Derrick’s report – seed planted with Christine/Caleb and Victoria will vote with the house

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-25 20-04-14-485

8:00pm Frankie and Cody walking laps and studying. Donny and Caleb join them

BB16-2014-08-25 19-59-08-692

8:00pm Kitchen
Caleb farmers that farm tobacco, corn wheat are wealthier than doctors.. Thousand of acres of corn, tobacco, soybeans.. but they grew up in it..
Nicole – they work their a$$es off.
Caleb – kids that grow up farming take one acre of corn they put a combine on it mix it in with their family.. next year they buy two acres.. buy the time they are 27 they have 600 acres and making Cheese.

BB16-2014-08-25 20-12-58-854
8:10pm Donny and Frankie walking laps
Frankie telling him about promoting his sisters album he would tweet out that he’s going to a particular best buy so they would buy up all the sister CD’s and he would sign them. and give them away. THey would move through the city buying up all the albums.

BB16-2014-08-25 20-42-00-254

8:25pm Pool Chit chat.. Frankie being cuddly with Cody

BB16-2014-08-25 20-53-43-623


Caleb and Nicole tossing pillows at each other Caleb misses and hits the vase.
Caleb – I broke it.. I’ll stop.. take it out of my stipend.

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BB16-2014-08-25 21-30-14-992
9:04pm Frankie and Derrick
Frankie says Christine is concerned about Nicole and Victoria and Caleb is teeter tottering
Derrick thinks Caleb is just second guessing everything right now
Frankie talked to COdy he’s concerned Nicole is integrating quickly but any of us can beat her in the HOH
Derrick – I do think with theses endurance comps they are set up for girls to win.
Frankie – Absolutely
Derrick – it’s going to be tough.. are you dead set convinced it’s the right now
Frankie – I am dead set it’s the right move..
After him and Derrick were talking about keeping Donny Frankie got called into the Diary room they were asking him excitedly “Is it a possibility.. whats going on”
Frankie says they are team America and “It’s our responsibility to at least try if it can be done lightly and if doesn’t work it doesn’t work.. there’s enough doubt already in people’s minds”
Frankie says if they do this to him and he wins HOH they are safe. If NIcole wins he’s going up and if she’s smart she would put up caleb with Frankie.
Frankie – he’s the underdog.. when I was the underdog I got the support.. it’s us..
Frankie points out if Derrick was ever the underdog he would feel it to.
Frankie – the way certain things have been hinted at to me it seems the popular choice (With production)
Derrick – the seed has been planted in Christine and in Caleb and Victoria will vote with the house..
Frankie thinks Derrick should be the one to tell the boys
Derrick will tell Caleb if he brings it up but Caleb trusts Frankie more than anyone in the house.
Frankie says all the reason they wanted Nicole out first are still valid.
Derrick doesn’t think Donny will put up Christine and Cody.. He wants to hear from Donny own mouth who his targets are.
Frankie this is going to be tough
Derrick people are very paranoid and very on edge
Derrick – how are things with Beast mode better
Frankie says everything is good people are just getting tired of the game.

BB16-2014-08-25 21-12-51-195

9:12pm Backyard.. Nicole and Donny
longs Silence is broken
Nicole – “There’s so much downtime”
Donny – I like it

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You guys do realize that Donny staying really isn’t good in the long run. He will be left alone if he stays. He will again be ostracized and miserable. As much as I wish it wasn’t the case, as long as Donny is around the Detonators/Bomb squad will stick together. They are too stupid to use Donny against one another and they are ultra paranoid about Donny being some superstar military hero (or whatever). Also Donny seems to have some strange admiration of Frankie (ew) and likes Cody (lord knows why).

Nicole, on the other hand, has an amazing chance of winning an endurance HOH (which should be coming up soon) and has proven that she is willing to go after these idiots. Also, she has already started to reintegrate and planted seeds with Cody and Christine that they can work with her to get out threats within their alliance. I think she stands a much better chance of making it further once the alliance starts to fall apart. She may even have a shot at making to the end at which point we will actually have a likable winner.

As much as I wish Donny had a better shot at the half-million, the odds are just totally stacked against him much more so than for Nicole. Derrick and Frankie have come to realize this, which is why they are planting the seeds to flip it. If Donny stays it is not a win for him, rather it is a win for Derrick and Frankie (gross and grosser). I do not mean to hate on Donny at all but I am simply trying to look at the game pragmatically and I see Nicole as a better hope for us all. I will obviously root for whichever one stays, but I think that Donny will be better served by going to jury now with the TA cash where he will be among nice people that actually interact with him. Also he will hopefully win America’s Favorite!


Exactly why Nicole needs to go. LOL


Ya know what’s funny?
Derrick thinking he can snow production in his DR sessions. He just can’t help himself. He is so deluded and he actually believes that he is so slick that he now is trying to snooker BB staff. The fact that he has tried to manipulate the feedsters and pans to the camera all the time drives me crazy but now he is trying to play production. Unbeluevable!
Here’s a clue Derrick: they cast your as$ do they know what’s up. It’s the height of narcissism to act the way you are acting now. Your half -hearted attempt to try to make it look like you like Donny and are trying to save him, are truly transparently vapid. The fans know it and so does production
You reap what you sow buddy and I bet production is gonna throw a twist your way just to bring you back to reality. Then your are going to get that look on your face when you are not in control and don’t get your way. The same look you get when Donny doesn’t fall fir your lies.

peeping tom or note

mon 8/25 10;41;37 PM PST Cody, Derrick in the bathroom top right Corner.peeping Tom or a note for derrick ??????


Yeah that was creepy.


Nicole staying would be better for their game but I’m happy that they don’t realize it. If Donny stays this week, he will soon be the beneficiary of the Bomb Squad’s inevitable cannibalization of each other. Cody considered it this week. Next week, one of them is going to get the boot(Frankie, hopefully) and Donny, if he can coast through a couple more weeks, might have a chance to win comps against the few remaining dolts and stay until the end.


I totally agree. I am a huge Donny fan but unless he gets some kind of super power, he will be back on the block next week. The only thing that happens, if Derrick and Frankie save him, is that they look good to the viewers of the tv show.


Saving Donny WILL NOT change the way America views Derrick and Frankie. They are as transparent
as a piece of glass. I am a huge Donny fan and hope he wins America’s Favorite Player but we all
know that Derrick and Frankie are doing this to TRY to look better than they are. Derrick has played
a good game… instilling thoughts into others and having them think they actually thought of it. It is the
Cop in him. But we know if he had his way, Donny would have been gone long time ago.


Unfortunately, I agree. If Donny stays, he’ll want to go after Frankie and Derrick, but that would probably totally backfire on him since they would use being on Team America to save him. One wins POV he has to put up Cody, Christine, Victoria, or Caleb. Gee, who would go home. Probably not Frankie or Derrick, and Donny’s stay in the house would be more miserable than it already is. Nicole could go against anyone and be aligned with the others she doesn’t put up. Donny doesn’t really have the option, so unfortunately, he’s kind of screwed if he stays.


Besides being the nicest most genuine guy I have ever seen on the show. I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with Donny. To be around these young immature players and be ostracized and demoralized to the point that he was crying on the bed, ” saying what did I do to these people to make them so scared of me?” , its disgusting and heart wrenching and I have to tell you and whoever reads this comment. I believe that he has earned the right to fight until the end. He is the only one who is truly team AMERICA, because that is what this country was built on, believing in the dream and not being afraid to fight when the odds are stacked against you. I have watched Donny run and collapse give everything he has in these challenges and if he is given the opportunity maybe there will be a crack in these numbskulls heads but either way it isn’t his time and I hope that CBS does everything in their power to keep him.


Wow..well said. Thank you.. GO DONNY

Big Jacket

Ok. I am just so fed up with the game that now I am rooting for Yeast Mold Cowpie. Who’s with me?


No one respects your game because it is nonexistent.


She’s bitching about how mean Christine is talking about other people?!? I hope they play back all the hurtful things she has said about Donny! What a stupid c@nt!


I’ll just leave this here so those Frankie (Ariana) Fans can see why he ruins this game.


OMG!!! The youtube link was hysterical and dead on. Fakie’s portrayal of Joey was so repulsive and off-track. The make-up made him look even more ridiculous and ugly. What an embarrassment this must be for his family … especially for his “MEGA MEGA” and I mean bigger than life itself half sister Ariana. He’s a 31 year old mentally challenged boy who watches Sponge Bob Square Pants every morning without fail with the enthusiasm of a 2 year old. Serrrrrrrrrrrriously???? WTF!!!!!

his being on BB is much more detrimental to his life outside the house. I guess his superstar half sister will have to take care of him financially for the rest of her life … he’s totally unemployable and talentless.


Haha. He watches Spongebob everyday? Really??


Well he thinks that he single handed can sell out his sisters CDs if he’s there to sign them. Palease! What an ass!


well….so her popularity is over rated then? He doesn’t think she’s good enough for her cds to sell on their own. He’s so famous she needed his help…hahahahahahahaha

Frankie Does Derrick

Thanks for that…that video was great. Favorite line was ‘You an emotional cripple, thats what you are”
Perfectly describes both Frankie and Derrick.


Caleb just said on BBAFTERDARK that he is sure he will be Americas Favorite! Wow he is delusional !


Yeah he keeps saying it!, The thing about Caleb that makes him less objectionable then the other vile creatures in that house is that he really has a screw lose. It’s almost like you feel sorry for him when he says this stuff because he lives in some made up land in his mind….filled with fans and limos.

I think the best he could hope for is a mens fitness magazine model. He’s good looking and muscular and he wouldn’t have to say anything. Cody will continue his gay underwear modeling and ‘dancing’ at parties.

Michael from Canada

I agree completely. I’ve always been a fan of Beastmode. Is he delusional? Completely. But it’s funny though, and he’s not a bad guy, at the end of the day.


This is a serious remark: I hope for Caleb’s sake, someone, ANYONE, gets him to a psychologist immediately after the show to give him some perspective of the reality of his situation. After his dreams about a little boy running up to him in an airport yelling his name, BMC for short, and his delusions of picking him up and saying “yes, little man, I’m here”, or something to that effect, it really does make me worry for the guy. I think he might be crushed about the truth. He’s made so many comments about his and his brothers HUGE popularity in his small town that he might get his a$$ beat when he gets home. Although, a small town MAY like the celebrity status for five minutes. I don’t know….he’s a hard one to figure out. All I can say is that he brought this all on himself with his grandstanding. I think it all (ALL; the bodybuilding, the lies, the million unattainable goals and the female obsessions) come from insecurity and a huge need to be glorified. OK, I’m making my own self barf. 🙂


Suze– analyze yourself you froot loop.


O.K…..well, let’s see….hmmm…..I’m phenomenally gorgeous, have an I.Q. that’s off the charts, have won Jeopardy more times than I can count, was Cleopatra in a previous life……and am VERY humble. Anything else, george? Just let me know.

Michael from Canada

He might get his balls busted a little bit when he gets home, but he’s definitely not gonna get his ass kicked.


Zach for AFP. Since “team America” messed with his game he deserves it, and he was BY far the most entertaining and charismatic player this season!


Oh and I wouldn’t mind Donny winning BUT I feel like Zach has been the brightest spot in a dull season..


Yay team donny. Please make it happen!!


Hmmm? Caleb talkin with Derrick about Frankie hinting keeping Donny over Nicole. Caleb looked a little sketched out. I think he also remembering what was said of the megaphone about Frankie. Saving Donny seems like it stalled out a little bit. Derrick will get back on it tomorrow.


Come on Donny! Seal the deal. Tell Derrick who Nicole’s targets are. Derrick will flip the vote faster than you can blink.


He wouldn’t throw her under the bus like that. Thats part of the reason I like him.


What!? Are you kidding me. He is on the block against her, it is either him or her. If he can’t do that, he should have never signed up for BB. Campaigning is a common practice.


Agreed!!! Nicole needs to go if it’s between her and Donny. Then Please dear God!!!!! take out Victoria and Christine!!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!

Skerry Sherry

Christine joking with Cody in a sexual manner is gross…and really, really skerry. She skerrs me.


I honestly don’t know what to believe, most of these dipshits change their mind at every blow of the wind. I have never seen a cast more up and down daily then some of these people. I’m torn because I want Donny to win, but I don’t want him to be alone in the house again without a friend.


Go Team Donny, your the man, keep you inside that house, you are the only one left in there that even has a heart, You have fit the hardest this whole season to stay there you deserve it, if Derrick & Frankie keep Donny this week then all Donny has to do is get rid of Derrick then Frankie, he can win the game getting those 2 out but it is gonna be hard nothing has been easy for this poor country boy this season but he has heart he can win this game, he is the only one who I would even want to win 1st or 2nd or even AFP he deserves it, yes i love Zach Attack but he should of got Frankie out way before, Frankie should of went home the week when he won battle of the block by himself but they saved him so now it is now Donny turn to be saved,h e needs a little bit of help then donny can start rolling through these houseguests like a steel roller, I know Donny can do it he is th eonly one who sees right through Derrick so donny also has the balls to take care of drprick and stankie then don has won the game, basically donny is the most poorest guy this season, he comes from no money but if he won he would still be the same ole donny as they knew before only a little more richer, Donny would help his parents and his family, brings a tear to my eye every single time I think about it, so please let donny be saved this week, then let him take out the supposely big players gt rid of victoria i am so tired of seeing her check out her big butt every day spending hours putting on makeup


Okay I tuned into BBAD for 10 minutes and I couldn’t take it. Crustine is sitting there cracking her knuckles so loud and neurotically It was disgusting BUT she’s complaining about Donny’s ‘disgusting’ habits while she’s doing this!!! She is a walking contradiction and a real slime. Vomitoria is complaining to her too about Donny. They just kept going on and on that I had to turn it off.

I just can’t believe this dumb shallow bitches ever got out of high school because they act like they are still there.


Oh and who the fuck would want a Ariana Grande CD signed by her lame ass BROTHER!!!??? God these people suck


12 year old girls who think people in YouTube videos are “famous”.

Weighed Belac

That’s the 3rd place prize ————- $500,000, $50,000, tweenie CD signed by Frankie


BIG chuckle!

Delilah Jones

As much as I would love for Donny to stay in the game, I am really kind of over production running the season. How many times have we heard from the house guests about production planting seeds?
With that being said, I hope whoever stays, can win HOH next week.. I want to see one of the Detonators evicted, and I do not care which one goes at this point.


Delilah (LUV that name by the way), I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying, but it (and this is for everyone, including myself) is starting to make me bipolar listening to over 300 comments the other night: PRODUCTION, DO SOMETHING! and then people get mad when they do. Is it possible to ever make us all happy? I’d say, probably not, and that’s why CBS probably doesn’t give 2 cents about these kind of sites. Just an observation.

Delilah Jones

Suze, I totally agree with what you are saying.. I too, have found myself having some bipolar moments this season! I haven’t been this frustrated over any season of BB, as I am with S16. My frustration started with the number of people in the house who know nothing about playing this game. Add the double HOH / Battle of the Block twist, which has encouraged said house guests to throw competitions on a weekly basis, and finally, the largest revolving door of an alliance we have ever witnessed. I could practically write a manifesto about my frustration over this season, but I will stop here, by saying I have never been a fan of production interference. lol Oh, and you know Delilah Jones? 😉


Hi Dililah! First, the only Delilah I know is the one from the radio program with song dedications. I just think it’s a really pretty name. Back to BB: I’m not a fan of production interference either. Although, don’t they do it from day 1 anymore? It’s really ruined the show. But people certainly “call” for it a lot! Then complain…..and so on and so on.


what if pandora’s box comes into play and replacement nominees need to be made?


Now THAT would be something to WATCH and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the bros and stuck up
Vic & Chris handle that one. It would be worth all of the stress dealing with crappy season.
I wish they would make some major changes to future shows. Whether it be male or female, every season CBS BB cast includes the one older person, the one gay person, the one odd person and the one multi ethnic person.
The rest of the cast are individuals within the same age group with similar or personalities that can get along.
It guarantees (with the exception of Frankie this year) the mistreatment of the minorities in the group.
It is so predictable and this year has been the worse with the voting with the house. What is up with that???


Back to earlier this evening…..I think Derrick is working hard to secure his final two’s. I think he’s pretty sure Christine would take Cody if she’s in the F3 and letting her know she’d never win against him; better to take HIM, (Derrick), who he’s convinced her she can win against. I think he’s scared of Cody’s chances of any of the girls taking Cody with them. He’s also mentioned it to Caleb, and Caleb’s worried, too. I think Donny will stay, and anyone but Christine and possibly Skanks will put up Cody/Donny next week and send Cody if they can.

Roisen Dubh

I agree with you. Cody winning back to back will be an utter waste if he gets rid of Nic or Donny. I know he knows that, but he’s just too scared to make a real move and bounce Frankie or Caleb. Those back to back wins made Derrick scared. That just confirmed that he was just coasting the whole season and could’ve won a lot more if he really wanted to. He thought Cody in F2 would be an easy win until last week. His choices are really limited now. It’s basically Vic or bust. As disgusting I think Christine is, I think she’s ready to pull the plug an Derrick and the way he treats Vic, I wouldn’t be surprised if she flipped on him under the right circumstance. Caleb is playing everyone right now. Let that meathead win, I guarantee he’ll pull the trigger and try to make a big move I don’t care what anyone says, he’s the reason why Zach left.He straight went up to Derrick and said Zach goes this week and Derrick just said okay. He then went to Frankie after that and said the same thing and Frankie said okay. I get the feeling that he hates everybody in that house right now. But bottom line, if Derrick goes on the block, he’s gone. That’s the downside to avoiding the block the entire season and it’s that reason that they will all use to put him up. These guys prey on the weak and besides Vic and Chris, Derrick is a weak link and I think everybody is now starting to see it.

Michael from Canada

I don’t think Cody was throwing comps up until now. He’s just not naturally competitive, and needs external motivation. Donny teasing him really got under his skin and lit a fire in him. Especially with Cody’s inability to call Donny out, it probably made him more mad and made the fire more intense. Since he couldn’t confront Donny, the only way he could deal with his emotions was to channel it into the comps.

I don’t really respect Cody much at all, but you gotta give him props where it’s due. He said he’d win that HOH, and he actually did. However, if Donny goes, or stops busting his balls, I’d bet the fire simmers down again and he goes back to sucking it for all the competitions.


Donny teasing him? Donny isn’t really teasing him these idiots just have so much hate in their hearts for no reason at all that they take everything he does or says as being rude or gross. Anyone that watches the feeds know that they have no reason what so ever to feel the way they do about him. They do and say way worse things to each other but they only laugh about it. It seems that by going into the house they were all taken back to their high school days and have all created “clicks” where they are the “cool kids” and Donny is the “cast out”. It’s really sad to see because none of them are very strong thinkers except for the ones that have been voted out. Nicole is struggling but she somewhat thinks for herself. On a side note, Victoria got on my nerves a little in the beginning because she was worthless but now she really gets to me because now she’s a worthless mean bitch! I know they probably won’t but I pray that her and the other mean girl will get booed when they exit the house.


Coup de Jeff is all I can say!

Christine and her Pastor

Seems they are with a non denominational church. From my experience with these types they are weird folks and VERY hypocritical. I could see Christine as a Christine Manson Family lol. Get rid of that freak.

Get a clue

So all people who go to non-denominational churches are weirdos and hypocrites? Way to stereotype there.


Speaking of her Pastor – Christine goes on national television and discusses HER PASTOR waxing her vajayjay monthly. Seriously WTF? – WHO DOES THAT?????!!!!


Okay glad to see some actual gameplay and even if it is so little. If Frankie Derrick and donny end up final 3. And when the house guests find out they were team america from the very beginning they are going to be pissed off. epecially if frankie derrik in the final two and donny wins americas favorite and they take home ALL the money.

Holier Than Thou

Victoria: My temple says pretend to be innocent, condemn thy married neighbour for touching other men, but pay no attention to the fact that I do the same thing with a married neighbour.
Is this a Jewish thing or just a jealous bitch thing?
Where does she get off asking Derrick what he talks about while he’s not with her. Stalker or just really can’t make it on her own in that house.

self eVictoria

IDK, some really creepy stuff – “I don’t want you to get super close to her” – sounds like spousal rights, YIKES
& then “her social game.. she’s practically a guy really good..” WTF is that? Women are less than on BB? That’s as far as I wanna even question on that point without getting into some orthodox belief bashing.
I just hope its a dysfunctional mix of using one’s religious training as the scapegoat for personal agenda.
At any rate, she’s a hot mess & Derrick has played her more than he can handle. Just call Jocasta when her head starts spinning.


I’m kind of shocked veronica realizes Christine is a really mean girl. Of course they have all said things abt each other but Christine is just plain nasty with it. They are all getting a little crazy and drained from being in the house. No one will leave anyone alone now for fear of game talk. Christine needs to go immediately. I have a feeling this game is gonna get nasty esp w Christine still there. I hope they can save Donny but they have done so much bashing of him it seems like Cody may actual have his first original thought of the season and vote donny out. Nicole wants to play but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind getting back to Hayden in the jury house.


okay I am so dizzy right now, the vote keeps going back and forth…who’s going now? Did Cody talk Derrick out getting Nicole out or is that still on the table? Man this house is nuts!


Saving Donny is getting squashed.

Michael from Canada

If Derrick can’t pull this off, it will be a huge wake-up call for him. He said so arrogantly to the DR, he has the power to save Donny if he wants to. He may now realize that he doesn’t have as much pull as he thought he did.


In past seasons, jurors returning to the game had immunity, right? Nicole wasn’t given immunity; therefore, she is on the block because it’s the obvious choice. What if, since she didn’t win HOH or the POV, immunity now kicks in for her in the form of the coup d’état. She’s given the power during a diary room session, and she resets the game on Thursday by overthrowing Cody and putting up Derrick and Frankie. A fantasy, I know, but a girl can dream…


I don’t understand all the love for Nicole on here. Have I missed some major redeeming quality about her that people want her to stay so badly? Yes, she won two HOH’s but Derrick ran one and Hayden ran the other one. Personally I think she hates being lumped in with Donny. She’s not really playing much of a game and I think she’d forgive anybody for anything just to be accepted into the BIG BED again. I think she’s weak, and really not deserving of the win. Sweet girl, though.


OK, guess I’m wrong. I must have missed something.

I like Nicole...

because, while her voice can be annoying, she doesn’t just bash everyone ALL the time. She messed up and trusted the wrong people early, but now she has a better idea about what is happening. She still has to get “in” with who is left, or she has no shot at staying past this week. I think she’s playing and I’d like to see her take Derrick, Frankie and/or Cody out.

tyrese jones

i want donny to remain in this game. if he does it will be final 7 and if he does reach final 6 then he could make it to final 3 on competitions alone. the guy is a warrior and i hope he can pull the hailmary and make it to the end.


Okay, BBUS was my first TV reality love and always will be. Some of the season twists fall flat, some are great. The coaches of BB14 and enemies of BB8 were personal favorites. Grodner and Meehan say that they introduce twists at the start of the season so that players coming into the house with pre-existing strategies will have to re-think them. The issue with that is that players soon adapt to the new twist and develop a new strategy, and the game becomes predictable and boring very quickly.

I never watched BBCAN1, but speaking as someone who watched BBCAN2 – MAN do I miss BBCAN! Twists occurred throughout, which meant the power switched constantly and players had to adapt their games during the entire season… not just at the beginning.

Additionally, Team America missions suck, aren’t entertaining to watch on the live feeds nor the show, and earn the TA peeps 5k…
On the other hand, Marsha the Moose missions were hilarious! When Arlie had a mission, the live feeders were busy guessing whether his mission was to get every houseguest to hug him, or make every houseguest cry… when it was something completely different. When Marsha sent Adel on a mission, BB got all the other houseguests together for their own mission to ensure he failed his mission. It made for both entertaining TV and amazing live feeds. Additionally, all completed missions earned rewards for the house and even better TV ensued, as the rewards always included booze.

Twists throughout the season are the way to go, as are fun and hilarious missions. BBCAN for the win!


Well, it’s 4:45 am here in the northeast and I seem to be the only one awake on this forum, can’t understand WHY :), so I guess I’ll just keep talking. Hmmmmm, it was hot here today, my brother-in law is in the hospital, I’m nervous about the situation in the Middle East, my right ankle hurts a little……..well, I guess that’s all I got.


The recent earthquake in the Napa Valley did a billion
dollars worth of damage. The BB House is on the CBS
lot. I hope L.A is okay and things are uneventful. I know
i stayed up to see if Derrick has changed his mind at all.


I know. I was going to mention how sorry I am for all of you in the area and that I hope you’re o.k.


Size – how are your sinuses today? How is your cat doing? Your posts are more exciting than BB.


Sorry I missed you. Must have been reading the papers or cleaning puppy poop from the floor. I normally hang out here starting at 5 EST ( until u change your clocks and we don’t) ( which of course buggers up my tv viewing from Nov thru March)




This is crap. Why does Nicole have to fight so hard to get back in the house to be voted out the next week? If Nicole goes, I hope Donny wins every hoh and veto the rest of the way. How did Derrick and Frankie end up on team America anyways? I wish they knew America would boot both of them off if they could now. I miss Brittany.

Detonate 'Em

Someone please help me understand how Nicole had to “fight so hard” to get back into the house. Were we watching the same competition, or is there something I missed? What they showed on T.V. looked like a literal crap shoot that didn’t require skill, endurance, strategy or mental acuity. It appeared to just be luck. Where was the part where she “fought so hard”?


Sorry, but I think it is SO obvious they are being told to save Donny, and I think it kind of sucks. Donny is a good person but I don’t think he adds much to the game. I also think Zach deserves to win Favorite Player, because ever since he left I don’t even feel like big brother is worth watching anymore it is so BORING.

Cody H8er

I’m so sick of that pink Hankie. Delusional.

And, I can’t wait for Cody to defend what a pu$$y he had been. I laugh when I see him make any sort of decision alone, knowing, as soon as Derrick comes along, it’ll change.


So even if they manage to keep Donny, they didn’t complete the mission before the veto ceremony, right???



I am on this site because I am NOT watching until AFTER Thursday and only if Donny stays.
I hope Karma comes back to bite Derrick and Frankie in their asses.
They are not nice people at all. Do they think we are all stupid???? They need to think
I think they will be shocked (maybe note) when they see what America does think of them
once this miserable session is over.


On Jokers they are saying that all this discussion about keeping Donny is for footage only so people will continue to watch on Thursday. Derrick and Frankie have no intention of keeping him.


Wow… what a bunch of idiots. Do they think America will like them better because they
are lying to us? Just out of curiosity, can you tell me approximately when or what date
on jokers update they are talking this crap?



Production, stop trying to make Team America happen. It’s not going to happen!


When Cody wanted to put fankie up and de-prick said no that was the end of anything changing. Production is just trying to keep viewers. Nicole should have had immunity this week but production seen to that did not happen.
Donny is my favorite player and I hate to see him go, but if they send Nicole back to jury then Donny is alone again and they will keep treating him bad. these HG are brutal the way the treat this sweet southern man.

Production would have to give Nicole some power to flip the game or nothing chances. Production does not care that Donny is America’s fav. Haytham thx for the youtube address that was great


I think the most entertaining part of BB16 will be after the show is over and we get to read all the twitter feeds as the house guests are trying to figure out how America saw them……oh…I cannot wait!! I wish the cameras were on in the Jury house….that would definitely be much more fun!!


If Donny leaves tomorrow, then the next time I watch BB16 will be the after show. I think
it is going to be very interesting. I wonder if Christine’s husband is going to be there. I
know my husband would not be a happy camper right now if I acted like she is. She is
a s@#t.