Wheels in motion to keep Donny “She’ll CRUSH endurance you bet your a$$ she could”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

5:05pm Hammock Nicole, Christine and Victoria
Talking about the cheeseburger festival in missouri Nicole wants them all to go with her, Christine and Victoria sound excited.
Derrick and Cody are playing pool the girls on the hammock do not go unnoticed.. (Frankie and Derrick already had a conversation about the dangers of the girls getting together)

BB16-2014-08-25 17-35-41-503

5:29pm Kitchen Frankie and Caleb
Frankie – She’s doing a wonderful job reintegrating..
Caleb – Nicole
Frankie – ya
Caleb – I think we know where she stand with us
Frankei – We do know where she stands she wants me out of the house
Caleb – If she don’t win she’s going home .. the scary thing is if she wins she puts you up next to who
Frankie – well we know it’s not COdy .. and I’m not going to lie I don’t think it’ll be Christine anymore they seem to be getting close again
Caleb – I dunno.. maybe Derrick maybe me.. at the end of the day she’s going to do whats best for her game”
Caleb – can’t let her win.. we are all the bomb squad we are too good to have her beat us that is why we are where we are, we’re good..
Frankie – yup i know
Frankie asks who Donny would put up.
Caleb – COdy and ,..
Frankie – Christine
Victoria walks in

BB16-2014-08-25 17-48-41-365
5:46pm Pool
Christine is getting after everyone for saying eXpresso instead of Espresso

BB16-2014-08-25 17-56-52-631

Frankie finds Jocasta;s Shorts says he’s going ot wash them.
Frankie playing a “character” says “I’m going to wear JOcasta’s F*** shorts and I’m going to wear them f*** her”
Frankie finds Jocasta’s underpants starts throwing them around nobody wants them so he throws it out,
Frankie starts humping Cody and Christine (See image below)

BB16-2014-08-25 18-17-07-957
6:11pm backyard pool…
Donny – it’s not a bad looking bowl.. the tofu dried nicely
Donny – I can’t believe i’m eating something called tofu.. sounds like a big toe..
Nicole – I don’t know about that stuff give me a sore stomach
Donny – you know what it really tastes like… like a bit of fat like in a piece of stew beef you get a little bit of fat in there
Nicole – don’t tell me I pick it out.
Donny – fats the best part.. this don’t taste like fat it look like fat
Nicole – I don’t like fat
Donny – I love Fat
Nicole – A lot of people do

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BB16-2014-08-25 18-32-31-274
6:22pm Cody and Derrick
Studying past HOH wins etc etc..Derrick thinks he has them just needs to be able to pull them up quicker. Frankie, Caleb and Victoria join them they continue to talk about.
Derrick – I’m calling it now no double evict this week .. single evict into endurance a BIG one
Frankie agrees
.Derrick – This is the big boy this week.. Watch Give Nicole another week to integrate into the game because she didn’t have that week of safety
Cody – she could CRUSH a endurance comp
Frankie – CRUSH IT
Derrick – you bet your a$$.. you bet your a$$ she could

BB16-2014-08-25 18-34-51-840

6:34pm Hammock Derrick and Christine
Christine – there’s so much thinking to be done
Derrick – like what you know your HOH, POV’s you can’t consume yourself.. I know it’s a running joke but i think theres an endurance this week..
Derrick mention that LAst year Andy was head and shoulders above Spencer and Ginamarie in mental comes so he was able to turn out the wins but this year the remaining houseguests left all have their strong points.
Derrick says it might look like a Dan year, “Dan was the best player but he might not win”
Derrick – Hayden/Nicole/Jocasta/Donny are all voting together so whoever they like wins..
Derrick points out that Zach and HAyden were bros in the beginning they are probably bros this now.
Derrick – Victoria is going to vote as a group.. you have those four plus Zach.. they’ll give it to the nicest guy
Derrick – Victoria is going to win it ..
Christine I will never vote for her
Derrick – She’ll never make it to final 2 because If she made it to the final 3 she’ll go to the final 2
Derrick asks her who the jury majority will vote for out of the people left in the house.
Christine – Cody
Derrick – Mama J loves him.. Donny loves him..
Christine – Nicole loves him
Derrick – you’re right.. you’re right he’s a good dude.. ya he’ll smoke us ok I gotcha.. he’s a beast.. he’s a beast man he’s played such a good game.
Christine at first thought Cody never won a lot of competitions so he wasn’t a threat but now he’s bringing in the wins.
Derrick – he’s a beast
Derrick says when he Hugged Hayden he didn’t get a hug back. Derrick thinks Jocasta and Nicole all talked to Hayden and they all feel the same way about Derrick and Christine.
Derrick says Donny would vote for Cody over Caleb in the final 2.. he was legit not mad at Cody for putting him up
They laugh at Nicole loving Cody again after putting her up.
Derrick – damn he’s a beast.. he snuck up on me
Christine – In order for one of us to win we will have to do something brilliant..
Derrick which i’m not mentally capable of.. in order to win you will have to invent something. I would have to win the last HOH and come out and let you know i’m a women and not married and I convince you otherwise..
Christine – “To win against Cody in the final 2 you have to convince the jury you literally masterminded everything”
Derrick says there has been no puppeteer this year no Dan Character
Christine thinks Frankie was for awhile.
Christine – Cody congratulations for winning big brother 16 most attractive houseguests..
Christine says it sucks that Frankie is in the game because he’s going to win America’s Favorite
Derrick – Unless he‘s in final 2
They agree it would be Donny, ZachAttack or Caleb who would win it.
Derrick says he’s never been nominated because he’s not seen as a threat and everyone kinda likes him.
Derrick says he’s mediocre
Christine – that’s the way to win
Derrick says there’s only one other person that hasn’t won a lot of comps..
Christine says Donny wins against everyone in the game
CHristine thinks second is beast mode then cody
Derrick – maybe Nicole because who is in there..
They laugh at their predicament both claiming they will only win the game against Victoria.
Derrick says if Nicole stays she’ll win the endurance.
Derrick – Donny won’t win it
Christine – we don’t know it’s endurance
Derrick tells her they have equal comp wins at the end they would be evenly matched.
They start talking about their fans, Chrsinte thinks she doesn’t have any fans maybe the pessimists will like her. Derrick says she has the barista’s. Derrick think she has the dads.

(Derrick thinks the easiest person to win against is Christine followed by Victoria, Frankie, Caleb and Cody based on the jury majority)

BB16-2014-08-25 19-05-35-791

7:06pm Backyard Christine and Victoria
Nicole is saying to the Camera ‘America slop sucks”
Victoria says she was on slop for three weeks straight.. straight slop without any “America’s Food”
Nicole says Ian was the BOMB.COM for being on slop for so long.

BB16-2014-08-25 19-27-38-590

7:31pm Victoria and Derrick
Derrick saying that Nicole is getting close to Christine. Asks her if it comes down to him and Cody will Christine pick COdy
Derrick – she doesn’t’ talk a alot of game with me so Cody
You talk a lot of game to you I can hear it
Derrick classify the type of game she talks to with him isn’t serious game
Victoria – the only pother person I talk GAme game is Cody and the last time we spoke game was when Frankie was HOH.
Nicole wants to go talk in the Hammock but Derrick think it will be too obviouis,. .,

BB16-2014-08-25 19-37-39-596

7:36pm BB house sky

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Skerry Sherry

Christine = 0% of the fan favorite vote. She thinks she’s witty, intelligent, an charming…she’s in for a skerry surprise.


Eek! So so skerry! Yeah, we all hate Christine. I bet baristas are ashamed.


there are still plenty of people left in the house, and not one….NOT ONE interesting person to save this boring second half of the season. Frankie is beyond annoying and watching Victoria still walking around in the BB house is an embarrassment to what this season has become. early on in the game, I was on board in how Derrick’s social game was great. in the last few weeks Derrick just comes off as a lame with no personality. the whole cop angle is not even interesting any more. this season has lost huge momentum and for Julie Chen every week screaming that this is the most twisted summer ever is insulting to the BB viewers. team america is joke and proved it’s just a safety net for production to interfere with the game. Nicole brings nothing to the table and sadly I hate to admit this, Donny should be taken out of his misery and voted off this week. the Donny VS the house story is no longer appealing. he didn’t win HOH and he did not win the veto. it’s time to move on and just ride the rest of this season of pu$$ies without him.


#BB16 SAGA says at all…..the new out LOL LOL LOL


Oh yeah…see ya Nicole. Go back where you belong…the jury house.


For the love of God, I want Nicole to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I love Donny. But it would pain me to see Derrick and Ariana Grande’s brother get their way, once again. I feel like Nicole can easily slide her way into the final 3 if she can manage to survive this week and win the next HoH.


SEnd Nicole back to the Jury house. the sound of her voice is annoying and plus she’s a follwer, unlike Donny. ..Donny knows Derricks game.


-_- There’s a difference between being a follower and having a social game.


As much as I dislike Frankie and Derrick; you two sh!theads are good!


I really hope Nicole stays just because of how much she scares Derrick. Plus Donnie has won a lot of money from Team America, and he will get Americas favorite (hoping we can beat out Arianna fans). That is, if not the same, more than second place.


Don’t kid yourself. If Nicole stays, it will be because Derrick decided she would. Like him or hate him, he is running the house, and has been since the start.


If Derrick is running everything than he needs to cracked the whip and make those pigs clean! The place is gross. Christine and Victoria made comments about the dirty shower…having to wear shoes s you don’t get a fungus…There are clothes all over and Frankie found Jocasts’ s shorts….come on people….clean! Why is production allowing this? Does the house have mice? Maybe some of them live in pig pens so this is normal….I don’t know about the rest of the viewers but this house dirty like this creeps me out.


Ariana fans are 8 years old….

Captain Crunch

If Donny leaves i hope TA is over so no more money can go in their (Derrick, Frankie) pockets.

If he stays i cant wait to see the look on Christine’s and Victoria’s face and paranoia going thru the house lol


I agree, they should be told you had the chance to save him and you choose not to which in essence is what Derrick keeps holding against him that Donny said he was here for Donny Thompson. Production should tell them, flip the vote you can get another 5 thousand and another chance for a task…he leaves oh well, he was the first one chosen you guys were add ons, too bad, so sad


Donny wasn’t the first TA chosen, Joey was. They had to reboot after she went out first.


That’s right flip it.

Long Duck Dong

Why do they think it would be better to save Donny. If he wins HOH hes going to break those fools up. Do they not understand that? WHY in the heck would you leave someone who knows you want him out and he wants you out.? Nicole can barely win anything but Donny can. Oh boy should be a good one.


Nicole seems book smart but not quick for a mental comp. If its endurance I think she’ll do well, Donny won’t. Its a gamble for them either way. I’m just hope the one that stays breaks up the guys two if them up don’t care which two, and yes I’m including Chris(time)!


Dang auto correct *(tine)


are you watching the same show? she’s won 2 HOH’s


Here’s what I don’t get about your comment and what the houseguests are saying… there is almost no more fat to cut. They need to realize that now is the time to start whittling the alliance down. Victoria is not a challenge threat so it’s pointless to get rid of her right now. Donny has no chance of picking up any allies at this point. He has zero chance of winning every single competition to make it to the final two. Nicole potentially could do the most damage by picking up a few allies who will use her as long as they need her. But the real issue is that with such a large alliance, each member has got to know that they don’t have every other member on lock for final two or even three because they are all seemingly close. They’ve got to know there are suballiances they may not be part of. For the next HOH, now would be the time to start taking out viable threats in their own alliance.


Nicole is gonzo…Derrick has planted the seed with everyone in the last two hours. Frankie as well to Caleb. They are using the endurance comp reasoning, since Donny probably woundn’t do well in it.


Oh Please Vote out Donny!!!!!


I wish Nicole and Donny could both stay. I really like Nicole, but Donny has been basically my favorite since the beginning. But I won’t get my hopes up that he stays just yet, I shall believe it when I see it. And if he does, the sweetest revenge for him would be winning HoH and getting out Christine. That would be amazing tv!


I am so happy that Donny may get to stay. Hopefully he wins HOH and puts Derrick and Frankie Up. If one of them remove themselves from the block and put Cody up as a replacement nominee.


Keeping Donny is bad for derricks game because people will see that it is suspicious


I completely disagree with this statement. The only threat I see in the near future for Derrick’s game is Nicole. If she wins HOH, she will no question put Derrick on the block. Hayden has drilled it in her brain that Derrick/Cody are the enemy. If Frankie and Derrick save Donny, I honestly do not see Donnt putting them up. His target will most likely be Christine. But I agree with them, next HOH is 99% going to endurance. Donny will not win an endurance comp.


I actually this being the turning point in the game for Derrick. If Nicoles stays it is bad news.


He’s not ‘saving Donny’ tho, he is ‘taking out Nicole.”. They know after all they’ve done to get and keep Donny where he is, they can’t now say they want to keep Donny. They are going with the less thread angle, and focus on what they should have anyway, that Nicole is more of a player than Donny is.

Donny doesn’t really win over the other HGs, they can easily say he isn’t going to form a side alliance with anyone. Nicole they can imply can do that easily, simply because she is newly back in and can be more aggressive about getting someone or a couple of someones to work with her and keep her to use her.

If Derrick and Frankie are able to keep Donny in the game, he owes them both and will put up Cody, Christine, Caleb, or some combination of that. But none of those are going to know that, after Derrick gets thru with them. Plus it doesn’t matter if they have the votes, they can just say the 3 are voting that way, and Christine and Caleb should get on board with that. Altho Caleb will just be on board and do what he is told to do anyway. doesn’t really matter to him at all which one goes. Donny is friendly with him, probably be better for him personally to keep donny anyway.


I want the coup d’etat i like both donny and nicole


Not enough to save Donny for me to be happy, I want the coup

Told ya

Derricks a phony. Only worried about how he’s gonna look to the jury. The jury knows your a douche Derrick. .game over. You played them once but you won’t play them agAin. You made the game too personal and now you are getting paid back
Karma is a bitc7 and so are you and Frakie both!!

Lawon's Special Power

Stroking the egos of the jury is kind of the point of winning. You need to get people out but at the same time not burn the jury so bad you lose votes a la Russell Hantz of Survivor.

Let the jury find out what you really did after the summer. Until then, don’t go out of your way to piss them off, don’t leave a horrible goodbye message (Victoria/Christine), and make sure when you stab them in the back you give them a bandaid to stop the bleeding so they aren’t SO pissed at you.

Told ya

Right, the whole point of the game is how the jury feels about you.
That’s my point.
Derrick burned too many bridges, made the game way to personal and has created a bitter jury.
No way he is going to turn that around now, especially once Donny goes there or Nichole goes there. No way.
So, yeah, you’re right, Derrick is in damage control mode but it is not working on the jury nor is it working on the fans.
He has lost already and will be back home soon walking a beat and wondering why everyone didn’t realize what an amazing player and person he was.
He is delusional and believes his own lies…..


How you look to the jury is THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME! Derrick is doing exactly what he should be doing.

Told ya

If Derrick was doing what “he should be doing” he would not be all over Victoria.
Let’s see how his special powers of persuasion work when he has to explain that to his wife.


shut up Do IT!!! i love donny and want him to win


Not enough to save Donny for me to be happy, I want the coup de tat to save Nicole too so nice try production. IMO I think ta should be exempt from qualifying to be af even though I love Donny and want him to but he’s already getting about the same amount and it gives also the chance for someone like Zach to win it and my personal satisfaction to see skankies nasty jaw drop to the floor and cry when he loses


I think Donny should go home. I love him but I dont think he stands a chance at all. Nicole could very easily slide through once the detonators start detonating. Donny will always be the #1 target due to all the paranoia that surrounds him in the other houseguests’ minds. Like they said Nicole can actually integrate. If Donny stays he will be all alone again. He will be miserable and there is no way he will make it to the end unless there is a BIG twist (doubtful).

Allison Grodner can SMD

Has anyone noticed that production never tries to help women that the fans like? You’d figure they would at least throw the bones to females who actually deserve to stay here and not raging bitches who everyone hates…(yes, Amanda, I’m talking about you.)


Allison Grodner saved Rachel a zillion times


Pandora’s Box needs to unleash POWERHOUSE on the Detonators. Now he could totally crush it!

the oracle

who thinks it would be funny is someone in the audience at the live finale yelled out that derrick was an undercover cop before the questions from jury, then he tries to deny it and the audience gives it away and he loses
after calling everyone a liar he ends up losing because, he in turn is one too and has brainwashed the entire cast into thinking that lying on big brother is especially heinous crime.


That would be the MOST AMAZING Finale EVER!!!


i love donny. hope frankie and derrick keep him


It does hurt to see how good Derrick and Frankie are at this game. I don’t like the production interference much but OTOH, the look on the faces of Victoria and Christine when Donny stays – priceless.


Seriously! What’s with these morons thinking that the Skank would win America’s Favorite? I know they are dumb as dirt, but this delusional? I cannot wait when Donny or Zach wins America’s Favorite and see the Skank’s reaction. PRICELESS!


My fear is that the majority of BB Fan votes will be split between Donny and Zach, giving Ariana fans the numbers for Frankie to win.


It worried me too. Zach and Donny are clearly the most popular but it could easily split and then stupid frankie wins bc of Ariana fans. But I still think Zonny will win!


Derrick is great at the game but really don’t think frankie is at all. He doesn’t understand anything that is going on. He’s so blinded by thinking he’s a “star” and a mastermind that he doesn’t even see that Derrick is pulling the strings. He said to Derrick that he is so nice to everyone and hasn’t done any big moves. Ummm lol that just shows that Derrick had the wool pulled over Frankie’s eyes too. Frankie doesn’t get the big picture-unlike Donny who sees it. Frankie also doesn’t realize it but he blindly follow whatever Derrick days like the rest of the sheep.

(oo) Lazy Slug Derrick and His Pig Snout! (oo)

On After Dark I see Victoria rubbing Daddy Derrick’s leg……. Looks and smells like a cheatin’ no good cop! Derrick might have divorce papers waiting for his lazy a$$ too, just like crusty Christine!


Victoria is a scuzbag who should keep her hair paws off married men. Wait til she finds out how disgusting Derrick really is and how he played her.
She is a fucking tramp (ugly one) disguised as a virgin Jewess. Puke.


Oh right… Christine is bad because she is married and flirting with another man.. Victoria is bad because she is also flirting with a married man.. But Derrick is the innocent one who can’t help it if Victoria is touching him inappropriately.. Did I get that last part right? I guess Derrick is a helpless man who can’t speak for himself and remind Victoria he is married. I bet there is a lot of married men who cheat on their wives that also try to use that excuse that they were helpless and couldn’t stop the other woman…

Right on

Yes, what is with that? All these fans that are making excuses for Derricks behavior. It’s like , “oh he’s a cop so he must be a good person. Family man, has a little girl, we can look past all the mean things he says and all the nasty stuff he has done and how he treats Victoria like a ho because, well, Derrick is a cop”>
I am so over all the fans that make excuses for him and his B&. You don’t have to like the guy, I don’t, but I ain’t going to just roll-over and try to come up with reasons that when Derrick does something it is ok but when any one else does it, its’ not. It;’s like some of you have been living in the house with him for 50 days and are experiencing Stockholm syndrome.
So congratulate his lame game all you want but at least be honest about how bad he is behaving. Dr. Will and Evil Dick won with some bad behavior and believe me, they OWNED their game. Derrrick aint’s owning $hit and that is why he is a bad role model for any future BB competitors.


Derrick’s wife must be fuming watching Victoria – the so called VIRGIN rubbing on her husband’s leg while he lays there and let’s her. She is obviously rubbing the WILLING. His wife is taking care of their home and baby while Derrick is getting a rub a dub from the house dimwit. Some MASTER MIND!! I am wondering if Derrick’s wife will be another spouse letting these horny HG’s know that as soon as the show is over – so is the kissy, kissy – feely, feely relationships with their spouses.


Dude calm down. That is a totally different situation than Christine and Cody. In that case Christine is all over Cody constantly. It’s obvious she wants him. That is grounds for her husband to be pissed. She also talks all the time about how sexy he is. On the other hand with Vic and Derrick only victoria initiates interaction with Derrick. And they clearly don’t cuddle. Vic has an obvious crush on Derrick for some reason prob bc she seems be searching for a father figure (can you say daddy issues) . Derrick though has no attraction to Vic (and seriously who would) and thinks of her as a 5 year old little sister.


Derrick has caressed Victoria many times like a lover would, I don’t know if you have been watching the live feeds or not, but this has happened several times. Derrick has been a very willing participant to Victoria’s rubbing as well. He has not attempted to stop her or let her now he is uncomfortable with it.. Could it be that he isn’t uncomfortable with her touching him? Or has that thought never occurred to you?Those of us who watch the live feeds have seen this happen for quite a while now and most times they are laying in bed together when this happens.

Amy Pond

Victoria is beginning to creep me out. Her not so hidden adoration of Derrick is starting to remind me Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. The demands of an “I love you” back from him is her version of “I will not be ignored.”
There’s definitely a little something off about that girl…

Right on

Derricks caressing of Victoria actually creeps me out more becasue he is MARRIED, just like Christine. Same thing, different packages. Both of them should be ashamed.


Yes the thought has occurred to me dumbass. I don’t think he enjoys it though. I think it’s obvious he finds her annoying. To me it’s not nothing like Christine and Cody. You guys need to stop picking at every little thing these people do. It’s annoying. With Christine and Cody it’s a chronic problem. With Derrick it’s obvious he doesn’t have an attraction to her and doesn’t seek out her affection. She just has a crush on him. And he lets her do whatever bc he just thinks of her as a little kid and he wants to manipulate her. I literally think he views her as a little sister with the mind of a toddler. And HGs have made numerous comments about Chris/Cody inappropriateness but not Derrick/Vic. Bc they don’t see Derrick as doing anything wrong.

stuff a sock in it

I am soooooo damn sick of bitchtines laugh. I cannot imagine being stuck in that house with her. I would probly self evict.

(oo) Lazy Slug Derrick and His Pig Snout! (oo)

Ohh my god, every time I listen to Chrustine’s high pitched caterwauling, I see white lights and lose my equilibrium! Please evict that troll looking witch!

Right on

Christine is a troll, isn’t she. I think that is the perfect adjective for her.
Thank you. Going to stick with that whenever she is discussed.


i was hoping for a twist that could potentially save both Donny and Nicole but that seems unlikely. i’d much rather have Donny stay at this point just because i know Christine will hate it.
i’m still upset about the talk she had with Donny where he basically laid out the entire game for her and she refused to believe it. i’d die to see him put her up with an alliance member and watch her think the guys will save her. poor julie will have to sit down and talk with a gross specimen like her. SORRY JULIE!


I would have self evicted weeks ago if I had to be in the same house with Frankie and Christine. No money is worth it. They are getting more annoying by the day.


Literally, at the end of the day, i just want derrick to lose

Adam in Rhode Island

I agree. He is a disgrace. Hope they zoom in on his face when he gets evicted. Then Julie Chen can ask him, “So Derrick, what do you think AMERICA thinks of you now?”
Can’t wait!!


Maybe the little Jewish scuzbag loves the smell of Derrick’s feet – that must be the attraction. She seems like the type to get turned on by stink.


You and your name calling are disgusting! Did you learn that from your parents or your liberal school?


It appears the meanest and most vitrol comments are coming from the Christian conservative school judging by those guests that sat around the prayer meetings


Your comments are soooooooooo nasty and hateful – you should be on BB along with the flithy five.


My disgust with the VIcblob has nothing to do with her being Jewish so stop with the anti-semitic stuff fool.
My disgust with Derrick has nothing to do with him being a cop. He is just a douche who happens to wear a badge.
My disgust with Frankie has notthing to do with him being gay. He is repulsive no matter who he rubs against/

Can we get back to talking about the houseguest behavior and gameplay and not about who they are?
Thanks !


I really just want even dick to storm into that house and make chrustine, tampax Cody and especially fakie cry since he hates him the most.


Smart for Frankie and Derrick to try save Donny. It should keep a special power out of the game, that could potentially save both of them.


I know this is irrelevant, but is it just me or does Hayden look like “Scotty P” from “We’re the Millers”?

Evict Pigface Derrick

Will this be the week that The Hitmen break up? You gotta know that keeping Donny over Nicole is gonna piss off Cody. Will he call out Derrick or just sit and stew Or will he go along with it like its a swell idea, if he goes along with it then he is completely brainwashed more than any of them.
Seriously, if Cody, Cristine and Caleb have any independent thought between them, this will be the week they realize that Derrick is a problem. Another week of Derrick talking about saving Donny when they were all targeting him should expose Derrick.


Someone remind me when becoming first HOH changed. ( let me say it this way, in years past people sat back and tried to read people.) Do you know what I’d give to have Boogie/Frank in this house! Dan in this house spraying mist. I am not one of those that says….” My fav is done, I’m done with Big Brother.” If at some point BB did an alliance show… Let’s put the “Bombsquad” vs the Brigade with Boogie and Frank. I am 99 percent sure the “Bombsquad” would be the first 8 out.


Derrick and Frankie just had another convo about saving Donny. Frankie straight up said production in his DR sessions in round about way said to save Donny. He feels they were saying America wants them to save Donny.

I'm Sorry...

I love Donny but at this point he needs to go. He’s not doing much and if it comes down between him and Nicole then I’d rather her stay because she’s the only person who can make the Detonators start to turn on each other before voting out other houseguests.

Also, Cody. Do whatever the hell you want and stop being a pu$$y. Derrick telling him to keep Frankie for TA is awful for Cody’s game. He is right, this is the safest time that they will have the chance to get Frankie out. They would have the votes with Donny and/or Nicole. Soon enough you’re going to just have Cody/Derrick and Caleb/Frankie battling it out. The floaters are going to be the ones to decide and the only “floaters” who are reliable are Nicole and Victoria. Christine needs to go home before Nicole at the very least. Cody, make a big move. You’re at the point in the game where you either make it now or it’s going to be too late and you’re out of the door.


OK< I will give you any points in your argument if you can explain why fans should not be outraged about Derrick coming into this game with special training that gave him an advantage?
Or you can explain why it is fair that the TA missions were used to manipulate and oust Zach?
Or you can explain how it is at all possible that both Frankie wins HOH and POV one week and Cody wins HOH and POV the next?
Or you can explain how it so happens that CBS used almost an entire episode of BB to showcase Derrick and try to make him look like some type of hero?
Or you can explain how it is possible that Donny is targeted almost every week, wins comps and POVs and still is in the game haveing basically played them game by himself?

SO, in conclusion, you are being very one-sided and picking and choosing certain things to try to rationalize why Donny needs to go. Donny deserves to stay regardless of whether he could have played a better game or not ( I agree who could have played better but so could ALL of them—-with your logic, why is Cody and Victoria sill deserving to stay/)


You gotta love Donny. He is hilarious.
On BBAD, Cody says he is going to miss Nicole when she is gone.
Donny tells Cody he can find himself a married woman to play with in Jersey!!
That has got to be the funniest comment of the season…


LMFAOOOOOOOOOO Donny <3 oh yeah, Cody isn't going to agree to a flipped vote after a line like this.

Freaky Frankie's Future

The only hope that Frankie will have bringing any positive attention to himself after BB16 is if he suckers Zach into being with him at any of the personal appearances he tries to make.


I just did an eye roll so far up my forehead i about fell over. some of these comments are so silly

Common Sense

Donny is a great guy, and easy to cheer for. However, you all are trying way to hard to make him out to be some amazing player who has earned his way through this game. He has an awful social game. And he really has not done all that well in competitions. Sure, he has won 5, but he has played in 19! (5/19=26%)….. Cody, by winning these last 2 competitions, now has a higher winning percentage than Donny in comps. (3/11 = 27%). And I don’t hear anyone talking about how great Cody is in competitions. You all are searching, and I get it. But lets be honest, Donny is an average competitior and has a terrible social game. Cody is average in comps and has an average social game. Derrick is average/poor at comps (only 2 wins, but he has been in zero BOB bc he has yet to be nominated) but his social game is amazing!!! Donny will clearly get my vote for America’s fave, just because he is a sweet and funny guy to watch. But please stop begging for production to save this man! The fact that you feel the need to plead, just shows how little faith you actually have in him making it to the end…. The guy is gonna make all of the TA money plus the 25,000 for AF. Let him go, and allow the game to move on. Don’t get me wrong, I hate that Victoria and Christine are going to make it farther than him, but the smart players always try to drag one or two clueless floaters with them to the finals.

Michael from Canada

Being 1% higher in 43% less competitions played isn’t better. Percentages are generally much higher in smaller sample sizes.

And 26% is pretty good. That’s over 1 in 4; considering he’s competing against more than 3 people, that’s definitely above average. 2/4 in the BOB, but was severely crippled by Paola in the first one, and didn’t really have a chance. These are pretty good numbers.

Cody has him 2 to 1 in HOH wins, but one of those was a partners comp (paired with Frankie, who’s a beast), and the other one, Donny was right there with him. So the difference there is negligible at best.

And finally, it’s not just that his numbers are good, it’s how he does it. Winning the rubber duck POV which heavily favored the young guys, and collapsing after in exhaustion. And then winning a BOB against two guys, with his own teammate actively trying to sabotage him.

All things considered, it’s pretty hard to argue that Donny hasn’t been great at competitions.


And we all know just how serious this forum is supposed to be, RME


Am I the only one that feels very uncomfortable with Derrick and Victoria’s relationship in the house?


Since Victoria wisdom tooth stop hurting she has gotten a little sassy.She better take that stick,she has in her hand and stab Derrick in the back before it’s to late.


Donny’s game is garbage. I find it insufferably lame that production is trying to save him.

He’s had numerous opportunities to connect with Derrick and legitimately get into the game, but he hasn’t taken advantage of any of them. Instead he plays the victim every week, makes friends with whoever is on the bottom and throws a pity party for himself.

He’s a “nice” guy but you’d get over him real fast if you ever had to deal with him in real life, and especially in this game.


You are dead on!! Why would you cheer for the guy who is dependent upon production to beg people to keep him around. Every other comment for the last 5 days has been begging production to pull seething out of there ass, but in reality they already are!!! Have you ever seen this few endurance comps in a season?! Hmmm Donny has stated on multiple occasions that he could never win an endurance comp. production looks at polls, and they know that Donny is clearly the most popular. That’s exactly why I want him to go…. I want the players who don’t depend on production to just continue playing the actual game. Go home Donny, you played your part. Come back and pick up your AF + TA check in 3-4 weeks


Umm you guys aRe idiots. If anything production has clearly geared things for Frankie. Lol you really think Donny is sitting there and thinking ‘oh production gods save,me save ‘. lol no, he has no idea production or America wants to keep him around. Don’t blame him that America loves him. And he did have a good social game at one point. Everyone who has been evicted loves Donny, it’s unfortunate the people left are under derricks spell and when Donny tries to talk to them they ignore him. And seriously you think production hasn’t done endurance bc of Donny??? Really. Get a brain. They have competitions lined up and the sets made in advance, they can’t change them up mid season just to help a player. How the heck do you think they could have a new comp made and new parts made in a week?? They haven’t had endurance because the BOBs were elaborate sets that required time to make. Therefore they never had enough time to go from an endurance set (which is also very elaborate) to a bob set. Dumbass


Yeahhhhhh, that’s so right. Production aint done crap for Donny. Shoot, if anything, they have manipulated the show to make Frankie and Derrick look good and unbeatable.
Donny deserves the same breaks given to the rest of the cast , no more, no less.


I think you are right on regarding protection for Franky…If Nicole had been given a week protection like last year the game would already be changing. It seems they wanted Donny and Derrick to protect Franky as they are the ones that really need the $. I agree that Donny could have gotten in with Derrick on several occasions but I think he keeps his distance since he has seen Derrick now stab several people in the back after being nice or saying the opposite to their face. Donny doesn’t trust him period. Derrick may have more to worry about sending Donny to Jury than keeping him in the house…lol


Anyone think Victoria is trying to poison Nicole with the tofu?

Common Sense

Anyone who thinks Derrick was actually voted into Team America by the public and not planted there by production due to his undercover background is a fucking moron.


Lol you’re actually the moron. Sorry. Donny and Derrick made it in fairly. Frankie not so much. If they were going to “plant” someone then they would have used the volatile zack


What the hell was Joey doing in TA anyway…