Big Brother Spoilers – “getting Amber out will be by far the biggest move of the game” Frankie

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-26 18-36-13-098

6:25pm Storage room Caleb and Zach
Caleb and Zach going over what Zach will say to Amber. Caleb basically wants Zach to make it sounds like amber is in trouble when they get to jury house and to make her know of all the things Caleb did for her. Caleb is under the impression that Amber is not going home but she might be the first target when they hit jury. The bombsquad still lives on,
Caleb – At the end of the day say he’s been nothing but loyal to you and respectful”
Zach – “and you’ve been saving her a$$ every single week bro ”
Zach doesn’t’ want the sh1t to go sours because they are so close to the goal getting to jury.
Amber comes in to grab something from the cupboard
Caleb – at the end of the day i’ll put her up I don’t care .

Caleb says he should tell her it’s doesn’t even look like she cares she’s all over Hayden she’s all over cody.
Zach – Dude if I were you bro .. dunno… I feel like you don’t see it “
Caleb – I see everything
Zach – then how come you just don’t want to get her out and be done with it and get your f**ing mind right
Caleb – because if I wanted to get her out I would want to get COdy and hayden out they are part of it.
Caleb – You can’t eliminate one source of the problem you have to eliminate the whole thing
Zach – you can cut out one little piece of cancer.
Caleb adds that Hayden and him are cool.

BB16-2014-07-26 19-02-11-061

6:56pm Cody and Hayden
Impersonating what the non married girls would sound like when have an orga$im. They think Nicole’s would be soft and sweet, Brittany would stare at you but be sexy, Joey would be a man and POWPOW would be like F*** me F*** me,. Amber joins them they say Amber would sounds like a bird. they start cawwing like crows. Amber tosses the pillows at them leaves.
Derrick joins them asks if Hayden has talked to Cody yet. Hayden says they were just talking about the girls moaning. he hasn’t had many chances to talk with Cody, “you are always with a girl hanging off your crotch”
Derrick – when you (Cody) get out of here i’m living vicariously through you bro send me some pics”
Hayden – Use Snap chat
Derrick jokes Zach has been j*rking off like crazy that is why he got the fit bracelet numbers so high. There is no other way because zach is so inactive.
They all LAugh, Cody starts making the motion.
Nicole comes by asks them if she should be scared of Zach
“He came by me and said I know you hate me Nicole but you better watch it I can start a rumor about you.” (LOL Wildcard)
THey make joke of it Hayden says he’ll start a rumour about her instead.

BB16-2014-07-26 19-01-36-006

7:00pm Putting the pizza boxes to good use. (Should use them in the have nots bed for padding)

BB16-2014-07-26 19-25-43-684

7:25pm Storage room Zach and Donny
Donny saying there could be four of them plus jocasta and Nicole are friend in case they need someone.
Zach says he’s close to Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick but nothing has solidified.
Donny tells him not to share anything about him Zach won’t say there’s nothing to share.

Zach – A lot of people don’t like me because i’m an a$$hole
Donny – it’s working for you
Zach – it is isn’t’ it. I’m not going to change you I am be someone I’m not
Donny thinks it counterbalances “That cocky guy out there” (caleb)
Donny says he doesn’t have any alliance with jocasta they are friends and bond because they are the older players and have trouble fitting in with the younger kids. It’s a big easier for Donny because they all think he’s funny/
Zach says Donny is the only person he really trusts he knows whatever he tells Donny stays with donny.
Donny – I have no one to tell.
Donny- Be careful who you trust, right now I put my trust in my friends not the alliances.
Donny adds he doesn’t have any Alliances.
Zach- did you like how I put Christine up
Donny- ya. absolutely
Zach says Christine needed to sweat it out. Donny agrees says there’s three people now that haven’t been up on the block,.

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BB16-2014-07-26 19-23-32-330

7:22pm Christine and Cody getting their cuddle time in

BB16-2014-07-26 19-45-05-734

7:43pm Nicole telling Jocasta it doesn’t benefit her to vote out Jocasta. Christine doesn’t know if the Veto if going to be used. She recommends she talk to Hayden.

Jocasta saying that Amber is teasing people she’s too old of a women to be doing that.

BB16-2014-07-26 19-55-15-333

7:50pm BEEHIVE Zach and Victoria
Zach telling her maybe his strategy is to have people not like him. He knows that Nicole doesn’t like him alot.
Victoria heard Zach said during the competition “Look at Vitoria she’s so slow”
Zach corrects her what he really said was Look at Victoria she looks miserable.
Victoria – why would you say that
Zach – I don’t know just saying stuff.. it wasn’t an attack on you
Victoria – it wasn’t funny i just want to get into you head zach
Zach – I don’t know if every single person in this house genuinely hated me I would not give a f**k Zach – I’m bored and stuff
Victoria – is this what amuses you.. it’s mean amusement
Zach – I get it I should be more like cody
Victoria – no you be your own person but nice

Zach asks her if he’s speech was really that bad.. Victoria says Jenn City is coming after him now.
Zach now admits his nomination speech was pretty bad.
Zach doesn’t know what’s wrong with him thinks he’s maybe crazy.
Victoria wants to know why he thinks he’s crazy who diagnosed him with craziness.
Zach says he has trouble not being mean with people
Victoria tells him mean people are people that lack security and crave attention
Zach – I honestly felt bad for a little bit
Victoria – how come you didn’t apologise
Zach – Christine and I are good
Zach thinks he’s going to get drinks thrown at his face during the finale he really doesn’t care if people in this house hate him. Victoria wants him to remember his mom will be watching him.
Zach doesn’t think his mom is upset
Victoria – Her child is acting like a crazy person on TV
Zach thinks his dad is laughing his a$4 off.

BB16-2014-07-26 20-43-46-502

8:09pm HOH Derrick and Frankie
Derrick says the have nots food was great

Frankie tells him Hayden is using the veto on Victoria
Derrick figured that was going to happen
Frankie – Everyone wants him to use it except for Caleb and Amber.

Frankie tells him tomorrow night he’s pulling everyone up individually the last person is Caleb
He going to find out who they want him to back door. He’s going to tell Caleb what Amber is doing to him she hates him and she’s stringing him along “Man to man talk.. going to let him say what he’s gotta say”
They agree caleb will probably say back door amber.
Derrick – what if he says keep Amber here causes a issue
Frankie – I back door Caleb
Derrick- oh my god
Derrick is concerned that Amber is going to blow this house up. He’s onboard with the Amber thing
Frankie says the only people she’s blowing up to is Donny,Nicole, Jocasta, Victoria. Frankie plan is to tell everyone that Amber is going to lie.
Frankie really doesn’t want to back*oor caleb. afor his game that’s a bad thing to do.
Derrick – Amber Will take Cody, Christine or Jocasta she won’t take caleb.
Derrick – you got to have that conversation with that guy because he doesn’t get it.
Frankie is going to broker a deal with Jocasta so she doesn’t put him up next week in the unlikely case she wins the HOH.
Frankie asks him if he see a downside with the Veto not being played and they just send Jocasta home. Derrick doesn’t see any negatives. Frankie doesn’t think it looks good for him. .
Derick – She (amber) is going to lose her f***ing mind.. I support you either way.. I’m still working on the team America thing..
Derrick says this is a boring season he can see it there no fights no showmances.. That is why production are letting them do the task again. He thinks they’re acting like Saboteurs.
Frankie agrees says he has to put someone on the block to case drama otherwise a fight won’t break out and they won’t complete their task. Frankie says his nomination helps the game and Team America.

BB16-2014-07-26 20-35-56-846

8:35pm Frankie and Christine
He tells her the plan to get Amber out. Christine is happy says she 100% agrees with that. Christine really doesn’t want Amber in the house. Frankie stresses that Caleb has to be cool with this decision.

Frankie says getting Amber out will be by far the biggest move of the game and the hardest sell to caleb.
Frankie says he’s going to be completely blunt.. If you honest to god telling me you want to take someone to the end of this game that is sh1tting all over you on natoinaly television and laughing at you in the DR I don’t want to work with you and you are going on the block. .

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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WTF! “Frankie says getting Amber out will be by far the biggest move of the game”… am I the only one who doesn’t get this move AT ALL? First of all saying this is the biggest move… that just shows how all these players are pussies. Amber is not coming after Frankie at all! This sucks, once Amber goes, Caleb will go, and the detonators will control everything. #Boring


He’s a f’ing pussy and a weasel.


But as I said it already, it will be good for Amber to get out of that house and away from those dimwitted people (before jury). I’m resigned to the fact she’s gone and so that ends my rooting for a contestant this year. I don’t like these people and I couldn’t care less who wins. I’ll stick around a bit to see them turn on each other, but other than that I’m just really disappointed with BB this time.


Dont worry, our beautiful and gorgeous Amber will move on to bigger and better things. She doesnt need to be around all these pri¢ks, bit¢hes, and a$$holes. Shes above them and will move on to fame and fortune. She’ll have a succesfull career, marry a pro athelete, actor, CEO of a company, etc. and Rat-tine will still be working at a coffee shop, caleb will live in the woods and remain a disallusional, egotistical, misogynictic a$$ his whole life.


I would not want her to be the first in the jury, with Caleb following one week later. For her sake. For her sanity. 🙂


Beautiful but really boring. Really Amber is about as interesting as a bag of rocks.

Buzztime Murf

I agree completely! This is absolutely, positively, and in all other ways, NOT a “Big Move.” A big move is one that creates a WTF moment. Putting Amber up is as predictable as a sunrise.

Buzztime Murf

To clarify…… To me a “big move” is one that creates the WTF moment….. for the other HOUSEGUESTS! This move does not do that. To be clear, I am NOT being critical of Frankie’s chioice. It IS the “safe move.” My issue is Frankie calling it a “big move.” It he truly believes putting Amber up is a “big move,” he is VERY confused.


The problem with Amber is that the detonators don’t have Caleb as long as she is there and they need his votes. They can’t count on Amber votes so it wouldn’t help to send him out before her.


getting Amber out is yet one more girl evicted. How is that any different from any other week right now. Getting Devin out will still be the biggest move. The bigger move would be to get out Caleb, the guy who started that all guys alliance which is breaking down without the two first members, if Caleb goes.

But Amber? That’s like getting rid of any other female HG, just another number gone. Might as well evict Jocasta for all the impact it will have for anything in the future. Other than Amber has won or helped win comps, Nicole is just as likely to win things, but no one notices her.


no respect for Frankie what so ever, i find it funny that he thinks getting amber out is the biggest move., just plain dumb.


Who’s better?

Bling bling

Ugh I hate you fffffrrrraannkkiiieeeee


Get Caleb out instead!!

Frankie sucks

Please get frankie the rat out next week




Go zach and donny


Yesss. Team Zonny all the way. I hope these two start an alliance and no one would expect it. And how predictable that Christine is dying to get Amber out of the house – the only one standing in the way of her true love Cody. Having “cuddle time” with a straight man other than her husband? She’s living out her teenage fantasy of being with the hot jock. Hopefully her husband stops being a doormat and decides to man up and leave her.


Ikr..a Zonny alliance would be awesome! Yeah christine is just downright embarrassing and jealous

I Don't Like Derrick

Oh Please. It is not that serious. Just a little flirting. DAMN!! It would be a different story if she was screwing the guy on national TV, which some women have done. I don’t think there has ever been a man on BB with a girlfriend who has made out with some other female, on national TV, but there has been at least a few dumb ass women.

Roisen Dubh

Really Frankie? At least Cody admitted he was a pussy. I’ll give the kid credit for seeing it like it was. Keep laughing Christine, Zach put your dumb ass on the radar and you’re too dumb to see it. Some superfan.

Detroit Girl

Well, Ratine is certainly licking her chops at have the other pretty girl eliminated. I wonder if she’ll turn on Nasal Nic for spending too much time with him. Her competition for Cody’s crotch may be eliminated.

Detroit Girl

*at having the


In the picture ,with Christine and Cody cuddling, it looks like “my precious” is running through her mind.


I’d like to see CBS do something that could actually make a difference in one of their challenges. Since this is BB16 maybe next year they bring back all 16 winners to play for a charity… But then they could also bring back all 16 people that were sent home the first week…

I love Frankie!

Frankie is playing for charity – he is playing to raise money to build schools in Africa. Not sure why everyone is hating on him. He admits he is “playing a character” in the house – and he has won more competitions than anyone. I think he is playing a great game!


I agree! Frankie is doing well socially, playing a strong game so far! The only reason some people don’t like him is they think his game resembles ratbastard Andy…which is not even close to being the case! There’s only one true Alliance happening so he’s not playing both sides…every idiot in that house thinks they are in an Alliance! Go Frankie! Build those schools!


Seriously, where are the twists?! I thought this was suppose to be the most twisted season ever yet so far things have been really linear. Maybe the twist is the house is full of punks who think they’re all that…

Captain Crunch

Frankie has no balls. Getting Amber out is the biggest move?? Pleeeze.

Zzzzz! wake me up when the twists begin. This is just another predictable week.


Get Caleb out. Why are they so afraid to do it?


Boring, horrible season. I’m betting CBS will fire the casting producer for Big Brother. The casting producer doesn’t deserve to work for Big Brother. Worst season by far. Only entetaining thing about the season is Caleb “stalking” Amber and that storyline has pretty much ran its course.


I think you’re right! Age diversity would be a start.How about an Amish person?Asian?Latino?Doctors?Lawyers?Psychologists would be fun! Instead we get frat boys, airheads, tons of small town unsophisticated folks,and apparently nobody on the show knows how to clean! Can’t anyone put their clothes in a drawer? Wash a dish, scrub a counter!?…with all of that said, I still love this show!

the lioness

paola is asian. minorities just don’t seem to last very long in the BB house. there aren’t enough of them to make a difference numbers wise.

andy 2.0

just coming back from vacation, i thought big brother will have gotten interesting while i was gone. WRONG. i should have known i would come back to all this BS of frankie and the detonators again


Is it me, or do you find this season really boring? One more week and I’ll give up.

these people make me sick

Getting Amber out is considered a big game move because they are all afraid of Caleb. They are all ignorant as hell and think that America thinks they are a making big game move when in actuality they being looked at as being a bunch of cowards. This girl has been vilified for being nice and having the misfortune of catching the eye of a fool. If they really wanted to make big game moves Caleb crazy ass or Zach would be going. Zach has done worst things then Devin and it’s okay because they like him, Chistine and others have talked the same stuff that Amber have but it’s okay.It makes me sick to see how they are treating Amber. I will not be watching anymore once she is gone just like I stopped watching that travesty last year.


Watching how they treat amber is funnier when you think of the house as being the wild animal kingdom. It is FUNNY!


If getting out Amber is the biggest move of the game, this season is even more boring than I thought it was


I loved the season Nakomis played! That was a great year! I always think the pace of this show moves too slow…daily challenges,contests,evictions parties…something to keep these folks on their toes!


This house is boring…..but Frankie entertains me. So does Caleb even if he looks like a schmuck for his stocker-esq ways…..and Zach…..well he went from my least favorite to top 3. Derrick gets a pass because he is working hard and that is interesting, but I am ready to say goodbye to Jocasta, christine, hayden…..they bore me. Victoria can stay….doozers make me laugh.


Zach is also my top 3, and Cody while cowardly at the end, is still a decent enough guy to admit it, and I like that about him. Both have different kinds of honesty. After that Hayden. I am female and hate that I can’t put a female on the list right now. I really dislike that i had to take Nicole off a top 3 list due to her actions and inactions, basically. I don’t know how dumb you have to be to insist that Britnay go out the door instead of Caleb, and then find yourself up on the block next to the other person who insisted that the only one they were in danger of going up on the block was if Britnay was HOH. No, NIctina, the only ones who won’t put you up on the block are the other girls, and you are working with the guys to remove all the other girls one by one. And will continue to go up on the block until it is you two that are picked off one by one.

The only way to have avoided being up, was get out Caleb, get out Zach, keep Amber and keep Brittany. Now it is way too late.

Butters Mom

Frankie reminds me of someone who says whatever stupid crap they want and everyone around him blows smoke up his as* and agrees with him so therefore he continues to say stupid crap. The more he says it… they more he believes it to be true. Production wants him to go far obviously… these stupid TA assignments need to go… they benefit no one but the 3 that are receiving the money and they are not interesting at all. Zach is the only one making things interesting right now and he’s also the only one who nearly made the TA assignment happen. None of the 3 TA members are trying to start arguments themeselves… just collecting the money.


The way the challenge was worded, I think they have to have other people blow up–doesn’t count if it’s them. I could be wrong, of course, but that would be too easy.


Getting out Amber is not the biggest game move… sorry.
A big game move is getting out Derrick or Cody.
Amber… come on she has been a target since Devin and you are Backdooring her.
You didn’t even invent the backdoor.

Big game move is saving Amber and Caleb and flipping the house and the power. Amber is just predictable…. blah blah.. weakest way of handling the veto as HoH. Pick a girl that other people want out… big deal.
Frankie is still disposable, not even a core person.


Frankie is a f**cking pri¢k a$$hole. And ofcourse Rat-tine is happy Amber is going to go because Rat-tine is so in love with Cody and cant stand to see Amber and Cody flirting. Whatcha think about your loving wife, Tim? You can do better than Rat-tine.


Why is christine always cuddling and rubbing on Cody?? I wonder how her husband feel about that


I also want a Donny Zach and hayden alliance…. the problem is Zach you never know what he will do… he just threw Donny under the bus with derrick saying Donny wants to put derrick and Frankie up if Donny wins hoh…..

Al Bundy(no maam president)

Game wise this is the worst cast of females in big brother history…now with that said its messed up all the pretty ones have been voted out and now they wanna get rid of the only eye candy left…now we have to look at Christine(a 3 at best) Nicole(totally Meg Griffin in a blond wig) Jocasta(only being mentioned for pity) and Victoria(left overs/smash and trash) im sure Derreck doesnt mind though at this point in his life anything is an upgrade.

backdooring derrick

Is the biggest move to do.


Wow, I keep thinking they can’t get any more boring. WRONG!
I am so sick of this cast. What did they do, run a ad for people with: no personality, self-absorbed, mean spirited, dimwits. Please apply at once.
Remember you don’t want the money. You will be taking money out of Derrick’s children’s mouths.


Testing if this post works

Team Donny

This season suck.. I feel bad for Donny he is the only person with the guts to do anything too bad everybody else in the house is too blind to see who is ruling the house


Donny needs to win an HOH…then we’ll see some game play! Or Jocasta, or ?…geez, it’s a season of sheep!


Why is Christine always cuddling and rubbing on Cody?? Wonder how her husband feels watching that


I have figured it out; Frankie wants Amber out because after about 30 days men start looking good to Caleb.


Gay men are no different than others…Caleb is not attractive to anyone due to his severe abandonment complex issues! And narcissism! By the way…Caleb is going long before Ambers ever going to leave! Might be this week!


Why not let Amber stay until jury? She is an original alliance member. She let the BS control her HOH. She went on the block as a pawn, she votes the way they want every week. Since Im pi$$ed that they are backd**ring Amber, Im going to list the things I dislike about these jerks in order of disliking the most:

Rat-tine – Ratted Amber out, cant stand her cackling a$$. Married woman who is so obviously in love with Cody and will not get off his di¢k. Refused to go up as a pawn n throw the comp. Ugly as sin. Cant stand to look at her or hear her annoying voice and cackling anymore. Mike Boogy look alike.

Nicole – nasely, whiny, cry baby virgin. Chicken $hit who was scared to go to the HOH and speak to Devin alone just because he is a large AA man. That was so sad. Saying her parents are pi$$ed because zack told the truth and called her a dingus frootloop and her broher will kick zack’s a$$ for that. Your in the BB house little girl. If you dont have the di¢k it takes to be in the house, you shouln’t have signed up for the show.

Hayden – big immature duffus kid. Who’s always saying he hates Amber. Why? Because she went along with the alliance’s decision to put you up as a pawn. She was only being loyal to her alliance. The same one that you belong too!!!! A$$hole.


They are getting Hayden to use the veto to backdoor Caleb…I know Caleb thinks it’s to scare Amber, but this is their second shot at Caleb!


I think the twist this year was 90% of the houseguest would be sharing one brain


On thrusday if Amber does go home I bet we will see Victoria say, I’m glad to vote to evict the rat amber. God I hate Victoria comparing Devon to the devil and Brittany being minupulative. She needs a reality check as she thinks she on the bachorlerte

Caleb is so bad

Caleb seem to have convinced Frankie to get Hayden to take Jocasta off the block and put Amber up. I have a feeling if Hayden goes along with this plan Victoria is going home. I can’t see Hayden, Cody, Caleb, Donny, or Jocasta voting Amber out just yet.


I’m sorry but Frankie is a bigger pussy than Cody! Getting Amber out is not a big move, you titmouse!!! I swear Bernard Goetz has bigger balls than Frankie!!! Come on , Donny…please win HOH with Zach by your side; and put up Frankie and Christine; and have De rrick as replacement nom.


I have been listening to Caleb talking to Frankie. Caleb is under the impression that women should be “beholden to the all powerful man”, He has the caveman mentality. Amber is lucky he doesn’t have a club, he would be bopping her on the head and having his way with her. He doesn’t have the faintest idea there is anything wrong with what he is saying. He needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish Zach would see that he’s the on the bottom of the totem pole with the detonators and he would actually work with Donny and they could start getting rid of actual threats instead of people they don’t like for no reason


It’s obvious Amber and Brittany were targets, because the single men found them to be eye candy, in the house. Although Caleb is attractive, she did make it clear his feelings were not reciprocated, but it’s a damned if you do…..damned if you don’t situation. Caleb’s perception of Amber”s feelings are skewed…..we have all been there. Yet, you have to live with this person and try to win half a mil, at the same time. I do admit, she did put too much trust, in the guys. Now, this is biting her, in the but. Nicole & Christine are drifting along and totally expendable. Pretty much, they will now be the targets, while everyone turns on each other. Now would be the time to take out Caleb, because he feels safe, but he is perfectly distracted. Wen Amber leaves no distractions, so it will be harder to get him out. Hopefully, then everyone will realize that Frankie is playing both sides.


Ok, Amber is beautiful on the outside. She has no personality or at least is not showing one. She struts around like she is better than everyone else and can’t stand when the guys pay attention to the other girls even if it is game. When she talks it is always “Uh uh, right, right, mm, right, etc. I would rather she leaves and see Caleb go totally insane.


Shut up Christine!!! Youre still ugly inside and outside no one cares about how much you dont like Amber


Beast mode cowboy is a neurotic jerk!!


I have a friend like zach. The guy can literally say anything/do anything and as long as he calls himself crazy and does something funny people forgive him. Its an interesting strategy and i can see Zach going to the end. He has crapped all over everyone in this house and tet he’s still 4th on everyones evict list. Odd but pretty amazing

Johnnie Walker

I’ve been watching since season 1 (I know, I know, I’m an old bastard !!) & even when it first started, nobody that played really understood how the game worked at that time (at least the first couple of seasons) & it was really interesting to watch. I wouldn’t mind a couple people that like the drink & a couple more that smoke. Always fun to watch a smoker freaking out when their heater count goes low. Give me crazy, dysfunctional, unpredictable, & funny (like a house full of Zach’s !!).. But, yet I still watch & hope..


Fan from the start here too! There used to be more diversity of house guests and they all played different games! Now, everyone starts an Alliance day 1, doesn’t know whether they made a deal with the devil, and then struggles to honor their commitment! I see Zach and Frankie having the Alliance to take them right through to the end.I like Derricks game, but he’s a misogynist as is Caleb, and Zach.Difficult to watch this group of women go down without a fight ( unless it’s amongst themselves!!!) this year! Cheers!

Thor's Sister

I want Hayden to use the veto to take Victoria off. If not I think she will go home and I would rather see Jocasta go home. No I don’t agree with taking out Amber yet (if I like her or not) but I don’t want to see Vic go now. Who the hell else is there then? If not Amber or Caleb , then who if not Jocasta? If it is her, they don’t lose anything, keeping her is the same, they win nothing keeping her so why not send her packing, easy peasy . At least (as I said before) Victoria could be a vote for them (boys) but no one will gun for anyone if Jocasta leaves.


I watched the feeds of Vic and Zach and I don’t know if Zach was acting or if Vic may have gotten through that thick head of his. She started asking him what his mother’s friends think watching him say such mean things to girls? He was blowing it off then started talking about how his mom’s co-workers might be seeing him and how this might reflect on his mom. Vic was listing all the things his mom did for him and Zach even admitted he never even bought his mom a birthday present. Vic asked him how he would feel if someone talked to his mom like he talked to Christine and Nic. Like I said I don’t know if she got through to him or he was acting but he seemed to register that he needs to treat women differently.


A big move is like when Dan convinced Jen City to use the power of veto on him; and put Brittany up on the block.. Now that’s a big move!


If Amber leaves I feel sorry for those silly girls with no back bone and fake personalities, Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta. I really miss Rachel and I thought I would never say that. Once again they let these anal men control their game.


WHY is “making it to the jury” such a big thing for these people?? I thought the objective for BB was to win a hlf million dollars. Excuse me if I’m wrong. None of these folks seem to get this except Derrick and they’re handing him the money already. Write that check now because unless something drastic happens in the next few weeks, it’s Derrick and whatever loser he drags along with him to the final two. Donny could, WISH, WISH, WISH, make it in to the final two if BB production makes it happen. I just watch BB becuase I have always watched BB during the summer. I jusrt wish production would stop “nudging” the hamsters. What would really be fun and a twist is to make them live there for the entire three months together, no one voted out, and then have the house vote on the final two for the $500,000.00!!! hahahahahahahaha Something, ANYTHING to make this game more interesting! Even Survivor tried new stuff to keep their game fresh.

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As long as Julie wants it to be on it will seeing as her husband Runs CBS