Big Brother Spoilers – “This is going to be the longest 4 days of our lives”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine


9:04pm Living Room Victoria, Caleb, Christine and Derrick
Victoria says she started dating a man whose 40’s he’s beautiful, gorgeous and gentlemen
Caleb says his balls looks like two dried up tatter sacks. .
Victoria says she asked her dad if she should go on a date with him because he was so much older than her
Christine he’s twice your age. .
Derrick says if his daughter was seeing a man so much older he would have a problem with that.
Victoria says he makes very good money has the perfect personality and is stunning.
Caleb – he wants a young girl for one reason
Derrick – that guy has ulterior motives
Christine – why is he still single
He told Victoria he never found the right girl
Victoria – Derrick you think he only wanted one thing from me
Derick – for sure
Christine a man that old always has ulterior motives
Caleb says when a 40 year old is with a 20 year old he wants the young Vajayjay
Christine – He’s not coming to you for the intellectual conversation
Victoria – yes he was
Derrick – really
Caleb shows us a 40 years olds… vajayjay compared to a 20 year olds. (See image)
Derrick – what Caleb .. oh my god

BB16-2014-08-23 21-07-52-962

9:12pm They come back from watching the show Scorpions THey bring down a bunch of candy..
Donny says the show was action packed you couldn’t go to the washroom if you had to.
(Everyone gathered around in the living room chit chatting eating candy.. )
Donny – I did burp for a minute straight

BB16-2014-08-23 22-48-16-603
9:53pm Nicole wonders if they are going to do DR’s tonight because she is so tired wants to go to bed.
Frankie isn’t sure what Production has planned. Most the other house guests seem ready for sleep but they’ll still stay up until 6am.

10:03pm TAlking about the PC correct way to call a person from Mexico or latin America. Christine says in her state all the signs are 1/2 Spanish.
Donny says Zach’s second toe was longer than his index finger.
Derrick – his toe was massive
Donny – it was like ET’s finger. (See image below)
Frankie – he was nice everywhere else
Donny says if Zach got riled up it would take a lot to calm him down he’s strong..
Christine – This is going to be the longest 4 days of our lives
BB16-2014-08-23 22-05-55-151
Caleb says the last week before he leaves the house he’s going on slop so he’s shredded for the afterparty. He plans to walk around with his shirt off. Everyone giggles.
They start talking about the finale party. Caleb says he might get pretty drunk at Rachel’s house after.
Donny and Caleb talking about speaking in tongues and how Jocasta doing that was a bit odd. Caleb says when you speak in tongues you are supposed to have a interrupter. . Clab was raised southern baptist and he never heard someone speaking in tongues like Jocasta was doing.
Donny – if they do it and I don’t understand it what good does it do for me
Donny brings up in one of the interviews they did was “gays were they born that way”
Derrick I think I know what you opinion is.
Frankie – I bet you don’t know what my opinion is
Frankie thinks that people are born to have a predisposition to be homosexual bur their environment can sway them either way.
Donny says for him it was not a choice because when he was 10 11 or 12 he never chose to be heterosexual he just was.
Frankie says the problem with the wording “Choice” is it can be implied that choice can be changed.
Frankie – If you are born gay that means there is a genetic marker.. it’s a combination of born and choice.
Frankie – Many Lesbians CHOOSE to become Lesbian later in life.. Women who have been with men after men after men CHOOSE to become a lesbian later in life.. Gay men it doesn’t usu usually work that way.. they are like no I’m gay..
Frankie – just like there is a lot of gay men that choose to be heterosexual for the rest of their lives.
Caleb asks if it can happen with men they date girls for a long time and decide to go with Men because the girls treat him wrong.
Frankie – I think Zach might do that.

BB16-2014-08-23 22-41-35-352

10:37pm Lockdown over Pool games begin..

BB16-2014-08-23 23-19-21-608

11:20pm Chit chat and Pool games.

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self eVictoria

Victoria on pain killers – I was at my friends party with cat man and his face was real not fake it was real and he looked like he was 25 but he kept saying he was 29 going on 30 but it was a joke and then I found out he was really 40 and I was like no way and then I asked my dad if I could go out with him and my dad got really upset and wouldn’t let me.
Christine – Who’s cat man?
Victoria on pain killers – No I mean Batman you know the movie.

Any guesses on how Victoria got on BB?

Chilltown 4 Life

Victoria obviously has some connections in high places. Honestly, I like Victoria as a person, and think she is a genuine-nice person, one of the few out of this group. Zach and her would have been a better Male/Female pairing in gamesmanship instead of her, and Derrick…Too bad the way the game played out they kept getting paired off against each other…

That being said, she’s a terrible BB contestant, probably one of the worst, right up there with Adam Poch from Season 13.


I’m sure she got on by knowing how to use punctuation marks when she wrote something.



Catman & Victoria

Christian Bale is ‘literally’ 40 years old. LMAO @ BB casting. AG, seriously, no, seriously?

self eVictoria

Caleb on Biology – The only reason a 40 year old man would go out with a 20 year old girl is because a 40 year old woman’s vajayjay looks like this (forms a big circle with his thumbs & forefingers) and a 20 year old girl looks likes this (pushes his hands together to form a tight slot) and that’s the only thing a 40 year old man is after.
Christine – He’s not coming to you for intellectual conversations.
Victoria on pain killers – No he had intellectual conversations with me.

Kind of like the one you’re having now Victoria?

self eVictoria

Victoria on pain killers – I had a real baby and I mean it wasn’t real but it was real and I had to get up in the middle of the night and hold it and take care of it.
Christine – Did you have a class?
Victoria on pain killers – Yeah I think so it was house or maybe health?

Yes Victoria, many high school students take the class house as a vocational elective. They complete the course when they make a real baby like the one they gave you.


I think Valerie is lying about being a virgin. …


If Donny goes this week I plan to “Vote With My Remote.” I’ll keep up with all the action (so to speak) by reading this great website.


I’ve already been doing that. It’s great!!! These chats are way more fun and you don’t have to watch and listen to those egotistical a-holes.
Everyone thinks when it gets down to final five it’s finally it’s going to get “good”. I don’t think this group really cares that much and they all said they are OK with Derprick winning. They just want to make sure their “cool kids” clique makes it over Donny- just like mean high school kids. And THATs why this season sucks.


Ha! Derprick…I love it. The best I could come up with was Der-ICK. Cannot stand that guy. No treason to continue watching if there’s no hope for Donny or Nicole.


Sorry for the typo ~ No REASON to continue watching……

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

I can’t believe that a whole 1 percent vote Dawg as the most disliked HG! Oh well, at least he is the fourth most liked in the other poll! Doesn’t say much for the bunch of BB16 losers!


Thanks for this site. I just had a baby and I don’t have time to watch the show, so I read this site. I donated and I hope everyone else does too. Thank you!


Thank you! We’re glad you love the site and how it helps you keep up to date! 😉 Congratulations on the baby!

Devin's Tears

I can totally relate! I found this site last year and it was my saving grace when my newborn was waking me every three hours! Now she’s almost 14 months and currently wrecking my DVD collection because you know it’s do much fun to take the DVDs out of their cases ;P and I don’t really care cuz I’ve got you guys. Thanks OBB! Congrats J!


Ahhh, congrats on the baby.


Wow…I never thought Frankie could become more despicable but he opens his mouth and more crap falls out. Unbelievable.


Frankie is such an idiot. So gay men don’t choose to be gay, but lesbians choose to be lesbian? That’s the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. It’s sad to me that Donny gets it but Frankie doesn’t. He is such an idiot. I can’t stand Donny and was able to tolerate Frankie, but now….I’m ready for Frankie to go home. He is useless.


I don’t think Frankie did a good job explaining himself but I think he was saying there is distinction between the sexuality a person identifies with on the inside and the one s/he presents. He definitely didn’t say lesbians choose. He used the example of women who marry and love men for most of their lives and do not have romantic and sexual relationships with women until middle age. All he’s saying is sometimes people present a certain identity and their sexual identity changes over time, not that they choose whom to be attracted to.

Shut up Rose

Just because the Pink Squirrel is gay doesn’t make him an expert. I bet you over 90% of the gay men and women watching BB this season wish the Pink Squirrel was straight: he is an embarrassment to the gay community. Everytime he opens his mouth to talk, he just is more repulsive. I can only hope that if he believes the garbage he is saying about sexuality, that he “chooses” to become straight so that the gay world can get some real role models instead of this twerp.


Christine STFU

empty, like zach's side of the bed

Christine: Why are there so many lights in the sky! I f**ken hate the nighttime!


Soooo funny. I know, that b*tch hates everybody and everything. Except for Cody of course.


Did she really say that? if so she truly is unique. Never heard anyone hate on the universe.


Bye Donny! Awe guess 70% of you won’t be watching anymore 🙁 something tells me the ratings won’t drop to much next week lol


Oh they will, they are already the worst ratings in a long time, why do you think it will stay the same or go up. In every poll the BS losers are getting ripped apart. It’s been a ONE SIDED game, the most boring season in a long time. I will and would rather come this site and read what’s going on than watching this cra@ on TV. And at BB after Dark all they do is telling stories and act like there play so daytime soap opera. When was the last time they really talked game on TV. So I think there are many of us that are done with watching this season.


I am done. I love BB but it has gotten predictable. I will come here for updates and hope for Nicole to win HOH. To watch again. And pretty sure u don’t choose to be gay male or female. Frankie is not a poster child for LGBT rights.


Frankie and his mouth is unbelievable….I just can’t. I’m killing brain cells listening or reading about him


Agreed! I feel like that too, it’s like watching really bad middle school play, NO…… the kids in middle school would smoke these idiots. ?


As a straight woman, I’m pretty sure that if I am with “too many men” that i’m not going to magically become a lesbian. Frankie is such an idiot, and no Zach will not want to hook up with you.


Out of curiosity is not knowing the PC correct way to call someone from a latin american country something people struggle with? Not judging this is a real question because I have never heard of this before.


Respectfully, yes. Trying to show that your heart values equality means knowing the right way to classify people with respect. It gets confusing because everything is so politically charged in America right now


Simon & Dawg, first of all thanks for all you do. Believe me, I’d much rather read your recaps (& the comments) than have to watch the whole mess myself lol. Secondly, I used the link from the site to make a purchase on Amazon. Was there supposed to be something that says this site will benefit from my purchase or does it automatically happen once I’ve used that link and made a purchase? I hope I did it correctly.


Yes Simon and Dawg thank you I too am done watching it on TV.


This season is so sickening that I haven’t watched a show for over 3 weeks, I don’t have feeds, I stopped reading recaps, (because of the HGs behaviour), and only read the comments. Most of my BB information comes from those comments and from reading the OBB headlines. I find that my bloodpressure has settled down, my stress level has settled down and I am much happier!

I can’t believe how invested I can become in a TV show and in the lives of people I don’t know and care less about. CBS is doing a great job sucking us in and keeping us hooked but it’s time to break free, send a message to CBS and maybe someone at CBS will notice and either fire Grodner & company or revamp the BB show.

Thanks Simon and Dawg, for this site, so I can still know what’s going on without personally giving CBS the ratings. If more people would rely on OBB instead of CBS for their BB Fix, CBS would get the message.

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

Mossad came knocking at my door, now I cannot say anything negative about Victoria

Victoria doesn’t stare constantly in the mirror because she is vain, it’s called self awareness.
Victoria wasn’t vindictive in cutting up the pink hat, she was exercising her religious roots (an eye for an eye).
Victoria isn’t a floater, she is operating on stealth mode.
Victoria isn’t cerebrally vacuous, she doesn’t wasted her time with trivial facts.
That isn’t jizz running down Victoria’s chin and thigh, it’s morning honey dew.
Victoria doesn’t have hairy areolas, her mammary glands are dermatologically challenged.

The Truth

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria’s Areolas….yeah…’re gross.

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

I’m sure all this time you were wondering what areolas are, but was too embarrassed to ask. Had to be that last line that clued you in and gave you enough courage (and the pink anise flavored liqueur) to finally stand on your top toes and ask; aren’t you up past your bedtime?


I’m really hoping Donny won’t go along with Frankie’s ‘fun’ idea. I want him to hold his ground: Either you save me, or I don’t play. If I’m going to jury anyway, what do I care if you both get another $5,000 each. Screw you! And walk away.


I just don’t know why Frankie keeps pushing a play! Well I do he has proved it all season. Everyday all he talks about how or what show he did and/or produced and all the famous people he knows etc. I think he is thinking he’s going to get his own star after this. And as for putting on a play for TA OMG! Just shoot me now! Idiot




Just more of the same old Frankie Show – any opportunity to be the center of attention & promote himself. I will vote NO (if I can be bothered).

Short term Memory

Wasn’t it like 2 weeks ago when Donny said he was there to play for Donny Thompson not for Team America and refused to do the challenge? And now he is all “America wants us to stick together.” America didn’t turn on Donny then – but they are turning on Frankie now? Why is it that the same people who hate Frankie for playing a character in the BB house love Donny….who is also playing a character – the innocent country bumpkin!!!

mr ed

Because Fuckie is an ignorant dickface !!!!!!!Enough said.


Donnie was honest about why he didn’t want to do that mission & talked to Derrick & Frankie together. Frankie isn’t honest about why he wants to do this play.

Short term memory loss

If you go back and look at what really happened with that particular TA mission, you can see that Derprick did not want to do it and Derprick manipulated it so that it looked like Donny was THE ONLY ONE that didn’t want to do it. They all talked about it and both Donny and Derprick did not want to mess up their individual game for a TA challenge. Donny owned that and was honest. Derprick didn’t own it but Derprick is gonna pet pwned real soon. Can’t wait to see that smarmy smirk wiped off his face when he is called out by the fans when he returns to his real life.

The Truth

You are mixing missions. Donny didn’t want to do the mission in which they vote against the house and publicly blame others. Derrick and Frankie would have had that one covered.

The one they couldn’t do was making someone go up as a pawn. They all agreed not to do that one because no one would have volunteered to sit next to Donny on the block.

Butters Mom

I agree… I havent been voting because I thought they were rigged to give Frankie and Derrick money they didnt deserve and now I plan to vote NO because I don’t want them to get money for a stupid play that I don’t want to watch. The only purpose this play can possibly have is to give Frankie more air time and to give Frankie more money. piss on that!


Damn Frankie,his stupid ass play and the rest of his little minions.


Yes, Donny should definitely stand his ground and ask Derrick n Frankie to flip the house to keep him. He can make a deal rhat if they flip the house, he will not nominate either one of them. If they dont go along with this, then Donny should tell them, I’ll expose TA on the way out of the door on Thur night. Thats how you play BB. You play it with nads.


If Donny leave on Thursday, I hope and wish he will expose TA to everyone so that there will be no more task for Francky and Derrick once he is gone, since I do not know what happen if one of the TA is out of the house, if they continue to play the TA mission or not… Hopefully Francky and Derrick will not have anymore money!!!!!


When I read the conversation between Derrick and Donnie I thought there was a glimmer of hope for Donnie, but no, the door slammed shut. Donnie is still on the outside. I feel so sad for Donnie.

Worst. Season evr

Worst season ever


Frankie n Derrick couldve saved Donny if they wanted to. Donny shouldve told Derrick that Nicole said that Cody n Derrick are her two targets and Derrick wouldve crapped his pants and Cody wouldve peed his pants and they couldve flipped the house. Come on Donny, tell them who Nicole’s targets are, it’s called “campaigning.”


Agreed. Also, I want to see Derrick’s “crying” over Donny leaving. Just read the recap here, didn’t see it live, but I am inclined to think that Derrick fake-cried for a) Donny’s jury vote and b) America’s “understanding”. Bull crap.


If skankie gets his way with this awful task I’m voting no. I hope something happens in Donny’s favor in the next few days. I would love ugly ass (inside and out) Christine out b4 him.


You are right – it’s a task. This stunt of Frankie to get attention shouldn’t even be in the running for a TA mission. CBS will play it up like all the HGs had the best time together, dressing up and parading around. I’m voting “no.” Hope Derrick and Frankie get the message.


This is Caleb a true d bag. “you believe in murder? You agree with f*gs? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in the last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. your dismissed.”


It’s official! I will only watch on eviction night & finale night, just to hear the boos. As much as I want him to stay, Donny will be going to jury this week. If production wanted him to stay, they would have already done something to make us think he will stay. Idk what happened the last two seasons. We can complain all season long, but as long as all of us are still watching & giving them ratings, they don’t care about what we have to say. The only time our opinions will be considered, is when their ratings drop.

Frankie Hater

I thought the TA challenge of saving a TA member was a ploy on Donny’s part to save himself. Is it a real challenge that TA was given?


Can somebody please put a gag on Fakie????? Can’t stand hearing his crap and watching his antics anymore!!!! There’s nothing redeeming about him. When the game is over and he finds out how much he is hated… His delusional mind will work it out that we’re jealous that he’s related to a “mega MEGA” pop star who reinvented music.

This IS the worst season of BB. Last season’s HGs were vile but the game play was a lot more interesting.

We’re stuck with a bunch of foul mouth imbeciles who are malicious, revolting, moronic, hateful, juvenile and delusional sheeps.

BB.Production get off your ass and do something twisted and level the playing field. You’re losing viewers and most importantly ad money for next season. It’s shameful that other countries for this franchise is much better than the U.S. Of A.

I am left with just a huge siiiiiiiiiiigh and SMH.


OH yeah…one more thing… This is no longer my summer’s guilty pleasure. Shame it has come this.

mr ed

BBCAN is way better than this shit is! Grodner sucks big ones !!!!


Donny should tell the house about Team America and let the fireworks go off. Is BB inested in Ariana grandes career? Why are they keeping Frankie? Should just hand the check to Derrick, ugh the others are sheep following their shepherd. BORING season.


CBS is trying to keep their number up in the viewers who are in the 18-49 year-old age group. Then they can charge more for advertising. It seems the older you get, the less you matter… just ask Donnie. Sad commentary on our society.


Lame indeed, of corse, Frankie’s idea…


Hopefully I will be able to watch BB17 without seeing a Devin Math alliance.

Irked by the stupidity!

When is it going to dawn on these dummies that they stand a bigger chance of losing against Flaky than Donny. Shame on them for thinking they are just so damn smart. I’m Team Derrick FTW but his greed for the TA money might just be his undoing. Better send Flaky packing…with his grandiose ideas of fame. So sick of looking at him and that hair!


I hope the majority of viewers vote NO to Frankie’s STUPID idea for a play!!!

Maybe I am getting too old for this show or maybe I have just watched too many seasons? So disappointed


Donny really holds all the cards now and Derrick knows it. Either save him or Donny won’t do the challenge and they don’t get any money. Also, Derrick and Frankie always say America loves Donny and Derrick knows if they don’t save Donny America will vote they don’t get the money. Derrick needs to quash Frankie’s ego and need to have the spotlight on himself,which is the reason he wants to do the play.


Something has got to give on this show. Too predictably boring otherwise


I bet if Cody actually put Frankie up (I wish!!) he would be all over having the mission be to save a team member! Then Donny could say- Nope, you sold me on the play idea.


No Pandora’s box this week? We need something to shake this game up. It’s going to be another predictable three weeks. Donny…then Nicole…then Victoria. I thought last season was bad but it may not have been this bad!


This is what happens when you have a gay guy running things……….BB Broadway

Love BB

Donny made up the TA task. He was in the DR so long because he was trying to convince them to put it to an Americas Vote. Don’t think he convinced them. But, Donny, this was a brilliant move!!!! I’m heartbroken that it didn’t work out. Production really does want this to be the Frankie Show….Grrrrrr.
If I’m wrong…I’ll be voting no for the play!
Hey Derrick…a little too late to try to convince America that you’re a good guy who really likes Donny. You are the one getting him out & we all know it & can’t stand you for it. You’ve been doing a “play” since you walked in the door.
After this Thursday, no hope left for the “season of the damned”.
Boy, I hope I’m wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think donny should blow up the team America alliance as he walks out the door. Why not try and screw Derrick and Frankie over since they are doing it to him. so wish he would stay though.


I’ve deleted it off my DVR and will only be following here anyway this is way more interesting. Thanks Simon and Dawg!


We should set up a “Go Fund Me” acct for Donny Thompson! I bet we could raise more money for him than what CBS is going to award whatever douche wins this season. The torture and indifference he has been subjected to in the house is sickening!

TA reeks of failure

No Frankie, I don’t want you to do something fun! If you don’t save Donny neither you or Derrick deserve 5k! Making 5k isn’t suppose to be easy, come back down to Earth! 5k for a stupid play, no way!

Just save Nicole and Donny and send whiny Victoria home, even if she could win she’s in no condition to participate. Anyone but Donny and Nicole!


i gave a vote to Caleb for Fav top 3. I figure since amber’s gone he’s been a fairly decent if delusional guy, and loyal, probably to his own downfall.

I gave Frankie a least favourite, normally do that anyway, but this time i didn’t give it to Derrick. he sounded like he was doing a good job of trying to do a save donny thing, but Frankie was pushing for the BB play. (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Please America who gets to vote, vote NO this task did NOT succeed in being the right mission. I do NOT want those two to get $5K for working so hard to get Donny out. If they flip the votes to get Nicole out, using the buyback in buyback out theory, which is solid, imo, then fine. but otherwise, i also want all TA tasks to stop when Donny leaves. Teach them a lesson about what they should be doing.


My opinion of Caleb has also been going up. Frankie and Christine have gotten so much worse as the season has progressed, that I think that just in comparison a lot of people look better now lol.

Sad realization

If a homophobe like Jeff Shrader can win Americas Favorite twice, then anything can happen. I hope the fans have caught on to phony players whose work and attitudes before they got onto BB are influencing who they are while they are in the house. You don’t just turn off who you are when you enter the house. Jeff sure didn’t
Derrick is still a manipulative cop at heart. He’s done it for 10 years!!! You are all being played if you think that he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing when he panders to the live feeds. Yeah Derrick, turn on those phony tears so you can try to fool the fans watching you on the feeds. We all know that you yourself have been a feedster in previous Big Brother seasons so you are just trying to work the feedsters this season like you would work a suspect in the interrogation room OR the way you have been playing Victoria and Cody this whole game.
Not gonna work, we all have been watching you and your BS since day and a few fake tears ain’t gonna ingratiate you to the jury or to the fans
Wait for the backlash from Donny fans…’s coming and it’s gonna cost you money.

Just Me

“The detonators” can’t possibly be that stupid to continue to follow Derr-ICK & pave the path to his victory. I keep telling myself that there’s no way possible that they haven’t had one single serious conversion about WHEN (or even IF) they might be getting Derr-ICK out of the house. I apologize, but, I honestly cannot stand the sight of most of them, Derr-ICK especially. Christine’s voice along with her tiny teeth drive me up the wall! Flunkey is evil, Caleb & Cody are clueless & Victoria thinks she’s actually playing this game! I had some hope when Nicole re-entered the house, but that soon faded. I’m team Donny/Nicole all the way. They’re the only decent people left. I am sad to say that our family is also not continuing to watch now that it’s come down to Satan (Derr-ICK) & his minions. When is BB going to have a REAL “Team America” where our votes actually mean something & can actually have an impact on the game AND who makes it to the finals? Heavy sigh………