Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 9 POV Results

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine


BB16-2014-08-23 18-19-24-499

He also get to watch the new Scorpion movie with Donny and Nicole

It was the stay or fold competition.


6:29pm Cuddling, rubbing, hugging, tickling, Flirting begins..
Detonators are excited they finally get to send Donny home.

BB16-2014-08-23 18-30-32-774

Christine – You are so smart you just got Donny out of this house
Cody says America is going to hate him for getting Donny out.
Christine and Victoria say America is pissed at Donny for the things he said.

BB16-2014-08-23 18-42-59-359
6:37pm FIREROOM Derrick and Cody
Cody – dude that’s another one.. HITMAN
Derrick – that worked out perfectly
Cody – When I heard what the reward thing was I was like F*ck.. I was going to take you or one of them. At the end he decided to take both of them. If it was something big.
Derrick – That’s nothing I don’t mind that at all.
Derrick explains with him in the house he can keep an eye on Caleb and Frankie to make sure they don’t talk to people.
Derrick – “I’ll play c*ckl block for a hour”
Rehashing the competition. Derrick says Christine was putting down “Asinine numbers”

BB16-2014-08-23 18-44-55-019

6:46pm Storage room Donny and Frankie
Frankie wants them to put on a Big Brother Play they get everyone in the house to play different character from the summer they can get lines and rehearse it.
Donny wanting the Team America mission to be save a team member . Donny points out that America has put them together.
Frankie says he understands that but… thinks it would be fun to have a saboteur moment
Donny you know this is telling us something America put us together for a reason.. last year when Andy won and Gm was in second america was disappointed
Donny says this is a big mission for them to do it’s a team member they are trying to save
Frankie – we would never had gotten a mission like that before.. it was never save someone.. you know what i’m saying.. it’s not like a mission”
Frankie says the play would be a big thing he would teach them all that.

BB16-2014-08-23 18-49-16-402

6:49pm Cody and Derrick in the storage room

Derrick says that was perfect team strategy for that competition

BB16-2014-08-23 19-11-01-644

6:46pm FIREROOM Team America

Frankie is suggesting the Team America task be
Derrick – what do you think of that
Frankie – I don’t think saving one person is a mission we would get
Derrick brings up Frankie’s pet idea.
Frankie says it has to be done by MOnday. He’ really doesn’t think saving a member will be accepted.
Donny – This should be the easiest one we’ve had it’s ours.
Frankie says make someone a pet that they have to look after for 24 hours.
Frankie now suggests to create a big brother fraternity “I’m trying to think of BIG STUFF”



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293 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 9 POV Results

    1. C’mon Donny, rat out Team America to the rest of the house! They won’t lose the money and it could possibly get Cody to put up Frankie or Derrick. What’s Donny got left to lose?

      1. None of them can talk about Team America or they will lose all their money so far.
        It is a secret alliance, that will not be talked about until finale night!

        1. I believe you are incorrect. When PowPow got it, they told her, she could keep it a secret or share that info. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so, I believe Donny could rat out the Team America & they would not lose the money they have already won…… Simon,,,,, Dawg… Can they tell or do they have to keep it a secret?

          1. They DEFINITELY told them it was their choice. Now…..does Donny remember that? Hell, I’d be screaming it to the rooftops…..I would’ve LAST week, but does he remember?

        2. Not correct. At the beginning they were told it is THEIR choice on keeping it a secret or not. So he could blow it up and they will get to keep the money they have earned.

        3. No, it isn’t. Production told them that they could tell the house if they wanted to but they chose not to because it would hurt their game. Team America doesn’t have to be kept secret.

        4. They do not have to keep Team America a secret. It is their choice to talk about Team America to the other housemates.

        5. You are very wrong. It is their choice to share it or not. Joey told Hayden she was on team america b4 she left but they all thought she was lying.

    2. So all you Donny haters. Are you telling me he deserves to be evicted before Victoria. Hell if I knew all you had to do was primp and look
      In the mirror 24/7 I would have auditioned.

    3. I’m not a Derrick fat at all, but I’m willing to separate my personal tastes from gameplay. I am/was a huge Zach fan. He was great for entertainment, but terrible at gameplay. Donny, a likeable person, has some entertaining moments, but has been on the wrong side of the house in the game since the beginning.

      Now, this brings me to Derrick. Unless he is playing against some of the dumbest houseguests ever(a possibility), he will have his biggest tests in the next few weeks. His grip on the house will not be as strong with the numbers dwindling down. The other houseguests will start to think about their own end game. He will really have to up the ante in his social game to make sure he is not the odd man out. He’s not throwing comps, he just sucks at them. If he goes up, their is a good chance he goes out. His plans on Final 3-4 changes every day due to his unnecessary paranoia.

      We will truly see how great of player(or not) Derrick is in the next few weeks. It’s easy to control the house in large numbers, and have others do the dirty work. That is the game that Derrick has played so far. Being terrible at comps. is really going to make him rely on his social game to get to the end. Plus, will he make the mistake of taking the wrong(or right) people with him to Final 3-4? I feel he has a guarantee win with Cody and Frankie with him in the Final 3.

    4. Yeah because this game has been soooo interesting with these clowns doing the same thing EVERY week. Sorry but having Donny and now Nicole are the only thing that has kept this game somw what interesting, and/or with any chance to mix it up. The BS jokers have killed this game. Oh!!!! or are you excited Cody and Christine are going to make out some more LOL!

  1. I’m so happy that Cody won he veto! Donny will finally be evicted and the game with real BB players will start! I know a lot of you guys like Donny, but let’s be honest here, he was not very good at Big Brother. I’m glad he’s going to jury and I won’t have to watch him on my TV 3 times a week! The Hitmen were just too good!

    1. yea Donny really sucked he only won veto left and right and won BOB by himself, maybe change your lame statement around.

      1. Donny does suck.the guy is so nice it sickening. He is so nieve for his age it comical. It obvious he lived a completely sheltered life and has no clue how real world works

        1. Well at least you picked a correct screen name. What planet do you live on?? Sheltered life??? He’s one of the few who actually WORKS for a living!! All the rest of them who can’t spell, don’t know where they live, have no idea on the value of money… Those are the sheltered ones. And yeah, being mean and an asshole gets you sooooo far in life. Donny seems to have the happiest life. The others are so miserable that being mean makes them feel good. Your statement is so assinine that I think YOU should be part of the dim witted houseguests.

        2. Donny has one of the best grasps on life I have ever seen, you should learn a lesson from him. Hell everyone should. It’s people like you that give America a bad name. It’s people like you that don’t deserve to drive. It’s people like you that are only a number and should be used as robot soldiers. READ A BIBLE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. You deserve all the karma that comes your way. You think Donny is an idiot, look at what he knows and who told him – EVERYTHING and NO ONE. That’s how smart Donny is, he warned Zach about a back door. And now I hope he convinces Cody to use the POV and put up Frankie, Derrick, or Christine. Caleb would be nice too.

    2. Donny sucked and was boring. Same as Elissa last year. America really sucks at picking favorite houseguests.

      1. What game are you watching? He’s not a “yes man” and can actually win competitions. He’s not following one persons direction and is playing his game his way. He’s amazing to get this far by himself. He’s amazing to be put on the block so many times and still be in the house. They are gunning for him because he’s an awesome game player and the feel threatened.

        1. Winning comps doesn’t win you BB. A good social game does, then winning comps right at the end.

          Donny social game was one of worst in the history of BB. He slept while all important game decisions, alliances, events happened in the house. He was on old man clock and that does not work for BB.

        2. Yes, and I guess spencer was amazing last year. Was constantly on the block and didn’t really have anyone either. Although I will say, he didn’t win as many comps. But he also didn’t have the BOB, so he played a lot less comps.

    3. Real BB players? Hitmen were too good? What freakin’ show are you watching? Other than Donny, these clowns are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. I’ve never seen a bigger group of bumbling jackasses in my life. God, I am so upset. I really hope that Donny discovers how much we have grown to love him.

    4. You’re the same guy that made the first post. You’re trying to make it look like more people share your opinion.

      Always with the exclamation marks! That’s your giveaway!

      1. Why do you have to drag me into this? I didn’t make an appearance in their statement at all. I believe you confused me with my good pal Question Mark. We both have points, but my point is always straight so no one can question me.

    5. Derrick great at social game but terrible at comps. Donny great at comps but too late on his social game. Seems to me this makes them equal. How can one say that Derrick is a “real” BB player but not Donny. That’s just fact, it’s not because I want don’t to win, because I don’t.

    6. You don’t have to watch Donnie 3 times a week, but you’d rather watch that rat faced, troll headed, snake in the grass Frankie, who is the most vile person I’ve ever seen. OMG

      1. Well that says a lot about you doesn’t it? If you think that Frankie is worse than Spencer, Gina Marie, Aaryn and the biggest BB bully of all time Amanda from last season. The homophobia and racism from last season which outraged America is just fine to people like you huh? Like I said that says all there is to say about what kind of person you are.

        1. FRANKIE IS THE WORST THAT HAS EVER BEEN ON BB!!! He is nasty, crude, vile and ugly. Seriously, he has had sex with over 1000 guys. Sorry, but that is disgusting. He has the morals worse than that of an alley cat. His family must be so proud. This cast is one set of sick SOB’S!!!!

    7. So a “real” bb player is Victoria??! Really? Anonymous, theres a reason you’ve chosen to be that way cause you’re a moron. Victoria leaving before Donny who has actually done something in this game is preposterous.

    1. “The Red Wedding”
      Frankie eventually holds a hand up to cue the musicians to cease playing, addressing Donny and claiming that he has been negligent in his duties as a host by failing to present his king with a proper wedding gift. At this moment, Derrick gives Nicole a knowing look and glances towards his left arm, prompting her to lift up his sleeve and reveal the chain mail he is wearing underneath. Derrick smiles ominously and Nicole realizes that they have been led into a trap: she slaps Derrick across the face and then shouts to warn Donny, but it is too late.
      At Frankie’s signal, Caleb approaches Victoria from behind and begins to repeatedly stab her in the stomach with a dagger, killing her unborn child instantly and causing her to quickly succumb to her wounds. As this is occurring, the musicians hired for the wedding (Please buy Ariana’s new album) reveal themselves to be a group of assassins, brandishing crossbows and firing on Donny and the Houseguests gathered in the main hall. After the first volley the house guests are attacked in the main hall by armed Frankies men, as the crossbowman continue to pick off survivors. Some of the House Guests killed by the Detonators fall dead into their own meals, which the same Detonators had set there earlier as their guests.

      Outside of the keep, Frankie’s men turn on the other House Guests in the camps who had been heavily drinking during the celebrations, taking them completely by surprise. Cody, a Detonator crossbowman approach Zach, Donnys direwolf, who has been forbidden from entering the castle to prevent him from defending Donny during the massacre, and fatally shoot him with crossbows dead while he is trapped inside a pen.

      Donny, while wounded with several crossbow bolts, crawls towards Victoria and embraces her, devastated over the loss of his wife and unborn child. Frankie, seeing that Donny has survived the initial onslaught, raises a hand to halt the carnage and watches Donny’s suffering with cruel amusement. Nicole, who had taken refuge under her table, notices that Frankie’s eighth wife, Christine, is hiding beneath Frankies table and rushes forward, dragging her out and putting a table knife to her throat. She beseeches Frankie to end the slaughter and allow Donny to leave. She offers herself as a hostage in exchange for Donny’s life, desperately screaming at Donny to walk out while he can. When Donny fails to respond, she turns back to Frankie and promises that they will not retaliate if he is allowed to live. Frankie fires back that she already swore an oath to him that Donny would marry his daughter, finally revealing his motive for the betrayal. In a last plea of desperation, she swears on her honor as a “have not” that if Donny is not allowed to walk out, she will slit Christine’s throat. Frankie appears to consider her offer for a moment, before glibly responding that he’ll simply “find another.”

      Donny then somehow finds the strength to drag himself back onto his feet, and weakly calls out “Nicole!” to her in a daze. As Nicole looks into Donny’s eyes, Derrick steps in front of Donny and tells him that “the Detonators send their regards,” stabbing him through the heart

        1. My 2 cents: Instead of Cody playing a Detonator crossbowman who slays ZachAttach, it would be more plausible for Cody Castrati to play the eunuch that he is (giving Christine company as they take refuge under the table).
          I don’t know about you but I found SlopBall’s tale a tad more entertaining that what is going on at the BB16 house.

  2. Well doesn’t look good unless you get a power.

    The only thing that held this season was Donny. It’s going to be super sad when he goes.. I might even cry :(
    I love you Donny!

      1. Well, He ran it by Derrick his puppetmaster and he said no. Cody being Cody he did as he was told. It was the obvious move though. Derrick/helen is going to leave it too late and Frankie will make it to the end.

    1. Not sure. Maybe a strategy. He could have definitely won the very first hoh easily. I think he threw that one, maybe others as well.

    2. I said it before and I will say it again.. Cody seems to be the most knowledgeable about past seasons and previous players than most other house guests. He has talked about other players on the live feeds, the only other player who has talked about other seasons was Derrick. I can’t remember Christine talking about past seasons considering she is supposed to be a super BB fan.. I am calling it now, that Cody may be the dark horse player of the year..He has come across so far as unthreatening to other players and very like able, two very strong attributes that is working to his advantage. Why not use that tactic of laying low like he has so far? Other than Nichole and Donny, no one else has seriously seen him as a threat to their game. I think he will now be a comp threat because he realizes now is the time to keep himself safe because he doesn’t trust the others to keep him 100% safe.

      1. I have the live feeds too (or had them, I should say. I canceled them last Wednesday). But Christine has talked about past bb players, comps, etc.

    1. Cool story bro. Peace out. Looks like you’ve been backing an ignorant, hick, loser all summer. Tastes like victory to me.

      1. How can you call Donny ignorant or a hick? Ignorant means lacking education or knowledge or to be unaware or uninformed. Donny does not lack knowledge (osmosis, schematics) nor is he unaware. He is very aware of what has been happening in the house but the Double HOH limited what he could accomplish. He is also very aware of how rude and crude the other hgs are but has not stooped to their vile level. To call a person a hick means they are gullible. Again, Donny is not gullible. He has not bought into Derrick’s manipulation but the children in the house certainly have. Victoria is convinced Derrick loves her and is probably expecting him to toss aside the wife and kid for her. That is gullible. Donny is a genuinely nice person who has respect for others even if he is not accorded the same respect. Donny may leave the house this week but he will certainly leave as a winner. He will also find he is in great demand at the end of BB but the same cannot be said for the other hgs. The reputations they have earned while in the BB house will taint them for some time to come. Derrick will be okay as far as his job as it is union protected. The others will find they are greatly disliked. If they are expecting the movie star happy ending, they are in for a big shock.

  3. Cody please use it on either donny/nicole and put up frankie!!!
    its unlikely that it will happen but hopefully derrick has a change of mind

    1. I’ll settle for Chris of Vic. He won’t put up Frankie because Derrick already convinced him Caleb would be gunning for him, which isn’t true, but of course Cody believes it.

    2. Not likely. Considering Frankie and Derrick are lying to Donny about the TA mission when Donny suggested them save one person from the block. Frankie tells him that won’t count since they have never been asked to do that before. Did Frankie forget that was the first one Donny went against and wouldn’t do when TA was asked to vote against the house when Jocasta was on the block. I wish Donny go and ask DR and they tell him they can to see what excuse Frankie and Derrick come up with. I think this may be DR plan with TA to save Donny from the block. I don’t think any other mission will be accepted. Instead of a Pandora’s box I think TA mission will be it.

      1. Kaleb, I think you might be on to something. However, I believe that Donny has made up this whole TA task. Production may know about what Donny is attempting to do but they did not make this a task for Team America. Donny made up the whole thing and then suggested that the task should be to save a team member from the block. He is playing dumb by letting Deprick and Fakie think they are all together, fully aware that they are against him. If it works….DONNY IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!

  4. There must be a twist somewhere, or did BB decide after years of rigging the game they would finally see how houseguests play on their own?

    1. BB has been rigging it for Donny (and Frankie for that matter). The production staff even cheers in raucous applause when Donny wins (rigged) competitions. Not their fault that he sucks so bad at the game – especially the social game – that not even riggage can save him.

      1. You’re trying too hard.
        If you think a giant house alliance makes this game fun then good for you but I can’t see how that is exciting at all.

  5. Only Pandora’s box can save them now. I want nicole to stay because it seems wrong to evict her when she came back. Hopefully the medic evacuate Victoria on live eviction so both stays

  6. The Most Predictable Season of Big Brother ever continues. Goodbye Donnie…Nicole…Victoria…Christine…Cody…Caleb…and congrats to Daddy Derrick. I thought this season was going to be twisted. Ughhh!

    1. Christine, ass clown cowboy, and Cody will leave before Victoria. Frankie and Derrick are smart to take her to the end.

    2. the twistity twist is the lack of morals these people exhibit.
      i could not imagine missing my grandfather’s funeral for a 1 and 13? 14? CHANCE of 500k. And, two people do it in one week (i guess that’s the new ethics of this shitty country), DISGUSTING!!! I quit watching feeds when Zach left b/c no one there entertains me, and I’ve quit watching the show b/c of cbs’ bullshit editing (showing 3 different clips of vic saying the hat was her’s – uhh, no chick, i heard u give it to him).
      Grande’s must b paying big brother to keep frankie and give him a good edit.
      i’m done!

  7. Is it possible for Cody to grow a pair before the POV ceremony? He talked about backdooring Frankie. Was it all talk? This season would come alive if he was able to think for himself.

    1. Is that really was bst for cody? Doesnt it make more sense for him to keep the pattern going and vote out Derrick when they get to the final 3? Unless if you’re playing favorites. In that case, dont comment on whats best for him and just be mad about donny leaving.

      1. Actually, It would be in Cody’s BEST interest to try and get out power players NOW and keep the weaker players to the end. Frankie will win endurance comps which are still to come and his sisters popularity will win him votes in the end… Cody’s BEST interest would be to get out Frankie now.

        1. Cody would be 1000 times better off getting rid of Victoria or Frankie instead. Donny and Nicole have always naturally gravitated towards Cody and Donny would support him over Derrick any day. That gives him two people who are more loyal to him than Derrick and gets rid of someone who does nothing for his personal game. Derrick knows this and that is why he’s pushing for Donny or Nicole to leave. Donny knows this, which is why he keeps beating the drum that Derrick will do everything in his power to keep Victoria. One of Derrick’s best moves has been to convince Cody that Donny is a schemer because Donny really liked Cody and would have worked with him in a heartbeat, which would have been hugely detrimental to Derrick’s game.

          All that being said I could care less what happens to Cody’s game and hope he is evicted as soon as possible. I just want Donny AND Nicole to stay and in this case I think it would also be a logical game move for Cody, which probably means there is a 0% chance it will happen.

  8. After going the entire season with only one HOH win all of a sudden Cody is winning everything. Really, what was the use of bringing someone back if they’re going to have them voted out again. I mean if Production likes this group of houseguests so bad instead of bringing someone back and having another DE they should have just given them a free week with no eviction because this is ridiculous.

    1. Since TA have to complete the mission by Veto maybe Donny can convince Derrick and Frankie to get Cody to use the veto on him. Being the only way they can collect is if America approves anything less America may not approve.

  9. Why just why?! Cody has not won all season now he wins 2 in a row?! Looks like Donny Is Donzo. I hope the is a twist coming!

  10. simon it look like we are done Donny lose so we will cancle live feed
    I knew they was going to get they way big brother is not the game it use to be where the fun at

    1. I’ll thoroughly enjoy watching donny get booted out on his ass. I hope the others mock and bash him all the way until the end.

    1. It’s a counting competition. There are usually several displays of different items…i.e. a bowl of grapes, or a plate of cards…and there’s usually a lot of each item grouped together. Each round, the contestants are asked to estimate how much of a particular item they think there is….i.e. How many grapes are in the bowl or, how many cards are on the plate? Once everyone has written their numerical guess, they are given the option to stay or fold. If they stay, their answer will be compared to the answers given by the other contestants who decided to stay. The person who was closest to the actual number without going over wins a point. All others who stayed get eliminated. If they fold (usually because they don’t feel confident about their answers), they don’t participate in that round, they can’t win the point in that round, but they can’t be eliminated either. The first person to something like three points wins the whole game.

  11. This season actually hurts to watch. I love big brother, and it’s been nothing but a big fat disappointment. Was last season worse? Absolutely. But here is the thing….no matter how despicable they were last year, you almost felt compelled to watch because you couldn’t believe the shit that was happening in that house…almost like driving slowly by a car accident because you just need to see what happened. It held its own type of entertainment because we saw real world problems with society. This season is just horrendous. Horrendous! I don’t even know what to say. Geez.

    1. Last season was horrible because the HGs were hateful toward specific groups of people. This bunch is horrible because they are hateful to specific people. They’re cruel to them because they are kind, decent, genuine people. Still holding out hope for Donny and Nicole.

  12. DARN!!!! I was hoping Donny could pull it off.
    In any event, Im still take aback by CBS’s definition of twisted twist. I want a copy of their dictionary, perhaps i could enjoy this season and understand the crap that spews from these houseguests’ mouths.

    1. maybe hopefully theres a pandoras box and somehow someway donny and nicole r saved come on production make it happen please

        1. Hmmmmmmm, welllll, that’s a tough one…..not finding much love in my heart for king saliva right now…….I’ll get back to ya on that.

      1. Ooooooo, you blew that one, bub. Kinda like leaving and slamming the door, but it doesn’t slam. Oh well, maybe next time, King Saliva.

    1. Seriously,,,,,what is with your hate on for Donny??? It absolutely unwarranted and on a side note you are obnoxious!

  13. Noooooo! I will never watch BB again if Donny gets evicted. This isn’t hard for me to do since I have many other shows to watch. It just seems like every season the people who should win, don’t, and there has never been a BB winner that I wanted to see win. It always ends up being someone super lame. SO if it happens again this time, I am joining the others and I will be officially done.

    1. Big Brother is just a microcosm of our society. Now you know why total dikheds run our country. The dikheds always win.

    Come On Production Play Derrick and Frankie Talking Game over the loud speakers downstairs.

  15. Great the Cry baby win’s I wish there was a way we could save Donny.. Come on we want somthing to save him with.. I don’t wanna see him go. :( :( :( PLEASE SAVE DONNY

    1. Cody talking trash about Donny and then taking both Donny/Nicole with him to movie is going to put a big TARGET on his back. Christine is going to be ticked that her undercover petting pal would rather spend quality time with Nicole. I think Cody has a crush on Nicole. He also appears to be trying to get Donny/Nicole’s jury votes which is NOT going to go over well with Derrick. The game is going to get interesting now. I think Derrick is going to try and switch from his F2 alliance from Cody to either Christine or Victoria. He will win against them in the finale.

  16. This groups obsession with Donny is just downright creepy. Sorry Christine, Cody, Caleb, Derrick, & Frankie you will never be in the same league as Donny. It’s called “class” and you will never have it.

  17. Boooo! All these people just annoy me – Frankie – thinks the world loves him, wrong. Very wrong. You’ve become one of the most annoying BB players ever. Christine – Someone please get this girl out, she’s an idiot. An not to mention just as annoying as Frankie. Cody – You think you’re tough, wrong. You do whatever you’re told to do and can’t think for yourself. Get out please. Derrick – Used to like you in the beginning, now, not at all. Nothing but a manipulator that is good at “talking” and playing dirty. Caleb – I don’t really dislike you, you’re just aligned with everyone else that I do dislike, so, that’s whack – simple. Donny – You’re awesome, America loves you. Nicole – You’re fantastic, America loves you. Nicole and Donny – You guys are my favorites!

  18. Cody is worried what his dad would say evicting Donny. Don’t you think you should worry about what your dad would say how you and Christine were acting together. Geesshh.

  19. Did former HGs ever talk about reading the online boards and comments? I’m asking because even as recently as 2 weeks ago, Pow and Joey had more votes than Christine for America’s Fave. That’s gotta burn

    1. You were on a good track with shaving the beard but lost me at passing it on ick. :) Maybe figuratively he can pass it on. Too bad he can’t shave it because it would scare them even though he’s on the block and can’t get off.

  20. “Waaaahhhh!!! Waaaahhh!!! Rig it for Donny, production, please!”

    Maybe if your favorite didn’t suck at the game you wouldn’t have to beg for a Production’s Box to bail him out.

  21. Ughhhhh!!!! Unbelievable!!! Cody is still a wus!!! Come on production and let Donny get a Diamond Power of Veto in the morning since he is the only one ever up. Let’s change this game around because I can’t stand to watch any more of these houseguest!

  22. wait I do not understand what the hell is going on because he had Derrick said 10K to have Donnny stay in the house, Derrick will get cody hopefully to use of Donny and put up Frankie PLEASE BB save Donny

  23. I’m so happy that Cody won he veto! Donny will finally be evicted and the game with real BB players will start! I know a lot of you guys like Donny, but let’s be honest here, he was not very good at Big Brother. I’m glad he’s going to jury and I won’t have to watch him on my TV 3 times a week! The Hitmen were just too good!

  24. Just lost any interest in the rest of the season. Donny going home means Derrick can just run around the house naked and pick up a check for 500k at this point.

  25. Well gee, this just gets us closer to watching miserable Christine and Cody’s exit. That’s all. They may have gotten Donny out but they have also probably sealed their own fates as well.

  26. I don’t like Cody at all… But I do like that he picked Nicole and Donny for the tv screening. Here’s to hoping they can convince him to do a big move and BACKDOOR FRANKIE!!

  27. “Christine and Victoria say America is pissed at Donny for the things he said.”
    Wow they really have no clue that America loves Donny and they’re the most hated in the house.

    I hope its a non eviction week and after the votes are read if Donny is evicted the door is locked just to see the look on all there faces.

    This game is so predictable and boring and we can thank production for manipulating the outcome. I remember when it was gonna be 4 vs 4 before production got involved to save Zack over Jocasta ( even tho i like Zack) and when Caleb couldn’t sabotage Frankie which would have made it 4 vs 4 instead of 6 vs 2 and the most predictable season yet.

  28. Here is your first clue that America will hate you for evicting Donny….. Victoria is wrong about Everything.


  29. I wonder how movie deal worked out because Cody would not choose Donny… if he did choose Nicole over Christine I’d laugh all day long but I don’t think that’s how it happened.

  30. Well, there went any hope for this season. The only positive that can come of this is Frankie being sent to jury and Donny beating him for America’s fave. Imagine the look on pinky’s face! Although Ariana Grande’s tween twitter army (who have never even heard of BB) will surely be called upon to vote Frankie as the winner. What a joke. The BB producers are a bunch of idiots trying to reel in little girl viewers rather than return the show to what the fans liked about it to begin with.

    1. You know, the biggest Big Brother stars were never related to anyone famous before going into the house. They made their names on their own through their charm and wit. Unlike Scankie, Dan Gheesling, Jeff and Jordan, Janelle, Jeff Schroeder and a host of others became well known on their own. They need to stop bringing in people “related” to someone well known.

  31. I only watch BB & Survivor on the tube so this is a blessing in disguise. No more TV and back to the gym. BB was a good 10 year run but stick a fork in me I’ve had enough with this show.
    Waiting for Survivor

  32. What exactly does Christine (or anyone else) think that Donny has “lied about” to make America hate him? I guess they are in for a tremendous surprise when they find out he is loved and they are the “hated” ones!

  33. i bet now that he won he going to walk around like he the sh!t.. He has No B@lls to do anything Donny we want you to stay but i don’t think you are.. The thing’s he has been saying about Donny is really mean but he wont say it to his face.. Lmao what a Pu$$y. Nicole I want her to stay as well but someone has to go and if i had to pick i want Donny to stay But then next week the other one well be gone the only way for them is to win the next HOH or Hope they turn on one another… It’s a sad week i think im done with this season i well look to see who win’s but that’s it im done with this it’s BS no one has B@lls to make some good moves they are just trying to play it safe Derrick well win it :(

    1. The twist is, Production making it so one group has the power all season(AGAIN like BB15), and try to get this season’s pet, “Frankie” to win in the end….

      They tried last Season with Elissa, but she was too stupid to use MVP to her advantage, and not allow the others to control her while she had it. That twist was intended to last until final 5, meaning she would’ve had it the whole summer, but she let Demanda run it, so they attempted and failed miserably at giving the power to America. Elissa is NO Rachel.

  34. Cody really needs to NOT open Pandora’s Box because he and others HAVE to know that it would only screw them over.

    Basically Pandora’s Box is Production’s last chance to save one of their ‘chosen ones’..

    Cody needs to be the only person in BB history to not open it but I highly doubt Production will go down without a fight. They won’t let themselves get screwed.

    They will probably offer a large cash reward ($10,000 if not more) and or a chance for Cody to see/talk to his family like BB Canada just did.

    1. IIRC, production basically forced Porsche to open the Production’s Box that handed the season to Rachel a few years ago. Luckily I think they’ve finally retired that lame twist.

  35. Don’t give up hope! Remember when Matt Hoffman was to be evicted by Brenden and then…KA-POW! Matty whipped out the DPOV and saved himself and put someone else on the block; and they were evicted! It mat hapoen for Donny and he can put up Disgustine in his place!

  36. Officially done with this season. This is worse than last season., the bullies get to win this year . With the exception of Donny & Nicole, I hate these people with a passion, especially the top 2 vote getters for ” Most Disliked” Ugly Ratine hanging on Cody’s waist…….ugh

  37. Cody you are exactly right we will hate you!!! Christine I hope your husband divorces your ugly ass have you forgotten you’re married she’s too dumb to realize they’re only using her for votes! Victoria STFU you’ll be gone in the next few weeks you’re hated as well!!! I guess the only hope we have now is for Nicole to win HOH next week & get 1 of the pathetic ass wipes out of the house, I’m kinda glad Donny’s leaving now he will be around people that likes him!! I can’t stand the Twat Squad…!!! Congratulations Mr Piggy you’re the winner of BB16 thanks to the other dumb asses for doing you dirty work!!!

  38. This is like the cherry on top of all the other awful things that have been happening–all in a row!
    I feel close to hysterical laughter it’s so ridiculous.

  39. Christina an Victoria I mean derrick shadow America don’t hate Donny we love him
    he was the reason we watch now he going Thursday I hope Nicole can win hoh in do what she said she was going to do put up derrick an cody

  40. For the team America challenge Frankie wants to A) make a play B) create a pet or C) start a fraternity
    How about we choose D) FU*k Frankie and give all of Team America’s money to Donny.

  41. Derrick is not going to win this game, production will se to it that Fankie wins because of his sister. If they really men in the house instead of these wimps, Fankie would have never lasted.
    It is so sad that Donny might be going home. I hope CBS rating drop. I am done with Big Brother!

  42. Half the house is gone so Cody winning comps this week isn’t that extraordinary.I’m just interested to see how much further he makes it since he doesn’t seem to be able to think for himself. He is one of the those players who actually had a decent relationship with almost if not everybody in the house to he could have left the door open to not burn bridges with certain people by simply keeping something to himself or making decisions based on what was right for his game. And it’s not like he’s above voting alliance members out because they just did it. He’s nuts for leaving Frankie or even Caleb in the game. I don’t know who they think is going to get them out and if they are leaving it luck because the more players that are gone the less strategy you can use with the numbers and your luck maybe won’t fall in your favor for a particular type of comp. He probably can’t beat Caleb or even Frankie in endurance. Anyway, seems hopeless for Donny.But maybe Nicole can at the very least get one of them out and drag on their asses to the jury house.

    1. It’s a good thing production isn’t changing the game. Grodner has been unable to produce a decent season of Big Brother in years anyway. Let the players play and let production stick to producing.

  43. So we’re mad of all the things Donny said…yes at this point we’re mad he has said bless their hearts even though at this point not sure you have one Christine. For the second time Cody, you are right, we don’t want you to evict Donny.

    The first time was about doing an asshole move with the speech.

    1. When some Southerners say “Bless her/his heart it is a slam. Like go F yourself. I hope that was Donny’s meaning this time. lmao

  44. I really wish these ratchet hoes would stop telling us what we think and feel. Your not Derrick, Christine. Shut up and get evicted already. It’s disgusting how she hangs on Cody. I don’t even do that shit with my own partners around other people, even in my own home. Maybe I’m just weird but people don’t need to see me mackin on my squeeze.

  45. Frankie is really grating on my nerves, his sad attempt at a mission is ridiculous he’s thinking of anything possible to do rather than save Donny and Donny’s not falling for it. He really thinks so little of other peoples intelligence because he talks in circles and people in this house just give in, Donny’s too smart for your games, Frankie.

    1. Frankie just wants to put on a play so that we have to suffer through watching him “audition” for more acting roles.. UGH!

  46. Donny is unquestionably a really nice guy,(and a homeboy), but I don’t know what game he was playing. If he was playing for AF, well he certainly deserves it, not the 500K though. If I were Derrick, I would be looking at Cody and his ability to win comps all of a sudden, Caleb has wisely stepped back, but right now I think I would get rid of Frankie if I were Cody. Frankie will be the one to make the “big move”, getting Derrick out, and the theatrics accompanying such move will be nauseating.

  47. WTF has Donny said that is so bad?? Simon/Dawg has he done something or said anything that has made that c##t say that all the time? I said it last year but it’s worth repeating, BB has “jumped the shark.” My bearded brother, cheers to you. You showed you could play this game with class. Donny just didn’t have the numbers and some luck to finish. Good job Donny. Hold your head high.

  48. Noooooooo!!!!! I am so sick of these houseguests! (Except for Donny and Nicole). I think it’s downright horrible that these houseguests talk so terrible of Donny. How dumb are they that they come up with these delusional ideas of what Donny truly is. Donny and Nicole are the only ones in there that do have class. Christine is an awful person to say those things about a humble older man. Well listen up you wicked disgusting leech, wake up and hop off Cody! On to the next, Derrick the hog…. You should be ashamed of yourself to be a cop. You might be playing the best game but seriuosly you should shut your mouth. For example: during the POV comp today, Donny had a number very close to what the the number actually was, Derrick screamed “a groundskeeper my ass”! Are you kidding me! I just want to cry for Donny. And Frankie you aren’t famous! Stop believing that America loves you! Frankie is just filthy. The way you touch the other guys in this house is gross. Cody grow a pair and stand up for what YOU think is right! Stop doing what Derrick wants! Derrick is really the true HOH every week since he makes all the decisions. Please CBS save Donny and Nicole! Most of America will be very angry if Donny leaves. Worst season yet!

    1. The “Play” totally sucked. Showed how mean these people are. Caleb knew he was going to suck and didn’t want to do it. Did you notice how red his face was? Then he got encouraged and decided to make up his own characters. I’m surprised they didn’t cut the feeds with how racist he was. Frankie with his Consuela was pretty racist too. Nice job Derrick making fun of the woman who planned a service for your grandfather. I used to think they were all acting like they were in high school, after this play it’s more like middle school.

  49. Damn. This seemed like the last opportunity for a shake up and it’s not going to happen unless production pulls something out of its magic bag of tricks. The thing is, as a Donny fan, I’m as irritated with him, Nicole, and Hayden as I am with the ‘House Alliance’. Several weeks ago I was waiting for the 3 of them to form an alliance, but Donny wanted to play the game on his own, Nicole was throwing comps and gossiping with Christine in the Beehive room about the other girls in the house, and Hayden was bro’d up with Derrick and Cody. Had those 3 coalesced back then, they would’ve had a chance to flip the script on the house. Not pulling for anyone once Donny leaves, but I’ll finish out the season, just like I finished out last season – a true testament to how much of a BB fan I am ; )

  50. You want cody to make a big move…. he is but getting out a good competitor (donny who has won more pov then anyone else!

  51. The problem is … The 6 person alliance isn’t thinking ahead. You think it’s going to get entertaining when its just them left .. But it isn’t. They are not creating side alliances in their 6 so they will just go one by one without much of a fight. Only Derrick and Cody have a side alliance (Derrick Frankie one is not real just a team America imposed one). So unless Caleb, Frankie, and Christine start using their brains they will go out one by one by Derrick hand. Right now I think Caleb is the only one (besides Nicole who probably won’t get the chance but hey she might since no more endurance this summer so far) that would put up Derrick. Frankie and Christine neeeed to wake up !! They have the numbers if they grab Nicole/ Donny … It’s obvious Derrick and Cody are together .. Start thinking !!! Make the rest of the show entertaining ..’don’t get picked off like everyone else !!!!!!

  52. America ruined season 1 by voting out Will Mega and Jordan the first two weeks. America liked Jeff, Brenchel, Elissa, Judd, and now Donny. Proof positive that America has a terrible taste in houseguests.

    1. I kinda understand Donny, same reason Duck Dynasty gets big ratings. But I will never understand why anyone liked Rachel, she has to be one of most annoying tv personalities I have ever seen.

  53. Derrick May want to drop Cody before Final 2 now. Cody May now have Nicole and Donny’s jury vote with his nice gesture of taking them to the show so they can eat and then he would probably get Jocasta’s and Hayden’s votes as well after Nicole and Donny go yo the jury house. Derrick can probably win against any of the other Detonators.

  54. Donny that’s ok get out of that house you got America on your side and Frankie trying to do another mission without saving you I be like yeah in mess it up in cody calling out Donny when did he grow I thought derrick change his diper every morning what a loser

  55. I am pretty sure Frankie is thinking BS ideas just to ignore Donny’s idea of saving him. -_- by saying that saving a member of TA is not acceptable as a mission.

  56. Donny may be heading to the jury, but he won a ticket to all stars and will probably win America’s favorite player!
    can’t say the same about some people in the house.. Cody, Christine, Victoria, Derrick, Frankie, Caleb’re all have few days left in the BB house, because we will HAPPILY NEVER SEE YOUR FACES AGAIN ;)

  57. Cody was told to NOT tell Nicole that Donny was being evicted this week – Derrick told him not to do it in order to get Nicole to hopefully talk crap this week (he meant tell “lies”). But he did tell her when she asked. Then she revealed that the reason Cody picked Donny and Nicole to go see the TV premiere is because Donny stated, “There’s two people starving” – so Cody didn’t want to “look like the biggest asshole on the planet”. The two have nots this week actually get to eat real food at the premiere. Cody actually comes across like a good guy in this conversation with Nicole (7:11pm) – but it’s probably because he is talking to a NICE person and there is no one else around. Don’t worry – it won’t last – he’ll be back to being a jerk soon.

    1. Let’s hope someone in the crowd at the movie premiere yells out “Derrick’s a cop!” Or, that there’s a DPOV at the bottom of Donny’s popcorn box.

  58. Noooooo!! I hope that NIcole gets Hoh on Thursday and puts up Christine and Cody!! All of them are too cocky and need to not be so comfortable in that house! I love BB but this is one of the first seasons I want to stop watching. If Nicole doesn’t win Hoh I will find a new show!!

  59. they being trying to get Donny out day one in now they going to they think we going to give in easy mission
    on team America im pick the hardest one to me there nomore America team derrick an Frankie was trying to get Donny out a long time ago we are not happy at all that ok Donny go home us fans will make sure we give them hard mission real hard Donny you should play amazing race I don’t know what happen to big brother it use to be my favorite show it ant being the same since big brother 14 where the fun at

  60. I feel like all the excitement in the Big Brother house left with Zach. Now thatththey’ll definitely be evicting Donny or Nicole is just making it hard to watch. I know this is how the game works. But the people left are just very mean, hateful and heartless players. I don’t care to watch people like that.

  61. OMG!! If this TA mission is fake & Donnie gets them to put up 2 or 3 missions (one of which is to save a team member) then give it to DR………..would production think it was great tv & actually put it up for Americas vote to choose the mission?????????????? Holy Cow…..WE could save Donny!!!!!!!!!

    THAT WOULD BE A TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Seems Victoria and her mouth feel better. She’s having no problem sucking more oxygen out of the room and spewing more hate.

  63. These people really deserve each other. Unfortunately we are the ones to have to suffer through this. So much for BB actually being entertaining anymore.

  64. Its just a game, and people I will never meet in life, so why am I just staring at the comp screen with a pain in my chest right now after reading that lemon-ball examiner won PoV?

  65. WOW! Why now,Cody? I guess being HOH and the winner of the POV is the best scenario possible for you ( just like it was for Frankie last week) and the worst one for Donny and Nicole. It was a friendly gesture on your part to invite the Nominees to the movie screening; maybe there was a little strategy involved in your choice. Your BFFS in the house may feel a twinge of envy about your selection of Donny and Nicole. BB fans will approve of what you’ve done in this case (most will anyway). Now Donnie and Nicole can relax a little bit while they anticipate “a twist” before Thursday. Production, we’re still waiting for Pandora’s Box, the Coup d’Etat, DPOV or any other good power move that will change the game favorably for D. and N. You’ll feel better if you JUST DO IT!

  66. Donny, my man, make it your way or the highway!!!!
    You’re in control!!!
    Either TA makes it their mission to save a team member (YOU) or you will make it your sols TA mission to expose TA!
    America will approve of your DIY mission!
    Derrick & Frankie won’t want to miss out on the 10K and risk being exposed!
    If Derrick gets exposed for being sneaky and selfish, both Cody and Victoria will build a distrust against him!
    If Frankie gets exposed for being sneaky and selfish, both Caleb and Christine will build a distrust against both of them!
    Donny, as it stands right now, you are going home, so you have nothing to lose, make the move!!!!!
    The distrust and disharmony that will result will only work in your favor and you can use it to your advantage!!!
    Cody will put someone else on the block (Frankie) or you can garner enough votes for Nicole to be voted out, after all, she has been campaigning against you!
    Donny your next move determines your fate and legacy, if you don’t make the move, your legacy will be that of Jocosta, Victoria and Nicole: A WASTE OF SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m hoping that you’ll make the move and bring your girlfriend home 500K!!!!!
    Stop letting Derrick be the only puppetmaster in the house and pull some strings of your own!!!
    Don’t have little cotton balls like Cody!
    You have a lot of followers and supporter, don’t let them down, we are all rooting for you!

    1. I truly think that they would not believe him. no one has when he tells them what they (derrick and Frankie) have been doing and what the intent is. so I really don’t think it would matter. although if he could prove how Frankie made it look like Zach took their things and that’s when everyone turned on him and come to find out who it really was would be epic.

      1. If Donny calls an impromptu house meeting in the LR and spills the beans, Derrick and Frankie won’t be able to scramble and lie, they’ll have to admit it’s true or miserably lie and be caught with their pants down and it would be even worse for them. They will be put on the spot which will make it worse for them, Cody will distrust Derrick, Victoria will distrust Derrick (while she looks at herself in the mirror) & Christine and Caleb will have a sour taste in their mouths from Frankie…….Caleb’s sour taste in his mouth will be from Frankie’s lemon balls.

        1. You still managed to make me laugh with that last line……and also, good ideas!! You’d be good in this game, 24 hairs!

    2. Donny must agree to whatever TA missions they got, if he dosen’t they won’t win another 5k, If he exposes TA, they’ll lose all the money(40k) they’ve made with every completed mission, that’s the rule, they must keep it secret.

      1. I know why you go by “ill will”, it’s because you are touched in the head! Not only are you wrong about the 40K, it’s 30k so far! But I would bet 30k against 500k any day, any time! If you don’t think that’s good odds then stay home and never go to Vegas, when in your life will you ever get a 8 in 1 chance of winning HALF A MILLION DOLLARS?!?! You’re such a dud! Even if it didn’t play out, Donny would still have his stipend which is much more than 30k and walk out with his head held high instead of between Frankie’s legs, like, Zach, Cody and Caleb.

    1. What? Who? Where? Honestly, where are you seeing that? It’s not on my device. I’d love to see what you are seeing.

  67. I know , I know people are gonna say well then don’t watch or look at this site anymore. That is what I will do. It’s sad they all seem to think America would dislike Donny. He has only tried to get them to see the truth. Thanks Simon and Dawg. Looks like I can enjoy the rest of my Summer by no longer watch BB or reading about it. Thanks for everything you guys do!!

  68. … was Derrick not for Cody using Frankie as a replacement nominee if D or N were to take themselves of the block? Point is somewhat moot now (considering the outcome) but I would have thought he would be trying to puppet-master Frankies departure like he did with Zachs.

  69. Donny should tell Porky and Stankie that if they don’t save him he will just say to hell with the TA money and tell everybody else about it. They won’t believe him but if I was him after the way they’ve treated him I would just for the satisfaction of costing them all that money fully knowing how greedy they are.

  70. if one of the missions for T.A is not to save a member and one of Fakie’s asinine ideas ….for the love of god …. I hope Donny turns down the mission so they do not benefit with another $5K before he’s evicted.

  71. I just cant imagine how these individuals family feel when they see their blood act like this on National TV. I’d be mortified if it was my family. I just saw Caleb’s Mom’s posts on Social Networking and she is so clueless.

  72. It seems like the majority of the houseguests chosen this year would term themselves Christians. I wonder if that was production thinking that choosing Christians “hopefully” meant they would get people who are jerks or racists. Haven’t seen any racists this season – but carrying or reading a Bible definitely doesn’t keep some of these people (i.e. Christine, Caleb or Cody) from being a jerk and or treating their fellow “brothers and sisters in Christ” (i.e. Brittany, Donny, Jocasta ext) with respect. Hopefully outside of this Lord of the Flies Big Brother house, they can redeem themselves. One can hope.

    1. Sorry – meant “I wonder if that was production thinking that choosing Christians “hopefully” meant they WOULD NOT get people who are jerks or racists”.

  73. I hope Donny doesn’t back down from his suggested Team America mission. I hope he doesn’t let Frankie and Derrick convince him to do something stupid. If I was him I would even tell them that I want them to save me or I would tell everyone about Team America to ensure they are the next two to be evicted and if they happen to make it to the final 2 they are not voted the winner.

  74. Cody you’re gonna regret not getting the pink pansy out this week especially if he wins HOH you & your Master are going on the block!!!

  75. Sorry – meant “I wonder if that was production thinking that choosing Christians “hopefully” meant they WOULD NOT get people who are jerks or racists”.

  76. if frankie was up and going home, TA would be used to save him

    I just think this whole TA thing is total BS. always has been, and gives an unbelievable advantage. I HATE IT

  77. Cody, Nicole and Donny go to the movie…Cody agrees to use the veto on Donny and Nicole finds the DPOV in the bottom of her popcorn bucket. The three of them decide to team up and give the other HG’s the “Sting of the Scorpions” …well it is better than giving up.
    It ain’t over till it’s over and we have to hope that Donny will be saved.
    Please, where is Jacosta when we need her.

  78. It’s really pathetic that Tim can’t see how bad Crustine wants to f**k Cody so bad… I’ll bet soon as they get out Crustine uses her stipend to get her and Cody a motel room, and she’ll send Tim a pic of her giving Cody a BJ, and Tim would just shrug it off, and say, “She’s just going it for her game, it’s innocent, she’s just a affectionate person”…

    Tim must be desperate to have a women.

  79. Lets see….a play or a pet on a leash. As a former French quarter dweller I find that very 80s and oh so ,,,,stereotypical. I’m embarrassed for you


  81. I am just wondering why all the Donny fans think it’s OK for Donny to be sneaky, spiteful, dishonest, and deceitful – and do it all in the name of game play. But apparently when someone you don’t like does it, you cry foul? Not everyone likes Donny…get over it. It’s the way this game has been played since it started. If you don’t like the premise of the game, there is a very simple solution…stop watching. But to denegrate people you don’t know for playing the game in a way you don’t like is truly disgusting. Donny signed up to play this game and claims to be a super fan…why did he play it so poorly? So there is a large group working together? That’s good game play and if Donny was in that group, you would be thrilled. Asking for Production to intervene and save Donny is fair to the other players? I certainly understand that everyone has their favorite player, but you people border on ridiculous.

  82. In order for Donny to not get evicted this week is to tell Nicole about the Team America alliance and then Nicole should pretend to say to the whole house that she found out about that secret alliance when she was in the jury house. She should tell everyone about it!

    1. Derrick and Frankie would just say Nicole is lying…. they have convinced everyone that she lies about everything already.

  83. I am so confused, what did Christine and Victoria mean by “America will hate Donny for the things he said.” What did he say?

    1. These two misfits are always accusing Donny of something. They are damn well ruining his reputation. If Donny tells Victoria that her dress is nice she believes he is making sexual advances. If Donny tried to make Christine see what her relationship with Cody is doing to her, she will claim he is jealous and wants to get in her knickers. These two had best hope they have a strong support system when they leave the house. I believe they will find people don’t wish to associate with them.

    2. I am a Donny fan but, I have heard Christine n Victoria say that Donny says rude and inappropriate comments. Example – On Thur live show, Cody wore his hair slick back with an oily look, and Donny asked Cody: Did you mean for your hair to come out that way? Lol. Also, the girls complain that he says perverted type comments esp to Victoria. Christine said last week that someone made a comment about, “That was huge,” and Christine said that Donny responded with, Thank You as he grabbed his junk and jiggled it. (I do like him, but have to agree that it was inappropriate).

      1. Re: Donny “jiggling his junk” – was that on the live feeds that you saw it, or just some more crap Christine spewed? Because if she made that up, that is a serious accusation. Also it would be so out of character for Donny to do that, so unless you actually saw it, I don’t believe her for a hot second.

  84. I believe Co-dependent knows he made a bad move by putting Donny/Nicole on the block….!!! Next week him & Mr. Oink will be in the hot seat if Nicole or Frankenstein win HOH, now you have to depend on your master or Crustine to win!!!!

  85. The only thing I could see saving Donny and Nicole would be Donny telling Cody and Caleb about Team America. It might make them no longer trust them and Cody might take down Donny and put up either Derrick or Frankie.

  86. Christine “All of my friends had kids when they were sixteen, that I grew up with. Five out of six.”

    Really? Is that something to be proud of?

  87. I hope next season redeems this show. The last two years have been the worst. I’ve seen ten seasons counting this one, and these last two are seriously my least favorites…even the dreadful Season 9 had more people to root for and better twists. Zach was the only entertainment factor this season, and Donny and Nichole are the only people left to care for, and we all know they stand no chance.

    1. Have to agree with you but it also comes down to people that Fans love not winning the big competitions. Last year we saw the same type of season where the fan favorites could not win the big comps near the end. This season thus far is following the same pattern…

  88. Donny or Zach for America’s Favorite. Show the rest of these losers how painful they were to watch all summer. (Nichole and Hayden aren’t losers, nice kids, but the rest can go to Hell).

  89. Do not forget the dramatic ending, where after derrick wins,then the jurys jaws drop to hear that derrick is a undercover cop oh, the drama,, oh predictable

  90. What? Who? Where? Honestly, where are you seeing that? It’s not on my device. I’d love to see what you are seeing.

  91. Peace out, Simon and Dawg. Love what you do, keep it going and see ya for BB17 but God Damn I hate these people!

  92. Other than Donny or Nicole, I can’t think of anyone else id rather see win the money. I’ve got a feeling we are going to have the same feeling as last year when Gina and Andy won…it sucked. Where’s Pandora’s box? DPOV? Come on production. We are falling asleep out here!

  93. If I were Donny I would confront Frankie and Derrick and tell them if I left TA would be revealed and say it was thier idea to make zach fall guy

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