Derrick sums up BB Broadway “it’s not the best thing in the world but it’s a safe bet.. “

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-24 15-31-56-837
3:29pm Backyard Nicole and Donny
Nicole says one of them gets to go home this week just like that last week “Deja-vu
Donny mentions how they will be with good people in the Jury house,
Nicole says she loves Jocasta she’s is so great. Nicole hopes they stay in touch after this is all over.
Donny says Jocasta is only 80 miles from him her husband is a truck driver.
Nicole didn’t want Zach to come back.
Donny mentions that Zach was ready to go.
Nicole – Hayden was ready to come back
Donny – was he
Nicole he misses you a lot talks about you all the time..
Donny – that was an awkward night.. It was Awful.. that was a hurricane
Nicole asks him if he had a chance to talk to HAyden before he left.
Donny – Ya ya ya made my eyes water.. we didn’t get to talk much the night we left
Donny starts to cry.. “You ever get the tears once and awhile” (Jeepers creepers this is the saddest season)
Nicole – Yeah all the time
Nicole – it’s tough when you don’t have anybody.. we all knew coming back in that we would only have you we were hoping you were not on the block going home.
Donny – I won the Battle on the block by myself..
Donny – the thing is.. if you make it a little further there is always a new friends.. .like Caleb he’ll be a new friends then something will happen to him there will be cody
Nicole thinks they are going to be evicted back to back.. “We could be leaving on the same night..

Frankie joins them … .


3:55pm Victoria and Frankie Kitchen
Talking about the play later tonight..
VIctoria – I’m going to wear heels and a dress..
Frankie – A small dress..
Caleb walks in
Frankie – She’s Amber

Frankie – we’re starting off as monologues in the DR.. i’m so excited I made it so far.. this is how I feel about the people that left.. theses are my favorite moments..
Cody comes in does a twirl and a hip bump (the Zach dance) says he’s zach.
Christine follows.. Frankie says he can’t wait for CHristine, She’s POWPOW
Frankie – I’m so excited to show up as Joey.. I have to shave my chest and my a$$.

BB16-2014-08-24 16-16-52-959

4:05pm Backyard COdy and Donny
Donny – you know I like you cody.. a lot..
Cody – I know..
Donny – I would run with ya if I had good knees..
Cody starts to run..
Nicole comes out.. I ain’t missing this.. “C’Mon Christine” (Cody’s running)
Christine runs out.. meets Nicole in the backyard couch. Donny and Victoria eventually wander towards them. . Chit chat about the play begins..
Frankie starts running with Cody..
Talking about Villains in past seasons and Zach
Christine – I never hated a character more than Evel Dick I thought he was so gross..
COdy finishes his run jumps in the pool.. Frankie behind him.
CHristine Is Derrick still sleeping
Victoria – ya
Nicole – you guys are night owls
In the pool COdy tells Frankie his fitness meter is at a 5. Frankie is amazed his is only at 3.

BB16-2014-08-24 16-23-14-270

4:23pm Backyard
Frankie talking about how excited he is for tonight’s play.
Frankie – I’m most excited to see Derrick as Jocasta he doesn’t know he is but ohh well.. what are you going to talk about in your monologue
Cody (as Zach) – going to talk about how the house is getting on my nerves.. I’m the man.. everyone is a fruit loop dingus..
Frankie – open or close
Cody – close it, whose Devin
Frankie – Donny ..
Frankie yells out.. DONNY GET READY IT”S A MONOLOGUE NOW most of your’s will be about your relationship with Brittany.

Lots of Play talk begins..

BB16-2014-08-24 16-49-29-437

4:43pm FIREROOM Derrick and Caleb
Caleb – Everyone is just kicking it…. Nothing is going on
Caleb starts talking about his phone. (His stressing about his social media presence continues) He is trying to get a message to his mom to turn on the service
Caleb – “Frankie said his mom called and asked for his phone password”
Victoria joins them
Caleb starts talking about a dream where a kid was saying at the airport “Hey look mommy it’s beast mode look” Goes on and on about people recognizing him and the beast mode brand.
Caleb – That little boy wanted my signature on his cast so bad.. it was funny it was a white pen.,. his brace was black..
Caleb tried to write on the cast but his hands couldn’t write.
Caleb – That little kid wanted my signature so badly.. BEAST Mode Ran up and Jumped on me arms and I picked him up ..  I was like whats up buddy..
Caleb – he was like I love you beast mode”
Victoria leaves.. Caleb starts talking about when they are final 6 and need to go down to final . They have to send Christine and Victoria home it’s going to be tough.
Derrick says it’s going to be rough they’ve spent a lot of time with them. Derrick knows how hard DOnny has played theres a little part of him thinks it sucks he’s going home .. “It’s going to be a lot worse with someone I’ve worked with this whole time.. I dunno this game is stressful”
Caleb says they have no way of winning with Frankie in the final 2..
Caleb – Frankie sorry buddy I Love you but I know for a fact I have no chance of winning the big prize
Derrick – Calzone is becoming a beast to.. he’s got the girl vote.. you didn’t play that game you are a good looking kid but you were loyal to Amber
Caleb is convinced there will be two guys in the final 2
Derrick hopes there’s not a crazy twist that keeps Victoria in.
Caleb – ME and you have played the straightest  games in the house.. I don’t know about Cody
Derrick says Cody played a flirty game he’s got JOcasta’s, Christine, Hayden is a coin flip..
Derrick thinks Cody and Caleb in the final 2 could be a problem for Caleb, “I know he would beat me”
Clawb – I know I have Donny’s, Your’s Frankie’s, Zach;’s..
Victoria comes in,.briefly.
Derrick – You got to get there… and go from there..
Caleb – If it’s me you and cody I’m picking you if it’s Frankie And Cody I’m picking cody..

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BB16-2014-08-24 17-20-06-289

5:13pm Frankie and Derrick
(Apparently the Diary room told Derrick the Play idea sucks. they want the task to be save Donny but Frankie and Derrick want to evict DOnny)
Frankie says Caleb looks concerned.. he won’t play Brittany now..
Derrick – Did you get the same impression that I got with the play not being that good..
Derrick says he could tell by Production’s response they didn’t think BB Broadway was very good.
Donny walks in briefly .. “whats up Jocasta”
Derrick – I’m Jocasta now.. I don’t care i’ll be whoever”
Frankie – I didn’t tell ya”
Derrick – It’s the impression I got.. I told them it’s not the best thing in the world but it’s a safe bet this late in the game..
Derrick says Production liked some of the other options they were considering “You stirred up so much sh1t last week”.
Frankie – they want Donny to stay
Derrick – ya..
Frankie – Dude we’re ripping people to shreads out there..
Frankie – so you wantr to flip teh vote s
Derick – DOnny’s going home.. Donny’s going home
Frnakei – whatever options are there.
Frankie says The DR told him he can’t play the producer.. “It should be called the BB bash.. BB roast”
Frankie starts talking about the Play..
Frankie adds that this is the best they can do by tomorrow.. Production threw them a bone this weke.

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Vote no this mission! Yeah lets make 5k easily, backstab Donny, and further humiliate the people we’ve sent packing.Seriously Frankie is so self absorbed…I just want to see his reaction when America rejects this terrible debacle of Frankie flaunting himself.


Let that skank, Frankie and Derrick perform the stupid play in black face, and then cannot wait to see what happens when they get out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hate these people and that picture of Donny makes my heart sink. Done with this season because these people really make me sick to my stomach, and only come on here to read spoilers. Amazing how last year Chen called Aaryn out for making comments about Asians, but hey guess CBS is fine with the racisim when it is directed only at Black Americans. Performing in black face is worse than anything Aaryn ever said. Skankie hopefully never ever gets another job anywhere and someone with that type of mentality bet his whole family, sister included, has the same sick racist views!!!!


Frankie’s sister is actually dating a black rapper -big Sean. Also frankies a whore so I know he doesn’t discriminate who he has sex w. I was oblivious to him wanting to use black face tho. Production needs to can it. Vote NO!!!

Get it Right

Derrick didn’t say anything about black face..He said No..Don’t put it on him.

Pink turdlet hair

I have never, ever in my life witnessed a 31 year old who acts just like a twelve year old boy the way Frankie does. He is sooooo self-absorbed, mean, obsessed with sex, fake and immature. (Sorry, actually most twelve year old boys are better people than him) Why in Gods name is production allowing this? It is pandering to him and him alone. The guy has NO redeeming qualities.


Production is allowing it because he’s doing nothing wrong. You’re just another delusional Frankie hater.


Cody thinks fan who screamed about Frankie was a Donny fan. You ever think they might be telling you something. These people are as dumb as ever. Someone could tell fire and they would say That’s just a Donny fan who wants us to stop playing pool. Omg


you must be one of the few sparkle princess fans that nobody gives a rats ass about….


Frankie is hated because of how HE portrays himself, a self obsessed fame whore who thinks he is so much better then others, that is his fault , not ours!


America wants Donny to stay. Screw the play. Donny may not make it till the end but I want to make damn sure Victoria leaves first.


If Derrick was such a big game playing he would figure out that this would be a great time to back door Frankie. It would be a huge move for Cody. I don’t get why they cannot figure that out….I guess they are too busy trying to count their twitter numbers!


Derrick’s big weakness in the game is the fact when he hears his name thrown out there he panics and can’t ignore it even when it is at his own peril and he has everyone else in the palm of his hand. It is like he puts the blinders on and doesn’t look at the big picture. Of course everyone should be gunning for may be their only chance to get rid of him. But Donny has said Derrick’s name and refused to reassure his safety so he will ignore the obvious and try to get rid of Donny. Just as dumb as the rest of his alliance….


spot on


Derrick HAS figured out that this would be a big move for Cody. He doesnt WANT Cody to do a big move, because they will likely be in a F2 together and Derrick wants to say Cody hasn’t done any big moves.


They can get Donny and that’s been the plan several times but he gets the POV. Second they’ll get to Frankie the problem is Caleb. Derrick knows Caleb wants the final 6 to include the detonators. He simply does not want to upset Caleb.
Looks like no twist to save Donny. There a lot of things to get angry about but Victoria staying and her actually thinking she deserves it is just sickening.


Since frankie doesn’t want to do what production wants then maybe they should deduct money from him. No body wants to see him flitting around like he’s s special…..why is production allowing the Homosexual behavior….This is a bit much and him straddling everyone is gross.

Butters Mom

As far as I can tell, there is no vote… its all on production this time because CBS doesnt even have a vote up for it. How can you call it TA mission if America isnt even involved?


Holy shit house on lockdown. Caleb and Cody both heard someone yell Frankie is the ( Sab ) he can’t be trusted. Hmmm

Lil' Sebastian

The BB play is an awful idea. When has anyone ever gotten a task that involved uniting the house together to do something “fun”? That does the exact opposite of what the viewers want to see.

There’s no way I see this passing America’s vote. That would actually be the first shock of a season that involves “twist after twisted twist”.

lemon balls

I’d be more embarrassed watching the play than the cast off bb. Who does frankie think he is for making fun of people when they are not there. Can you imagine the field day Julie would have when the players come out if they did the play? Another ayron in the making. Might be worth watching. Show who he is once and for all.


i love the poll christine go 0% of the votes, thats the best!!!


Christine’s face looks like a dogs a$$ sewed shut with a grape vine.

mr ed

Depricl ;looks just like Porky the Pig with that stupid ass hat on and talking to the cameras!!!!What a maroon!!!!!!!


So I was thinking, and since we will get to pick our favorite houseguest, an unexpected twist would be for America to also pick our least favorite, and whatever prizes or money that person may have won, they loose it! I would love to see Frankie or Derrick get picked for least favorite, and loose everything they “thought” they won! Fucktards!

Pink Skunk

I think Disgustine would get the award for most disliked IMO..


i dont know why but “Disgustine” made me LMAO! that’s the best version of her name i’ve heard so far… and the most accurate!

MIchele :-)

The 10 thumbs down must be from some of Frankie and Derrick’s family….lol


I hope the mission is to save Donny although whatever Derrick says will happen ugh.

Nancy Boy Ragan

Now the fame whore is trying to ride Wil Heuser’s coattails by lampooning evicted houseguests.
Bad news Fakie – you scumbags have already been mocking them this entire season and it ain’t playing well.
More bad news mogul – Wil has been ripping your pathetic ass to shreds in the BB16Saga videos, and it’s YouTube gold.
& the worst news of all wannabe – AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR 2 WILS!

JUST SAY NO to Frankie’s Bustafooligan Broadway BS

Pink haired turdlet

Go for it Frankie, I’m sure you think this is going to showcase what a gifted performer you are and launch your “showbiz career”. On the contrary, it’s gonna launch you face down into a pile of steaming $hit. Cheers!

Keep Donny!

I love Nicole but Donny has fought so hard to stay in the game!

Virginia Abel

Please this isn’t fair at all who ever is hoh everyone kisses but please save Donny

lemon balls

Production screwed up. Zach gone, Donny and Nicole next. Why bring a player back and not protect them for one week? why have america’s favorites out ? now seems like they want to alter derricks personality and make him a hero. too little to late i think


I don’t want them to just save Donny! If they save Donny them Nicole will go. We need them to save both Donny and Nicole. At least he’ll have someone on his side.


I feel like they’re casting stereotypical people, to recreate drama and entertainment seen in previous seasons by people that meet the stereotypes. I am sick of this, because it is not accomplishing anything but making the season BORING. They cast a blond girl. They cast a nerdy person. They cast the good looking guy. The black woman. The pretty floater. The gay guy. The old outcast. The eyecandy. The country guy. LIKE NO BIG BROTHER. The best seasons were caused by normal people, and they fail to see that. Instead, they’re casting people that are trying hard like Zach, Jocasta, Frankie, etc. Opinions? I’ve watched every season of Big Brother (I’m 15 now) and I’ve rewatched the seasons I was to young to understand. It’s digressing and it’s painful to watch.


”trying hard’, You can’t tell me Zach didn’t deliver he was casting GOLD.


I agree! Same with Survivor. I think people want to see “normal” people playing! It is annoying. Especially when they cast people who don’t even need the money! I really hate that!

Derrick is the GOAT

So true. BB6, BB8, BB9 had great casts…. then they started mailing it in more and more by the year. At this point, Grodner and the casting staff need to be fired and replaced.


I think BB10 was one of the best seasons I watched it 4 times. Never gets old. That’s what big brother needs a cast like that, like who could forget Kesha’s birthday


I agree with you and I think Big Brother has run its course…..


i would have thought after last year there would have been a shakeup with casting. and with the comps being replayed year after year they need some new producers. but no luck on either. at least give BB Can a try, it has much of the strategy and game plus some more interesting and interactive twists – for example instant eviction with no veto, Canada as HOH.


I think next year they should make whoever wins HOH is not allowed to talk to anyone on who they should or would put on the block. After they see that person’s HOH, then the HOH has to stay I their room till the nomantions are made. No one should be allow to input to the HOH should put up. Just something I would like to see.


All Derrick would have to do is tell one of his minions (Victoria) to vote Donny to stay and it would be done. Easiest $5k ever and more entertaining then the stupid play. It might even make the game more interesting!

My vote is no if they don’t save Donny


Derrick is already reporting that the BB play is not acceptable, but the save Donny idea is. If they don’t do the save Donny, then it will be those two who decided to not do the TA task, not Donny. And no, Frankie, there is plenty of time to save Donny, all Derrick and Frankie have to do is get Cody (gullible) to use the veto on Donny and put someone else (who is not them obviously) and done. Donny will vote out who they want out, and if it is Christine, so much the better.

Derrick needs to think about the $5K not the potential for Victoria vote, get Vic out this week, and done. Explain Donny coming off any way you want, but get it done.


You all know that frankie will not get booed by the live audience whenever he comes out. They BARELY booed amanda and aaryn last year and they were just as hated. Pipe dreams

Valentina Corleone

I don’t think they’re allowed to boo, which is beyond idiotic. If a player is disliked, the audience should be allowed to express it. Simple as that. But CBS muzzles them…


I’m thinking the live audience doesn’t even have to boo — silence might be worse – it’s not rude, it’s just reality – we don’t like you. Especially when everyone else so far has gotten pretty loud applause from the audience.


The best reaction from the audience is complete silence. No clapping, no booing ….. Nothing but silence. That would kill him more and the message would be so much louder and clearer to an such an egotistical ass like Fakie.


I agree. In this case, silence would definitely be golden.

Christine makes me ill...

I really don’t want her to win. She has been so nasty this whole game. I swear – I’d rather see Victoria win before Christine.

Amy Pond

As soon as I read that Crustine blasted Evel Dick, I went to his twitter page. He thinks she’s a piece of whale crap, but the hysterical think was someone sent him a compilation video of her hatefulness. On YouTube, called Christine Brecht Supercuts and it certainly is an accurate representation of her nastiness.


tried watching a bit of the cuts but she is so damn rude, ignorant and potty mouthed that I gave up. I do not know her — thankfully — but based on her actions this summer, I hope the world shuns her. She is a first-class bint.


I’m pretty sure she has no chance. Vic would have it better with this jury. I’m all for giving it to the person who played the best game, unless the other players are jerks.


Caleb is partially right. He would win over Cody.


Does anyone know why Cody was crying? Was it over a shirt?


He just realized Christine won’t be his beard when he gets out of the house.


production wants 2 save Donny yessssssssssssss 🙂


They didn’t want Zach to go either, an we see how that turned out.

Team America...

needs to save our Donny!

I was wrong

I couldn’t believe anyone would want to see the play idea go through, but the poll shows 10% of the voters like the idea. I have lost a little bit more of my hope for humanity.


The “play thing” sucks… well, duh! But how the hell can production tell them they want them to save Donny? You always here about production rigging the show, but damn this is a bit blatant. (if, in fact, this is what’s happening… I don’t for a minute doubt they told them the play sucks)

Oh and I love all the polls on here!


I doubt very much if production came right out and told them because they said they got the “impression” that they want Donny to stay. More likely they just gave off that vibe to kind of give them a heads-up when we get to vote on Wednesday night to give Donny the COUP D’ETAT! Oh yeah, wizard power to Donny is just what he needs…I said it days ago when everyone was hoping for a Pandora’s Box or a Diamond Power of Veto. Hey, maybe production reads OBB and saw what I wrote and decided it’s time to bring it back! Nah, they probably just figured out it would solve this whole mess for a while…At least we can hope!


Everyone seems to have a problem with Derrick. Like him or not, he is playing a great game. Trying to stay on everyone’s good side to make it as far as he can. It is a “GAME” people. Why is production telling them what to do?


Production realizes it’s not The Frankie Show anymore it’s The Donny Show and Derrick hasn’t got a chance in hell. Production realizes how much Donny is loved plus they see first hand how disgusting the house really is


I don’t know if you can call Derrick’s ‘game’ great. More like the other people in his alliance are so dumb that they will do anything he says. If he had real player’s in the game, who could think for themselves, they would see what he was doing and send him packing!

Oh My!

So sorry to make a comment about someone’s physical appearance, but I happened to look up at tonight’s show and caught a glimpse of Christine. She looked just like a screech owl. Hate to say that since I like owls, but not Christine!

Derrick showing he's a coward

Typical Derrick, when even production tells him to basically save Donny, He can’t do it. How did this guy become a cop?

Derrick is the GOAT

How is he a coward for going AGAINST production’s attempted rigging? The actual coward move would be to cave in to production at the expense of his own game.

lemon balls

Its all for show. He will cave. Production needs someone to shine since Zach is gone and the only 2 loved guests seem to have no hope.they need to spin his character into the savior. The ‘nice guy’ . they guy hasn’t done anything on this show but follow what the ‘group ‘ wants. Nobody is playing their own game. Nothing but group effort. Put him on the block against cody or caleb and let’s see how he does. Not that the latter are any better.


As much as i like donny, i think rigging it to save donny is too much aswell. If nicole didnt come back id be ok with saving donny but to do it twice in a season where they save 2 houseguest is way too much. Dont get me wrong i love donny but if its his time to go then they shouldnt save him like this. It be sweet if donny could just get to cody to backdoor frankie. Would be the biggest move in the game. And it be so sweet to see zachs reaction to see frankie in jury right after zach.

Derricks is the GOAT

Right….like how everyone stands up to Frankie and Derrick. Oh, wait…


“Safe bet” = incredibly boring, insanely stupid and self serving garbage coming soon to a t.v. near you.

How quickly they forget...

Jocasta held a beautiful memorial for Frankie and Derrick when they lost their beloved Grandfathers. She helped them through a very difficult time. Now they speak ill of her. Shame on them!


How about BB production throwing something like, listen Donny is TA with you two and America wants you 3 to still work together, and we’ll bump the pay to $10,000 for this mission only. And Donny has to agree to not put Derrick or Frankie up for one week. I know a long shot and it not happen. Could only hope at this point.

Maria L.

Oh Dear Lord…even Donny would have a difficult time, with that one. Not put Derrick, or Frankie on the block; that is asking a lot! LOL Of course, he could always lie about it; The Game!!!

Kathie from Canada

Offer Donny the entire $15,000 if he will call a house meeting and out the whole stupid Team America to everyone and watch Derrick and Frankie squirm. While he’s at it, Donny could tell them how they set Zach up to take all of the blame for their lame missions.

This message is for Donny's girlfriend Christine...

Hey girl hey! Be proud of your guy! He is America’s sweetheart and we all give him credit for enduring what must be pure hell. He loves and adores you, and I know that you are his inspiration. You are a beautiful girl, he is a lucky man!


Well said, and right on!!!


Dream interpretation time. The reason Caleb’s pen couldn’t write an autograph is because he has no fans. None that I can see that is. Unless they’re hiding behind that bush…

Kathie from Canada

Actually Caleb had a brain fart and couldn’t remember how to spell his own name!!


If production wants Donny to be saved and moves to be made WHY DONT THEY DO IT THEMSELVES!?
Interfering in the game has never been a problem for them before.


When they interfered before they never had to be so oblivious, it was always pushed in the back now, they see how many people really love Donny including themselves

Hey Brokeback Clownboy

Go suck on a pickle! I thought surely he would be manly, but I see him cuddling with Frankie all the time…


Just watched the show and as much as I would like to believe that derrick is genuine about his feelings in the dr, I think he’s pandering to us to get America’s vote. And that makes me sick.


There is no doubt he is pandering to be liked by us. Remember…

Do you want to see your grandfather frankie?
Do you want to see your grandpa frankie?
You do? You do want to see your grandfather?
Ok ill throw you this hoh then

Frankie WAS my favorite...

…when the show first started, then I got to know him. Yuck!


Really? He’s always annoyed me. When he put Vic on the block after being fake to her, I was done.

Beach girl

Can’t believe production loves Frankie so much. He is absolutely disgusting!
He gives very bad a impression of the gay community.




Vote to save Donny!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Cutting Room Floor

Watched the show on CBS tonight. Wow, did they change BB to “The Derprick Show”?
It was 20 minutes of Derprick being showcased, talking in the DR, explaining all his manipulation, and edited conversations of Derprick talking to the cast that tried to make him look like a good guy.
Come on, we watch the live feeds. We know that the way you made Derprick look tonight on the one hour show left out the 90% of his BS that we have to put up with in the feeds. The guy is now insufferable!
What a smug look he had on his face when he talked about him going undercover as a hipster so he could manipulate the young house guests.
Like I said before, this guy is a tool.

Derrick is the GOAT

Would you prefer another episode of The Frankie Show? Because that’s what the rest of the season has been.

That’s what I thought.

Derricks is the GOAT

Oh I hate Frankie too. Him and Derrick are the worst. To me they are the same type of person. Only difference is one likes dic6 and the other is one. Too bad Derrick is going to lose and only go home with TA money and Cody’s g-string


Is it possible that Caleb is trying to see where Derrick is at, and try to come to a agreement about getting rid of Cody and Frankie?? {This is the 2nd time they have had this conversation}
Wouldn’t it be funny if Derrick gives Cody the green light and puts up Frankie and they get rid of Frankie. Hey, Donny got saved.


HG are going to have to do one or two things saved Donny themselves or Production will save Donny their way Diamond POV or coup d’etat. You may be right everyone cares about Donny – no one gives a bull crap about Frankie anymore he’s become blatantly disgusting

Irked by the stupidity!

Put Flaky up on the block. Put him out like the trash that he is. My love for the game will be restored anew!!!! (So dramatic…I know!) 🙂

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

Victoria thinks Jocosta is boring, Huh? This coming from someone who loves killing little Palestinian children in cold blood!


Where did that come from. That was a harsh statement.


Yup, then boiling them all up and making a great soup of the day.



lemon balls

Offside is an undestatement. What a moron. Are you on big brother as we speak .. You fit right alongside them. idiot


Which past houseguests would you guys like to see come back for another season of Big Brother? I would like to see Jessie and Russell.


I have been away from the internet for two days and I’m a little confused. Can someone tell me what play they’retalking about and is that a TA challenge and is there a challenge to save Donny.


All of you pining over Donny being voted out, get over it. That is what the show is about. Also, bashing the other HG’s because Donny is sad and crying. TOUGH. That is the game. He slept much of the show when the others were scheming and playing game. He is 42, not 72. You are embarrassing him by how you are acting like he is this poor old man being left out by the young ones. He tried and he lost. And ASKING production to save him when many of you whined when you thought they did it for HG’s in the past you didn’t like. PATHETIC.


Are you serious, he has been working with what is has been giving and doing a great job to save himself, those others are buttheads and did not give this wonderful person the time of day, he tried and tried nothing. So go check yourself OUt the door we all know its big brother your a jerk

Derrick is the GOAT

Part of the game is convincing your fellow houseguests to give you the time of day and Donny sucks at it, period. It’s a game, your favorites aren’t always going to win, and believe it or not, the rest of the house isn’t really a bunch of horrible people for evicting your favorite HG.


Donny only became my favorite when the house guests started spewing vile crap that was uncalled for. There’s game and then there’s bullying. We don’t allow it in sports, chess tournaments, board games, etc. So it’s not acceptable behavior here as well.


I did not mean for Donny to go at all he is a wonderful person, I want him to stay so bad. Production do your job you have to read this posting so come on

Derrick is the GOAT

Not only did Donny sleep through most of the game talk, he played a horrible social game and was off-putting and weird towards the majority of the house initially, making them not want to work with him. His eviction is his own fault, period. Unfortunately, the majority of BB fans are cat ladies who get legitimately offended at any gameplay (unless their boring-ass favorites are the ones doing it). I legitimately don’t understand why the majority of people who call themselves BB fans watch the show to begin with.


I don’t necessarily disagree with what you’re saying but you shouldn’t pigeonhole BB Fans that are rooting for Donny as “cat ladies.” I truly believe Donny had no shot from the beginning because of this nearly unprecedented huge alliance that locked in almost immediately. And that alliance formed because like attracts like and he was placed out of the core demographic. I love strategic playing but I would like casting to represent a real cross section of demographics that would include a broader age spectrum. The older people are almost always outsiders with no shot.

River Song

Hey, simmer down Skippy – Donny played HIS game fairly, with no hissy fits, lying, whining, lying, pouting, lying, or showing his body parts. It might not have been the best approach, but when you are being shunned by 90% of the house, you do what’s best for you mentally. And I am not a cat lady – I have 2 lurchers – so stick that up yer ass.

I am a Cat Lady

and I’m proud of rescuing them and I agree with you.

River Song

Thank you for rescuing cats! I used to foster them before I got the dogs, and rescued animals make the best pets.

Beach girl

But Donnie did lie. He told Zack that he would vote for him to stat. Didn’t. Told Derrick he never said he wanted him out of the house. He did say that. Derrick is his #1 target.

Zachs manhood

Zach told Donny to vote him out before he left so there would be no backlash against Donny. Donny did nothing wrong.

Brokeback Gayleb

Hey Brian………. Piss off


You’re Pathetic nut sack!!


I hope they all decide to do a Broadway Production with pink hair, skin tight short shorts, shaved legs, bowt ties, fancy tennies with bobby socks and pink laces. It’s NOT EASY being Ariana Grande’s brother and I must build schools in Africa and get my STD testing. Can’t suck any cock in here so WTF!

victoria is a floater

EVEN production wants Donny to stay! Stupid Derrick and Frankie -_-.

Kathie from Canada

That is Derrick’s paranoia preventing him from taking the risk. That would mean he is surrendering a bit of control, so instead he stubbornly refuses. A truly great player would step up pt the challenge.


Don’t worry everyone! Even though Frankie’s sister just preformed a killer performance at the VMA’s and won best pop video of the year, she didn’t mention Frankie. Wait a minute, I forgot Frankie is the one that mentions his sister to gain popularity. She is already famous and doesn’t have to mention Frankie to gain followers.

Kathie from Canada

I’m sure her manager wants an ocean of distance between the little pop stars and her wretched brother! He could sink her career if he weaselled his way into her professional life.

Brokeback Gayleb

Looks like she had to sell her soul to the devil with the way they have her sexed up…sad. She’s good no doubt but sounds screechy alot too


Yes, Frankie, what America wants more than anything else is to see more of you. To hell with the other houseguests, you KNOW we’re only watching because of you. You’ve really got your finger on the pulse of the BB viewers. To hell with this insecure narcissistic ass clown. Seriously. Hey, here’s a thought…save the big bad wolf (Donny) this week, earn your 5K since it’s ‘all about the kids’, and give us something other than you to watch next week. Donny may not be the biggest gamer left in the house, but he scares the hell out of most of them and that alone is reason enough to want him to stay.


Worst season ever. Last season is a masterpiece compared to this one. I’m not even watching. Just checking updates here. Deleted from the dvr.


The real Americas Favorite this year is the person that yelled outside the big brother house that frankie is the saboteur and derrick is a cop.


Did that happen?


see simons the fans love Donny they need to help him do you agree with the fans


I know it’s juvenile but I would love if the live audience on Thursday did a Donny chant if he’s evicted. If for no other reason that to everyone in the house would know the Americas favorite house guest vote is locked up. Maybe then they would all start to realize how petty they have been.


That wouldn’t be juvenile, in fact, letting the HGs know that not only did America’s Favorite just walk out the door, they would also find out how hated they all are.. That would be the most entertaining thing to happen so far this season.

Butters Mom

I dont want Nicole to leave either honestly. I want Donnie and Nicole to stay.


I got on to the live feeds & we had fish, twitter was sayin a person in a helocoptor yelled out Frankie was the saboteur & derrick was a cop. Indoor lockdown right now. That person is my hero whoever yelled that out.


Holy crap! I wonder if anyone heard it? And for you conspiracy theorists out there, wouldn’t it be awesome if production was behind that?

Derricks is the GOAT

That would be the best if it’s true !!! Would love to see Derrick have to explain that away. He is playing such a lazy game anyway: easy breaks and lots of stupid people to manipulate.
And Frankie being accused as the saboteur……karma is a bitc6 just like him .


I absolutely love that.


Wow, they haven’t done that since season 10… Huge BB fans out there, don’t mind spending that kinda money….


Doesn’t appear any of the house guests heard what they were saying.

Con Job

CBS Promo for the Live Feeds. Christine says “There’s never a dull moment!”