Big Brother Spoilers – Players Picked for the Power Of Veto!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

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11:10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the picking of the Power Of Veto players.

Power Of Veto Players: Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine
POV Host: Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 12-26-51-179

Zach asks Hayden how stocked he is to play in the veto? Hayden says so stocked! Zach tells Frankie that was a good draw. Frankie says it couldn’t be better.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 12-32-17-317
Amber tells Frankie that the nominations need to stay the same. Zach walks by and says I couldn’t agree more. Amber says they made a promise and they need to stick to it. Frankie telling her that the only other person he would put up is Donny. Frankie says if Donny wins it, I’m literally f**ked. Frankie says it wasn’t the best draw, it would have been better if I had you and Caleb out there but its fine.

In the living room – Christine, Hayden, Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta and Caleb are sitting on the living room couches. Caleb says that he originally tried out for Bachelor and hopes that after this it will be easier to get on it. Frankie says oh yeah reality transfer.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 12-36-29-899

12:22pm In the hive roomJocasta is crying to Amber in the hive room ..she stops crying and looks into camera and eye-rolls and smiles. She then continues to cry.

Jocasta is crying hysterically to Amber because she found out that Brittany stole a family story about her. Jocasta says that when her and Brittany go talking she told her a story about when things got tough they had to take money out of their piggy banks. Jocasta comments that Caleb commented that Brittany was so in need of money that she had to take money from her kids piggy bank. Jocasta says no way you did not just take a story about my life. Jocasta says that her Mom said that she would give them the money so that they didn’t need to take from their kids. Jocasta says that it was the worst moment in her life.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 12-39-34-964

12:40pm – 12:50pm In the kitchen – Jocasta says to Cody that she really just doesn’t understand why Brittany took a story about her when she was sharing things with her. Jocasta says that she told Brittany that when things got really hard for her and her husband. Jocasta says that she just doesn’t understand why someone would do that! Cody brings up how Brittany is poor she drives a very nice car.


12:55pm – 1:10pm Up in the HOH room – Jocasta is talking to Frankie about Brittany stealing her story. Jovasta say that even her story about living in a one bedroom apartment didn’t make sense because she told others she living in a house. Jocasta says that she even mentioned something about a fire pit in her backyard. And I was like wait?! Frankie says yeah you don’t have a fire pit with a 1 bedroom apartment. Jocasta says that in the deviled egg competition she felt like Brittany threw it. She dropped two right at the end. That’s when I started to question her even having kids because she knew she wouldn’t get photos of kids in her HOH and everyone would know. Frankie says immediately he got that tangible evil vindictive side of her. Jocasta tells Frankie I had to tell my kids that I had to go away to get money to bring it home so that we can do stuff.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 13-06-14-061
Frankie says that when he was taken to go to sequester he told then that he wouldn’t go until he got talk to his grandparents. He says that they faxed over release forms and they signed them right away and then I got to talk to them. They have it taped too and I hope I can have that when we get out.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 13-08-20-478

1:15pm In the living room – Victoria hurt her finger. They tell her to show the camera to ask them if its bad. She holds her finger up and then camera zooms in. She asks if its bad and then camera nods yes. She asks if shes going to be okay and the camera shakes no.

1:27pm Caleb comes up to the HOH room and says that he had to get away when Amber sat down in front of me in the living room and I didn’t want to sit in front of her. When she’s around, I am not myself. The past few days the agitated, irritated is just not me. Frankie agrees. Derrick and Zach join them. Derrick talks about how he was able to make a video to send to his grandma and wife after his grandfather died. Frankie says he did too. The conversation turns to talking about the veto competition last week.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 13-27-37-751

In the living room – Cody lists off all the reasons why Amber said a girl wouldn’t want to date him.

  • I have no personality.
  • Her friend would like me until she got to know me. I act like an a$$hole
  • I drink coke so I have bad teeth.
  • I curse too much.
  • I have grey hair at 23 years old.
  • My singing is atrocious .
  • I sleep on my back
  • I have pimples on my face.

Christine, Amber, Nicole, Donny, Hayden and Victoria are in the living room doing fake nomination ceremonies. Cody pretends to be Zach.
Donny brings up how out of all of them Cody hasn’t had to sit in the nomination chair.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 13-49-12-380

2pm In the living room the house guests are goofing around and chatting about random things. Nicole and Cody finger Hayden and Amber.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 13-57-26-842

The abs of Cody and Hayden ask Nicole out on a slop date. Cody says we will cook 3 bowls of slop for you and eat at the picnic table. Nicole says yes.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-26 14-04-44-106

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Im losing more and more respect for Cody by the day.

This kid is just a huge whiny bitch.

because...he is a WEENIE

he has made me revive the word “weenie” as a way to describe….Cody.

BB house is Cursed

I am just trying to figure out what is gained from getting rid of Amber? How is getting rid of Amber a good game play? It’s nothing but a witch hunt in that house. God don’t like ugly and there’s some ugly souls in that house.


There are only two reason the first is the guys don’t like or trust amber and she is the strongest girl and the second with amber gone calebe is more likely easier to control. The guys seem to want to keep him right now because vote wise they can trust him to do what they want but the amber factor is a problem in regards to calebe


Some memorable reads:

Donny about Caleb taking money instead of veto: Caleb is the dumbo of dumbo.

Zach about Christine after Christine describing Jeremy as ugly: You judge everyone; you’re a judger.

Cody: If I don’t put up Caleb my brother will call me p*ssy. (And so do we.)


i lost all respect for cody when he was crying about devin wearing his t-shirt and stretching it. this was only like week 2, i think? who cries over a t-shirt? lol.

hes a spoiled kid. all looks and no substance. i really do not want him going to the end.

Kathie from Canada

Ah ha! I’ve figured out Jocasta’s game strategy! She plans to cry her way to victory! Give me a break!


She is just a really emotional person. Victoria cries a lot more than Jocasta does


Come on….she is faking. Joco is fugly.

BB house is Cursed

Actually, Victoria, Christine, and Amber (with no makeup) are “fuglier” than Jocosta. I think Jocosta is a decent looking African American woman.


Why can’t see just be a decent looking woman, what does her ethnicity have do do with it?? SMH


Why are the woman judged on their looks period.

BB house is Cursed

True. I never hear people talk about the guys looks. This is Big Brother not America’s Next Top Model. lol


it’s all about race in that house ,after Amber leaves it will be Jacata and than it will jews and whites just the way Nicole wants it to be ,every year it the same thing except the year of evil dick he never saw race

BB house is Cursed

I agree, race shouldn’t be a factor. But I think the other commenter called her fugly based on the fact that she’s not white and in our society people place white women on a higher pedestal. I’ve heard people call Amber ugly too and she’s a model. I’m glad you don’t see color , but unfortunately we do not live in a color blind world.


this season will be ruined the longer Victoria stays in the house. please get rid of her next.


Is Jocasta delusional? She must be taking sips from everyone’s kool-aid.
Simon, Dawg, can you confirm that indeed Brittany did tell that story
at the round table weeks ago with Jocasta next to her? I totally remember
seeing on the live feeds when Britt had shared that story. No big deal
but the Britt Bashing is so lame, Frankie is uber hateful & a dick!
Jocasta’s true colors are now showing as she has ventured off to the
dark side.


She did. I can’t remember to who (either Cody or Caleb) but I remember thinking, well now your kids know where their money goes…


Wait I’m confused. Is Jocasta actually playing people?

Kathie from Canada

Jocasta’s isn’t sure. She’s confused as well. hahahaha


I’m just confused about what she plans on achieving by shit talking an already evicted houseguest????


i hope they never show Jocasta cry on tv again, when they did last sunday, it was horrible, i couldnt tell if she was crying, laffing or chocking……


…or speaking in tongues…


Yeah Jocasta should have been one of the first people evicted. She is awful in this game. Seems like a really good spiritual woman, but it’s obvious she shouldn’t be playing this game.


I think seeing Jocasta speak in tongues is worse than her crying. I thought she was having a fit of some sort when I saw that aired on CBS. It was freaky.


Come on, house guests! For the sake of the audience, please evict this useless eyesore!

Bye bye Brittany

It shows what kind of person Jocasta is. Brittany wants all the attention on her and she wanted everyone to feel bad for her so she could stay. I’m glad she is gone.


Is it just me? I don’t get the point of telling other HGs that someone who just got evicted stole your sad story. how is that going to help you today, when everyone disliked Brittany more because she was saying that as a single mom she ‘deserved’ to be there more than others. Jocasta using the same ploy of ‘deserving’?

I hope Donny wins the veto and uses it on Jocasta again, so Frankie can stop doing the easy out for himself. Time he stepped up.


I don’t think Jocasta really cares that Brit used her story. I think she realizes that people are considering Victoria less of a threat because she is such an emotional mess. They think Jocasta is too strong willed…however, if they think that she is vulnerable, maybe she can stay.


Well, if I had a penny for every time I heard “We were so broke that I had to break into my kid’s piggy bank” story, my piggy bank would be full.

Mister E

Donny told Jocasta earlier that everyone still thinks that He, Jocasta, and Brittany were in a alliance. I just wonder if this is her attempt to do damage control or is it a attempt to get peoples votes. Either way at least she is actually doing something. Whether we like it or not.


I’m confused too. What does the rolling of the eyes & smile mean? Is she making up the story about Brit? Is she fake crying? If so, what’s the point? Is she thinking she will get some type of sympathy? Kinda weird the only time something seems to happen with her is before competitions


The rolling of the eyes means she stoped speaking the tongue and is now crying in the tongue. Only people with double vision understand it.
She is clueless about playing this game. Brittany is gone what’s the point of twisting her face and looking like a buckeye rip van winkle from a long sleep


But she needs to distance herself from Brittany. The rest of the house think her, Donny and Brittany were in an alliance together. Brittany stole the story and Jocasta can use this to show that they were not that close, and that she may not be as strong minded as the rest of the HGs think. This is why Jocasta is on Frankie’s radar in the first place.

BB house is Cursed

I hope Donny wins and he doesn’t use the POV on Jocosta. She had her opportunity to win the BOB, but she didn’t. I won’t them to leave the noms the same. Both ladies (Vic/Jo) needs to go because they do nothing. Also, if Donny uses it, they will put Amber up with Victoria. And if Donny uses the POV on Jocosta, they will be perceived as a “power couple” and get targeted.


Jocasta!!! Helen just came to my mind

Who knew?

I guess Jocasta has a little game in her after all.


A Bad game!


Nevertheless a game!


Yeah right, the only way Caleb would get picked to be on the Bachelor would to be one if the jerks they throw on there for drama.


Reminds me of when Jillian was the bachelorette and she carried some guy who was only there to promote his singing career all the way to the final 4 if not further. the one with the GF.

i believe he would try out for Survivor, and I can believe him being redirected to BB based on his knowing what BB was maybe. I cannot believe anyone would put him on the Bachelor (they have to be rich or something don’t they?) or as a contestant for Bachelorette, not at this point. Not after Ambergate.

Not A PHD Student

Why does a guy that can get any woman he wants (in his own mind) have to go on a dating show? Is he misleading us by saying tons and tons of female seek his affection? After this show is over the line will be endless of women wanting him.

What a piece of work this guy is. I don’t have the live feeds but does this clown stay up at night and watch Amber sleep?


Yeah Frankie!! Donny going to win that Veto to save Jocasta! If I was you, I would replace Caleb or Amber on the block. That way, Amber & Zach start arguing over at POV Ceremony.

Teri B

Couldn’t agree with you more, Capt. Amber and Caleb TO LOSE…..the sooner, the better!!

Butters Mom

wow… Jocasta …. I didnt see that coming. true colors are now showing.


Derrick is extremely over rated. This idiot has alliances and deals all over the house. The game is only about a 1/3 over. He is going to be exposed at some point.

I hope Zach does blow up his game. He’s just used Zach whenever he needed, especially with these TA missions, and then all he does is bitch about Zach behind his back.


Thank God Caleb came on BB first before the bachelor. Now any girl who goes on the bachelor is doing so at her own risk. And if they didn’t know before auditioning, the moment they see Caleb is the bachelor, they better reject his rose. Caleb just doesn’t know how annoying and irritating he sounds when he talks. I wish someone would just let him know.


Last year alot of people couldn’t wait until the game was over so that people like Amanda, etc. would see what people really thought about them. Caleb is one this year that will probably be totally shocked that most of America will see him as a egotistical, stalkerish type. He thinks he appears as a tough rugged stud on the show right now, but I would think most of the viewers are thinking the opposite.

Also, is it me or is most all of the guys very feminine this year. How many times have they been hugging, laying in bed all over each other, making comments with franky, having man crushes, etc.

Christine's crazy eye

It’s not just you. They do seem very, I hate to say feminine, but just way too touchy feely. I am in my forties, and no man I know, in my age range are like that with other men. Even the gay men I know my age don’t do all that in company. They might hold hands or kiss their partners, but not this lounging around on each other. Is this something that twenty something’s do? Somebody please answer, cause I really don’t know.


Could not agree more. I cannot believe all the snuggling that occurs in bed, the bum pats, the hugging, etc. Even caught a pic of Beast Mode in which he appeared to be resting his head on Drama Queen’s stomach. Would love to see BB cast a gay man who does not find it necessary to dress in sequins, tight, little boy tank tops and shorts. If I recall, BBCan had a fellow similar to the Drama Queen. Way over the top. I know some wonderful men who are gay that do not find it necessary to flounce through life. You would not know they are gay unless they chose to tell you or unless they are having a discreet snog with their partner.

BB house is Cursed

The difference with Caleb, Amber, Devin, and Jocosta (these are the most hated hg) is that they are not mean spirited. They have never did name calling, harassment, or straight up bullying like Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, and Gina Marie did on their season.

The fans and the other house-guests hate Devin, Caleb, Amber, and Jocosta for silly, trivial reasons. I think many of the fans just have preconceived notions about people like Devin or Jocosta. I am about 100% certain if Jocosta came into the house with a game play she would still be hated by the public.

jess ess

Also, why are they all so religious?? Was that the only way to avoid a cast like last season’s?


Caleb is too creepy…. When dudes like him get all “stalker-like” on a girl that don’t even like them, the girl usually have to just be nasty and tell them to F*** Off.. That’s the only way to get to people like that.. But Amber don’t wanna tell him that while locked up in that house with him.. Caleb is the DanielleBB14 of this season for sure… Can’t wait til ZingBot lights him up, like he did Danielle and GMBB15… Wait a second Danielle actually got with Shane after the show didn’t she?

I think GM is still obsessed with Nick, but Nick is smart LOL


Nick kinda used GM and went on tour with her for a while and then he lowered the boom on her; He told her that he wasn’t interested in her and she was of course brokenhearted


cody is a punk ass bitch…. he talks tough but is just a big baby….


Jo’s attempt for sympathy is a little weak and Christine is still ugly.


Unless Zach is HoH every week this could potentially be an extremely boring season…… I mean a stolen story wtf

I’m sorry but Jocasta is sorriest HG I have seen in a longggggg time.

#zachattack #wildcard #givezach the #dpov #stolenstoryLOLOLOL


And to think that Devin had to leave for the likes of Jocousta


I don’t believe a word out of that Bible-thumping bitches mouth. When she says Brittany stole her ‘story’ that says a lot – why is it a ‘story’? Maybe that bible she reads if full of good ‘stories’ or parables about her meager little life. What a horrible human being. She is not even trying anyway – she’s a lazy bitch.
Good actress though. Needs some eyebrows. She makes me as sick as Victoria.


WOW, what did Jocasta do to you that you would type the words of her being a female dog? I understand ppl on here have there favorite player to win. But does it have to result to name calling. I think not. We don’t know these ppl to attack them in such a vulgar way. Yes we can say the behavior portrayed can be unacceptable but not to the point of this type of nonsense. Jocasta isn’t my player to win, I’m actually pulling for Donny. I believe he hasn’t stoop down to there level nor has he made any name calling no matter how many times he’s placed on the block. Maturity goes a long way rather than childish behavior. Lastly for the superfans, it obvious they haven’t learned much. You have a life after this show and the way you are presented on BB ppl who haven’t been in your life will not see you in a different light. They will judge of what they have seen and not the other way around.


Totally agree with your post!


Is anything Jocasta saying true??


I believe she’s faking to get sympathy because she knows as much as we do, that she’s completely useless in the game. I’m sure Victoria and Christine feels the same… Get the floaters outta there before they end up in final 2…

Caleb's Duct Tape and Van

So is it either Caleb or Amber getting bakdorred now? Or is Funkie really going to keep them the same? With the performance this ‘god loving’ phony just put on I hope they eye roll her out the door Thursday. This season is like Caleb’s feeling’s about Amber. I act like I don’t like it but I can’t leave it alone. Keep up the great work S & D!


That story is not exclusive to Jocasta. A lot of parents take money from their kids’ savings. Kids are better at saving than grown ups are. heard that story a million times. And why would all her feelings about that suddenly spill out now? Clearly she isn’t happy about the veto picks. Neither am i. but that woman is liar to the very core and bona fide loony toons. what a disgrace. Get away from her Amber.


I just read on another website that the plan is to back door Caleb. But it’s pretty clear Frankie wants to back door Amber, did I miss something?

Also Jocasta…..what….. I mean just what is going on there? I think she makes more sense when she is talking in tongues.

Holy Cow

Frankie wants to backdoor anything !!!!!!


Jocasta is the most annoying player this season on big brother. So sick of her bullshit and constantly crying. Honestly I want her to go home because she contributes nothing to the game and just cries hysterically every time she’s on the block. Grow up and go home


Oh that’s right Joco you’re the only mom who’s ever had to dip in the kids piggy bank. Either she’s a semi-good actress or she’s an idiot. Or both….

smd nicole



I’m going to make M&M pancakes for breakfast tomorrow:)


I can officially say that amber is going home. Im really sad because shes one of the nicest people in there and shes the only girl to be willing to make a big move take down other houseguests out. Frankie is such a wooss


I can;t stand Christine’s fake laugh around Cody. She is so dumb. She thinks she is so good looking and that Cody actually likes her. He is just using her for her vote. There is no way a guy that looks like that would be interested in her. Look at her husband. He’s not a looker. Zach should have told Frankie to put up Nicole and he would put up Christine. That way Christine would still be on the block. I really hope she leaves before jury.


Frankie had one mission, put up Victoria and jocosta so he didn’t have to get “blood on his hands”. he had zero interest in making any sort of big game move

hence why he is backdooring amber and not caleb.

Wow production / camera operators can be funny

Actually a little chuckle escaped my lips when Victoria asked about her finger.


This Jocasta chick has got to go, i see right through her fake weave. If you thought Britt threw the comp why didnt you ask her, you of all people know she wanted to see her kids more than any parent ive seen on the show ever. She just trying to get some sympathy from Frankie, whatever ( eye Roll) this is a prime example why i dont trust preachers. I feel so bad for Amber but if she wasn’t so clueless i would care a bit more. Caleb is a stalker Cbs please give him a walk on role on that new show with my girl Maggie Q love her lol. Sad what happened to Derrick & Frankie wounder if they will still try to do the task. I am team Zack Attack this boy is Crazy but tv gold, if he was not in the house this cast would be boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. He wont win the game but boy he is entertaining. Victoria is a non MFing factor she is just a mix between spencer/jessie with a sprinkle of Elisa. Cody is hot and he knows it he wants Caleb gone and its not going to happen should have got him out on your HOH now your going to be in Jury with this stalker lol. BTW i think Caleb is bi but thats none of my business. Ha! The Gossip Girls aka Nicole & Christine need to stop talking so much crap about HG and come up with a strategy on how to take down these boys. SMH


Jocasta just pulled an OG move right there!! She knows how to play!


how is hiding behind crying and her bible and OG move? I think its the weakest way to do anything in this game. no one cares. she still can’t talk game, never has, never will. its as if she doesn’t get it. so she never will have a true ally as she can’t pull her own weight anyway. she is gone this week

goodbye jocosta. won’t miss you at all. in fact you being there is kind of annoying, and I wish they could eliminate you and Victoria from the game at the same time, somehow that needs to be a twist too. “tonight both are evicted…moving on…”

Dingus Fruit Loop

I am intrigued by Zach. I love how he rolled with the Amanda rumor and his erratic behavior. When awake, he’s in constant motion. I love Caleb, not in love with him,but he’s like that old cartoon Commander McBrag. I live to hear his plans and I love his unflappable devotion to his self imposed missions. I have to admit these two clowns are not boring. I hope they along with Derrick and Donny go onto other things.


I like amber, and dont want them to back door her. I think they should be true to the alliance until jury. But to help myself be ok with them voting her out, is knowing that she will do just fine in life. She will have a career in modelling or acting. She will probably marry either an actor, famous musician, professional athelete, Doctor, Lawyer, or some very wealthy business man. She will be a trophy wife. So, with that in mind, I cant feel too bad for her if they do decide to back door her.

Bb Lover

Jacosta you are by far not the only person in the world who has had to take money out of their kids piggy bank. Oh boohoo. Go home!!!


if one hasn’t seen that story play out on TV before, you simply haven’t watched enough. its also in books, magazines via write in stories….she acts like she is the only person to ever do this…EVER

we need an ATTACK

please, Zach HOH and pandoras so he can get a power. it needs to happen to save the season, that or just prepare a non eviction for the time he is evicted. then do it again, and just claim you are doing it to mess with HG’s, which you are, and it will make everyone happy to have #WILDCARD messing with every HG who voted him out.



Jomamma Jocasta – preachers (yeah, right she is), are full of shit and she is the worst. By the way, are all the BB houseguests that have claimed to be so God-fearing always black? Just wondering?


What do you mean by “Jomamma Jocasta”? Also, what is the purpose of bringing up the race of a person? What does that have to do with Fearing God? Playing BB? OR your post for that matter?


I don’t think I could be any clearer. I was asking a question about the past bb guests who were ‘bible thumpers’ and wondering if they were typically African Americans and I do believe they have been but may be wrong. Simple question.


If we are going to bring up race let’s bring up the fact that no black person has ever won Big Brother and they always seem to want to get them out early in the game. Last season Candice only made it to the Jury because of the harsh treatment from the other HG and CBS wanted to deflect some of the backlash so they made her the first jury member.


Maybe they just suck at this game. I don’t know what winning has to do with color, gender, sexual preference. That bull doesn’t fly any more especially when OBAMA is the president. Wake up and stop playing the victim.


Since we’re bringing up race, let’s also mention the fact that a black man can’t get a job, or a woman become influential. Oops! Is Obama president? Is Oprah the most beloved TV host? Damn.
STOP FU@*ing SCREAMING RACISM! Yes, it exists but not nearly as much as you are paranoid about thinking it does nor about how much it ‘rules’ everything any more than SEXISM, AGEISM, ANTI-ABLEISM (disabled people), ALL KINDS OF ISMS. Lets move on shall we?


This is your typical individual by degrading someone of color. It is a shame that ppl in this world can’t be accepted as a human being instead of the color of your skin. I know plenty of other christian ppl of different type of skin tone that are God fearing. Notice I didn’t state ethnicity or race. Your comment was of ignorance and nothing other. What are you basing your accusation from? I’m just wondering…. What strikes me as this being hilarious, when individual like you make those type of statements of color and Christianity. The real truth is, we all have the same body formation in the inside. In other words the same blood, organs and etc but we as ppl continue to divide and conquer. Having the notion and belief something is being accomplished. What is actual does is bring higher ignorance and unnecessary hatred. You sound like one of those individual if you have a child and he/she wants to play with another child, you will make sure it doesn’t happen. By any means necessary. Your comment tells me of your age range and you will have a rude awaking when the time comes.


the only stolen story would be if someone started claiming they were carried off by a crow. now that is an original story.


If ever there was a person with “delusions of grandeur” it would be Caleb.

Jody H

As much as some of the gameplay is annoying, especially with it being so one-sided, I 100% prefer this year’s cast to last years. All the houseguests, as soon as they heard the news about Frankie and Derrick’s Grandpas were there to support them. And, it seems genuine, whereas no one from last year would have cared (maybe Elissa).
Unfortunately, no one in this house seems to have the guts to do… well anything. Which makes the stronger side even more solid in its position. If anyone could play for each hoh every week (regardless of being the prior hoh) there would be more moves, I think.
I just wish someone would put up one of the detonators and just watch everyone scramble!!


Wow! Just noticed Hayden’s abs for the first time! And again… WOW!


Sunnydee, I agree – what does Jocasta have to gain by crying (and perhaps lying because I remember Brit saying to Jocasta “I have been so strapped for money that I have had to take money from my kids piggy banks.” I would think that at this point Jocasta would have said, “wait. what? That’s my story. I don’t get it. Why would you take my story? uh-uh. Hmph. Mm-hmm.”

I do not believe that Brit was poor. I do believe that it is difficult being a single mother of one or more children regardless of income.

I do not believe that anyone going on Big Brother can be grossly poor. A person burdened by not having the finances to house, cloth, and feed their family does not have the luxury of “chasing” Big Brother. Much less focussing on auditions, dedicating time, money, and energy into getting selected as a contestant on Big Brother.

Since when did strategies such as: “I am here to win half a million dollars so that I can build schools …. in Africa …. in my grandfather’s name,” and, “I am so poor, I am here to win the money so that I never have to take money out of my child’s piggy bank again.” become, well, a strategy for winning Big Brother?

Africa is a continent. Conventionally, there are seven continents: Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, North America, South America. Some methods of education teach that there are six continents: Americas, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, North America, South America. Whereas some methods teach that there are five continents.

Africa is comprised of roughly fifty different countries. Depending on United Nations recognition, island groups, recognition of a new country such as South Sudan (established 7-8-11) the number of countries on the continent of Africa listed in various research texts varies in number. Some texts list the continent of Africa as having 47 countries; Some texts list the continent of Africa as having 53 countries; Some texts list the continent of Africa as having 54 countries; Some texts list the continent of Africa as having 57 countries.

Regardless of the number of different countries on the continent of Africa – a person does not make statements such as: “I am going to use this money to build schools in North America so that children that would never receive an education can,” when referring to the Mexico Cities Conchos, Oaxaca, or Cancun. Nor does a person make state: “I am here to win money so that I can build schools for the poor in North America,” when referring to South Boston, Virginia USA, Brownsville, Texas USA, or Kansas City, Kansas USA.

Apologies for this long post. It just seems as though people such as Frankie need to become more educated – as making statements such as “this is for me to build schools in Africa.” A person interested in educating the “poor children of Africa,” would more than likely have a focus — they would have knowledge of, formed a connection with, be familiar with the city / state / country the “poor children” reside.

For everyone that has posted about “it’s for the poor children in Africa so I, I, I can build schools for them and name the schools me, me, me” statement asking the “why not build schools for the poor in the USA?” I agree. There are so many children, women, and men of all ages in the USA that are in need. There are schools in the USA that need to be updated (the building, books) – there are schools in the USA that need to be made safe.

Frankie, I hope, knows about the different countries that make up North America – and, the different states that make up the USA. The saying “stick with what you know” seems to apply here – people that make statements such as “it’s for me to build schools in Africa” should stick with what they know, and, invest their money, time, and energy on making a difference in their own “backyards.”

Huh? What?

I’m sorry, I don’t get your point.
Was it, that we all know Skankie is never going to build any schools in Africa?
Was it, that we all know that he is only saying that to possibly win America’s Fav. Player?
Please clarify, but just cut to the chase please…


I guess Team America failed this mission

The Real Nick

I hate any and all houseguests who think you have to follow through on any agreement that you’ve made in the house. It’s a game, people are gonna do anything they can, and that definitely includes lying, to win half a million.

BB house is Cursed

You guys just can’t be pleased. Everyone complained that Jocosta wasn’t playing the game and now you guys are mad that she is playing the game.


I don’t even get the Jocasta thing maybe it’s something I have to see. I read some the comments first and wondering what all the drama was about with some of the extreme reactions. Maybe she’s playing the I’m weak and fall apart and wasn’t in an alliance with Britney card since she looked up at the camera and rolled her eyes a la Helen Kim. Don’t know why she think that would would work if that’s the case. I’m confused.

Caleb Amber is probably glad you are “shunning” her in your mind. Any information you have about you make her work or almost beg for it anyway. So if she gets backdoored than so be it. But I wish they would backdoor him instead of allowing him to get some sort of satisfaction like he could have saved her if she does get backdoored. This guy is insulting on a couple of levels with how he thinks she owes him something or like she was put in there for him like he’s a great catch that should jump at.


Since we are waiting: how much money do you guys think CBS pays Jeff Schroeder to be involved in the show? – interviews etc.


I really not sure but it must be a decent amount. I would think if not, he wouldn’t continue to do the show. We all know Rachel would jump on the opportunity while Brandon is finishing up his degree. They did give her a piece of the action by interviewing this BB players before they go into the house. Know one has mention of him being and entrepreneur and having his own business in Chicago.


Careful Jocasta you might smear your eyebrows


Why do Frankie and Derrick keep talking smack about Donny? They’re in TeamAmerica with him, yet they keep throwing him under the bus. I wish we could re-vote so ZachAttack and Hayden were in TeamAmerica with Donny.


As much as I liked to see Christine and Nicole go. Victoria and Jocasta should go before anyone else. They are so boring to watch. I liked to see Christine and Nicole stay around just long enough to see the two get into a cat fight. #go team Donny!!!


I haven’t been reading/watching the feeds for the last week, where’s all the Amber hate coming from?


Honestly, Derrick is headed for an Amanda or Helen type fate, right around 5-8th place. He is going to be exposed soon and then he will be a prime target. Hopefully the same thing happens to Frankie only sooner……