Big Brother 16 Week 4 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results



Another nail biter of a week…

This is what happens when you have a super strong alliance that holds the power for weeks. Fear not sooner or later that alliance will blow up only two people can make it to the end. Something will happen to shake up the house it always does after all, this season is supposed to be the full of twist after twisted twist and we haven’t seen many twists so far.

Last Thursday Devin was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 11-0. He says he’s excited to see his daughter as he exits the house.

    • HOH competition is played Frankie and Cody win
    • Second place went to Jocasta and Brittany. Brittany makes it clear to everyone that she almost won and is hence not a weak player
    • The detonators decide to target either Jocasta or Brittany a distant 3rd target is Donny
    • Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta Cody Nominated Brittany and Victoria
    • The winners of the Battle on the Block are safe from eviction for the week. The HOH that nominated the Winning Team is dethroned and is now at risk to being nominated. The Loser of the BOB are subject to eviction.
    • Jocasta has been proven to be Competition poison whereas Brittany and Victoria both have BOB wins.
    • Amber and Jocasta win the battle on the block. They’re safe from eviction and Frankie is dethroned. Victoria and Brittany are on the block and everything is going as planned to evict Brittany.
    • Brittany continues to stay up around the clock ensuring feed watchers don’t sleep and are cranky
    • Power of veto players are picked – Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole and Zach
    • Power house Victoria wins the Power of Veto ensuring she is safe this week. Now the HOH Cody has to pick a replacement.
    • Cody did not want the veto to be used as his target was Brittany. Caleb knowing this took a 5 thousand dollar prize allowing Victoria to grab the veto. This pisses Cody off big time. Zach also took a trip to Germany, although he didn’t have a chance at keeping the Veto would he have taken it.
    • Penalties and rewards are the results of the POV competition, Brittany has to kick a soccer ball into the net 2400 times in 24 hours if she doesn’t complete the task she doesn’t get to play in the next POV. Nicole has to wear a germi-tard for 7 days (Till Saturday). Caleb gets 5 thousand dollars, Zach gets a trip to Germany.
    • Zach/Cody want Caleb to go up a replacement nomination. They figure Caleb will most likely go home if this happens.

  • Derrick and Frankie persuade Cody not to put Zach up but to put Donny up instead. This hurts Cody’s personal game but helps the detonators and Derrick/Frankie’s personal games. Cody self proclaims himself as a pu$$y and thinks his brother will think that same for not going after Caleb.
  • Initially right before the POV Ceremony Cody tells Donny that he will not put him up, however in the short amount of time before the ceremony Cody goes back on his word to Donny and nominates him as the replacement. Cody uses the excuse that he counted the votes and didn’t have enough to ensure Caleb went home.
  • Donny decides not to campaign and just stay lay low. Too much talking got him in trouble before.
  • Brittany spends a lot of time with Cody in his bed thinking if she can persuade Cody to keep her and he can get the votes for her. All this time spent with Cody upsets Christine more than it should. Her cuddling behaviour around Cody and constant obsession about him causes many to question her. Unfortunately her husband back home is witness to this and his twitter feed blows up. He’s sad. “I’m not stoked about Christine cuddling with Cody. no, its not your issue so chill.”
  • ZACHATTACK tells Brittany to call a house meeting because she’s got nothing to lose and is going home as of Tuesday night. He also adds that Cody and Amber are working together. #WILDCARD
  • Cody,Zach, Frankie freaks out by the potential of Brittany calling a house meeting. Derrick sets things straight and tells Zach to call the house meeting off with Brittany
  • Frankie’s grandpa dies and he gives the eulogy .
  • It’s clear that Donny is the only one with the stones to go after the power players in the house and he outlines his plan to Hayden

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OBB Predictions 
Brittany goes home 10-0
Donny and Hayden win the HOH’s (this is more a wish than anything)

Actual results from the live show
Have nots are = Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
If one of these people win HOH they are not a have nots.

Jocasta votes to evict Brittany
Christine votes to evict Brittany
Caleb votes to evict Brittany
Derrick votes to evict Brittany
ZachAttack votes to evict Brittany
Victoria votes to evict Brittany
Frankie votes to evict Brittany
Amber votes to evict  Brittany
Nicole votes to evict Brittany
Hayden votes to evict Brittany
Evicted houseguest is Brittany

HOH Winner is Frankie and Zach
Team America task MISSION B
Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting.

Who’s got the target on their backs 
(This is based off conversation on the feeds many times people are not truthful about who they want gone but it gives us something to work off of)

Caleb, Amber, Jocasta, Christine, Frankie


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Further proof the show is rigged is that Brittany’s children were there so they already knew that she was being evicted on what is suppose to be a “live show”! OMG, so sick of the fake tears that Frankie keeps shedding. Not one tear falls from his eyes when he is suppose to be crying, and how can that man not go home if his grandfather’s death affected him so bad. He is one heartless human being not to go home when in his case he does not need the money at all. In his case fame definitely comes before his family. His family is very wealthy and I call BS on him wanting the money to build schools in Africa. With the money his family has if that was his calling the schools would already of been built because his family has that kind of money. They are very Wealthy.


I need to start by saying I don’t want to see Frankie win. I hope he gets far in this game, I hope he gets out and builds those schools in his grandfather’s name as he promised, but I’ve not had Frankie picked to win from the start or anything like that. That being said, you clearly have no concept of honor if you don’t understand that Frankie’s grandfather specifically requested that Frankie stay and finish this game. If Frankie left now, he would always feel like he let his grandfather down. Just because it’s not what you or I would do in his position doesn’t make him wrong or bad. Get over yourself.


I interpreted the family’s telling tFrankie of his Grandfather’s last wishes a best case scenario way of handling the situation. By saying that he wanted Frankie to continue in the game, then if he decides to stay on in the game; he won’t look like such a tool. Sorry, if my Grandfather died, no fame whore show would keep me from being with my family. I did notice that he did acknowledge this solemn occasion with a shout out to Julie thanking her for her condolences, and the wearing of a black sequin tank top.


I think that Britt has said that she doesn’t live far from the BB house. Her friends were even yelling to her over the fence one night. I would imagine her kids would be there in either case.

For the record

I would have voted for Ian VS. Dan in BB14…


I wish I could add of all but I already select six.

Oh the irony!!!!

Isn’t it just oh so funny that the biggest hater/sh*t talker in the house Christine has won absolutely NOTHING!!!!!! I find that so, so, so AMAZING!!!!!!


Ian V Dan was my favorite one also… I live for Dans face when they said the Winner of Big Brother was Ian.


you don’t understand the game
or have respect for it.
Dan destroyed everyone that season…
Bunch of butt hurt he is a liar…


Darn it.
there should be a comma after Don’t,
Don’t understand or Don’t respect…


Still can’t believe dan didn’t win!!! I’m sorry but he deserved it wayyy more than Ian!! Dan made some of the greatest moves ever in that season!!! Best player of all time & nobody will ever be better.


Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2014!!! First inductee is Brendan Villegas, Second inductee is Sovereign Six Alliance, Third Inductee is Danielle Reyes, Fourth inductee is Jessie Godderz, the fifth member inductee of big brother hall of fame is……………….Jen Johnson (BB8) first female to wear a unitard. Congrats to Jen Johnson to inducted into hall of fame class of 2014. Polls still open until finale night.


What’s funny is last week they had this big tag team wrestling event here in Louisville, Kentucky. Jesse wrestled as part of the champion tag team. What I didn’t know is that Jesse lives here in Louisville now. Since this is Muhammed Ali’s hometown, Mr. Pectacular was going around saying this city’s not big enough for both. Funny as shit.


Big Brother Hall of Fame

Biggest Douche: Brendan V.

Most Disappointing Winner: Drew, Cowboy should have brought his sister Nakomis to the final two. Either way he would have lost. But it should always be Blood before Bro’s. Runner up is last years Andy by a hair.

Best Win: Ian over Dan

Most Deserved Win: Dan

Most Notorius: The Notorious Rachel Riley

Worst Final Two: Andy and GinaMarie

Best Final Two: Ian and Dan

Most Beloved Winner: Jordan

Best Game Move: Dan Getting Danielle to choose him over Shane so that he could evict Shane. Runner up… Dan’s Funeral. Genius.

Most Desired Woman: Janelle

Most Desired Male: ???? Every season has had a heartthrob. Cody actually gets less his on the desired scale than Shane, Jessie, Jeff and Drew… that all run pretty even.


I love this list…and I agree with most of your answers, actually. Here’s mine:

Biggest Douche: Boogie

Most Disappointing Winner: Maggie. The Friendship. Need I say more?

Best Win: Ian over Dan

Most Deserved Win: Dr. Will

Most Notorius: The Notorious Rachel Riley

Worst Final Two: Andy and GinaMarie

Best Final Two: Ian and Dan

Most Beloved Winner: Jordan

Best Game Move: Dan’s Funeral, followed by Ian cutting Boogie…Mr. Arrogant finally got his.

Most Desired Woman: Janelle

Most Desired Male: Kaysar, if we’re going with best personality and looks combined. Simply can’t say that about Jeff, Jessie, etc.


Dude….this is for the houseguest who accomplished years at Big brother house including HOH, POV, Have/Havenots, rewards/punishment, and etc. Ian will qualify in few years. Dan will be inducted next year.


Here is the recap:
Eval Dick vs Daniele 44.84%
Dan vs Memphis 36.29%
Hayden M. vs Lane 10%
Jordan vs Natalie Ma. 7.58%
Drew vs Cowboy 1.29%
Adam J. vs. Ryan 0%
Don’t forget the polls will be open till finale night!!!! Will introduce the final 2 hall of fame class of 2014


this site is the best. and of course



Simon do you think there might be something fun to watch on the feeds this week if Zach stays HOH?


I’m actually hoping he will stir up some crap in the house (as long as he leaves Amber alone). I’m not sure whom he’d go after anymore.


If it’s Donny’s intention to backdoor Amber instead of the bigger players in the ‘bomb squad’ then I hope the boys steamroll over all of them and make them regret not taking them out sooner.

Frankie, Derrick, Caleb and Cody are bigger threats. So if Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta and Donny are after Amber, the boys better rule the game and evict them one by one . I mean seriously.


I have a great idea to finally spice up this whole Team America nonsense:
“Team America, this is your LAST mission! Your mission is to get a member of Team America evicted this week.”
Now THAT would spice things up, now wouldn’t it?!?


that would leave Donny at the mercy of snout boy and drama queen


I HATE Drama Queen…s!

Roisen Dubh

Simon, Dawg, you guys have really done it up this year. How many barrels of coffee have guys gone through so far? You guys are the best BB site and hopefully they get players that give OBB a shoutout cuz you guys more than deserve it. Also a big shoutout to the people that comment on this site also, a lot of these comments just have me crying. I’m lucky to have found this site and I’m thankful everytime I get on here-CHEERS everyone!!!!


You guys are drinking the energy drinks with the bull sperm in it !?

Detroit Girl

With Brittney gone, maybe you guys can get a bit more rest.


Simon! So it was YOU who spread the rumor that Brit was going to target the boys?!? You’re so sneaky!


How can so many people like Hayden? I find him annoying and fake, not entertaining, he wants Amber to go “splat” (not that she is a good person), was vulgar to Brit, mean behind Brit’s back when she was doing her punishment, wants to stretch a condom over Nicole, makes out with Nicole then goes to get a ‘Bo job from Victoria. Being nice to Donny is his ONLY redeeming quality. And the only thing he won was a FIXED BOB.


Amber is a very good person, she just doesn’t take any bullshyt from anyone. I don’t like those fake women who play timid in public, but are really nasty bytches behind closed doors.


The nasty b1tches, unfortunately, will be the last girls standing with Christine outlasting them all. Unless Donny wins an HOH soon, the guys will control the game. Nicole, jocasta and Victoria have been, essentially, non-factors. They have no game and aren’t smart or physical enough to win comps. Christine is just…ugh…Christine. Amber’s fate will most likely be sealed this week unless they wise up and oust Caleb.(People are criticizing her choice in today’s HOH comp, but it might earn her some loyalty points.) If none of the big four(Cody, Frankie, Zach and Derrick) aren’t ousted within the next two weeks, the game will be all but over.


Hey everyone, CAN you please tell me the website that streams big brother live in Canada?
I would be forever grateful!
Thank you,


i mean for the live show tonight


Simon, have I told you today that I love you!? 🙂

But really, you’re the greatest and this website is fantastic.



Are you blushing?


itz only 1 + 1/2 hours til BigBro
an’ this eviction will be intense.
i do hope Donny stays & wins
the HoH competition!!! what if
for once his opposite numbers
doesn’t cut a deal and its a true
rivalry and not a “barney” fight…?
what if the next two weeks are not
under a clever “fix” for once finally?


One thing for sure if Donny wins they will have to deal with him differently. Derreck and Frankie know he is not part of the 8. This will put some pressure on them to try to protect the 8. Donny may see through this and confirm that Derrick is in fact the leader. His HoH should he win it, is not a team America assignment. So they better walk lightly if he wins.


Just saw the show. Donny was taken out early. Derrick set
the tone. Its not Frankie who used his personal life to go a tad
more into the game. Derrick the Cop looks more human and less
like yesteryear’s fuzz but he cleverly hid both the bomb~squad
and the detonators with his grand and kind gesture. I agree to
the hundred percentile with thee. I hoped for a retro-episode in
total throwback mode but got hit once again with the fact that
Devin was a bull in the china shop as his game paced like Nick’s!
Had hopes for a few Brittany votes but their fear was greater
than their friendships. Helen in BB-15 got taken down at the middle
of the game. Why O why is B-16 less smutty and obscene than 15
but pacing like it? Dang… can Donny’s Civil War Re-Enactor almost
military beard save this season for us? He’d look great in either a
replica of a blue or gray uniform from more than 150 years ago….
Julie tole Devin last week Donny ain’t military. its the beard thingie.


i am again sorta missing
poor lil ole POWPOW as
i hope Joey likes the way
today goes over the next
few hours. 100,ooo thanx
Simon + Dawg 4 all that
y’all do 4 us BB tru~fans!

Mister E

Simon & Dawg, I hope your hoh predictions come true. So looking forward to a power shift this week. Have my fingers crossed. And hoping a good twist starts tonight. We are due for one.


How can the power flip? Derrick is in complete control. They have the numbers and it’s going to be a boring ass season. There are no surprised that will change the enviable. I guarantee. Even if someone out of the 8 get power they will put up weak players becaue they are stupid and scared.
It’s mostly the fault of CBS for casting ignorant pathetic competitors. I’m out. Is Canadian BB better?


I am hoping for a twist tonight and it will have something to do with the activity meter. We already know the 4 players with the least activity will be have nots for this next week but I am hoping that the person with the highest activity level gets a reward ( I am so hoping it is Brittany and she gets to take herself off of the block AND gets to put up the person of her choosing……now that would be a twist and send the still viable bomb squad into a tizzy ). Even though I feel that Brittany won’t last long, she deserves something for completing the task.

Just stop

seriously just stop it already… her reward was her not getting kicked in the ass on the way out.

Nicoles cousin

Hayden is “always tryin to make sex with nicole”.



I surprise they air Frankie finding out his Grandpa pass away when he read the letter that is embrassing should of let him grieve beside they never show other houseguest like Dick when his friend was hurt then left the game.


I can’t get over how unfair it is to have allowed Frankie to use the death of his grandfather to further his game.
I have no problem wuth Frankie being told and also don’t have any problems with him choosing to stay.
My problem is that I don’t think any of the other hg’s should have been told. Nor do I see any point of informing the other hg’s other than to further Frankies game.


Don’t forget BB want the ratings too. Do yea they will air the death of Frankie Grandpa. The non feed watchers will be tuning in to see if he is leaving are not. That’s why him talking to America look so staged. Not saying his feelings of sorrow were not true, because I do believe he was I feeling a great loss. It makes for TV Gold.

Christine's crazy eye

Please, please let the two hoh twist be gone!


Soooooo, judging by the fact that Brittany’s kids were there, BB knew her ass was as good as gone!!!!!


They were so cute. The girl looks just like Brittany.


how old are simon and dawg? just curious


Ugh, another alliance week :/


They are cheating big time.


Was it just me, or was Zach totally cheating? He had his hands right above the buzzers, while everyone else had their hands in a resting position… CBS, stop giving people the edge in the competitions and start showing these people’s true colors. This show is becoming a joke.


Derrick didn’t even try and let Frankie win it.


Really Amber… Donny vs Derrick?!


. Some things don’t land for this girl. I don’t care if she goes home. She doesn’t get it. I can get not knowing Christine and Nicole don’t like her and talk behind her back. But there have been other clear indicators of where she stands with the guys but she can’t see it because she probably sees herself much differently and needs a reality check. Maybe getting voting out, going home and seeing what they thought of her will be a good start.


Victoria really said “I vote for the conniving Brittany”

Uhh did I miss something?


I think she thinks she is being witty with her remarks. Brit gave her a necklace that she was leaving behind and may have been the one she was wearing tonight too.


ZachAttack was in the zone! #WILDCARD


Well that was uneventful


Another week of the same old stuff, unless Zack-Attack plays the #WILDCARD… Oh, please do it, Zach. Think for yourself. Don’t let Derrick and Frankie run your HOH. Please…


Brittany is gone and freakin hell on BB Zach and Frankie are the HoH’s.
Don’t think for a second that Derrick giving the HoH to Frankie was not strategic.
He didn’t want to be HoH this week because this is the week that they try to get rid of
Caleb and Amber… or worse yet Donny.
I wish the Americas Challenge this week is to keep each other off the Block. God I wish that was the Challenge.
This week will suck…. again.


Derrick always has to play the role of the big man. SMH. It was all strategy. I’m sure BB withheld his grandfather’s pic unless he won HOH for just this play on sympathy and a good story line.


Couldn’t agree with you more. This season is so disappointing that I haven’t been watching any episodes after Devin was evicted. This site is enough to keep me up-to-date. With the edits BB’s been giving she-devil Christine and the others, and Derrick constantly influencing every HOH, everything just feels so staged.. And I HATE that Frankie got HOH conveniently after telling everyone that his grandpa died.

At this point, I’m really hoping that Zach, our favourite wildcard, makes a really bold move to shake up the house. People are getting too comfortable and it doesn’t make for entertaining television.


Well they brought in Britneys kids which was a nice touch but is that to set it up to have Ariana be outside to greet Frankie?! Since it seems BB is using Frankies fandom of his sister to get ratings?! I am just curious to see if this is to set that up! We will see! Anyway thanks Simon and Dawg you both rock!! Condolences to the Grande family! Onto the game….this is getting pretty boring seeing the same power in control for the entire game thus far! So much for a twisted summer! Where is the twists?! Are those trackers suppose to be a thrilling part of the game for viewers?! I am saying that as a fan I am not impressed with the overly stated twist after twist and instead seeing same old same old each week! Shake it up BB and twist the house! You know you can do that if you really wanted too!!


Hmm Frankie and Zach as HoH? This could either go really good or really bad. No inbetween. I hope Zach is the final HoH.


Derrick PUH-LEEZE!! U may have the others fooled but I see right thru it. U only gave up HOH to make urself look good…

Why would u need 2 ask Frankie out loud if he wanted to see his grandfather??? U knew the answer was gonna be yes so why even ask… So damn phony


He’s a feedster so he know that we aren’t buying that BS.


And, yet, everyone loves Donny, who told anyone who would listen that he gave his POV necklace to Jocasta after winning it because it would make good TV.

Gimme a break. All of them are on a TV show…..


Regardless, the real key here is that Derrick didn’t have to win HOH and get blood on his hands. He’s close to both Frankie and Zach and will be able to influence them without them knowing he’s influencing them. Derrick is really good at that part of the game.


Another BORING week. This season is horrible so far. Frankie we know your grandfather passed, condolences to you and your family, but using it to your advantage is BS. Hopefully next week you’re gone!


I think CBS will do whatever they can to keep Frankie in the game. He will probably win.


My god these Team América “missions” are USELESS.


This game is so manipulated, it’s hard to believe they call it a “social experiment.” Nothing could be further from the truth; more like a ratings experiment. Hugely disappointed right now.


Please Frankie and Zach…please do not target Donny again for eviction…hasn’t he been on the block enough?!




For shure! First thing I thought. Bromance showmance is about to get offish’

Detroit Girl

Argh! Amber can leave the house, that stupid, idiotic girl! She should have put Derrick and Christine, Nicole or Zach. WTF was she thinking putting Derrick and Donny?! Those people are NOT your alliance members, nor friends! Ugh!


She is so blind!!! She has no clue that christine & nicole HATE her lmao she is going to feel so stupid when she gets out… Just like her stalker


Poor Amber like Caleb is trapped inside a timewarp worse the one Capt’n Kirk
and crew encountered in the classic STAR TREK episode where they all went
back to 1968… keep in mind they both weren’t told about what was decided on
by the core group inside the old bomb~squad. Donny and Jocasta are two of
the more ethical and honest players this season, and Amber is almost in their
league. Frankie admittedly took a few pointers from both IAN + Andy, his game
possibly is a morph of the two more recent success zones. This all is worse
than high school, the cliques form and break apart terribly fast, like as if we are
inside an Alaskan spring and debating pond or river ice and the big freeze etc…


This will be a good Team America Mission. Time for Team America to light the Zach fuse!


It’s going to be another longggggg week… Hopefully zack does something crazy & turns on someone in his alliance. Please put caleb & christine up!!!!


Fingers crossed that Zach remains HOH, and not Frankie. Frankie wouldn’t want to lose Caleb, rergardless what he tells them now…
btw: Frankie’s grandpa was just a welcome excuse for Derrick to throw it. He didn’t want any blood on his hands. All the houseguests should know that.


Donny/jacosta and Victoria/amber will go up with Caleb being a possible back door option

And it will be a toss up between Caleb and Amber going home, I would bet money on this

The season couldn’t get more predictable


The only good thing about Frankie and Zach winning is the fact they Christine did not win HOH!


Definitely….. and she’s on slop:)


Zack and Frankie = Face palm :/
Only hope is Zack gets HOHitus!
Bye Vic, Joc or Cal (I hope).


Im done with this season..

Christine's crazy eye

Say it ain’t so Fabio. Your disdain for Christane makes me smile.

But wait,

What about Christiane? #WILDCARD




Case in point about people who just watch the show and people like us…. My daughter came down saying how nice Derrick was for letting Frankie win the HOH. I told her he did that to be the big man and that Derrick is an a$$.


Lol. Omg. Same thing happened in my house My daughter saw that too and thought Derrick was really nice. And I told her he’s the worst. I know he will be gunning for Donny to be nominated now.

Christine's crazy eye

Eh, meh, same thing different day.

Kathie from Canada

The show tonight was SO frustrating with JC trying to build some fake level of suspense. I was fuming listening to all the bs. But at the end when Zack and Frankie became the new HoHs, didn’t any of the girls notice the guys all jumping all over one another? They were so obviously celebrating the fact that they were safe for another week. Then as an afterthought, they included the girls. I have no sympathy for these chicks as they get picked off one by one. They don’t deserve to be in the house if they are all that thick!!


Knockout? Really BB why didn’t you just appoint the HOHs you wanted and save some time. I call Bull Shyte. Another boring week!
Thank you Simon and Dawg You’re going above and beyond this year. I can’t stomach the feeds at this point so your updates are great! Hopefully a blood bath will ensue soon.


Nothing to see here . . . move along to 7/31 for the next eviction (I really hope Victoria is next to leave).


Frankie is HOH again?! What the fuck?


This week will blow chunks.
Nominations will be
HoH Frankie: Donny/Jocasta
HoH Zach Attack: Victoria/ Nicole

Don’t expect a bold move this week. You think of Zach as a wild card…. he isn’t. He will wuss out just like everybody else in their Alliance and pick the safest people. His target will be Donny, Victoria or Jocasta. If the PoV is won by anybody but the nominees it will not be used unless it is Hayden to save Nicole. If Christine won the PoV she would not use it to save Nicole just say that she knows they will not evict her.. she is safe… Yep Christine would have her best friend suffer the block and not save her… these guys have NO spine.
You will hear… “It’s too soon to get out Caleb.”… trust me. Derrick runs them. he will only go after Caleb if he hears that he is Caleb’s target.