“There is no way I’m flipping my head on keeping Donny in this game” -Cody

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-27 19-30-32-099
7:25pm Storage room Frankie and Caleb

Caleb says he thinks getting rid of Nicole is a better play. “If Nicole wins will Christine flip”
Frankie – YES
Caleb says Cody will be mad because he knows that the girls won’t put him up but for Caleb and Frankie keeping Donny is better.
Frankie – It’s better to send Nicole out.. I’ve been thinking that
Caleb – She’s a much bigger threat than Donny.
Frankie – it will be better for all of us
Caleb – tomorrow’s the big day we can make a big decision..
Caleb says they will have a meeting with Cody and go over all the pros and cons.

BB16-2014-08-27 19-33-43-960
7:30pm FIREROOM Frankie, Derrick and Donny
Frankie tells them that Caleb is talking about keeping Donny..

BB16-2014-08-27 19-43-21-441

7:35pm HOH COdy, Caleb and Frankie
pitching the idea to Cody to keep Donny. Cody says they have tried to get Donny out and couldn’t they tried only once to get Nicole out and got her out.
Cody – For me Donny would take a shot at the guys
Cody – No chance I would let Donny slip through”
Cody says Nicole is more likely going to work with than Donny.
Frankie says Nicole wins HOH if she wins they are f***
Cody – So will he
Frankie – I think he will put up Christine
Caleb wants to weigh all the options, “Nicole is the biggest threat for me”
Frankie says Nicole has integrated back in with the girls but DOnny is alone
Cody thinks this is just because he’s on the block last week he was talking sh1t to everyone.
Frankie – Christine said next week the girls will equal the guys again.. I dont’ want Chritne to have another Ally
Derrick comes in says it’s a lose lose either way.. ASks them who is Donny’s target
Cody – There is no way I’m flipping my head on keeping Donny in this game
Derick says what Caleb told him resonated with Derick, “Donny is extremely mental but not physical Nicole is intelligent and a bit physical”
Derrick says Nicole was talking a ton of game in the jury house.
Frankie points out that the girls are all together in the kitchen where’s donny? he’s alone.
Cody lists out the competition that Donny have won.. is saying he’s won 2 of the more physical competitions
Frankie – ya he almost died
Cody – he won
Derrick tells them to go to Donny and Nicole and find out who he will target.
Frankie disagree they should not do that “that’s Beehives and… “
Frankie warns them that Nicole’s Social game is on point
Caleb says he’s OK with DOnny going home he just wants them to talk through everything before they make a decision.
Derrick says unless all 4 of them are in agreeance they won’t be keeping Donny.
Cody – Donny is 10 times bigger of a threat
Cody goes through all NIcole’s comps pointing out how her wins were not a big deal
Caleb – if we Keep Nicole we can control who she puts up but we can control DOnny
Cody says Donny is targeting one of them three (Not Caleb)
Frankie and Derick says Christine
Caleb – Donny will put up to of us guys
Cody – he won’t put up Caleb
Frankie – Nicole’s put you up
Caleb – they both have
Caleb and Frankie warns that Donny can beat them in HOH but donny might.

THey agreed the girls will vote out Donny. COdy says if the house fkis Christine will be livid.
Frankie – this makes me nervous that Victoria and Christine are dead set against voting out Nicole.
Caleb isn’t worried about Victoria
Derrick – Victoria has changed this past week she’s starting to think for herself.. we cannot rely on her like we use to
Frankie points out that Victoria spends more time with Nicole now.
Caleb asks them who do they want out.
Cody – Donny
Frankie – Nicole to go
Derrick – I’m torn
Caleb – I’m torn

Derick leaves to make food says when he comes back they’ll have an answer..
Caleb now saying he wants Donny gone because donny wins in final two against them but Nicole won’t
Frankie tells him if Nicole makes it to final 2 after coming back into the game she’ll win it
Frankie and Cody don;t think Nicole will get there
Frankie – I don’t think DOnny is the
Caleb now saying they should keep Nicole because if she win the HOH they can intimidate her to put up Victoria and Christine.
Christine joins them..
(They’re spinning in mud at this point so far 2 vocal to evict DOnny 1 vocal to evict Nicole. Derrick has not shared his vote yet)

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BB16-2014-08-27 19-41-35-443

7:37pm Bathroom Donny and Derrick
Donny tells him he won’t put TEam America up “I don’t;really want to put up Caleb I like the boy when I say we are square we’re square”
Derrick says he’s going to try but if he does this he doesn’t
Derrick – I want you to believe I really am trying..
Derrick think she might have been able to sway Frankie

BB16-2014-08-27 20-28-47-123

8:18pm FIREROOM Derrick and Frankie
Frankie warns that Cody going around saying he controls Nicole and CHristine means he’s working with them again.
Derrick biggest concern is they go against Cody they have a divide in the house.
Derick – Donny could go with them.. dude there is no doubt in my mind that dude has thrown our names under the bus for his game
Frankie – I’ve thrown you under the bus for my game.
Derrick – Have you
Frankie – when I told Nicole to put you up i told you
Derrick says that he asked Donny straight up and donny told him he’s never used Frankie or Derrick’s name
Frankie guarantees that Caleb will vote to keep Donny if they are down for it.
Derrick is worried there will be a divide in the house he thinks they should avoid that
if they send Nicole home the divide will be him, Caleb and Frankie vs Cody, Christine and Victoria
They agree that Frankie sent Zach home For Cody.
Victoria joins them.

BB16-2014-08-27 20-38-40-603
8:36pm FIREROOM Caleb and Derrick
Caleb saying he wants to vote out Donny
Frankie join them.. “We know Nicole is bad for me.. It’s in our best interest to send Nicole home the three of us”
Caleb warns them that Cody will join the other side and kick them to the curb.. lets roll with it roll with the punches (Keep Donny)
Frankie – are they mad at me suggesting Nicole
Caleb no
Frankie leaves
Derrick tells Caleb that Cody has more vote than him the girls love them and the guys trust him if he’s going up on the block with them they are going home.
Derrick – If up against Cody I’m going home
Derrick – Donny told Zach he doesn’t like any of us
He adds that Nicole has spent time in the jury already she’s got votes on lock. Presses the point that Cody will not go up if Nicole win HOH but he might if DOnny does .
Derrick – so we send home DOnny and roll the ice?
Caleb – it’s tough dude..
Derrick lets do it dude..
Caleb – lets keep her..
Frankie joins them,
Caleb – We send Donny home this week.. we win like we always do send Nicole home.. during Double eviction”

Frankie agrees to keep Nicole they hug it out again and Frankei leaves.

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Finally Cody is going to stick to his guns and get someone out he wants to get out. Absolutely not a waste of an HOH. He is so right that Donny will go after their alliance.
Hope Christine and Frankie are next.


“Cody – There is no way I’m flipping my head on keeping Donny in this game”
Now Cody is learning Cheechee.


Agree on you Codyx – But no worry Donny Fans – you can go out from the BB house with your head held high….bye Donny ….


Lol no he’s an idiot. Nicole is gonna go after the alliance too. But it doesn’t even matter bc they all have to go after each other extremely soon. He doesn’t seem to understand the math behind this. Only 2 can be in the final 2. He should not be going after people that have no one else in the house.


Who the hell are you to say Cody is an idiot. If He is an Idiot, what about you???


Cody is an idiot first of all. Secondly Derrick sucks cause he says he’s going try to sway Caleb for Donny to stay and then tells Caleb to send Donny home. He has no committment to Team America. At least Frankie was trying. I don’t necessarily like Frankie but that at least was a decent thing he did trying to sway Caleb. Derrick can go punch himself in the face!


LOL This comment got me to bust a gut laughing, It Sounded so like a comment from Middle school, “I know you…..are but what am I” Bedtime!!! You have school in the morning. And for the record…. Cody is just one of the slim balls in this house. No man with any bit of respect wouldn’t say and do what he has done with these ladies’s all season.


Who the hell are you to say Cody is an idiot, and what about you?

Shut Up

Shut up

Michael from Canada

Cody isn’t looking out for his alliance; he’s looking out for himself. He thinks he has the girls in his back pocket and as long as he lays on the charm, he’s the last person they’ll go after.

And that may be true for Christina, but it definitely isn’t true for Nicole at this point. It’d be great if she won HOH next week and sent his ass home.

Frankie can stay a little while longer and let production continue to show the real side of him.


Yeah.. because their alliance is called The Entire House… He doesn’t really have a choice. LOL!

Legion of Doom

He is going after them now, but he doesn’t have to be. Cody and Derrick can bargain for a week or two of safety from him in return for keeping him around. They could probably even turn him on Frankie and Caleb without anyone, even Donny, realizing.

Next week, they could have Donny and Victoria targeting Caleb and Frankie, and Christine, Caleb, and Frankie targeting Donny. It would virtually guarantee a week of safety.

Donny would very likely go that week anyway, and from then it’s hard to predict whether Derrick and Cody will go after Christine or Frankie/Caleb first. They will still have a lot of work to do unless they can manage to have Nicole, Donny, or Christine take out Frankie or Caleb first. They’ll only have a couple weeks to get lucky enough for that. Otherwise, this game becomes an all-out comp war.


Really Genius. Other than Victoria Donny has no one but their alliance to go against if they send home Nicole instead of Donny. What do you think Donny should try and do get Zingbot evicted or the tooth fairy? You don’t have a clue, Cody sucks as a player. Be sure of 1 thing if the girls get the next HOH their could be real trouble for 2 of the 4 in that room. Cody figures he’s in the best spot if any of the 3 girls win. I think it’s Derrick unless Victoria grows a backbone!

I Wish...

there was a quadruple eviction…get this b1tch over with.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

No hurry making a decision. Cody has all the way up umtil eviction before Derrick tells him how to vote.


Someone doing what they want to do while HOH. This will cost him.


What he should have done is stick to his guns and used the veto and put up Christine/frankie. Now that would have helped his game and been a successful hoh. But didn’t have enough balls for that. He’s an idiot. He wasted an hoh and was brainwashed by Derrick.

Legion of Doom

Christine is a good target for Cody at this point, Frankie is not. There’s no reason to get Caleb pissed at you. He could easily be convinced, though, that Christine is a threat to all 4 of them (and she is).

I agree that the time for action was pre-veto. It would have prevented this current dissension which might tear the Detonators in two.

Weighed Belac

This is the problem with this season. Cody as HOH can’t vote, the others can keep Donnie without getting permission from Cody.This “game” is getting near the end, it is time for individuals to make moves that are beneficial to themselves and not vote for what is best for the house. And as Cody cannot win the next HOH, this would be the perfect time to go against his wishes. IF he does get pissed off, you have Caleb, Frankie, Nicole, and quite possibly Derreck/Vistoria that could take him out. I don’t care if Donnie stays or goes, but this voting on who to evict is tiresome and has destroyed this season. Maybe BB needs to go America voting out the person on the block and not the HGs. Investing months of watching a boring show, hoping that it gets exciting in the last couple of weeks is a waste of time.

Weighed Belac

IF he does get pissed off, you have Caleb, Frankie, Nicole, (sorry should be Donnie) …


Thank the Big Brother Gods! Keep Nicole!


I am torn on keeping Nichole or keeping Donny. It is a very similar dilemma either way.

Keep Nichole: risk having her win an endurance HOH
Keep Donny: risk having his insights into the games dynamics influence the final 4 and use Team America to his advantage

If I was Cody, I would have backdoored Frankie because it would have benefited my own game. Howeverr, I think that Derrick outsmarted himself in convincing Cody not to do this. because I see a strong possibility of this happening:
NIchole/Donny wins HOH. They nominate Frankie and Derrick. POV won by Nichole/Donny and not used. The house splits this way

Evict Derrrick: Caleb, Christine
Evict Frankie: Cody, Victoria

Tie vote: Nichole/Donny.

Derrick goes.

A lot can happen in the next HOH and POV. I can see so many scenarios that would bring the demise of Cody or Derrick or Frankie. I am more and more convinced that Caleb and Vicroria may go unscathed until final 3. If I was a power player in the house, those are the 2 I would bring to the end.


This is the part where you can see Derrick is no Dan or Dr. Will. He is only good cause he is with idiots. Derrick has no reason whatsoever to keep Nicole and by keeping Donny he can gain some points with him. Also Cody is trying to save Nicole too much and that should be immediate red flags for him. Cody is way to close to the girls and now he is protecting them??? He should get Nicole out to reel Cody back into his hands. Cody will have no choice but to get over it cause next week he can’t play. By getting Donny out at this point he is gaining nothing and most likely next week they can do it anyways.


Your points are spot on. Derrick is no Dan and there is no mist. They are a group of semi idiots. Not complete idiots but really bad BB !Q. You bring up another very good point about Derrick not seeing Cody repositioning as a threat. I think he is spending to much time talking to production and not thinking. He’s playing his F2 deal with Cody to the max. Cody doesn’t have to target Derrick just go along with a current HOH’s wish to send him to jury. If Victoria has moved away from Derrick you need a 2-2 tie for HOH to evict with 7 left. The girls can i9n theory evict 1 of the 4 next week. Likely Caleb and Derrick on the block and Caleb to Jury if a girl wins HOH. If a guy wins HOH Caleb looks golden next week. Cody and Derrick trust him and his loyalty and Frankie is running with him at the moment.
More interesting is a Nicole HOH win and whether she could not go after Christine and her smart mouth or not. Loved to see one of the 4 guys regret keeping do nothing Victoria around as they make jury 1st.


100% true. Derrick should have pulled Donnie in a couple of weeks ago on the side and make use of him. Specifically this week. Instead, Derrick’s too much of a baby about Donnie working to get Derrick out, which honestly, what the hell does Derrick expect. He tries to treat and talk to the guy like he’s Victoria. “Hey buddy, your safe. We’re putting you up as a pawn, but you’re safe. I got your back. We just tried to have Christine throw the BoB comp on you, but you’re safe. Don’t worry.” So why would Donnie try reaching out to him when he’s just trying to find anyone to work with. He needs to have a real conversation with Donnie since he’s not an idiot like the rest. Don’t show all his cards, but give Donnie some real info so he can build a little trust.

Once Caleb brought up keeping Donnie, Derrick should have let that run since both Frankie and Caleb would have taken the heat for making the call. Keeps Cody out of power and keeps him against the other guys for Derrick to use. Then he should have went to Donnie and for once been a little open and honest with him. Give Donnie a little insight (which he already knows everything and Derrick knows that) and some trust and Donnie would have eaten it up and been loyal because he honestly has no one and is just dying for some kind of alliance. Then Derrick could have gotten out Nicole now, Christine next week, and then pinned Victoria, Donnie, and Cody against Frankie and Caleb, and walked into the final 2 while still making money from the TA challenges.

I hope Cody does go with the girls, even though I don’t think he has the spine to leave Derrick. But I’d rather see Derrick fall to the bottom because he has had it way too easy this season and he thinks he’s a genius because of it.


I voted no money 20 times. Its been a while since ive voted on cbs for bb. I dont think arianas twitter followers have enough adderall to sit and register on cbs.com . Hopefully we can send a message to Fakie that he is not liked


Yeah I’ve only voted in the Canada BB but I had to vote all 20 times for this. NO to Derrick and Frankie! Sorry Donny 🙁


Donny – We’ll make up for it by voting you America’s Favorite lol

Production Sucks

I totally agree. 20x NO!!!!!!!! Sorry Donny! I wish I could just vote you to receive the $!!!!!!!


You do understand you are voting to take 5k from Donny as well, right? Not cool.


Agreed:( it’s a tough decision bc I want Donny to get money but I really want frankie to get his. I think Donny will get AF so it’s all good!


Donny appears to be a mortal lock for AF!

How about the Joy of Frankie finishing 3rd(no money) and no AF. ROFL

Money aint everything

If I could buy 1000 votes , I would do it just to vote NO against Frankie and Derricks backstabbing of Donny.


If you voted to give them the money , you are saying you thought it was entertaining to put other people down. People who could not defend themselves. Donnie did a great Devin, but many of the others were just cruel ! I am sorry we can’t just send the money to Donnie, but we will by voting for him as America’s Favorite! As for Frankie, I hope he gets his eyes open to the fact he is not America’s sweetheart !


Yes, that play was horrid, wasn’t even really a play, just them sitting in a chair bashing departed HGs. I watched the whole thing and other than Donny’s it was disgusting. Think CBS gave his the longest clip. Wish the rest of America had watched it all, they would definitely VOTE NO.

I got my 20 NOs in Wed night. Since it is open until Thurs night 9:59pm PT and they said we can vote 20 per day I guess those of us who voted Wed night will be able to vote again on Thurs…right????


Edit: Voting allowed until 10AM PT Thurs, Could have sworn they PM on the aired showed but it says AM on the website. And yes you can vote again on Thurs, I just did it.

STFU Derrick

Just admit you want Donny gone because he’s the only one that sees your shit. And that is fine… Just own it… Stop using DR to look like the ‘good guy’ who wants to keep Donny and then be the driving force behind getting rid of him (if derrick agreed tonight, Donny was staying 100% but he wavered until he got it back to Donny leaving). Play the game, but don’t play the viewers asswipe!


Completely agree. Derrick’s DRs on tonight’s episode made me want to puke.


He’s getting the golden AG edit. Lets face it when Donny goes who you rooting for? Production has apparently decided on Derrick….. good luck! I’d pick Caleb at this point just for his blind loyalty.


He’s been playing them the whole time… that’s the biggest thing that gets me about Derrick, he’s just a weasel. He knows that everybody loves Donny, DR has made it pretty evident so in turn he starts saying that Donny is his second favorite person in the house blah blah blah, stick it in your ear. It wouldn’t matter who Derrick kept, they’re both coming after him. Nicole has a bigger chance of winning the next HOH though so it would make sense for him to keep Donny. Derrick has decided to play Cody’s game… probably going to be his downfall.

Feedsters know the truth

WEASEL…..yes, perfect adjective to describe Derrick. Thank you thank you thank you. He even looks like one!


I agree with you. STFU Derrick. Stop looking into the camera trying to talk to us with your good guy BS. If you really was a good guy, then you would save THE REAL GOOD GUY (Donny).

I was respecting most of Derrick’s game up until now. I’m beginning to think his tears over Donny were fake because if he really wanted to, he could save Donny. It’s all in Derrick’s hands.

I voted YES for the mission because I wanted to give Donny 5K but now I’m seriously considering voting NO which would cancel out my YES that I voted yesterday just to show Derrick how much of a prick he really is.


Agreed! Derrick has probably made most of the worst lies and twisted the truth etc. He single handedly screwed Hay den and Nicole but twisting the fact and saying he was drawing the line in this game. You can tell he was worried when he asked Nicole if she told anyone about their alliance with him and Cody. And Nicole sitting there when Victoria asks if Derrick had any alliances and he said now and tried to make Victoria feel guilty for even thinking it. I don’t know how many (way to many to count) times he said that his word is all that’s matter, that’s how he rolls…..Right!!


Yeah, Derrick is smart, he knows the feeders will post his tears and BB will show a clip of them next week. Give me a break…between him and Frankie that could have swayed the house to keep Donny, heck they have been doing it all season.


I knew from her early behaviour she likes having fun by hurting people or destroying things.
Victoria has violence brewing underneath all that hair.
I don’t understand why she hates Donny so much either.
I’m wavering but I’d rather Donny have a fighting chance to go further in the game than Nicole. He’s been on the block more than anyone I’ve ever seen in the past.
Derrick’s constantly talking to ‘America’ is really getting under my skin. He actually thinks they love him because he talks with such egomaniacal enthusiasm. I can’t stand him and his ugly mug.
I wish someone would flat-out tell Victoria how useless she really is.


Agreed! Victoria is a vicious, messed up child. Her and Christine are meant for each other. She left the nastiest goodbye messages to amber, Brit, and other HGs. And these were people who were nice to her. She is so weird. I’m not excited to see her goodbye message to Donny:/. I’m pretty sure she hates everyone besides Derrick.


I hope to god that they don’t have a pet rabbit in that house.


Victoria hates donny so much because derrick told her that donnys the target. She hates every target so much every week based on who derrick tells her the target is. I have never seen more of a ventriloquist dummy in 16 seasons than victoria is right now. And i smh to all the other dummies that dont realize derrick wants her in the f2. Cody doesnt even question it even tho shes no detonator


I want Nicole to stayyy no one wants to work with donny he’s I like home but it’s so boring when it’s him vs the rest of the house. Atleast when it’s Nicole they could consider working wi th her to get frankie out next week


Just when you almost start to like Caleb a little bit the dumbass in him takes control again. What a bunch of spineless critters. I am beginning to hope the girls do team up and start tossing those wimps out…one by one.


Lol ummm I didn’t know people actually started liking Caleb. Maybe best of the worst of the detonators but yeahhh I definitely can’t stand him. He’s soooo dumb and delusional. The things that come out of his mouth crack me up though. The scene with him saying Donny is rain man / covert military/ gangrene lol. Ohhh Caleb.

Michael from Canada

The basis of his argument was correct though. You can see Donny’s intelligence in the way that his eyes move around, and he probably does have a very high IQ.


Donny’s intelligence is his common sense. Not that he isn’t a very smart man. Something none of the younger houseguests or Frankie have. But Caleb wouldn’t know a genius if one came up and bit him on the nose. Caleb could be fooled into believing one of the fish was talking to him. Bless his heart.

BB16 is the worst season ever

at 705 Caleb was for keeping Donny, 30 minutes later He is torn Just past 815 He wants Donny out. It’s almost impossible to root for any of these people after Donny and Nicole get evicted ..How many days til BB17 ?????


Ughhhh. Derrick!!! Why are you so devious? This is not just a game. It’s who Derrick is in real life. He will ‘kill’ you while pretending he loves you the most.

give me a break

The sad thing about your comments is that Derrick can actually kill you, your dog, and punch your wife in the face….and he would get away with it because it’s call policing…….


Hmmm? Derrick and Nicole’s convo in the fire room was telling. She was telling him her target is Frankie. Derrick even said a small part of him is worried that Nicole would put up him and Cody. She said, no. Is she completely lying to him and playing him. I can’t figure it out, because Hayden was pretty adamant that she should target Derrick and Cody. I leaning towards her really wanting Frankie out.


She mentioned to Donny and in the diary room that her targets were in fact Cody and Derrick. I actually think she’s playing both Derrick and Cody, but her smartest move at this point, if she wins HOH would be to put only one of them up on the block and not show her cards completely.


DR sessions are worthless. You have to watch the live feeds to get the real truth.


DR= Diary Room = production script please read from the top

Live feeds are where its at only to a point. Production has to give them talking points to create footage for the shows. Like the whole Donny staying footage this week.


I was wondering too and just as I read this saw on BBAD Nicole talking to herself after that convo with Derrick/Nicole. Couldn’t understand all the words, sounded like “stick a knife in Cody….. Sometimes you need to look weak…” Hoping she is still on plan to get out Cody or Derrick! That will make it worth it if/when Donny leaves tomorrow.


Yeah listen to that. She never said anything like stab cody in the back. But she day say something about Hayden being disappointed in her. So she may still follow Hayden’s marching orders.

What was even more interesting Derrick came back in the fire room after her little talk to the cameras. She told him part of what she was saying to the cameras. About her strategy in the POV, about she basically threw it to Cody. She did not want Donny winning it. Shows she has a little trust in Derrick. The only person she is talking any game to is Derrick.

I really feel her immediate target is now not Derrick. I think she may feel Cody had influence on Christine back dooring her. So Cody, Christine, and Frankie are on her radar the most.


What was even more telling was the long convo she was having with herself before Derrick walked in.
She is definitely playing all of them right now. She even eplained her pathetic attempt at the vito comp.
I hope that OBB covers it. (maybe they have and i didn’t notice? if so, I’m sorry)
Before seeing Nic’s talk with herself I was torn on who I wanted to go home this week. Not anymore…..


Sorry even after that speech I really doubt Nicole will make a big move if she gets HOH next week. She got dusted before and think she will again and won’t even realize it. She will think she is making her own decision but will really be someone else’s most likely Derrick’s.


Man i loath Frankie.

Pink haired turdlet

I loathe him so much that I’d even view Derrick, Christine, Cody or Victoria differently if one of them took him out. That’s saying a lot considering I also loathe all of those people too, just not quite AS much.


There’s still time for them to change their minds again.


I’m sick of beating a dead horse. I’m leaving my trashy and ugly (inside and for that matter outside) wife.


Your the man LOL Nobody would blame him one bit.


Anyone seen that butterfly?


all the RAID has mutated it…they will need to bring in Godzilla (or Zach) to kill it


Win that HOH Nicole, prove them wrong for keeping you lol


Nicole won’t win HOH, she’ll be the next to go after Donny. She couldn’t save herself if she was drowning in the bathtub. Her only chance is if the sissy boys turn on each other a little early, she might slide by then.


Your blind hatred speaks volumes. I don’t need to argue with you, her comp wins are proof enough.

Michael from Canada

What do you think they’ve been saving The Wall for this whole time?

Production Sucks

Amazing how Deprick tries to take the credit either way. He runs to Donny and tells him that he is trying hard to save him. Then Deprick tells Nicole that he will not flip and blames everything on Frankie. Then he smile at America. I really hope he goes home sooner than later. Nicole WILL put his ass up on the block!!!!!!!


If she is the honest player everyone says she is. I actually don’t think she is putting Derrick up. She has told a Derrick she doesn’t like Frankie and wants him gone. We will see. Knowing BB, Nicole will win next HOH.

Another Anonymous

Anyone else still holding out hope for Pandora’s Box? I know it probably won’t happen but I really wish it would so that Donny and Nicole would both be safe. I would love to see the rest of the idiot houseguests have to scramble for once.


No not this week, it’s too late unfortunately, as soon as they wake up in the afternoon they’re going to start getting ready for the show, there’s no time. They’ve had their minutes of excitement that they can piece together into an episode, they don’t use special powers if they can help it. I hope we get one next week I guess.


I knew it. I told u they wont flip. they worried about Cody. Really? JUst playing us as usual


I keep on telling myself that this is the worst season yet, but I’m still constantly holding on to the hope that something will happen that will change my mind. I guess that I’m just as insane as these house guests this season. There is not one player I would like to see back for another season. #BBSnoozeFest


What the heck!?!?!? I just watched Frankie start to put his hand up the bottom Derrick’s shorts and rub his leg. Not only why does he think he can do that, and why does Derrick let him?


Like the rest of the dudes he humps, they’re all still in the closet.

Thin blue line

What happens in the squad car, stays in the squad car.


I voted 20 times no money! Frankie needs to be shown it is not the Frankie show! They should of made the mission ” save team America”. I hope production tell them if the team is broken up by Donnie going to jury, then no more missions, no more money !


Since Donny got the mission, couldn’t he have lied and said the mission is to save team America this week? (FYI, I don’t watch the live feeds).


Since you don’t watch the feeds, production told Derrick that they didn’t feel the play was a good idea and they should try to save Donnie, at least that is what he told Frankie. But Frankie was set on the play, and after all he feels it is his show. Also they have to all agree on the mission and Frankie’s mind was set!


Derrick also did not want to do the save Donny mission. Go back and watch as Derrick and Frankie are folding clothes and talking and you can see the 2 of them plotting and making fun of Donny. They are like 2 evil stepsisters….so jealous of Donnys popularity and goodness. Id like to shove a glass slipper up both their as&s.


But from what I have seen of him Donny would never do that, thought would never even cross his mind to lie like that. And I have no doubt that Frankie or Derrick might have tried lying about the mission had either of them been on the block.


I’ll say that was an interesting few scenes to take in, I didn’t know better so I didn’t know where it was going, I was actually on pins and needles wondering when the hot potato would stop being passed between Nicole and Donny, this seems to be it. Frankie will push hard for Nicole no matter what no matter what he says about being “okay with Nicole” now, but his opinion isn’t as important as it once was.


Dr Will who? Dan who? Derrick will go down as the all time greatest in BB history! I can’t wait to see how he controls the other hg in BB Allstars!


Derrick is on par with Demanda, and will lose the same… They’re dealing with Sheeple and Idiots, true game can’t be seen in these types of situations. Put then in with dr will, Dan,evel dick, and Derrick and Demanda would bow down to the masters.

Skerry Sherry

Skerrick is a one trick pony. His police misting is rather basic and could never carry over into a second appearance with others aware of it. Without his trained mist, he’s not skerry.

Adam in Rhode Island

One thing you are right about is that Derrick is going down.


They should keep Donny and Nicole back to the jury house.Donny is only good at veto competitions and Nicole is good at job competitions.

Screw it

Derrick is a douchebag. A piece of garbage. Lead the sheep and choke on your f’n money, Chief Piggum. This close of having Donny saved and you f’ it up by telling Caleb “he’s gotta go”. You, sir, are crooked. Sorry, I know he’s “playing a game”, but you know dude is going home…just f’n tell him. You did it for Zach. Nah, we’ll continue to let him think it. I like watching an old guy suffer. Bunch of a$sholes. Human centipede bitches…with Victoria’s bald ass bringing up the rear.


Keep someone that’s good at mental and physical comps? And is gunning 4 u? These people are scared shitless of an old man. #fearthebeard. Nicole will win HOH and the will regret keeping her.

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

I voted way more than 2 dozen times for TA mission as a failure. When I couldn’t vote no more on my phone, I borrowed friend’s phones. Let’s all vote against TA, when Frankie sees the results his jaw will drop like Danielle Murphee’s when her pretend boyfriend was voted out.

Native Texan

Tired of everyone having to vote the same way! No big surprises EVER!!! Like Donny & Nicole. Too bad he lost to Cody for HOH. Couldn’t believe Donny/Nicole didn’t play POV more aggressively! Would like to see them keep Donny over Nicole just because it’s her second time in the BB House. I would love to see Derrick sit on the block for once! We can only hope whichever stays (D or N) will give Derrick the opportunity!

it is hard

even though, i don;t think he could go home. caleb,vactory and cody will vote for him to stay, cody and him are really tight, they have had anything inbetween them yet


I dont mind gameplay & I think Derrick is playing the best game, “This Season”. He is not that great in my opnion but a solid gameplayer. If put into last seasons house Amanda would have sniffed his ass out immediately & he would have gotten evicted early on just like Nick Uhaus. Amanda would boss him & eat his ass alive for breakfast. That said, Derrick is manipulating the houseguests & thats fine, they deserve it. My only problem is his smug attempt to think he can pull the wool over the viewers eyes by pandering to the camera like some kind of Dan, while lying in his DR’s to America the viewers. That irks me & causes me to disrespect him on a personal level because he comes off as pompous asshole. I dont mind someone playing the HG’s just dont think you’re smooth enough to bullshit the viewers & connive us when we are watching your every move, especially those of us that watch the live feeds like myself. That really doesn’t sit well w/ me for some reason & I wouldn’t like it if it was Donny trying that shit & I am a Donny fan, but more impotantly a BB fan. The DR’s are for the viewers to see what you’re plans are & for you state your case for the game. I have never seen that before & if another HG from a previous season has done it & I didn’t notice it, well then f@#k them too. Sorry for the rant


I completely agree with you about Derrick.


In the future, BB will have to find ways to blow up alliances forcing more of an individual game.


Damn! You saved me a lot of writing 🙂 I planned on posting the same point of view and I assume millions of us feel the same. BS’ing this dip shits in the house is one thing, they are stupid enough to believe his whole “I am not working with anyone” ” I only trust you” spreach he gives every single person. (still can’t understand why none of them talk with each other about Derrick. They are so afraid they will run back to him and tell, which of course they do) In there idiots derense they can’t see everything like us but damn, you would think at least one would think “could Derrick be playing me?”

BUT for him to talk to US like we are a bunch of morons and don’t know the real deal is unbelievable! Watching last nights episode was making me so discusted with him (and CBS for their edit and allowing that F’in “play” to take place and/or be aired) I almost jumped out of my chair and mind you I am in a wheelchair! I have been watching BB since season 1 and never have I seen a player try to BS us before. Hell and back then there was even less social media and people watching live!

I only hope he gets evicted before F2 as he does not deserve even the 50K that he said he would be happy with. To the post above that Derrick is the greatest ever. ARE YOU HIGH?

Derrick is Not an All Star

I agree with you 100%. Derrick has made this game way too personal. He has crossed the line from gameplay to personal attacks and vindictive treatment of those that he sees as a threat. Having watched Big Brother for almost 15 years, this is the only season where I really have felt that a player was so full of himself with very littel to be shoe for it. The pandering to the fans and his insulting of the intelligence of those of us who watch the live feeds, was the last straw for me. I thought at first I was just the only one who saw this but over the last 2 weeks, it is vindicating that so many other posters on so many other sites like this one. are also turned off by Derrricks smug gameplay. There’s a point where you have to play a more stealth game and not twist the knife wants its in. Derrick seems to relish the twisting more than the plotting. Its really close to being kind of creepy to me. And when he looks at the camera or does his DR sessions, you can see how hard it can be for him because he cant get a read on this audience so he kind of flounders around because his manipulation skills cant be used because he is not face to face with his target. That is why I think you see the real Derrick on the cameras when he is tyring to manipulate the fans.
I think that this will also be his undoing with jury votes if he makes it that far but I expect he will be evicted before final 3. This jury is going to vote on more than just gameplay and those left in the game better wise up quick. Can you imagine Donny and Nichole giving Derrick their votes. Not going to happen. So you can write off Hayden and Jacosta too. So give Derrick the votes of Christine, Cody and Victoria. (although I am not so sure about Christine) I think Caleb will vote on what he believes so he is uncertain but lets give his vote to Derrick. SO if it is Frankie and Derrick in the final 2, Zach is the vote breaker. HA HA HA!!!!

Native Texan

Thumbs up if you think Christine’s constant laughing & giggles is becoming like nails on a chalk board!!! She laughs at EVERYTHING & literally at ANYTHING Cody does! I swear she secretly has it for him!! Will be funny once Cody votes her out!


I am so sick of the Frankie show. If this is what CBS wanted, why did they bother to bring in anyone else. He will do & say absolutely anything to be on camera.


That DR when he was fluffing his hair and putting on make-up…really?????


I am at the point that I prefer to see Frankie on camera rather than Derrick. Frankie is like watching a cartoon while Derrick is like watching Dexter.


In a house full of fame-whores, people wanting to cheat on their spouses, and mental midgets, Derrick looks like Einstein.
I can’t wait to see when he cut into bacon strips.


Can’t decide if that Nicole Solo Pep Talk was ditz or wicked game.


3rd option: A Production encourage soliloquy to make her appear to be a better game player and to pump some potential excitement into one dud of a season. I’ll believe it if/when I see it.


It was nice to see production give fakie and Christine bad edits throughout the show tonight.

it is hard

actually Derrick has never have second thought to keep Donny. he wants Donny out so badly as he thinks donny is not on his side due to donny’s conversation with Cristin, cody & Zack last week. Honstly, he is right, Donny doesn’t trust Derrick at all. but Nicole seems to be controled easily. Caleb trusts & listen to Derrick just like Derrick is big brother to him!

Maybe maybe not

I think Nichole is more complicated than that. Wait and see. Same with Caleb.
I am not trying to give either of them special powers, but both of them want the 500K….they are probably more aware than they are letting on to be. For all the hate on Caleb, the kid does have some street smarts. You don;t make it back from Iraq without being able to read people pretty well. As for Nichole, I think she is playing the “I am tired and just want to go back to Hayden” card so that others let their guard down and underestimate her. Given that Nichole that Derrick has issues with respecting women, she is using the fact that she is a female to her advantage and letting Derricks own bias lull him into a sense of security. She also is using Victoria this exact same way.
Caleb may or may not be having a breakthru moment of seeing Derrick for who he is and hoping that Derrick takes him to the final 3 and then Caleb can beat him to make it to final 2. If I was Caleb , that would be my strategy and if you look at Calebs moves over the last week, that may be what he is thinking.


Agh, Frankie’s diary room session, where he was primping, really showed his ugly side. I mean he’s always been a conniving snake, but it’s really starting to show.


I’ve never once seen a houseguest not looking at the camera while doing a diary room session.
Who follows this fool on social media?


so sick of Christine and Cody!!!!!!! ( and Frankie ) Im seriously done watching this show until one of them are gone.. cant stand the immaturity of those 3. I always thought BB was a fair game but its very clear to anyone watching this how Frankie is given special treatment, he knows whats going on behind everything production wise and gets away with shit he shouldn’t. Christine is an ugly girl whos never had attention in her life and now that cody is giving it to her shes disrespecting tim by the way shes acting. no1 can say its her ” game play” cause she goes above and beyond when codys not around . ie jealous, watching him, talking about him, following like a dog. in the kitchen talking about cock it , wet it and sweet dick?? really? gameplay? afterdark makes me sick watching those two!!!


I agree with some other comments too about how everyone is voting the same way!!?! like wtf is that? its a tv show so entertain us BB!! i don’t care if you pull them into the DR and offer them a few grand to change their vote lol its completely boring knowing every week they are all too scared to make any moves! this is the first season i can remember ever1


Yeah…Christine will be so disappointed will she sees Cody’s comments, about her…..Who’s zooming who?


I actually believe Nicole is Derrick’s female counterpart. The difference is there are more guys who are in the boys club and they see Derrick as the trustworthy/logical one and have said they trust him 100, 110 and 100 percent – Frankie, Cody and Caleb.
Nicole, being the blond ‘little girl’ doesn’t sway as much power only because she’s a woman but is playing an amazing game.
She knows which side her bread is buttered on and is willing to do anything to get the money (short of being an absolute bitch). She doesn’t have to resort to being an egomaniac to prove how good she is either.
I can’t wait until someone stabs Victoria in her cold black heart.
I am sick of seeing that fucking huge hair-pretzel hanging off to side of her head or a head band or a toque. No wonder she’s got a knot in her neck.
What is it with her and hair – now she’s waxing people or plucking people or herself. Weird.


i gotta admit i do love derrick but i find myself sometimes cursing him at the tv or wishing he would be up on the block ( i think its cause we know how dirty he is playing behind everyones back ( doing a great job i must say, this is a game and he hasn’t been spotted for all the talk hes doing) they are just too dumb to see it or even talk about derrick. so its like put him upppp! i thought ppl would love him for the fact that hes so smooth in getting away with everything lol but i guess some ppl don’t. i personally don’t care who wins except Christine, Frankie, cody! and im happy if Donny goes he at least won some $ and will probably win fav player if its not rigged lol


Wonder who the next HOH will be….whoever it is I hope they tell all those bed hoppers to sleep in their own beds. Being Hoh has benefits. …such as private room….private bath….extra food. Devine was smart….He locked his room when he left. Make the other guests take showers in their shower. Make the houseguest use their bathroom….and make them sleep in their own beds. It’s not right that someone wins Hoh and the floater s and others act as if it is theirs too.


And that is why Devin was out the next week.


Well that was one of the reasons. The HOH definitely cannot isolate himself/herself from the house. Being upstairs alone or hoarding the privileges they’ve won will only make people want to get rid of them. The game has a huge social component.

With that being said, there’s no reason you can’t occasionally ask to be left alone to enjoy the HOH. I think what we’ve seen over the years is that the HGs no longer respect the HOH room as an individual’s domain. They all just barge in and stay as long as they want.

give me a break

I haven’t been here in a while, but it looks like Porky Pig Derrick is still controlling everything and blaming Frankie for all the decision being made. Devin warn these idiots and none of them listen except for Donny….the only people that knows what’s going on now are the three elders left The Pig Derrick, fear the beard Donny, and long balls Frankie…..Caleb is thinking about black helicopters coming to his house and finding his broke back mountain dvd, Cody is wondering why his hand smells like shit….not realizing he just scratch his balls, Christine is just thinking about Cody’s penis and hoping wining the money will help her purchase it, Victoria is all hair, and Nicole is a moron Derick and Cody betrayed her and Hayden and she comes back and goes back giving her loyalty to Cody and Derick again……moron…


Who exactly do you propose she should align with?
Christine? Frankie? Victoria?
Or maybe she can win hoh and nominate and evict players by herself?

BB Fan

Derrick will never be as good as Dr Will and Dan. The reason is he is not entertaining. In the words of Dan – a great player also entertains us. Derrick is in no way entertaining. It’s just not his personality. He’s dull. This cast has failed to entertain the viewers, and that’s why it’s a boring season

Team Frankie

Nicole is such a whiny pain. I hope she goes next week. Team Frankie!


I have to admit that Derrick is playing a great game in a house full of idiots. But don’t try to fool America into thinking you’re actually trying to save Donny. Lying within the game is one thing, but him lying in the diary room to save face, makes me question him as a police officer and overall, as a man. Be a man and at least say you want the guy out in the DR.


So funny that you said that. Derricks favorite phrase over and over again in this game when he is challenging the masculinity of any of the players is “Youre a grown as$ man!” Wish he would take his own advice. The guy would never make it among a group of real men who own what they have done. In fact, that is why I dislike and don’t respect Derricks game at all. He just won’t own his game. I like cops, don’t get me wrong. But I know of this one type of cop that is on almost every single police force. They know the rules and just skate to the very edge when the camera is looking but as soon as the camera is off or they think nobody is looking, they make their move. Nobody challenges them beause it is too hard to prove. And if they are confronted, they won’t own it and will do anything to preserve themselves. And this is especially true for undercover cops who are trained to break the rules and skate boundaries in order to be effective. Too bad they didn’t put a cop on this show that was a “Grown as$ man”


If I was Derrick, I wouldn’t have kept Donny neither. He has given Donny the chance twice to admit that he wanted Derrick out, and Donny lied to him BOTH TIMES. If at this crucial point Donny can’t be truthful and admit that he had wanted Derrick out in the past, he is not to be trusted to move forward with him. Derrick’s work with Victoria is now paying off in that her friendship with Nicole will save him this next week from nomination. Nicole trusts Victoria and won’t go against Derrick this next week, and that is all he will need because if Nicole wins the HOH she will not be able to play for the next HOH and he will get her out.


Seriously don’t get it why they care that Cody will be mad if Donny stays….tampax boy can’t play next week! And even if one of them one, Cody would run right back to them anyway so really they can easily keep Donny it’s just these people don’t have a damn brain. Also fakie finally can see that him taking out Zach was not good for his game…what a dummie. I really just want both Donny and Nicole to stay but if Donny goes, I need to prepare myself cuz I know I’m gonna probably bawl my eyes out lol