Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Ceremony Results! “Are you getting Pandora’s box now?”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players ?

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2:50pm – 3:50pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that as head of household Cody did exactly what he had talk doing about prior to the ceremony. He nominated Donny and Nicole for eviction. It now all comes down to the Power of Veto competition which will take place tomorrow.

3:50pm – 4pm Donny, Caleb, Christine, Derrick Cody and Victoria are sitting on the living room couches. Nicole is getting things out of her dresser. Cody comments on how they no long have to keep track of the Battle of the Block competitions. Victoria says that she feels horrible. She goes into the diary room. Derrick tells her to ask if when they’re going to get the backyard back. Frankie asks Cody are you getting Pandora’s box now? Cody says I hope so! They talk about how it didn’t happen at all last year. Nicole asks what was the twist last year. Christine says the MVP twist. Everyone leaves the living room but Nicole and Donny. Nicole says so predictable! Donny comments on how they could have a couple hours till the veto. Nicole asks do you think it will be tonight? Donny says maybe. Donny and Nicole talk about napping to be rested just in case the veto is tonight. Nicole talks about how when she left Big Brother went through her bag and took out all the souvenirs.

In the havenot room – Donny climbs into bed. Frankie comes in and says sorry. Donny says its okay I’m used to it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 16-03-36-062

4:15pm – 4:40pm Caleb is in the kitchen talking about how if he had made the nomination speech he would have given an amazing speech. Caleb comments on how both Donny and Nicole went to take a nap together. We’re not dumb we know you’re not taking a nap. Frankie brings lemons from the storage room and says that his balls are bigger than they are. The others don’t believe him. Frankie then pulls his balls out and proves they’re bigger than the lemons. Cody holds up the lemon to compare and says HOLY SH*T they are!!! Frankie says sorry they’re so hairy! Frankie starts telling them about his Mamma Mia Broadway stories. Cody asks has anyone punched someone? Frankie says yes a guy tried to punch me backstage and told me shut the F**K up you .. and called me the F word. I ran screaming.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 16-18-07-394

4:40pm – 5pm In the living room – Caleb and Derrick talk about when the POV competition will be. Caleb says he’s been hearing banging out in the backyard. He says it might not be tonight but it will definitely be early tomorrow. Derrick agrees. Derrick says that Cody asked and he couldn’t use the skittle. Caleb says not there but he can during the POV, he can bring out an M&M. Frankie walks by and says I am going to bring it!! Caleb counts the competition he’s played in. Caleb says was talking to Donny and I wanted him to spill the beans about who he really is so that I can tell everyone. I was talking to him and I told him I think he is a genius and he said I appreciate that. I think Donny has a problem.. he is so smart. I watch him. His eyes are constantly moving. He was doing square shapes with his eyes. His lip was moving and his leg was tapping. Derrick says he has tics. I told him that he is smarter than he lets on. You make us all think you’re some dumb hill-billy. Derrick comments on how Nicole is extremely smart. Caleb says she’s not that smart. She would have won that competition if she was. I guarantee Donny has an IQ of 150 or something. He was probably intelligence for the army. Cody comes out of the diary room and joins them. Caleb continues to talk about his theories about who he thinks Donny really is. Victoria and Frankie join them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 16-53-17-570

5:10pm In the storage room – Cody says he’s going to head up to his HOH room. Derrick comments that Christine will probably be up there up his a$$. Cody heads up to the HOG room and realizes that his door is locked. He tells Derrick and Derrick says its probably Pandora. Dammit they’re probably going to do a twist that saves Donny and Nicole this week. Cody says better not!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 17-12-55-920

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Expect the totally predictable


Wow! I didn’t see that coming.


Ha! Are you talking about the norms or the lemons? Neither surprise me, either. If Skanks pushes out his tush, smirks at the camera over one shoulder, and swishes off with his wrists/hands swinging less than 50 times an hour, I’ll eat my stiletto. This grown man is a cartoon.




Also, please don’t take my comments as homophobic. He is making a mockery of the gay community. I am a retired professional ballroom dancer; I still teach. Every professional partner I had was gay (some male dancer’s are, some aren’t. My partners happened to be.) Tehose men were professional athletes and paid to perform. In the early days I was very young, very green and knew very little outside my Catholic upbringing. They KNEW and RESPECTED that. The older I got, the more they let me see. I was then and never have been, exposed to behavior like Frankie has shown. Completely unprofessional for someone from Broadway. That man has A LOT of explaining to do. I don’t see him working professionally anytime soon. I think that ship has sailed. It’s almost a shame.

I am Zach

Thank you! As a gay man I am not like the characters BB has and not like Mr. Grande. Yes, there are flamboyant types and that is fine. Who am I more like? I’m like Zach. While I know Zach is straight, I am Zach. I appreciate your comment as it points out how sad CBS is to do this year after year. Shame on you CBS.


For I am Zach: And I am sorry for YOU and your community for having to endure this. It’s not right and can hurt the hard-earned baby steps so many have fought tirelessly for. You’re right: Shame on you, CBS.


Nice to read comments from normal people with common sense and common decency! You guys just slightly restored my faith in humanity a bit. Frankie is an absolute embarrassment to his community–he literally acts out every negative stereotype that I’ve ever observed or heard about with respect to gay men. It was initially annoying, but now it’s just sad and pathetic. I just don’t understand why Cody and Caleb go along with it and are constantly hugging and touching him. I wish CBS would show THAT on TV…haha! How are they so mesmerized with this dude after they wanted to rip him to shreds just a couple weeks ago?!?


Frankie is very inappropriate and the others should put him in his place. They got upset with Zach but Frankie is a real lowlife. If his family should be embarrassed by his act. His sister is trying to make a name for herself and her brother is tossing smut all over it……..Maybe he is so wrapped up in himself he can’t see what the rest of us see. His camera mugging is stomach turning. He doesn’t represent most of the Gay community, not the ones I have met. The potty mouth talk this year is not much better than the smut we watched with last years HG’s.


Kind words for sure. I am a 65 year old gay female that is appalled by Frankie and his behavior and antics. Yes there some men that are flamboyant and even woman who are masculine, but to act so disgustingly is a shame. Thanks Frankie for turning back time…. Believe me we are all not like that


That’s exactly what Season 11,13,14.16 was, the “Expect The Unexpected” is a big lie, wish they would kill that slogan, because it’s really more on the lines of “Expect we will attempt to rig it for whoever brings us the best ratings”. I guess, that would be a bad slogan, but it’s true.

canadian guy

Hard to believe Christine,( a tattle taler) and Frankie, (enough said) and Cody(no balls) brings them the best rating..understandable that Derrick , donny and even caleb can. .. I might be missing something.


Ariana Grande is bringing the ratings, because Frankie is on the show…


Without Zach being on the show which by the way brought in 7 million viewers for last Thursday’s live eviction, I think the shippers and social media fans who were pro Zankie will lose their interest soon. I was a Zankie fan and a ZachAttack fan as well. I will bet that if ratings slide without Zach in the next few weeks, then we will see another shot at entering the house for the jury members. If this is supposed to be the season with the most twists, then a second round of jury members competing to get back in the game would be the smart choice with the added bonus of one of the house guests who return go back into the house with a secret power for the first week. Ariana’s new album is dropping in a few days and is expected to go straight to #1 so expect Big Brother to take advantage of that to bring in the younger viewers.


We have six people and only two spots for final two. Even Derrick doesn’t seem to be playing anymore. Super boring. yawn


So glad to see Zach out of the house. Good luck trying to bully Hayden and Jocasta in the jury house.
Am I the only one who thinks Victoria is looking pretty good?
So glad that Nicole is back in the house.

Rooting for Donny, Nicole or Victoria to win. Looking forward to Fakie, Derrick and Christine being evicted.


Victoria’s face looks like a dog’s a$$ that has been shaved.

We Are Assholes

No No No! If my dog had a face as ugly as Victoria’s, I would shave it’s ass and make it walk backwards.
Therefore Victoria’s face is not as good looking as a dog’s ass that has been shaved. Be fair to my dog now.


Christine’s face looks like a dog’s a$$ sewed shut with a grape vine.


Her face my not be the prettiest, but she is no butta-face, and her body is absolutely banging!!!!


You are ten times grosser than any of the houseguests.


Victoria looking good?!? Are u fuc*ing kidding me!!! You are as dumb as she is.


I am starting to think production actually wants Donnie and Nicole out, hoping that when the rest while turn on themselves and they think it will be exciting TV. I don;t understand why they would bring someone back in, knowing they are an automatic target, without giving them a weeks security. Except if they didn’t want that person to stay. I also think the reason there haven’t been an twists in this “most twisted season” is that the people they want are still in the house. If Frankie or Dereck were voted out, and were in the jury house, I think we would have seen some different rules or twists. BB wins their time slot every broadcast and that is all the producers want.


I think you have put your finger on it.


I think you have it right. CBS cares about the viewers not necessarily live feed subs. I know many like the feeds they see much more then TV viewers. So there ratings are high. I personally just read blogs like OBB. So while we rants here TV viewers with editing live it. (Accept for last year which was a bit much) do anyone have the numbers of live feeds purchased each year. Anyway I don’t think they much care.


Me too. And there were things Production could have stepped in on that wasn’t as blatant as giving a power over to someone. One big was is that I feel like Caleb and Christine should have been punished for the blatant cheating. Especially since they told Caleb not to sabotage Frankie after he had decided to stay out of the BOB challenge. And the way the edit the show is a whole other store they seem to be really enthralled in the Frankie show with his fake diary room sessions and showing is animated personality. When he is one of the most disgusting deviate people in the house.And the comp to get back in the house a true we don’t give a sh*t moment about who come back in.


Where are the twist after twist? Really disappointed about that. It has gotten really boring.


Time for a double diamond power of veto. So sick of this shit.


That would be a real twist, come on BB make it happen.


Oh! Surprise, Surprise – Donny and Nichole have been nominated. BB is really twisted, but not in a good way. Once Donny and Nichole are gone the rest should form an alliance called the “undisirables.”

Cocoa Puffs

Cody is locked out of HOH Could this be. Derrick is talking Pandora.

Burger King

Door open
No pandora box. Shit.

Derricks HOH

Yeah who didn’t see Derrick putting up Donny and Nicole!

Big Sister

Memo to the powers that be and CBS: Your ratings would go THROUGH THE ROOF if you gave either Nicole or Donny the coup d’etat! That would bring back all of us who are thoroughly disgusted with this group of slugs. That is the only way to salvage this season…


It looks like it is getting set for Frankie to win…he and Caleb will be the best at the endurance challenges that are coming up, Derrick and Cody would not win against them for endurance and would be next on the block. Getting Nicole and Donny out now seems dumb since they can likely beat those two at the endurance comps…Is Derrick miscalculating? Might be a 500 K mistake, and production can have their pink princess win which seems like what they wanted from the beginning.


Can’t wait to see Donny leave on Thursday!


Nope – we need more money,


Anyone notice there wasn’t a TA mission this week? Usually they put it up on Wednesday or Thursday. Not that I like it, thought TA was dumb from the beginning. Wonder if it’s gone now…..

Pinocchio Obama

Isn’t it about time for Pandora box or a golden power of veto?

I really enjoed watching the Jury House footage of Nicole and Hayden. I think they might have a shot outside of the house for a relationship. They are so cute together.

Casting Sux

Generation gap at its best. Donny @ 40 yrs old never had a chance to click with the 20 somethings. Blame CBS casting not the Motley Crue 6.


It’s sad – I know plenty of 20 somethings that are nothing like these – mature, thoughtful, respectful but still like to have fun. Where did they get all these losers from?


Predictable… and boring… just like this WHOLE season… will the Detonators EVER have a week where they will have to Squirm?! If Nicole makes it through this week and next week is ENDURANCE, than she has a real shot to get back in this game and win HOH and start making deals….


Well the good news is that they’ll learn the hard way when they have no other people outside of their alliance and they will have to turn on each other.


Fakie is still there b/c he has so many follows which = more viewers for CBS. As if they would have called him out on this renom rule. The rest don’t stand a chance. Fakie=ratings. So sad that he uses his sister to gain popularity b/c he is a big nobody. Nicole or Donny will leave the house and if it’s Nic what a waste of jury return. This expect the unexpected bs is just that bs and the shows writers need to step up their game and think outside the box. BORING!! Fakie is using the charity thing, the guy is a you tube personality, who is unemployed, relying on his sister for $$$$. No big moves…

I meant Frankie but you get it. I actually enjoyed Zach. At least he was entertaining, the rest are all robots. The biggest floater is still floating (Victoria) There should have been a rule, that whoever came back from Jury could not be nominated this time, a safe pass. Then a free for all next nomination ceremony. The producers need to come up with better stuff.

This whatever it is between Cody and Christine is getting to gag reflexes….She may be headed for a divorce come the end of the show. Why is she still there?? I just don’t get this show anymore. I really don’t know why I am still watching it.


Anna you are spot on!! This show is so predictable. Zack will be missed!! Yes the producers need to step up! Nicole should be safe for the week as she just returned. Frankie has followers so true and yes I believe that is CBS’s “grande” ticket to ratings, more veiwers.


Cody is out of her league, as for her husband she is making him look life a fool


I can’t believe Cody could be that stupid. OH YES I CAN!!!


What would be stupid is not putting up Donny and Nicole. He has a solid 2 deal with Derrick since early on. They are now working with Frankie and Caleb.

Why and the hell would Cody now roll with Donny and Nicole? Just because you guys don’t want Donny nominated, doesn’t mean Cody should f*ck over his alliance he has had since 1st week.

Correct game move vs you hatred towards certain house guests.


Because now is the time to take out Fakie. It’s Derprick vs Fakie now and the one who strikes first wins as long as the numbers are right. He should have put up Fakie/CrazedCaleb and made them both HN. If one comes down Ratine goes up. With Donny and Nic’s vote there would be nothing they could do. But they are so paranoid of Donny they aren’t even playing the game anymore.


Granted I’m not a big Cody fan, I still don’t think he made the right move. If he stuck to his alliance to final 5, he no longer has the numbers on his side to make a move. At that point, I can see Frankie, Caleb, and Christine attempting to get Cody and Derrick out. By that point he will be outnumbered and it will be too late for him to do anything about it. He isn’t thinking ahead. Then again, when have we known Cody to attempt a single organized thought process in this game?


You need to watch the feeds more closely. Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Cody are solid.


But at the end of the day, only two will left standing.

We Are A$$holes

HELLO, Cody just won HOH again and he is trying to make a big move – an eviction that counts. Up until then Dickprick would have taken him to F3, but now F4 is far as the kid is going. Don’t you understand what a greedy little pig Dickprick is? He’s already setting up Nicole’s eviction for another potential $5k with TA. Cody’s best move to F3 would be to evict Victoria – worth nothing for jury votes and worth everything for F3 bid. Temple graduate my ass! Bitch can’t form a cohesive thought. Look at the shite he was making up as a speech for Donny’s nomination.


Watch the feeds.

Your hatred is blinding the reality of the situation. He has a sold final 2 with Derrick.


Derrick has a final two deal with Victoria and BMC, also.

canadian guy

Everyone has a final 2 deal with everyone … And if they don’t , they will in upcoming days… His best move is to take out Christine or Frankie…keep.his deal with derrick and have a deal with Nicole an Donny. . Power move that wins games … Takes guts which he doesn’t have…


Donny and Nicole. gone next.

then it will likely be Victoria, and then everyone will turn on Frankie, production throws him a bone, goodbye cody and Christine, Victoria Frankie Derrick F3. booo this season.


Victoria isn’t going anywhere……


Victoria is sadly gonna ease her way to final 2. the reason is that she has done absolutely nothing in the game. Hell, if Jocasta was her competition, Jocasta would win.

Teri B

I agree. Christine will go before Victoria.


Pandora’s Box will appear, Cody will take the bait, America gets to vote who they want the Double Power of Veto it will be given to Donny, Nicole wins the PoV takes herself off the block, while Cody puts up Victoria. During the live Eviction, Donny uses the DPV on himself and put’s up Frankie, with Donny, Derrek and Nicole evicting Frankie. This is only a dream just because Production will no way in hell hurt Frankie’s game but one can wish right?


I’m hoping that since America hasn’t been given a new sabotage to vote on yet that the next vote we get is who to give the “COUP D’ETAT” to. We give it to Donny, he doesn’t let anyone know he has it then he uses it at eviction day to ROCK THE HOUSE! He can put up Derrick and Frankie and get one of them out. Come on, production, get with the program and do it…BRING BACK THE WIZARD POWER!


I like the idea. America has to vote, and BB has messed America votes up with the TA stuff, so I just don’t see it happening. I wish they would post what the next TA options were much earlier than they do, because it is more interesting to know ahead of time.

They definitely need this coup d’etat or diamond power of veto, but frankly i think the coup is way better, and that it is given to someone with a high vote. but those with the feeds or signed up to the cbs BB site will be the voters, so they’ll know about it and post here i hope.

the very best is leaving it up to Cody to decide who to put up other than Donny and Nicole. I’ll bet they’ll all be sorry they put the two up and didn’t keep one off for the chance of backdooring.


Ah, I was just wondering the same thing in earlier post! I should have scrolled down first :). LOVE the idea of coup de tat now!!


How about Pandora’s box now, Cody opens it because who doesn’t (part of expect the expected) but then the “punishment” is Cody has to null the two current noms and CODY has to put up 2 Different people. Then he’d have to put up two from his side! That would put a dent in their plans! Victoria and who would the other be?

Sigh….. I wish that would happen….


Big Brother where you “Expect the Expected.”

echo 1

Big brother expect nothing is a better motto


I can’t wait to see Deprick and Tampax-Cody sitting on the block next to each other and campaign against each other. That would be awesome.

Other than that… its so predictable and boring. Donny will leave this week, then nicole, then Fakie, then Crustine, then Beast Mode Cowgirl, then Shitoria… Congrats Deprick… you are the winner of Big Brother 16 with a 9 to 0 vote!!!


So true. Why not end the game and show reruns of The Flintstones until September 24.


Looks like production is building Pandoras Box!!! To save Donny and Nicole! SHOCKER!!!

I think its a great idea… time to stir up the pot a little bit!!! Honestly i don’t think Deprick will allow Cody to open pandoras box… if Tampax was smart enough… he would not open it to keep everything the same


Cody and Christine are horriable people !! I sure hope Tim gives her divorce papers at the fianle !!


Tim is more of a tampon than Cody, go look at his twitter.

kissING cousinS

Tim and Christine are 1st Cousin, Christine would like a baby from Cody…and Cody is GAY….


I can’t wait until these piranhas turn on each other.


I’m not even excited about that anymore. They’ll probably draw skittles again or will just go by whoever drops out of the competition first and second become the nominees.

These guys are one big happy family. Forget them turning on each other.


I disagree i think once they have no one to turn against and whoever of the 2 them do go up, it will wake those 2 up and then they will start taking some action.

Production Specialist Needed

BB Production – if you’re looking for new blood – please post job requirements – I think I could add something to shake off the stale game BB has become.


Next year BB should troll this site for potential house guests. Would get a diverse group of true fans, articulate and game intelligent instead a bunch of fame whores and sheep.


Tampon, u did what Daddy Derrick wanted, that’s a good boy.

Donny FTW

Simon, Dawg –

I’m so conflicted with the poll. How on earth can I narrow down my BB hatred to just THREE of these fruit loops?

Calling on the BB Gods for some divine POV intervention. Good luck, Donny and Nicole!

Michael from Canada

This has definitely been one of the most twisted seasons, even though there haven’t been many twists. I guess it was more of a warning than anything.


Someone please list Zing Bots zings. I need to hear them again.


Cody: Cody, you haven’t made any enemies this summer, except maybe Christine’s husband.
Derrick: All the guys in the house are so good-looking. Oh wait, I didn’t see u there derrick.
Donny: Donny, your beard makes you look very duck dynasty. Too bad your social game is more like suck dynasty.
Frankie: Frankie, that’s a nice tan you have. I expected u to be more pale since u spend so much time in your sister’s shadow.
Christine: Christine, there’s a common belief that glasses make u smarter. Thanks for disproving that.
Caleb: Caleb, u and amber have something in common. You think she’s drop dead gorgeous, and she just wants u to drop dead.
Victoria: Victoria, I would zing u but i’m only supposed to zing people who are actually playing the game.
Zach: What do u call someone who’s not afraid to cry, wears pink, and cuddles with men. you call them zach.


No Frankie he is not getting Pandora’s Box, they are saving that for when they turn on you you shmuck.


Seriously! Why bother bringing Nicole back. This show is getting too predicable and boring.

coup d'etat



Like EvelDick said the other night coup d’etat and dpov should be eliminated from the game. Power like that should never just be handed to any one player. Whether it is Donny or anyone else in the game. Power like that at the very least should be won through some comp or puzzle.


Considering how much production help that awful man got so he would win, he has no place saying anything like that.


i like that it would be a vote. Mostly because what that does right there, paranoia, is that the ‘rulers’ of the house, in this case the ones running the HOHdy, will finally understand that Donny (assuming he got the power handed to him) is way more popular than they are. It would shake them up. Like on BBCAN2, Canada was HOH for the week, and the nominees got pretty sad and unhappy. Yes, you two fruitloops, Canada HATES you both MORE than they HATE the rest of your alliance. ZeeYa.


Voting is the same thing as just giving it away. I agree with EvelDick. Jeff was basically handed coup d’etat.

I swear this is not meant to be mean to you, but,,,

But Seriously?!?!?
Listening to anything Evel Dick has to say is just absurd.
I’m sorry, but that clown has no credibility whatsoever,
and is still Fame Ho-ing off of winning BB like 20 years ago!!
(Guess that just summed up Frankies future as well)


I would really like a reunion show AFTER these HGs watch this season and have time to go thru their social media accounts. Julie Chen could host it on The Talk.


No thank you……after this show I NEVER want to see any of these people again.


Except Donny and maybe check in with Zach to see if he’s still growing up or has reverted to a fratbrat.


I hope that all these ass faces feel horrible after the show is over and they get to see exactly how horrible they treated people! Shame on them!


Most might, but I doubt Frankie, Derrick or the hateful Christine will feel bad at all.

Jimmy 64

It’s only going to get good when they have to turn on each other.


Pandora a box is opened and both nominees are safe , Cody now needs to replace with 2 new nominees 🙂 awh we can dream !

Just Me

Why do these idiots think getting Nicole and Donny on the block is a BIG game move?? This is turning out to be as exciting as taking a nap with your eyes open.


I love Donny and I’d absolutely love for him to win it all, but honestly Donny going to jury wouldn’t be so bad. He’d be with people who adore him, people who he loves, and he’ll have time to just relax. It will be bittersweet, but at lease he’ll be happy again. These vile people don’t deserve to be around such genuine people. How great will jury be with just Hayden, Zach, Jocasta, Donny, and Nicole? I’d pay more to watch that than live feeds.

If Donny and Nicole get a BB miracle and somehow both stay this week though I’m all for it!


But Frankie would get so jealous that we would rather watch the jury than HIM! Remember when he said that he bet Nicole & Hayden got more air time in the jury house than he did? I really can’t believe how truly vain, egotistical & disgusting Frankie is.


Can Julie and CBS be sued for false advertising? Julie has said on numerous occasions that this would be the most twisted season ever. Other than BOB, I am still waiting for any type of twist. Even an earthquake on the studio lot to shake-up the house would make it a bit more interesting. Oh no, can’t do that Zach is not there for them to blame.

echo 1

CBS will be posting a disclaimer next Thursday stating we are so sorry for falsely claiming this is a biggest most twisted bb yet!! What we meant was Frankie, Cody Christine, Caleb and Cody Derrick was under cover doing the Twist

Retired Teacher

Because summer has few good shows, I’ve allowed myself the “pleasure” of this silly little “reality” (?) show for several years now. However, the past 2 have really made me rethink the waste of time I’ve spent both watching the show & reading this board. (By the way, you do an EXCELLENT job of letting us non-subscribers know what’s going on in the BB house and giving us an insight into the true characters, rather than how CBS production portrays them. I really was sickened by all the crude comments made by the houseguests last year & by the outcome. This year, while comments have been toned down, there are still so many unlikable characters and I’m already fearing the outcome, that I’m inclined to truthfully think this may be the final season that I watch this show. It’s obviously manipulated on some of the outcomes, and by what production wants – shame on them! And shame on another season of people who really aren’t interesting nor are intelligent! JMHO


I agree wholeheartedly with your comment about the last 2 seasons. Couldn’t have said it better.


I wish the Americas team twist had been set up so that Americas team had really been forced to work together. So if Donny leaves there would be a punishment or it would cost frankie and derrick.


I am surprised Team America wasn’t given an offer they could not a lot of money and it depended on them all staying.


Oh how far we have come from Bunky Miller on season 2. Now the ‘gay character’ is not only part of the popular group in the house, he is the ultimate MEAN GIRL.

Maria L.

I loved Bunky! Frankie vs Bunky…day and night; good and evil.


I swear to god if i ever meet Grodner in person…




Please…no more twists…I can’t take it anymore. It’s sooo twisted and “unexpected” I had to stop watching 2 weeks ago! I just come here for confirmation and to read the crazy funny posts here.

BB Watcher!

As a long time BB fan, I’d have to say this show gets more fake and phony as the years go by! Who is in charge of casting???? The selections are terrible!!! And to put Ariana Grande’s brother on a show that heavily relies on America’s vote is totally unfair. The majority of these people do not understand the game of Big Brother! The way the house guests are behaving and the predictability of this season is really annoying and it doesn’t make for must see TV! on BB 11 when Jeff’s back was against the wall the powers that be let America give him a special power! Donny is America’s player …where is his coup d’etat??????

Bitch As Cody

Get a backbone!!! Cody is like a dumb blonde he must be fine with second place cause I think the only way he wins is if he sitting next to the dumb brunette(Victoria) or his uglymance(christine). I don’t even think derrick will take him if its between him and Victoria. This would have be a perfect time to get out someone in the alliance out who Cody believes will not take him to the finals. He would have the numbers especiallywhen he know he is not good at winning competition. It it unbelievable that none of them has take the time to think about what Donny is saying bout derrick. He is behind most if not all their decisions and if they haven’t told Donny anything how is it that he knows what they are doing. Have they ever heard that being on the outside looking in donny has perspective they may be missing or ignoring. Anyway Donny ftw. #cody find ur balls


The right move, period.


Donny put himself in this position. He slept through all the game talk at night. Missed all opportunities to get in alliances. It is his fault. To his credit he has won comps to stay in the house this long.


im never touching a lemon again!


Well, at least we know that Frankie can sat bye-bye to his singing duos with his sister on YouTube for her tween demographic. That would be suicide to her career. Wonder how proud she is now? Feeling sorry for the innocent lemons.


LOL! I Luv your comments Suze! Now if only Cody could grow a pair of “lemons.”


So Frankie’s balls are bigger than lemons, and Cody has no balls. Great, glad we learned something today from these idiots.


Means little d**k he can probably tuck really well

Bitch As Cody

*excuse typos:-[


I am disgusted that Frankie took his ball out. Completely grossed out. “Sorry they’re so harry” – ugh!


And some people wonder why Donny doesn’t want to socialize with these people. Seriously, would you?


this season is so predictable. wish donny or nicole would have won hoh to finally try to flip the house around but thats not going to happen. either donny or nicole are going to be evicted unless there is Pandora box. once this season is over the houseguest besides nicole and donny are going to see how much people didnt like any of them. i dislike how victoria is still going to be in house over donny and nicole. she hasnt won anything and is floating her way through the game.


its the same with cody great season where r all the twists we need a pandoras box where somehow both nominees r safe either a diamond POV or donny gets coup de a tat come on production i’m begging u please do something anything 2 make this season interesting god i hope something happens or i swear 2 god i’m never watching this show again and i watch this show every summer


Frankie brings lemons from the storage room and says that his balls are bigger than they are. The others don’t believe him. Frankie then pulls his balls out and proves they’re bigger than the lemons. Cody holds up the lemon to compare and says HOLY SH*T they are!!! Frankie says sorry they’re so hairy ! WHAT??????? ok this show just hit rock bottom, Frankie no matter how much money your family has, it goes to prove, money DOESN’T buy class!!!!! you white trash, wanna be star, mogul or what ever you think in your pee size brain, Caleb, realy????? disappointment with you

echo 1

I’m sure the Grande family are so proud of their precious Frankie J a tribute to his up bringing !!


I REALLY wish Nicole and Donnie could be saved and the “Detonaters” go on the Block after each other!!!! It would be an awesome twist if the new nominees (of course…Donnie & Nicole) could be allowed to put up replacement nominees….(Frankie & Derrick) as part of the Pandora’s box!!!!!


Derrick is too smart to let Cody risk a game changer by opening Pandora s box. It’s either really bad for Cody ,Iike nominees off the block, or very good for Cody (like a superpower for Cody), but either way it’s bad for Derrick.

Does Cody have the balls to ignore him?

Back door Frankie

Are you freakin kidding me? What a bunch of adolescent losers!!


Didn’t see the Frankie thing, but if he somehow gets AF or actually wins BB, that says alot about BB morality. Well, not really, after the last two seasons.

pee rock

If Donny or Nicole win pov its the perfect opportunity to backdoor Frankie. Donny and Nicole won’t vote each other out that with Derricks vote the only need to convince Christine or Victoria to vote out Frankie. How hard would that be. Not very.


Makes a lot of sense. If only these house guests could seem to find any…


The people that sign up for this show are a terrible representative of American youth. One can only hope they are a small percentage group. It’s one thing to play a game and put up someone to better your game and chance to win; it’s another all together to be so nasty, rude and immature about it. These people are “TRASH” and as a parent I wouldn’t want my son or daughter to come home with any of them. (Except Nicole & Donny) I am speaking of those left in the house at present.

Just me

Ok I’ve had enough of the little pervert, (yes I did call him that, all he does is put a sexual spin on everything!! That’s perverted!) On what level is pulling your privates out and comparing them to lemons acceptable? Is anyone else sick of his constant sexual remarks? I seriously doubt all the men in there wanted to see that nor are they into all his cuddling, kissing, and his constantly saying I love you! Are we suppose to overlook it because he is gay or because he is Ariana Grande’s brother? Seriously I don’t have a problem with gays, just this one! Keep it behind closed doors, respect your viewers! Good Grief!!

Frankie's bloated nutsack

Anybody who doesn’t want to see me compared to various citrus fruits must be homophobic. Plain and simple. I feel sorry for you living inside your shell of hatred. Is that a grapefruit? Bring it here.




Soooo funny!


Frankie is desperate for attention, on a pathological level. His housemates have heard all of his Mama Mia stories, and the my-sister’s-a-major-pop-star bit is old news now, too. What does he have left? Of course: he can pull out all of his jiggly bits and compare them to produce. He’s beyond pathetic, really.


I am truly shocked that no-one in there has commented on his disgusting behaviour & words.


I hope there’s a general consensus his behavior is not attributed to him being gay but because he’s Frankie. The cuddling, touching, and all that with the men seems like he’s warming up to escalate possibly something more like just a tip and beyond.




if life gives u lemons, don’t make lemonade. they might have pubic hairs on them because they were used for testicle comparisons.


Needed that laugh badly! Thanks.


Hehehe, oh, keep ’em coming…..sooooo much more entertaining than the show….. 🙂




Too bad it is not hayden who has re-entered that house, I think it might have been different…. I like Nicole, smart girl but not a smart player… I still think, if she is lucky enough to stay, that she will team up with manipulative awful Derrick 🙁 while I think Hayden would have given a shot at targeting Derrick and Franckie !