Frankie – “Just tell him you are gay”, Frankie – “I should just admit it right”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-30 21-46-41-818

9:45pm Donny, Christine and Frankie
Donny is saying the second runner up doesn’t get the 50 thousand, doesn’t get the Jury and
Donny thinks this is a GREAT season , here’s a good bunch of Characters in here.

Donny Leaves

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Christine doubts it’s double eviction tomorrow she thinks the HOH is going to be true false
Frankie tells her it’s time to play it safe they need to get out Jocasta next/
“If we go against those boy right now it’s bad”
Christine – ya
Frankie – We haven’t locked HAyden down
CHristine not yet
Frankie what if we do go to HAyden and he tells them.. what if we are wrong.. we don’t have to do anything until we have to
Do you think Zach is serious about knowing COdy can’t’ go to the end
Frankie says he is , Zach brought it up to him two weeks ago in the storage room (Zach and Cody use to be much closer)

Christine says she’s not putting Caleb up if she wins HOH she’ll put up Jocasta and Victoria.
They wonder if the POV is used what will happen. “who do you backdoor”
Christine – Maybe not backdoor anyone just put up a pawn.. like Donny.
Frankie – the odds of one of them winning is ridiculous
Christine – ridiculous
Frankie – If you don’t backdoor Zach or Caleb, Hayden and Nicole will be pissed
Christine – I know
Frankie – you have to put Caleb up to save face with them.
Christine says if she puts up Caleb he has to go home. Frankie says he won’t She would have to tell him he’s a pawn.
Christine asks if Victoria ot JOcasta don’t win the POV will anyone use it. Frankie doesn’t think so.
Frankie says “they” (THe boys) want to keep Caleb in case Hayden flips.. “they don’t want to get Hayden out.. they’re just concerned if Caleb goes HAyden will rally the other side of the house”
Christine says they wouldn’t have to worry personally.
Derrick joins them Frankie asks him if Victoria or Jocasa win the veto who do they put up. Beast Mode joins them. Derrick and Frankie escape leaving Christine.

Caleb asks her what did Amber say that Caleb was doing bad for her game.
CHristine – PIssing her off.. she was tired of being pressured about relationships all the time” Caleb says maybe she does like him personally. He cannot understand why she thks he’s bad for her game he’s been protecting her all this time.

Caleb says in the house Amber is keeping her guard up. Caleb tells her he wants to take a banana unfold it and put a pickle in it
He’ll give her the pickle when she’s walking out and i’ll tell her when you first saw me you saw something you didn’t like but once you peeled back the outside you saw something inside that you liked.

BB16-2014-07-30 22-17-11-572

10:15pm HOH Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Zach
Talking about nominations and what to tell Christine what to do.
Derrick tells them they are all on board with Victoria and Jocasta going up but it’s the replacement nomination they are unsure.
Frankie was telling Christine to put up Caleb.
Zach would put up HAyden “He’s a strong player and if we have a chance to get him out we get him out
Frankie – do you have the numbers
Zach – I would hope a pray
Frankie – I don’t think Hayden will go home..

Frankie – I think she should put up Caleb
Zach – And we keep him
Frankie yes.. if she doesn’t put up Caleb the rest of the house will get pissed.
Frankie – if everyone is calling for his head and she doesn’t put him up everyone will be looking for her head.
Frankie says HAyden and Nicole are on the other side 100%
Derrick – whats i s our side.. If Caleb goes we’re fu**d
Zach says Christine is being a HUGE hypocrite
Frankie tells him to calm the f** down

Cody asks him if he put up Donny would he go home.
Frankie says no one will vote out Donny
they are trying to decide who should go first
Donny is on the other side and Victoria doesn’t have a side they also control Victoria she’s their puppet.

Zach – If Hayden can win COmpetition at will why are we not going after HAyden.
Frankie says Hayden doesn’t have a side what if he joins them
Derrick is nervous about Caleb going up because if he goes home they are f***ed number wise. They all know Caleb is never putting them up and he’s going to vote with them. Frankie says the detonators have 4 votes it will come down to Christine (the HOH next week) . Frankie worries Christine will get scared and vote Caleb out.

Zach says Donny is the head of the snake. Frankie thinks it’s Hayden over Donny.
They decide to tell Christine if she wins the HOH she put up Jocasta and Victoria and if POV is played Donny goes up but stays.
Frankie – I want Jocasta gone before Donny.. and Nicole
They all tell Zach they would not put up hayden, Zach is the only one.

Zach says if Hayden is left in the house he is going to put up Zach and Derrick. Frankie thinks HAyden will put up Caleb.
Derrick for me the way it comes down to votres I think of the numbers. Derrick thinks it’s dumb to assume the other side doesn’t know something is up.
Frankie says Hayden, Caleb and Nicole are working with them
Zach says not everyone can work with us
Derrick says Jocasta and Victoria are not a threat because they won’t win the HOH
Frankie says if a bombsquad member wins HOH 2 of Hayden, Nicole, Donny will go up
Frankie – I’ll tell Christine to put Donny up
Derrick wouldn’t even tell her that she might not win the hoh
Zach keep pushing for Hayden to go. Frankie says they convinced him to put up Caleb Donny this week
Caleb comes up tell them he’s putting put Donny and Victoria if POV is played Jocasta
Frankie – What if Jocasta wins POV and DOnny/Victoria are on the block
Caleb – Nicole
Frankie leaves
Caleb starts talking about Amber telling him he’s just like her ex boyfriend a good hearted country boy from Kentucky.

BB16-2014-07-30 23-01-20-471

11:00pm Hammock Derrick and Cody
Derrick says because they are not on lockdown yet The HOH will be a quickie.
Cody says Frankie is pissing him off he’s so paranoid.
Derrick something’s not adding up .. you see what I’m saying
Derrick – If Caleb goes home that’s horrible for us but it’s great for them.. it would be a wrap for us unless we win HOH
ZachAttack joins them they tell him Derrick says they have to win the HOH this week.
Cody says Frankie is playing the house and it’s pissing him off.

Zach says Christine told told Donny that Zach said he’s got Donny in his back pocket so he went to Frankie to ask him what to do.
Zach – That’s f***d up.. is that bad that I told him “
Derrick says what concerns him is they have an alliance called the detonators everyone else is expendable.. why are they selecting targets..
Derrick is stressing the only thing they should worry about is keeping their numbers.
Derrick says the reason he wants to keep Victoria around is he’s not going to beat her in physical or Mental competitions. Derrick warns them that Christine can read lips and she’s looking at them./

Cody say he’s questioning Christine and Frankie they are super tight now.
Derrick says what if Frankie made a deal with Hayden, Nicole, Christine that is why he doesn’t want them out. They joke around that Cody had Christine in his pocket and not hayden does “He pick pocketed me”

Hayden joins them says Amber pulled Victoria aside and asked her what she would wear tomorrow. Victoria told her to wear her best outfit. Amber says she’ll save her best outfit for when she really goes out. THey all snicker.

BB16-2014-07-30 23-42-50-881

11:25pm Hammock Derrick, Hayden Frankie and Cody
Hayden mentions Caleb saying he’s throwing the HOH tomorrow because they told him the HOH during double eviction doesn’t get a basket and letter.
Hayden says he’ll put up Jocasta and Victoria and hopefully win the vote so it’s not used.
Derrick what if one of them pull themselves off
Frankie – If Caleb wins he won’t use the veto so then Jocasta.
Derrick teases Hayden says he stole Victoria from from him Derrick says now hayden can confirm that when you talk to Victoria she never talks game.
Derrick I was talking to her for 45 minutes not once did she mention game.

11:36pm Hayden and Cody
Hayden telling him about Backd**ring Frankie. Cody is unsure he’ll get the votes.
Cody – Caleb wouldn’t, Donny would
hayden thinks they can convince Caleb to vote Frankie out tell him the whole plan to get Amber out was his idea.
Cody – I don’t know that Nicole and Christine would vote him out.. Him and Christine are CRAZY tight
Hayden thinks nicole would but isn’t sure about Christine.
Codey says Zach tells Frankie a lot of sh1t, he doesn’t know where Derrick’s head is at.
Cody tells him Derrick doesn’t want to cannibalize their numbers he’s going after the Donny’s and Jocasta’s
Cody doesn’t want o send Victoria home especially that Derrick and Hayden have her on lock.


The pickle

Caleb finally makes the Banana PIckle. “You (Amber) looked at me like I’m a Banana”
(In case you didn’t know Amber loves pickles but hates Banana’s when she first saw Caleb she didn’t like him he was a banana but after she got to know him she foudn out he was a pickle something she loves. So Caleb stuffed a pickle inside a banana and used floss to seal it up. He’s going to put it in her suit case. By this time tomorrow it will be mush and will scare her)

BB16-2014-07-30 23-56-10-471

11:56pm Zach, Christine and Frankie
Zach warns Frankie that there could be people who will put him up because they see him as a threat.
Zach – If I wasn’t on your side I would be extremely nervous about you.
Frankie thinks Zach is trying to say Cody and Derrick are coming after him.. Zach thinks they should get rid of Amber, Jocasta
Zach – Nicole is the biggest floater in the game”
Christine – I can’t disagree.. I can’t disagree” Feeds cut.
Christine leaves. Zach says Cody believes that Frankie has complete control over Zach.
Zach – “He called me your messenger boy.. ”
Zach says he’s protecting Frankie he’s cody’s closest friend in the house and if he says anything about Frankie he will defend him.
Frankie – Just tell him you are gay
Zach – I should just admit it right.
Frankie needs Zach’s help in keeping the target off CHrittine “If Christine is not trusted in this group of 5 and I trust her it’s 3 vd 2”
Zach – How can I help you
Frankie – Stop throwing Christine under the bud
Zach – Hayden is not coming after me.
Zach tell him Christine isn’t as smart as he thinks. They agree They have to keep caleb in the house. Zach points out if they bring sCaleb to final 6 they can use him to take out Zach and Caleb.
Frankie – We got to lock down our information flow.
Frankie is worried about the detonators turning on Christine. Zach has Los Tres Amigos as his backup bit Frankie doesn’t have anything like that. Frankie may have to get Hayden and Christine on his side to hedge against Cody and Derrick.

BB16-2014-07-31 00-09-58-144

12:29AM HOH Frankie and Zach
Frankie says as long as Caleb is in the house Frankie feel safe. Zach – I think he likes me
Frankie – I do like Cody very much. Frankie says Cody is just like a child that is why he needs Zach’s help with Christine. Frankie asks him where all his stuff is in case he’s evicted. Zach says he’s not going anywhere. Freankisksises him on cheek and leaves.

BB16-2014-07-31 00-34-10-034

12:30AM Have nots finished their feast

Where is the vote
Amber’s going home 9-0

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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Random Thought

Does anyone else think the person at BB who thought up all these ‘wild and crazy twists’ in this ‘most twisted season ever!’ is a guy whose idea of a night of wild sex means taking his socks off?

Allison Grodner

It was me, and yes, taking my socks off is hard because reaching my feet is impossible.

Jimmy 64

I hope Amber takes that banana pickle and shoves it up
Caleb’s ass.


Oh God No! He might like it and want more, all naked with just cowboy boots and a hat!


It is interesting to see how the house guests’ sexuality evolves once inside the house. Thoughts of significant others and orientation were checked at the door. The premise that everyone has the tendency to be queer is definitely backed up throughout Big Brother, I highly doubt the house guests would behave this way otherwise.


I think Zach’s and Frankie’s interactions are cute and refreshing! Kind of interesting that it’s actually happening on tv.

BUT, is it a BB creation?? Is Zach is one of the twists — a plant that switches up the storyline? They have cleaned up the cast a bit — no smoking, no Xanax, and, generally, less homophobia/racism.


I’m too lazy to check their bios. I know Zach was supposed to be hetero, but did he have a girlfriend coming in the house? If so I’d love to see her interviewed on CBS.

Butters Mom

Zack said in an interview that he hasnt had a gf in 12 years.


12 years?……. He’s 22 years old, he needs to come out already.


I don’t think Zach has a girlfriend, if he does she doesn’t put out because he mentioned he hasn’t been inside anyone in at least a year lol (of course that could be male or female :P)

Every Season

Every single I root for the underdogs. The ones the most popular want out the most. With that being said COME ON Donny Jocasta Hayden or Nicole.

Yes Zach you may as well admit. We can see you are.


this is what you get derrick, if things are not adding up there is a reason why they are not adding up.. duh now you and cody are in a pickle.


I think they’re actually in a pickle inside a banana peel wrapped in floss.

pickle,banana peel, floss

Almost busted out laughing at work at that one…had to cover it with a fake cough…


I actually just spit out my food for that one. Made my day, thank you.


I hate how Frankie is literally can get away with anything in this house and come out looking like a sassy, funny gay guy with the CBS edit. He’s always touching people inappropriately, rubbing them or groping/humping them whether it’s guys or girls and he can get away with it ONLY because he is gay. What if a straight guy did that to a lesbian I am sure the Feminazis would blow their fuse.

Frankie is just a 31 year old disgusting, vile weasel who needs to go home soon.


Yup…. Almost as bad as Cody hanging all over the girls (even married Christine) and some of the guys. Then touching himself and his pubes followed by eating packaged food (that others will also eat) and massaging Christine WITHOUT washing his hands.


Yep…the house is just one big festering, funkified, petri dish of bodily fluids rubbed over every surface of everything. Charming.


It’s not as bad as last year when Amanda and McCrae ruled from bed, left stains all over the house, never changed their clothes or bathed, chain smoking, bugs coming out of the drains, etc… I know uncivilized people exist in the world, but to see it played out on national televion was just gross. In the end, wished I could have pushed a “reset” button in my brain and washed it clean of that trainwreck.


I can’t believe Victoria blamed Jocasta for that loss (on last night’s episode). What is wrong with her?
I can barely hear what she says on after dark episodes because of her weird accent.
Did anyone else notice the picture Derrick got when he was HOH – it was his daughter’s christening. Victoria believed him when he said his wife is Jewish. I don’t think Jews have Christenings do they? He knew that would get her to trust him.
She is such a moron.


What does his daughters Christening have to do with his wife being Jewish? I know judaism is through the mother but in several families if one parent is more religious than the other the children are raised that faith. Look at Bill Maher his mother is Jewish and his father is Catholic. He was raised Catholic.


When I heard that I was like “Bitch, you have got to be kidding” Simple listening to Jocasta could’ve won the comp for them, but as usual Vitoria was off in her Princess World of Nonsense.

Victoria is just a pretty face, nothing upstairs.


Victoria is a pretty face? Have those words ever been uttered before in reference to her? If that’s a pretty face…..


Great point about the Christening picture! Even in mixed faith marriage, if the mother is Jewish, the kids are raised Jewish. Victoria isnt even trying to pick out the truth from the lies. What game is she playing? She totally wants a show-mance. Derrick gave her attention, which guy attention is better than talking to Jacosta. But Hayden is single… so she will value him even more.


So Zach has admitted what we already have figured out. Derrick better stop thinking of numbers and get rid of Frankie. Donny, Hayden, Cody & Nicole wouldn’t have a problem voting him out and they could convince Victoria & Jocasta. It would be a wrap. Except Zach probably go ballistic and throw ppl under the bus.


Frankie really wants zach to be gay,


Zack is gay!


Like Zach keeps saying… He dates girls… But fell for a guy… I think the word he is looking for is “bi.” And I don’t think he realizes it yet. Because he likes girls, I don’t think he realizes he might ALSO like guys.


Honestly, who cares. If Frankie and Zack want to hook up let me. Would nice for change to have gay showmance. However, since I dislike Frankie and like the Zachattack, I would have mixed feelings about it. Also, I do not think Frankie is genuine with Zack so that is a problem as well. It would best for Frankie to be evicted soon and realize what dope he has been in terms of game play. Always wanting to put up Jocasta and Victoria because he is afraid to put up Caleb or Hayden makes him a crappy player.


I love how on tonight’s episode of BBAD The Detonators (excluding Christine) finally discussed attempting to send Hayden home in the near future. Hayden needs to wake up and stop mindlessly following Derrick and his boys around, I feel like he is so clueless in this game. It’s a shame too, because Hayden was my favorite to win before this season even started. Unfortunately he’s not as likable as I initially thought, regardless though…WAKE UP HAYDEN. Start making deals, win an HOH, stop flirting with Nicole, and I don’t know try winning another a POV where you actually don’t take someone off the block just because Derrick and his boys want you to. Idiot.


That’s so true!!
There’s 4 puppet masters who plant & seed the information/direction of the game and each has a core 2nd:

Derrick: Cody
Frankie: Zach
Hayden: Nicole
Donnie: ?Jacosta (she’s also a floater cuz she’s so vulnerable)

Jacosta, (Between Donny & Derrick)
Victoria (Between Hayden & Derrick)
Christine: (Between Derrick & Hayden)

Clueless: Caleb (Derrick is really try to keep him because he’s a number for Derrick .)
Gone: Amber

Frankie has a very small chance of getting jury votes (he’s alienated and backstabbed so many people), so Derrick is going to align with him and get out Hayden. Or, he should. Hayden should wise up quickly or he’s gone!!


Good points. Weird but the puppet masters include the three Team America players. That is going to come to a head soon.


Yes! I’m wondering when or if they’re going to implode. The TA stuff does force people to start manipulating/playing games but is it the game we really want to see? I might end up messing up their individual games. Especially Frankie because he’s burning bridges left and right. For the next challenge, Donnie is right to pass on it.

BTW, during Zach’s speech the screen said the TA mission failed — was that because Amber didn’t argue? Is this mission all over now?


New Team America mission might be to vote against the majority of the house….so is this production stepping in to save Amber? Or at least it will be 6-3 instead of 9-0.


I don’t think Team America’s next task will be until next week, or at least after Thurs, as it is on Thursdays when Julie tells us what America decided. I could be wrong, but I am 90% sure it is not going to happen this week, and Amber will be going today (it is already Thursday, wow I need to get to bed)


This will take place next week. Not this vote.


Better tell Team America, they think it is for tonight.


7-2, Frankie doesn’t vote. And Donny is actually refusing to blame others and declining the mission, so Derrick and Frankie want Donny gone now.


Wow Caleb that’s not creepy at all. Finding a way to invade her space even after she walks out. Let it go. I guess when they said the summer would be full of twists they meant a houseguest.


Can someone please explain what “hitting the reset button” means??
Thank you.


House Flip. It means that any alliances that where made prior are cancelled and there is a a new power in the house.


I thought tgat it was strange last week wken Britany was evicted; not bcuz her kids were there but JC didn’t fill her in on anything that had been going on behind B’s back in the house. Her exit interview wasn’t the routine interview.
I know that past seasons have had evicted hg’s re-enter the game, but I thought that it was usually jury members that got that chance since they were already sequestered in the jury house? l
Don’t non-jury evictees usually go home?
If they do, is it possible that they plan to give Brit a chance to re-enter? And right now she is sequestered somewhere and that is why her kids were in the audience when she was evicted? Also why sge wasn’t asjwd the standard exit questions by Julie Chen?


She’s not in sequester. She isn’t coming back.


Finally, some big cracks are starting to form amongst the unanimous voting entity that was formerly the bomb squad. It’s especially interesting to see the lines being drawn between cody/derrick/hayden vs. christine/frankie/zach. It’ll be awesome to finally have two sides of the house fighting against each other. Can’t wait for the impending bloodshed in the next couple weeks..


Like you I’m looking forward to the potential fall out. But you’ll notice each time someone mentioned who they were actually going to put up , it was Jocasta and Victoria’s names for certain and then a possible backdoor . It seems while they continue to talk tough and form side alliances, they are maintaining the same cowardly patterns of safe nominations. This might be the season that sets the record on backdoors because they’re all too scary. When we get down to the final four it will be the same conversation about ” we cant put her/him up , they’ll blow us up” or “Operation Brittany”. One of the worst casts ever!


Sorry for all of the typos in the comment above.^

Thor's Sister

I Really Really hope Jocasta goes home, that would be a good flip and things would get real ,real quick! Amber wins HOH and puts up Caleb and Zach . Who ever wins POV she replaces them with Frankie. *snicker*
It is wishful thinking, I know.

LOLS @ Banana Pickle.


How many clues does Caleb need to realize Amber isn’t into him???
Dumbest guy in BB history.


why is the pink weasel telling Kristen who she can and can not put up if she wins HOH? Who put him in charge..other than himself? I really wish these people would wise up and get him out…NOW he weasels his way to the end!


the heck is Kristen?


you know I meant Christine, same name different spelling!


AM I the only one who thinks by the way Frankie acts and dress he has NO friends his on age for a guy that suppose to be 31 he come across and acts like he’s 18 I think he’s stuck in highschool and I bet he hangs out with his sister and her friends and keeps up all the drama.i bet none of his friends are older than 22 he seriously comes across like that one guy everybody went to highschool that thought he was the man that just never grewup that don’t want to hangup his highschool cool years and deal with reality. dude ur 31yrs old its time to growup and act ur age.


Well said, Tim! He cannot handle being a mature and responsible adult. Imagine, he is 31 year old, has a body of a 60 year old, dresses like an 18-21 year old, and acts like an 14-16 year old.




Caleb and the stupid pickle in a banana. I bet he thinks a good date is cow tipping. He gets fixated in an ideas/thought and can’t let it go. If he gives her this stupid thing he made, he will talk about how great it was giving it to her on the way out and if he doesn’t, he will talk about how he will give it to her at the after party. If Amber is smart, she won’t go and work on getting a restraining order.

I couldn’t tell where Cody was in terms of his alliance with Zach, but it appears he’s on the outs and targeting Zankie. I’m happy to see everyone is paranoid and doesn’t trust anyone that they thought they could. I hope this HOH has a winner that breaks the house wide open and everyone is scrambling!

Zach, we all know you are gay…. Not a surprise to anyone. Now that you’ve admitted it, can we all move on!


I love how Derrick keeps going on about keeping their numbers…while they plan to vote out Amber over Jocasta. Wasn’t Amber a vote with/for them?


Hoping Caleb goes soon, one way or the other. His head is definitely not in the game and all he thinks about is Amber. Hate to diss a member of our US military and obviously a brave man who defends our country, but he’s obviously mentally ill and shouldn’t be allowed to obsess over Amber like this in the public spotlight. It’s a sickness and CBS should be able to see that. IMO, his obsession has crossed the line and he should be removed from the house. Amber’s parents must be mortified.


“Freankisksises” is the best typo I’ve ever seen on this site


Zachs’s game is really good, he’s much smarter than I thought. A week ago he blew up most peoples game, and made enemies out of his own alliance. Now no one is even throwing out his name. I’m really impressed.


If Zach’s gay, then Amber’s a lesbian.

At least Zach is interesting.