“I’m tired of looking like an idiot. She doesn’t deserve to hear my voice . Shhh bye bye” -Caleb

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-25 16-53-34-303

4:53pm Have nots room Hayden, Christine and Nicole
Christine is happy they at least they are have nots together. She adds It would suck if they were in this room with someone they hated. Hayden tells them they were so much better at the Battle on the block competition than Jocasta and Nicole. It was comically seeing those two perform.
Nicole points at herself “This fruitloop dingus is safe this week along with my BFF floater”
Christine says she’s glad they laughed after Zach’s speech so it doesn’t look like they were offended by the “dumbest words in big brother history”
Christine says she doesn’t even want to hang out with the guys in the HOH she feels so uncomfortable – Looks at the door “F u I hate your guts”

Christine leaves.
Hayden says Christine has a huge target on her back. Christine told Nicole she doesn’t trust Derrick.
Nicole – Derrick and I are good
Hayden – Ya Derrick and I are good and Derrick doesn’t trust Christine
Nicole thinks they can trust her. Hayden says Derrick loves the idea (of an alliance) he’s only talked to Nicole and Derrick about it though.
Nicole really likes Derrick he’s someone they can work with to final 4, “It wouldn’t work without Christine though”
Hayden knows Christine is going to be a problem a lot of people see her in a precarious position.
Nicole was a bit scared that CHristine was going to throw the comp today.
Hayden – are you serious
Nicole – she was playing up how sick she is.. get over it.. please don’t make me scared for my BB life
Nicole says Christine Sketched her out big time last night, Hayden ‘She’s got a target on her back”
Hayden says all the guys Basically feel like Christine is just Like what Zach was calling her. “She doesn’t bring any information to the table she just listens and agrees and hang out with the guys the entire time”
Nicole – you guys are going to be A-HOLES and pick us all off
HAyden thinks they can get to the end if they can team up with Derrick and Cody.
Hayden wants Amber gone this week, “Victoria has no reason to go right now.. she sucks so much”
Nicole – I can’t even talk about it.. her family hates me”
HAyden – Her family hates us all
Hayden will try and bring up the final 5 thing with Derrick And Cody Soon.
Nicole says Derrick, Zach and Cody have a final three deal.
Frankie rolls in

He doesn’t know what to do until the POV is played. Hayden suggest they backd**r Amber or Caleb like they were talking about. He also sees Jocasta as a potential target. Hayden thinks if they get rid of Victoria this week it will be a complete waste because they control her.
Frankie asks about Christine and what she’s saying about Zach. Hayden says Christine hates Zach the whole house does. Hayden adds that getting rid of Zach this week is a bad idea.
Frankie says Zach is Zach he’s just doing stuff For TV. Frankie is thinking about backd**ring someone if he has the chance. Nicole says Amber, hayden ends with “She so fake”

BB16-2014-07-25 17-02-58-578

5:05pm FIREROOM Jocasta and Frankie
Frankie tells her she should pick Donny if she gets House guest choice for POV because he’s won two Vetoes already and he’ll use it on her. Frankie adds if the POV gets played Victoria goes home.

BB16-2014-07-25 17-22-34-119

5:19pm Storage room Christine and Victoria
Victoria says she’s pissed to be on the block again and pissed that Jocasta sucked so hard at the competition. Christine knows Frankie doesn’t want her gone and he’s got a lot of pull in the house
Victoria – what if they Backd*or Zach
Christine – that would be great
Victoria – Cody won’t vote zach out
Christine – yes he will.. Cody is pissed at Zach. Christine adds Zach messed up a lot of people last night and now that he’s not HOH he’s being nice to everyone, “Give me a break”
Christine says “EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE” is pissed off at Zach right now.
Jocasta told Victoria she couldn’t focus on the competition because of her knee, “She said you lost but you are not alone..”
Christine – thats horrible
Victoria mentions that production always wants things to be perfect so when she pulled “it” off (Harness, jersey, Microphone I don’t know for sure ) it smeared her makeup on her clothes . She wanted to go back into the house and change. Zach said something rude to her about it and she’s pissed at him.
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BB16-2014-07-25 17-27-47-241

5:26pm Jocasta and Derrick
Jocasta complaining about Victoria fussing about her makeup during the competition.

BB16-2014-07-25 17-33-09-345

5:32pm Caleb and Zach
Caleb says he’s done with looking like an idiot on TV maybe when they are outside the house she’ll give him a call and be like “Wheres that date” Caleb is certain if any of the girls win the HOH they will put up 4 guys.
Zach wants Victoria to go this week doesn’t want the POV to be used but if POV is played maybe jocasta would go home. Caleb thinks they should put Donny up with Jocasta and they will just send Jocasta home.
Clabe says that amber is sure something he hasn’t talked, Sat or looked at her all day, ‘She doesn’t deserve to hear my voice” If she tries to talk to him he’ll say “Shhh SHhh bye bye”
5:37pm Frankie and Caleb
Frankie tells him if Victoria wins HOH he’s putting up Donny the power couple.
Frankie – ‘you know what I would love is if you win POV and I don’t have to do anything”

BB16-2014-07-25 17-59-47-804

5:55pm HOH Zach Frankie and Derrick
They are trying to figure out what is going to happen. Zach says Donny loves him now for putting Christine up. Frankie says the house will make the decision on what they do. Frankie thinks the vote is going to be unanimous again but they have to see if POV is played.
Derrick asks them who Jocasta’s number one targets are. Zach thinks Derrick and Frankie.
Zach says Donny’s number one targets are Derrick and Frankie.
Derrick doesn’t think Jocasta will target them if she’s alone, he’s worried that Donny is targeting them both.
They start talking about Victoria.
Derrick thinks Victoria will find a man thats older and ugly as f*** and will think she’s a supermodel. He’ll be decent looking 40 year old LOADED he’s going to get good looking fast, Guys are always good looking driving a maserati
Frankie – that is why they drive them.
Zach – she’s not very pretty
Derrick – to a ugly 40 year old she’s a dime

BB16-2014-07-25 18-21-05-568

6:14pm BEEHIVE Hayden and Victoria
Hayden is giving Victoria some pointers on how to help her game this week.
He says he knows it sucks but she is 100% not going home if she keeps stressing out and crying people are going to send her home, “The person that is freaking out”
Hayden – I’m going to tell you this because nobody else will they want to see you freak out more. I want you to stay 100% and you are 100% going to stay if you can calm down a bit”
Victoria – It is so hard and there is no where to escape
Hayden – you need to to relax
Victoria – I must look like a lunatic
Hayden – You don’t seem like a lunatic everyone just sees you as an emotional wreck
Victoria wants to break down and let it all out
Hayden tells her to go to the Diary room go in there and cry for a hour or two.. let it all out.
They hug ..

BB16-2014-07-25 18-35-19-210

6:34pm Bathroom Frankie and Chrsistine

He tells Christine that the boy are not on board with getting Zach out unless he misbehaves and Frankie doesn’t think he will misbehave. Christine just hates Zach on a personal level. Frankie says he’s going to have a intervention with Zach and Christine so they can work out their problems he feels like it’s his obligation as the HOH, “I want you both to be able to hang out up there”
Christine – “He just can’t win any more”
frankie tells her if the POV is not played Jocasta is the person he wants gone.

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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I hope Amber wins the POV and takes Jocasta off (because Frankie would tell her he’d backdoor Zach) and then Frankie has to backdoor Caleb. (Frankie would hate it, but might still do it to appease the others)
Not a big fan of Amber, but I REALLY want Caleb gone before Jury, and this seems like the only way.


It would be good to see how Amber plays without the ‘curse’ of Caleb hanging over her head.


If Amber is evicted and the Jury House is not in play this week, do you think Caleb will self-evict himself so he can wait by his phone for Amber to call him and ask to go out on a date?
If Amber is evicted and moves into the Jury House, how quickly do you think Stealth Mode Dumbo will volunteer to go on the Block and BEG to be evicted ASAP?


Hahaha……she didn’t look at him once today……he’s breaking up with her……what kills me is that without even seeing it, I KNOW that statement came out of left field from him…..he’ll just randomly make statements like that. Oh yeah, he’s “over her”. The guy’s deluded.

duck in the pool

quack quack this season is boring quack quack

amber needs 2 go

You Can Say That Again!

duck in the pool

quack quack this season is boring quack quack


Well,THAT was entertaining! haha!


At least Frankie hasn’t seriously thought about backdooring Zach, probably cuz he wants to f*** him. (LETS BE REAL)

Teri B

True that!!


They probably fondle each other’s genitals in bed. That’s how Zack got up with that c-stain on his shorts one morning.


Lol, to be honest, Victoria and Jocasta are obviously floaters – but let’s be honest, Christine is the biggest floater in the house….which is exactly why the guys should keep her. She’ll never think for herself and they can use her as an easy number.


How does she think just not ever doing anything is going to be a good thing at the end of the game. At some point to move ahead, she has to be at least playing a comp.

Another boring week

My prediction, Jocosta goes home this week with a unanimous vote. There will be mild attempts at a backed**r for either Caleb or Amber, but in the end Frankie will play it safe as always because he doesn’t want blood on his hands. I hope I’m wrong.


He is a lot of talk. At some point the TA people have to realize that there won’t be a TA if Derrick and Frankie continue to talk smack about what a danger Donny is. Someone is going to think they can get points with D/F y taking him out. Stupid.

Funny how many people think Zach’s actions are due to being America’s Player, and not simply that he is unpredictable. And thank G*d he is unpredictable, at least he put up some different people. I am not sure they can get the argument done, clearly they didn’t get it done during the Noms, and I am not sure if they have to keep with the same two people or are able to change them. It’s too bad Zach is like the only one most likely to flip out, everyone else is so calm and cool about stuff. Pretty good challenge, not sure that it is going to work out, altho it seems like it is OK if they manage to get Zach to rant off on someone else, even if they don’t participate or react back?

Hope Frankie convinces him to do another speech during POV, if he puts up Caleb, try to convince Zach he should use it as an opportunity to blame Christine for the fact Caleb is on the block (if Christine is the one he’s supposed to argue with?)

Zach is a good choice for this because people already target him, so anything new he does isn’t going to make that worse

Roisen Dubh

Mission accomplished Zach, Christine will now go into PMS mode and sink herself. Amazing what going up on the block does to people.


It passes me off that everyone wants amber out because they’re annoyed with her. Like wtf! Amber hasn’t done shit to you guys and this is what she gets for being nice. Amber and Donny are the nicest but yea I know BBC isn’t about who’s the nicest but really! Why amber


I meant to say pisses me off

The Witch Hunt against Amber

It started with jealousy from Nicole first then Christine then Vic then Britt then Heydan is holding an all summer grudge for being nominated by her. Plus she’s a scapegoat for Devin and Caleb. Amber was given a bad hand in this game and it’s very unfortunate. She actually LOVES the people that hate her the most. I feel bad for her because you can tell in her real life she is adored and just assumes that everyone will like her in the BB house.


Why is everyone after Amber and Caleb? More important what is it with everyone trying to backdoor people. Its dirty and always comes back 10x worse. Frankie is despicable and using the sympathy card this week which is so unfair. I pray that Donny or Jocasta, even Victoria at this point win HOH next week and put up Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Zach or even Hayden. No one is playing this game and this season is becoming so BORING!!! If this is the most TWISTED SEASON, let’s get some twist going. I think jury will only be 7, for some reason the house thinks otherwise. Be neat to see either Amber or Caleb win the POV and the backdoor plan is a complete wreck and the Detonators are screwed. Donny is only person I can root for. He knows Derrick is a RAT!!!!

GA Peach

Victoria is the last person aside from Christine that needs to win HOH..she’ll do what the guys tell her and put donny up as the target..just wish these girls would see thru derrick and frankies bs and go after them..and why are the HGs saying donny and jocosta are the power couple?? Or did I read that wrong? I am rooting for donny obviously but worried he’ll be gone soon..just hope he makes it to jury at least and wins America’s favorite..oh and question..what happens to TA if donny does go? I hope the DR tells them it’s over if he goes before jury but I’m worried that’s wishful thinking..


I agree, why does everyone hate Amber? She has to put up with A LOT of crap in that house. Boys afraid of/or in love with her…chickies hating on her cause they’re NOT her, damn! Give her a break.


I hate her because she’s a terrible player and totally weak. I wanted to root for her, I thought she would actually be a competitor, but she hasn’t made one single effort in the house to do anything. She cozies up to all the guys and then just sits there. She has no strategy. Then she lets Caleb talk to her in that condescending way and never puts her foot down with him. She’d rather let him think he owns her than say enough is enough with his delusional behavior.

Yes, she’s a nice girl, but that’s it. She doesn’t get off the hook for being a doormat just because she’s nice.


To be honest, she’s too good for that house. Too nice, too classy. On second thought, maybe it’s better she gets taken out before jury so she didn’t have to deal with Caleb in there for the rest of the summer. Hmm, really, think about that.


Omg Christine is so annoying

cool comment bro

it’s annoying you post under anonymous


So sad frankie is HoH really wish Zach was still HoH. Now Jocosta is the big bad threat that frankie is going after. XD this season sucks! wish big brother would do an all stars or something so its not so boring.


I hate Christine and how she thinks everyone has her back over Zacks. Classic joke

Grow a pair

I wanted to like Amber, but I don’t. She’s weak and doesn’t have the sense to know she’s on the outs and needs to rally the outsiders together. Plus she could have put a stop to Caleb’s nonsense a thousand times over and hasn’t and lets him talk to her like he owns her.

That being said, I would pay to see Amber win HoH next week and be the one to send Caleb packing, hopefully before jury. Then in her goodbye message she could tell him what a self-absorbed, delusional freak he is. Oh, dare to dream…

The Witch Hunt against Amber

Classic “blame the victim” syndrome

Give me a break

Blame the victim?? Amber is a victim now? What world are you living in? If Amber is a victim it’s because she made herself one. She’s a grown woman for god’s sake and in the BB house. If she walks in with no strategy other than to let guys use her and talk to her like she’s their property, then she deserves it. She’s had endless opportunities to form alliances with girls and other houseguests who aren’t “fratboys” yet she just sits there like a lump.

Can you (and others who are saying Amber is disliked for no reason) not understand that her gameplay and attitude in the house are what makes her disliked by some viewers? It’s not because she’s hot and women are just jealous, and not because men want her but can’t have her. Many fans of BB are not that shallow to base their like/dislike of a houseguest based on looks. Although reading comments about Christine aren’t good examples of that. But, sheesh, these “poor Amber, why don’t people like her” posts are ridiculous. The girl has no game! If not for the fact that she’s better at competitions, she’s comparable to Victoria and Jocosta. She’s brought nothing to the table other than a vote for the guys. There are worse people in the house for sure, but so far she’s really done nothing other than win some BoBs against Victoria. If she’d get a backbone and make some real game moves she might earn some respect.


If I remember correctly, the first few days in the house her mantra was “I want to see a girl win this year” and she got nowhere with that. It was only day 3 or so that she was recruited into the B S. I think she has been, until last week when put up again, loyal to that. I don’t think she has any idea who to trust anymore, and rightfully so. Who is trying to work with her? Nobody but Caleb. She’s in deep doo doo and she knows it.


amber tried to build an allience with nicole and christine. of course christine ratted her out to the guys immediately and made her a target. she wanted to work with brittany…shes gone. it’s really slim pickings this year, for anybody outside the big allience.


You said it! Bravo!


I’d like to see Caleb go this week, just because he’s more like Victoria and Jocasta than anyone seems to think: he’s floating along now not doing anything. I’d like to see Amber and Christine as HOH, and them put up all the guys, then say that they plan to backdoor Donny or Jocasta or something 🙂 Cody with Frankie (Cody safe) and Derrick with Zach (Zach safe), with the back up nominee Christine (who will lose the BoB). (maybe Caleb should stay to get this to work) I want Amber to be able to get out either Frankie or Derrick, the ones who have worked behind the scenes to run her HOH, other HOH, including Cody, and get something to change here.

I’d like to go into a eviction night, just like it was at the beginning, and not really know who is scheduled to go home.


I can honestly say “I despise these people”. They have no mind of their own. I don’t even know why most of them came on the show, it certainly wasn’t to win the money. {Oh, I forgot, they don’t want to take the money out of the mouth of Derrick’s kids}


and why do people act like floaters are such a bad thing? nobody really cared about them until the devil rachel made them seem like they are the worst people in the world….. remember jun? she was a genius player and the ultimate floater….. could be the best winner of all time

Roisen Dubh

Yep, there are two definitions of the word floater. Jun’s gameplay and Rachel’s version. Jun’s season was my favorite. That was a straight up game of chess. Alison got 50gs on Jun’s season and all she did was float.


the dislikes can kiss my behind because we all know its true


People hate floaters because in most cases they are boring to watch and bring no entertainment value to the show. As for why the house guests hate them is probable because they feel that the floaters don’t deserve to be there.


HGs over the seasons still choose to keep a floater, whose sole purpose is to go up on the block against someone else. If that floater makes it to the end of the show, F4 or whatever, they’ve only themselves to blame for going along with whichever manipulater is sitting in F4 with them.


Talla from bbcan 1 was the ultimate floater


As we can see from the pic posted above, Victoria has put on her BIG GIRL PANTIES but unfortunately, they are not doing her a bit of good.


Jocasta keeps getting ‘saved’ (no pun intended). I want them to get someone to get into an argument with Victoria or Jocasta for the TA challenge. I want to see Jocasta’s mean side and Victoria’s inability to defend herself. She actually thinks she’s being put on the block because she’s too nice. Christine and one of those two losers on the block would be an interesting blowout for the feeders. Can’t stand Jocasta’s so-called game. What is her strategy anyways?

Roisen Dubh

Simple, by not talking game and not throwing people under the bus, she’s not a huge target, but she might end up going home if plans ABCDE and F don’t pan out. Vic just can’t shut up and let things pan out, Jo can. Normally, I would be against this type of play for all these weeks, but the between the crazies – Devin, Zach, Caleb and Frankie, her plan is sound.


Chrstine saying Zach just can’t win any more. He won against you Christine. Did you forget that little fact. Like you let him win!


Sadly Nicole is confiding in Hayden who thinks he is in good with Derrick and Cody. Big mistake. Any chance of Nicole making an alliance that might go toe to toe against Derrick and his minions died even before they had any chance of forming.

Derrick for the win

Oh!! bull crap Caleb if Amber spoke to you , you would wet your pants.


Ugh, I wish Christen was still on the block. She’s so annoying….


Roisen Dubh

I’m wondering if a evicted houseguest is getting a second chance? Julie didn’t say Jack to Britt last night. Maybe two more go and then the second chance pops up?


I’m sure an evicted houseguest will return, its just a question of when. I have a feeling we’ll see a triple eviction or something this season. Its way too many people in the house and the game needs to be shaken to the core a little.


Usually has to happen after Jury starts doesn’t it? they get sequestered, everyone thinks they are in the Jury house, then there has to be at least one double eviction to ensure there is at least 4 available to be added to a comp for a return?

I’m not convinced they will do a return. I’m not convinced the people like returns, ever. It’s kind of a predictable twist now, so hopefully they will avoid it. I like at least 2 double evictions.

production rigged it

Not necessarily, back in season 13 the first 4 eliminated Keith, Cassie, Dominic and Brendon had people vote for who they wanted back in the house and it was rigged for Brendon to win and come back to help Rachel.


Derrick your a father stop talking about girls in such a rude and disrespectful way what if someone was saying that about your wife or daughter!


Wait, so who is the target? Caleb still?


so frankie dont want amber or caleb to go home he want donny up he on your america team frankie is a joke of the game if i was donny an i go up i telling everybody about team america hope donny wins pov frankie will not win this game on big moves he will win of off fell sorry for him

Bees Knees

Amber is the Jessie of this season. I hope she realizes how fake all these people are and forms an alliance with Donny before it’s too late (wishful thinking). And Caleb needs to get over himself. We all know he won’t shush Amber if she came to him

Captain Crunch

Caleb is tired of looking like an idiot?? well who fault is that…
every other guy would’ve got the hint that amber didn’t like them after 30+ days
but not BEAST MODE COWBOY. he’s saying he would tell her ” bye bye” if she came and talk to him, riiiiiiite. Caleb would go back to fawning all over her.


The double HOH twist has been a complete dud. They should have saved it for All Stars. Basically all it has done is encourage every HOH pair to work together and encouraged the “strong” to team up and get rid of the “weak”. Hopefully when we get to jury we will get some action, but why waste half the season? I understand after the final three we ended up with on BB15 that they would give every incentive (especially with BoB) to weed out the weak floaters, but the real question is…..why did they cast these weak women? Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Nicole, And Pow are pathetic. Joey and Brit had some grit but unfortunately they had NO IDEA how to play this game which made them not weak but clueless. Why can’t they cast strong independent a** kicking females? No wonder these guys are steamrolling the girls. Wake me up in 3 weeks when Big Brother actually starts.

Fabio ( the real)

I don`t agree. I like the 2 HOH.
Only thing making this season a bit interesting.


are you serious?! thats one of the main reasons this season has sucked so badly! no big moves are being made and its just do what the house wants bc hoh has very little power now.


I like the 2 HOH too. I think the guys would’ve had a bromance going on no matter what this season. And with this season full of non-strategic players, it has at least a little more for the viewers to watch. I just think the season would suck even more with 1 HOH.


I like the concept and more competitions are always great, but my point is it is wasted this season. Not one time has it been “dualing” HOHs. The BoB has been thrown more times than not. Not once has the losing HOH ever been in any even remote danger.

Kathie from Canada

Caleb, you’re tired??? Imagine how we feel!! :/

Cedric HBG

UPDATE: for those who dont know and until Simon and Dawg put it up Derrick was informed about his Grandfathers passing moments ago via a letter from the Diary Room. He recorded a message to his family to play at the fneral and cites it as “unbelievable timing”


For real?


It would be perfect for Nicole to get with Amber, Donny, Jocasta, and Hayden and move forward with an alliance and get rid of the terrible Derrick, Cody, and Frankie. Zack would be good in that alliance too, but he’s just way too obsessed with Derrick, Cody, and Frankie.


I think frankie will be to much of a pu$$y to put up caleb if he has the chance what vag’s in the bb house the last 2 seasons wtf get caleb out when u have chance


Wow! Now DERRICK’S grandfather passed away??? Must be a BB curse!


Simon, is something going on in the house? Everyone was sitting in the living room looking very sad.

Jody H

Wow! I mean it’s terrible to happen to one houseguest, but now two of them. It’s crazy!! I am sorry for both of them…


Simon, Thanks for responding to me. I know your busy. Have a good night!


Is this going to be one of those seasons where Americas favorite jury member wins 25K so its Automatically Frankie?

Or americas favorite houseguest. I only ask because im afraid donny wont make it to jury


Donny seems like a lock for America’s Favorite, but Frankie’s sister got him onto Team America by tweeting to her fans and getting them to vote. Same thing could happen again.


Christine has to be the worst super fan of all time

HG grandparents

Please please please grandparents of BB HouseGuest’s….stay alive until eviction, jury, or finale. Get sleep, vitamins, meds. I know god is the one who decides, but this season was twist after twisted twist?!?! It really gets no twisted. Good luck to all HGS, floaters, alliances, etc…


Well they say tragedy comes in 3s. It seems Derrick’s grandfather passed as well.
Strange coincidence, but there is one more member of Team America (Donny) we pray family makes it through the end of this season.


Wow it’s one thing yo have a boring show. But hate that they have to be under thie stress of loosing a loved one. It’s so sad. I feel so bad for them.
Death can bring people together, that’s why it’s best to play the game with hate. Play but don’t take it personal, because people are dying and wish they could play just another day.
All I can say is wow.


Ps: I mean play the game without hate. Sorry I’m emotional.


I feel bad for Derrick of course but did he really have the nerve to talk about Victoria’s looks? Really with that face?

Also, I’m sure I missed it somewhere but why the heck is Caleb carrying around that stuffed thing?

Christine W.O.A.T

Looks like Dawg is climbing up the poll of favorite player.