Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 5 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results


ZACHATTACK ZACHATTACK ZACHATTACK thank you for saving our Feeds, that is what everyone at the OBB war room was screaming on Thursday night. It was what can only be described as cocaine hurricane Zach. However the excitement did die down a bit and the game went back into ‘Cruise control’ …

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  • Brittany is evicted by a vote of 10 – 0 Zach and Frankie win the HOH
  • Lots of plans are thrown out there and every single combination of pawns is considered. Zach goes full wildcard (here, here and Here ) says he’s putting up Christine and Nicole, He calls Christine a floater says she does nothing for the alliance. She lays around giggles and cuddles Cody.
  • The target is ultimately decided to be Caleb, Amber or Jocasta depending on how the BOB and POV play out
  • Frankie nominates Jocasta and Victoria Zach nominates Nicole and Christine. Nicole and Christine lose it on Zach say they are targeting him
  • BOB is played Christine and Nicole destroy Jocasta and Victoria. Zach is dethroned from HOH Frankie retains control of the top spot leaving Jocasta and Victoria as the nominations
  • POV players are picked Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine
  • Hayden wins the POV says he’s going to use it on Victoria because she picked him to play for her.
  • Frankie wants to take out Amber before Caleb but has to make sure Caleb is on-board with her being the replacement nominee first. Frankie and Zach figure out an elaborate plan to get Caleb to turn on Amber.
  • They start letting Caleb know that AMber isn’t into him and she’s been acting sketchy with the bomb squad alliance (Yes the bomb squad alliance is still real in Caleb and Amber’s head)  Zach plants the seed that Amber is working with the girls.Zach tells Caleb Amber didn’t want to go on a date with him but felt like she had no other choice
  • Caleb goes up to Frankie says they should put Amber on the block to “scare her” if she blows up the bombsquad they vote her out if she doesn’t they vote Jocasta out. Frankie elated by this agrees. (Frankie was planning on putting Amber up all along) ** In Caleb’s mind he thought Amber would come back crawling on her hands and knees. This appears to be all a ploy for Caleb to get her back.
  • Zach prepares a speech to blast Amber.Derrick and Frankie egg Zach on in the hopes he accomplishes the team America task of starting an argument during a Ceremony
  • POV Ceremony Hayden uses it on Victoria allowing Frankie to put up Amber
  • Frankie tells Caleb that Amber blew up the bomb squad to Nicole, Caleb confronts Nicole which say Amber only said the girls have to stick together or the guys will pick them off one by one. Caleb short circuits still believes AMber likes him and is only acting this way towards him because she’s ‘guarded’ Countless hours of Caleb trying to save her ensues.
  • Caleb wants to keep Amber and proceeds to campaign like a maniac to get the votes. While this happens AMber complains to the “Bombsquad” says she doesn’t feel like she should campaign if her alliance has her back
  • Amber tells Christine that given the chance she will target Caleb next week she also adds that Caleb is ruining her game. After learning all this Caleb finally realizes that the time has come to let her go. The entire house knows Amber is going except for Amber the biggest blindside of the year perhaps.
  • The much talked about pickle in a banana is created by Caleb to put in AMber’s suitcase..
  • Christine, Nicole, Frankie lost considerable amount of trust this week
  • Derrick has noticed Hayden/Donny are spending a lot of time in the hammock together he’s worried there may be an alliance.
  • Donny and Hayden seem to know that Derrick and Frankie are unbeatable in the end they make plans accordingly to fix this but can’t do anything until HOH is won.
  • Memory wall changes to show loops from events on the TV show, They assume they will be given questions regarding these events. Zach, Hayden and Christine are thought of as the front runners. Beast mode says he’s going to throw it so he can compete on the WALL endurance competition.
  • New Team America task has Donny questioning if he should partake as it’s damaging for his personal game.



OBB predictions
Amber goes home 8-1 or 9-0

Actual Results
Show starts at 6pm PST
Caleb votes to evict Amber
Victoria votes to evict Amber
Nicole votes to evict Amber
ZachAttack votes to evict Amber
Derrick votes to evict Amber
Cody votes to evict Amber
Donny votes to evict Amber
Hayden votes to evict Amber
Christine votes to evict Amber

Team America does not take on the mission
Evicted Houseguest Amber
HOH Winners are Nicole and Donny
Houseguests out of the competition Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Derrick, Cody..

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Donny and Nichole win HOH so time for some fireworks this week. Please, please, please, put up Frankie aka Andy. Derrick, Zach and Caleb with hopes that Frankie is sent packing. Make it finally a week worth watching!


Welcome to Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2014, first inductee is Brendan Villegas (BB12 & BB13), second inductee is Sovereign Six (BB6 & BB7), third inductee is Danielle Reyes (BB3 & BB7), fourth inductee is Jessie Goddrez (BB10 & BB11), fifth inductee is Jen Johnson (BB8), and our sixth inductee is……………….Nicole Nilson Schaffrich (BB2). Congrats to Nicole will be inducted into the hall of fame. Tune in one week, will announces the seventh inductee and polls still open till finale night. Go vote.


Also, here are the polls for Final 2 Hall of Fame:
Eval Dick vs Daniele 45.91%
Dan vs Memphis 35.29%
Hayden M. vs Lane 9.67%
Jordan vs Natalie Ma. 7.49%
Drew vs Cowboy 1.63%
Adam J. vs. Ryan 0%

The polls are open, don’t forget to vote and I will introduce the final inductee into the hall of fame.


Who cares????????


Who cares, everyone cares!! I don’t have to name it. I care about former houseguest who are legends. We all cared about big brother legends. I have respect BB legends including Mike Boogie, Dr. Will, and etc. So, chill!!!


I want a Donny hoh tonight


5 way tie in the HoH comp, these guys came to play!


I was not expecting Caleb to do that well tbh. I thought he’d be one of the first out of the comp.


Congrats Donny and Nicole. Donny keep being yourself and put up people in the detonators. Nicole don’t be an idiot and let Christine control your vote. I believe in you both. May the force be with you.


Hopefully, four guys go on the block.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s gonna be a great week watching Derrick and his keystone cops alliance scattered around the house throwing each other under the bus. these idiots took out their own (DEVIN & AMBER), and now are gonna regret those evictions. I hope Donny & Nicole can finally make a game move that means something this season.


I heartily agree. They actually remind me of Helen and her alliance last year where they took out their own, ie Howard and Candice, and then were sorry later on when they were targeted and didn’t have the numbers to save themselves. karma!


I bet until Caleb is evicted, we’ll be hearing about how Amber is probably at home watching the beast on live feeds, he’ll tell everybody this & do shoutouts to her right after saying it. Watch for it!


Amber went out C L A S S Y. I was so proud of her. And I love how she didn’t really accept any of their hugs. Beautiful girl, beautiful spirit.


Agreed! I honestly was never a fan of Amber, but she went out with total class. I think she is how she seems on TV in real life. Just a nice girl. I wish the best for her.


Sure hope Donny doesn’t really think there is an alliance because of TA. Hope he stays hoh after bob and Frankie goes home.


Amber wearing A Carolina blue dress to boot? WOW she is fine…


Bullshit! Not accepting hugs is being a poor sport.


She would have been being fake if she took hugs from them. Props for her walking out with her head held high.


Why would you wanna hug a bunch of people that lied to you & treated you like shit? Good for Amber….I do wish she would of blew up the bombsquad tho.


Hey Simon & Dawg, you forgot Christine’s name under – OBB Predictions – I know, I know, we forgot she’s there too LOL 🙂 I would be lost without this site ! Thank you

Cow Mode Beastboy

Unleash the beard magic, Donny!


and/or Dawg:

As of your guys’ knowledge – when is the last time anyone suggested getting Derrick out?….or even putting him up? It’s crazy how he’s one of the most ambitious players and no one really ever brings his name up…


FINALLY!! Maybe Donny will shake things up this week. I guess Frankie and Christine on the block with Derrick as backdoor option would be my choice. Screw TA, Frankie came in third and Derrick only got there because Joey went home. Come on, Donny and Nicole, lets blow up the testosterone alliance!!


I wonder if Donny would put up Derrick? They are part of Team America so I wonder if tat would play a role in Donny’s noms? I feel like Derrick is playing a very good low key game…making moves and influencing the decision makers, but flying under the radar. Donny was dead on when he suspected that Derrick was the head of the snake. Interesting to see who he puts up!!


I wonder if Donny would put up Derrick? They are part of Team America so I wonder if tat would play a role in Donny’s noms? I feel like Derrick is playing a very good low key game…making moves and influencing the decision makers, but flying under the radar. Donny was dead on when he suspected that Derrick was the head of the snake. Interesting to see who he puts up!!


I’m sick of Frankie’s old ass!! Christine is ugly as f**k!!


I can’t believe Nicole is rating so high in the voting poll as a favourite. On this week’s episode of As the BB Turns, we have her whining and complaining to everyone (except amber) in the house about Frankie making her tell amber some concocted story. Even tho Frankie told everyone what he did, she continued to whine, sulk, pout and play victim. All at the same time, she continues to trust Christine, in spite of Zach already telling her not to. What does Zach have to gain by saying that? Very little. What does Christine have to gain by denying it? The other half of the house.


Victoria’s snarky little comments are pissing me off. I wanted to punch her through my tv screen tonight. Amber was in no way fake. Can’t Wait until she is evicted.

Butters Mom

Victoria made me mad too… she forgets she is in a game and there is no need to attack someones character as she is voting them out…


Ikr. I can’t with Victoria. She has a nasty attitude. She acts like someone has really done something to her. Last week it was the Conniving Britney. .

Christine's crazy eye

Victoria? Who’s that? I think there may have been some delusional troll named that at the start….but I’ve not notice it recently. I did see an ugly bump growing off Derrick it had a long black hair. I just thought it was something a dermatologist should look at.


Team Donny all the way.
HOH is yours tonight!

Tsk Tsk

It would have been if only America had voted for the other Team America option!

Christine's crazy eye

BB, please throw these Mensa members a “loop” and give them an HOH none of them contemplate, no double eviction, no wall, no true false. Let them crawl through something horrible, that will get in their teeth and stick to their crotches for DAYS to come. Let the looser eat slop for 2 weeks. Have Crybaby, er Cody, shave his head. Make Caleb chug pickle juice. Put Nicole in another stupid outfit. Have Hayden actually take a shower. Make Christine wear a bag over her head. Do something UNEXPECTED!!!!!!!


OMG! I think I LUV You!! LOL!!

"Mommy's Stupid Show"

is on in 10 minutes……..


I will say it again Caleb need to get him a Service Dog for Vets. He need something yo love I’m sure they will donate one to him after the show. Amber is not a dog who will love you unconditionally.

Better yet get a monkey, they like bananas.


Lol love this comment

Thor's Sister

It really sucks that Amber is going out like this. I really hope some how the votes change (sigh) and Jocasta goes home. How the hell can they have her in the Jury and not Amber? Sometimes I feel sorry for Caleb (sometimes in a pathetic way) but all in all (in the game) hes a total moronic boob! He has created a fake BB in his head that involves him ,his inner cowboy and his ego, Oh plus Amber. SMFH, like her or not, this sucks the big one!!


why do I got this feeling that if Caleb wins HOH I bet he ask production can he get a pic of Amber in his HOH and I bet he probably take it every were he goes just like Ginamarie and kiss it at night. hell I bet he’d rather have a pic of Amber than a letter from home.


If they give him a picture of Amber I hope it’s one of her kissing some other guy


Donny for HoH

Captain Crunch

I think BB should remodel the house, I mean 2 bathrooms for 16 people?? Thats harsh It should be at least 4-5 bathrooms in there. Also i think they should add more twist or give the house guest more activities so they don’t sit around being bored all week, talking shit about each other b/c after a while it gets petty on things they bring up cause other house guest are getting more attention or prettier than them (Christine, Nicole, Victoria). Or they should just cut the days down from 90 to 60 and add more double eviction to speed it up, just my opinion


How about if the house is cleaned every day they get booze?


LOL! I would clean house every day for booze!


Once the Amber/Caleb storyline is over, that could end. It could be interesting. Even so, I like Frankie and Zach for their antics.


all the time. LOL


He does but it doesn’t change the fact that he looks 12 years old and acts like a 3 year old.


Did anyone else notice that they completely edited Donny’s ‘talk’ with Frankie and Derrick???!!! When he said he was there to play his own game and not Americas game.. they completely botched that so America didn’t gear it…. ridic.


Equally, they didn’t show Derrick and Frankie’s talks about throwing Donny under the bus and get him out. Derrick was even talking about how Donny was startled awake and scared him and how the true Donny showed up.

Don't wake Donny!

He gets crabby when he’s woken up like that. Can’t say I blame him, I’m the same way. I would have done told them kids to stfu and learn some manners when people are sleeping.


You have got to be kidding me? Victoria: “I vote to evict the fakest of them all; Amber”
WTF is she talking about?
I’d rather be fake than be a loser at social game, physical game and ugly as Broomhilda or Haddassah Guberman.
God somebody smack this bitch please.


Equally, they didn’t show Derrick and Frankie’s talks about throwing Donny under the bus and get him out. Derrick was even talking about how Donny was startled awake and scared him and how the true Donny showed up.

Victoria's 18 in weave...

….is one to talk!


Derrick throwing Donny under the bus to America. Really?! You are an a$$. You know Donny was right about this mission. Donny I hope you win HOH tonight!


Donny’s a coward. Hope he goes soon. Didn’t come to play, came to creep people out with his pedo beard.


I love Victoria’s comment “the fakest of them all”, bit** please you’re the ugliest of them all. Go put on some more make up that doesn’t do anything to hide the hideousness that is your face.


AMEN!!! Victoria is so fake. She needs to have FIVE SEATS! Can’t wait til she’s on the block and evicted. she’s about as irrelevant as Jocasta.


At least Amber has her own hair…Oh No!! these people are rubbing off on me…

Don't wake Donny!

Why is the go-to insult always about looks? I hate Victoria (and Christine) as much as the next guy, but just criticizing their looks is childish. It would be different if Victoria had said Amber was the ugliest of them all, but she said fakest. I dunno….I guess I’m not on board with making fun of someone for something they can’t control (their looks). They can control their behavior and what they say though. That’s enough for me to criticize.


Maybe it’s childish to criticize someone’s looks but when you go on a show like this and make the claim that you’re “the hottest girl in the house”, expect people to judge you on your appearance and make comments on the validity of your claim. Victoria needs a serious wake up call, she’s an ugly person inside and out and that’s why everyone hates her (maybe she’s a really nice girl in person, but that’s not how she’s coming across on tv).


Exactly. She clearly needs a good slap or a cuss out. She called Brittany conniving, and Devin the devil at their evictions. She is not winning any favours with America with her dried up self sounding like a damn bird. She is such a waste of space in the competition.

What bullsh**

So Team America can’t come through because they think it’ll be too obvious? Derrick and that rat looking Frankie have stirred the pot on so many occasions they could of easily accomplished this Team America mission. All that needed to be done was for Frankie and Derrick to take the information that Christine wanted to keep Amber and plot the seed that Christine voted against the house, pulled Nicole to her side…Donny talks strategy with no one, everyone thinks he’s sweet so explain to me “Team America” how this plan could not of happened.

Zach’s arrogance is nauseating, Caleb’s delusional ego is disgusting, Christine’s backstabbing ways is what got Amber on the block in the first place and NOW she wants to keep Amber?

I don’t care what anyone says, the black people will never make it to the final 2. That’s just how this show operates, if you’re black, asian, or latino you aren’t making it anywhere near the final 2.


Well, since you don’t care what anyone says: there hasn’t been a black person yet that played the game well enough to last – so go back to your Black Panther loving basement full of Malcolm X posters and learn that the reality is – no one who happens to be black, has been good enough at this game yet. Not because they’re black, but it just hasn’t happened. I’m a black girl and I just don’t feel the same way.


Danielle was runner up season 3 and Jun won season 4 also Nat was runner up season 11

Awkward Moments

That awkward moment when someone forgets:
Danielle (African-American) Runner-up Season 3.
Jun (Asian-American) winning Season 4.
Ivette (Latino-American) Runner-up Season 6.
Natalie (I think African-American) Runner-up Season 11

What kind of cheese would you like with your wine?


jun, a korean american woman, won season 4

Don't wake Donny!

“Donny talks strategy with no one, everyone thinks he’s sweet so explain to me “Team America” how this plan could not of happened.”

Since you asked…here’s why Donny wouldn’t (and shouldn’t have) do the TA mission. They had to PUBLICLY accuse people after the eviction, meaning Donny included (all of the TA members) would have had to speak up and say something like “hey Zach you just voted against the house to stir the pot”. EVERYONE knows Donny doesn’t speak up like that. If Donny would have publicly accused someone after the vote then they would KNOW something was fishy and would think Donny was one of the wayward votes and tried to pin it on someone else. The plan would have a serious effect on his long-term game. Donny made a wise move.


Another unanimous vote, sigh. Somebody wake us all when the players develop the guts to make some moves and actually think for themselves.


Amber thinks Donny is running the house?! Hahahahaha wow, she was working with the puppet master and she still didn’t see he was pulling all the strings.


Do I have wax in my ears? Did Amber actually say Donny was a villain in the house? That’s as delusional as the crown that Caleb put on his head!


I thought she said Zach was a villain.


She said Zach is the villain. First she said Zach is running the house but then she changed it and said Donny is running the house and Zach is the villain.


No, that’s not what she said. She said Donny was running the house & also Zach although he’s the villain


Amber said Donny was running the house and that Zach was the villain. She was right with Zach. I’m happy with how she went out too, keep it classy whenever possible, I sez. I want to smack Victoria too (not too classy, I admit); what a spoiled, clueless, entitled little creature! She’s fortunate to come from a family with money. I don’t think it’s done her any favours for her personal development, but she’s likely going to need their support for decades to come.


It’s really sad that they used Caleb’s delusional one sided love affair to vote Amber out. Amber never led on Caleb and everyone in the house KNOWS that Caleb’s love for Amber is a delusional one and that’s probably what bothers me the most, Zach made that speech about Amber doing the Veto when he knew it was all lies. Amber never asked Caleb to put himself on the block, she didn’t know he did it for her until it was done, she was asleep when he put those blankets on her, it was always a one sided affair for Caleb and the people in the house know it but unfairly placed the blame on Amber.

The girl was doomed from the start, when she turned down Caleb he plotted against her, when she played nicely he was for her, if she talked to someone else he was back to plotting against her.


Yeah that’s the ick factor in her eviction. Some people don’t know when to stop or clearly don’t will stoop to any level. If getting her out was just based on game play because she was about to turn or something that’s one thing. But to watch them use it against her to such a hateful extent just to keep the in house stalker in control is another.


And in the end he voted her out and said it was all her fault for biting the hand that feeds her. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the finale. That’s probably going to be more exciting than the whole season.


Every time I see that Verizon commercial where the bird carries that guy away, I think of that bimbo Victoria. Lmao


Amber. Class Act.


Just watching the live show and seeing how the HOH comp is set up, it would be nice if they could somehow not announce who got the questions right/wrong. Not sure how they could do that, but it would be interesting to see how everyone would play not knowing who was still in the running for HOH.

Beast Mode Reaper Robe

That’s a good thought. Maybe have their names light up while they are still in it and lights off when they are out so Julie can keep track and they just stay in their little stalls.

I also think they should move Wednesdays episode back to Mondays and let the viewers vote on who to evict. Voting would be available Mon night thru Weds night. They should also let jury members view the season while in jury so they can see everyone’s true colors before they vote.

These seasons are becoming too predictable. It’s the same each year but different people.

I also like the idea of an all super fan season or a season of all house guest who know nothing about the show. They should also mixed the house guest up more. Enough of this one black guy, one black girl, one gay guy, one Asian, one older and the rest model wannabees.


Aww im gunna miss Amber a little. She’s a nice person and good competitor but she wasn’t that smart at the game :(.


How is Jocasta horrible at every competition?


she is terrible!!!


I am beginning to think Jocasta is playing Dans mixed with Spencers’ game. I think she threw that competition like she did others. I think if she get to the jury part she may not through the,. I can’t get over how she was crying then when Amber hugged her, rolled her eyes and smiled. I think we are going to see a very dirty game from Jocasta when the time comes. I always say “In Big Brother don’t trust the Preacher.” they always come out as dirty players.


These unanimous votes are so BORING!!!! WTF?? Amber was gorgeous though

How are they going to make this season at least have some split voting?? Summer is half over and nothing exciting. Every time I think something good is about to happen everyone chickens out and acts lame

No Brainer

16 seasons and people still want to say this show is rigged…Jacosta will go home before Victoria, and Victoria will go home before Caleb, these shows always knock out the minorities (i.e. the Black, Asian, Latino…and everything BUT white people) before anyone else. The producers felt really bad about last season’s racists antics but there must be something in the air of production to have made those contestants feel like they could of gotten away with such behavior. My vote is toward the simple fact that no minority in the history of the show has ever made it to the end, and the show disproportionately cast minorities with whites.

But sure…let’s keep playing color blind and say it has nothing to do with race. But stats are stats.


You have a memory if you think a minority has never made it to the end.

A minority has even won.


what an ill-informed statement.


I’ll give you a few seconds to do your google search on past winners and then come back and leave your apologies.


I don’t think that’s true no black got to the end. Help me out guys. Was it the 2nd or 3rd season. Where the black girl got to final She was the one was calling god the Devil the reason she lost wax because remember they use to take a tape to the jury house to show the others the and they got so mad because they got duped. They did not give her the money for personal reason. I thought it wax that season they decided no tapes.


Jun is a Korean and won Season 4
The first winner of Big Brother had one leg
Andy Herring won last year and he is a Gay Man
Ian had Asbergers disease a disability and won Big Brother.
Natalie Martinez was in the Final two with Jordan the second Female Final Two.


The detonators are really close to losing this HOH!!!


One of the best exits by a player!! Amber showed true class!! She was so positive!

Teri B

Agree! And the audience was so behind her about the moron. It was classy!


I easily saw through it, she was being fake for the cameras.

Teri B

Bummer how they cut it off at the end!


The only hot girl in the house is evicted.


Can’t believe they ended with 5 of them still up. Go Donny and Hayden!


I will be honest… I definitely smiled when Christine, Derrick, and Cody were knocked out of the HOH competition on live television. I must admit, I even cheered. 🙂 Now, if only Donny and Hayden can win… Maybe Zach, albeit he seems to be losing his #WILDCARD appeal as of late. Frankie’s dazzling personality (and clothes) must have blinded him…


I clapped my hands and yelled, “Yes!” And got dirty looks from my dogs.


I honestly thought BMC was gonna start crying when his boo was evicted. I also don’t blame Donny for declining the challenge. Although I’m surprised production wasn’t able to sway his decision. Once again, I was all hyped up for major drama tonight, and I was once again let down. DAMN YOU, BB!


Its that damn donny running the house!



Donny & Nicole won HOH


Donny & Nicole have won the HOH’s.

Now we’re going to have some excitement.



Don't wake Donny!

I think the only way we’ll see true excitement is if Donny remains HoH. If Nicole gets it, she’ll be swayed by Hayden and possibly even Derrick.


YAH Donny is HOH. Get rid of these Detonators!!!


If the nominations go as I think they will, one will nominate Zach and Derrick and the other will nominate Caleb and Frankie.


With Christine as a replacement.


Yes! Donny and Nicole!

Irked by the stupidity!

Christine is going to be up her butt like a hemorrhoid. Hope this is the week she gets a clue.


Donny and Nicole won… Yay… maybe… God I hope it is a yay…. Double Eviction Week YAY
Now if they can get rid of two guys the game might get interesting. I hope they target people like Frankie, Cody, Zach or Derrick…. but it will probably be Caleb.

Donny’s Visor

They vote unanimously and they even answer their true/false questions unanimously!!!


Amber was classy till the end.