Donny says if I was safe I would put up the two girls. I’ll promise to stick to my word!

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

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1:10pm The live feed return from being blocked for the HOH lock down. Caleb asks Donny what did he say to you? Donny says that if I was safe I would put up the two girls. And I would, anything I would do to keep myself safe. And I’ll promise to stick to my word too. Caleb says well that’s what us guys are trying to work on right now. Caleb leaves the kitchen and talks to Frankie in the living room. Caleb says when I mentioned it to Derrick he asked what Cody thought of it. And I told him I would go talk to him. Caleb says I can’t ask him with that (Christine always near Cody). I was just going to ask him and Christine walked in. I will ask him and make sure he would be okay with it.

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In the storage room – Cody and Frankie talk. Frankie says that Caleb wants to get out Nicole now. Cody says I still want Donny out. Frankie says I know, so does Derrick and so do I. We want to make sure if we do that, that you’re not going to be mad. Cody asks who all wants? Frankie says Cody, Derrick and I. Frankie says Caleb went to Donny and asked him to promise he would go after the girls. Cody says he isn’t going to keep that deal. I guarantee if I go up to Nicole today to keep the boys off the block she will say yes. Cody says I’m the one that put him on the block. Frankie says so you would be mad if we didn’t Cody says yes but if that’s what you want to do. Caleb comes in. Frankie asks him to join the conversation. Caleb says Christine won’t work with Donny and he wants her out. I asked him to promise and he said he would. The leave the storage room when Victoria enters. Outside the storage room Caleb tells Cody we don’t need to keep him if you don’t want us too. Cody says I yeah I want Donny out! Cody heads into the earth room and lays with Christine and says that he’s frustrated because their flipping. Christine says that pisses me off.

In the living room – Caleb, Derrick and Frankie talk about what they should do. Caleb asks are we playing Cody’s game or our game? What do you think we should do? Derrick says I don’t want to piss Cody off. Cody pulls Derrick in to talk about the flip. Derrick says I know you can’t say but can you promise Nicole wouldn’t put me up. You have my word I will vote Donny out if you want me to. Christine and Donny join them and break up the conversation. When they leave the guys comment on how awkward that was. Derrick talks with Christine and Victoria about how awkward it is people making last minute deals. Derrick tells them that he is going to vote Donny out. He tells Christine not to tell anyone how I am voting. They will know after but it will be surprise. Derrick says I am not swaying my decision last minute that’s the worst thing you can do.

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1:35pm – 2:10pm In the storage room Frankie and Cody are talking in the storage room. Frankie says that Donny is willing to make at least a 1 week deal. You need to go talk to him. I trust him more than I trust Nicole. Frankie says he has never done anything wrong to us. Cody brings up how Donny was going around trying to get me out. Frankie tells Cody to go talk to Donny and get him to shake your hand. Donny loves this game and if you made a deal with him he would be excited to just make a deal. Caleb joins them and talks about how Donny is willing to make a promise to go after the girls. Frankie says that Nicole can lie and manipulate. Cody says that Donny lied to my face. Caleb says would you rather have someone lie to your face or behind your back. Frankie says us talking like this is making Nicole and Victoria nervous. Caleb says its way more dangerous to keep Nicole because Christine will work with her. When we went into the fire room Christine followed because she’s nervous. Caleb tells Cody to go to Donny and ask him for his word and he’ll keep it. Caleb says the girls are going to work together. They’ve been eating cereal together in the morning. Caleb says if I go home before Victoria I will be so pissed off because what has she done!? If Nicole wins she would have the votes to get rid of one of us. Caleb says Donny is a man of his word. Frankie asks why do we have to run around the house sucking on Nicole’s t!ts!? Cody says I’m not here to d**k over people. Caleb says Donny will go after the people that vote to evict him. Caleb says if Nicole makes it to the end she would get the votes to win. If Donny makes it to the end he deserves to win. Cody asks does he? What has he done? We kept him here if we do keep him. Donny has only won 3 competitions, he’s not a beast. Caleb says this should end it .. do you want to compete against 1 or 2? Cody says I trust you guys so F**K IT! Caleb says Donny will not win this HOH. Caleb says Donny is from the south, if he shakes your hand and looks you in the eyes he will do it.
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2:15pm Frankie tells Cody that he can’t harbour resentment against him from 3 weeks ago. Cody says I can because its my neck on the line and he tried to get me out. Caleb says whatever you decide I have your back. There is no decision yet. I don’t want you to fly off the handle and me have to kick you in the d**k with no ice! Cody asks what do you want. Caleb says I want Nicole out because she’s good in mental and physical comps. Nicole isn’t going to put me up .. she is possibly going to put you (Frankie) up and you (Cody) up. Caleb says tonight is going to be physical, Donny nearly died in that duck competition. Caleb says I trust Donny more than I trust Nicole. Donny has no one in this game. Nicole has relationships in this house. She has an amazing social game. You have to look at it like a globe. You have to back up and looks at it from both sides. Caleb says I want both of you to feel comfortable. A lot more damage can be done with 3 against 1.

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2:18pm IN the bee hive room – Cody talks to Donny. Donny says if I stay I will go after the girls. Donny tells Cody you were never the target. It was just a scenario. I know where all the crap comes from. I was talking there in the morning with Christine and we were both talking through scenarios. Cody says I heard it form different people. Donny says then that is a lie. Donny says I would like to stay even if its just another week. You’ve never been a target. Cody asks what about next week. Donny says no. I like you and I like Nicole. I am even starting to like Caleb. Caleb joins them. Donny tells Caleb that he isn’t his target either. Donny says I have been alone for a long time and I want to stay. Cody asks if you stay and win HOH we want you to go after the girls and if we win HOH we will go after the girls. Donny says well that sounds like a good deal. Caleb says if we wanted you gone you would be gone. We are wanting to make a deal. Caleb gets Donny to agree to not put up or go after Derrick, Me, Cody or Frankie. Donny agrees. My back is against the wall and my word is all I’ve got. Donny says I have a soft spot for you and Nicole. You all think about it. Donny says if its a double eviction at least I will have my bag packed. Donny says people need to think about how we go because I am a vote. People aren’t think about that and they need to. If I leave you’ve got my vote. Donny says lets just see how this plays out and I won’t hold it against you. They hug and leave the room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-28 14-38-38-163
2:27pm In the bathroom – Nicole tells Derrick that Donny will promise what ever he has to just to stay. Nicole asks do I have your vote and Victoria’s vote? Derrick says yes but the thing is I have to get Cody on board because if I keep you and I don’t win HOH .. they are going to send me home?! I thought we were set. Derrick says I have no idea what’s going on. Has anyone come to me and pulled me aside? Nope! Derrick says I have to talk to Cody. Nicole says you have to be straight up with him. Derrick says I will. Nicole says this makes me sick.
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171 thoughts on “Donny says if I was safe I would put up the two girls. I’ll promise to stick to my word!

  1. Besides Frankie….. Who is going to pet Cody if the girls are mad at him? Donny should promise to stroke Cody’s hair for one week. That will appeal to him for sure.

    1. You have to admit, we’ve had your attention all day long – How often to we let you in on eviction day conservations – oh, never! We tried, but Donny is going home – the under cover cop is on to us. Memo BB 2015 – NO COPS

    2. Unfortunately, the newest live feeds report that Christine has convinced the guys to keep Nicole. As much as I love Nicole, I am truly disgusted that Christine is in that house.

      1. Well, we’ve had more info on a Thursday than usual – so why – to make Frankie look good on the CBS show – we’ve been used – Big Time – Donny’s going home,,, but Frankie looks good on network tv – production at its best/worst your call.

  2. I’m so pissed off, no matter how much we like Donny, he will probably honour that deal and get rid of Christine/Victoria next week if he did manage to win, but he couldn’t win the wall. Most of Frankie’s arguments are bullshit, can Cody not see that Frankie’s afraid of Nicole because HE is her target?

      1. I want production’s pet Frankie to go, Christine can make it further IDK she won’t win and neither will Victoria. I just want Frankie taken down. Derrick… he’s still solid, I hate his personality but I wouldn’t be angry seeing him at the end.

        1. Frankie and Derrick are two people who’ve played the game. Frankie deserves to be in the game, personal feelings aside. He’s been on people’s radar early on. He just happened to win a lot of comps. His persona on the show is off-putting; my all time favorite is Zach but I do not want the likes of Victoria and Christine to ride it out to the final 2.

          1. I’m never going to put personal feelings aside when it comes to someone like Frankie. He says things everyday that make him a hapless ugly ogre to me and yet, he’s still going to do well in life because he’s rich. Derrick on the other hand may make me angry but he absolutely, uniquivically deserves the money and he needs the money. Frankie uses weak arguments to maintain his position and it works bc these HGs aren’t very smart but Derrick maintains lies on top of lies seemlessly, I’m finally beginning to give him credit…

            1. Why does Derrick need the money. Do you have access to his personal finances. So what we go by who needs the money. I’m pretty sure Caleb could use it just as much.

              1. Maybe they feel he needs the money for his kid. If you think Derrick needs the money Geeshh lets just let Victoria have it. She goes thru makeup, and hair shit more than anyone I know. Let’s let her get all the extensions she can have.

            2. It isn’t about who needs the money…it’s who deserves the money. If Donny was a billionaire, I still would have found him worthy and deserving of the prize. If Frankie was piss-poor and spent his last dollar on the taxi to the airport to get to CA, I still would NOT have found him worthy of the prize. This whole who-deserves-it-or-needs-it-more argument is bullshit. Unless there is a Big Brother Charity-case edition, we don’t need to worry about who is rich and who is poor. Play the game.

    1. Frankie only THINKS that he is Nicole’s target.

      The truth is for the GUYS (Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Cody), the smart play, the right play is to get Donny’s word that they are all safe next week and vote out Nicole.

      Next week’s target is Christine, they can all say back up is Victoria. But it really depends on veto (as it should at this point in the game.

      Sorry Nicole fans, the smart play for the guys is getting rid of Nicole.

      Interestingly enough, Cody agreeing to this really puts Derrick in a bind. He can’t tell Vic what’s happening and after the vote she’ll be super pissed. He can’t go in a talk Cody out of keeping Donny now that Cody has agreed without looking shady to Caleb and Frankie.

      1. No, the smart move would have been to back door Frankie while they had the chance. Frankie is like a poison . He has infected Caleb with girl fear. Unless Cody want’s to leave early he missed his opportunity. Donny won’t be beholding to Cody, he will be in Frankie and Caleb’s pocket . Happy to play another day. Nichol is smart enough to realize that Frankie is the one to get out, Cody felt the same until Derrick talked him out of it. Dumb move that might bite him in the butt. Christine will not work with Nichol or Victoria, she burned that bridge.

    2. As much as I wish they would, I don’t think they’ll keep Donny no matter what Donny promises. He could promise to do anything & they’ll still vote him out.

      1. too dangerous, but if the guys want to make a stupid deal ,do it. Derek will just tell Nicole what to do if she stays, book smart but a simpleton.
        nod your head donny say yes to whatever you got to do…and if you do win HOH. stab them in the front , stab them in the side and when they leave stab them right in the back on the way out the door. and why not your deal is only good for one week your ass is grass the week after the deal.

      2. Donnie is a nice guy but his game play was too little too late. He won when it was to save himself but his luck ran out. I hope he gets America’s player for keeping his good guy player in spite of all the garbage in the house. Caleb deserves nothing except perhaps a brain? He has taken Zack’s place but he has zero appeal and zero entertainment value. I think Donnie’s run is over and if not it is Derrick and Cody’s swansong. Frankie is working hard to turn the tide in his favor……..using everyone he can. It’s Donnie’s turn. Cody isn’t smart but I hope he isn’t biting this poison apple.

        1. damn Derek I’m tired of looking in your nostrils…..let your nose hair grow out or something…..always tilting your head up checking out that raggedy ass beard you got…..btw lining up that beard way too low dude…..your cheeks runneth over…..

    3. As much as I wish they would, I don’t think they’ll keep Donny no matter what Donny promises. He could promise to do anything & they’ll still vote him out.

  3. Looks like there is TROUBLE in PARADISE. Frankie and Caleb are fighting to keep Donny. Derrick is freaking out because he is about to be outed as working everyone in the house. Cody is adamant to get Donny out. He is wanting his HAREM of girls to save him so he will have the numbers. Nicole is sitting in a GOOD position. They are all going to fight to have her alliance because she is a number in and out of the house. Little do Derrick and Cody know that they are her TARGETS. This getting good now.

    1. I think if Nichole wins Frankie will be going up with maybe Derrick. But definitely Frankie cause he tried to flip house. Then Caleb or Derrick with him

    1. I wouldn’t get my hopes too high cause of how much we’ve been let down so far this season, but yes i hope so too.

  4. Since when do the HGs need permission on how to vote? These big shots delaying and delaying to dare to do a big move are a bunch of Helens. And we know how that turned out!

    1. THANK YOU KATHIE!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these people?!?! If people don’t play their own game, I don’t know why they play the game to begin with. Why are they there? What are they doing? Ok, to be honest, the smart thing to do this week would be to get rid of Donny. He has surpassed everyone in the house when it comes to game play. Derrick is right to be threatened by Donny. Donny has managed to make it as far as Derrick in this game by actually playing the game and earning his place in the house. Derrick has managed to make it as far as he is in the game by manipulating every other hg’s into doing the tasks he doesn’t want to do. I must admit, they both are playing, but Derrick isn’t playing in a way I can respect. I don’t understand why people aren’t starting to catch on to Derrick yet. When Nicole came back in the house and Derrick said nobody should be seen talking to her behind closed doors, that should have sent up red flags to everyone!!!! Especially, when he said, “anyone seen talking to her behind closed doors is only out for themselves.” Uh, yeah Derrick. People are suppose to be there playing the game for their own reasons. They don’t need your permission or approval to think and do things for themselves. Derrick is where he is in the game because he’s managed to take control of everyone’s minds and has spent his time developing a personal relationship with each individual remaining HG, playing on their mental weaknesses. It’s a different strategy but it is a strategy. However, it has taken those 5 additional people for Derrick to get to where he is in this game. He couldn’t do it by himself. Donny, on the other hand, has made it just as far as Derrick has, but Donny has done it by himself. He’s had nobody to fight for him, lie for him or play for him. Derrick knows that. Derrick knows Donny’s playing a better game. An honest game. A respectful game. Derrick knows if he found himself sitting by Donny in the F2, he would lose, and he would. Donny deserves to win this game. He won’t, but he deserves it more than Derrick.

  5. I love both Donny and Nicole, so it’ll suck seeing any of them go. What I am hoping is that this will pit Frank/Caleb and Derrick/Cody against each other and that the person who survives eviction can stay safe as Derricks cult crumbles.

  6. “Caleb tells Cody to let Donny know they want him in Final 5 to get all the girls out cause they all suck and dont deserve to be there.”

    Caleb is a mysoginistic, narcissitic little bitch.

      1. Uh, Seriously? Explain to me why Nicole doesn’t deserve to make it to the end despite the fact that you hate her. Because she was voted out? Gary was brought back late in the game and would’ve have win if what’s-her-name hadn’t put in the wrong name. Give me one legitimate reason why only men deserve to be in the top 5 and none of the girls belong.

        1. I don’t think the post was referring to all girls, just these girls. The only one I like is Nichole out of the girls and I really would love Donny to stay, doesn’t look good though…..

    1. Well, c’mon, Valerie and Christine do suck and should’ve been gone a long time ago. And Nicole was already evicted.

    1. that’s exactly what I was thinking too, Derrick is the one to convince, looks like Frankie and Caleb are on board.

      1. And if Cody IS on board, Derrick will have to vote to keep Donny or he will expose his game. Frankie may be forcing Derrick’s hand.

      2. Because Derrick WANTS to vote Donny out, but he needs to blame it on someone else. I really wanted to save Donny, but it would have put a target on my back. Sorry America. Do you still love me?

    1. I want Donny for the win but I think the house and these people are just too much. He’s be so much happier in jury. They’ve beaten him down and he keeps fighting. I want him to save his strength and game for BB All Stars–if they can talk him into coming back.

  7. Looks like production has been talking to Caleb. I hope this blows up Derrick’s game if he votes out Donny. Then Caleb and Frankie will be after him.

    1. Not necessarily. Getting Nicole out is the better move for the guys. I hope that Derrick looks back at this week as the week where he made the wrong call and destroyed his game.

  8. OK…these people are giving me a headache! Sounds like production told Frankie what the results of the TA Vote & he is trying to redeem himself! (Fat Chance!) Looks like Frankie realizes that in order to get Derrick’s vote to stay, he has to sway Cody.
    Way to go Donny……..keep swinging to the cheap seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I honestly don’t know how the vote is going tonite!

  9. Donnie will be gone 5-0, none are smart enough to keep him. The girls are not smart enough to stick together because Derrick didn’t tell them to and Christine cannot keep her hands off of Cody!

  10. Goddamn, this house if more flip floppity that a old lady’s saggy tits, but keeping Donny is a great idea, he will NEVER beat them in endurance, and this HOH is most-likely endurance, which if Nicole stayed and won, she’s going after Derrick, Frankie and Cody.

    On the other hand, if this isn’t endurance and DOnny wins HOH, he’s also going to take a chance at the guys, , either way one of the vile bunch is going home next week… If they’re still in power, and Donny don’t win HOH, they can still take him out easily, which would be easier than Nicole.

  11. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually rooting for Frankie and Caleb!

    If Donny leaves tonight it will be Derrick’s doing. C’mon, Donny! Time for a bit of that luck Zach was talking about!

    1. The only reason Fakie wants Donny to stay is he’s terrified of Nic. And he should be. I want Donny to win but I want him to have some peace. And be around people who like him. And be in a clean house not on slop or tofu. Donny deserves better than he’s gotten and I don’t want him beat down any more. Plus if he stays they’ll keep treating him like sh!t and BB will never be able to talk him into coming back for All Stars.

    2. Nope, it wasn’t Derrick’s doing at all, it was all Cody.
      Derrick was hiding in the Bathroom the entire time Frankie and Caleb were trying to convince Cody in the Storage Room. He knew darn well where they were, and he wanted to stay out of it.
      “Tell Derrick he’s a coward and left me fighting by myself” is yet another thing Cody has to put on his list of things to keep to himself because that’s what you do when you’re a smart game player in the Big Brother house.

      1. That is why Derrick is so good at this game. He knows that he can leave a room, and still come back later with one word and end the discussion. By staying out of the room, he is covering up that he is the “puppet master” with everyone. The girls see him as “out of the loop” with the other boys, and the boys see themselves as the true “head honchos.” Derrick is smart. He doesn’t need to talk in circles, he comes in, cleans up the mess and gets what he wants every time. That is a game player. He might not be winning many comps, he might be lying, backstabbing, and misleading everyone…but that is HIS game…and he’s doing a helluva job with it! He deserves to be where he is because he’s constantly maneuvering himself into a better position. I don’t think that anyone else in the house can make that claim. Like it or not, Derrick, has his shit together, and Donny…the one that is targeting Derrick…is going home.

  12. Is Cody pissed at Donny for an actual event or is Cody under the impression that he can beat everybody in Big Brother except for Donny

    1. NoBallsCody is afraid of Donny and has Ratine lying to him day and night about Donny. Plus Derprick wants him out so instead of making a game changing move and backdooring Fakie he’s obsessed with Donny. Donny’s been living rent free in these HG’s mind all season. Okay for most of them its a BIG EMPTY in there so plenty of room but I bet even after he’s gone they will be obsessed with them. Especially Derprick and Fakie. Donny warned them they aren’t thinking jury. He can spill the beans about TA.

  13. Out of the bomb squad, Caleb is my choice to win. He’s off-beat but I like him. I knew Frankie wanted Donny to stay all along; it’s just maybe he’s actually finding courage and doing what he wants instead of what Derrick wants.

    Realistically, as exciting as this all sounds, at the end of the day Derrick wants Donny gone so bye-bye Donny.

    1. You are forgetting that Frankie has one big ULTERIOR MOTIVE for wanting Donny to stay. If Donny spills the as he is going out the door about being on Team America with Frankie and Derrick, ALL of the other house guests will shit a brick. Sure will ruin Frankie’s image ( the imaginary great one he has built up in his head) if that news comes out! If Donny does go out the door, I hope he yells it to the skies so they all hear it correctly!

  14. cody is such an idiot. moron, you have no vote, stop putting yourself in the middle of this

    actually, I dislike you, keep doing it

  15. dawg how you figure the votes are donnie going home? They only need three to keep him, Frankie + Caleb will vote to keep donnie, all they need is either Cody, or Derrick and donnies safe. And by judging by the convos on the feeds donnie will stay

  16. Just hide and watch Caleb will go out next for even trying to help Donny! Of course all the Donny lovers wont care if that happens but the sad deal is Caleb and Donny are the two most honest people in there!

    1. Caleb honest? Did you really say that? CrazedCaleb lies about everything. He stays loyal yes but that’s because he can’t think past his own self obsession. Caleb honest…ROFLMAO!

  17. I am shocked loyal Big Brother fans are okay with production interfering as much as they have. I love Donny just as much as the next person…. But this is just wrong….

    1. Where is the proof of this happening this time?? Stand in Frankie shoes, Nicole has made it clear she wants him out so y wouldnt he try to convince people to get her out. Stand in Caleb shoes, his strength is endurance and Donny has shown no threat against that plus Donny has never really gone against him so y would he want him out? Production isnt always to blame sometimes its just better strategy for HG.

    2. Do you really think production has never interfered before? They have been doing it year after year. The year Rachel won is the perfect example of production interference.

      1. I’m not saying they haven’t thats y I said happening this time. If we stop rooting for our favorites and try to see why Frankie or Caleb would want Nicole out it makes sense. I mean how exactly is Nicole staying better for Frankie or Caleb game???

    3. Jay, it is our game and we’re able to attempt control – ergo the name Big Brother – but we do agree with you – this attempt to keep Donny is over the top… even for us!

  18. Caleb- If we wanted you gone you’d be gone today. Let’s get the girls out that have not done nothing. Donny- I’m 100% down for that

    I won’t ever understand a girl choosing to be with him, he thinks he’s a cut above all women. i feel so sorry for Amber having had to deal with him for so long

  19. Can any of these idiots count? It only takes 3 people (4 solid) to control the house! Why are they soooo concerned about what Cody thinks all of a sudden? He wins one competition and is GIVEN another, and all of a sudden he’s a competition Beast! He should be kissing arse now because he can’t play for HOH, not the other way around. Even the smartest HG hasn’t figured that out…maybe the up-and-comer (Caleb) will discover that too, with the help of Production.

    1. I see it like this, They don’t want to draw the lines for the sake of getting out some other player like Vic, Donny or Nicole, they want to draw the lines when they go after eachother’s throats.

  20. Of course Frankie wants Donny to stay after he realized Nicole will most likely come after him and with Donny he knows he could use the Team America thing for Donny not to put him up. Derrick I think is truly torn because when you get down to it I think he would rather not decide because he wants to remain everyone’s best friend in the house. I think the alliance is just freaking out because truth be told Nicole and Donny have a strong chance of winning the HOH(esp with production I’m sure wanting to win the next one).I think Nicole wants to put up Christine and Frankie which is ironic because Christine wants Donny out so badly. I think Donny’s targets are not so clear so I think thats why Cody’s freaking.

  21. I’m pretty sure that if they keep good ole Donny, he will give them a taste of their own medicine and put up Derrick and Frankie. LOL. That will definitely make for some good BB TV!

  22. Whether Donny stay are go he will always be remembered,as the beared man with a golden heart and feared by the asshole’s Derrick,Christine,Frankie,Victoria ,Cody and Caleb. I would love to have a triple play,Donny survives both evictions and Frankie mission is denied.

  23. “Frankie asks why do we have to run around the house sucking on Nicole’s t!ts!?”

    31 years old. Seriously. Can’t have one conversation without some junior high sex reference… and the way I define a social media mogul is an unemployed idiot with a video camera.

    1. Would haves….could haves……should haves… not win Big Brother…
      Cody’s only chance to do well now is to send his harem to the jury house and pray for second place…..he is just not winner material…..he has had opportunities to make big moves and has always failed to act……

      1. That douche Cody could have taken Caleb out and chickened out. Now,he could have backdoored Frankie and again chickened out. He’s a pussy, he can’t compete in HOH who cares what he thinks – NO VOTE. They’d still have their precious numbers with Cody mad. It is a joke for anyone to think the girls would align, Victoria turn on Derrick? Nah. Derrick/Frankie/Caleb/Donny/Vic, I fail to see Derricks dilemma.

  24. Derrick is the one that really doesn’t want Donny in the house. Because if he does, whatever he tells Cody, Cody will be ok with it since he controls Cody. But Derrick doesn’t want Donny. Besides Cody cannot vote and if Derrick votes to keep Donny how would Cody know? Why do they need permission on who to vote for? Derrick is the Devil. Too bad he might end up winning.

    1. The worse thing is Derprick is going to try and spin us feedsters and the home audience in DR. I hate when he and Fakie talked to the camera. Donny does it once in awhile but it’s when he’s been alone for hours and hasn’t spoken to a single person.

      Derprick needs to stop trying to play us. We see what’s happening.

    2. Prepare yourself. Derrick will once again be turning on his fake crocodile tears, trying to convince America that he wanted nothing to do with sending Donny home when, in fact, he’s the instigator. Maybe he was traumatized by the movie “Lawnmower Man” when he was an itty bitty boy, which is why Donny scares him so much.

    1. Maybe she has sister who is launching a CD next week and she is just waiting for the PR people to tell her when to start playing the game to ensure it hits the peak promo push.

  25. Derrick, I hope you’re being honest when you say to Nicole you want her to stay and you have to talk to Cody because history has proven you to be lying pretty much every time you’ve said that.

    Nicole’s talking to Cody, hopefully she can save herself, she was right to be paranoid the last few days, she can tell Frankie’s trying to flip it, all she has to tell Cody is Frankie is my target.

  26. So things are going Derrick’s way again. If Nicole wins HoH, he can tell her how Frankie & Caleb campaigned to flip the votes on her. Also the other women will continue to back him & he’ll pull Cody back in the fold. There just doesn’t seem like there is anyway to dethrone him. Frankie is just trying to repair his image. He just wants to be most popular!

  27. I like Donny, but man, has anyone ever been screwed over by production as much as Nicole? Poor girl can’t catch a break.

  28. Cody- They are trying really really hard. Derrick to Cody/Nicole- Can I give my thought process? We keep her.

    Derrick said it so its happening *phew*

  29. As much as I can’t stand Derrick and his cult like following, I want that hag Chrustine out more than anything , then Frankie, Derrick, Victoria…….sorry, just ranting but Chrusty makes me sick.

  30. Dear Cody,
    If you really wanted to keep Nicole, should’ve save her and put one of them in the hot seat so they wont flip. We ALL know Frankie wants to keep Donny because he’s scared!!!! Ugh, what a waste of HoH and Veto!!! Dumba$$es!!!!

  31. Not that I like Nicole more than Donny, but Donny may be too good of a person for this game. If Nicole stays, I hope it ends up biting Cody in the ass as he realizes his game has come to an end.

  32. Oh My, The DR worked its magic on Caleb – all of a sudden he’s paranoid about the order of eviction – and do you really think he would have said – if Donny shakes your hand he means it – while I want to see Donny stay – I dislike the obvious play the DR has had – albeit – when DR is successful it often leads to an interesting final 3. I like Donny and Nichole – but obviously the DR prefers Donny. So what’s my point – The DR (The Thought Police) are always in control.

  33. So do they really want to keep him or are they being told to make it look good for tv? I think it’s mean to jerk him around. As much as I want Donny to stay I kind of think, what’s the point? He’s still outnumbered. The only way the buy back would have worked is if Zach wasn’t evicted & then they would have had N, D & Z…better odds than just N&D. Either way, whichever one stays tonight will be gone next week. Next week will be just as boring as this week.

    1. My thoughts I think Production is behind trying to keep Donny and since Derrick and Frankie wasn’t really trying, I think they went to Caleb

  34. Donny staying is good for Frankie thats really it. I mean Donny isnt going to win he has no one. Nicole staying is good for Cody because shell go after Frankie. Nicole can get with Cody/Derrick or Christine/Victoria and end up in the finals. If Donny stays hes out next week wile Nicole could make the Faux Bomb Squad quiver in fear.

  35. The roller coaster ride is over! Derrick has spoken, Donnie is gone! Those tears Derrick had were so phony! He wants Donnie gone so he can keep his minions in control! Stupid,stupid,people they thought for one minute they could think for themselves ! Lol GO Nichole

  36. What Sergeant Derrick wants, Derrick got. He wants Donny out, so Donny is leaving. too bad so sad. Derrick will win this game, you mark my words

  37. Wow! These past 90 minutes saw the epic battle of Cody vs Frankie. And Cody won.
    Sorry for Donny, but glad for Nicole.
    And glad Frankie got beat FOR ONCE in a debate for influence. And he’s lost even more influence in the house.
    Amazeballs that Cody found the right words to get Caleb on his side: “Donny didn’t look us in the eyes!”. Caleb bought it instantly.
    Still, I’ll be watching these votes tonight with great interest!

    1. Cody didn’t win. Derprick won. Cody would have gone along with it if Derprick said to keep Donny but Derprick wants Donny gone so Donny’s going. The thing is Fakie knows it was Derprick who controlled this vote and beat him out. He also knows that Derprick will be coming after him and so is Nic. Fakie said a couple days ago that he asked BB if only on TA was left in the house would there still be missions and $$ to win. If Fakie wins expect Nic and Derprick on the block and then we’ll see who controls who.

  38. If Derrick is the BB Guru, why isn’t he asking himself why Cody wants to keep Nicole and Christine? If Derrick and Cody think they are going to beat Nicole on the wall they are seriously mistaken. I am not certain Caleb could beat her.

      1. When I watched Nicole’s exit interview with Jeff I thought , what a marshmallow. She second-guessed every question she answered. She justified her game moves by saying, “I don’t knooow Jeff, I was sooo confuuuused.” or “I doooo’t knooooow, Jeff.” This is not the behavior of someone who will make big moves. If she wins HOH, she’ll do whatever derrick tells her to do – what’s worse, she will ask him what she should do.

    1. With the way things went today, I’m pretty sure Cody and Derrick CROSS THEIR FINGERS that Nicole wins HOH, since she’d get Frankie on the block (and out) for them without them having any blood on their hands for it.

  39. Every week I think the HG get dumber and dumber. I’m not even the biggest fan of Donny but just looking at the strategy. Nicole is more likely to win HOH. Nicole is more likely to make some kind of alliance with the other people. Nicole staying only benefits Cody. Nicole has already been evicted so even if she don’t show it she will have more resentment. So HG decide lets get Donny out hahahahha. I just don’t get this reasoning. BB 16 dumb and dumber edition.

  40. No amount of DR rehabilitation will change my view of Frankie. He is a narcissistic fame whore with delusions of grandeur. I would rather see Donny gone than for him to sell his soul to that filth.

  41. This is what Frankie gets for being a smart ass and wanting to dress up and famewhore and not considering Donny’s TA task to save him . Especially, when it was in Frankie’s best interest to have Nicole leave. It doesn’t matter if she says her targets or Cody and Derrick, Frankie is still a viable option for her considering when she left they weren’t on good game terms. And she knows for sure he’s a liar. He lied on her and he had her lie with that Amber and Caleb situation. If there is a possibility for Donny to stay he has nothing to really lose by getting on of the women out, they can’t stand him anyway. Nicole would be evicted so it’s not like he’s agreeing to get her out. You have to pick your poison. And too bad they can’t get hip to the fact that Derrick is full of sh*t. He can perform in front of the cameras, really have the audience believing Victoria’s little antics are due to a girl crush but he’s not tricking all of us, He can act like he thinks Victoria is a dumbass and all the rest. But is trying to pull Victoria to the end and it’s not just because he thinks he can beat her. That’s one reason why he wanted her to stop being lazy and at least try to win something. But she doesn’t try that hard so it’s making his Caption Obvious plan harder to do. I would be surprised if Derrick agreed to keep Donny tonight. Very surprised. He knows Donny has his mail read and he knows Donny knows that he and Victoria are a unsaid little “duo”.

  42. Stop with “The Wall” crap. Nicole is no beast and I doubt she could hang on . She is soft. No upper body strength and a whinner. Where do people get these misconceptions? The same thinking got TA 5 grand by naming Amber a “physical threat”. Nicole will be out next week.

  43. These guys are a bunch of tools (except Donny) they are all scared to shake things up & think for themselves for once, instead of playing the person in powers game, their just going with the predictable & safe route. Donny is actually a good honest man that would keep his word to them however they are too paranoid about making Cody mad, GTFO I hope they are all going to be delighted to hand over the $500k to Cody or Derrick possibly Crustine because thats exactly whats going to happen. Derrick & Frankie have NO clue what they want first they wanted to keep Donny & now he must go, Zach is right they are a bunch of froot Loop dinguses!! I hope they wake up before the live show tonight & realize Donny is their best option to stay!

  44. If Frankie is scared shitless of Nicole, Cody is scared shitless of Donny.. Period

    ROLMFAO @ Derrick and Cody not knowing Nicole is coming after them..

    Please, someone paint a pretty face on a paper bag, and bolt it to Crustine’s head… She’s getting way too much camera time, and her face might break the lens. Those things are expensive.

    1. Nicole is playing a really smart game now. She is going to go after Derrick and Cody as soon as she can. Her little conversation with Derrick was perfect. She has him thinking she is the same gal who can be manipulated into doing what he tells the rest of his minions . If she is HOH next week, either Derrick or Cody are going to hit the showers in JURY. The love fest is ending and the nails are coming out soon to scratch each others eyes out…

    2. As vile as Christine is, she’s got herself in a decent spot. She’s the only girl who has a guy that is actually talking real game with. If Frankie goes out next week it will be 3 guys / 3 girls. Victoria might suggest an all girls alliance + Cody.

  45. Donny reminds me of my husband. With his good ole boy ways. His inability to lie. Down to his mannerisms. I hate that he is leaving and I especially hate the likes of certain floaters and adulterous schemers staying longer. Slow and steady does it. My vote for America’s favorite will go to the bearded wonder.

    1. I agree but I think he’ll be sooo much happier in jury. He’ll be with people who love him, in a clean house keeping normal people hours. I hope they can talk him into coming back for BB All Stars but if he has to go through much more he’ll never come back.

      1. I hope he does not come back for All Stars. Donny’s upbringing and morals are not going to change and he would still find it difficult to lie, cheat or backstab. Sticking to his morals he would find himself in the same position again. I love, love, love Donny and would hate to see him hurt. Better that he and his “beautiful Kristine” participate in TAR.

  46. I have a feeling Derrick is throwing his BB win away tonight, without even knowing it. Keeping Nicole is his only downfall to his game. He will look back at this night as the one mistake.

  47. Nicole is staying and Donny is out this is what the leader wants aka Derrick. Frankie tried to turn all minions but the problem is Derrick is far better at this game and who he wants gone goes every week. Frankie and Caleb constantly think they are in control but actually don’t control anything and both of them have been HOH and Derrick hasn’t so it’s pathetic. I did like Donny before but man oh man his tears were annoying me it was everyones dream to be on big brother Donny get a clue I hate when any of the houseguests says I love Big Brother poor me because I am getting evicted boo hoo this is all their dreams ugh

  48. Wrong. Small feel, lower center of gravity will make the difference. You obviously have not watch the comp before.

  49. Well…regardless of who does leave tonight I’d like to make a request for the “3 favorite houseguests left in the game” poll. I will pick Nicole/Donny, Dawg…and at that point…I’m out of options. Could you please add Simon to the poll? Thanks!!

    1. I requested yesterday that Sock Monkey be added to favourites. Perhaps Simon could list some of the cats he fosters!!!!!

  50. We need megaphone dude outside the house during the live HOH comp.
    I would love to see the looks on their faces. And, would production stop the comp and rush them all back into the It would make this boring load of crap season a little more entertaining.

  51. First, not getting on you. Second, getting on anyone else. But, why oh why, do we have to describe these vermin in terms related to a females privates. Can’t we call Christine a, idk, a slug-rat, maybe Cody can be a piece of refrigerator slime. Derrick could be a dried piece of dog dung. It just seems wrong because I don’t think any dirty whore has as dirty a vag as these guys are.

  52. Has anyone ever paid attention to Victoria during the show intro? She just stands there like a dang robot, which is obviously in accordance with her stale personality. Maybe she’s a Japanese (or Israeli) cyborg experiment. Seriously, there’s more personality in Zach’s toenails than all of her. It’s simply skerry that she’s still around…

  53. Nicole did tell Donny when she reentered the house her main targets are Derrick and Cody with option of backdooring Christine and Frankie.

    I hope Nicole is secretly sticking to this plan and wins the next HoH!

    That would be so epic to watch one of those four exit right after Donny especially if its Cody!!

  54. probably a minority opinion, but I don’t see how keeping Donny in the game actually improves the game. his first deal he makes is to go after Victoria and Christine over the four ‘alpha’ males. that’s the same game we’ve been watching all season. he hasn’t formed any alliances, the only alliance he’s part of he was voted into by the viewers, he’s done well in competitions, and he’s a nice guy. but watching his social game and strategy… not very exciting at all. knowing you are a target and sitting back week after week hoping someone else will be a bigger target isn’t good game play. sure I’d like someone with honour to play the game well and win the game. but has he played the game well? in my opinion, not so much.
    do I think Nicole is a better player? actually yes, she has attempted alliances. she has played the social game. she has attempted to get rid of stronger targets. she would be more likely to nominate the guys than Donny at this point. Donny has said his word is his bond, and that he is playing with integrity. now he’s promised to go after the girls. Nicole is more likely to break her word and go after an actual target.
    in terms of seeing the alliance finally lose control and finally have to play without position of strength, Nicole is the better choice than Donny. he’s a more likeable victim than she is, but she’s more likely to affect change in the game than he is. personally, I’d rather see the cocky alliance potentially lose control than see another week of Donny playing for the America’s favorite prize rather than the title of winner of big brother.

  55. Donny will not stay tonight, and now I AM glad. He has been showing to me anyway, that he lies with the best of them. He isn’t the saint everyone says he is after all. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and has lied about a dozen times today alone. Donny chose to play the unsociable game. We have all watched him up at about 8.00AM every day in the yard ALL BY HIMSELF, and in bed at night ALL BY HIMSELF. He has studied this game and knew that he needed a social game as well as win comps. and the man chose not to do it. He integrated with the weak people in the house like Jacosta and Brittany early on, and never got friendly with the guys with the exception of Hayden. To now look people in the face and lie the way he has is laughable. He lied yesterday and the day before to Derrick, and Derrick knew it. He has lied to the guys today, and couldn’t even look them in the face while doing it. Not a good move exlax!!!

  56. NICOLE….Derrick has two HOH’s and would have had three if he didn’t throw the one to Frankie when Frankie’s grandfather died!!!

    1. haha you must be new to the internet/this blog. I can assure far worse things have been said by these houseguests and by other commenters here. I think you should just stick to watching Big Brother on CBS because this blog and the live feeds are not G rated.

  57. So sick of Frankie! His beautiful talented sister was on the Today show this morning and I couldn’t look at her without seeing Frankie hanging from her coattails. He’s a parasite!

  58. If Frankie wins HOH tonight I am afraid it means that “BB Producers Rigged Competition for Frankie Win.” First Caleb says casually, “when Frankie wins HOH Thursday I hope that he gets a robe (HOH Robe) …. I mean if he wins.” Now Derrick is having predictions that Frankie is going to win HOH tonight.

  59. God I hope Nicole is HoH and puts up Derrick and Cody
    they should take Donny at his word, but, of course he trusts people that have already broke their word more.
    This is a bite you in the butt moment. Curse of the Project Brittany.

  60. Best line from the house to goes to Calib

    Calib: Are we playing OUR game or are we playing Codys game?

    truth reveals itself at the most unusual times but I don’t think anyone in the house heard (rather wanted to hear) him

    Beast mode cowboy is beginning to earn his nick though I still like Creep mode cowboy

    Donny say hi to Mrs Les Moonves(aka Julie Chen) tonight for all of us and have fun in the jury house with jocasta Zach and hayden your IQ will rise 30 points just exiting the BB house!!

  61. 1. Nicole won’t win jack tonight. 2. Frankie or Caleb will win HOH since it’s probably endurance. 3. They will put up Nicole and Victoria up and next Thursday Nicole will be marching out the door. Same old, same old…

  62. I would rather Donny go to jury with the people that like him, Nicole you have to win HOH tonight & scare these scum bags sh*tless it’s time for them to feel the heat especially Mr..Oink, the rumor on Twitter is Crustine’s husband is supposed to address her relationship with Cody!!!

  63. I can hardly stand the thought of Donny going home. This year has been so predictable and full of a house full of egotistical people. Can’t understand how any of the guys can stand to be around Christine and her laugh and being a married woman and the things she does. If production isn’t reading all the negative comments that are being made, then they need to or BB May not be around too many more seasons.

  64. Derrick is a big fat liar! Hes playing for Derrick just like Donnie is playing for Donnie. If he seriously thinks his family will be proud of things he has said and done he is delusional

    1. We all see Derrick for what he really is doing but his family will be proud of him because he will be bringing home the big fat check… and at this point… that is all they care about Im sure.

  65. Why are they hell bent on who wins HoH. At this point who cares! If you don’t win HoH you would want to be on the block to ensure you have a chance to play for VETO. What they should worry about is what would happen if Christine wins HoH and a “non-alliance” member wins VETO.

    Derrick doesn’t want to piss off Cody b/c Cody is the only competitor he has that he knows won’t turn on him. If he goes against Cody, he now leaves the door open for Cody to rely more heavily on Christine. The guys are setting themselves up for two of them to get picked off the next two weeks.

    The bomb squad consists of 1 member, Caleb. He is the only one that says he is a member. Everyone else call themselves DETONATORS except when around Caleb, the most loyal person in their alliance.

  66. Unbelievable. It’s amazing these pea brained skittle chomping brain farts can decide on anything. “Are you sure?” “Only if we’re sure.” “So are we sure?” Dammit! I’m actually glad that football is on and I ain’t no fan of football!

  67. I’m glad to see Christine’s family and her husband feel a line has been crossed and it’s uncomfortable to watch. They are disrespectful.

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