Cody – I want to send out Donny but if Donny goes down I’m thinking Frankie

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-22 20-13-43-251

8:11pm Derrick and Victoria
Derrick tells her she’s not going on the block but if she gets picked she should still try to win the POV. Victoria whimpers “I’m in pain”

BB16-2014-08-22 20-47-16-786

8:22pm HOH Derrick and Cody
Livign room Derrick and Cody..
Derrick – “I’m literally going out of my mind.. this downtime.. this is like a Tuesday
Cody goes up to the HOH.
Derrick follows.
Cody – do you think if Donny comes down I could put up A frankie
Derrick – You’re talking a big boy moves.. If you put Frankie up.. yes you could get him out but Nicole and Donny..
Cody says DOnny, Victoria and Derrick are the votes to evict
Derrick – Do I think you can do it.. yes do you think you should no
Derrick explains if they send Frankie home this week without Caleb being on board they will have Donny, Nicole and Caleb coming after them.
Cody – I want Donny out so bad
Derrick – he started talking game to me ..
Derrick says he was honest to DOnny told him in the last few weeks he’s been throwing him under the bus all week
Derrick says Donny is pissed about Christine throwing the BOB last week.
Derrick – I was cool with him but the jig is up everybody is talking.. “
Derrick – I don’t think anyone is scared of me and you talking..
Cody – I know if Nicole goes our whole alliance is appeased and i’m safe for another week.. and after next week I don’t care who goes home I’m turning on the people
Derrick – they want Christine out

COdy – do they
Derrick – Caleb does
Derrick says they should send Donny/Nicole this week and the survivor goes home the following week.
Cody says if Nicole wasn’t here he would have put up Frankie and DOnny
Cody – I want to send out DOnny but if Donny goes down I’m thinking Frankie
Derrick think he should put up Victoria “SHe’s not going to win the HOH..Nicole has got to go they are lethal together”
Derrick says if DOnny goes home this week next week he’ll win the HOH and put up Victoria and Nicole and Nicole will go home.
Cody warns him that Cody and Christine will put them up.
Production tells Derrick to adjust his Microphone Derrick is pissed cause the entire house now knows he’s talking game.
Cody – Frankie will be here in a minute
Cody – I want Frankie out before Christine.. CHristine will lock in with us she won’t lock in with Caleb.
Derrick says there’s three duos in the house Caleb/Frankie Cody/Derrick and Nicole/Donny. Derrick says they have to take the Donny/Nicole duo out first.
Derrick – she told Victoria I was working with her she gets consumed in her own lies (Nicole was working with Derrick and Cody it was called The rationales)
Christine is coming in
Derrick – here she comes Christine and Frankie
Derrick says POV is tomorrow SUNDAY funday and MOnday is nominations
Cody doesn’t want the Veto to get used.
Christine – It won’t get used.
Derrick doesn’t see it happening unless Donny/Nicole used it.
Cody doesn’t care for his papa roach CD says he only really listened to two songs when he was a kid. Cody says the CD right after this one is much better.
Cody says on his blog he’s going to tell Boogie and Jeff he wishes they were in the house but he would CRUSH them.
Cody – “Yo Jeff you’re still the man bro.. I love you.. Jeff you’re the man Boogie you got the most swag if you were in the the house I would crush you”
Christine laughs
Cody – If you were in this house I would smoke both you
Derrick – You won’t say that..
Cody – yes i will
Derrick – you won’t
Cody – why
Derrick – You were scared to punk off Donny today.. you’re not saying that to Boogie.. you won’t say anything .. The most loved player on big brother no you won’t punk them..”
Cody – I didn’t say punk
Derrick – you were saying you will crush them..
Christine says Brittany got a little too tanned while in the house “She started looking like my leather couch at home”
They are saying that Amber was not hot, Cody says she needed makeup to look good.
Derrick – POWPOW before she talked was good looking

BB16-2014-08-22 21-17-49-267
9:15pm HOH Cody and Christine
Christine – Cody I would never put you up
Cody – you’re a turd
Christine – you’re a turd..
Cody – I’m sending you home next week
Christine – don’t send me home
Cody – I Could never put you on the block I would cry
Christine – I would cry too
Donny and Victoria join them they start chatting about Seinfeld.
Donny asks Christine if she goes will she give him a good goodbye. Christine giggle says probably
Donny tells them about Joey always asking him about how’s life in South Carolina even though though he told her repeatedly he’s from south Carolina. Eventually he gave up and just played along.
Victoria say her face looks like she stuck …
Christine – Cotton balls
Victoria – ya.. I was going to say something but it was very wrong
Christine – mouthful of Balls
Cody – excuse me
Christine – that is what she just said
Donny tells them today is his parents 55 year anniversary.
Cody – leave it to Christine to say it..
Christine – I’m going to get out of here and someone is going to have a quotes of all the horrendous things I have said in this house
Cody – You’re not going to be happy about it
They agree Victoria voice sounds weird. Victoria says it’s because she cannot open her mouth.
11:00pm Victoria asks Frankie “Have you seen from Justin to Kelly.. it’s a musical”

BB16-2014-08-22 21-34-03-400

9:40pm -10:03 Chess..

BB16-2014-08-22 22-04-20-008

10:05pm HOH Nicole joins them in the HOH. Donny tells her about he zing bot.
Chit chat..

10:13pm Everyone out of the HOH room except for Nicole and Donny.
Donny – we sure can clear out a room
Nicole can’t be fake she feels like she’s got a thousand knifes in her back.

Donny – When I was head of household Christine actually told me to put Cody up.. Actually..
Nicole says Cody doesn’t believe it.

Cody get called into the Diary room.. everyone curious about why (See image above)
Nicole gets called into the Diary room, on her way down she notices they got two bottles of wine and 6 beers.
Nicole is excited but quickly realizes she’s a have nots.

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Just to make sure everyone knows that there’s nothing redeemable about Christine, she said:
“Donny has been really nice downstairs and it is pissing me off”.
I’ve just given up.

Derrick is Fugly

Her husband Tim is a joke too, all he does on twitter is make excuses for her and blocks people.
You don’t change that much in the house. She is a jealous, hypocritical witch with her fake religious bullcrap saying hateful things about one of the kindest people to ever enter the BB house, Donny.
And she’s still on talking crap about Brittany’s body and saying Amber wasn’t pretty. Derrick’s fugly Snoutface agrees, Like he could ever talk.
This B!tch should get just as much hate outside the house as Shelley and Aaryn in my opinion. Everything is “skerry” or pisses her off. Wait till you get out the house b!tch, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


To be fair, he’s as physically ugly as she is and he’s going blind at some point (Christine talked about this) and they’ve also been together since they were 14. I can see why he supports her, though I am also sure it kinda breaks his heart.


I saw his video and I think he was actually very cute in a weird kind of way. I liked his personality. He deserves much better than Christine.


Ok first I can’t watch them anymore. They are just too vile and boring. But I still love these board
Second Amber was smoking hot and it’s the most delusional crazy thing for her to speak of. And Britney was super hot too. It’s beyond belief that the most unattractive girl, both inside and out, could possibly call them out as being ugly. That Crustine is really sick girl. She’s like damaged somehow- maybe from all the supposed ‘bullying’


I find it hard to believe that she was ever bullied. She’s to mean.


Most “victims” of bullying are usually the ones that provokes the bully. I’ve worked at schools and I saw it first hand. The so-called victim would antagonize the other kid and when the “bully” beats them up the victim runs to the teacher or their parents and cry wolf.


Agreed, she really seem very hateful and vindictive. Hiding behind religion only makes her seem faker. I too wondered what was the deal with her husband. He refuses to acknowledge who shes portraying herself as which is a classless looser.


Why does Tim have to acknowledge anything to you? He’s done nothing. I’d say he’s hurt and trying to deal with it, the last thing he needs is crazy bb fans writing disgusting messages on his boards and talking about him. I said this before I’ll say it again. He has done nothing to deserve this. He owes none of you an “acknowledgement” of what Christine is doing. Etc. if you want to diss her, go for it. She’s the one who is behaving inappropriately. Not him. He doesn’t deserve this.


I can only imagine how she talks about her peers and Starbucks’ Customers… She’s the type that would spit in your coffee.


So Tim is a “joke” because he is picking up for his WIFE? No, my friend. That makes him a good man. Much better than Christine deserves. I think the real bully here is you guys who are agreeing with this jerk. “Derrick is fugly”. Remember people, you are agreeing with someone who uses he word “fugly”. Come on….


Nice people must irritate her because she can’t relate to them. Or maybe they give her gas, idk.


OMG!!!!!! is this season over yet. There is no hope for this game, well there is, but BB wants either Frankie or Derrick to win, Everyone has known this for about 2 months now. My feeling this season ends BB. BB and Julie are the biggest lairs this year, this is NO WHERE near the most twisted season ever.


Maybe she meant to say “The most twisted players”


Cody has no room to talk wait til he and his bf christine go and read the boards, my mom is 80 years old and she calls him a douche bag.


Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves. He is the CEO and president of CBS. No doubt Julie Chen is the boss and controls everything that goes on at BB, as she does on The Talk. She treated Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Rimini pretty badly. Thought it was funny when Will Arnett poured the non-ice water over her head for the Ice Bucket Challenge, he didn’t look like he was impressed or having any fun, and he’s a funny guy!


It’s not “fruit loop dingus” it’s “froot loop dingus” you fruit loop dingi!


You froot loop dingi!


The most disgusting players in the house are Kotex, Ratine, and Skankie. Where does Kotex get off calling Donny disgusting. I hope after the season is over someone reminds him of this and how disgusting he looks instead. Good luck in corporate America! What a joke.


Crustine couldn’t give someone a compliment or make a positive comment about someone if her life depended on it. Vile soul and rotten spirit to the core. Hope her Church, her work, her friends and family are getting the full picture of what a despicable human being she is. She needs to put in some serious work on being a better human being.

Twist Please

Who wants a HUGE twist to screw up everything?

Allison Grodner

KK 1 sec let me finish my burger pls


You want a twist? How about after Donny and Nicole are evicted. LOL


YES! Give Cody a Pandoras Box that rewinds the week! Have them restart with a new HOH comp.


Pandora’s box is rare. Might not happen again this year. Diamond or other veto hiden in the house might if we are lucky. AG has nothing invested in Nicole but the shows appeal relies heavily on a country pumpkin sticking around IMO. About time Production pulled some chit like they did for Jeff. Really hope they are just waiting til the POV winner is known then hide that veto in Donny’s suit case if he needs it. Put everyone on outdoor lockdown and call Donny to the diary room. Have him open his suit case and put all his clothes back in after he takes out the diamond veto. Then announce a treasure hunt for all the HGs as Donny goes for a well deserved nap!
PS wish Zack had won the second chance as the season is sucking pretty bad at this point. Like last season no one to root for accept Donny who I can’t see making it. What’s in the house; Christine the human turd, Derrick the complete douche, do nothing Victoria, Beast Mode talker, backstabbing Frankie and the worthless Cody. How can you root for that trash I ask you?


Please let Nicole and Donny be safe! This show is getting to predictable… throw a twist in there!!!
What I don’t get is like I understand it is a game and not everyone will get along, but why do they constantly bash other people it’s pathetic… and sometimes they take it to such a personal level; like Christine bitches about something every single day, I would hate living with her.


Christine is a miserable person. All the hate she spews at others is very telling of the hate she feels for herself. Seek professional help Christine! Her husband is also an enabler for her behavior and continues to make excuses for everything she says and does. Can’t wait until I never have to see these people (except Donny and nicole) on tv again!


I believe you’re right.

Just Sayin'

It is just the most typical case of projection ever! She projects all of her dysfunctional personality traits onto the other houseguests behind their backs. Notice she never tells it to their faces. She is a two-faced c*nt!


Unhappy people want everyone else to be unhappy. If there is someone who is secure in themselves and content with their life an unhappy person will be consumed with making them miserable. And in Ratine’s mind she is justified in her mean-spirited vile comments. You don’t become this way in the house. She was this way when she came in and its just been shown to the world. She even said her husband is always telling her the things she says are inappropriate. I’m sure her husband loves her greatly but a person who knows and understands love doesn’t spew evil at everyone like Ratine does. Sorry Tim this is not game play. This is who she is and more’s the pity for you.

Cotton Balls

Cody, don’t pretend like you don’t know me


We can do this all night! Let’s see…..popcorn balls, basketballs, debutante balls, cannon balls, baseballs, hair balls……endless! I love it! 😉


Or my favorite. . .meatballs


If Cody plans on backdooring Frankie, I think it would be fair to no longer call him a wuss, especially with Derrick around his neck.

Michael from Canada

If Cody says he’s gonna do something, that’s how you know he’s not gonna do it.


So, so, soooo true! He’s like a five year old…..seriously.

Pink haired turdlet

I loathe Frankie so much that I might, just might gain some respect for Cody if this were to happen. I don’t think there is a snowflakes chance in hell unless Derrick rubber stamps it first though

Roisen Dubh

When Cody looks at Frankie, all he sees is his nuts. When Frankie leaves, it won’t be by Cody’s doing. You can take that to the bank. LOL!!!!

Teri B

Yeah right, Cody. As IF you’d do ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL that might upset Daddy DerPrick.



It’s time to get some big boy pants cody make a move come on boy u can do it who am I kidding u always go bak on what u say


My fave thing Donny said that broke my heart as to how humble and normal the guy is how he shouldn’t brag, but he essentially won BOB by himself….

While his partner calls herself a MILF
Frankie is a self proclaimed mogul. Caleb, well, he’s everything CBS and the world ever dreamed of. Victoria’s beautiful.

CBS: you SUCK at choosing interesting contestants. With the exception of Donny, they all have a touch of something cray cray

Au contraire mon fraire!

I agree with everything you said BUT, Victoria’s beauty.


What I meant was that Victoria thinks she is beautiful…just as the other house guests are equally as delusional.

If you truly find her to be the natural beauty she thinks she is…well then I’ll just that every squirrel has to get a nut.

Just Sayin'

I know! MILF… super disgusting! I just threw up in my mouth. When I heard that originally I about fell to the floor. UNBELIEVABLE! She wishes!!!!!! More like… Man voice Is a Loose Floozy!


The only thing I don’t agree with is how does CBS know how these people are going to act when choosing houseguest?


Nerd Herd 2.0 are probably the most hated alliance to ever play Big Brother.


production all we love love Nicole
but we want Donny to win pov
men big brother want be the same with out Donny
Donny need to stay for us fan can enjoy the show if he go we go


It would be nice if both stayed because then Donny will be on his own if Nicole left.

Dear Cody,

1960 called, they want their hairstyle back.

June Cleaver

Wally it’s 2014… something about your hair!

Ward Cleaver

Come on June, let’s play with the Beaver.

echo 1

“Ward, you were very hard on the Beaver last night”


Does anybody else think Cody looks like the Bow tie killer from the movie Problem Child with that ridiculous haircut??


Ha ha. YES!


Cody make a move??? Yea right! Maybe move on Derricks c@ck some more.


Donny’s parents’ 55th was the highlight of the entire conversation. Besides Christine realizing she’s horrendous. How long did it take for her to piece together that puzzle?


I think the best thing said tonight was Fakie saying Frankie none of his family thought he’d go far in the game, “cause you’re a lunatic & everyone will hate you”. Well the HG’s may not hate him but America does.


Two bottles of wine and six beers? That’s it? No wonder this house is so boring.

Pink haired turdlet

Sheesh that’s a Tuesday night in some places.

Roisen Dubh

Do yup really want to see these cretins liquored up? Even production can see that autoubon pileup.

echo 1

I don’t think any amount of booze would change their personalities just drink mumble and fall asleep just like all the viewers

You go boy!

I see you Dawg! Up there as 3rd favorite.


Christine has to be hating on someone at all times. What is the point of bringing up Brittany’s tan – right, just to make a hateful remark. And to hate on Donny, because he’s “too nice”, just wow. It’s like she found a new feeling and is over-compensating by using that one emotion on everyone outside her clique. She reeks insecurity and low self-esteem. How Tim can blindly defend her is beyond anyone.


EYE see what you did there! LOL!! Because of her husband going blind as mentioned by someone earlier! Good one!

I'll take it...

Victoria can’t open her mouth. Sounds like a twist to me.


I wish the twist could b that us america could vote who we want out .. Even doe the house guest think their vote count it dosnt only us


The very first season evictions were entirely based on votes from the audience. “Chicken George”s’ home town began a very concerted effort to mobilize votes to keep him in the house over (a different) Brittany and this was a major reason for the voting to switch to the current format.

Going forward, this boring season being an impetus for change, the audience vote should still be tallied and maybe given a constant “additional” vote to the evictions. If for no other reason alone, it would allow for evictions being boring-ly unanimous, such as this year, so as to not “upset the house”…

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the Detonators are “Nerd Herd” 2.0. Compared with this season’s crop of losers, the Nerd Herd are actually somewhat likeable and had some game play and guts.

One last thing Christine and Tim should move to Hollywood. All Christine has to do is apply some green paint to her face and she can instantly be the Wicked Witch of the West down on the corners where impersonators make their living. She already has the perfect nose for the part…

The walking dead

Have they said anything about why the Hoh room was locked or Pandora box. did i missed it.something needs to happen to safe this season team donny and nicole all the way.


I’ll believe it when I see it. He’d do nothing without going through Derrick first to get the okay. I would laugh that Derrick noticed Cody’s a wuss just as much as we did but I hate him so it’s not as funny.

Skerry Sherry

In BB Canada, when the power of the house became concentrated in a few people they addressed it (allowing Canada to put up two nominees) and the show became interesting again. Despite their massive budget, CBS lacks brains, creativity, and ingenuity.

Victorias nose job fund

This show literally disgusts me. Thank god for these spoilers.

Production Sucks

Deprick does not want Cody to put Frankie up on the block. Deprick has an alliance with EVERYONE except Donny and Nicole. If production wants to save this season, they should allow America to pick someone to receive the DPOV. It least that would give us something to get excited about. Otherwise, this season is over!!!!!!!!

Another Anonymous

Since Cody never has an original thought and he had the thought about putting up Frankie right after he left the diary room, anyone else think Production “suggested’ it to Cody?

If that’s true then production realizes this season has turned into a total bore without much chance of getting better. My guess: production is waiting to see who wins the veto. If Donny or Nicole win production gives it a day or two to see what happens then throws in a twist as needed. If neither Donny nor Nicole win there is a Pandora’s Box. Production needs the house stirred up and knows it (hello alcohol!) This could bode well for Donny, Nicole and us.


I fall asleep listening to these people talk. I never knew how boring it would get after Zach left

Happy 55th anniversary to Donny's parents!

Your son is doing you proud
…’nuff said.


Cody make a move! u know ur boo christine will protect u if “beast mode” comes after u and so will victoria (once derrick tells her to)


Look at that gaywad smirk on tampaxcodys face.


Christine new name (Chucky Bride) always running around with a knife in her hand.


I want to see how Vicblob will handle the competitions with her new physical ailment – she’ll blame losing on her wisdom teeth.
Her head is bleeding because she doesn’t take out the clips from the hair weave and now her face is growing ever-more-uglier now that she has swollen glands.
Speaking of swollen glands; what happened to Caleb’s growing tit? He hasn’t mentioned it since Amber has been gone.


Just burst out laughing at that! It’s 3:35 am EST here and I’m getting punchy. Then again, what ABOUT the mysterious breast tumor? Hmmmmmm…sounds like a job for our resident super-genius, astronaut, military mastermind, osmosis understanding, all around creator-of-the-universe, DONNY, (God love him) to investigate!!

The Pink Elephant in the House

How did you not ever see Calebrity talking about and taking “meds” for his medical ailment. He has been on antibiotics for a few weeks now. Don’t be misleading…oh wait…you are misinformed because you don’t know jack…those of us who knows (of course, I’m in the house) are NOT MISLEAD! Talk about what you know, please.


Go jump in a lake. Is that clear enough for you?

The Pink Elephant in the House



What color undies am I wearing?

This Season Really Needs a Save!

Is Cody getting advice from the DR? Seems like his convo with Derrick about putting Frankie up started as soon as he came out of a long DR session. But of course Derrick won’t let him and Cody quickly backs down. I guess production is at least trying to do something to save this boring, predictable season but it will take more than just talk.

Pink haired turdlet

For the sanity of all of us faithful viewers, please put up Frankie. He is beyond vile.


what is a pig in a blanket? …………………… Derrick on a cold day! haha


Remember to tip your waiters and waitresses on the way out!! ( she says with a smile )……. 😉


always 😉

echo 1

Will be Derrick when he gets home sleeping on the porch with a note saying maybe Victoria will keep you warm

maven of bb16

we tried our utmost to cast the most disgusting, vile, immature, boring, uneducated, egotistical, nose picking, pimple popping, whining, cackling, snorting, house guests for this season. we almost had success with the exception of Donny, Zach, hayden and believe it or not derrick. Derrick was chosen for his cunning and intellect, which, believe me, didn’t take much to outwit this bunch of halfwits. He is, however, the best of the lame bunch. I wish he would have taken up with Donny, Zach, hayden and Nicole, then we would have seen a much better season! CBS we blow!!!

The Pink Elephant in the House

You forgot loud mouth farts (infants burp); I thought humans are supposed to say, “Excuse Me”, after such distasteful annoying body rendering, oh but as I check my notes on house trained humans, it says that the specimen has to be given the directives during their informative years…Well, this never happened, apparently, with this group of molecular beings). Despicable traits have no redeeming values on the pristine scale.

Kathy B

I said it in an earlier post and I’ll say it again: these people are pigs. No manners, none of the most basic of common courtesies, and the place is such a pigsty that the Board of Health could come in and close it down. Production should wake all of them up, provide cleaning supplies, and tell them to step to it NOW. Literally disgusting – note correct usage of “literally.”


“using words like osmosis and schematic”, “he better be a genius or I’ll look like a fool”, oh, it’s just too much, toooooo much!! I swear, I can’t take it anymore! What an idiot.

pee rock

Cody, Donny doesn’t have to use big words to make you look like an idiot. You do that on your own every time you open your mouth.


MAN I don’t know about yall but this is the one season I wished they had jury cams cause I would rather watch Zach and Hayden playing games by the pool cracking jokes telling stories having fun with Momma J making her crazy faces and giving mean side eyed to they jokes then listen to Caleb talk about himself and Christina, and Cody complain about every little thang there ever was.

on a side note I want Donny or Nicole to go all the way but if they don’t I know they will be glad to get out of there and go to the jury house were all they friends are and don’t have ppl walk out the room when they walk in and talk crap behind they backs.


Dirtbag is so condescending. Loved how he redirected Vagody from plan B of putting up Fakie if Donny comes off the block by saying that’s a big boy move. Any person with an IQ of 1 would know that’s an insult.
When god was passing out brains .. Donny said thank you and I will put it to good use. Vagody, BMC, Oblivious and Skantine looked at it and said what’s it for and walked away.
I do hope that BB will finally come up with a twist that will save Donny and Nicole.


Christine Brecht isTHE most vile, sickening, insecure, and miserable bitch that I’ve ever seen on Big Brother! At the time, I thought Chima, Aaryn, and Amanda were mean bitches but Disgustine make them look like Charlie’s Angels! I’ve seen her husband’s Twitter page and watched their wedding; and I really enjoyed watching it because it was simple, they looked great, and she looked really good; and they danced together beautifully, I do not know what happened to Disgustine in her past but she did mentioned about being bullied in school. Now she’s acting just like the ones that bullied her. After seeing her actions, she will get her comeuppance in the worst way! Just because you’ve been bullied does not give you the right to do that to anyone….especially people that were nice to you. Amber, Brittany, Devin, Donny, Hayden, Joey, Nicole, and Paola aka Pow Pow DID NOT do anything to hurt or disrespect you at all! They chatted, ate, and hung out with you; and what did you do? You’ve bad mouthed, told lies, gotten personal, made fun of, and were extremely jealous of them! You have Carte Blanc tohang with the so called “Cool Kids”: Cody-Kotex and Least Mud Cowgirl (Cody and Caleb) are two muscle meatheads that have women fooled but are really closeted; Fakie (Frankie) is a no talented, acid tongued queen that is more of a horny attention whore that is living in the shadow of his talented sister (I’ve seen her music videos… she’s aiight, but is not the diva they think she is) and believe me when I say that the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race are ABSOLUTELY more attractive than he is; Derprick aka Derrick is a Tony the Cop (winner of last season’s Survivor) wannabe. He’s playing a good game of manipulation, but he forget who he is at times and really setting a bad example for his daughter; and Shitoria aka Victoria is another insecure faux glamour girl and attention whore #2. Disgustine, if you think your “Cool Kids” friends will keep in touch with you after the show,,, you’re sadly mistaken! When you find out hiw much you’re hated, take the time to re-evaluate what changes you need to do in your life; and you better pray Tim will still want to remain with you! Sorry for the long post, folks, but she really get on my nerves; and if I had the chance to tell her this to her fsce…you bet yout sweet ass I would!


Big K, there you go again. In-your-face, no holds barred, tell it like it is. LOVE your posts.

Just Sayin'

P.S. Don’t forget to add that Chriskank is homely as all hell, FUGLY as $hit, stage 9 clinger, flat a$$ed, greasy haired, trailer park ho.

Stop Laughing, Christine

It’s Christine’s personality that is ugly. We’ve all heard so much nasty, mean stuff coming out of her mouth for the last two months that it’s definitely colored how we see her. It’s only since we’ve gotten to “know” who she is does she appear so completely unattractive. Oh, and her behavior with Cody hasn’t helped any, either.


I agree with you to a certain extent but Christine could have the personality of an angel and STILL be homely as hell! And that “laugh!” Every time it comes out of her mouth I check my remote to make sure I haven’t accidentally switched over to a National Geographic special on Hyenas!!

Nera's Mommy

A few days ago Crusty made the comment about what Cody sounds like on the phone, or something to that effect. Seriously? You get called out on national television about skating on thin ice about your behavior with Cody, and you wonder what he sounds like on the phone? Please don’t delude yourself into thinking he’s going to be calling you – after he gets his balls busted by his friends, endures smirks from his co-workers, and hears the chorus of “what in the fresh hell were you thinking?” from his family, I don’t think he’s going to be calling you. And you’ll get the same crap when you get back to AZ. You truly are the most clueless person to ever be on reality TV – and yes, that includes Victoria.


Watching them tonight sorta brought back those last days when we had to suffer those last days with Andy, Gina Mar!e and $pencer.

B 0 R ! N G !!

I had to resort to watching other stuff just so I wouldn’t fall asleep again. Torture!

*Wake me up B4 you go go*


I hate how everyone is begging for production to come and save donny and nicole. This is a game and they have both played badly just because theyre more likeable then the players in control doesnt mean they should be saved by production. Its time for them to step up and make some cracks in that alliance and get cody to backdoor frankie. If theyre going to stay in this game they should earn it not have production hand it to them.


You know this season is going downhill when these a holes except Nicole get alcohol and they end up getting ready for bed at one lol

Btw Cody you are not gonna give Cody a chokehold, can’t even call that guy out you pussy


With the exception of a few, no one cares about winning the $500K. They wanted a paid summer holiday and when BB ends, they want a starring role in Brokeback Mountain 2, remake of The Graduate, a part in The Birds or as a spokesperson for Tramp Stamps R Us.


You go, Taylor!

maven of bb16

They have played badly? How can you blame anyone for wanting “production” to step in and save anyone? This season has not even been played! every vote unanimous????? Boy that’s a game! the games not even being played. Production has saved skankie Frankie MANY times. He is vile and beyond and cbs portrays him on prime time as the cute little broadway brother of what’s her name. Why not give Donny and Nicole a save?

Roisen Dubh

I’ve been saying for a while that these guys aren’t even floaters. They’re something worse. I can’t put a name to it.


Half of these people are infiltrates who were drafted by BB to come into the house and entertain and gladly accepted the challenge because they’re attention whores, which is honestly a slap in the face to us diehard intelligent BB fans. Wish another network could talke over this show and do something with it, but we know that will never happen.


I think you nailed it square on the head.


the word is wimps

Kathy B

Asshole? A given.
Asshat? Not quite. (Victoria the hat assassin)
Bitch? Not exactly. (Well, it is Christine’s middle name)
Douchbag? We’ve covered that (Cody)
Entitled lazy brats who won’t amount to anything outside the house? Closer. (All except Donny and Nicole)
A sad group without a redeeming quality among them, lacking in grace and dignity? That sums it up for me.


I feel like when they start going off about Donny, Nicole’s thinking, I’ve only been gone a week or so, when did they become so vile and hateful, what happened?


UMMMM……………I think Christine, Frankie, Derrick and Cody are DISGUSTING!!!!!

Roisen Dubh

I could rag on Christine, but my man BigKenny48 stated it perfect and kudos to you sir. Right now I’m on the bash Cody bandwagon. He’s says he’s gonna choke Donny out in the jury house? You know why he said that right? Because he’s knows there’s no cameras and if he even had the balls to do it, Donny would kick his ass into 2019 and that little nut gazing cretin knows it. Sorry to piss off you Cody fans, but he is by far the most spineless person to ever walk into that house. Even over bacon boy Adam. But Adam was a decent human. I can’t wait till he gets out of the house. That guy better know how to throw fist, because I can see a bunch of people picking fights with that guy. I’m not saying it’s right but he better be prepared.

Stop Laughing, Christine

I think Cody, out of the whole bunch, is the BB16 houseguest most likely to get punched in the face within days of leaving the house.


Grodner the Hutt and the editing department have pretty much jumped the shark with this series. Thinking about past seasons:
2 was great
3 4 and 5 were really good
6 7 and 8 were great
9 was a trainwreck
10 was pretty good
11 was ok
12 was ok but boring
13 was ok i guess
14 was decent but i didnt like it much
15 was horrendous
But 16 may be worse than 9 and even the dreaded 1st season which i didnt watch. But anyway this show hasnt been really good for a long time. Idk whats going on with Grodner the Hutt. She saved this show way back in the day but not anymore. They need new blood in there running it


His marketing degree didn’t prepare him for simple math..


OMG! Caleb talking/showing about how when he was a prison guard in Iraq they’d put prisoners in a chair and the things they’d do to them. Then says he loves that kind of stuff. The guy has serious problems.


Are these people serious with this Donny Bashing or are we being punked?!! Its not only shocking, it is full of delusional lies and mis conceptions that i think theyve started to believe their own crap. I so wish Donny wins POV and Cody puts up Frankie and he gets back doored.
Donny has spoken nothing bu the truth. He has studied the housemates well and all their game strategies. The only thing he doesent seem to be aware of is the ‘Hitmen’ final 2 alliance (Cody and Derrick). These folls will realize Derrick is the brains of the operation when its too late.
If Frankie was smart, he should have kept Zach and nominated Derrick alongside Cody and made sure Derrick was evicted (votes from Donny, Zach, Caleb and Christine would have done it). Cody is nothing without Derrck, he cant put two logical thoughts together. With Derrick out, he would only have Christine. It would have been easier to manipulate the game and ensure that Frankie,Zach,Donny and Caleb as the final four. But *sigh* we are stuck with dimwits with a hightschool gang/sheep mentality.
If only Frankie knew he was Derrick and Codys number 1 target.
FruitLoop Dinguses, all of them.
Oh and yeah Zach Attack will truly be missed, a very genuine guy and one heck of an entertainer.

Roisen Dubh

I hate to admit it, but the TA thing threw a wrench. Donny would’ve been gone, and as much as I despise Frankie, I know he’s not that dumb and doesn’t see it. That was production’s joke on all of us this year. The TA alliance is the longest one to last since the brigade, but these morons hate each other and didn’t realize if they would’ve been cool with each other, they were final three no problem. Just think about it. America put these three together and they’re still around after all this time. Now think if they would’ve been the alliance America voted for Those missions would’ve been a cakewalk.. Do you really think the rest of these idiots would see that?

another name

I feel like the season is a boring predictable joke. I watch in hopes of something actually happening that will make it an actual game instead of ‘lambs to slaughter’ weekly. feels like I’m hoping in vain and quickly becoming discouraged. at the same time, as much as I hate it, I do have to respect that one group of people has systematically controlled the entire season. sure I want the group to fail and lose control, but I respect that they have controlled it (boring as that is).
the team America idea could have been promising, but not with the members having the ability to refuse to do a task. improvement would have been to say if you refuse a task you lose all the money you’ve made on successful tasks. otherwise its a complete waste of time.
I’m not sure what cross section or demographic the players represent. As a non-American, I truly hope they don’t represent the American public. if they do, I weep for your nation. truly, what a bunch of ignorant ass-hat wannabe st@rf#(k%r posers most of these contestants have proven themselves to be.
it would be nice to see people with principles that also played the big brother game well, but I know that’s pretty naïve. yeah, never going to happen. apparently nice is not a survival skill.
I’m loathe to think it, but in terms of manipulation and strategy, derrick has played the best. anytime a player is a competition ‘also ran’ but still has control you have to recognize it. hate it, but recognize it.
I still don’t understand how the non alliance people never aligned. when the same people disappear to another room at the same time repeatedly and you’re not one of them… that should tell you something. should have told them something by week two.
sorry for the rant. would comment on the subject if I thought it was an actual possibility, but I’ve yet to see cody have an independent thought, let alone a personal strategy to get to the end, unless his strategy is what would derrick do, or to be a deluded sexually ambiguous jockstrap model.


I think they look for people with certain personality traits that will clash, such as big egos, immaturity, etc. Then they throw in a few normal ones such as Donnie, Nicole and Hayden. I would love to see a season with players that have never watched BB and have no idea how to play “the game”.