TA want to save Donny “you want a show america we’ll give you a show” Derrick

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-25 15-27-49-911
3:19pm Backyard Nicole and Donny
They both agree they want to stay in the game even though they are horribly outnumbered and outgunned. Donny says the only positive for them is they are both packed. It’s a better case than Hayden who wasn’t packed to go home.
Derrick joins them. asks Donny how he’s doing without any chewing tobacco
Donny says being on slop and a place like this might help him quit, “My chew hindered my taste buds.”
General chit chat about State sales tax, tobacco, etc etc..
Nicole leaves
Donny asks him if Frankie has changed his mind. Derrick doesn’t think so says things might change now that the veto ceremony is over. Derrick says the impression they got from the Diary room is the Play went well so he thinks they got the TA task for last night’s.

Derrick says he’s not working with anyone in particular, “I did not establish those relationships early on.. i’m happy with the game I played.. I have done anything i’ll regret”
Donny tries to tell him that America vote for them to be a team. “America put us together Week three”
Derrick recommends Donny talk to Frankie

Donny says Frankie is a very paranoid person says he’s been in this game the entire time with people being paranoid about him says it all started with Devin spreading the rumours about him and snowballed from there.

Derrick says they had some role in keeping DOnny last week and it didn’t take much.. Derrick knows that Donny did most of the season on his own and Derrick respects him for that.
Derrick says Donny might have more options other than his past jobs when he gets out. Derrick mentions that last Season JUDD was from a small town like Donny and he had the entire town backing him.. Donny will most likely have the entire state.

Derrick says its’ very conflicting for him there is only so much he can do. DOnny understands says Derrick has set himself up all season and he knows if Derrick goe out on a limb for him he’ll jeopardize his game.

Derrick – it doesn’t look good for me realistically.. there isn’t many people that won’t vote me out if i’m on the block.. I’m going up there’s no doubt about it.. these guys are very physical .. I’m not beating Cody and Caleb..

Derrick thinks they will come out with over 30 grand each from TA alone “Thats a pretty good third place”
Derrick says if they asked him for another month he would turn it down.
Donny – these are some long days.
Derrick – this is the difference between us and them they are all young..
Donny agrees says the young kids can go and do anything right now
All 4 cams are on Donny and Derrick.
Derrick – THeses people’s lives are paused .
Donny – I’ve got elderly parents and relatives… when you have aunts and uncles in their 80’s 3 months is a long time.. people can pass away.. I have a dear neighbor who’s been closer than a grandfather he was in his 90’s”
They agree the other players in the house are all single and young their lives are much different
Derrick remember Christine is married correct him (Cam 3 and 4 change to CHristine and Cody cuddling in the HOH.. Cody is talking about Tommy boy being EPIC and going to it with his buddies and “Crushing it”.. Christine giggles and rubs away )
Victoria joins them.. chit chat..

BB16-2014-08-25 15-43-59-712
3:25pm HOH Cody, Christine and Victoria
(Of COurse Christine is rubbing COdy’s back)
Christine Praying to the “Big Brother Gods” for them to please have a “Fun” HOH from here on in.
Talking about kids, Victoria says she wants 6 kids.
Christine says she begged her mom to have another child but her sister begged her not to and they always go their way.
Christine – If I did have a little brother it would have been CODY.. CODY

3:57pm Indoor lockdown called.

BB16-2014-08-25 16-04-15-309
4:03pm HOH Christine, Nicole, Donny, Derrick, Cody and Victoria
Christine says Nick BB15 wasn’t attractive AT ALL his eyes yuck
Donny asks them how many birdhouses are on the HOH room wall.. Donny guesses 801
(Just random chits chat.. )

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BB16-2014-08-25 16-05-49-384

4:04 Beast Mode

4:15pm INdoor lock down over

BB16-2014-08-25 16-19-55-989

4:20pm Hammock Nicole and Victoria
Talking about Miami, Weather, beast friends.. etc etc..
Nicole says her and Victoria could have been on a BFF level.
Nicole asks if she should go talk to Derrick
Victoria says it’s pointless.. Donny is going home 100%
Nicole hasn’t really talked to anyone since she’ been back.. Victoria and Cody are the only people she’s talked game to recently;uy.
Victoria says Derrick was crying because he loves DOnny as a person but it’s a game.
Victoria – Donny knows he’s going home everyone has told him..
Nicole says this morning DOnny was acting like he was staying
Victoria says Donny is going 100%..
Nicole says her and Christine don’t talk any game but they are fine on a personal level, “We’re vical”
Nicole – now that i’m back I’m more timid and Shy.. you are my go to person”
Nicole remembers Victoria helping her the week she was left, “Everyone knew I was going and you were there for me.. you helped me survive”
Nicole – We’re all human beings outside this game.. you had no idea I was coming back… you were just being nice to me
(you know when Victoria says 100% you are staying that you are in trouble)

BB16-2014-08-25 16-33-05-635

4:30pm Derrick and Frankie laying out in the sun Production tells them to put their microphones on. Derrick gets pissed at this since it tells the house they are talking game.
Frankie – I have a way to get CAleb to flip
Derrick – to keep DOnny
Frankie – ya
Derrick – do you think it’s a good move..
Frankie – look at what’s happening.. with Cody
Derik – I see it, we need to have a detailed conversation later… Let make magic.
Frankie – I’m back..
Derrick – you were back I f***g love it you were not you yesterday.. you know what made matters worse I wasn’t me either..
Derrick – She’s a schemer..
Frankie points out that Victoria and Nicole are dangerous.. I think we can make the points to Caleb quite easily. Frankie thinks Caleb is already nervous about the girls.
Frankie – It’s time to start f****g around again
Derrick – you want a show america we’ll give you a show
Frankie – We have another mission we want to accomplish
Frankie and Derrick agree trying to save DOnny before the Veto meeting would have been suicide for their games but POST veto meeting they can try.
Derrick – you want us to make some good TV.. we’ll make some good TV for ya
Frankie – do you think we should get DOnny to lie about his live
Derrick – he won’t do it..He’s a genuine guy.. he don’t trust us that much. He might think we’re trying to set him up.
Derrick – I’ll tell you one thing I know America will be happy.. I’ll tell you Christine won’t keep him she hates that man.. you and me need to get alone break it down see if it’s plausible if it’s a good move.
They agree the swing vote is Caleb and it’s doable..
Derrick – we have to have Cody on board.. is it the right move
Frankie – I think so I really really do
Derrick – who does Donny put up if he wins HOH
Frankie – Cody and Christine..
Derrick – How do you know he’s not playing us..
Frankie doesn’t think America would have put them with someone that is a monsters “Cause we aren’t”

Derrick says Week three they didn’t have any game to go by so it was all based on their lives back home.. Donny is a silver star winner, Derrick is a father and Frankie is a Social media mougal.
Frankie says he’s been given hints
Derrick – Oh ya.. are they for him or for the team.. that is the real question. we know people love him
Frankie – People love me and people love him..

Frankie says he hates Nicole and Christine but only Christine in brief periods.

(We’ll see how serious they are about keeping Donny this might be a ploy for them to keep face with the fans.. You can tell that the DR has been heavily campaigning to Frankie and Derrick for Donny to stay. We might not care about this because Donny is our favorite but.. I’m forced to remember all those past season when Production favorites were protected and it drove us mad. Still I’m very excited for something to actually happen after a couple weeks of drought)

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145 thoughts on “TA want to save Donny “you want a show america we’ll give you a show” Derrick

  1. I can’t wait till the finale, where they play a montage of what the houseguests all think Donny’s occupation really is. Harvard professor,silver star winner, doctor, retired armed forces, CIA agent, actor, president etc. And then he can say- no i’m really a groundskeeper. Go Donny!!!

    1. I hate them all except Derrick. To me what distinguishes him is that I truly believe he is just playing the game in order for him to win. The other idiots have made it all personal though.

      1. I don’t get it… I just don’t get it. Frankie has openly said I’ve own haft the competitions I’ve been in…. Everyone has noticed it and the perfect time to get him out was this week.

      2. I think that Derrick is a better person than the other… I actually do feel that Derrick has more respect for the people, he is more mature in a way…. I may be wrong but he just seemed to be more classy and yes he is playing the game… I cannot believe I am going to say this but if it is not Donny or Nicole I think he would be the one I would want to win Big Brother only because he have PLAYED the game and there is not a lot of people who have done that…some do do know why they are there, One of them play Derrick game and I have less respect for that specific person named CODY…..

        1. I wonder if Frankie had not come to Donny if he would have tried to keep Donny. One comment from Frankie and hints from production and we fall in love with Derrick. Not me.
          They production know that once Donny leaves a lot of Donny fans leaving too.
          There are a lot of older group watching bb16 because of Donny my mom is one. I known without asking that she will stop watching once he’s gone. Lol

        2. This was posted earlier today it is the very good analysis from another pater “Production Froduction”

          Production Fruduction says:
          August 25, 2014 at 6:45 am
          A few people have commented on production giving up on Frankie but they are a little late to that game. The fans have hated him since about week 2. He is truly one of the most repulsive people ever to be on a reality show. He is the gay community’s Omarosa.(with apologies to Omarosa!). I actually believe that Frankie is the bastard child of a Kardashian and a toy poodle.
          As for production rallying behind Donny, I wish you were right. Based on review of all the past 15 seasons of Big Brother, it is clear that production does intervene when they believe it is in the best interest of ratings. I don’t think that unfortunately, that production really cares about he quality of who wins. Some of the most despicable people have actually won this game and some pretty sketchy other house guests have actually won Americas Favorite. (Jeff Schroeder being just one). I hope that Donny can at least win Americas Favorite as that would redeem this season in a small way.
          Based on the tear-filled tribute to Derrick last night, I think production is attempting to rehabilitate him as a good person. The only thing that was missing from last nights episode was Derrick’s 3rd grade teacher saying what a “kind and nice boy” he was. Or maybe they could have showed a video of his starving daughter and how we are “taking food out of her mouth” if he doesn’t win with an 800 number to contribute so she can eat today. I got a cavity watching last nights episode!
          Too bad that production does not see how much the fans hate undercover cop Derrick and there is little they can do, even the good edit they gave him last night, ain’t gonna sway the fans that have watched his antics on the live feeds. Adding insult to injury, CBS made us watch his pandering and gaslighting for a full hour last night. For those of you who do not understand the term gaslighting….I will define it for you:
          Gaslighting defined: an extremely effective form of emotional control that causes a target to question their own feelings, instincts, and sanity and breaks down the targets ability to trust their own perceptions. The term “gaslighting” has come to be applied to attempts by certain kinds of personalities(narcissistic and sociopaths) who are among the personalities most adept at sophisticated tactics of manipulation — to create so much doubt in the minds of their targets of exploitation that the target no longer trusts their own judgment about things and buys into the assertions of the manipulator, thus coming under their power and control.
          You so that you can see that this term accurately describes the exact psychologically damaging tactics that Derrick has deployed in his “mission” to win himself a half million dollars. BTW, this tactic is lesson 101 in any undercover cops training. Even given that most of the rest of the cast are mental midgets, Derrick’s advantage going into this game and the continually advantages he has been given during the game, have actually rigged the game in his favor since Day 1. Without TA, Derrick would not be in the position he is in now and Frankie would also not be in the position he is in now. I find it ironic that Derrick is now trying to use TA against Donny by claiming that Donny is not loyal to TA. And if you have been paying attention, that is a classic example of how gaslighting works.
          Maybe Jocasta can speak in tongues to the remaining houseguests and tell them that Frankie is a snake and Derrick is a viper cause it seems like they don’t understand it in any other language.
          I don’t know what can be done to save this season but I think it was doomed from the very start with the casting of Derrick and Frankie with a bunch of emotionally stunted kids.

      3. Derrick was able to scope out the lamest player and stick with him, but secretly doing all the dirty work just in order to win for his wife and daughter. There is nothing wrong about that and I seriously doubt Derrick would stay in touch with any of the losers remaining (once Nicole and Donny) are gone. He is focused on one thing, doing what is needed to win for his family. Cody is the biggest POS, Caleb is great at everything, just ask him, Frankie relies on his sister for “fame”, all losers.

      4. Derrick is as if not more manipulative than any of the HGs. He is a trained manipulator.
        It’s his job
        If you choose to believe that he is now having a change of heart, then you can choose to believe that. Actually, Derrick is betting 500K that you believe it. He also believes that he can win Americas Favorite and he is pandering for your vote. He is now deploying on the fans, the same manipulative tactics that he had used on the house, I hope you all consider yourself smarter than the remaining HGs. Like I said, it’s who he is. You just don’t turn off that type of behavior when you come on BB. If anything, BB brings out your true character and amplified your core personality. Just look at the behavior if the other HGs to see the truth in that.
        I hope Donny gets saved but please don’t believe that Derrick is instigating it. He’s not. He is only going to go along with it because he now knows America hates him and Franjie both Moreover, Derricks behavior toward Donny and toward other HGs boarders on abusive. He is the instigator on a school playground the targets the weak kid and then sends his cronies to harass the kid. He is the type of person that creates a bad situation for someone then steps in at the last minute to try to save the very person whom he sabotaged. Why would he go that? To get his vote in the jury.
        It’s all so sickening and Derrick has taken this game to such a dark place and has made it all to personal and hurtful for those he had targeted
        Sadly, he checked any integrity he had at the door when he started this game.
        Another poster Production Froduction” posted a long post on this that explains it better than me. I’ll repost it after this. Read it and then decide.

  2. It really isn’t that hard to convince Caleb that Nicole should leave first. Just remind him Nicole has won the HOH more and tried to bigger moves. Tell him they will just take out Donny next week and even if he wins he would go after Cody and Christine.

    1. It won’t take much to manipulate Caleb. All they have to do is make him believe he came up with it. Done. It would have been better pre veto…pussies!

    1. Cody needs gonads to make a move, he was casterated long time ago and has a couter. Christine makes me so sick with her constant touching of this twat! Her husband seriously should divorce her, what she is doing is not game play. Derrick is playing a game without humiliating his wife or family.

    2. I’m sorry but if production wants to interfere why can’t they just do what they did for Rachel and Jordan and save both of them!!! It’s not fair to Nicole. It is bad enough they made out her to be this huge liar the first time and now she is going to get screwed again!!! She has fought just as hard to be there as Donny. Derrick and Frankie knew production wanted them to save Donny before the POV why didn’t they get Cody to take Donny down and have Christine go up. I just hate the fact they her backstabbing friend is going to be there longer. I think everyone would love to see Christine go including Julie Chen!!

    3. I’m sorry but if production wants to interfere why can’t they just do what they did for Rachel and Jordan and save both of them!!! It’s not fair to Nicole. It is bad enough they made out her to be this huge liar the first time and now she is going to get screwed again!!! She has fought just as hard to be there as Donny. Derrick and Frankie knew production wanted them to save Donny before the POV why didn’t they get Cody to take Donny down and have Christine go up. I just hate the fact they her backstabbing friend is going to be there longer. I think everyone would love to see Christine go including Julie Chen!!

      1. Lisa, you and Anonymous should discuss your comments before posting. So funny that both of you posted the same thing but at different times. :-)

    4. Why is it in the best interests for Cody to keep Donny in the game? Donny is a comp threat, so other than Frankie that makes Donny the #1 target when it comes to comp wins. Cody is playing his game and not out to advance Donny in any way. If Cody wins HOH this week again, then watch him come for Frankie and Christine.

    1. yes absolutely. I mean, there they are, talking. It’s so obvious.

      ??? lol

      I think after the Veto meeting Derrick FINALLY gets it, playing off the TA task with the BB play is not going to fly. I mentioned before he’s greedy, and what he should have done from the beginning is work to get Donny saved, and now he’s stuck trying to convince Cody that all the BS he (derrick) has been manipulating everyone with is BS. If they had not tried to pull one over on the TA voters with the lame play idea, they’d have worked on manipulating Cody into the idea of getting Victoria on the block and out, or something.

      would he have gone for the idea of taking out Christine? If Derrick said he ‘heard’ something now that Nicole is back, you betcha.

    2. Love how this alliance was pissed at Donny and Nicole talking and OMG wispering and conspiring. I guess everyone is allowed to play the game except Donny. Will suck for them when they get out and realize we would take Amanda and GM over this crew (Caleb, Cody, Christine and Frankie)

      1. Agreed, they can play the game but they are all watching Donny moaning and growning over him playing the game every single time he talks to someone, they have been bullying him all season, I hope that Donny stays this week then he wins Hoh then puts Stankie & DerPrick up for eviction then DONNY has won the game. #teamdonnybb16

  3. Frankie must have taken one hell of a nap. Derrick, who tans with their socks on? Those piggies/hooves must be busted.

  4. Frankie is funny believing that America will like him more if he saves Donny. Also how the f*** did Derrick get on TA

    1. Derrick makes sense if u look at all the Hgs in the beginning. He was basically a replacement for Joey. In the beginning Zach wasn’t as great as he ended up being. He used to only sleep lol. People have short memory but b4 the other girls left Nicole was actually not a nice person. She would just talk trash about the other girls which is why her and Christine got along. The rest either did nothing, were crazy or just idiots.

      1. I can’t agree you more! Nicole was really a headache and couldn’t keep her mouth shut. and honestly, i understand people love Donny and want him to stay cause he is a good guy, but from Derrick point of view, what could he get to keep Donny? to let Donny winning the game? Come on, people, he playes hundred times harder than Donny, why has he have to be forced to loose the game? if you hate his minipulation to other hg, then why the production and fans has to minipulate to get his loose? it is not fair. There is reason hg respect him.

    2. If TA was ACTUALLY decided by America and not CBS, it probably would’ve been Zach, Donny and either Hayden or Nicole, not CBS’s pets.

      1. Like I said Zach in the beginning wasn’t that great. The kid grew on people and became extremely popular. Nicole was terrible when the prettier girls were there. All she did was talk trash about them. If done today it would be completely different but hey if they did it right now with the players left Derrick would be in it. Hes third in this poll.

        1. I watched Zachs interviews prior to him going in the house.. if you go to his fb page he has a video on there of his interview with Rachel and he shows his true personality on that interview and she looooves him for it. I guess most people dont watch the preshow interviews but I do… I have disliked Derrick from the get go. I think everyone is forgetting all his crap he has pulled up to now because the others look so bad right now…. but I havent forgotten.

      2. I disagree with that. Cbs didn’t give us enough time to know the HGs. Nicole was catty and annoying in the beginning and zach was well zach. He came off like a sociopath in the beginning on his video when he said I don’t need any friends or people in my life. I don’t care about hurting someoem bla bla. He wasn’t likeable and the first thing they really showed on the cbs show was him snapping at frankie for being from a rich kid school before he even knew him, it wasn’t the best first impression. But we find out who the real zach is as the show progressed and he’s awesome! If TA were decided mid show it would have been Donny , zack and prob hayden I’d think. But in the beginning Donny came off the best and I think Derrick did as well. I actually voted for Donny and Derrick to be in TA and apparently the rest of America felt the same. I think it’s bc Donny for obvious reasons but Derrick bc he’s a cop and he just seemed like a regular, good joe who is in it for his family.

    3. I think it was after he let Frankie win the HOH competition when his Grandfather died. He looked like a pretty nice guy in the beginning.

      1. lol yeah no idea how Joey made it in. I didn’t think she was initially that well liked. But then again that first vote was based off of pre show interviews so maybe she came off well there

    4. Because when everyone voted, we all thought Derrick was a good, stand-up guy. We didn’t know that he’d turn into the A$SHOLE that he is now. I can’t believe that people in this post are saying they like Derrick. He is pond scum in my book. He has been the cheerleader for many of the personal attacks and even started most of them. He goes off about how much people are liars and should go because of it….He’s the biggest LIAR of them all.

  5. just like since the beginning of the game with all the TA tasks, derrick and frankiehave to do everything while donny does nothing. donny can’t even play his own game he has to beg better players to play it for him.

    1. DePrick has also had everyone doing his bidding for him –“no blood on my hands”. Donny is doing basically the same but is doing it on his terms.

  6. Derrick better be careful with his constant disrespect of the production members. They might just give out a special power just to ruin his game.

  7. I like Donny, I wish him and Nicole could both stay, But I honestly feel that Nicole could get Frankie Christine etc out, more so than Donny.. Derrick wanting to flip has nothing to do with Donny but his own motives, he figures America will hate him if he doesn’t keep him and also knows Nicole is more dangerous. What I really don’t like about Donny is that he thinks Frankie is the greatest player and he’d probably keep him safe along with Derrick… I want Frankie and Christine gone first!!! I wish Nicole was actually staying.
    Also, Cody and Victoria should really wonder why the change of heart from Derrick but they’re just too damn stupid to see whats really up!

    1. I think Simon and Dawg are onto something. Why are Derrick and Frankie going to Caleb for the vote when all they have to do is tell Victoria to vote for Donny. She’ll do anything Derrick says. I think this is all BS and just their way of not making America hate them. If they wanted Donny to stay, its simple, but they really dont want him to.

  8. Is bb trying hard to make derrick out to be a nice guy? .. They had Donny and Nicole who didn’t need much help. they have charisma on their own. . let alone Zach, who might have made the ratings skyrocket to new heights. Plan didn’t work with Frankie what makes them think it will work with derrick ??

  9. I hope these two low life ‘s are telling the truth, I doubt it,they are not that brave! They want production to believe so they will leave them alone! Hope I am wrong! But I don’t want Nichole to leave either!

  10. Frankie- people love me and people love him (Donny)

    Can you say overly delusional, my gawd what are these people smoking, they really truly believe that they are loved and adored outside the house! I just do not even know where to begin with this crew! However the bright side of this horrible nightmare is when they get out and realize just how people feel about them, they will most likely go into hiding for awhile and we can get a reprieve of all there ugliness!

    1. I wish Skank would finally get his due and see how he is disliked by America. The boos cannot be loud enough for this douche.

  11. I read this on Zap it. BIG Brother, delivers season high in total of viewer on Sunday night episode.
    Above this article was a picture of Frankie who is a disgrace to BB16 Viewers , and the gay community.
    The only reason it’s was up because the viewer’s wanted to see if Donny or Nichole would win the HoH and the one’s with live feeds,wanted to see how the hell no balls Cody won.

  12. Finally bb realized that the best bet is to try to save Donny. Make america happy and try to score points for Frankie and derrick. Poor Nicole, let back on show without a weeks grace. Sad!

    1. I hesitate to say this, but…Nicole is getting on my nerves. She has replaced Zack as a potential loose cannon. She is almost too nice, with a “people pleaser” personality, and every time I see her talking to Christine, I get a wee bit nervous that she will get sucked into the soulless Brecht vortex.

  13. I think in the last few days Derrick has shown that he genuinely likes Donny, and would like to keep him, even though Donny has not said anything to help Derrick at all with this decision. Donny is so closed mouth about everything and is his own worst enemy. He sits there expecting others to fight for him. And now hearing that there is a web site to go and donate to a fund for Donny? This baffles my mind. If Donny quit his job to come on this show, the consequences are his alone. Was is leaked that Donny is on the “bread line” or something. If he is half the man I think he is he will be completely mortified by this attempt to give him money. After all he is getting extra money as it is from the TA assignments. Someone out there needs to get out of the Twilight Zone and back into reality.

    1. You can stop being concerned about any attempts that are being made to collect money for Donny. His brother has publicly stated that none of the fundraisers have the backing or the support of the Thompson family, and he has urged people NOT to donate to any of them. He also said that Donny has no Facebook page, and the one which recently opened up with Donny’s name and likeness on it is was started by an imposter. People have been eager to offer financial support to Donny, whether he wants that or not, and sadly, shady opportunists are out there ready to step in and take advantage of that, in order to get some fast cash. I don’t see anyone opening a fundraiser for Christine. I wonder why that is…

      1. Christine and Stinky Tim need to take a pro-active role in child planning. Happy to donate to a Christine fundraiser to guarantee she is sterilised.

    2. The only reason Derek is saying how much he likes Donny now (out of the blue) is because in the diary room sessions the producers are obviously telling him that everybody loves Donny and they have to trying keep them.

      Derek is very perceptive and he picks up what the producers want. He figures out that America likes Donny and Derek loves to talk to America, loves he’s America’s team, talks to the Camera all the time. He wants a good show. Constantly is talking about this will be good TV …that will be good tv. So he’s picked up that liking Donny is better for his image and will make him look better to America
      Nothing more.

      I never heard about this website. If that’s true that’s pretty pathetic

    3. Donny has been campaigning to Derrick, Frankie, even Cody and Christine. He is alone, he has saved himself through competitions so far. It’s nice to see Derrick maybe listening to Donny for once, instead of everyone blindly following Derrick.

      A little part of Frankie is insecure that America loves Donny and he doesn’t want to piss off the fans, so he is pandering to production and viewers. Derrick I think is more a combination of practicality and genuine fondness for Donny, which makes me like Derrick a little more than yesterday.

      1. Derrick has not changed his tune. Still an opportunist. Watch and see how he is playing all of you just like he played the detonators.
        Really folks, have you not seen this all before. The guy will do anything to win. Wait until he sees the money slipping out of his hands, then you are going to see the real Derrick EXPLODE and show his anger.
        Just wait folks, just wait…..

  14. How do the DR sessions work for competitions? They always show individual houseguest’s comments throughout the comp, are these recorded before or after the competition?

    Also, wheres Donny’s GiveForward? I couldn’t find it.

  15. Breaking news: Christine is a man, which explains why (s)he thinks (s)he’ll outlast the other men in The Detonators.

  16. No different than when they cheated for Rachel and Jordan. Disgusting. This is the equivalent of if production had made Will carry Chicken George with him instead of Boogie in all stars. A likeable guy with no game getting carried to the end by real players because america is all moist over Donny and they had sand in their vag because he was about to be (rightly) sent packing.

  17. Everytime Derrick says “You want ____ Amrica? We’ll give you what you want” to the cameras I want to punch him in the throat, you’re not doing this for us you pig, you’ve destroyed everything good about this season don’t pretend you give a damn if we’re entertained if it tweaks yor game in any way you don’t feel comfy with. It means he knew what we wanted but he didn’t consider it until he was pretty much forced!

    Also, I don’t want Nicole to leave, I was fine with Donny being saved early on but not when Nicole would be next to go, I firmly believe she could win HOH.

      1. Yes, please stop with the Derrick PR tour already. AMERICA has had enough! Thank you. And remember to support your local police department who have a lot of work to do to regain your respect after the way Derrick has portrayed cops as manipulative liars.

  18. I really like Donny, but it’s hard for me to get excited about this save because I love Nicole. Sucks that production doesn’t just throw in a DPOV to save both of them…

  19. Did Derrick really say to Donny that he and Frankie helped save Donny last week??? How is that Derrick? Donny took himself of BOB all BY HIMSELF!!! I think Derrick is actually believing the garbage he spews out now lol.

  20. I like you but you I don’t see you making any big moves in the future. You are too nice for big brother, which is actually a compliment. I hope Nicole stays.

  21. and your everything just cried, at 21 years of age, because of an internet troll

    Team Grande going into sympathy mode and PR city. good luck with that.

  22. They better effing push to keep Donny. Wtf are they so scared of. As long as Donny agrees not to put up the rest of the team why should Frankie and derrick care who he puts up. They have secured a juror vote regardless. They didnt think it through having 2 ppl from same alliance in final 2 means u have potential for half of your other alliance members to flip their vote on you BC they will all talk in jury house. If Nicole stays she could very well win hoh again.and let’s not forget all the lies Frankie made up abt Nicole saying stuff when she really wasn’t.. Why can’t they just do that again. I think they are scared to take Donny to final 2 BC he would def win. Talk about a story small town groundskeeper w no alliance wins the whole thing. Zach or Nicole could get Americas fave. Derrick could be runner up. I do feel tho derrick has played a much more social game than donny. Derrick has controlled every hoh and vote practically all season and for that he should be final 2. I do not think production told them the play went well it 100%sucked minus Donny. They better not get money for that bs. They should get money if they flip the house tho. God I want Christine out immediately. If she keeps running her repulsive mouth it’s a possibility she could go very soon. I hate Frankie Christine and Cody but if Frankie flips the vote I’ll like him for about 1 minute.

    1. I love Donny and all BUT Nicole should stay. She has fought to be there and she’ll actually get blood on her hands. I can see her easily winning HOH and taking out Derrick or Frankie. Donny probably won’t win it and will just continue to sit all by himself and be sad. Nicole will fight. So I am really torn. Buyback have always been given a weeks safety….why didn’t Nic get it? This season just sucks all around

  23. If I was Cody and Derrick tried to come to me with the flip I would blow a gasket, Cody wanted to make a big move and oust Frankie and Derrick shut him down and convinced him he was getting out his big enemy (Donny) and then Derrick tries to flip it around and get Nicole out instead? I want Nicole to stay, she can still get in nice with these people and stab them in the back, I think Donny’s game is over I just want him to relax in the Jury and get America’s Favourite Player because I don’t believe he’ll make it to the end and he’s breaking my heart.

  24. I didn’t think they received a mission this week? Did they get a TA mission to save Donny or is Donny lying to them about it?

  25. Honestly looking long term, its Nicole that has the best chance of beating the ‘detonators’ she is a good social and phsyical player, not saying that Donny isn’t because I love him, but unless they add a cout de ta twist then it just gives Derrick and the detonators more power with them being a 6 vs 1 instead of a 5 vs 2. Please Pandoras Box.

    1. If Donny by some miracle stays, and then wins HOH, will Christine Float-illa rub his back, give him kisses under his beard and cuddle with him all night … and tell him how much she HATES everyone else?

  26. As nice as it would be for Donny to stay, Nicole is leaving so just a repeat of last week. Production really should have given her a week safe. And if Donny doesn’t win hoh he will probably go home again.

  27. I am super having fun – why don’t I look like I’m having fun? What is everyone saying about me? I wanna win HOH so bad.
    I am so disgusted. Derrick at least you got 2 letters and everyone got a personal item.
    On and on she goes talking about nothing but herself, her hair, her mom, her …..
    Make it stop please.

    1. I was kinda hoping that when she saw the doctor, she was so annoying that he sewed her mouth shut.

      Eating, however, would have been problematic.

  28. I take it that they made no money for that so called play. Still not watching until Thursday. Wednesday will just be the veto and all of them going against Donny again. I guess we’ll see what happens. To be honest, I think Nicole being in the jury house will be fun for her and Hayden. Just one week and their little romance blossomed. She’s going out with something she didn’t expect. And Christine, WTF! How can u do this to your husband? This is beyond for game!

  29. I normally hate blatant production interference unless it’s comp based or something. But they’ve helped ruin the season’s social dynamics with the BOB which is unfair to the four people playing it with people they aren’t aligned with. And than allowing Frankie to be voted in as a TA player. Allowing Frankie to announce that his sister is a pop star as game play and a deflection. They knew she was opening in the VMAs which is outside news because of her letter. Instead of now scrabbling to get them to try to save Donny maybe they shouldn’t have been so complacent and punished Christine and Caleb both for blatant cheating. Why didn’t they go through with the renom rule? I do hope Donny gets to stay but they are a little late on the draw when there were things within their right they maybe could have done to shake the game even just a little.

  30. I hope there is a twist (it’s suppose to be the most twisted summer EVER!) to Keep both Nicole and Donny sage this week! #TeamNiconny!

  31. if derrick an Frankie keep Donny this week the fans will be happy in they gain their fans back do it derrick in Frankie save Donny team America all the way

  32. There is no way Donny can win an endurance competition
    Nicole at least has a shot depends on what type of contest
    it is.

  33. This convo between Frankie and Derrick to possibly keep Donnie is the best I’ve read all season!! I just hope it’s not all a ploy.

  34. Donny can save his own game easily by telling Derrick that Nicole’s targets are Derrick and Cody. And that Hayden told her that.

    Donny play the freaking game and save yourself. Throwing under the bus is part of the game.

  35. Since when are Nicole and Victoria dangerous??!!! How come all of a sudden Derrick likes Donny ??!! Who really believes production enjoyed that horrid BB Broadway Play?? Why are the voices in Frankie’s head lying to him.??

    You’re not that well liked!

  36. Huge for Derrick’s game if Nicole goes over Donny. Nicole has made it clear who she wants out now(Derrick/Cody). Last night Cody told Derrick they should work with Nicole and target Frankie next week. So Nicole going instead of Donny is better for Derrick.

  37. I believe it when I see it. Derrick and Frankie are scared to death of Donny. They’ll talk themselves out of saving him.

  38. Derrick saying America wants a show, we will give them a show tells me production told them that viewers are unhappy. All Derrick cares about is cash and if they boot Donny there will be no more assignments. I want Donny to stay and win HOH just to see if Victoria will suck his toes.

    1. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! What did Donny ever do to you that you would want something like that to happen? Who knows ( although I have a fair idea ) where Victoria’s mouth has been.

  39. I will be sorry to see either Nicole or Donny leave but I think Nicole is missing Hayden and her heart and mind are not in the game. When talking to Vic, Nicole says “now that I’m back I’m more timid and Shy”. IMO, Nicole will just hand over any control — again — to DePrick.

  40. Re: Victoria’s hair
    I’ve seen MUCH better faux tails on Tennessee Walking horses… her shit is amateur ring not show ring!

    Re: Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb
    The 4 of them put together can’t stay with a single thought through an entire day. 5 year old girls maintain better focus at a “Frozen” themed birthday party

    Re: Christine
    For someone so less than ordinary this beyotch sure does run her mouth an inordinate amount of the time. All that “hate”… just makes her ugly to the bone

    Re: Franke (personally)
    You’re NEVER going to live up to your own delusions of grandeur… and you never fooled me for a minute…. GET OFF OF EVERYBODY! LEARN SOME BOUNDARIES! You make me want to shower repeatedly just watching you touch other people…. #JustSayin

    Re: Donny
    Lots of us really like him and feel sorry for him… but his game is sorely lacking.

    In conclusion… I’m ready for this train wreck to be over… it’s not fun, it’s not amusing, it’s not entertaining… The houseguests that believe they are “making good TV” are going to be shocked when they sit down to watch this shit fest once they’re out of the BB house.

    I’d rather watch Amanda’s elongated breasts flopping around than have to hear about Frankie’s HUGE and unfortunately hairy balls… maybe that’s just me… ???

  41. I’m very excited for Donny but I think this is a very cruel thing for productionto to do to Nicole. In past seasons the returning player was safe their first week back. Nicole was put on the block the day after her return then has had to spend the week on slop. I think production wants Nicole back in the jury house so they can exploit her showmance with Hayden.

  42. Would someone please help Donny realize that 40 years old is not 90 years old?
    For Gods sake you’d think he was on a life support system… this is ridiculous..
    Act your age and that’s NOT OLD…

  43. Well, Derrick needed to be reeled in a little. He just can’t control these minions at his own leisure or nobody would be interested in his tactics. Make somebody else sweat besides Donny of once.

  44. Wish the DR Producers would stop lying to Frankie, Derrick and Donny. I do not think that anyone enjoyed the BB “play.” It was not even a play. Frankie put on makeup and an outfit that he would wear if he was a female – Frankie did not apply makeup and get dressed up to look like Joey. Frankie pretending to be Joey was uncomfortable. Caleb getting up and pretend to read a poem in a high pitched voice was uncomfortable – then when Caleb started his gang member monologue watching became beyond uncomfortable. Watching Victoria expose herself as “Amber” was also uncomfortable.

    The DR Producers should have told Frankie, Derrick and Donny to NEVER behave as they did during the “BB Play.” This so called BB Play is the worst thing that has ever come from Big Brother. The house guests are supposed to be playing the Big Brother Game – not using their airtime to overtly audition for a casting agency that will make them famous (or more famous than they already are – these house guests discuss how famous they will be when they get out of the house – according to Frankie, Frankie is already a famous media mogul / actor.

    Hope “America” (the word Derrick over uses to describe viewers of the show) comes back and is successful at getting the house guests to understand the adjectives “America” uses to describe them.

  45. Fingers crossed something is actually about to happen Simon. I’m not holding my breath for Derrick and Frankie to save Donny, but who knows. I’m not sure they could get Cody on board with getting Donny out though. We’ll see.

    Hahahahaha, not monsters. That’s funny! Yes, Derrick and Frankie you two are monsters and production knows it.

  46. Derrick is playing the best game – hands down – & not just because the others are imbeciles. He’s smart & I believe hes genuine – working the HG’s is what you need to do – & I think hes done it without too much scheming. He can keep his head up. On the other hand, if I have to see Christine one more week Im going to puke…

  47. “Christine says Nick BB15 wasn’t attractive AT ALL his eyes yuck”

    Someone needs to inform her that she’s fugley, and have no right talking about anybody’s looks… I think her parents being too nice, told her she was beautiful all her life and she’s taking it seriously.

  48. You hear that America? Thou hath asked for a show and a show shall be delivered unto you. Derrick the Wise and Magnanimous hath spoken. You should all think about the nasty things you’ve been saying all summer and bask in his healing glow. Please thumb’s up to apologize for your small minded insolence and thumb’s down to prostrate yourself and beg for Derrick’s mercy.

  49. Could it be that Frankie and Derek are only saying this (try to save Donny) to get America the vote YES on the stupid play ..so they get there 5 grand. We all know what liars and wannabe actors they are.

  50. If Derprick and Skankie are serious about keeping Donny, that’s cool, but at the same time it’s a terrible move entertainment-wise because we know Crustine and Cotex will try and have him up again next week, since he couldn’t win endurance, and we’re back to the boring.. I really think Nicole could win HOH and make a move on the vile crew.. Free Donny form the kiddie pool…

  51. I don’t think they should even talk to Cody about it. He cannot win HOH next week. Bring in Caleb (and possibly Victoria) and flip that shit. I would loooooooove to see Christine and Cody’s faces.

  52. I’m sure F**ktard Frankie and D**khead Derrick were told by production to have a conversation about saving Donnie, but I highly doubt it will really happen. It’s all for TV. Wednesday nights episode will show the POV results and Thursday will show both sides of the conversations to both evict and save Donnie just to give the audience (the ones without live feeds or who read these blogs) an edge of their seat experience. We all know that Donnie is going home (unfortunately) because Cody is too stupid to get out who he really should get out and that is Frankie. Doesn’t he ask himself why Frankie used the veto last week on Caleb, and not Cody? Caleb wasn’t even part of the Detonators, yet he got saved. Cody should wonder about this, instead is too stupid to think for himself and runs to Derrick all the time.
    I could never be on this show as I’d go off on everyone all the time…. What a bunch of idiots!

  53. 2 seasons in a row where the majority of the house are villains. Maybe they need to look into what type of people they are casting. I have never seen a Final 7, where I couldn’t stomach the site of 5 of them…even last season, though I disliked somebody like GM, I didn’t have the urge to punch her in the face. Casting did another terrible job, and at this rate there won’t be a show to cast anymore in the near future.

  54. OH COME ON!!!!! Finally they are going to get rid of Donny and now they are thinking of keeping him. This is ridiculous .

  55. It they don’t get rid of Donny, they’re stupid. Donny is a nice guy, but his social game has sucked the entire season. If they keep him around, he wins hand down. We all know he’s going to get the $25K, but he doesn’t deserve the $500K IMO.

    For all you Derrick haters out there, I like the guy and hope he wins. He’s has played a pretty flawless game – he’s manipulated who he needs to; he has side alliances and says all the right things; he has Victoria (clueless and who should have gone week 1) in his back pocket. It’ll be a huge mistake for his game if he keeps Donny.

  56. Returning HGs wasn’t safe for the week, what are u talking about? when Brenda came back season 13, he was evicted the next week… I mean I know he was brought back solely to keep Rachel from walking out(she was ready to walk when he got evicted 1st time), I have no doubt in my mind Production told her he was coming back for the week…

  57. I think I can smell a little pressure on CBS from Ariana’s people. They want to try to repair Frankie’s image by making it seem this was his idea. I think production is pushing this for his sake as much as to save Donny. Their careful edits of the primetime shows could fool viewers who only watch those shows. They are also still pushing the “zankie” brand for future reality shows. Of course Derreck resents this. I am a Donny fat, but I don’t like to see him used for their benefit.

  58. If Donny is saved I do hope it comes as a shock to Victoria and Christine when Mrs Les Moonves says by a voted of 3-2 Nicole you are evicted OMG that would be epic Victoria will probably burst into tears flooding the house with salty water and Christines jaw will hit the floor people in napa valley will think its another earthquake
    Please make it so guys

  59. 4 words I never thought I would say, but based on this cast I think a lot of you will agree with me. I miss Amanda Zuckerman…

  60. Please – no hair with my tofu.
    I loved watching Donny get under Victoria’s skin while she’s was doing him such a great favour by making tofu.
    He didn’t even do anything or say anything that would be deemed as ‘super annoying’ and making Victoria so disgusted by his actions.
    Hair-brained Victoria.

  61. If Donny is saved Its proof that production chooses who stays and who goes and at that point there really is no point in watching! Its stupid I mean Im not against Donny but he really hasnt had any social game at all and lets face it him Frankie and Derrick have already won more money than all the other houseguests besides whoever wins the 500k and 50k! I just thought this game was about skills to win comps and who could play the best social game I didnt realize it was a popularity contest! At this rate we know if Donny doesnt do well enough in the comps to win then cbs will change the game so he can still stay! Its stupid! Zach didnt get to stay! Hayden didnt get to stay! Why not treat everyone the same and let the comps and the contestants decide who goes home not production! After all I thought thats what the show was based on! Poor Nicole!

  62. so say cody is 25. tommy boy was in 1995. did he see it when he was 6? if he is under 25 its even younger. how did he crush it at that age?

  63. Someone had posted that BB wants a “star” to be their new media guy, and that won’t be Donny. I agree, but it won’t be Frankie, Derrick or Caleb. They found their star in Zach. Mark my words….we will see him in the future.

  64. Dear Christina, there is a right and wrong way to represent yourself when you are married. Zing Bot gave you a warning, but after a couple days you couldn’t stop yourself from putting your grubby little hands back on Cody. I know it is a shock that all of a sudden you are getting this attention, but have a little self respect. You know this is not real life, right? When you go back home you could have seriously damaged relationships with people you truly love and that truly matter. Not washed up soccer…I mean underwear model…I mean salesman, cause girl, he is not going to be the forever in your life. Derrick is not my favorite, but he is carrying himself in a very respectful manner. Even though Red Lips Vicky McGee is being a little to touchy touchy.

  65. I”ll be the lone dissenter voice. I cannot stand the thought of Production interfering again. They are making a bad season even worse. As unfair as the game has been for people outside the blob alliance (Detonators), it’s the game. HGs have been manipulated by Derrick of their own free will and it has worked against people like Donny, who I wish had more of an authentic chance. Not a Production deus ex machina being fed to us as a natural thought process of HGs who have made it blatantly obvious all season they want this one guy gone.

    I’ve hated the meddling when players I don’t like are saved and I don’t like the thought of players I do like benefitting from a helping hand from Production. It further dilutes the spirit of what this game was supposed to be about. It calls into question everything about the game and it jolts you back into the reality of television. That nothing you see on TV is real. That networks aim to make money at any/all costs. That integrity of a game is an after thought when profits might be threatened.

    I am not a Derrick fan by any means, but he came into the house and played a game that has benefitted him greatly,using tactics that may come easy to him because of his profession. Add to that a house full of easily manipulated people. He came to win and now his game may be threatened,not because HGs woke up and started challenging him,but because Production literally flipped the script.

    Let’s just hope it’s talk to generate some excitement in a lackluster season,in which case my rant is without merit. Otherwise its a really bad stain on a franchise that has found itself on really bad footing.

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