Big Brother 16 BB Broadway “Scissor Sisters, Jamokes and trying to get in all their pants

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

7:55pm COdy and DOnny
Working out together and CHit chat
Cody – A good DJ never play the same song twice..
Donny – “Oh look you jumped up to 35 lbs that is why you are struggling.. and I was thinking you were a sissy or something”

BB16-2014-08-24 20-00-16-784
8:00pm Cody battles a moth

Totally crushed totally calling him out tomorrow.. or the next day

BB16-2014-08-24 20-39-59-444

8:17pm Frankie and Victoria
Getting ready for this play that starts at 9.. The guys are playing pool.
Derrick comes in says CHristine isn’t dressing up Caleb isn’t dressing up people are starting to not want to do it.
Victoria – All Christine needs to do is wear suspenders
Frankie – I don’t understand everyone wanted to do it.. Derrick help motivate them
Derrick – I’m doing it and Donny is doing it..
Derrick says he told them all idf Donny the least social person is doing it they should all.
Frankie – It’s going to be fun
Victoria it’s going to be fun.. something to pass the time.

8:42pm Bathroom Joey and Victoria.
Nicole comes in says she wants to do it but no one else is getting dressed up.
Frankie says all Christine has to wear ia a hat
Frankie thinks once people see how into it he is they will all start.

BB16-2014-08-24 21-13-01-618

9:01pm The play starts Frankie introduces it.
Frankie says lets do something fun if it’s stupid it’s stupid.. we can be short whatever..
Cody – I’m going to crush it..
Frankie – BB Broadway presents House swap… we will portray the 8 house guests that were evicted..
Frankie says He will go first as Joey

Frankie will ask each of the houseguests three questions

1 – How did you think you made to the top 8 ?
2 – Whats your relationship with the current house guests ?
3 – What is your strategy moving foreword ?

BB16-2014-08-24 21-12-56-114
9:09pm Frankie doing Joey
Frankie impersonates Joey making fun of her personality and game play. Says the girls formed an all girls alliance called the “Scissor sisters”
As the Joey Character he says she had sex with all the guys in the house but it’s not cheating on her boyfriend because they d1d her in the a$$.. Goes on about having s$x with POWPOW

BB16-2014-08-24 21-14-25-983
9:13pm Donny doing Devin
Donny (Devin) I’m toting everyone on my back till the end
Donny (Devin) says he’s having a showmance with Joey and Brittany “I’ve even invited POW up a time or two”
Donny (Devin) – keep on being a competition monster and tote all these jamoks to the end and try to get at least 6 votes.

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BB16-2014-08-24 21-17-30-579
9:16pm Nicole doing Brittany
She’s rubbing lotion on her legs something Brittnay always did
Nicole – I made it to the top 8 because I kicked 2400 goals and I completed all my punishments..
Nicole – I have a showmance with Devin kinda… I have an alliance with Amber we don’t sleep we drink Coffee and we clean and we cook.. it’s called the housekeepers alliance..
Nicole – Keep completing those punishments cause i’m going to get rewarded

BB16-2014-08-24 21-19-34-906
9:19pm Christine does POWPOW
She occasionally lets out a fake fart
Christine – Tried to get in all their pants they didn’t want it..
Christine – Tried to get in DEvin’s pants, Tried toe get in Zach’s pants, tried to get into Hayden’s pants. I’m just one of the bros.. I just do things with Joey.. Scissor Sisters.. cooking rice and bacon.. she does the dishes .. Get with the goods she keeps me safe..
Christine – pleasing Joey.. None of DEvin’s personalities want anything to do with me.. i’ve tried all 5.. they all suck.. . I’m going to make it to the end cause i’ll be on teh block 12 times total i’m breaking a record.

BB16-2014-08-24 21-23-36-414

9:22pm Cody as Zach
Cody – Zach Attach… Amber wants me it’s clear.. I just scream at POWPOW all day and she still takes me to the jack shack.. she’s the worst.. Devin keeps talking about my body..
Cody – Hows my relationship in the house? I got a relationship with PWOPOW I don’t know why she’s the worst..
Cody – me and Devin have a final 2 alliance it’s pretty sweet Hayden thinks i’m with him but I talk bad about him all the time.
Cody – Zach Attack.. I sleep all the time I just sleep all the time..

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Oh I think I finally get the twist now! This was never BB16, it was “The Frankie Grande Show” the whole time! Well I can’t wait until next summer for the actual BB16.


AND we are the STUPID ones…


Just think if CBS forces us even more of him and pushes the Zankie angle for Amazing Race


BBAD already gave Zankie their own commercial (highlights) of just the two of them.


Now you get it…Frankie is a cash cow to CBS for the ratings…or so they think. This is a bunch of immature insecure pampered kids…except a few….they are far better than the nasty BB15 crew tho but this is all about Frankie & what he can do for CBS!!!!


They’re worse than last years cast. At least those assholes were mean to the other hg’s faces. These assholes act all sweet and nice, “I love you” and then bad mouth them when they are not listening.


From the remarks made by HG for the BB Broadway, this Frankie BS was a big ugly rude flop. Frankie and others starting to sound like the offensive group in BB15. Derrick and Frankie don`t seem to get that TA includes Donny. I read they had a choice to either keep Donnny or do this stupid in Team America outside isn`t going to be happy if Donny leaves. Derrick and Frankie should be given a punishment. Such as the money they made they now lose. Or given to Donny because they not others got rid of him.

Roisen Dubh

These people are beyond disturbed. I have to watch bbad to see if that was as creepy as I just read it from you guys. That sounded like some ritual. Holy Shit, for real people I’m creeped the F#%K out right now.

Roisen Dubh

I saw the play. Seriously, somebody needs to get a plane and drop a bomb on that house. Somewhere in this country somebody’s writing a PHD paper on these clowns and writing about the groundbreaking mental disorders and the effects it plays when the mob mentality kicks in.


No mention of Caleb’s impersonation of “Tyrone Rico” the incarcerated black thug? That was pretty disturbing, and the rest of the houseguests were just cringing all the way through it. Although Frankie’s “Consuela” impersonation was also offensive.


Frankie is trash, pure and simple!

Frankie Really A Girl ... lol

Think Frankie was a girl and had operation to become a boy …. you can tell by him wearing make up that he was a girl before .. he sure acts like it !!! hahaha


Wow. Do you really think he’s as pathetic and disgusting as a girl? Do you really think it’s that bad?

Seriously, I wish some of you guys would think about what you say. Are you sure Frankie is the one who doesn’t like women?


he sure makes for an ugly gal too

Jimmy 64

Did anyone else notice that Frankie never took off that bra.


WOW. BB Broadway, What a joke and a complete waste of my time. Stankie having something to do with this is not surprising as it turned out to be a absolute dud. Stankie, keep your day job and keep riding your sister’s shadow. After witnessing this catastrophe, Broadway does not need your status whatsoever If that is all the creativity you’ve got to offer!!
Big Brother, do not award them the TA money, please. Don’t make me cringe again. Nothing but saving Donny deserves the TA mission challenge. Please, I only say this because I so desperately want to continue being a Big Brother fan.


From what I’m reading on these posts I am glad I refused to watch BB after dark. I decided to watch sky fall instead, I am glad I did. This season has been one side all year and the worst that I can remember. I think this season may just very well be the end BB or it MAY make it one more year, but it’s on its last leg. There is only ONE Way to save this game and that’s for Donny or Nicole surviving this week, and since that is not happening I’m done with watching it. I’ll read these post if I want to know anything. Most twist season ever, what a lie!!!


Totally agree. I stopped watching 2 weeks ago….the only way to send a clear message to CBS is for the ratings to drop. That is the only way they will start to make changes. Networks only care about ratings!!!


I stopped watching BB After Dark about the same time. If I wanted to watch the youtube version of the Frankie Show I would go there. No thanks….1 hr 3 nites of edited crap is quite enough!


The so called played was joke, didn’t resemble a play in anyway, more like impromptu at a (very bad) comedy club. Other than the TA team no one else really got into it much at all. Donny doing Devin was actually the best, Frankie was his usual vulgar self and Derrick should be ashamed for his portrayal of Jocasta mocking her religious ways.

I think all production had to do was approve the mission (which they shouldn’t have) and I heard the viewers get to vote on Wed night on whether the mission was a success. If we do get a vote they will get a big No/Failed from me. Should have saved Donny, part of their team.


Donny’s Devin was awesome and the one thing watching BBAD worth doing. Caleb would have done a great Hayden if he hadn’t been so selfconscious about what he was doing and questioning it and the others during it.

Nicole managed to do it with some humour, and without the viciousness of Christine’s doing Pao Pao (<< according to Pao's twitter, that is how she spells Pao Pao, irrelevant fact of the day)




Really?! Donny should blow up TA to the entire house. At least, tell Nicole.


So Donny going home? Is this team America over then so I just stop watching?


Instead of TA the twist this season should have been one week America got to be HOH and choose the two that go on the block and if one came down for POV then the third highest would be the replacement nominee, and let the house vote who to evict based on that. Or go back to the way first season of BB was when America voted on who to vote out, because these houseguests need help.

Weighed Belac

That’s exactly what BBCan2 did when they were going down the same path and it actually turned the season around and made it more entertaining.


That was a stupid show, Donny did wonderful it was so good and spot on, Nichole did great, I am so sick of “THE FRANKIE SHOW” its trying and mission NOT ACCOMPLISHED – derrick get away from Victoria she is bring your IQ down


I don’t like Derrick, but I honestly feel sorry for him when he has to sit and listen to Victoria talk every day. She says to him everyday at the same time, “I need to talk to you” and then she talks about the same things, 1) How she feels like the outcast, 2) How she sucks at comps, 3)How she feels sick, 4) How no one likes her, 5) How she knows everyone hates her, 6)How she knows no one likes her, 7) How she knows no one likes her. He literally has to build her up everyday and comfort her and tell her how everyone loves her and how amazing she is. He is working for that damn jury vote!


Hahaha. Couldn’t agree more… you think she thinks no one likes her? lol


Don’t feel sorry for Derprick. You reap what you sow.

Weighed Belac

It’s worth it to win $500,000.

Roisen Dubh

Could it be? Frankie, Chris, Cody and DONNY in the room talking about Derrick and Vic. WOW.

Roisen Dubh

I meant Caleb, not Cody.

Well That Was Tasteless

Frankie looks so skeery. I’m going to have bad dreams, now.

Love to hate this season...

So, weird………..what is CBS thinking? That was disgraceful. I am not a bible thumper, but respect, people respect………… I am afraid this is a commentary on the younger generation……… respect for anything.


If TA get 5 thousand dollars for that mission it would serve the idiots of houseguests just right. Cody is always going to call Donny out and never does and Christine thinks he’s weird, and Caleb has nothing to say to him until Donny tells him who he really is. And Vic thinks he’s gross. I can’t wait until Finale when they are all going to wish they had listened to Donny, because not only will Donny win money form TA but probably Americas vote, and wit until they find out Frankie and Derrick were playing them and is taking home more money than them.


Lame, just plain lame. A waste of time, waste of space and waste of breath….just like Frankie!


I think the only thing left for us is trying to play rules of attraction as suggested by the “great” book The Secret! Let’s try to remain positive and hope either NIcole or DOnny make it to the end. Appart from that our only option is to tune off and just go back to watch it the week before the last and catch some Detonators killing each other. Then watch the finale to see Donny getting AFP and praying for a shot of Frankie applauding pretending to be happy… Then we’re gonna have to rely on bloggers to see those morons taking a cold reality shower and realizing they are a mega flop in terms of captivating USA. I also want to see Frankie The @sshole apologizing on YT for all of his mean and derrogatory comments a la GinaMarie style and FAILING. Hopefully his sister has already hired a PR firm to take care of him… otherwise, the weasel is fudged!

tyrese jones

donny’s social game is awful. why would he talk shit about derrick to cody. such a rookie error. derrick is everyones best friend in the house. he has this game pretty much wrapped up. this season is turning out to be extremely lame and predictable too bad donny didn’t win the hoh would have made things interesting.


When Derprick refused to help save Donny for the TA mission he knew this was his week to go. So now Donny can say the things he’s been holding in and get his jabs in with wit. Stir the pot and chuckle on the way out.

Blinded by arrogance

Frankie and Derrick were never told by production that there even was a TV mission, much less 1 they got to pick. And when they did ask about the play, they were told it was stupid. But Frankie still decided it would be good enough to get $5000 because production just HAVE to give it to him when they see how much America LOVES his idea, and him, and his hairy lemon balls, and his sister, and his …..


So wait… they go to choose a mission? THIS IS WHAT THEY (frankie) CHOSE?! He wears makeup everyday, how is that a mission worth $5,000?! Team Frankie, I mean Team Zach, I mean Team America, is one of the dumbest twists that CBS has done in the years of the show.


I still have yet to figure out if Derrick is really this good at the social game and manipulating, or if these houseguest are just really this stupid. They believe EVERYTHING this man says. The live shows do NOTHING for me, the edits are nothing like the reality of the house. At this point I don’t care who wins the money, I just want to see Frankie’s eviction, and Donny as America’s favorite.

Anybody But Derrick

THE OTHER HOUSEGUESTS ARE JUST THAT STUPID!!!!! DAMNNN!!! I HAVE SAID THIS MANY, MANY TIMES…. DAMN!!! WHAT THE FUCK YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT???? ALL YOU DUMBASSES SHOULD BE ABLE TO… DERRICK IS NOT THAT FUCKIN GREAT!!! DAMN!!! It’s not even a fuckin question. All the people who think Derrick is so great are just FUCKIN DUMBASSES!!!… And you?? Seriously, you can’t figure it out… Are you a dumbass too?? He is not great.. There is no fuckin question… DAMN!!!


Limited vocabulary ! I’ll lend you a dictionary!




So I’m guessing you’re upset? Haha. You need a shot of whiskey…

Anybody but Donny

Others feel the same way about your boy Donny!!!


I’m going with stupid all the way. There have been so many switches in the plans and nobody can figure it out. The fact he/derrick hasn’t ever been up and they know he’s a strong player is just amazing.


Also I will state, Donny has figured this all out with no one wanting to talk game with him and/or to listen to what he has to say. Their also so darn stupid because they have not to even consider that he might be right. their all losers and the worst BB players (as a group the worst) in a long time.


the houseguests are just that stupid. I mean seriously look who he’s aligned with versus the ones he want gone. Cody (whining little boy), Christine (desperate for a man’s attention), Victoria (thinks she’s playing who’s smarter than a 5th grader), Caleb (too self absorbed to see beyond his own shadow), and Frankie (so arrogant that he really believes his fans or his sister’s fans want him there). So no Derrick social game isn’t all that, and yes he’s manipulative for preying on the weak, because they simple don’t know any better. The ones that do know better want Derrick gone but are outnumbered. Nicole and Donny are the only ones outside of their alliance that has won HOH and they didn’t realize it until it was too late to get Derrick out.


I honestly think that Donny is the only one that sees it. Nicole, even after Derrick was the main one who powered her eviction, still isn’t even targeting him. After they flipped the votes on her to keep Zach and evicted Hayden, she was STILL working with them. She let them put up Donny, knowing that he was the only one that hadn’t burned her. It wasn’t until they put her up that she tried to befriend Donny, but it was too late. Donny and Hayden are the only ones that caught how much power Derrick has. Hayden in gone, and Donny will be right next to him 🙁 I wish that Hayden would have gotten back in the house. Nicole is too naive to see that Derrick is the head of the monster. She wants to take out Christine and Frankie. I don’t get it.She should have stayed in jury if she was just going to repeat her same game play.


Geez …Fakie ..if ya wanted to just wear makeup .. you didn’t need to come up with this ridiculous TA mission.

Linda in Texas

It seems that the votes are against Donny. Are there any other possibilities for saving Donny from eviction. Please give me some possibility to pray for. I too am in love with this great guy.


The only person that could sway the votes is Derrick. To be honest he has given Donny a couple chances lately to come clean and talk serious game. Last night they had a heart to heart talk. But it doesn’t seem like anything is going to come of it.


Derrick is the one who needs to come clean, Donny is playing his own game not derricks, screw derrick he can control the dummies but not donny and nicoles


Derprick has given Donny a couple of chances to bow down and kiss his a@@ but Donny wouldn’t do it. Derprick never talked game or opened up to Donny so why should Donny tell Derprick he’s on to him.


Derrick is keenly aware of Donny’s popularity so his attempts to talk game with Donny are just a ruse. He wants it to be shown that he has tried to save Donny and appease the viewers.

Since Donny didn’t play into his hands, he now (in his mind) has a legimate reason to keep up his plans of getting him out. He’s essentially trying to shape the narrative to be one of ‘I tried but Donny was unwilling, so don’t hate me if I evict him.’


Derrick seems to think the viewers are as stupid as his houseguests. Does he not realize we see what he’s doing and we know he’s full of shit when he says he’s tried to “work with” or “save” Donny. Nice try Derrick, the viewers aren’t buying it.


I think the only thing that could save Donny without production’s interference is that shout out done over the wall tonight about Frankie being the saboteur. Both Cody and Caleb heard it and you know how paranoid those 2 can get. Can only hope they get the rest of the house worrying about it enough that they want Cody use the veto on Donny and put up Frankie.


Cody playing Zach lol. He needs balls to play Zach! Victoria should have played him haha


Frankie telling caleb he is a natural born actor is the funniest thing they have said it done all night. Frankie said your ready to go be on CSI or a transformers movie. Your Donna be the next George Clooney. Ha ha ha. I almost pissed my pants from laughingso hard. He is not good not even a little bit. And if i hear beast mode cowboy 1 more time i think i might scream.


then buckle down baby and buy ear plugs for your housemates bc it’s NEVER GOING TO END. Well, until someone steps up to the plate ; )

Weighed Belac

Why buy ear plugs, they’re free at church!


Caleb is starstruck. He will do anything to get the attention of “Ariana Grande’s” brother. Frankie sucks up to him to get his vote in the finale if Frankie makes it to the F2. After he gets Caleb”s vote, he will cut him loose and probably never speak to him again. Frankie should be telling Donny that he is the next George Clooney. Donny is far better actor than any of those yoyos and kind of resembles Clooney as one of the Soggy Bottom Boys in “O Brother Where Art Thou.”


Holy F, these people just don’t get it. You aren’t there to entertain each other, you are there to play a game that millions of people are watching. A game that has super fans, like me and countless others on this site that have seen all 16 seasons. Play the f’ing game! I read comments about last season being the worst, but it wasn’t. Maybe the people playing the game were the worst, but at least they played. This group?
Victoria – absolutely clueless
Frankie – self absorbed
Caleb – ditto
Christine – hate to be nasty, but this chick hates everything and everyone. can’t find a redeeming quality in her.
Cody – finally checked in but no guts at all.
Donny – hung himself early on but plays the game his own way. hard to hate on him.
Derrick – at least he’s playing. he’s got an advantage in that he was given a group (minus Donny) that wanted to be led. he’s used that to his advantage.


I really like Nicole but her Diary Room voice is AWFUL.
When I heard Caleb talking about his blackbelt I immediately flashed to Johnny Drama from Entourage.
While I don’t begrudge Team America the 5 thousand bucks, that was a truly pathetic mission.


Her voice is quite annoying, not going to lie.

B-bad owl

Loved your beard and pink hat! Best part of tonight’s show


I’m still disturbed by that comment Frankie made about Zach being mentally challenged or whatever it was, thought it was utterly disgusting and Cody is a pos for always trying to find a reason to talk crap about Zach cuz he’s jealous. Im thinking Zach wouldn’t care about the crap they say about him but maybe this one cuz it involve his brother and its just downright rude, disgusting human beings. Also Donny was the best as Devin, didn’t even watch the others cuz didn’t want my eyes to burn lol


That whole “play” was a just a mean-spirited, boring embarrassment…but since it reflects on Spankme’s “talents”…I am not surprised it turned out that way. What a friggin’ train wreck…(and the play sucked too). I wish the evicted house guests could make videos back at them…making fun of Walking Vagina’s lack of balls, Cackle-twats lack of self-awareness, The Princess Cried’s lack of brain cells, Chief Wiggum’s lack of melanin…I am going to start calling him “Nosteraltu” (Nosferatu)…and Creep Chode Cowpie’s lack of common sense. Most of all, I hope they rip on Spankme’s lack of tact, manners, originality and…his lack of fans…


Such a disturbing cast:

What’s in a name…?:

The name ‘Victoria’ comes from ‘winner’… HA!
You can’t spell Cowardly without Cody
Skinny… oh excuse me, petite Frankie’s last name is Grande – that tiny dancer’s last name means LARGE?!
Zach went on so many rants that maybe his last name should be Rants… oh wait, it is! he just spells it Rance
Amber was most likely to be Amber alerted by that ultra delusional Boast Much Cowboy.
Go back and look at some of Devin’s facial expressions. Then you’ll realize he must have changed the last letter of his name.
Ja Cost me the game if I align with your crazy ways. Stop selfishly wasting God’s time praying for BB victories! He must have more important issues to deal with.

Keep sending the love to Donny & Nicole… the most awesome outcasts ever!


If CBS wants to save the show, production needs to figure out how to save Donny and Nicole. Same a when they saved Rachel who was on the block.


I thought America was gonna vote to choose the tasks TA comes up with. Did production approve this task, I mean did America vote for this task? Or it was just The pink haired skunk that went ahead with it with the confidence that after we see what they put up, we will definitely like it. The Frankie Grande show. If the other HGs weren’t stupid, they would have believed what the megaphone guy just said. He said Feankie was the saboteur while they accused Zach last week. If not, why would he(Frankie) try so hard to push them that they should take part in some stupid show. I guess their heads are just too filled with getting Donny out. What fools.


Just one question who else is sick of Christine’s laugh and face??


I’ll take finger nails on the board over her laughing and talking anytime. She’ll get what she deserves when she leaves.


No need to worry, DerPrick is setting it up to get rid of Crustine next week or this week double, I can’t wait to hear her say the words, I should of alligned with Donny LOL



Capt Obvious

That play was gay.


The play was a wreck, of course I loved Donny and Nicole’s part cuz I just LOVE them! I am wishing Cody gets some sense and back doors Frankie!!! Even tho I hate how Cody talks about Donny. I know Donny would help him and stick with him, for some reason Donny sees some good in him. And Derrick would sway and stick with Donny, Cody and Nicole to get the others out ONLY if Cody would make that move. It’s his HOH and it would be great for his game and he would gain some fans. As of now his looks and cuddling ain’t doing much for us. He always says he’s ready to make a big move!! Well make one! Donny is 5 other peoples target so please back door Frankie while you have the chance!… He has to think he won’t be allowed to play next HOH comp amd Derrick nor Victoria will win if it’s endurance. KEEP DONNY! Backdoor Frankie! It’s best for Cody’s game (even tho I dislike him) and great for us Donny/Nicole fans!..

Skerry Sherry

Yawn…it was a great decade plus. Thanks for all the entertainment BB. Hopefully Utopia will pick up where you left off (a few seasons ago). Fitting the last HOH comp had a boxing angle — I’m throwing in the towel due to being bored off my skull.


Frankie was so beyond inappropriate. I wonder how Joey and her family feel watching that. Of course him and Derrick will continue to get good edits, and none of his disgusting “humor” will ever be aired.


Tired of watching and listening to these dumb HGs. Football season here yet?


Guys please let me know if I’m wrong. But 12pm Victoria keeps rubbing Derrick’s back and leaning in on him – they are reading the ingredient list for different candies. I get he doesn’t want to push her away because she would be offended and “hurt” his game – BUT he gets off on that right? He’s a guy so even though he isn’t touching her (staying faithful to his wife) he lets her touch him – and he likes it. Barely even needs to encourage her.


I find her draw to Derrick very annoying, inappropriate, and disrespectful to his wife. Dan kept weak girls around for an easy win, but I don’t remember any of them rubbing on him… and having some weird infatuation with them. Derrick’s wife should drop kick Victoria when she sees her.

Skerry Sherry

Thanks Simon and Dawg for all their hard work — I ceased buying the live feeds a month ago.


Derrick and Caleb better be talking about a plan to backdoor Christine here. Neither of them trust her, Cody says she’s disposable and would go along with it if Derrick wanted it, Nicole was betrayed by her… That might actually save the season. Or, y’know, Cody doing the smart thing and backdooring Frankie, but he doesn’t have the balls.

Roisen Dubh

These people sure went after Joey. I tell you what, I would date a girl like Joey in a heartbeat. Independent, sexy as hell and Sorry Frankie, she has a nice butt. That’s the way they’re built in the Northwest. Just because she doesn’t have the ass of a ten year old boy her and Joey character scared the daylights out of all you pussies doesn’t make her the two faced slut the rest of you punks are. She was there for a week and got all your numbers with that gimmick. No originality whatsoever. You’re best bet is an off off off off off off off off off Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors. Man, what did AG put in the punchbowl this year?


What I really want to know is who voted for Stankie & DerPrick to be in team america any way i voted donny, zach, and cody i think can’t even remember now but if you all remember someone voted those 2 in team america, also if you all remember also that is when those 2 got the big head thinking they was popular and owned the house. Those 2 werent so cocky until some people voted them on team america i have never been a fan of either one of them so i definitely didn’t vote them in and can proudly say so too, so WHO DONE IT, I want to know JK not really

Love ya onlineBB

Hi y’all. Been tracking a few seasons via blogs like these. The CBS shows doesn’t ever match the feeds and comes across more like manipulation than a people game. “After dark” atleast allows a good conversation or plan, but now that they know they’re on TV, it’s a showboat…So I have a question for the long time fans: What makes this group sucks at BB as opposed to other seasons? I guess I expect HOH and POV winners to set the game. Derrick as much of an arse, has set himself up well. Muuah!

one can only hope

With all the fish these people eat hopefully they will end up with mercury poisoning.


Come on Cody…man up and make a “big boy” move! You don’t need permission from your master Mr. dirtbag. Use the veto on Donny and put up Skankie!!!! Make us proud.

CBS stop betting on a dead horse. Skankie has proven himself to be one of the most vile and revolting POST. This skit was beyond embarrassing and display of his lack of respect for the evicted HGs. His portrayal of Joey was reprehensible and defamatory. They should have parodied each other and not HGs that are not there to defend themselves. We hope you do not air this. It was not funny or entertaining. This should not be rewarded with 5Gs. America did NOT pick this mission.

Give the viewing public the real edit of Skankie like you did with Aaryn and Amanda from last season. When you look up human trash…his picture is attached.

Another Anonymous

Tonight was just a preview of how painful the next 4 weeks are going to be:

– Frankie desperately trying to get attention.
– Cody cuddling with Christine.
– Victoria worried about how she looks.
– Caleb talking about how famous he will be when he gets out.
– Derrick treating America like we’re idiots.

Plus, much mutual stroking and self-congratulations about how beautiful/wonderful/great they are and how they are the best, most wonderful BB contestants ever. All of this of course will be done without anyone talking about the game or even thinking about strategy since only Derrick realizes there IS a game.
This. Season. BLOWS.


Every time I hear Victoria speak I think I lose a few more brain cells. Is this why the alliance hg’s are clueless idiots? The only two that are actually playing the game and seem to have a working brain are the ones that don’t speak to her … Go Donny and Nicole!


aweful, just aweful!!! embarassing for every house guest ever, production, and the viewers. My wife thinks I am a very stupid idiot watching this show. And Im telling her no, it was once great. I have to stop watching the show for my own pride, sorry cbs. this is total crap. PULL IT TOGETHER FOR FUCKSAKES!!!! This is IDIOCRACY !!! the IDIOTS have taken over. America has voted, Frankie derrick caleb christine cody. you are have nots for the rest of your lives.


Zing bot should come back with a baseball bat and tune frankie in.

Missed it?

Hey everyone – are we even sure Donny was being honest about the mission? Sorry if I missed that part. Seems like a random made up mission – decide to do “something” and then America will vote whether or not you did it. Seems fishy, no?


Zankie was cute until Frankie stabbed Zach in the back. Then twisting the weapon by using the TA task, which Zack had no clue about. Really low. As for Amazing race, many felt it was fixed with the snotty father and son team cheating their way to the end. And the clueless singing blondes who were also carried to the end. I guess it paid off one of them having John Wayne as her grandfather. Their job to distract other teams.. Reminds me of Victoria now. Playing the floater doing nothing but who is really do a job for the winner. Anyone begining to see a pattern here. . Mean cheater stereotypes along with dumb females. Then we wonder why HG are so offensive. Some call it entertainment.


Two things –

Talk about hypocrisy on Derrick’s part. Everyday he was up with JoCasta praying and now he is mocking her belief in God? Not cool to marginalize her faith just because she’s passionate about it.

And Christine finding it disturbing that Victoria was massaging Derrick? If that’s not the biggest pot and kettle scenario I’ve ever heard I don’t know what is…