Donny tears up as the realization he is leaving the Big Brother House sets in..

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine
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10:50am When the live feeds return from waking up the house guests Victoria and Donny are the only house guests awake and in the kitchen making breakfast. Derrick, Christine and Donny are awake. Donny says good morning to Nicole as she walks by. Donny says its late! Donny sitting alone in the eviction chair begins to tear up. The realization of leaving the big brother house is starting to set in. He wipes away the tears and stares off in silence.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-28 11-24-17-834
11:20am – 11:25am Derrick, Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Cody and Donny all head up to the HOH room in preparation for the HOH lock down. Victoria, Nicole, Cody and Derrick are in the HOH bed. Caleb and Frankie are the kitchen finishing making their breakfasts. Frankie says he was up all night thinking. Frankie says he came up with some interesting things. Caleb says I did too. If all of guys vote to keep him and the girls don’t he’ll team up to beat them. We trick them (the girls to vote him out). Frankie says we go one step further we ask him (Donny) you swear? Do you promise? He would, he’s a man. Caleb says I think he would too. Frankie says I think he would do it and then its something guaranteed for us from not knowing anything. Caleb says I’ll talk to him (Donny) after this.. The head into the HOH room. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the live feed highlights with Jeff Schroeder.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-28 11-26-50-843

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144 thoughts on “Donny tears up as the realization he is leaving the Big Brother House sets in..

  1. Now THIS is Big Brother! We have NO IDEA what is going to happen tonight and I LOVE it! If Donny goes home on a 5-0 vote… GREAT cuz I still have Nicole; If Nicole leaves on a 3-2 vote… GREAT cuz that’ll shake up the house and MAYBE draw some battle lines… hmmmm… it’s going to be an interesting one tonight!!

      1. you’re right Bob he’s a goner…..for Caleb or Frankie its a dumb idea to save him. Donny is going to say yes whatever you want and then put their asses up. Of course he should, but come on you gotta be smarter than that, he’s gonna do what he wants to do if he’s HOH. So let’s say Nicole is approached with the same conditions, Derek would just be in her head and tell her what to do or how to vote if she doesn’t win HOH. Donny is bigger threat in the house and at the finale. Dude has got to go… like him or not it’s the smarter move to get him out.

        1. You are probably correct about Nicole listening to Derrick but she (Nicole) needs to pay attention to the last thing Hayden said to her. He said to target Derrick and Cody because they are in control.

    1. Is this really coming from Caleb, or could production have dropped the hint to get those words out before the feeds are cut. I’m really hoping there is a chance, but I worry that CBS might be trying to push for higher ratings tonight. Fingers crossed!!

      1. Donny and Caleb were bonding last night on TVGN, I honestly think Caleb likes Donny, and he knows Donny will keep his word if given. Frankie wants Nicole gone because she will put him up. I think Nicole will put Derrick and Cody up as well as Frankie.

      2. Tonight I am screwed because on the West Coast the program is broadcast at 1:37 a.m. because of the flippin’ football games. Don’t know if ratings will matter much on this night.

        1. I’m even more screwed than you;
          My cable has been out since 1:50am due to a ‘technical issue’ in my area that my stupid cable provider is ‘currently working on’.

    2. Donny you and Nicole are my favorites left in the house but it is beginning to look like production is your best bet.
      Maybe a Coup d’ Etat?

    3. If the Skank can pull this one off, then I will give him credit for at least making the game interesting again and maybe blind siding DePrick. Still, I want the Skank and DePrick evicted as soon as possible, but it will interesting as the Depoopanators begin to self destruct and go after each other possibly opening the door for Donny to sneak in there and play them so the evict each other. One can only hope. But knowing what lemmings these players are I am not holding my breath.

      1. I’m not a fan of Derrick but I cringe when people call him DePrick. It’s ran it’s coarse and lost it’s effectiveness a long time ago.

    4. If Donny stays he’s not going after team america, especially when they just saved him! I’m getting really antsy, I don’t want Frankie to get what he wants, that bitch is terrified of Nicole and I love that

    1. Just goes to show you can’t get through this game by being a “good guy”. It actually takes some intelligence and a willingness to lie to people. Suck it Donny lovers! (aka all of America)

      1. I think that when trolls spew shit like this out it would be better to not even thumbs down them. No acknowledgement at all would be so much more satisfying it would be as if they didn’t exist.

      2. when you put lipstick/make-up on a pig……….it’s still a pig. Not enjoying this season at all…..Dawg/Simon…great job….even though I PVR (Canada)….I’m not sure if it’s called DVR (US)……I stopped a long time ago and delete shows and use this website to keep me updated… wish is…someone gets a backbone and plays the game….love to see Donny stay not only cause he’s a great guy and playing the game…he get’s it….would be over the moon to see Frankie/Cody/Derrick be elimated and watch them cry/scramble…wow..then I would start watching again.

      3. I like Donny too my self, but this is a game of lying and cheating to get to the end and win. Now because Donny did not have a social game it cost him to go to jury house, but there is a good outcome for the guy he’ll be taking home some money that he won from TA assignments and most likely he will be voted America’s favorite which will win him 250,000 and has a offer on a soap opera. So even thought he didn’t won the half of million 500,000 he’s still a winner.

    2. I think the reason watching Donny cry breaks our hearts so much is because we have watched him truly be ostracized from the others. And he does have a social game – its just an honest game and not a cut throat type of game. Which is why he befriended every other person that ever was put on the block – because he knows how it feels. Sadly them befriending him for only a vote is not something he is used to. I wonder if maybe him being such a decent guy actually hurts him in this type of a lying -cheating and backstabbing kind of game. He would be better on Amazing race! He and his girlfriend should apply – they would do great. Either way I think he has really played as best he can and should be commended for saving himself and lasting in that house.

        1. As much fun as it would be to see Hayden or Zach on TAR with Donny, I am afraid those two would lose it when a task proved too much. Better that CBS ask Donny and his “beautiful Kristine” to be on TAR.

      1. How awesome to have Donny and his girlfriend play Amazing Race. Better yet, have a Big Brother-Amazing Race with them and Frankie with Zach, Hayden with Nicole, Caleb with Amber (but she probably wouldn’t do it), Cody with Christine and Derrick with ?. Anyway I am pretty sure that Donny will win Fan Favorite.

  2. These people just flat out suck, they are one of the most boring groups ever. At least Donny will get to enjoy the jury house and be around people he likes instead of this group (Except Nicole). Piggy, Ratine, and Peacock all need to go very soon. Guess I’m going for Nicole now!!

  3. For REAL????? I was hoping that they would have a last minute change of heart. Come on Caleb!!!! You can do this!!! Fingers crossed Derrick will go for this!

    1. If Caleb can pull this off he will move up a notch in my book. Derrick and Frankie will move down a notch in my book regardless of the outcome. Now even Vic is looking better than Frankie to me.

  4. The way they are toying with my emotions with this back and forth about Donny, I can’t even imagine how he is feeling! Here’s to hoping they “save” him.

  5. Aww Donny. I wish there was a way to save Donny and Nicole but the shit producers are so invested in pig Derrick and disgusting Frankie. BB16 sucks

    1. The producers are only invested in ratings as that is what their jobs, paycheck, and livelihood is based upon. Despite many on here’s opinion, Frankie and Derrick are the two most popular players and the two playing the best games.

      They both could and should have been gone by now, but both find a way to keep themselves from even being close to being evicted each week.

      I, like everyone else, would like Donny to win but the two that deserve it most are the two most hated in here, Derrick and Frankie.

      1. What on Earth are you basing your statement that Derrick and Frankie are the two most popular players on? Every single forum or website I go on it’s either Donny or Nicole that have the highest number of supporters and followers.

      2. Everyday at the end of updates there are surveys. They ask who is your favorite housequest. Derrick and Frankie have never been any where close to the top….those two are most hated. Right down there with slutty christine….so before you say they are favorites….read the comments and survey results.

  6. oh my god it would be awesome if they kept Donny, Caleb/Frankie will get a new fan in me that’s for sure. Sad to see Donny cry, he seems to be such a gentle soul and I would love for him to get to the end.

    1. When it comes time to vote for America’s Favorite Player we need to push on all the social media outlets to vote for Donny.

  7. I have not been commenting all week because this BB week just had me drained.

    So the guys are trying to flip the house against the girls? If this does happen than at least Christine will go home next week. I am still not gonna automatically assume that they are gonna “flip” to keep Donny though. We will see in a few hours. 4 more weeks everyone.

  8. Plz evict Donny tonight and let him go to the jury house where he is liked. These idiots just want to use him and will make him their targets next week. I think Nic can stay another week or so if she doesn’t win HOH. Frankie and Crusty are on a few ppl’s radar now.

  9. Loving those tears. MMM. Tears of unfathomable sadness. Hope all you Donny fans leave with him. Best day of the summer.

    1. Oh please, you are just a troll who likes to get a rise out of people by going against the grain. I guarantee you post your statements and then sit there for over an hour giggling while hitting refresh again and again to see how many Thumbs Down you get. Then once you get to around 30 Thumbs Down, you sit back in your futon with a sense of self-appointed accomplishment.

    2. Whether I like someone or not, I never take pleasure in seeing someone hurt or hurting. You probably pull wings off of butterflies and kick puppies and kittens.

  10. Nicole needs to stay. WAY more of a chance at her winning HoH and making a move. I love Donny but he could never get to the Final 3 and that’s the hard truth. He needs to go.

    1. From a social game perspective I agree although keep in mind Donny has won more veto’s than anybody, plus he’s won an HOH and came within a fraction of a second to winning a second one. If he can keep that up, he does stand a chance in this game still. And he may get some sympathy votes from the jerks who made fun of him because they feel bad after the game is over for them and they get sent to the jury house and think about how they’ve treated him.

  11. God bless you Donny, you have a pure heart and it shines through. You were just too good a person to play this game. I am praying you get to stay but if not I wish you a very and prosperous life and hope you get your job back. They would be very lucky to have you.Sending good thought to you buddy . Nicole if you stay take them ALL down girl.

  12. Well this is the first vote all season I’m not entirely sure how it will go down, though this looks like the end for Donny. I would love to see him stay but at this point I think Nicole has more potential to oppose these guys and survive. I do have the feeling this won’t be the last time we see of Donny on BB however.

  13. BB is getting a little old the way Survivor is ………. pretty bad that they can’t come up with new games …. last night the discussion on staying and folding which the HG discussed and knew how they were going to play it. Changes have to come, they tried with the battle of the block which sucked. How come if you won battle of the block you couldn’t be nominated? Would have been better if you lost battle of the block you could be nominated and if you did you were on slop. None on this throwing the comps! Didn’t work out the way they thought. And, why no endurance comps?

    1. unfortunately there have been no endurance comps since donny nearly killed himself to win the POV (hayden had to help him off the ground and donny was gasping for air during the POV ceremony). think if donny is evicted, the endurance comps will return…

  14. I wonder if with the extended season, they are planning a second buyback? Probably not, but that would be kind of awesome and finally a twist worth watching.

    1. Yes I was wondering that too. I wonder if the extension of the season by a week has anything to do with some kind of twist? Any one know?
      That would be great if that was the reason.

      1. I think the “big twist” is that there will be no wall competition this year. They just wait and wait every week, I’m sure CBS would think that this is a big deal. Lame petty small thinking jerks that they are. No wonder the HG’s are boring, the people producing the game have no good ideas.

  15. Well..if they flip the script and do keep Donny and it’s an endurance comp…. Donny is not going to win HOH ( it would probably be Frankie or Christine) and we have another week of boredom and Donny leaving anyway. I’d love Donny to stay but I feel it’s better to let him go because Nicole has a better chance to get HOH.

  16. No matter whether Donny goes home tonight or not, he will go down in Big Brother history as being the shining light of BB16. He is loved and adored by millions, and there will no doubt be many good things coming his way. Hold that head high Donny, you did yourself and America proud.

  17. I’m so upset just watching Donny cry breaks my heart. I feel awful for him. Derrick is not saving him we all know that. I’m always going to be #teamdonny

  18. This sounds to me like production has put a bug in the ears of these HG. I’m betting if he is saved they will earn the 5k for TA but if he is not saved they will not earn the 5k. I hope they are eating apple pie tonight, if so. I just want him to stay just for the pure pleasure of seeing Christine freak out!!!

  19. So it took Frankie all night to come up with that scheme that won’t be used anyway? We all know how they vote this season. As one giant block. Nicole stays, Donny goes,unfortunately.

  20. Let’s go run to Derek to get permission!!! that right there should tell them they can’t think for themselves…, we need to vote Derek out …let’s go get Derek’s permission lol

  21. Keeping Donny in the game week after week with little to no hope of him making it to the end is tantamount to torture. With much more prolonged exposure to his “housemates” he will start displaying signs of Stockholm syndrome. End his suffering already. Enough is Enough.

  22. I don’t like Frankie, but at least he is willing to go against the majority and try to shake things up. I sure hope this works. I feel for you Donny. Will be watching, and hoping you live to see another day in that house – but if not Donny those people in the jury house will treat you better than you have been treated.

    1. At least we can take comfort in knowing he’ll be treated well in the jury house. It will feel like therapy to him having good natured people he has bonded with in the past to give him support. He will truly be going from hell to heaven.

    2. Fakie is afraid Nic will come after him. Even if she doesn’t put him up she could win POV or she could just be the vote that sends him home.

  23. I love Donny but why does he want to stay in the house? They barely speak to him and he’s always looking depressed and just so worn down from them. If he doesn’t win HOH then he’s back up on the block next week. So every week will be the same thing for him. I think he should suck it up and just go to jury

    1. He wants to stay in the house so he has a chance at winning $500,000. Some people actually go for the money.. I know, shocking. Considering most of these people are on Big Brother just looking for the ‘fame’ or for no reason at all (Victoria….).

  24. This is terrible. Princess No Brain needs to go like ASAP! She is fraud, waste and abuse not onlly to BB but society! I have to say if she skates by and make it to the end no better for none of them bcz how can they keep her in the house and she don’t do anything but spy, grope on Derrick, talk s?/@t abou everyone, and be mean to the evictees. This is a house full of misfits and someone need to lock the cage!

  25. I know Derrick runs the house, but I can’t help wondering if Donny might have had a chance to stay this week if Cody wasn’t so determined to get him out? Donny’s fatal, possibly only, mistake may have been his backhanded compliments to Cody (“Gee you’re clever. And all this time I thought you were stupid” or something like that). Now Cody is a woman scorned and Donny may pay the price.

  26. I really hope America voted against Frankie’s Team America choice for choosing an option for them to complete that America would like to see. Not only was that the dumbest choice…but wasted a challenge that could be beneficial to them! Frankie needs to get off the pedestal!! He is by far the worst in the house. Can’t stand him!!!

  27. Can someone please post the link to watch the livestream show tonight? Football is going to be on my CBS channel. Thank you

  28. If Donny leaves tonight, hopefully he will get the satisfaction of knowing that TA is finished and there will be NO more money going to those two selfish clowns. I hope Derrick and Frankie have to eat CROW tonight instead of apple pie. They are the greediest, egotistical idiots the viewers have ever had to endure on BB.

  29. please caleb and frankie save donny please, tell derrick that he has got his way every eviction but not this time, stand up to him because until someone stands up to pig face he is gonna continue to pick who goes home each week to benefit him. Cody won’t turn he is too puss too, but now caleb has the back bone to keep donny, don’t let derprick tell you what to do best for your game caleb do what is best for you don’t send another country boy out the door cause i would love to see you two work together to get to final 2 go caleb and donny

  30. As vile as the most hideous action or speech of any house guest does not compare to things said in the comments about them.

  31. This still sucks. It’s so sad to see Donny crying, but he does leave with $20,000 more than Nicole. If he were to stay, I doubt he would be treated any differently in the house, especially by Christine and Vic. I want the impossible – both Donny and Nicole stay!

    1. I love Donny but I am starting to wonder if he isn’t milking the tears a bit in order to win Americas favorite. If he is I don’t blame him, so don’t hate on me please! Sitting in the eviction seat while crying seems a bit calculated. I know it’s been tough for him but I just don’t see him as somebody who would be that consistently emotional.

  32. Ty Caleb for finally realizing you have a brain. Don’t be swayed by Derrick. And although Cody is HOH he will not be voting. So take this time and try and save Donny. It broke my heart to see him cry.

  33. We all know that come tonight it will be 5-0 to evict Donny. As much as we want that to not be true. This house sux balls. These people are boring disgusting predictable characters that wont ever go against the grain . Its so sad cause i really love donny. What a great guy and he deserves so much better. Heres to you Donny!!!!! Cant wait for them all to be pissed when he wins americas favorite since thats all any of these morons even seem to be concerned about winning. What about the 500000 dollars. Nah well all just let Derrick win that. What a joke of a season.

    1. Kotex is all talk and no action. He is always saying how pissed off he is and that he is going to do this, etc and never steps up. He won the last POV simply due to attrition and not his game play.

    2. Derrick wouldn’t allow it….Derrick has done a great job controlling and manipulating the house. However, I would like to see him put on the block, pull himself down(either POV or campaigning). That will show that he does deserve to win. Kind of sad when he is no one’s target (minus Nicole and Donny..I think) and hasn’t been put on the block ONCE… RED FLAG??!!??

  34. The BB producers made a deal with Frankie before the season started, he is there until the end wait and see. They didn’t realize what a douche he is and how bad he makes BB look all they cared about was that he is Ariana Grande’s brother.
    It is all in Frankie’s contract how much air time he gets, the team America, trust me a friend working production told me all about it. It is a huge scam!!! and we are the suckers that have fallen for it.

    1. I do believe all you said about the show being rigged from the get-go to keep Framkie to the end and give him lots of air time. I don’t understand why they are doing the same thing with Derrick. Do the cops have something on them?

  35. Gooood what a horrible BB night. Either Donny or Nicole go’s home.
    I don’t think Production gave a Donny a Wonkie Super Power judging by his tears.
    I do have a distant hope Caleb Frankie and Derrick go against Cody and keep Donny and evict Nicole.
    On the other hand… I like Nicole early on until Christine corrupted her, and I want her to stay…. it would be equally sad to loose her in the game…. especially since her hit list is the hit men and Christine… then Frankie.

    My hopes is Nicole wins HoH…. if not a huge rift in the house erupts and they start to target each other and forget about Nicole all together.
    I do think if they aved Donnie the house would split to
    Donny, Caleb, Frankie and Derrick v. Cody, Christine and Victoria
    perhaps this will be a huge bite in the butt for Christine because she has worked so hard to get other women evicted and now the last two girls are her and Victoria…. watch them turn on each other hard this week.

    1. If Donny stays it will be Donny, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick AND Victoria against Cody and Christine (with Cody unable to play veto). Derrick will pull Vic in (or should I say Vic will float whatever way Derrick tells her).

      It’s actually a smart play for all the guys. It’s too late in the game to worry about “alliances”. It’s all about winning comps and surviving. Donny is actually LESS of a wildcard than Nicole. And you get him to promise the guys safety if he wins HOH.

      Anyone but Christine wins, up goes Christine and Vic. The POV winner can pull down Vic and work with HOH to target whoever they want out. Donny can be a real asset in the situation. He is the veto king, after all!

      The question are:
      1. are the guys (Derrick, Frankie, Caleb) smart enough to see the play.
      2. Do they have the “balls” to do it.
      3. will Cody have to change his tampon during the show, if Donny stays?

      Tune in tonight.

  36. As much as I hate to see that man cry, I hope production chooses tonight to show all the bully behavior done behind Donny’s back and how he’s hated for all the wrong reasons. Then show him sitting in that chair with his tears. I know I’m dreaming now but that edit would be the best one they could’ve done all summer.

      1. You are so right – I had forgotten about that – it was the live feed watchers that went nuts and forced the issue – guess we should have been a bit more vocal this year…. great reminder Kiren!

  37. Caleb and Frankie want to keep Donny but wasn’t it Cody and Derrick who knocked the whole idea down in the first place. I find it hard to believe that they could switch now. If you didn’t trust Donny before, what has changed so drastically now.

  38. Production is telling Frankie and Derrick to keep Donny since viewers love him…
    That’s why Derrick and Frankie have been backtracking… they don’t want to be hated by the viewers…
    Derrick has been having fake conversations saying he likes Donny and doing fake crying to fool viewers into thinking that he cares for Donny ..
    Both are trying to blame each other for Donny’s exit…

    1. Too late, both Skankie and the DePrick are hated by most of the viewers. Saving Donny isn’t going to change that because it is fake and not a genuine human moment on their parts. Even if they save Donny, their other unredeemable qualities override this one act of fake and selfish kindness because it is all about them. One can only hope that Donny would win HOH and put their asses on the block regardless.

  39. Awwww, Donny is breaking my Heart!!
    This man has been on the block more, than anybody !
    I’m glad Caleb is seeing this & wants 2 keep Donny. I’m hoping BB well somehow do a twist & get him(Donny) & Nicole off the block & add 2 others. Cody & Christiane(Rat Face)!!

  40. Zach AND Donny had a 0 percent chance to win this year with who was in the house. zero. they are too popular with the fans and unfortunately BB production does a TERRIBLE job at keeping this kind of stuff from hg’s(except for Frankie evidently, they only tell him how popular Zach is, never how unpopular Frankie is)

    but I want both back on all stars. Donny may not want to return, but Zach would, I think once Donny sees how much he was supported out of the house, he would want to return. I think they both would be a force in all stars as people would have seen their season and understood why America loved them. the best part of all stars is that they all think they are most loved or most hated, so you won’t have them target you for being entertaining or friendly.

  41. At least one good thing is going to happen tonight. Frankie is going to find out America thinks his play idea sucked. They ARE NOT getting the money.

    1. I never vote and made sure I voted NO (20x – both days) on Frankie’s crazy mission to humiliate the other HG’s who have already left the house. I made my decision when Donny winked at the camera and hinted he did NOT want the $5,000 if TA was going to split. He will leave tonight as one of BB’s most LOVED HG’s. Donny is leaving with $20,000 for sure and probably over $50,000 after his stipend and America makes him AFP. His girlfriend can also be very proud that he honored her in the house while the two MARRIED HG’s made absolute FOOLS of themselves and their spouses. I would love to see Donny and his girlfriend do TAR. It is obvious they love each other very much and would be a fun couple to watch travel around the world.

    2. I was so happy to see that the CBS website shows Option B is the winner….

      I am wondering, though, if Derrick and Frankie have come up with a backup plan (possibly with production interference) before the vote. 1) They tell Caleb to vote for Donny to stay 2) Derrick and Frankie plan that if they are not getting “apple pie” then they vote for Donny to stay (solely for the $$$ – although Diary Room sessions will claim it was done for “America”). In this self-serving plan, if they won the TA mission, they could lie to Caleb saying something happened last minute (eg Donny was targeting Caleb) so they had to switch back the votes. At the same time they would use the stray vote against the next target.

      I think that would be an absolutely lousy thing to do to both Donny and Nicole. Then again, the media mogul is convinced they won so I doubt he would come up with the plan. Derrick is the one who is there to win and make money – BUT, he is proud of the “Hitmen” alliance and may not want to jeopardize it just yet. After all, he was pandering to “America” regarding designing a logo for t-shirts and the lucky winner will get one that is signed by them. He may feel the prospect marketing the “Hitmen” is more lucrative, in his mind, to the TA money.

  42. watching production try to make us like Derrick, Frankie, Cody is something I can’t stand

    we don’t. we respect Derrick’s gameplay. but I don’t find any of them entertaining or likable in any way. They are a lot like Natalie the 18 year old BB player, she just wasn’t easy to like. I can say the same about pretty much everyone left not named Donny or I guess Nicole.

  43. Well, as much as I like Nichole, she was voted out of the house and I think it would be a shame to have Donny leave before her. Donny has walked this walk alone where Nichole did have some backing her up – or so she thought. Nichole going before Donny is fair.

  44. Simon and Dawg,

    That Amazon link is a great no cost way to repay you guys for all you do for us. Thanks for running the best Big Brother site on the web.

  45. how no one but that specific group is allowed to play BB

    if you try to, they just say you are a schemer and the worst person in the world, destroying your character no matter if they were in your alliance or not

    this has become a show that I don’t enjoy to watch anymore, and it sucks because the elements of entertaining TV are there, but the casting and the lack of creativity to go with Production doing a piss poor job of keeping them uninformed and asking all kinds of questions to keep HG’s off guard has me really not interested

    this website is more interesting than the feeds are. just saying “like a boss” was more entertaining than this show since the Rance kid left.

  46. I have this secret hope that chistines husband tim is one of those guys that just looks like a skinny small guy in pictures. I hope at the finale he is actually like 6 foot 6 and closer to 300 pounds. and then watch cody shitting in his pants.

  47. is one of the most ridiculous things I have seen on BB. this guy is so….I mean he really thinks that he is loved so much by “America” that him putting on a play would be interesting? or that some casting director will see him and go “YES, this is what was missing in the 20,000 audition calls we get for every role, he has IT!”.

    this dude is unbelievable. seriously. I loved how Zach says he has zero chance of being a model or actor or anything, and that he knew that BB was it and he wants to do it again, meanwhile Frankie seriously believes he is America’s sweetheart, that he and his sister are sweeping the twitter nation and the Grande Family is the new big thing

    unbelievable. it really is. he has the biggest head in the history of BB, he makes Jessie(wrestler) look insecure

  48. Fans on all the sites universally loathe Frankie, Derrick and Christine. Donny and Zach / Nichole are most popular. Must fans seem to feel that Derrick is controlling the house but his entertainment value is pretty bad. He is slowly losing support among die hard fans for his bad faith and treatment of Donny. His game is not considered that good considering his training as an undercover cop and the level of people he is playing against . Fans who watch the feeds have a much lower opinion of Derrick because of his bullying and vindictive steak along with his personal attacks on others. Most of this is not aired on broadcast tv but is witnessed on the feeds. Frankie is hated for all sorts if reasons but he is admired for surviving so far. His feeds and airtime are now about evenly negative.
    It will be interesting to see reality hit them all in the face soon.

  49. I know its been said, But derrick could make donny stay if he wanted to All his diary room talks are total bs. he is trying to lie and manipulate the audience. if he would just own that he is a evil bastard he would be much more likeable. All he would have to say is Victoira vote for donny to stay he is good for our game. Caleb frankie. vote. The guy has like 3-4 votes in his back pocket and can do whatever he pleases.

  50. with this season, is that there is nothing that can be done. they botched it all so bad, and let so many of the wrong people go home early because of stupid Frankie and Caleb, and backed the wrong horse. they messed up. legit. messed up. how do you allow Frankie to grow such a hatred for such a loved HG in Zach? how do you repeat the same stupid twists, only giving them different names. everything is predictable. you cast Frankie w/ his sister and “following”, you cast Victoria and Jacasta…we couldn’t get 2 people who actually were going to play a social game in SOME aspect? I mean really? there was absolutely nothing that would make you think “they will sit there and do nothing”? Cody? there wasn’t a tougher good looking guy for the girls to fawn over? I mean seriously? Christine? I know you cast Jenn City, but why must we repeat the mistake?

    I would love all stars just to stop them from their horrid casting. give us the best to play the game that are willing to return from any season. lets go. stop matching. stop putting in types. just put in the people we found entertaining and who actually play the freaking game. THEN, have an actual summer with real twists, with a complete change from comps to how “comfortable” everyone is in the US BB House. make it worse. break them mentally. lets get old Big Brother back. the mental game, not throwing comps and BOB and all this garbage.

  51. If Donnny did agree to that it would be awful, Nicole would go home tonight and the girls would be picked off leaving these smug bastards laughing all the way to the bank. I can’t, I just can’t root for Donny to stay when it means Derrick and Frankie are safe. It would leave a sliver of hope that Donny could make it to the end and i would watch in the finale if he did but I’ll continue to abstain if Nicole/Donny doesn’t win this HOH.

  52. The production needs to go back to forced teams after the last two train wrecks of this show. It simply is not interesting when large alliances simply pick people off one after another with no inner turmoil or breakups. You as a viewer are simply given no valid reasons outside of brand loyalty to keep watching in the hopes that the show goes back to the halcyon years of two alliances going at each other every week. Instead we are treated to large blobs of people reluctantly voting “how the house want” every.single.week.

  53. saving nicole and donny would actually make me wanna watch and be excited to watch this sad excuse of a season …. come on production get to stepping and satisfy the majority of bb watchers !!!!!

  54. Donny is a great person, but honestly I am so glad he is going…. Mostly for his sake. At this point it would be 99.999% impossible for him to win the game and I dont want the poor man to lose his mind. Without Nicole, he has no one to talk to at all, and every person in the jury is his friend so he will be so much happier there. Nicole’s pep talk to herself was priceless, she is a smart game player. And she was right about not knocking Cody off veto, that impressed me. I just hope she doesnt go next week or we’re in for another snoozer. If she can stay in the game after next week, she might be able to stick around and get Derrick/Frankie out (lets be honest, either would be A-OK by me).

  55. I think Frankie is waking up to the fact Derrick has the numbers & he doesn’t. He knows the feeding frenzy is going to start, or else he only cares about being AF. If he really cAREs about winning, he better wake up & smell the “roses”! I want him out, but he may be needed to at least break up the predictableness of this season. If Donny & Nicole goes, like last year, there really is no one to root for.

  56. You may be walking out the door tonight, but you will be remember for being a genuine and kind person that you are. The Jury house has to feel much better than what these “people” have been putting you through.

    Team Fear The Beard until the end of BB16

  57. 30 minutes before tonight’s show, Donny should tell Piggie and Peacock that when evicted he will blow up TA to HG and Jury. Nobody will give you 500K when they find out that you have been banking money all summer.

  58. This whole season the house guests have been running scared. Scared to “get blood on their hands”. Scared
    to vote other than ” what the house wants”.Scared about how they are being perceived outside the house. For the most part the HOH hasn’t even made their own nominations. Partly because of the twist but mostly because they are scared. Why did they come into this game if they aren’t going to play? As much as I personally dislike Derrick, he is playing the game and easily manipulating all these weak willed dolts. I think it will be hilarious if Victoria wins the $ 50,000.00 because I believe each house guest wants to take her to the end as it is the only way they can win. I will keeping watching but will be happy when this crappy season is finally over.

  59. Damn. I so over the highs and lows, thinking someone is finally going to wake up and flip that damn house but…they won’t. They will “vote with the house” and evict Donnie 5 to 0. Derrick will never go for keeping Donnie. Victoria would be pissed at him if he voted differently than she is voting and wasn’t clued in. He actually said that “Victoria is starting to think for herself” (she’s gonna be pissed when she sees that little nugget) and he wants to keep her in check. He sees her chumming up with Nicole but right now he knows he is still her master. Because of Victoria, it’s like Derrick has two votes and not just one for himself. He just tells her what to do and she does it. He will not jeapardize that to keep Donnie, who he’s wanted out since day 1. It would be smarter to get rid of Nicole if Derrick could convince Victoria to vote out Niclole but he knows she would balk at that. It’s going to be 5 to 0, folks. Brace yourselves. I’m just as disappointed as the next guy. If they pull it off, I’d rejoice! I might even start liking people like Caleb just a little. However, I’v gone through the 7 stages of grief over Donnie leaving and have reached ‘acceptance.’ Donny is going home.

  60. Donny needs to go before Nicole! I like Donny too, but he is really boring to watch. He has no social game, he’s not really playing a game other than watch me get nominated and win vetos. His team America missions are mostly played by Derrick and he who shall not be named. Nicole is more entertaining, she has a much better chance of dethroning Derrick and he who shall not be named than anyone else in the house. Donny is simply just not up to it, he doesn’t get into game play with anyone except to say America voted on them as a team they should have each other’s backs, which he is the only one doing that for the others. Sadly I vote to evict Donny!

  61. I can’t believe the opinions posted on here, you all think Donny walks on water…one thing I agree with, Donny is a nice guy. But he’s not perfect. He has been telling his little white lies too, but most people on here wouldn’t admit that. Derrick and Frankie are playing the best games…would love to see them in the final two just because they are heads above the others in the way they are playing this game.

    1. With all due respect, Donnie has played this game entirely on his own. He’s been on the block SIX times and has managed to stay in the game. All the while alone and ostracized. I think that’s pretty amazing. Was his social game the best? No, but I don’t see where he had any options. They ostracized him immediately, so he chose to play holding his cards close to his chest. I think he’s played great. Imagine the patience it must take to put up with this immature cast who have treated him like crap for 60 some days. Derrick is definitely playing a good game, but he has everyone up his ass and quite frankly if the other players were a wee bit smarter (eyeroll), Derrick would not have all this power. I’m rooting for the player who’s had to go at it alone and just by chance happens to be a really decent human being. Team Donnie all the way! JMHO.

  62. If they are “denied Apple Pie” do you think Frankie/Derrick are going to realize it’s b/c America loves Donny so much or just chalk it up to America wanting Team America to stay together? I have a feeling Frankie will never admit Donny may be more liked that him. He will probably say America wanted to save Donny b/c it’s “fun” to watch the missions, and has little to do with Donny himself.

  63. Derrick is set on getting Donnie out. The only thing that might possibly sway Derrick to vote out Nicole is if he finds out tonight before the vote that the TA challenge failed. This will clearly show him we hate that they are getting rid of Donnie. He cares more than anyone what “America” thinks, so maybe he’ll swing to gain favor with the audience. Might be too late, though, if they’ve all decided beforehand to go with the house. But if Caleb and Frankie vote to keep Donnie and Derrick changes his mind at the last minute, could be a good night for Donnie. I rather doubt it because right now he is adamant about getting Donnie out. Wishful thinking I fear…but it would be awesome.

    1. On one hand they are pissing me off for what they are trying to do to Nicole. They screwed this girl so many times. She seems like a nice girl when she is not with Christine. On the other hand I like Donny. I know he has had it rough there too. Production is really pushing for Donny to stay, but he did win all that money from the TA missions. If Donny does stay I wouldn’t put it past Frankie and Caleb to tell Donny that Derrick and Cody really wanted him out but they insisted he stay. I wish Christine were up next to Donny!! Another thing someone posted if Julie Chen talks about the apple pie and it’s a no before the vote, I agree Derrick may vote out Nicole because he will know that America does not like them.

  64. Come on Beast Mode, work your magic again. He did save Zach that one time. If he saves Donny too… I want Beast mode and Donny in the final two. I’m actually starting to like Caleb a lot. I think he is a good guy, little bit cray cray – definitely – but a good guy. If Donny leaves i’m team Beast Mode Cowboy.

    1. I actually think it would be a good move for Caleb. He is the only one in the house that Donny really likes and though he probably doesn’t know it, he’s in need of an ally about now.

  65. I like Donny but he dug his own grave. How stupid do you have to be to fold on the numbers game not once, or twice, but three times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when Cody who put you on the block has two passes???? Send Donny to the jury house for his stupidity. Like I said I like Donny and wanted him to win, but now I don’t feel sorry for him, he gets evicted by his own hand.

  66. Fans do not let Frankie and Derrick fool you! They are doing this to( give Donnie false hope so he won’t out TA . Watch how they scramble when Caleb takes the bait they know he will tell Donnie and Donnie will keep quiet! Tonight’s vote 5-0, Donnie leaves! sad ):

  67. If production REALLY wanted to keep the fans happy, then give Donny or Nicole the same as they gave Jeff S. and let one of them take the other off and put up two of these 7 jerks and vote one of them out. Frankie and Derrick talking to America in the camera last night was sick like they can gasligthing America … even duct tape can’t fix stupid

  68. Ok here goes. people and your whining so have to realize it’s a game! Let’s not forget that Donnie said it first when he wouldn’t do the TA mission and said ” Donnie is here for Donnie and so it goes Derek is for Derek Frankie is for Frankie and etc etc etc! ? Let’s not forget who has single handedly ran the house put all the ideas in everyone’s heads thus making it hard for anyone to really blame him! Zach has been a big mouth jerk all season and now you all are saying he’s so well liked well not by anyone I know!! Dan being beat by Ian was a joke he was a brilliant mastermind I mean who holds their own funeral and then doesn’t get voted out! At the end of the day Donnie will win America’s favorite and the cop who doesn’t make enough for the job he does will probably win SUCK IT UP its a game! At least Frankie or Christine aren’t taking home the money!!

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