Fans attempt to Stir the pot MEGAPHONE “Frankie cannot be trusted he’s the saboteur”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-24 17-31-06-956

5:30pm Kitchen Derrick and Frankie
Derrick telling Frankie that People have to be really into this play for it to work out.
Frankie – they will be

BB16-2014-08-24 17-44-19-951

5:43pm Pool and CHit chat..

BB16-2014-08-24 17-50-03-991

5:53pm CHristine and Nicole in the bathroom getting ready to run. they are saying seeing Amber run around in her sports bra made them not want to run.

BB16-2014-08-24 18-07-11-118

6:08pm Christine and Nicole Running

BB16-2014-08-24 18-34-35-906

6:24pm Hammock COdy and Caleb
Caleb telling him about the dream where the kids are screaming “Hey it’s beastmode cowboy.. I love you beast mode cowboy”
Caleb adds he was running through a carnival people asking him for signatures,, taking picture and video, they were celebrities, “We were much younger it was crazy”
Cody says it’s only 4 more weeks he wonders what it will be like for them outside the house.
Caleb – four weeks and literally my name isn’t Caleb anymore
Cody – ya I know
Caleb – you know what I mean.. It is on my birth certificate but people are going to see me as beast mode cowboy millions of people know who I am now.. I hope I got a bunch of hot girls messing with me on facebook.. Smoke bombs.
Caleb says if they keeping doing what they are doing they should get to top four
COdy – next week one you three win it
Caleb – It;s OK if CHristine wins it for now
COdy She makes me nervous.. but she knows who to put up
Caleb – SHe’s second place against ANy of us.. she’s done nothing
Cody – She floated with me all season.. We’ve chose to keep her every week every single week
Caleb thinks If Nicole wins HOH Christine will throw them under the bus
Cody – I think she already has.. not this week but before.. Frankie said Nicole knows too much because Christine told her.

6:35:47pm Someone with the megaphone
“Frankie cannot be trusted he’s the saboteur”
Cody – Don’y pay any attention to it otherwise we’ll get called in

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BB16-2014-08-24 19-37-30-105

6:36pm indoor lock down called

Frankie “Derrick.. it’s called BB Broadway PResents House Swap”
Derrick – House swap Cool
Frankie and Victoria in the kitchen start working on Victoria’s AMber monologue..

BB16-2014-08-24 19-30-06-707

6:38pm HOH Claeb and COdy
Cody is pissed off about the megaphone..
Cody – F*** a$$holes
Cody – you hear what they said.. I don’t know what they said..
Caleb – just sounded like the Police to me didn’t hear what was said
Cody – I don’t want to talk about it.
Caleb – You know something I don’t know
Caleb- do you think it was someone with a megaphone, yelling something out?
Feeds cut

BB16-2014-08-24 18-41-36-235

6:42pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb – I heard.. Frankie is the saboteur..Cody and I heard the same thing
Derrick – Are you serious .. Frankie was the saboteur
Caleb – that is what they yelled
Derrick – Thought it was the cops.. (there was a loud speaker)
Caleb no
feeds cut

BB16-2014-08-24 19-17-57-495

7:02pm HOH Frankie, Cody, Caleb and Christine.
Caleb is air drumming like a maniac..
Christine says her church has ear plugs because they play the music so loud..
Chit chat..
Frankie leaves and Christine/Cody talk about what they heard. Clawb says he thinks it was a donny fan trying to get them to flip the script.. (Feeds cut in and out)
Cody says they need to have people on the outside locking the house down.
Christine wonders if it happened last year
Cody – I think it happens every year and henar the end more..
Feeds cut.. when they come back talk is about becoming famous after the season will be over.
They leave to get food, Caleb – Seeya.. Donny is going home”

BB16-2014-08-24 19-31-21-733

7:36pm Dinner time

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Christine wearing earplugs in church. Oh that is priceless because it explains a lot.


Even when SOMEONE from the outside informs these idiots that they’re playing for the wrong team, they still don’t think otherwise!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!


Lol…they realize they were when Mr. Oink & The Pink Pansy receive their winnings! These have got to be the dumbest people on earth!!!!


Gotta love the passion of the BB fans 🙂


to me it – it seems a bit interesting when Derrick said production said they did not like the BB Broadway Idea and thought the Save Donny off the block would be better. Then peeps were screaming over the walls Frankie is the sab…….but could be wrong too 🙂


Ostrichs have nothing on these HGs.Just wow. Not a clue. I’m sure cult leaders will be clamoring to get a chance with this batch of new recruits.


Nice try whoever you are, but these people are too blind and dumb to go against their masters Derrick and Frankie.


They should have waited until Frankie was outside to hear it and say both Derrick and Frankie names so they both would be paranoid about it. Watch both of them run around nervously denying it.

That actually

Sounds more entertaining than watching what we are currently viewing. Kaleb.


Here’s what each houseguest would say (in the DR) if production told them: “America wants Donny to stay.”

Cody: What do you mean? I don’t understand. Let me go talk to Derrick, so he can explain it to me.

Christine: They do? Really? That old man?

Victoria: Stay where?

Caleb: Beast mode cowboy. BEAST mode cowboy! BEAST MODE COWBOY!!! I’m sorry. Did you say something?

Frankie: Of course you mean he’s America’s SECOND favorite player, right? Heck, I am “Frankie Grande.” Did you hear me? I am Frankie (freakin) GRANDE!!! Everyone in the galaxy LOVES me.

Derrick: Whatever. Sorry. No can do.

Nicole: I love Donny too. But that would me I would have to go, right?

Donny: I love you America!

waka waka

LOL. You perfectly summarized each one of these houseguests.


That is hilarious!


Victoria: Stay Where?



You got it!!! EXACTLY what each of them would say!!! Haha!


LMAO…….You are on the money with everyone of them, especially Victoria’s dumb @$$.


The BEST post of the season…by a mile. I needed that chuckle BADLY, so thank you.

hoo hoo



When you think these people cannot get anymore stupid….

I wish for a miracle to save Donny…. I do not care if he goes eventually, but I want nicole or donny to get one of these moron out!!! 🙂 I guess I am dreaming (like Caleb)

Lawon's Special Power

They just need to work it now when most of the people are outside, turn the megaphone up louder, and start telling certain people certain things to cause drama and paranoia.

Forget Team America missions just let people yell, let the plane fly above the house as before, let the fans boo or cheer as they are being talked to on Thursdays like they do on the UK version so they know how they are viewed, and let the fans mess with the houseguests….now that would be fun.


Oh there will be boos. Don’t doubt it for a second. They booed they sh!t out of Amanda and Arryn last season, just as I’m sure they will when Frankie walks his squirlley a$$ out the door here soon.

I wish I could be there to see the look of comprehension dawn on all of their faces as they one by one realize they are soooooo not the cool kids. Just deserts taste so sweet.

And is it just me, or does Caleb seem like he was dropped on his head as a child?


CBS was getting so much flak last year for all the racist crap that one of the ways they decided to save face was to have the audience boo Amanda and Aaryn. CBS completely controls who is in the audience and their reactions – since their dialogue this year is HOW GREAT IS FRANKIE GRANDE – he won’t be getting anything other than a standing ovation.


If just half of the audience remained silent it would shake Frankie & Christine up. The audience members can’t get in trouble for doing that!!! Just don’t cheer or stand up, please!!!!


If Frankie got booed, he would say it was in sympathy because they don’t want him to go. It would be a boo for the vote to Evict Frankie, not because his wonderfulness isn’t liked. (Frnkie would say: “Honestly, how could anyone NOT just worship at MY feet – that’s simply an unimaginable situation”. ) UGH!


These people are repulsive (excluding Donny & Nicole) they keep saying Donny’s going home , no dumb asses he’s going to jury where your floating asses will be in a couple of weeks!!!!

Kathie from Canada

Only Derrick has been thinking about jury vote since the very beginning. The others have continued to burn their bridges with each eviction. Dumb asses!!


I think the biggest twist of the summers going to be when these dipwads all start slowly moving to the jury house, and suddenly become the outnumbered outcasts. Wish we could see it :/


With all the talk these days about people getting bullied. This season is the perfect example. The hgs have been bullied by a certain group from the beginning starting with Devin, and it has escalated to them choosing the nicest person in the house to torment relentlessly and not in the name of trying to further their game. They are doing it because he is an easy target that is all alone. They actually want to hurt him. Cody said if he was in the jury house he would put Donny in a choke hold. Why? Even Victoria has joined in on it after the way they were after her at the beginning when they were saying nobody wanted to sleep in the same bed with her. I bet they were all bullies in school, except for Cody who was probably best friends with the bullies and would go punch someone if they told him to cuz he knew they would fight for him if the person fought back. This group should have everything they have said and done come back to them 10 fold.


These people are the worst. A bunch of idiots that have no spine. Ugh they all disgust me. They are trying to be told that Derrick is a cop but they won’t believe it. Stupid ass!

Kathie from Canada

Derrick even said he thought they were cops because they used megaphones. What a clueless bunch of twits. I swear if he were to wear his badge in the house no one would connect the dots! No wonder he comes across as such a great player with this cast. OMG!!

Kathy B

What was it that Derrick said, that he was an undercover cop, like 21 Jump Street? More like Paul Blart, Mall Cop!!
I hope he’s starting to sweat – ugly visual, but you know what I mean.

Linda in Texas

And wasn’t the guy on Get Smart a undercover cop too. It takes all kinds.

losing interest

I’m sure it was “production” with the megaphone. Cody has no balls to make a big move, his balls are in Christine’s pocket…

Hank loves Donny

I’m pretty sure his balls are in Derrick’s pocket.


That’s impossible…Cody doesn’t have any balls to begin with.

are you sure?

I’m certain Cody’s balls are shoved up Derrick’s nostrils


Finale night, his balls will be in Christine’s mouth, but of course Tim, will say “she’s just playing the game, I’m so proud of her”.


It wasn’t Production with the megaphone, turns out it was one of Evel Dick’s friends! Right on. \m/


Ha…Cody is trying to ignore what they said on the megaphone. That is how much he wants Donny gone. He doesn’t want to listen to anything.

Caleb knows whats up. He immediately knew it was a Donny fan. Not as dumb as he looks.


Lol ummm actually yeah he really is as dumb as he seems. Bc he still doesn’t believe that frankie is the (or one of them in this case) saboteur. And he can’t put together that America loves Donny and that he’s playing for the hated group. He also won’t be able to put together that frankie can’t be trusted . He’s a complete idiot.

Michael from Canada

I’m sure Caleb knows it’s true. They’re just brushing it off, because what good would it do to confront Frankie? He’s not in a position of power right now. Acting dumb is the smartest thing to do at the moment, otherwise he could be putting a target on his own back.


I love the person/people who yelled that tonight. Wouldn’t doubt it was production and if it was…even better. Lmao. Hope it helps this horrible season. Let’s get Donny out….just pathetic. Such bullies, they will get theirs…js.


BB is going to have to move the house to more of interior spot on the studio lot next year. Outside influence should not be part of the game.


Because the integrity of the game matters at this point? And any time we vote for anything, were influencing the game from the outside so…

Kathie from Canada

Really? I think it’s awesome!!! Anything to shake things up!!!


Really?! Because Team America missions are not outside influence? Because Frankie can accuse Zach of being a sabateur but no one else can? Give me a break. The fans are so desperate for a twist they are creating their own. Frankie is getting everything he deserves!


Excuse you?? Can’t believe you said that!!


I bet if they said “Donny is special ops” then you all would be crying about outside interference.


Even with the outside world telling them the truth about Frankie they are still blinded by him. Their stupidity is pathetic

Frankie's not so grande

Doesn’t seem like they care what the person with the bullhorn said. Damn. Was really hoping Frankie would go and Donny would stay, without productions help. Although I’d Cody puts Frankie up, watch the DPOV come out.


hey production let us save Donny by voting for dopov
I vote for that cause derrick an Frankie not going to do it
it the only way help him you heard fans yelling out that Frankie is the saboteur
they are not happy


The faithful fans of Big Brother cast player Donny would like you to give us a vote.
Choice A: Big Brother Broadway in Drag Play
Choice B: Award the Coup D’Etat to Donny before eviction.
Thank You Very Much!


Can BB please cast people who are not looking for fame and stardom just once!!!!! Cody, Caleb and Frankie need to leave ASAP! such losers

Frankie's not so grande

*if* Cody puts Frankie up.

Team Edward

Frankie’s fans will not scream over the wall. Their parents will not drive them to the CBS lot.

Pink haired turdlet

Outstanding comment. Hilarious!!


Not all young people like him either, I know a couple who started out liking him, but hate him now


I cannot stand Crustine and Pinkodrama. These two needs to feel the heat. Frankie reminds me of a pig, pig faced piece of crap. Crustine just outright disgust me, when I first saw her picture, I flatout knew she was b*tch. Nothing but a hypocrite who makes real honest church going folks look bad. Whoever sent that message with the megaphone, I cannot thank you enough. Now just have to wait and see if the pigs will eat the feed.

Nera's Mommy

I wish someone would rip that U of Arizona sweatshirt off Christine’s back, drag her ass up A mountain (a mountain just off campus with a large stone A on it), and make her walk down in the blazing sun. My daughter went there; do not sully that fine school talking your trash while wearing their logo.
Sorry. I feel better now.

Mr. Reality

It was doing a good enough job of that itself. GO SUN DEVILS!!!

Joe Kerr

Dude…Caleb is just stupid. Plain and simple. Cody is a moron who let’s everyone dictate his hoh. And Christine is as fake as Frankie. I want Donny to stay, but the again, I would rather him be happy by hearing cheers and being with people he likes. And then telling them how they made fun of those in the jury house. Then they’ll feel the shunning.


I’d like Donny to make it to the top, but he’s so emotional I think if he leaves he’ll find more peace right now.


They couldn’t yell Derrick’s a cop?!


Get over it. Nobody cares.


You’re just a little sunbeam, aren’t you?


Too bad not a one of them heard all of the message. Oh, helicopter man, can you please do another fly by? And keep them coming until they get the message! Sure, they will blame it on a Donny fan but maybe it is a Zach fan or a Hayden fan or a Nicole fan…Or Cody’s embarassed brother…Or Ariana’s manager…Who the heck knows. It was one thing for sure – someone who wants the truth to be known!


This is a perfect opportunity to backdoor Frankie!.. But I know Cody won’t do it, unless Derrick gives him permission….


At the end of the day, quite frankly, I literally feel totally skeered that I won’t be able to throw the dipshitenators under a bus. Literally, I want to throw them all under a bus and drive over them a few times. Literally I find them soo gross! With that being said, I must now drink a glass off wine with a couple of Advil chasers, because a crow tried to pick me up. And then my tooth began to hurt. But not until after I attempted some freaky bicycle kick thing and literally fell on my beastly butt. Now I must complete my undercover mission and become a grande dame of Broadway. By literally becoming the biggest frootloop dingus in the entire world. Quite frankly, it is all so overwhelming.



Michael from Canada

That was a Liu Kang bicycle kick. You don’t wanna get hit with one of those!


LOL@ Liu Language reference!!! You’re Soul Is Mi er… ummmm Beast Mode Cowboy’s!


No, but I wish Skankie would get hit in his gigantic hairy stones by one of those kicks!


I love the fans enthusiasm and attempts at trying to stir the pot but this group is beyond hopeless at this point. LOL and them talking about being famous after this…yes for all the wrong reasons.

Bunch of Idiots

Unbelievable, you could tell this bunch that Frankie was the devil incarnate, Derrick’s a cop and whatever else and the rest of the house (minus Donny and Nicole) would STILL follow those two with their noses up their butts. Gotta give whoever did that some credit for trying though, could have been production for all we know. lol #savedonny


Cody – “She floated with me all season.”

Truer words have not been spoken.


Cody’s floating too. Right behind Derrick. He only started playing now.


I’m STILL amazed that he won HOH and POV.

Miss M

Half the time Cody speaks, I am gutted by the irony.

Irked by the stupidity!

Lmao!!!!!!!! THOSE words are TRUE and funny as hell Miss M!!!!


First Amber made the photo booth not fun for Nicole and Christine and now I guess seeing her in sports bra made them not want to run? Quite the little victims. Nicole needs to watch Christine who really is a dark cloud. She’s so negative. I hope Nicole doesn’t fall back with Christine where she was a few weeks ago that’s partly why her game is messed up now. People tend to try to forget she was one of the catty girls who was right along side Christine until Christine stabbed her in her back. And she was one of the ones that just about applauded when other women were being evicted until it was her turn. She’s not on the level of Christine but Nicole hasn’t been innocent in her game and is way too impressionable. I hope she can keep focused on the right targets if Donny leaves Thursday. But at this point it really doesn’t matter they are outnumbered and the season has been a bust.
Lol at someone calling out Frankie. Someone is serious lol. And them talking themselves out of considering maybe it’s true.


I wish hayden had come back in. He would have really stirred the pot. Nicole just doesn’t have it. I have such mixed feelings about nicole. Nicole is cool when she’s out of Christine’s sphere of influence. But when she’s around Christine it’s like her negativity is contagious and she starts becoming bitchy, catty, and whiny. Basically a milder version of Christine. I just don’t get it. Nicole is too easily influenced and the fact that she can become like that means she has some bitchiness in her to begin with. That’s ridiculous to be basically blaming amber for why they didn’t run. As if it’s her fault they are insecure and don’t feel comfortable running with her in a sports bra. What blatant insecurity. Nicole is definitely not a bad person, like Christine, but she has some issues she needs to work out if she is gonna let someone like Christine get in her head.

Roisen Dubh

Nicole is a dingbat.


I’m glad someone else remembers when Nicole wasn’t this doe eyed innocent victim that everybody seems to think she is. Nicole coming back into the house was basically a waste. She does not have her own mind and is easily swayed. It amazes me she would give Christine anymore than a few seconds of her time considering she knows Christine will screw her over every chance she gets.

Nicole epitomizes this whole season. A house full of people who,on a sub-conscious level, know they SHOULD be breaking away and playing their own game, but won’t because it’s too hard to think independently.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I don’t think Nicole wants to work with Christine (I’m pretty sure she hates her) but she has to try and align with someone. Donny is going home this week so she will be completely alone unless she is able to befriend someone. Christine is her best bet, as sad as that sounds, because Christine will soon realize that she’s first “man” out when they start turning on each other. And none of the guys will align with Nicole. Victoria? A complete waste. I give Nicole credit for setting aside her personal feelings and at least trying to reach out to someone rather than just giving up. Donny tried to reach out to some people last week and got nowhere. But at least he tried. So they both deserve some credit for playing the game to the bitter end. It cannot be easy being nice to these people knowing they are all against you.


Well, typical. Someone shows up with a megaphone to “expose” Frankie so of course Cody blames it on Donny.


Oh Mister Helicopter Man…Can you please do another FLY BY? They all need to hear your message loud and clear! I love the screamers and fly overs that yell out and try to tell the house the truth. What fun!


typical cody. a megaphone is used to smear frankie and he blames it on Donny.

Mary Mary

I can only hope that these houseguests lie awake all night, wondering if what they heard was true…

Stupid is as stupid does

Even Forrest Gump would know to listen to someone outside the house telling them something. Wow these people are so blinded by Derrick it’s unreal


Oh Caleb, why couldn’t you of been a real BB Fan, you would know they are telling the truth. As far as I can remember, whenever someone paid to have a banner etc. they were usually giving the houseguest the truth.


Caleb & Cody…….2 dumb meatheads, a person from the outside world drops u a gem and u shit on it and blame it on Donny’s fans trying to flip the house……..useless puppets!!!!


YESSSS very funny!

Damn Caleb is brainwashed! Beastmode my ass!

Don't Wake Donny!

The best they could come up with is “Frankie’s the saboteur”? C’mon fans in the BB house vicinity! You can do better than that! How about “Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Christine….America hates your mutherfukin guts!”

Seriously, if they wanted to really stir the pot and get people in the house thinking, yelling “Derrick is an undercover cop” would have been the way to go.


I totally agree!!


Words cannot describe how unexcited I am about this ‘play’.


Literally could yell Donny is the freakin pope over a megaphone. Nothing is going to save him. Cody doesn’t want to hear it.

They ignored a message from a guardian angel.

It’s almost hilarious how the morons think everyone is playing them but the people that are actually playing them. Sure Frankie isn’t a Saboteur by title but close enough.

waka waka

They do always have fans attempt to get the houseguests attention. I think it was season 8, where someone gave Dani the heads up not to trust Eric.
Regardless of who the fan is trying to implicate or protect rather, i do think production should try avoid that from happening. Its already happened once this season.
Let’s face it, they’re either to stupid or stubborn to get rid of Frankie.


I’m going to go with stupid. ALL.OF.THEM.ARE.REALLY.STUPID.


Are they actually that pathetic that they aren’t going to consider it? Godawful Season.


Will someone please tell Christine to stop talking about church, she hates everyone I wonder what religion she is, because most religion talk about the praise of the Lord not hate. I tell you this I’d hate to be the one sitting in her church when she comes in Baboom!!!!!

empty, like zach's side of the bed

Derrick’s “Useful Idiots!” Boy are they in for quite an awakening on the evening of September 24. The fallout will be TOXIC!


simon who is cody an Victoria oh waite let ask us derrick


Good try Production, I don’t think they bought that megaphone bit, I believe you’re going have to pull out the Diamond POV or Coup d’etat. Thanks a lot guys for trying, Donny’s fans appreciate it

Michael from Canada

I don’t think it was production; because why would they be in a helicopter? Production could just shout it from the lot, like the first two fans did. They don’t need to be in a helo for a clean getaway like that person was.


hey all cody is mad about the fan yelling please fix that boy some co co puffs cause
he funny when he get mad


I love how Ariana thanked everyone for her VMA award except Frankie. Lol. Man is he going to ride her coat tails. But I was looking at all the other pop stars and wondering if they had brothers trying to cash in? If they did those brothers obviously got nowhere.

Frankie is there for only one reason…zero promote his sister. He probably thinks it’s because he’s a “social media mogul” bit CBS has him there for his sisters big push to stardom.


I was waiting for her to thank ANYONE in her family! It was all just producers and labels. And to quote Joan Rivers – how do you not prepare anything?! You have a 20% chance at winning! Get a clue!


I’m beginning to think Frankie is hoping he can sabotage his sisters career so that he won’t be having to live in her shadows any more.


Everyone here talking about not watching, no more live feeds, giving up, worst season ever, BB has gone down hill, and wondering how all the HG’s will feel when they leave the house and read how awful a season it was and what shitty people they were. That impact would be immediate. But, long term, imagine how would they feel if this was the last season of Big Brother, and they made it happen? Long term impact. Just sayin.

Pink Skunk

Arrogant much Caleb and Cody? Thinking how ” famous” you’re gonna be? Y’all are gonna be famous for being a$$holes, trolls, and pigs..not the kind of fame you were hoping for. Really , some of them may want to go in hiding after the show wraps .


Be careful what you ask, they just may get it in the wrong was famous for the wrong reason. So famous they’ll be in hiding for a while.