASPCA commercials. I couldn’t watch him being so sad and lonely. Hoping this is the time we get to watch the boys squirm a bit. I love how they know they lost AF , especially Frankie.. He is shocked. But my fave was Zack from day 1 . Donnie gets the last laugh and I cant wait to see Frankies face when he finds out. Zack and Donnie for All Stars!

      1. Would love to see Skankie’s reaction when he finds out that fans have set up a gofundme for Donny. Could we set up a gofuc*you for Skankie?

    1. I am sure Frankie will have night mares tonight just thinking of the applause Donny got tonight .. WAKE up call for Frankie just knowing that he is NOT AF… and would love to see the look on his beak nose face when he finds out that Donny will be on Bold and the Beautiful … now that is gonna really tick the goof off…

  12. Another week of the same crap ahead. Caleb will nominate Nicole and Victoria, Derrick will make sure Nicole goes ( if Pov not won by her) , frankie will be all over hisnew BFF and HOH bed, Cody and Christine doing the snuggling, Victoria looking in the mirror and at Derrick. Frankie going on about his sister. Etc etc etc. We really need some kind of twist this week BB…… Please shake up this house

  13. I was in the audience at tonight’s taping but haven’t had a chance to view the televised episode yet. But for all the Donny fans, please know the cheer as he exited the house was extremely loud. And everyone cheered for him again during the commercial break after his interview with Julie. It isn’t $500,000 but I’m sure the reaction must make him feel proud.
    Other observations: The warm guy has lsees through Frankie and Derrick, was subtle yet clear in expressing how they are both playing a not-nice game. He also ripped on Victoria and Christine a time or two. And I think Julie may be cheering for Nicole; when the comp was still in its early stages and Nicole and Caleb were neck and neck Julie said something along the lines of “good for Nicole.”
    And now to be a total pig, Julie is very cute in person.

    1. Don’t know what happened there, should have said “The warm-up guy (who was very funny, by the way) has issues/sees through Frankie and Derrick…”

    2. THAT WAS JULIE! OMG, I was wondering where the ChenBot was, and who was this strange lady hosting the show. I didn’t recognize her because she was kinda hot!

      Speaking of pigs – Simon, why did you post that block of screengrabs of Nicole face down on the ice?
      Naw ma tung iss aw hod an ah couldn git to seep!

  14. “Frankie, every time you sing, scream, groan, make sexual sounds, or make the conversation about you, we will delete 500 of your twitter followers.”
    -what Big Brother should tell him to shut up.

  15. Is it just me or when they were showing the videos of the family to the hg Arianna Grande sounds just as annoying as her brother. Can someone just grab their b@lls back from Derrick and take Frankie out?

    1. Interesting observation. It could be that her handlers are seeing they way Frankie is disliked so intensely that it could have a negative impact on her CD sales and future growth. Especially if she has long term career plans, and wants to grow beyond her current demographic.

    2. Just because you don’t like Frankie, that is still no reason to take out your unstable hatred out on his innocent family. That goes for some others on here as well.

    3. are family videos not part of a reward normal? Nope, not that I remember. What this was hit two high points, for ratings. We have Ariana Grande on BB for ‘free’., boost in viewers and ratings possibly? And we have a long segment about Tim, and Christine’s family, which is followed by the family messages. Will this stop Christine from rubbing up on Cody? Probably not.

  16. Even the HOH competition was utterly predictable BEFORE it started. Is CBS trying to find a reason to cancel BB? It’s skerry how boring it has become.

  17. Derrick is such a bitch with seizing EVERY opportunity of kissing everybody’s butt for furthering his game.He may win not because he is the smartest guy in BB history , but because he’s competing against a whole bunch of losers who are literally unable to see his true nature.

    1. I think that although the remiaing hgs may be a bit dull in the head, they are also very greedy. 500 large is motivation for anyone. Don’t be so sure that some of them are just biding their time before they make a move. We got the double eviction coming up and that will flip the house for sure. I am rooting for a Christine evicition followed by a Derrick eviction.
      That would make Donny leaving the house bearable. Oh, and don’t forget, Donny is in the jury and he will have a lot of influence over jury votes. No way he is going to vote for Derrick or Frankie to win. Not a chance in hell.

    1. I think there are other shows that would be better for Donny. Amazing race has some endurance and other really physically challenging comps that I don’t see Donny doing well at. It also does not seem like something that he would want to do.
      Maybe they could do a Criminal Minds episode and they feature Donny as being stalked and abused by a group of juvenile kids who are part of a cult lead by a sociopathic cop. Oh, wait……………

  18. simon – dawg an Nicole my favorite left in the house
    in we as fans or very upset with derrick and Frankie you couldn’t throw Donny two votes
    im vote no to every misson they do I just want to say this Donny we as fan love watching you on tv
    you got a big heart keep your head up good things coming your way I believe that god bless you

    1. Like that CBS let us vote on that mission. Wish they would let us vote on all of them. I would have voted no on that one where they said Amber was a physical threat.

  19. In this week’s poll I was unable to choose anyone but Nicole and Dawg. It was just too hard to choose between the remaining houseguests: the stalker, the married hater, Mr. Me-Me-ME! and My Sister, the empty head, the man without balls whose going after them tomorrow, and Mr. It Wasn’t Me who lies to America and refuses to own up to anything he does.

    This. Season. BLOWS.

  20. Got to give credit to Caleb for leaving it all out there. You know what if Caleb is injured it might actually help his game. If he cant do any good in physical games they might take him far cause of that. He might even take Victorias place.

    1. Could he decide to take out a guy because he can’t compete against them injured? Nah that would require strategic thinking.

  21. Fakie is disconnected from reality it’s skerry. He can’t believe people like Donny so much? How about because he is the closest thing to a genuine, humble, person in the house. Fakie, Cotex, and Mean ‘Stine are simply NOT likeable people.

    1. The worse part was when he asked if anyone was looking at their family videos, people they love and haven’t seen for weeks, or just looking at his sisters.

  22. OK gang, how about a new drinking game, every time Frankie talks about Donny being Americas favorite we take a drink! We will not make it an hour before being totally hammer. Dudes/Frankie is just so sick in so many ways.

    1. I really can’t stand Christine and hope the same thing. It didn’t take her long to kiss up to Frankie and say she wanted Nicole gone. She even said she was hoping to win HOH to get Nicole out again – it would make great tv. Then she goes to Cody and says she hates Frankie. She is just pure evil!!!

  23. Calob is such a fake…old army injury….come on. You make me sick…you and Frankie should live together, you both think your gonna be so famous… The only thing your going to be famous for is being the dumbness player ever…..

    1. Caleb served his country in Iraq. He saw combat. He suffered from PTSD and got treatment. You don’t have to like the guy, he has issues clearly, but not cool making fun of his real service to the country. Just sayin’

    2. These people have NO manners!!! They chew with their mouth open, lick their fingers, and talk with full mouths (Frankie and Victoria are the worst offenders)!!! They are disgustingly filthy!! I finally have had my fill of these people. On TVGN last night Caleb asked for a CLEAN towel. They couldn’t find one and Cody asked Frankie and he said “there is all kind of semen and feces on everything we eat and he is freaking out about a towel!” What kind of filthy disgusting place does he live in????? You let this person cook your food and clean dishes???? If these people were my children I would be embarrassed and humiliated by their behavior….. (Donny excluded from this comment)

    3. I don’t know why my comment ended up in your section….

      I do want to say that he stated he hurt his knee in High School…..NOT in the Army.

  24. Frankie let us fans tell you what Donny did he play the game you in your team was trying to get him out a long
    time it took you 9 weeks what you being doing I know a play for a broadway

  25. How can you not tell he’s worried about taking the 5k over the HoH. He’s apologized how many times now and explained himself? These HGs are clueless.

    1. I could see where it might worry him after all Derrick and the gang trashed Caleb so bad back when he took the cash in a POV and were ready to put he on the block.

  26. I know it’s Derrick’s ‘strategy’ to keep talking – about anything or just repeating what just happened – but his voice is getting on my last nerve.

  27. Get this useless good for nothing ditzy clumsy wannabe princess off my tv set. Not that they ever show her on tv anyways, but even just seeing her for a few seconds each episode pisses me off.

    So many deserving people out there who would die to play this game and they chose her…..WOW. Watching her performance in the HOH comp may have been hilariously funny but it also was just pathetic just how bad she is at EVERYTHING.

    She has no social game. Cant win a comp to save her life. No physical prowess. Lazy and not entertaining at all…. HOW THE HELL DID THEY CAST THIS GIRL TO PLAY BB.

    I hope Nicole wins POV, and they just get rid of Victoria. At least with her out we can actually see a more competitive playing field. I swear if Victoria somehow slips under the radar to the F2 I will write a 193 page essay to CBS complaining about it.

    1. I think I love you – I cannot stand her in equal measure.
      She is an embarrassment in every way possible but does not seem to know the truth.
      She is vacuous and is constantly staring at herself while she eats, sits, talks and every other little boring move she makes during her ‘stay’ at daycare.

      1. Julie Chen didn’t help things when she told Victoria that she looked pretty last night either.. That thing’s voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. I have seen better hair in a beaver trap.

    2. The only way that I wouldn’t be extremely pissed with seeing Veronica at F2 is if she is sitting next to and looses to Nicole.
      Then the rest of those assholes will know how some of the other evictees who were actually playing felt when they left before Viviane.

  28. This is why I hate these house guest they are no fun. Frankie is going crazy that Donny is popular and hes seen as a bad guy. Just to finally make him snap someone should say something like ” i hope u being seen as a villain in big brother wont cause u subscribers in Youtube”. Just make him crazy thinking he might have lost viewers hahaha.

  29. Voters: Would you rather see Donny come back into the game by replacing either Derrick or Frankie?

    Then Derrick and Frankie compete to remain in the game, loser walks.

  30. Of COURSE Frankie and Christine rooted for Aaryn. They’re almost comical in how skewed and terrible they are. It’s like in How I Met Your Mother how Barney roots for the villains in all movies and television shows. Except Barney is fictional, funny, attractive and likable whereas these two are repugnant.

  31. Dear Derrick

    The time has come to take your shot. Getting rid of Nicole is a wasted HOH. Beast mode may be done use his HOH wisely oh “greatest player in BB history.” Time to work your magic on Caleb. Your target should be Christine if Beast mode won’t go after Frankie. You need to get Frankie’s partner in crime out, keep Victoria your final 2 squeeze safe and get Cody fully on board with the plan.
    You don’t need clingy “do nothing” whining all week sitting on the block next to Nicole. Oh greatest ever Derrick you need Christine up versus Nicole. You need a lock that works on the HOH room door and a sign that reads, No girls with Vic in their name allowed 2 hours after the HOH room is opened. Victoria this means you, “the management”!
    Soothe Nicole by saying they are backdooring Victoria to keep her under control. If it gets out she is going instead. Cody, Derrick, Caleb anyone wins the POV and take Nicole down, if she votes to evict Christine(she will). The troll hag witch is dead, long live Dorothy click those heals on those red stilettos! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……. Wake up Derrick!!! Dan had the mist, the greatest ever has his red glitter pumps on! Oh Yeh!

    Make a freaking move Derrick control the HOH you’ve done it before, just do it again!

    Noms should be Christine versus Nicole. It will be Victoria versus Nicole. The guys win POV and do nothing(not used). Nicole is 1st 1/2 of the double eviction. Really doesn’t matter as week 1 of the NFL regular season is on Thursday. Gonna use the DVR that day. No real suspense til second HOH Frankie would take a shot so maybe Derrick/Cody. I cannot see Derrick dragging that dead weight all season to let her go to jury now. Gotta be drama second eviction Thursday please God!

    Offically….. “Donny for All Stars”

    See we can all get our smile on for one of the most decent people to ever play the game :)

    (Wish I knew how to tag a slogan. I don’t do social media.)

  32. So basically, Frankie is putting Donny down when he’s not even there anymore in order to make himself feel better about his overwhelming failure of a play? Pathetic. I hope he finally realizes that America is not fond of him at all.

    1. I never really thought about it until watching the feeds last night but I gotta say to Frankie at this point, “Dude, put the pipe down”.

  33. Even though her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard, she has a beautiful face and a body I’d like next to me.

    My fear is that with a double eviction, unless she wins POV and then HOH, by the end on the night, she’ll be back in the Jury House. No HG has her back and they’ll all continue to lie to her face and plot and scheme against her whenever they can. For most of the game, I’ve been Team Donny but now that he’s gone, I’m with Team Nicole for the win.
    My favorites for eviction are:
    1. Frankie,
    2. Christine,
    3 (tie) Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Victoria.

  34. Did anyone hear Cody {TVGN} warn Christine to stay away from Nicole and Victoria,… the other boys are afraid of a girls’ alliance? Interesting. I don’t think Cody wants to take Derrick to the finals.
    Too bad Caleb is injured, he might of taken Frankie out. Last week he was talking to Derrick about how “he needed to make a big move” , “I need to win HOH”. He is already talking about not playing in the veto comp. So he will probably play it safe and put up who the boys want.
    Caleb really has no one and I wish he could make a deal with Nicole, and they could work together.
    Caleb tried to stick up for Donny and the others just bashed Donny more, so Caleb joined the bashing. Someone needs to say enough is enough! Grow up!

    1. Problem is, he doesn’t think the girls “deserve to win.” He’s not thinking about how to get himself into the final 2. He just wants all bros in the final 4. He’s a soldier, not a leader, and he won’t be a winner unless someone else takes him there. At the end of the day, I don’t think it would be good for him to have such a large chunk of money at his disposal with his emotional issues.

  35. So tired of Cody and his empty threats,,every week he talks about blowing someone’s sh*t up, going to call him out,,yadayadayada. he is a huge puss, and a blister on society’s ass.

  36. Fakie is so hyper-focused on the fact that America HATED his stupid “play”. I’m glad Julie said that the viewers gave his “play” an OVERWHELMING NO. I’m glad Fakea$$ now knows that the viewers despised his childish failure of a Team America task. He wonders out loud if the viewers disliked the “play” because we didn’t get to see ENOUGH of it due to editing. What doesn’t he get? Yes, we saw plenty of your dumb play and we loathed it! We wanted to send a message to you and Julie delivered our message brilliantly!
    Frankie is also completely OBSESSED with the notion that Donny is truly beloved by America. It’s eating him up and he talks incessantly about it. I’m thrilled that he’s pretty much jealous of Donny. He knows Donny will get AF and he can’t stand it. Wait till he learns of Donny’s invite to The Bold and The Beautiful! He’ll turn green with envy!
    I laugh at how he says he’s going to stop playing the game to please others; that he’s now going to start playing the game for himself. WHHHAAT??? He’s been playing the game for HIMSELF all along. (I do realize that all BB contestants have to keep their own best interests at the forefront). But Fakie has taken it to a whole new level. His comment that he’s been playing to “please others” is nauseating. What a narcissist. A typical narcissist tries to play it off like they do selfless acts for the benefit of others, when really everything they do is for their OWN benefit – always. In reality, a narcissist thinks only of him/herself, and can fool, charm and influence others rather easily. Narcissists are difficult to see through at times. America, however, has seen through Fakie.
    Hey, Frankie: The “play” you put on was an idiotic, pathetic attempt to get yourself more attention and camera time. You’re a fame-whore with no talent! Face it; you’re 30 years old and that’s OLD by Hollywood standards. It’s too late for you now Fakie; you’re over the hill and not employable in Hollywood, regardless of who your relatives are. If you had talent, good looks, and creativity, you’d already be famous. Someone would’ve signed you well before you turned 30. But you don’t have anything to offer, so just give it up. BB wasn’t your way “in” to Hollywood. The only viewers rooting for you are the female tweens who adore your sister. The rest of us are disgusted by you. And, here’s a little fact for you: We viewers didn’t dislike the play just because mainstream America can’t handle a man in drag. Of course you have to play the drag/gay card because you can’t possibly accept the notion that the viewers really just hated your little “production”. Our abhorrence of the Team America task you chose has ZERO to do with your lipstick, glitter and eyeliner or your sexual preference. We hated your play because it was YOUR idea and YOUR pet project and quite frankly, we hate YOU! We hate you as a PERSON, because you’re a backstabbing, attention-seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic imp. Get over yourself!

    1. You need to realize something, Big Brother is a television series and you shouldn’t take it so personal!!! Your over the top hysterical rant against Frankie bordered on the bizarre to say the least. Frankie will get work after this probably back on Broadway where he was successful as a performer/producer. Ariana’s career will soar as she is touted as the next big pop princess. So the Grande family will not suffer at the least. If you think that being backstabbing, narcissistic, attention seeking and self absorbed is not something that has ever been seen before in the 16 seasons of BB, then you must be new to the show. These are traits that are found every year in players.. I still think the most narcissistic player of all time was BB 10/11/12/13 Jessie Godderz and most people who remember him well would agree. People hated him with a passion partly because he was so in love with himself.

      1. Sorry, Branded, I disagree with you about Frankie going back to Broadway. There is no room for divas in the chorus, and they wouldn’t put up with him for a second. Plus at his age, unless he was Neil Patrick Harris (which he’s not!), he’s a little long in the tooth to try and reboot his career. My dream to be a dancer on Broadway went nowhere, and all I got out of it was 2 bad knees and bunions. I mean this with whatever sincerity I can muster for him: go to Plan B because Plan A hasn’t worked for you.

  37. Caleb’s going to be an idiot and put up Nicole and Vic… If he had even the smallest particle of intellect he would try to get Derrick out or even one of his “best friends”. Can’t wait for everyone to leave the house and just realize how stupid they all were. I’m calling that to be the best moment of this damn season…

  38. ……………. will be watching the paranoia tear these zippos limb from limb.

    Frankie finally realizing that America sees him as the world class douche bag that he is, is priceless.

    Time for some more holla by fans over the backyard wall, directed at Freaky, Crustine, and the putrid policeman.

  39. Didn’t you just LOVE how Frankie was plugging his stuff at the end of the show (I love you Ariana! I love you, America! Buy all my stuff on ITunes!)? What a tool. I’m glad CBS threw Donny a bone…I honestly think they were worried about losing ratings and had to do SOMETHING. The fact that you can just tell that he is going to be ok warms my heart. Even the tears during the exit interview made me go “Awwww.” And to hear him say WHY he went to bed early breaks my heart… See people! He knew that the whole house was alienating him from the beginning. ..and if you think about it, they were…they were making fun of him from the door. Meanwhile, when Cody started crying, my whole family and I laughed at him being a little b*tch. I know, I’m a hypocrite. The guy earlier mentioned the “warmup guy, ” who is tired of Frankie ‘ s BS… Who is that? I am rooting for Nicole at this point…and those of you, who cannot figure out why America loves Donny…think of all the negative crap we see on TV…people just aren’t nice to one another anymore, and it’s a norm in our society…it’s refreshing and gives people hope that there are still good people out there.

  40. I had this feeling that Caleb would win the HOH, too bad he hurt himself getting it. Caleb is a wild card though, even though he seems to be loyal to Frankie, who knows with him what he will do? He doesn’t like Christine and Cody and may put them up because of personal reasons. He knows that Nichole is a comp threat so he may put her up for that reason. It’s too early yet to see if he will see Derrick as a threat to his game.. I think we will all be surprised at what Caleb will do.. He isn’t Derrick’s puppet, more like he follows Frankie instead.

    1. I can see Caleb putting Christine, Nicole or Cody up. – 2 of those 3. With the other going up as the replacement if one wins the PoV. That would be the smart move!

    2. I have been saying that Caleb is being underestimated right along. He is not the sharpest pencil in the box in some ways but in other ways, the guy is very smart. There are different types of intelliigence and what Caleb lacks in some, he does have in others. His allegiance to loyalty and to some of his own internal ethics(whether you agree with his view of the world or not), does make him more unpredictable. Caleb would stand up to Derrick whereas Cody cannot and has not. We have to wait and see.

  41. Frankie, the plain fact is your ‘play’ idea was terrible!! It had absolutely nothing to do with ‘America not being ready for man in drag’. Don’t even go there!!

    1. Has nothing to do with America being hung up on drag. Has everything to with America knowing bad drag when they see it. To do drag well, you have to have some inner beauty so Frankie was a failure before he even dressed up.

  42. Even though I wanted Donny to stay, I’m glad he’s gonna be with people in the Jury House that REALLY likes him (Jocasta, Zack, and Hayden). The only ones whose hugs to Donny before he left the house that were genuine to me, were from Nicole and Caleb. I think that was the LOUDEST cheer that I’ve ever heard for an evicted houseguest; and that is making Frankie, aka Fakie, aka Dickless Diva, aka Immature Brat, aka Talentless Fool, aka America’s Asshole…you get the gist…LOL, cray cray with extreme jealousy and paranoia!! Donny handled his eviction and exit interview with such CLASS! He could’ve really bashed how the houseguests treated him, but did want to go out like that. It was so touching that CBS gave Donny a role on The Bold and the Beautiful up front like that! I cannot wait to see him on it! When the finale night come on, I cannot wait to see Derprick, Disgustine, and Fakie’s faces when Donny receive that 25G’s for being “America’s Favorite Player” and having a role on The Bold and The Beautiful…Derprick and Disgustine will pass a brick, but Fakie will pass a cinder block, have the ULTIMATE titty attack, and finally will get it in their heads that America hates the Bad Cop, the Ugly Jezebel, and the No Talent and Putrid ALLEGED YouTube Mogul Wannabe! (BTW, Fakie…Wil Heuser is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more talented that you! LOVE YOU, WIL HEUSER!!!)

  43. Tired of Frankie going on about Donny just as much as everyone else to but, just as tired of Cody lying through his teeth that he hated Donny so much! Why?? What did he ever do to you?? One week Cody was in tears because he didn’t want to nominate him and now he hates him for nothing – complete idiot! At least Frankie isn’t hiding how shallow he is! We all see it. – Oh and another thing there is a huge difference between flirting with a married woman and a single woman in the game, big difference! Cody = Man Slut , pretty sure his next job will be a male stripper!

  44. Two things:

    No one’s mentioned this, but Julie kind of blew up Frankie’s game with that “overwhelming no”. Didn’t any HG’s find that comment oddly placed and suspicious? Especially considering the fly-by calling Frankie the saboteur. It makes it seem even more so that he’s the lone saboteur. Not that I care, I just found it funny how sketchy that whole thing was.

    Second thing, I honestly doubt very much at this point that Ariana Grande will use her twitter followers to influence AF. She hardly even tweets about Frankie anymore, I think she’s going to distance herself a bit. She’d lose every BB fan if she did that (if she has many). I actually had doubts about if she’d do it under any circumstances, but at this point I really don’t see it happening. Just too much risk of unnecessary backlash.

    1. Chris was commenting to Frankie about how that whole apple pie question was weird. I feel she knows it means something just not sure what. Like to see her explore this with the others.

    2. You can’t be serious! Sure, anybody with any common sense and average intelligence would be able to put 2 and 2 together, but you’ve been watching this season right? That ain’t happening with this crowd, buddy!

  45. I loved others idea of Donny for the Amazing Race. And his partner could be Zach! That would be a very fun team. Either that or Donny and his brother.

    1. I am amazed at the number of people who keep saying Donny for BB All Stars. I don’t think they could pay Donnie enough to return to BB. Donny plays a low key, pretty transparent game. He is not cut out for the backstabbing, cheating and abuse in BB. I have written to CBS at least 6 times suggesting he and his beautiful Kristine be chosen for TAR. I imagine that Kristine is focused where Zach would become frustrated if he could not complete a task. Also don’t think Donny wants to spend another 3 months away for Kristine.

    2. I think Donny’s way too classy and decent for reality TV shows, and I hope he doesn’t do any more of them. He can and he will be happy without being famous, which sets him apart from everyone one ELSE in that house.

  46. I really hate that Nicole didn’t win HOH. She needs a miracle to last this week in the house. Come on production and give Caleb Pandora’s box where he will have to replace his original nominees. We all know he is going to put up Nicole and Victoria. Also, for someone that is over how well Donny was liked, Frankie sure is bringing it up all the time. Can we say hater! I so hope Julie mentions Donny getting to be on the Bold and the Beautiful. They will all be so jealous of Donny.

  47. There is a chance production can get in Caleb’s ear. Keeping my fingers crossed. And loving how upset Frankie is because of Donny’s popularity and his overwhelming fail.

  48. So I’ve been wondering all along if Frankie was actually extremely envious of his sister and her life. After reading the way he’s reacting to Donny’s popularity I’d guess that Frankie’s constant talking about his sister and how much he loves her and how proud he is of her is overcompensation for how much he extremely hates her deep inside. I remember reading Christine say that during the football outing Frankie was demanding items from their handlers and was a diva. He wants to be his sister so bad he can taste it & that’s why he’s calling himself a “mogul”…he’s a wanna be & resents his sister for her living the life he wants.

  49. Frankie is definitely over being unpopular with America, that’s why he brings it up every 3 seconds.

    And somehow it doesn’t surprise me Christine and Frankie supported Aaryn.

    1. Same here! hahaha I was like, OFCOURSE you rooted for Aaryn. She’s the person who got boo’d and called out for racist comments.

    2. Life is good for Frankie now and likely the next year or two.
      But, after his sister gets married and has kids she’ll have no time for him and a husband that wont want to support Skankie any longer…
      I just cant see him dancing much at 40. LOL

  50. Unfortunately Caleb’s most redeeming quality, his loyalty, is going to be his downfall. He’s hitched his wagon to the wrong show pony.

    1. His loyalty is the only reason he’s gotten this far.

      He was about to be sent home and was saved only when Derrick realized that Caleb would stay loyal.

      If he sticks to his core alliance he has a fighting chance to go to the end, which is all anyone can hope for.

  51. I hate that Donny is gone, but in turn he did make a bit of extra cash and I do believe he will get Americas Player, AND he is going to jury house to people who like him and he won’t be alone anymore!

  52. GOD! Frankie thinks he’s so loved, if it wasn’t for his sister he would be nothing. That shadow he’s standing in is starting to produce some rain. Can’t wait until they say Donny heres your 25,000.
    I felt so bad for Donny when he was talking to Julie. He felt so hurt by these people. He wears this heart on his sleave, as i also do. You could see the impact being in that house was taking on him. In a way im glad he’s out of there. I don’t think he would of won that hoh and then he would of been back up on the block. So now im just glad he’ll be with jocasta, hayden and zach who all love him. “FRANKIE GO F@CK YOURSELF”



    & AGAIN.

    & AGAIN.

    & AGAIN.

    & AGAIN.

    Can we say SORE LOSER, MUCH?

  54. I love that TA didn’t get the money for that stupid “play”. Loved watching Derrick deflate when it was announced. Frankie’s family is as disgusting as he is. Decent people wouldn’t say they were proud of his kind of behavior. Tim thinks he’s attractive. Dayum. Sorry to say this but Derrick’s kid got his nose. It’s cute now but won’t be in a few years. I really want to see Frankie when he finds out Donny was invited to do a part on Bold and Beautiful. At least the show last night was entertaining.

  55. Ariana is on the Today show right now, did not see the whole thing so have no idea if she said anything about her brother but her audience is made up of kids…little girls around 13 or 14. Not exactly the type of audience who would love and support Frankie.
    BTW Ariana does seem nice and talented. Nona (grandmother) seems very gracious as well. This may explain Frankie’s situation. He has some major personality issues and getting older and having no “real” career has to be frustrating. Wish he would find a good therapist, he needs one. I would hate to see his actions affect Ariana’s career adversely

  56. Frankie is repulsive… and he is lacking in the talent he reports to have.
    I hate to say this but he did it all wrong…. I watched that travesty and was terrible.
    Now as far as America not being ready for a man in drag. Lets explore this with some examples.

    Milton Berle: he had an extremely popular character that was him in drag… hysterical.
    Flip Wilson: His character of Geraldine was so popular and well done they forgot he was a man.
    Martin Lawrence: Before he did Big Mammas House he was the popular Sheneneh
    Dame Edna: Popular comedic performer from Down Under. World Famous and Popular.
    Jim Carrey: Who could forget Vera De Milo… hysterical
    Tyler Perry: Madea…. hysterically popular
    RuPaul: I don’t know but Ru Paula gets bigger cheers than Frankies sister Ariana Grande.
    Jamie Fox: Remember Wanda from In Loving Color… one of my all time favorites
    Robin Williams: Mrs. Doughtfire

    There are tons of more examples… Frankie it is just a huge excuse… lets face it. It was hack and you lack talent that is bigger than a Vine Video or looking foolish on YouTube. Besides America wanted something else that you and Derrick lacked the balls to do. It could have been done… Hell Dan could have done it…. total lack of Balls.

  57. Frankie saying he doesn’t give a f$ck about Donny being loved… Yeah right, it’s eating his ugly ass alive!! Donny is genuine and of course frankie does not understand that because he is a horrible person! Can’t stand him

  58. Hey Rose…STFU!!!
    We see through you.
    Maybe you were wrong to think that America would fall for your load of crap.
    Well Rose don’t look up because it is coming down on your fake little ass!

  59. Caleb is right about his knee. My first MCL sprain 3 yrs ago took 9 weeks to heal! And that’s with therapy. I injured it or the meniscus this year June 1, I’m still in therapy. This time the pain was worse and the calves and Achilles tightened up. I was given a cane to keep the weight off. He needs Advil, ice, a knee wrap…Poor guy.

  60. Derrick made one of the more selfish moves in the game by refusing to try to win the HOH and taking $5,000, but nobody even seemed to mind, in fact they cheered him on. Were I in an alliance with somebody it would make me very angry if they were basically showing that they feel invincible and don’t want any blood on their hands. He now knows he can play these chumps at every turn and they will all eat it alive. This is the worst season from a gameplay point of view in the history of the show. Derrick’s selfishness any other season would have put a huge target on his back, but these people are all so ignorant that they don’t see when they are blatantly being manipulated.

  61. As much as people can’t stand him, Derrick is the ONLY one strategizing!!! He knows Victoria is the biggest floater in BB history, so he is going to keep strategizing where it’s him and her at the end. Keeping Donny would have been terrible for Derricks game and it genuinely hurt Derrick to have to vote him out. People down Derrick, but he is playing the game right!! He is accomplishing all kinds of things and others are taking the heat for it. Frankie, that is a different story! Christine, different story! Those two are just hateful and all about themselves. They don’t care about anyone but themselves!!! Victoria!!! What planet did she come from!?!? She does nothing but apply makeup and swoon over herself in the mirror. Every time they show her she is trying to look at herself in a mirror, the sliding glass door, a window, anything that would show her reflection!! Geez!!!

  62. Oh my stars….you think Frankie’s over Donny yet??? Obviously he’s none to pleased at Donny’s popularity. Get over it!! I liked Frankie in the beginning but now I think he’d be happy if BB was cast around him! And yes we know who your sister is….actually I didn’t even know who she was until this show started…. Donny is a class act and as sketchy as Derrick plays I do think he sees that.

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