Big Brother Spoilers – Veto Ceremony Results! “I feel like I’ve been up there all season!”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

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11:10am – 11:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto ceremony to take place. As the veto holder Cody has chosen not to use the veto as a result Donny and Nicole both remain on the block for eviction. Either Donny or Nicole will be going home on Thursday.

Veto Ceremony Results:

  • Cody did not use the veto
  • Donny and Nicole remain on the block

11:44am The live feeds return and Donny and Nicole are out in the backyard. Nicole says that she’s embarrassed. Donny says don’t be embarrassed, you’re funny. Nicole says I forgot what I was going to say. Donny says I was tickled. I was laughing and I’m on the block. Nicole asks what are we going to do this week Donny. I feel like I’ve been up there the last few weeks. Donny says I feel like I’ve been sitting up there all season. Nicole says you’ve definitely had it rougher than me. I think I’ve had it next roughest. Donny says you have. Christine joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 12-03-46-706

12:10pm In the fire room – Frankie comments on how “they” loved it. Loved it! (The BB broadway). Derrick says I’m surprised he (Caleb) didn’t want to get into it.. to build like his acting career. Derrick says that Donny did amazing at it. No bullsj*t I was impressed. Frankie agrees. Derricks says I think it was enough. Frankie says what do they want us to do sell our first born child. Frankie says they wanted us to have fun. It was like a freebie. Derrick says that wasn’t Amber at all. She just wanted to show her boobs and a$$ off. When she went like this (jiggled her t!ts) I was like OH MY GOD Victoria! Caleb joins them and talks about how whenever he’s talking to Cody.. Christine always comes over and crashes it. I can’t ever talk alone with him.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 12-15-55-621

12:20pm Out in the backyard – Nicole asks Christine do you know what you’re doing this week. Christine says yes. You’re not going home. Don’t worry about it. Christine says I’ve wanted Donny out since week zero! And there is no way in hell they would do any different. Donny joins them. They talk about how Caleb, Frankie, Derrick and Victoria have gone back to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 12-20-09-561

Derrick says I can’t believe we potentially have $38,000 coming. I wanted to thank you because you’ve been doing a great job. I know you’re not doing it for me or Donny but I appreciate your effort. You were amazing. You came up with 3 ideas and executed one of them. Literally we’re at $38,000 and we don’t know how many more we’re going to get. We could get another 3. Derrick comments during Elissa’s season there was a week off after the buy back and then there was another double eviction. It would make sense for this week to be an endurance.

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12:35pm – 12:45pm Donny, Christine, Nicole and Cody are sitting on the backyard couch talking. They’re talking about words that sound gross like ointment and placenta. Victoria joins them. Nicole says I got to play with a placenta. Cody asks what’s a placenta? Nicole explains its what feeds the baby and comes out when you give birth. Donny asks you played with it?! Nicole says well not played with it but dissected it for nursing.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 12-38-56-054

1:20pm – 1:50pm Nicole, Donny and Victoria are in the kitchen cooking slop and tofu. They talk about going to nap soon while the others are napping. Donny says because if we don’t and we nap later when everyone else is up its constant (the noise).

2:35pm All the house guests are sleeping. Big Brother calls Cody to the diary room.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 14-07-01-682

2:40pm Cody comes out of the diary room and Nicole gets called in. Victoria and Christine wake up too. Cody heads up to the landing outside the HOH room door. Cody says we’re gathered here to celebrate the opening of Pandora’s Box! You all are going to be showered with manure and I’m going to be showered with MONEY!! HAHAha just kidding! I would let you come up here but no peasants allowed. Cody buzzes them up to join him. Victoria talks about how annoying Donny was when she was cooking the tofu earlier. She says that he was watching her every step and being super annoying. God pissed me off man! Then I told him Donny you’re so rude! Stop! Christine asks wait you said Donny’s rude to his face? Christine says that’s awesome! Victoria says its so rude I don’t need someone doing that when I’m trying to help make them something. Cody jokes that he contemplated using the veto. Christine slaps him. Cody says on Victoria!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 14-46-04-065

3:18pm Donny and Nicole head out into the backyard. Nicole says that the tofu they made earlier made her stomach hurt. She says at this point I don’t even want to eat at all the next 3 days. Donny says you have to, it might be hanging on a wall on Thursday. It’s about time for that. Nicole asks does Hayden really talk how Caleb made him sound? Donny says that Caleb did the worst last night. He didn’t make him sound like he sounds. Donny says on the outside I am not the older guy. I am know to be a nice, funny guy. In here its different. Nicole says you’re like what I hang out with in my town. I’m their age and I feel excluded. Its just a game. Donny says that likeability is negativity in here. There is a lot more competition in here. Donny says my goal was to be likeable. And if that’s your goal that will only take you so far. My heart out weighs my brain .. so these games aren’t made for me. Nicole says she is so disappointed in herself in the stay and fold competition. Donny says I don’t want to say right now we can talk about that when we get out. But I think we were in the same boat in that one. I think you know what I mean. Donny says lets not talk about that right now .. we can talk when we are gone because right now we are against each other.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-25 15-07-27-702

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239 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Veto Ceremony Results! “I feel like I’ve been up there all season!”

    1. For the third time in Big Brother history it is time to bring back the Coup d’ Etat. This allows the holder to veto the two HOH nominations and replace them with two of the Coup holders nominations. Only the current HOH and veto holder are exempt from nomination. That would cause the guys to turn on each other and make for some exciting television.


      1. I only remember the coup de ta used once by Jeff and Matt had the diamond veto. Did I miss where the coup de ta was used twice..I could be wrong. Simon or Dawg

          1. It was Boogie that had the first one. All Star season. But there was no reason for him to use it because they pretty much had control of the house. WHen Jeff used it it was awesome because it really changed the game up . Ohhh Shima lols.

            1. Boogie did not use the coup de ta . His first week he like who was on the
              block. His second week he won HOH so he did not have to use it.

      2. They have got to do something to spice up this season of BB. It is getting so BORING. A coup d’état would be great and fun to see all the floaters backstab each other. Even a double eviction is predictable at this point. It would be Nicole and either Victoria or Christine. The only exciting part of this season will be at the finale when Christine, Cody, Victoria, Nicole, and Caleb realize they were played by Derrick and Frankie. They will see Derrick, Frankie and Donny receive a lot more money for their efforts during BB. That will be the real TWIST. Not one of those yoyos knew how to play the game and will walk away wishing they had NOT trusted Derrick or Frankie. At this point, it is Derrick and Frankie for the F2. Derrick will use his cop skills to stay in the game and Frankie is just a better competitor. They should have got those guys out a long time ago. It will be great to see Donny walk away with at least $50,000 for his TA efforts and AFP. He has my vote for sure.

    2. What happened to a “SEASON FULL OF TWISTS”? There hasn’t been any. Twist it up and save Donny and Nicole!!

        1. LOL! Yes, watching Frankie’s burlesque cavorting night after night makes this the “twisted season ever,” by far.

    3. Watch these guys is like watching a commercial you’ve seen 50 times. You wish you could just fast forward to the end. This group is just played out. To predictable.

    4. A power would be great to spice up such a boring season, but someone said it before, BB only uses powers on someone they need to go further in the game because they want to use that HG in the future – like Rachel or Jeff. They both got powers that let them go further and become more popular players. If Donny had a power, he would put up Derrick and Frankie. The house would vote out Frankie over Derrick and BB doesn’t want Frankie gone.

      1. Nicole and Hayden would be a better idea for future shows like Amazing Race. Frankie is disgusting as well as being delusional about his likability on the show. When people are posting their disdain on blogs and using bullhorns to voice their opinion of Frankie while he is in the BB house, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out he is not well liked and not a good spokesperson for CBS. Hopefully, he will be evicted soon so we will not have to witness him humping any more HG’s.

    5. If Production wanted to save Donnie or even make this week interesting, they would announce to the three Team America players that once once of them is voted out the Team America is over. NO MORE MONEY. I bet than Frankie and Derrick would do everything in their power to save Donnie.

      1. Not only is it possible, it’s happen right before our eyes. I have stopped watching the feeds, show and this is one of the first full post I’ve read in a few days (I feel bad about that because Simon and Dawg work hard and I don’t want their work to go unappreciated) because I can’t stand listening/hearing/reading what these fools are doing. It’s all the same, just a different day with them.


      2. On Entertainment Weekly radio on Sirius this morning they were saying this is the worst season since season 1. Last year they were terrible people but they at least played the game.

        1. Even if they played the game, they’re still horrible people. I will NEVER look at Aaryn, GM, & Amanda in a a positive light. They are all horrible women. They deserve whatever bad karma they get throughout their lives.

        2. It’s true – last year was a mess for sure and the House Guests were seriously horrible people but I actually enjoyed the season because it had some good game play. Some great competitors (Aaryn – girl could win comps), good old fashioned backstabbing (Judd Double Eviction), smart play (rat andy), divided house from week 1…I could go on.
          This season is like BB was too afraid to not be Politically Incorrect to do anything interesting. Where are all the twists we were promised?

    1. Yup and the funny thing is why are derrick, caleb, and cody SO threatened by Donny? What is going on here? LOL. 3 beefy young guys against good ol Donny. Stankie doesn’t count unless you count the amount of potential std’s he has in his corner to back him up.

      1. yah, but Frankie is allowing others (Derrick?) to fill his head with nonsense and he is picking of Frankies’ potential allies one by one. Zach, now Donny is a potential. Derrick also wants Donny out because he tells the truth and eventually one of the numbskulls is going to get a clue. Since Derrick thinks Nicole is going to go with them (cody and derrick) he might hang onto her for a bit to blame for getting Caleb or Christine out. One thing he doesn’t know is that Nicole has told Donny that her only targets are Derrick and Cody lol

      2. Isn’t big brother suppose to be a social experiment where they are manipulated by the powers on the outside (the fans) why is CBS not doing that…..I know why! I know an insider at CBS and they said Frankie has to be guaranteed to stay it is in his contract. All a part of the Viacom deal and Ariana. The fans will get no say or special power because CBS knows what an unlikeable character Frankie is on the live feeds (he is actually disgusting). The bogus play that was performed will earn Frankie and TA another $5000. Frankie will win America’s player if he doesn’t win the whole thing. It is a sure thing~ as is the sure thing that he will continue to get positive edits on the show. If you don’t like it you will have to shut your tv off, contact CBS or we have to hope that fans will continue to yell things into the house to upset the players and make them think. WE NEED to shake this GAME UP and fight back against CBS before they completely ruin a show many of us love.

    1. Don’t be silly…they don’t give out DPOV’s to the good guys CBS only gives it out to those already in power and the people that don’t need any help. Isn’t that pretty much the way it is in real life too?.

  1. SHOCKER!! I almost hope Frankie or Christine wins and takes out either Derrick or Cody. It would serve them right for not making the first move. Wow…that was really hard to say because I strongly don’t want either of them to win too!!

    1. Not too many TWISTS this season. Derrick is like the MOTHER DUCK with all her ducklings following behind quacking for instructions on their next move. The ducklings will be sitting at the finale quacking about how they were taken in by Derrick. As he walks away with the loot, he will be laughing at how dumb they were and how easy it was to sway each of them. It will be fun to see their faces when those quackers find out Derrick is a COP and used his skills to keep them all in his own personal LINE-UP.

    2. This has just become the WORST SEASON EVER!! So boring, no twists, HGs that are afraid to do anything! Can’t wait for Big Brother Australia to start… they know how to do a BB show!! Alison Grodner has official done it again, made another SH)TTY season with SH)TTY houseguests. Frankie and Derrick are horrible and you can see that the powers that be want them to win….why??? They s u c k!

      1. Amen, and hallelujah, BBAUS starts Sept 8. Our long twisty, twisted, twist of a summer is almost over. Tell Jocasta to losen up her tongue, it is time to rejoice!

    3. I really want to know how Julie keeps a straight face when saying expect the unexpected and that this is the most twisted season ever. It would be hilarious if she stopped mid-sentence and said something like “oh hell, I can’t say this! Its not even close to being true!” That would be epic.

  2. I cant believe how easily Cody is manipulated. Remember when he wanted to backdoor Caleb? Yeah, didn’t happen. Now when the best move for him is so obvious and he heard stuff from people outside he still bows to the will of someone else. If these people were actually playing this game they would use Nicole and Donny to their advantage rather than ceaselessly following Derrick and Frankie. Any smart player would make moves against the threats within their own alliance. Derrick should realize that Frankie and Caleb are tight and get one of them out. Strike first before they get you. As much as I hate Frankie I almost want him to boot Derrick just to show him what happens when you continually ignore opportunities in Big Brother.

      1. Don’t forget Cody is very educated he has a degree. WTF was the degree in!! Lounging, whining boasting behind a locked closet door bad ass

      1. I doubt Donny wins but his game is improving since he got zinged. Planting seeds of doubt in the minds of the little kids and getting the real players this season thinking out long term scenarios.

    1. If you go to cbs bb site you will see that there is no voting available for a TA mission…. I think production just told them to decide on something and maybe they would get paid for it and maybe they wouldnt… who knows. Maybe they will ask us to vote after they air it.? Im still voting no if they do.

      1. They have to show what they did for all of the viewers (probably Wednesday)….then they will call for the vote if the get the $5000 or not (VOTE NO!!)….and then they’ll announce the Epic FAILURE on Thursday’s show.

        1. They’ll tell the viewers, but they aren’t telling TA. Derrick thinks one of their misses was a win, if I remember right.

          production has indicated to Derrick that the BB play is not going to win it, but if they had done the SAve Donny it would. So if they lose, it will be because Derrick pushed to not do the Save Donny.

        2. We’ll of course they wouldn’t have a REAL mission because now that Zach’s gone, who are they gonna blame? What those TA losers (including Dony too because he didn’t try to stop it but don’t get me wrong I like Donny) did to Zach was unfair along with the renom rule (which is kinda sketchy but it was enforced once) Zach was getting f*cked over left and right and he should get something of a compensation for that. I would bet you anything that they (CBS) wanted Zach gone because he was stealing the spotlight away from America’s Favorite Freak, Frankie. And even after the people yell over the wall, the HGs still aren’t convinced?! NEWSFLASH! We on the outside know more than you submissive punks so you would do well to believe what is said. Sorry for the mini-rant, bug I needed to speak out at the injustices that were done to Zach and the general sh*tiness of Derrick and Frankie

          1. Yep Adam from BB9. To me Adam seemed to blend in to his group (which seemed to recognize the benefit of having split votes unlike these idiots) just like Cody is “blending” into Derrick.

            1. Adam I will admit taught us a very valuable lesson: Don’t use your winnings to try and start a criminal enterprise; you will be watched closely

      1. Slice it or dice it any way you want, it is a big move to take out Donny or Nicole, both of whom are coming after Cody and Derrick — who are in the only real alliance in the house (with each other).

        Take out Frankie this week, then what happens? Nicole and Donny have no major targets left in the house besides Cody and Derrick.

        It is like when Eric/Jessica made the deal with Dick/Dani in BB8. They could have taken Dick out (if Eric had decided not to campaign for Dick rather than just casting his vote as America wanted). And had they done so, they likely wouldn’t have gone out back-to-back in a double eviction — at the hands of Dick and Daniele, of course.

        Always take out the players who are coming after you. He’ll have a shot at Frankie soon enough.

  3. I can’t wait for this season to end:

    – Caleb, Cody, and Christine are going to look like idiots when they get out of the house and realize all the stuff Team America did (Christine will have her own issues on top of that)

    – Victoria is going to spend the next year wallowing in her own sorrow because viewers absolutely hated her for being the biggest floater the show has ever seen.

    – Frankie legitimately might off himself when he realizes most of America can’t stand him.

    – Derrick will be laughing all the way to the piggy bank (pun intended)

    1. Lil’ Sebastian you nailed it!!! Completely accurate description of life outside the house for these guys…the only thing I would add is Victoria will need therapy when she realizes Derrick is only using her to fill his piggy bank!!

    1. Of course they won’t. You think those idiots actually give a damn about what we want as fans? All the producers care about is what THEY think is entertainment and what THEY believe will get them good ratings. Grodner and crew don’t care if we hate the people that she adores. As long as they’re satisfied, it doesn’t matter what we think…

      Hopefully one of these days CBS will wake the fuck up and realize that it’s the production team who is making this show worse and worse every year. I’ve waiting for a couple years, so let’s not hold our breath just yet.

    2. Of course they won’t. You think those idiots actually give a damn about what we want as fans? All the producers care about is what THEY think is entertainment and what THEY believe will get them good ratings. Grodner and crew don’t care if we hate the people that she adores. As long as they’re satisfied, it doesn’t matter what we think…

      Hopefully one of these days CBS will wake up and realize that it’s the production team who is making this show worse and worse every year. I’ve waiting for a couple years, so let’s not hold our breath just yet.

  4. Wow, what a moron Cody is. Frankie and Caleb have proven they are better than him at competitions. Had a chance to backdoor one and but Donny as a target in front of him. Nomination speech for nominating Frankie to not upset the house could’ve been “You were a target a couple weeks ago but you did not go home. You lied to the whole house early on, now it’s time for you to go home.”

  5. Diamond power of veto was given ahead of time. It would be blatant rigging if they just give one now with donny on the block. I do think Nicole will end up going home through the more subtle rigging BB does with diary room advice.

    1. Agreed. Cotex could have easily rallied Nichole and Donny to his side since they have no alliance to back them up and made a move to split up his boring alliance. All Tampex-Cotex did was hand the game to Pig Face and the Skank. It seems these idiots really don’t want the 500K?! I don’t get the loyality to Derrick at all? Derrick will easily rip Cotex a new one very soon as Piggy Face wants Air Head Victoria to sit next to him thus forcing the jury to give him the win by default. Piggy Face is hedging his bets quite well to ensure he has the biggest chance to fly Air Head Victoria to victory. It is not even worth watching the show or live feeds this week it will be so boring and predictable. Very sad. At least Andy last year was sweating as he marched to the win during the final weeks of the show. .

      1. It would be a real twist and joke if Vic wins the money if Derrick takes her to F2. That may be his big mistake if he takes Vic to F2. With this bunch of HG’s as jury members, she may get enough to win. I can see Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta and Caleb voting for her out of spite for Derrick. He has sat around all season getting the other HG’s to do his dirty work. They may decide to teach him a lesson and give the win to the most useless player in BB history.

  6. Knew the pee sitter wouldn’t grow a pair. And by a pair i mean a brain and a set of balls. On a positive note this almost assures he will go out at the hands of christine the hooknose serial stroker,or frankie the disgusting horny spider monkey. Have at him you two because pee sitter doesn’t deserve another day in that house. I can’t believe he won all the power and could’ve took a shot at anyone and he goes at the old guy with no allies. You are a puzzzzzzy. Have fun in a final 4 vs psycho ninja caleb,an undercover cop and i wannabe fame whore who would slit his mom’s throat for some airtime. You really think your soft azzzz is making it out of that 4? Lmao should’ve rolled with zach. Beast mode tampax

    1. This sums up this fiasco perfectly and I could not agree more. Best analysis I’ve read in weeks.
      The real show this year is going to be watching these dumbos return to reality. It’s too bad there won’t be cameras catching that action because it would be riveting to witness.

  7. Bye Donny….I think more earlier Derrick is trying to get Christine or Frankie out before Nicole next week he seems to be floating that idea around and I think it’s a good move!!! Love him or hate him Derrick is a good player he literally has gone into that house and ran the whole game whispering in peoples ears and influncing people I also find it interesting he is acting right down to his clothes to win this game if only anyone else was playing this game it would be a way more interesting season!

    1. It makes more sense if he does do this. He can pull NIcole to his side as she is all alone and needs protection from piggy cop so to speak. Time to move the Skank out of the house already.

    2. I think Derprick may have just lost the game. Its between him and Fakie and Derprick had his shot and stopped NoBallsCody from taking it. If Fakie or Ratine win HOH Derprick’s on the block. This is BB—I bet Helen is yelling at the feeds–take your shot first or go home.

  8. so…CBS…where the twists at? the most twisted summer ever?

    did you mean that in a different way than we first thought. like instead meaning “how twisted it would be if we forced Frankie and Cody down their throats!””lets put a cop in there, cash in on 21 jump street, Frankie is 30 something, but that is ok

    oh and Zach’s mom totally sets the record straight, check out that video its out there, she will be telling Zach EVERYTHING….and its interesting how so many of us grow to like these HG’s and can’t stand to see them sad, you forget his poor mom is sitting there at work crying because Frankie is saying awful things and making Zach look bad. I think that entire “Zach is gay” storyline they put on CBS was BS!!!! who the heck are you to SHAME someone into coming out, when its possible he isn’t even gay. was the touching stuff and comments odd? sure, but really CBS? that was some bogus BS.

    I hate the editing this year. its just not a good season, too bad kaysar came back to watch such a lousy season.

  9. If anyone on this site has ANY pull with Big Brother Production, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get them hide a Diamond Powever of Veto OR a Coup de’tat. I would LOVE for Donny or Nichole to find this and remove themselves from the block and then on the LIVE eviction night and receive the power to put up two new houseguests. Julie Chen keeps talking about the ‘most twisted season’ ever and I have not seen anything remotely out of the ordinary. The head goons (Derrick & Frankie) have been running this household. Just another Amanda Zukerman show, really. Can you give Donny & Nichole a fighting chance to break up this stupid and boring cast of Detonators. My goodness, you allowed ZACH to leave and I don’t even watch the live feeds anymore. I come on this site every few days because I am so disgusted with the cast of ASS HOLES.

  10. So wonder how many more weeks we have left forced to watch Christine and Frankie molest Cody. This season by far is the worst, everyone is scared to make bold decisions, and when they do try, they can never seem to follow through or get it right.

  11. Oh Cody, you l1mpd1ck, pee-sitting coward! Back to your biggest move of the game being a bowel “movement” :(

  12. Way to go Cody!!!! Keep things the same because that’s what works best for Derrick’s game. The bright side is Donny is going to go home with way more money than most of these people and still get a few weeks vacation with the people that he likes and like him. Fingers crossed for Christine to go on the double eviction and be stuck in a house full of people who she despises. I vote for no more missions for TA once they have been broken up.

    1. And if we get to vote anymore on the choice of the mission, I will pick the one that I feel will be the hardest to accomplish. No Donny=No TA to me.

  13. your coverage has been great and entertaining, it’s not your fault that the HGs don’t give you much to work with…..I think the double HOH has ruined the game, it’s made it so easy for one faction to completely run the house……..also the returning HG is useless because they are usually targeted for re eviction right away…….if production really wanted fireworks and drama then whoever wins the right of return should also re enter the house as HOH, not shared HOH , but complete all powerful HOH , that would really shake things up. Can you imagine the chaos if Nicole came back as undisputed HOH?

    1. That’s a great idea Biff, I agree get rid of the double HOH and never, ever use it again. Bringing back an evictee as HOH would be major drama….can you visualize Zach coming back with vengeance?

  14. My man is cruising to 500K!!! Is there anybody in this house that can compete with Derrick? I will agree there are a bunch of idiots in that house but who cares!!! At this point I hope Frankie wins second just so the rest of the alliance will realize how stupid they were. I cannot stand Frankie but he deserves it. Donny is great and wish he could stay longer but it’s too late. Derrick got to the others way before he could.

    1. The rest of the alliance couldn’t care less if Derrick and Frankie win. How else to explain their non-existent game strategy and unwillingness to think for themselves. I have never seen less cognitive ability in a group of people than what these collective morons have. Did you see Nicole during the HOH comp last night? She locked in the same number (35) three times! Really? And she is smart?? Total embarrassment. She lost to Victoria who I saw lock in 70 at one point even though they haven’t even been in the house that long yet. Nicole is clearly should lock up this year’s most disappointing player. She got two lives and did nothing but show how weak and pathetic she is. The BOB was a terrible idea and eliminated any chance for the minority to knock out a member in the large alliance. This is the most non-competitive BB Season ever.

  15. I started out on the Donny fan bandwagon but the wheels came off weeks ago. He is bright and has his funny moments but overall, Donny is not good television. Even ZINGBOT hinted that. The final straw for me was when he back-stabbed Zach. Donny went back on his word and voted to evict Zach. Oh well, hopefully there is an endless supply of poptarts waiting for Donny at the jury house!

    1. I read that when Zach knew he didn’t have the votes, Zach told Donny to vote “with the house” so that Donny doesn’t have a bigger target on his back. I don’t know for certain. The reliable and truthful CBS edit (cough, cough) only showed Donny’s promise. It would seem that Zach would have said something if Donny’s vote was a surprise – like when Zach saw the goodbye message. Hopefully, someone can verify one way or the other.

    2. Didn’t Zach TELL Donny to go ahead and make his eviction unanimous to try and HELP Donny, since he knew he was outta there?

  16. Wow Veto does not get used lets keep playing “The Derrek” game. These people amaze me how clueless they are. Maybe I am a little bit more wordly but He has not been on the block at all. Never volunteered but no one sees this. I don’t get it. I am sad to see Donny go but looking forward to the big Cheer he is going to receive. and the 25k that he will win for americas favorit that plus all the TA missions he won I believe he all ready will have more than second place.

  17. The only option that would be “unexpected” would be if the final three were Victoria, Christine, and Frankie, and Victoria went home with the 500k, and Christine with the 50K. At this point, I can almost believe they deserve it because how is it that they have not been booted out before Donny, and (what will be twice) before Nicole??

  18. Right now I’ll except that Donny is going home. Even though he didn’t get to make really big moves he play the most honesty game and I feel he played the best game for him and he’s not going to leave being hated and he’s going to win Americas favorite and that will make me happy to see the reaction on all there face in the finale the ones who don’t don’t win any money.

    RIGHT NOW GOJNG FORWARD… I’ll be rooting for Nicole to get the next HOH win or pov and fight as hard and strong as possible and maybe get to final 2 and win that would be great. It’s hard trying to play AGANIST 6 people so that’s why I rooted for Donny because he had the common sence to see the real picture it would be great if he came back to play agin an another bb season

  19. I know Zack has a following, but he was very obvious in his sexual curiosity…that said, I don’t understand why everyone loves him so much, he was a bully in the beginning and really did not have an ounce of loyalty to anyone but Franky. Franky still has him wrapped around his pinky…it’s very obvious.

      1. YES….YES…..find that site and read the spin. It’s an “education” on the production of BB ……….EXCELLENT article.

  20. so can the cameras just follow the hg is the juror house now that Donny is leaving it sure would be way more entertaining.

    Also CBS let America give Donny Americas favorite and vote him back into the house when it gets down to the final 2 and he enters as HOH gets to decide who he(Donny) wants to sit next to,then the jury has to decide do we give the 500k to Americas fav or Americas hated?

  21. This season is OVER!!!! I have stopped watching the TV shows, BBAD and the live feeds. Simon and Dawg, I applaud your hard work, especially when this season was so horrible. Grodner and her casting crew really blew it this year. I would have thought things would have been better after last years disaster, but clearly this show has run its course unless Grodner and crew are fired. I loved this show! The concept was excellent! And it has been proven over the last two seasons that great casting makes all of the difference. Too bad ’cause this show had so much potential.

  22. I cannot for the life of me figure out what Derrick’s motive is for not taking this chance to get Frankie out?? Can somebody explain……

    1. Derrick is looking at a Jury majority that will include Nicole. He knows he would absolutely not win against Donny Final 2. After Donny goes, only left he might lose to is Frankie.

    2. It is simply about the TA. He thinks keeping Frankie in the game is going to make him popular, plus it is making him money.

    3. Yeah, Derrick doesn’t want Cody to make the BIG move and get the credit for taking out Frankie. He wants to do that himself, believing it will be a game winning move if he makes it to the finals.

    4. He wants Donny out at someone else’s hands so he potentially secures a jury vote (Not likely) AND allows the Detonators to wage civil war with the next HOH. The next HOH that wins will get their instructions from Derrick who the next target will be, just like every week this season.

    5. popularity. he is worried about the grande fans out there who may hate him. I think he is really hoping cody does it. expect him to plant little seeds to get a cody or Christine to do the dirty work there. he said he wondered where he was on jokers, I think there is genuine concern that Frankie is at the top like Frankie believes, when the truth is Frankie has less of a real following than derrick, the only people defending Frankie are family members friends, CBS and Zach(until he learns the real truth)

  23. BBUS is just continuing on it’s way to becoming the worst BB franchise ever! Compare BBUS to BBCAN where we actually got to be HOH for 1 week. Broke up the entire strong alliance and everyone was eventually evicted because of thatr week. When BBCAN says twistos Twist, you have to hold on to your seat to find out wtf they are up to now. I have watched BBUS since s1 and these last two season have been hard to continue watching when it gets down to the F4 or F5. I hope something happens but it is highly unlikely that Donny won’t be going home this week. Sad, but probably true. I have stopped watching the feeds and BBAD for the simple reason is that it is hard to watch the bunch of boozos left run down one of the most liked HG’s this season (we miss you Zach). Let get even by voting for them to lose the money on the task this time and by voting DONNY as AF this season. I think Zach also deserve it but it will peeve this sick crew to the extent it will be worth it.

  24. I remember when I used to look forward to a new week of BB. There was a time when you really DIDNT know what was going to happen week to week, because people were actually playing their hearts out for a half million dollar prize. It has turned into a show about a bunch of bullies, who sit on their asses, talk shit, and unanimously vote out whoever isn’t part of the clique. I’m over it. It has gone from a true competition to a popularity contest, and it honestly makes me sick.

    1. Sounds like high school. That why it is so sad. Bunch of hateful bullies who think they are on top of the pack. Mean Girls (Cody) at its best. Also, it feels as if BB has pretty much given up on the season that is how boring it is now.

    2. Yes, that is exactly how I feel. There were years when my favorites were kicked out early on, yet I still looked forward to watching the rest of the season because it was great entertainment. It has become boring and predictable. Perhaps if we all agreed to not watch and ratings drop BB will change it up.

  25. What I am about to write may seem like just “another disgruntled” viewer, but it is really more a question. I understand that BB is about lieing, cheating, and getting the money, BUT…where did all the GOOD GUYS go??? Where did the BB days of people like Boogie, Dr. Will, Jeff and Jordan, and Dan go? I’ll tell you…CBS has sold their souls, THAT’S WHERE! They edit for prime time all of the sexual content (of heterosexuals), the cursing, and save the sex for the adult audience late night. However, last season we got grossed out watching Amanda be a literal TRAMP on national t.v., this year we get to (on PRIMETIME) watch grown men rubbing all over each other and talking vulgar to one another! CBS, I thought that is what your “After Dark” series was for, not for running this filth down the throats of 10 and 11 year old children that “loved” your show!!! I am not a racist, nor homophobic, but I DO NOT WANT THAT SH!!! rammed down my kids throats either! Picking on older contestants (Donnie) that actually have a brain and more importantly attempt to use it (much unlike his younger counterparts). If this is the best you can offer on BB now, perhaps you should consider REMOVING it from the air!!! The morals in our country have gotten so low that national networks think THIS is what we want to see on television three times a week? I am sure that CBS could care less about MY opinion, but unless CBS can clean it up….I am through watching ANY program they air! Thanks to all for listening!

    1. That is your problem if you let your 10 and 11 yr old watch a Tv show geared to adults. Its a house full of all ages and you are “shocked” you are seeing adult conversation and swearing and lying cheating stealing and other things that go on in the show. Maybe you should put the 10 and 11 yr olds infront of something they can learn from instead of a TV show geared to Adults and one that Adults like to watch for some mindless entertainment with out having it turned into Sesame Street.!!

      1. Mr. RollsBalls this is exactly my point! This show is being shown DURING PRIMETIME!!! We watch this show with our children to point out alot of things that they “should not” do like lie, cheat, talk about others, etc.. Therefore, if it is being shown on a national network during prime time hours, should it not be held to a little stricter guideline. If this show was for ADULTS ONLY then it would have found a home on a pay-per-view channel or “after dark”. Adults should at least attempt to behave appropriately, such as, married women NOT groping young men on national t.v. and the like. So, Mr. RollsBalls don’t think for a moment that 10 and 11 year olds all over the country aren’t watching this show (no matter how mindless you consider it to be) and it is up to the networks to either find their morals or at least warn the viewer that explicit content will be shown DURING primetime hours and then we can all make better decisions which programming to choose. After all, kids want a little “mindless” television as well!

        1. “We watch this show with our children to point out alot of things that they “should not” do like lie, cheat, talk about others, etc.. “<————– That is absolutely foolish. Maybe it should be YOU to teach your child these things like not to lie cheat and steal and also remind yourself and your children that it is a GAME on TV and try not to rely on a TV show that most watch for entertainment for Adults , to teach your children morals. HELLO Mcfly anyone in there.
          This is an Adult Show. Prime Time, then turn the channel genius.

    2. The best BB season wasn’t with a “good guy”. It was EvelDick’s BB season and he was not question a villain. Oh and Dan was not a good guy, he was a master manipulator like Derrick. I wouldn’t even consider Boogie one of the “good guys”.

      1. I always liked boogie and hell no he wasn’t a good guy. Either was Dan Dick and a few others. Even though they were a bit crude sometimes in their ways, for some unjustifiable reason they were likeable. :) But they also did what they needed to do to win a game.

        There is a parental guidance suggested before every Big Brother airing. You should make better choices of what your kids are watching.

    1. all you down thumbers are just annoyed because you know I am right. If you vote no, you are harming Donny more than any houseguest has with words. YOU ARE TAKING 5 GRAND from him.

        1. But, the vote is just on this one task. HAS NOTHING TO DO with if he can win the game. It is simple, a no vote is also a vote to take 5 grand from Donny. Noone can dispute this, because it is fact.

          1. Agreed, and I am completely okay with Donny not getting the $5K on this mission. I despise Frankie so much, I would love nothing more to see his expression when he finds out he’s not getting paid $5K for his “play”. This is my way of saying F U to Frankie and Derrick for not choosing to save Donny. I also have despised the TA “twist” from its inception.

            I understand Donny won’t get the $5K, but my vote for America’s Favorite will be for Donny, so hoping he gets $25K.

              1. I believe Donny will be happy to know America chose to vote no to the play. Donny didn’t like the idea of the play (understandsbly, he wanted it to be used to save the him, the alliance member) and was over-ruled by Derrick and Frankie. I’m hoping Donny finds out the mission failed before he leaves on Thursday so he can say “guess you should’ve saved me…..”

            1. I NEVER comment on these boards but I think I have to this time. Why in the world would Frankie and Derrick save Donny for $5,000 when that could ultimately cost them $500,000? Think about it, Donny wants Frankie and Derrick out. When the choice is between $5000 or half a million dollars there really is no choice. And before everyone gets upset and starts attacking me for my opinion I must say I wanted Donny to win from the start. Even Donny knows that saving him would be one of the dumbest moves ever. It would be on par with Lawan’s bone head move in season 12.

    2. I’m not giving Frankie and Derrick 5K when they turned down the suggestion of making the task to keep the TA Team intact by saving Donnie. People are already working on making it up to Donny. Dollars4Donny opened yesterday on gofundme and it is already over $700. Donny’s girlfriend Kristine has been contacted about the fund and she says is excited about this effort and will be providing pictures for the site.

        1. We’re taking five grand from Donny. It was against his character to do a mission and it’s against my character and America’s to put a dime more into Skankie’s pockets. And Donny would agree.

      1. And I can’t wait to see the other HG’s faces when they see this wonderful accolade to Donny. Derrick, Cody, Christine, Victoria, AND Caleb/Frankie (egos personified) will be so chapped!!! What a wonderful slap to their hateful personalities. Absolutely love it…

  26. Cody asks what’s a placenta? OMFG Temple? really? you graduated from Temple? To all the “potential” employers of this CHILD, I was thought this in high school, this fucking moron is truly a piece of work. DON”T HIRE HIM!!!! LMFAO

      1. Not to be mean but to quote Judge Judy: “Beauty fades; dumb is forever.” If he doesn’t want to fall into the second category, it seems he needs to mature and stop behaving like a petulant child.

      2. The other night Cody asking what 50% of 1500 was. Said he was not good at percentages….what the heck…he must have bought his diploma.

        1. Remember these are people that argued whether Amsterdam was a city or a country and came to the conclusion it was a country (wrong) and what the difference is between Christianity and Catholicism (Catholics are Christians).

      1. don’t forget – Caleb did not recognize a grapefruit when he saw it – demonstrates the collective intelligence of the young adults of the USA – fame whores devoid of social skills and basic intelligence

  27. I have a feeling Thursday is going to be a very sad night for me. I hate to see Donny go, he was the little bit of good left in that house. I said I wasnt going to watch after this Thursday but I cant wait to watch the fools left in the house turn on each other.. or better yet continue to try to maintain their friendships and get their throats cut in the process.. starting with Tucan Sam Christine

  28. Eurekaaaaaa!!!! the twistiest twists of BB16 is NO twists. Oh how wicked of CBS.

    Maybe we’re all collectively having the same nightmare and we’ll wake up and find out this was all a dream.

    Guess Vagody didn’t find his big pants and prefers to continue wearing a dress. Hee’s such a good slave/puppet for Master Wiggum and his drag Queen …Skankie.

  29. Was there really any doubt? Cody’s balls are currently in Derricks possession, and after finale they’ll be in Chrustine’s mouth, where she wanted them all season long..

    As with the last 5 seasons, Expect The Expected

  30. I suggest that Cody go see his OBGYN once he leaves the house….get it checked out, Cody, cause you sure dont have any nuts!!!

  31. I’m not sure what the difference is between feedsters and BB fans insulting the players and the players talking trash against their fellow houseguests. At least they’ve lived together 24/7 for a few weeks and might know each other pretty well. It amazes me to see so many people call them names (Crustine, Piggy, Fakie, Tampax) and even more so to see hatred spewed at them (calling someone ugly, rat-faced, crazy, etc.), but then see those same people LIVID when a houseguest talks about another houseguest. I don’t think anyone in that house is a bad person. I think living with the same people 24/7 without even an iota of outside life, it probably makes them a little stir crazy in there and conversations cover the spectrum. Every season there will be some houseguests that don’t get a long with each other. It happens in real life, too, but we generally can just walk away and never deal with them again – not quite the same in this setting. This will probably be overly “thumbs down,” but maybe don’t cyber-bully someone who you think is a bully. Two wrongs don’t make a right…

    1. @ Pot&Kettle I totally agree with you. It makes no sense that a lot of people are talking shit about the house guests talking shit about the house guests. :P
      If people can stick to talking about the “game play” of the players and not what they look like, it would be more interesting to read. Keyboard warriors who are the first ones to cry foul after doing the same thing in return.
      Look at the mockery of these commenters because you said you don’t see the need for name calling.

  32. fellow NJ dude, almost pissed myself, Kotex Cody, that alone makes me giggle, ask him if he knows what a Kotex is, lmao BIGGEST PU$$Y of BB EVER!!!!!

  33. I’ll give it to Derrick, to control this game without ever having to do much, may look impressive, when you’re dealing with like-minded players, but when you’re dealing with a bunch of children, you’re really not doing anything.

    I said the same thing last season Demanda wasn’t all that, not smart at all, she was just dealing with a bunch of sheeple, and sheeple are easily controlled. And it was painfuly obvious that soon as she lost power, she wasn’t winning s**t…

    I think the same will happen with Derrick…

    1. But Andy dispatched her to jury. Comparing Derrick and Andy, Andy did play a better game no matter what one thinks of his game. Derrick has it easy compared to Andy this season because all the house guests are idiots (except Donny, Zach, or Nicole) or simply fame whores like Skank. They make it easy for Derrick to win this season. I mean how stupid do you have to be when presented with perfect timing to get rid of a strong player and Kotex Cody is too timid to do it because Derrick tells him “no.” I think Kotex thinks he can beat Derrick in the final comps and get rid of him to jury. Dangerous plan Kotex when other strong players better at comps than you will take you out earlier including Pig Face if presented with the chance.

      1. Up until Demanda lost power, all Andy was doing was being a rat… If Demanda never lost power, she would’ve ended up winning..

  34. This season would have been a hell of a lot better if Donny had 6-8 people and Derrick had 6-8 people. But nope this season is shit.. Idk which season is worst? 15 or 16? 15 had some fights.

  35. Two seasons in a row where people vote with what the house wants! I hope next season’ s cast does what they want. Should we be surprised Cody didn’t use the video lol. He is the biggest wuss in big brother history lol. He should be in a snickers commercial cause he’s so bitchy all the time like he’s hungry haha

  36. Yay, Frankie got to finally wear his mom’s clothes… It is so much fun playing “dress up”. I am sure America just loves it. We just can’t wait to see what that cute little man slut is going to do next. He was only able to bring two players “out of the closet” (Caleb & Zach)’ with a little more time Derrick, Frankie & Cody will be hugging more frequently.
    This is so frigging ridiculous. Big Brother should “outlaw” alliances… Take away the stipend or levy a fine when an alliance is formed. Why didn’t America get the chance to disrupt these stupid alliances

    1. I think what BB needs to do (and they may have been caught this season with the herd mentality of the house guests) is to create some form vehicle that if an alliance develops or becomes to strong or predictable is to blow them up at every chance forcing each house guest to play as an individual and not hiding behind other or using others to do their dirty work.

    2. Yup, Freakie has been looking for a reason to dress up this whole season. He finally got it. Yuk!! What a useless piece o chit.

  37. Once Nic is gone the rest of the idiots will “stop” playing because they will think the game is over! They will just say “we made the biggest move in BB history! ” and look at each other while Pig-Boy continues to play.

  38. I don’t know who is more of a moron Cody or Victoria.. They don’t even realize Derrick and Frankie are controlling them.

  39. All CBS has to do is tell derrick and Frankie in the diary room that they don’t get 5000 dollars the play was awful and it wasn’t really a play just them mocking people. If they still want the 5000 dollars they have to SAVE DONNY!! Then tell Donny to tell derrick and Frankie that he is going to tell all the jurors about Team America !! Derrick will be scrambling to get Victoria to vote Nicole and Frankie will try to get Calib to vote Nicole. ALL they have to do is tell them she came back she going right back out
    Team fear the beard for the win!!
    Then Donny wins HOH and puts up Frankie and Calib with the option of backdooring derrick,cody,chirstine in that order!

  40. Who loved that stupid play? It was disgusting and a bunch of profanity toward the evicted houseguests. This is a TA mission? To make fun of people? I hope the evicted houseguests hate them as much as we do. I hope they stop the stupid TA thing, so stupid. Was not fun at all. Got Zach blamed for a bunch of crap. Pretty much ruined his game. It will probably be Donny’s best day on Big Brother to get the Hell out of the house. Will watch Thursday, but that is only for Donny. And whomever said we are taking $5,000 away from Donny with this TA mission Play thing by not voting for it – I am sure Donny won’t care. He wanted to be saved. Serves the other two right with not getting anymore money or anymore missions. Bigger jerkoffs than last year. At least last year they surprised us with who went home sometimes, and that group had racists in it!

    1. Some of the play was funny.. but for the most part it was a disaster and not worth the 5 grand they are supposed to get each.. Previous seasons do things like this just out of the blue for fun.

      I like Donny as much as the rest of you but this is just too stupid of a task to give them money for. The task should have been to save Donny. If I ever did vote for CBS stuff I would VOTE NO!

      1. I agree with you, Simon. 100%!! The play sounds like it was just like the dumb stuff they always do to pass the time. It was something orchestrated by Frankie so he could preen and prance around some more. America would never have chosen it; therefore it is NOT TA!! I love Donny and don’t think he’d even want the $5k for the stupid play money. I am voting NOOOO if we are given the opportunity.

        1. BB had to lock them out of the backyard just to get them to participate. It was very poorly executed, not like a play at all just them getting up and ragging on the departed houseguest in a very demeaning way. Frankie said that DR was not keen of the idea in the first place but Frankie told them how great it was going to be. It came nowhere near great!

        2. Team America is assigned missions supposedly to influence the other house guests’ game strategies or to cause disruption, suspicion or paranoia. The BB Broadway play did nothing resembling a mission, nor did it do anything to resemble Broadway. It was somewhat amusing as an amusement, but an epic fail for a mission. Wow…and to think TA had the chance to come up with their own mission and that’s what they thought America wanted!!! I suppose after living with their ovine housemates all summer that they just figured that all of the viewers would be complacent and just agree to anything they threw out there.

  41. I love how people want to “take down” the people who are playing the game. Now all of a sudden Crust and Fartkie are the Favs? Ya okay, talk about a crowd of sheep. You people would be eaten alive if you were ever in the BB house and it would be a BLAST to watch you idiots with all the “great game play behind a computer screen” go out one by one.
    You can not be anti social in a social game. You just cant.

    1. Sure you are not looking at the most disliked poll because Frankie and Chris sure aren’t favorites on the polls here.

  42. We’ll as far as im concerned when a TA member goes home so should the money. America voted them in and they shouldn’t be able to vote one member out and still continue. Its not right. Infact i think if they vote a member out all the money should go to the person leaving. That would change there minds quite quickly. Im from canada and must say i like our two season’s better. As with here the bullies and means were in control and then production wanted a change up and canada became hoh and got rid of the biggest bullie and the game changed. Love it as i was able to vote.

  43. Well Cody & Derrick are going tomorrow regret not getting Frankie out this week especially if he wins HOH they’re going on the block which serves them right cause they should’ve made the first move it’s too late in the game ro be deciding with the house!!! Boy these people are dumb & when the go to jury I hope Donny tells them I told ya so!! Damn Dummies!!!

      1. I assume you are being sarcastic when you say “fan base.” Skank has no fan base. His You-tube whatever is a collection of immature and unprofessional BS to make the Skank think he is important to world. Look, his step sister is the real deal that is for sure. She was excellent on the VMAs and won an award even. She has talent and seems to be very level-headed. She didn’t even mention Skank when she won her award last night. I guess her handlers are trying to minimize the damage her skank brother’s behavior may have on her.

  44. Well officially, the season is now in the crapper. So why not go for the trifecta for final three. Caleb, Victoria, and Cody. May as well end on a disgusting note!! Nothing would surprise me anymore because I am so over it. By the way, Donny has friends in the jury house now and he will have plenty of time to clue them in as to what has gone on all season and they would be intelligent ears by comparison. If Derrick slithers through for the win, the least they could do is shun him like they did Donny!

  45. Donny is a great competitor, but he lacks in the social game.. He should have worked on alliances instead of being a stubborn old man. In the last episode, Derick threw him a bone and instead of being stubborn he should have bit, he had nothing to lose.. Then come back after you save yourself and win HOH and backstab.. You don’t win BB based on being nice.. After so many darn season, you think people would finally figure that out.

  46. Are most of you people idiots? How can you watch all the live feeds, After Darks, read this site (which I love BTW) and then other sites about this show and then say its boring? Heres an idea. Go out side for some fresh air. Its boring because you know every little detail about whats going on. You are forgetting not every fan reads the boards or goes on sites or watches After dark. Most just watch BB when it comes on 3 times a week and they are liking it. There is such a personal hate for some of the people on BB this year that you are forgetting its not just a show about Judging people you are watching. Which is all most of these people seem to do. You are taking the fun out of it for yourself and maybe you should stop watching.

    “Where are all the good guys like Boogie , Wil, Dan , Dick”……I almost spit out my coffee.

    1. I would have to strongly disagree. I do not watch live feeds (waste of my hard earned money) and I come here once in a great while to read. The show sucks. Not everyone that watches it 3 times a week think its a good show. The players are boring, puzzy whipped children controlled by Porky. This is a sad excuse for a reality show. There is no reality…very obvious who CBS has chosen to win. It’s a shame. Frankie is a skank and embarrassment to the gay community, Caleb and Cody are just idiots, Christine is obsessed with anything young with muscle Victoria…nothing. Got nothing. Worthless. Zach showed spunk and Donny played alone and still succeeded. So disappointing….I have turned my recorder off..just someone tell me when Derrick wins….q

    1. Its that Derrick is the luckiest to have a cast of kids rather than people his own age or older. Derrick would have been gone already

  47. donny’s finally going to jury on Thursday… i’m happy. team america’s tasks will be funnier without him… he never did anything. he couldn’t throw a vote against jokasta when it didn’t matter for a task and screwed derrick and frankie by doing so, but he wanted them to save him as a task. get real donny…

  48. As much as I despise Frankie (and Christine) I hope he gets Cody or Derrick out next week. Frankie has proven to be good a comps on top of being ruthless. And it’s obvious he and Caleb are a team since Frankie has Caleb all to himself now. Like most of the others going before them they didn’t have wiggle room to make mistakes and when the light bulb went off it was to late. I hope it happens to one of them. Oh and Christine maybe shouldn’t get too comfortable they may try to use Nicole to get her out if she wins HOH. I hated Nicole’s game up until she got backdoored which in my opinion had to happen to her to get it. But if she can make it through another two weeks she can maybe be the she-hero of the season.

  49. Codrick should have assumed Nicole would be going for Christine and Donny would go for Christine first, and both would put Caleb up as well. If he had made the move to put up Frankie to get F out, easy to do, take Nicole down and have her vote F out, which she’d be happy to do, make the deal with both of them to keep Cody off the block, meaning even if Derrick was up, derrick wasn’t going out if he went up next to Christine or Victoria or Caleb because Cody and whoever else is voting to make sure Derrick stays.

    It would have been easy couple of weeks for Codrick, but oh well. Now who is going to have a chance to beat Frankie with Caleb? Not Derrick, and that kind of shows that Derrick is not playing a smart game, he’s playing some kind of coward or petty revenge kind of game. It isn’t in his best interest to have targeted Donny so heavily. He’s succeeded in making other HGs think that Donny is despicable, but he had an ideal opportunity to just make Donny a non-threat and keep him happy in their TA alliance and working for and with him. This focus is pathological and nonsensical.

  50. Oh Cody being a college graduate doesn’t keep you from being a dumb kid. When you get home and watch the show you will agree with Donnie’s thoughts! You could have made a big move.

  51. I am sorry to be so pessimistic, but what good could any special power or production involvement really do? Personally, I don’t like outside involvement whether it is for someone I like or don’t like – but I certainly don’t fault those who hope for some help.

    In this case, it is not as if the DPOV (etc.) could balance the power or level the field so that the game would be more challenging for That-Group-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. At most, it buys another week, but doesn’t cause any true shift. It may get out one strong “alliance” member but it would almost need to be continual interference until the numbers dwindle.

    Please correct me if I am wrong … I can only see it being the source of prolonged agony in that house.

    1. I hate the idea of outside interference but this season really needs some help. Its been very uneventful. Like how last Thursday as Julie is telling the house guests about the Jury members coming back and saying “The most Twisted Summer”, the guests are sitting their waiting, knowing whats coming, and almost mouthing what she says. Just a very predictable season so far. SO I hope they can somehow mix it up. They should have kept the 2 HoHs going at least this week since it would have been the first time it got interesting. Or even bring it back next week to keep that week from being another boring one like this with Nicole going home and no drama. I really don’t care what they do, but they really need to do something. I don’t want to watch Derrick pin the house against one person week after week.

  52. I hope someone puts up a Youtube compilation video of all the highlights of BB16, including all of Christine’s many and varied “I Hate” comments, Cody’s incessant snot-swallowing, Caleb explaining in detail his many and varied life skills, Frankie shrieking and humping everyone’s legs, and Derrick, telling each and every HOH just how it’s all going to go down. Oh, and then there’s Victoria: Victoria, alternately plucking facial hairs and staring blankly off into space.

      1. Saw it and it is pretty accurate there is also one of Frankie too including that wonderful, classy comment where he calls Nicole a C88t. CBS MUST BE SO proud of their golden boy! So worth protecting.

  53. They just Disgust me Disgust me!!!!!! Frankie’s on national TV in full drag at the same time his sister is on national TV at the VMA’s winning an award. How embarrassing and Disgusting, his family should be ashamed, what an embarrassment. Shame on you BB and CBS for airing this dirt!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  54. Are there rules to Team America? Will they continue to get missions after Donnie is gone? I think since America hired them, we can fire them! They don’t deserve a cent more!

  55. Okay this has got to be the worst season so BB yet! Seriously, the BB Broadway is just stupid. I love the idea of Pandora’s box and the twist be that both NOMS are safe and two more NOMS have to be named. If Donny goes this week I will stop watching. Everyone else on this show sucks!!!!! #saveDonny

  56. There have actually been too many twists this season. The two HOH twist and Battle of the Block ruined the game and sucked all the drama out of it, but they still happened. You all are just mad that production isn’t blatantly rigging the show for Donny.

  57. Why is it bad for Derrick to “try to manipulate people into helping him move forward in the game”….Yet hes called a bully, so if Cody had of done what the “crowd” wanted , then everyone would have liked Cody because he didn’t listen to what Derrick said to do, he listened to what you wanted him to do?? I guess that wouldn’t make him a sheep then if he did what YOU wanted. Interesting crowd mentality innit.

  58. I stopped watching last year when it was the final three w/ Ann Marie, Spencer and Andy. This year, there’s six losers remaining!


    If you don’t, you’re going to have negative ratings. Do what the majority of BB fans want and put some excitement back into this season!

  59. If there is any bright side to this season it will be coming Thursday! One chance Nicole wins HOH will get the nimrods freaking, if not someone will be put up with her to put the crack in the glass wall. Then the back stabbing begins much to the liking of most everyone in the audience. Lets hope each goes off like Amanda did that would salvage some of the season in my opinion!!!!! We need a disclaimer before the show

  60. Who is the “they” Frankie is referring to? Because everyone I know who saw that stupid show, including myself, thought it was a waste.

  61. The activity trackers,,,, I think might be Donny’s saving grace! They will see that he did more than sleep and he will receive possibly diamond veto or something similar !! This could be a smart “twist” and accurate and fan appreciated!!!

  62. I cant believe I am saying this.. I am SO FINISHED with this season.. I thought last years was bad.. but this one has taken the cake. Only two words to sum this season up ..TOTALLY DISCUSTING

  63. Every season we say they are lame but I have only one wish…Derrick to get eliminated before the final….all that hard work and conniving and for what?

  64. Donny could easily be saved this week, if word gets out Nicole’s targets are Derrick and Cody. (which they are)

    All Donny has to do is tell Derrick this and the votes will flip immediately. That simple.

    1. Really all Donny has to do before he leaves is blow up the Team America alliance. Tell everyone in the house that Derrick, Frankie and Donny were the reason amber went on the block and ultimately went home… That would upset Caleb. Tell the house that they were the reason everything went missing and that they made “X” amount of money from these tasks. That would turn the house against Derrick and Frankie in a heart beat. If I were Donny and I didn’t get to stay… That is what I would do.

  65. Unless you are strictly a Derrick fan, this season is such a waste. I personally like Derrick and his strategy, but I feel like the only reason it is serving him so well is because he is in a house full of idiots who spend more time sleeping, grooming, and promoting themselves than playing this game. SO BORING!

  66. OMG…..I’m so sick of Victoria & her ratty ass hair I wish she would STFU & crawl in a hole & never come out!!! Christine you said it’s awesome VileVicky told Donny he’s annoying to his face well it’s gonna be awesome when you find out how much you both are hated by America!!!! Cody & Derrick are gonna regret not back dooring Frankie if he wins HOH this week they both are going on the block, I’m not a Frankie fan i can’t stand him…but it will serve them right cause they had their chance to make a big move bug Cody gave his balls back to Derrick!!!

  67. simon me an my friends or voting no for that team America misson broadway
    but we vote yes to save Donny production just give him special veto what a shame derrick and Frankie
    on team America but before the team came together I though Nicole was in the lead over them it was Donny Nicole then Frankie derrick was suppost to be on the team all us fans or not dumb we know

  68. Just went to the gofundme page for Donny and the following had been entered:

    This was posted on Jokers by Donny’s brother (Verified) I am Donny’s brother and the Dollars for Donny was not approved by anyone from his/my family. Please DO NOT send any of your hard earned money to someone who will abuse it. Donny will appreciate the support from all of his fans. He would not want your money! Please DO NOT DONATE! . Thank you, Tommy Thompson Donny’s Big Brother

  69. Production should let the fans vote who goes on the block every week. That would sure shake up these boring house guests.

  70. Figured Victoria would be the one to make some nasty food to upset Nicole’s stomach before the HOH…. Not like Princess is going to win ANYTHING, anyways, unless everyone else throws it to her.. Can’t wait til she gets out and realizes how utterly useless she was..

  71. I hope team America goes on in on when Donny leaves reason why cause I will vote for the hardest one all the time to miss up their game christna an Victoria is so rude to Donny when did Victoria star hating Donny I don’t get it I know when it was when Donny was trying to get derrick on the block in I just don’t know what to say about cola I mean cody

  72. I thought it was kind of Derrick to give Donny a chance to come clean of all his lies on the episode last night. Hope his generosity and kindness doesn’t backfire on him. When dealing with a snake like Donny that’s been lying all summer, you can never be too careful.

  73. Im a big zach fan i was sad to see him go out the way he did. I like donny aswell and im sad to see him go this week but its a game people and sometimes the people we love have to go. Honestly i dont know what is worse anymore the people on the show who in my mind are acting or the people on here. People just need to relax. For the people who cancelled the feeds and dont watch it anymore but still come here and say stuff are the biggest lyers imo.alot of people here still write some good things and have good points but then theres people who just trash talk all these people behind there backs and those people are just as bad as some of the house guest. So many people loved will boogie and dick well they talked alot of shit about the other house guest but no one said shit because they were your favorites. Guve me thumb downs all you like it wont hurt my feelings infact say bad shit about me wont hurt either. But i love zach and i like donny too. Zach has my vote for afp.

  74. Does anyone out there think that maybe, hopefully, Donny made up this TA task? It’s not on cbs, they do get them alone in the dr… I was thinking production gave him the idea to try and save himself, but Derrick and Frankie are too selfish to help Donny. Donny should tell them TA is over when he leaves–or better yet: if other teammates vote him out, they lose their winnings for tasks!!! Come up with something, Donny!!! Everyone else is lying in that house! Victoria lies to herself on a daily basis by thinking she’s the most beautiful (have you seen that make-up routine? Ugh. Crustine is disgusting– she’s one of the rudest, most jealous, judgmental, desperate hgs. Ever. Cody could’ve redeemed himself IF he had used the veto, and only IF he had grown a pair and told Derrick to come w him to Donny and Nichole.

  75. Cody didn’t use POV and Donny’s on the block. Great! Now I don’t have to watch BB again for at least next few episodes. This’ll free up some time to do more interesting things, like scrubbing the toilet and ironing. What a snoozefest this season has become.

  76. Why does Victoria have to whine and complain about everything? Just because she “stood up to Donny ’cause he was rude” doesn’t make her tough or badass.

  77. This seaon is so boring and with Donny gone there will be no one to root for anymore only Nicole otherwise who really cares out of that snake pit who wins zzzzzzzzz I’ll probably sleep throgh it like the live feeds

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