Battle on the Block Results “Now I have two weak Players in the Veto”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

Summary of Events

    • Brittany is evicted from the Big BRother house Zach and Frankie win the Head of Household Competition
    • Doesn’t take long for #WILDCARD to come out Here, Here and Here
    • Big Moves are planned as Zach decides to break free from the norm and put up Christine
    • Nominations Ceremony Sees Frankie putting up Jocasta and Victoria with ZachATTACK putting up Nicole and Christine
    • Tomorrow the Power of Veto is played followed by the Veto Ceremony on Monday

BB16-2014-07-25 16-20-01-371

Victoria and Christine won the Battle on the Block dethroning Zach and Giving Frankie HOH. Victoria and Jocasta are the nominees Victoria is taking it hard Jocasta is reading her bible. Christine and Nicole are excited. In the Kitchen Derrick and Frankie are whispering that they get a second chance for the team America task because they failed today.

BB16-2014-07-25 16-29-23-705

Jocasta hurt her leg in the Battle on the block competition.

BB16-2014-07-25 16-34-29-234

In the HOH Zach and Frankie are talking about who to pick to play in the Veto. Frankie is happy that he now has two weak players in the veto so it’s going to be easier to get. Sounds like they still are going with a Bacd**r plan.
Frankie tells Zach they now have to mend the Damage Zach caused.

BB16-2014-07-25 16-42-03-598

4:40pm Frankie and Caleb
Talking about the shout outs Frankie is going to do when he gets to tweet.

Zach comes out of the shower, Caleb asks them for just two things fro when he’s off being a have nots. One bud lite and one fig newton. Frankie says he can have a box.

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I’m pissed Christine and Nichole won, I wanted one of those two floaters to go home

Derrick's Bacon Fragrance!

Derrick is also pissed, now he needs to go beast mode and try and save his girl Victoria!


Please define floater for me because I don’t understand how you can call them floaters… floaters don’t align with anyone and go to where the power is (as far as I understand the definition)… and as much as you might not like them I don’t think they fit that definition. Personally I hate Christine but I really like Nicole.

Nick B

Going to start differentiating myself since there is more than one Nick on here!

-Glad that Zach has a chance to play in HoH next week, as he’s become something of a target
-Glad Nichole got herself off the block, as she’s the only girl I’m really rooting for.
-Would still be very glad to see Christine out the door asap. Especially if she keeps up this entitled attitude of hers. Can’t believe going into the season I considered her one of my favorites.


Just curious… why is it backd**r and not backd*or? I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile and it’s driving me crazy


I know Zach can be a little brass, but I have loved him since day one. I hope he at least makes it to Jury, as him and Hayden are the only ones that make the feeds lively. It sucks that now Christen and Nicole will be gunning for him while Frankie, Cody and Derrick are sitting pretty.


I agree 🙂 He keeps things interesting

zach's lemons

He (Zach) needs to come up with something like “Dan’s Mist” to undo some damage. He needs a more of a “Tsunami!” Good luck Zach!


people need to take a deep breath and realize that Zach is a implant product of production. it’s not the first time and won’t be the last when production interferes and creates it’s own drama using a HG. this has been going on for seasons. Zach himself a few days ago said “production keeps egging him to be more mean in house”. it’s the same production interference on Caleb’s game that has him being portrayed a stalker to Amber. it’s totally forced and fake. do I enjoy when production interferes? sometimes but to a certain extent, if its about enhancing the entertainment value of the show. this season has come to a competitive complete stop, and the forced drama has become a daily repetitive game talk bore-fest.

Let Us Be

Everyone on this site knows there is production interference. Can’t we just have our fun without a constant reminder that the evil Allison is behind our wasted summer?

Day Yum Yum

Oh no, I do not think production has anything to do with Caleb’s actions…Zack yes, Caleb no. That guy is as nuts as they come and this obsession is all a product of his own feeble, little, midget brain! True psycho right there!


Jacosta sucks at every competition

anonymous too

yeah she is the worst. wonder if she’s accusing victoria of throwing the comp?


From the live feeds…Frankie said that Vic freaked out…


at least we can count on not having to see that ridiciulous cry of joy from jocasta because she didnt win BOB


According to Frankie Vic…blew it


thumb ups for the #wildcard.


So upset Christine won the BoB! 🙁 At least now they can back door Caleb


Im afraid amber is the first choice for backdoor


The reason they’ll give Caleb the rear exit first is because if Amber goes before him, he could go “Beast Mode Cowboy” on the house guests! Having only heard of this phenomenon, they quake in their collective boots!

As predictable as always

I know everyone was psyched with zach attack (me too) .. But he wasn’t shaking up the house at all .. He was just being loud and fun to watch … He was just as predictable as his alliance has been and now we just have a backdoor plan to get rid of amber ? What? She doesn’t need to be backdoored lol .. But really people should want to be on the block because then they are safe from a backdoor possibility .. Amber shoulda said put me up ! Lol .. Same with Donny … Victoria doesn’t realize it’s a good thing … Yea she didn’t get herself off .. But she still has another shot and if she can’t win then then don’t let the door hit you on the way out … You have zero social game ! No alliances .. Not even a fake one lol. Same with Jocasta .. And Donny only has fake team America which he should know is fake as they have no loyalty. What’s up with all these loners ?!?!!!


I’m waiting for the bloodshed when it gets down to just the main alliance


Donny is on to Derrick and Frankie, but I’m afraid his faith in Cody may be his downfall.


As much as this hurts it’true, even donny is a loner


frankie made the comment to victoria that he is under a lot of stress this week, sure he needed to know about his grandpa, but now he can and im sure he will use that during the game, he should have like the person in season 9 did.


Time for Jaco to get sick again.


HaHa…Totally Agree…wonder what will affect her now!

Kathie from Canada

Maybe her battle-scarred leg from today’s competition??? Bet she could milk that angle!!

anonymous too

wish she would get sick again–all she does is eat! too bad she’s not a have not this week.





ratsine managed to pull herself off the block….not surprising though it’s not like she had much competition….

i was literally salivating at the thought of christine being sent packing…..oh well…


According to Frankie Victoria blew it. Apparently Jocasta showed up to win…but Vic “freaked” out.


I hate Frankie!!!

Anonymous #2

Me too!!


Man, that sucks, I was really hoping that Zach would keep the HOH.


Noooooo! I wanted Zach to stay HoH so bad! He should have nominated Victoria and Jocosta (aka the crappiest players ever). Now this will be just another boring week.


Zach needs to win next hoh is needed for his own safety


upset that zach is no longer HoH and christine is safe but happy nicole is safe

Anonymous #2

Boo Christine!
Yay Nicole!!


Nicole was talking to Hayden in the HN room and told him she thinks Christine is in a bigger and better alliance and she doesn’t trust her. She was scared Christine was going to throw the comp. So happy she finally figured it out and so thankful for Zach giving her the clues to figure it out.

Kathie from Canada

Damn!! 🙁


For a minute there, I was really confused with : “Victoria and Christine won the Battle on the Block”
Jocasta is really poison… wow


Jocasta…Miss I’m not feeling well…Miss I’m to sick to compete…Miss my knee hurts…Miss I have an excuse for every thing in life.


IT was Victoria…who messed up


Thanks for the amazing entertainment since the Hoh Zach. I was hoping you would still be Hoh when this was over. Sad face)-:

Christine's future ex-husband

Glad those two are on the block! Wish they were not trying to backdoor Caleb so Victoria’s dumb ass would go home instead.


Yeah, but now he can play in the next HOH competition 🙂


Sorry this under the wrong comment

fabio (2)

man i hate zach sooooooooo much! so glad christine is safe!!!!!!!!!!! christine is my favorite player by FAR


She’s my favorite too. I guess only me and you like her. I think she has a chance to win HOH next week now that she was motivated by Zach. BUt I want her to change her gameplay now. She should work with the other side of the house as she is definitely at the bottom of her alliance. I think she figures it out too. She could be the biggest swing vote now as houseguests don’t know where her head is now. After all, I love all of these houseguests and I’m definitely no hater. They’re just playing their game and I have nothing to say about it. Their final aim is to win BB and 500.000. If they can do that then they’re the winner. So I supporrt all of them


Christine not only plays, but looks like a weasel rat. She is a very unlikeable player. I don’t mind Zach, because at least the game is a little lively with him. This season so far is boring. Hopefully things start to change and it gets really lively.

Fabio ( the real)

Simon, I don`t really care. But would be nice if there were a way to not let people do this.

I know might be other fabio`s out there.. but this person that posted this, is trying to be me.


Pretty sure that all of us on here knew that was not you Fabio.
It was kind of a give away when the imposter spelled Christines name right!

Fabio ( the real)

And by the way. yes I hate Zack. He is such a looser, no job, and is supported by his parents.

Fabio (the real)

ugh! he is doing it again i really like zach!


Please say you are kidding lmao


I would have a lot more respect for Christine if she kept her friendship with Nicole and remained with the detonators but she took it too far by telling them to put Nicole out and telling them EVERYTHING Nicole says instead of just little tidbits that wouldn’t put a target on Nicole but would let them know her allegiance was with them.


I love zach just because without him this season would be the most boring season ever. I mean still not much has changed as far as targets go but at least there is some drama in the house. Christine hasn’t done anything this whole season other than b!tch.


not true, she’s pissed and moaned too


Fabio, your funny!


Aw man. I sure was hoping Nicotine would stay on the block.


This sucks. I wanted Christine and Nicole up there. Now this will just be another boring typical week. If Zach stayed HOH there may have been some hope, at least Christine may have gotten taken out, but now Frankie will stick with the plan and this will be another dull predictable week. Backdooring Amber is a terrible plan (for us viewers at least). It may be somewhat worth it if they backdoor Caleb. I’ve never seen a season of BB where they were so determined to eliminate all the beautiful women. The twist this season has to be that all the heterosexual men in the house are actually closeted homosexuals.


Cody and Zach for sure are in the closet…

Christine's crazy eye

What do you mean, closeted? They seem pretty out n proud to me. I do not know ANY straight men who will cuddle with another man.

Roisen Dubh

Yeah, I think the guys are all catchers. I’m a straight guy and I would be sportin wood for Amber (her Lolo Jones lookin arse, Britt(amazing body for a woman with 3 kids) Nicole- the guy that gives her the 1st proper F she really needs is a lucky one, and that why I think she’s hot. I know I’ll catch heat for this, but Vic has a bangin body. She’ll proper F me. LOL. Sorry for the juvenile post.

amandas cooch smells like onions

I’m a woman and I totally agree with you!! =D


Victoria is no slouch! Her body is definitely banging! I would do her…in a heartbeat!!!


hopefully he will try to renom Zack! Team Frankestine!


I don’t think they should backdoor Caleb or Amber (well maybe they should but I don’t want that)… without them there is less kook and drama. Plus they are pretty. lol

Nicole is boring as f**k, as is christine, jocasta is lame but she does do crazy DR’s and that strange wailing noise (so theres and victoria, well I guess she’s charming in her cluelessness but ultimately sleep inducing.

I like how Frankie is taking total advantage of his HOH power and getting the boys to give it up more. He’s literrally all over them … although notice he doesn’t seduce Donny or Derrick. LOL

Derrick's Bacon Fragrance!

Hits himself in head over and over…… Gotta save Victoria, Gotta save Victoria, Gotta save Victoria! OK, time to get to work!


Not sure how this is going to get Caleb out the door. It really depends who is picked for veto and who wins. Actually, Frankie and Zach should want Victoria the ultimate floater Jocasta win the veto so they can put Caleb. Otherwise, Frankie’s nominations are useless.


Wow it sucks that Frankie’s the hoh. It’s gonna be another boring week playing derricks game.

Come on Amber!

This sucks. I wanted Christine and Nicole up there. Now this will just be another boring typical week. Backdooring Amber is a terrible plan (for us viewers at least). It may be somewhat worth it if they backdoor Caleb. I’ve never seen a season of BB where they were so determined to eliminated all the beautiful women. The twist this season has to be that all the heterosexual men in the house are actually closeted homosexuals.


I agree we need amber at least for another week

production rigged it

I agree and if Amber goes home then I’m done watching this season. I don’t want to watch a bunch of guys and non-attractive girls for the next 2 months.


I’m just praying that zack wins hoh again next week to keep things interesting!

Fabio ( the real)

Im glad, that what Zack is doing is “enough” to keep you entertaining,

Unfortunately I have higher standards.

He is so clueless and nonsense, that he compared him to Evil Dick. If Evil walked in the house right now, Zack would pee in his pants.

Roisen Dubh

No big deal folks, remember, Zach gets to play for HOH next week. Now he for sure has to get Christine out of the house next or he’s toast. But everything he said about her was right. Quit trying to wake your boy Cody up, he’s got a mouthful of Derrick’s balls and ain’t got room for yours.The really bad thing is now Christine and Victoria have the I won a competition card to play one one of them is going to cry all week and the other is going back to that hideous laugh. Oy vey.

Roisen Dubh

I love how he blows people’s games up to keep the rest of the house somewhat clued in.

Come on Amber!

Yeah but next week is a long time to go. We look like we’ll have a long week of predictability, Frankie, and a group bragging about how great they are. And considering they were all set on backdooring Amber on the feeds last night I don’t see anything good coming out of this week. If they go back to getting out Caleb it would be a good week but to take out Amber, Jocasta, or Victoria would be boring and predictable. In addition Amber is the only attractive female left IMO so I definitely don’t want her to go. The way things are going Christine is going to be the most attractive female in the house.


Now, I guess Creepleb won’t be going up? I’m evicting BB16 from my DVR list, til I read that the house is FINALLY being shaken up… 4 predictable and wasted evictions, now there might be a 5th…


When push comes to shove…WHY do body ailments (& excuses) ALWAYS happen to black women? Every time!!!
Jocasta could’ve won it if she really wanted to…


Yes, because black women are the only ones that have excuses, no other race does…?
I’m white and this comment is just simply ignorant and makes no sense….


Jocasta is a dud for sure But please name some of these black women who ill/injured black women on BB because I can’t recall seeing any.


This guy probably also thinks its Barack Obama’s fault that his wife hasn’t had sex with him in ten years LOL


It will be another boring week on Big Brother

Fabio ( the real)

I agree. That`s why I went to youtube and looked for BB best moments, and the fight from Keesha`s Bparty come up. Better re-watch BB than watch this season right now.


I too have been watching a lot of past BB moments from past seasons. My favorites are Dick fighting with Jen over the cigarettes and when he poured tea on her! Also Ragan and Rachels epic fight lol!

Another Boring Week

Well…the only good thing is that Zach can compete next week for HoH and Frankie can’t….so theres that.

Fabio ( the real)

Im sure Frankie will be crying and asking for another Grandpa`s photo.

The reason we really wanna a photo of him, is because the last time he saw his grandpa that we could not even remember what he looks like.


If I see Frankie on the streets of NYC…I’m gonna attack him & give him a makeover.

Fabio ( the real)

Well I would just run away from him, who knows how many diseases that bithceee might have.


positive, wildcard gets another chance at HOH next week. Which is a good thing since several people will be gunning for him.

In my dreams Zach and Donny would team up and send the clowns packing one by one.


For those individuals who are nominated and are asked to “throw” the Battle of the Block competition and are promised safety if they do “throw” the completion, riddle me this:

Why take a chance on spitting your two face cards in Blackjack when the dealer has 7 card showing?

Why take a promise, when you can guarantee yourself safety if you win the damn competion?

Seriously, I don’t care if the other guy safe is someone I can’t stand.


I hope Donny don’t win the veto and save Jocasta again, she’s completely useless like most of the females left in that house….. I couldn’t stand that fake whining she did again… Thought she was auditioning for a part in a movie when I saw that acting…


I hate Frankie. I wanted zack to stay hoh and not this assh***


Wish Jaco would pull her wig just a bit forward so that her funky hair didn’t show.


Shoot! I really wanted Christine and Nicole to stay on the block!!!


We knew deep down Nicole and Christine would win BOB, but I’m still bummed out! I really hope they don’t backd@@r Amber because I don’t think she is the biggest threat in or out of the giant alliance. I rather see Calen go so we don’t have to hear him talk about how shredded he was at 4% body fat. Please don’t screw over Donny Frankie! I’m Guessing Frankie will ultimately do Derrick’s bidding. The next few days will be boring!


Now every houseguest has won something which is great. After being pointed out as a floater, I think Christine is determined to make big moves now. Please Christine tries to rally Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Hayden, Amber, Caleb and send back Derrick, Frankie, Cody


No way is christine going to
get off of cody’s di¢k and send him out. She is gaga and googly eyed over cody.


I don’t get why everyone hates Christine. I don’t think she’s that bad tbh. I get that Zach is entertaining but what he did was dumb. Now he has a huge target on his back that didn’t need to be there.


And Frankie, congratulations!!! After 3 times winning HOH, you finally became the official HOH. I think he deserves it after being dethroned twice

Christine's crazy eye

Maybe Caleb can save Amber, ya know AGAIN. Then maybe she will finally see what a catch he is.


Well this is disappointing to say the least…


I just want Donny to be safe. Fear the beard! Thanks Simon and Dawg, Always on top of it.

Fabio ( the real)

I know you all love Donny, but let`s be honest. It is week 5 already and there`s not much really to fear to beard.


Shocker. Zach’s plan was flawed. He should have put up the two stooges and talked Frankie into putting up Nicole and Christine. It was obvious they were going to win the BOB. Zach wanted to wreak havoc on the house this week and now we are stuck with boring, rat-faced Frankie.


Frankie sucks….so basically Zach gave us some fun on the feeds, but because the rest of the house refuses to go away from this stupid order of eviction that is set in stone outside 1 or two people here or there…meh…

biggest fear was this would happen and we would be left with an unfortunate situation where Zach is now hated by all and can’t do any more damage

the good news, is that Zach ATTACK is now HOH capable next week. and that means he could tear some people up again. but if Frankie puts up Zach, ill lose it


Of course you don’t sign your name . Frankie looks great and is a good person. All his winnings are going to under privleged kids

Fabio ( the real)

And how do you know all his earning from the show are going to poor kids? Are you a family member??

That is one more reason I don`t want him to win,

The Government should be the one responsible to take care of the children in need.


Christine & nicole are crazy if they really think frankie will put zach on the block… I know he thinks zach is a loose cannon, but I guarantee he won’t put zach up!! Hopefully caleb goes home this week then donny & zach win hoh next week and christine/nicole go right back on the block lol