Big Brother 16 Spoilers – HOH Competition prep “Time to Get LOOPY”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-30 15-10-16-537

3:09pm Bathroom Zach, Derrick and Cody
Zach mentions they are not locked out of the backyard yet, he suspect the competitions is “Easy A$$” to set up. Zach speculates it’s double evictions.
Frankie comes in says his allergies really get bad every Wednesday he suspect it’s from the building of the competitions stirring up dust.
Zach goes into the Diary room to find out when lockdown is. He comes back says’s it’s 4:30 2

BB16-2014-07-30 15-26-41-786

3:25pm Hammock Cody and Zach
Zach says it’s going to be Double eviction. Zach says Christine is a floater she never does anything. Cody mentions that Victoria has won Competitions now she was able to pull herself off the block she’s not a floater.
Cody is starting to realize Christine does nothing for his game. He knows Zach realized that earlier. “When is the time to do it” (Turn on Christine)
Zach – “After Jocasta leaves.. Us four and Nicole, Donny, Hayden and Victoria
Zach – she brings literally nothing to the table
Cody agrees
Zach – no one listens to her no one takes what she says to heart.. she doesn’t even say anything
Zach says Christine is just taking all the information from them and is doing what is best for her game and what is best for her game is to sit around absorb what they say and let them carry her, Zach adds that when they are up in the HOH talking Christine always comes up sites on the bed with Frankie giggles and listen. She never adds anything.
Caleb comes by
Zach – Hey Beast mode wud up
Beast mode says he’s alright didn’t get much sleep last night.
Beast mode jokes he’s going to walk over to AMber say Good morning beautiful
Cody – really
Beast mode – ya right
BEast mode leaves
Zach and Cody go back to talking game. Cody says Derrick is already feeling the same way with christine.
Cody – I could care less if Jocasta goes home
Zach says it will be Amber and then Jocasta in the jury will be the detonators Caleb HAyden nicole and Donny

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BB16-2014-07-30 15-40-56-328

3:40pm poolside Donny and Derrick
Dinny says if he wins HOH he might put up Victoria and Coq boy but with so few people backdooring might not work he might get picked anyways. Donny mentions that Caleb nominated him during his first HOH so for DOnny’s first HOH he’ll nominate Caleb.
They agree having zach around is good for them because he’s such a big target.
Frankie comes by they tell him they’re trying to figure out what to do during double eviction.
Frankie says the three of them are in a good spot, he recommends they should put up 2 weeks players if they are wanting to win the Veto themselves. .
Donny tells them he guarantees he won’t put them two up.,Frankie says the same. Frankie mentions how useful Zach is for them in getting the team America tasks done. Donny agrees says the last one they were given wouldn’t have worked unless they had Zach.
Frankie – ‘we’ve used him 2 out 3’
Derrick says this is a boring cast so production is going to use Team America to liven things up.
Donny leaves. Derrick doesn’t want to send Caleb home right away. Frankie agrees, Mentions that they are going to have a tough time defending him to people like that (Donny)

BB16-2014-07-30 15-52-43-899

3:55pm Kitchen
Memory walls changes read “HOH head of household Time to get loopy”

The screen changes again showing loops from the competitions.
(this is what the HOH competition will be quizzing them)


4:30pm Houseguests studying the loops

Zach’s studying involves music, sleep and cocoa puffs

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BB16-2014-07-30 16-42-14-309

4:42pm HOH Zach… Studying like a boss

Where is the vote
Amber’s going home 9-0

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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beast mode cowboy creeper

Glad everyone realizes how much Christine sucks! I cant stand looking at her face anymore.

Pinocchio Obama

Could Zach be any more of an ahole?


He’s just honest and gives trouble where trouble is needed to be given.


In other words, he’s just a simple bytch.

Amanda queefs slop

Christine’s face looks like chewed up mangled meat.


Nicole is ugly too.


Ok I’ve been meaning to ask this. But, is it me or did they put more effort into the HoH rooms during the earlier seasons? Like the photos would be framed on the walls and the rooms were more colorful. They got more things from home. Now its like they just throw two photos and a few snacks on a table. Like, “Here! You worthless piece of sh*t”. Idk lol

Victoria's Extensions

Lmao right? Production be like “Oh you’re HoH, I totally didn’t notice. Here’s a pack of oreos and a picture from when you were 5.”


They used to go all out on the HOH rooms, giving them themes and everything, but why do that when a few pictures and a basket can save a bunch of $$$$?

That is likely why.


That bed looks like someone was chopping wood and just said to hell with it and placed a mattress on the pile. But, why make a house nice when it always turns into a condemned frat house as the season wears on?


This is at least the third time I’ve seen that old circular mattress – it was in the HOH room once before this season and it has also been used in the Have-Not room on another season.
The decor, styling, fixtures & fittings and furniture is much more elevated and a lot more stylish in the BB Canada House but the production values for this season’s competitions have been quite good.


What a sad Thursday. The hottest girl will go home and all we are left to stare at is Nicole. She is hot though.


Nicole is not hot.


You know your eyes are bored when you think Nocole (Cindy Lou Who) is hot… LOL


Nicole is average. Put her next to Amber or Brittany and you’ll see how basic she is. She’s got that “girl next door” look that might be cute sometimes, but definitely not hot.

slappy potato

Well, compared to the monsters that are Christine and Victoria, Nicole ain’t too shabby, Jocasta is alright too.

Julie's Glitter

Nicole is cute and she has beautiful hair but she is a non-stop whiner and complainer, so she doesn’t seem nearly as attractive as she did in the beginning.

She could be

She might not look hot with the way she presents herself with those glasses and frumpy clothes but give her a makeover and she would be smokin.

As long as she....

doesn’t open her mouth she’s kind of cute. But the minute she starts talking it’s like nails on a blackboard. That whiney horrible voice, it’s like she’s straining on the toilet every time she speaks.

She’s also dumb as can be. Education system is failing where she’s from.

My favorite dumb line when Hayden says they’re like Hansel and Gretel, she whines “I don’t even know these people”.. lol


Yeah…MI isnt too good at educating their people. Moved here recently and constantly face palming at the stupidity. BRING US CULTURE, BRING US SCIENCE. Ugh.


Zacks antics are whats making this season interesting. He will probably go soon and then it will be boring, but in the same way I really do hope zack doesn’t make it to the finals. He is way too cocky and dumb


I’ll give you cocky but Zach is NOT dumb. He is playing to get a job afterwards more than to win. And he’s actually playing a smart game (how many people want him as a target now…?). Plus, he is the only actual winner of the HOH and was MUCH faster than everyone else… He’s not as smart as he thinks, but he is smart.


Win or lose, he definitely gets asked back to play another season.


He’s entertaining but tonight’s “blow up” was a disappointment. They put waaay too much planning into it. Zach’s hysterics are better when they’re spontaneous. Team America would have been better off stealing Victoria’s things and blaming it on Amber.

killer tomato

but alas, that was not the mission.


It looked way too rehearsed. Looked like bad actors in a high school play. It was out of place anyway. Zach wasn’t reining HOH or POV winner so, unless it was a genuine Tourette’s Syndrome related spontaneous outburst that couldn’t be contained it made no sense. It came off as looking stupid and definitely fell flat.


Oddly I don’t think Zach is dumb at all.He may be other things and his social antics may not be the best in keeping him safe..But he definitely has good observation skills of and has good BS meter. I just wonder to what extent he’s onto Frankie. .


Interesting fact of the day:

Cody puts deodorant on the bottom of his feet


Cody’s a freak who sits when he pees, too. Women probably won’t be flocking to him as much once he’s back home…


You are obviously not a woman in house full of men who has to clean the toilet just so she can go to the bathroom without sitting in someone else’s urine. Wish my guys would sit to pee.


Just give amber the diamond power of veto


Omg. I can’t believe Victoria said it’s all Jocasta’s fault they lost the BOB. LOL. Was she there when the game was being placed? Lol.


Nope she probably was more concern about her make up and hair. Jacosta tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen. I think when Derrick really runs it down to her about her playing skills, she will have a serious break down. She’s infatuated with him really bad.

Detroit Girl

I said Vicky would blame Jocasta for the loss. Maybe if you had listened and stacked by size and stack hard/soft. You might have had a chance.

Can we please get a return of the most hated poll? Thanks!

Detroit Girl

Simon to the rescue – and quick! Thanks so much!


It was entirely in my hands whether my Queen was on this pole.

Like it matters....

Where’s Amber?


SIMON, You left Amber ‘s name off the poll

Caren in Canada

No he didn’t fourth from the bottom! Wow I had a difficult time picking just three, in fact I would pick just about the entire list! How sad is that! lmaooooo


“Zach studying like a boss.” GREAT!!!


Fingers crossed that the other side of the house will win power during the double eviction! I just want a power shift to shake some things up in the house.

Game Over!!!

Other side of the House? All these women (all 10 remaining) are dropping like flies to boost their egos and hand Derrick $500k. Donny just realized it was “game time” this week. Really? When you were assigned to an alliance AND was told an alliance existed, resurrected, and all but flat out exposed itself “literally” (as Cody would say). “At the end of the day” there is only one side of the house and they are all working together to let the Charlie (aka Derrick) and his Angels (Frankie, Zach, and Cody) rule the house.


No, it’s not Charlie (aka Derrick) and his Angels, It’s Derek and his Duminos’. And they are all falling like dominos.


I think Christine is beast modes new love interest. When he sneezed earlier & the way she said bless you, the Onesie bunny slipper wearing super Cowboy fell in love


I think the best twist for thus group would have been that the first 7 (?) evicted were the ones
That went to Jury. They have been taken notes from each person evicted.
Tell them the twist once the Jury is complete. From that point on any evicted person goes goes home.
Knowing that they will not go to Jury IMO will cause the to play for the 500,000 harder. Get the floaters out. IMO that would be a game changer and put some fire under them.


Ps are at least let the picking of Jury members be random.


Sleep is actually important for memory consolidation (not that I’m convinced Zach knows this). But even with less studying, I bet Derrick and Zach win.


Christine & Jocasta would be the nominees I believe

funny simon

That is hilarious. Could you imagine the power trip!!!! He’d go crazy attack mode. Love it!


Oh gosh, me too. He is the light of my big brother life…lol.

Detroit Girl

OMG! Zach’s veto speech, it was even better seeing it than watching it. While I don’t condone bullying, his high drama monologues are funny.

Detroit Girl

*seeing it than reading it – rushing


You actually do condone it.

Detroit Girl

Really?! So many posts of mine have been AGAINST Caleb’s treatment, pranks, threats, etc. and this one eviction getting personal.

Zach comparing the female rat aka Christine to Jenn City was accurate. Saying the only super fan thing about Nic was the Germatard – accurate again. Coming to BMC’s defense, if you call it that, was funny. As if eating a pickle, entitled him to something. It was so ridiculous, all you could do was laugh at the silliness. That’s why NOBODY reacted, not even Amber.


It is boring that the same people keep getting put on the block!
The girls should have listened to Joey and made a strong girls alliance, Parvati style!!!


Has Caleb said anything go Amber since the stare down last night ?
She should know something is up for sure cause he has been running his mouth since she was put up.


When it comes to Amber and Caleb not speaking to one another, there is a huge and fundamental difference.
Caleb desperately and REALLY WANTS TO talk to Amber but plays his dysfunctional, childish game of pretending he doesn’t want to talk to Amber and then tells everyone that he isn’t going to talk to Amber until she apologizes or comes crawling back or talks to him first.
Amber REALLY DOES NOT WANT TO talk to Caleb and then doesn’t. PERIOD!

really cbs

They are already giving Amber the b*tch edit. They’re just showing her ignoring Caleb instead of WHY she is ignoring Caleb. Smh typical.

Detroit Girl

They showed BMC’s egotistical rants. I think Amber will get the edit she deserves Thursday, or hope so.

Beast Mode Reaper Robe

Yes, they should’ve showed why she was ignoring him but they did show Caleb in his Beast Mode Reaper Robe which showed him as the crazy lunatic stalker that he is.

Funny how he thinks he runs the house.

I’ve seen the photos of his photo shoots with him in underwear. He must be trying to compensate with his holy mightiness for his lack of manhood between his legs.


So the diary sessions were a mix of humor (Frankie) and tragedy (Caleb).
I swear Caleb is a one-man telenovela


Zach pulls off the incredible by being both a d-bag and completely charming. I’m in his corner all the way.


I agree. Zach is probably the only real person in a house full of fakes and rats. He calls people out for their crap, and he’s not a pushover or a people-pleaser, so it makes for great television. He’s easily the best thing of BB16


It is a no-brainer between the 2 choices for Team America. Obviously, for entertainment value, the “voting against the majority” option is better


And this would likely end up keeping Amber in the game and drama between her and Caleb. BB influencing who goes home by manipulating America’s vote for the easier choice to complete.


I hate that option. It always backfires and the others figure it out and turn on them. That will put at least one of them in jeopardy and possibly on the block. Not good for our Team America.


I disagree. I want Donnie to finally get HOH so I’m voting for that option. Sure Derrik will try to control the nominations but I think Donnie will be smart and choose for himself.


Voting against the majority next week will completely change the game because only eight HG’s will be voting. Personally I don’t like it. It’s like the Evil Dick season where he was 100% being voted out, and America’s Player saved him by changing his vote. This led to him winning the season, and believing he was actually a great player…as opposed to be being one of the most entertaining ones.

I love the drama of the game, but not when it’s forced by production.

another sad death

It was sad to see derricks reaction to his grandpops. You can tell being a cop made him less emotional, but that turmoil one feels when a loved one passes on is still present always. May the those who have died rest in peace.


Seems like BB is trying to manipulate it so amber stays with America’s vote. Assuming that America will choose the easier mission of casting votes against the majority and blaming someone else could tip it to Amber’s favor. Getting Derrick and Donny to win HOH together seems virtually impossible.


oh how funny. They didn’t win that task. I hate Donny didn’t get the money but it is what it is. Zach is a piece of work.


Team America Mission Failed!!!

Teri B

I have a VERY strong feeling that God (oops, I mean Production) is going to be stepping in here. The house is SO lopsided now and if the girls don’t rally, it’s kind of all over. Surely they aren’t THAT stupid………..are they? LOL


They are that stupid

Victoria's Blank Stare

These girls are soooo stupid and ineffectual that not only will they never figure out what is going on, BUT not one of them could win HOH, even if you needed a vag to win the HOH competition …but that could also say just as much about some of the male HG’s because I’m pretty sure at least Cody is a giant vag. and Caleb is clearly premenstrual.


I love zach!! Lmao studying like a boss that was great! The more I watch zach just looks like a mic between dr will and Evel dick! Idk if you all agree but seriously look at his gameplay it’s like a cross between the 2! I’m not saying he’s as good as them cause he’s not but I do think he’s a great player!


He’s done nothing in the game so far except for being nasty to 3 girls and almost screwing up his whole alliance (too bad 2/3 of the house are morons) and he will likely be soon eliminated by his buddies.


Amber is so clueless to not put two and two together with her being put on the block. I can’t see how she thinks Caleb can save her. I would blow up the alliance. As Caleb would say, at the end of the day…LOL it won’t damage her situation on staying or leaving. The HG would have to come up with a new strategy bcuz everyone would be leary of each other and more paranoid.


Zach is definitely the most entertaining house guest this season. Well… Make that most entertaining SANE house guest.


*mix between dr will and Dick


he is just getting in his rest, ready to go on the ATTACK

studying like a boss. #Wildcard


I will love for Donny to win hoh with Nicole im vote for mission A cause the other one who will through a hoh to you know body at this time so the best one is mission A


best news is that a lot of ppl starting to keep Zach to help their game

that tends to lead to a Dr Will type game where all of a sudden no one gets rid of you.

is it possible? oh geez can’t get too excited, hope #wildcard makes jury. he likely ends up swaying the entire jury to vote for who they should vote for

production rigged it

Ok somebody correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t Donny, Frankie and Derrick under the assumption that they had successfully completed their mission because I think it was Derrick that said only 1 person had to berate another one for 20 seconds and Zach did that to Amber. I know I commented on that being bullsh!t because they had originally said that 2 people had to get in an argument. Then at the end of tonight’s episode after Amber didn’t say anything it said mission failed. So do they not know or understand that they failed then.

Devin's Tears

I’m so confused too! Looks like production wanted them to incite a verbal smack down rather than instigate a fight because now that pow pow is gone there’s no one uppity enough to argue with.

Irked by the stupidity!

I don’t normally appreciate Zach but I must admit…his DR sessions…that kid is a HOOT!!!! Makes me lol…LOUDLY!

Production consulted Simon.....

It is obvious production consulted OBB on the TA challenge……because the boys all thought just having Zach yell at Amber was enough……but they must have informed them that an argument had to be an exchange between two people……maybe little consolation for Amber when she finds out she cost them all 5Gs.


Based on option “B” from the voting poles, it seems that 2 HOH’s is lasting another week. Sooo ready for it to be over.

Derrick's Bacon Aroma!

I sure hope the next comp doesn’t entitle me to do or move much, since I don’t like to use this God gifted body of mine! Maybe the BB Gods will have some sort of ‘Turtle Race’ then “BOOM” I’m HOH king and I getz to save my wife…. (my bad), my friend, Victoria from the block!




I actually feel sorry for Amber. I couldn’t imagine being stuck in a house with your stalker and all his friends.

I am rooting for Zach he is definitely making it intresting.

Jocasta makes me cringe everytime she talks!!!!

Crazy Thought

Is it possible that Amber will be evicted and then sequestered with the purpose of being brought back into the house at a later stage?? I can just see production attempting to do some sort of screwy love reunion between her and Caleb at some point.


Knowing how volitle Zach is, team America should have set someone else, anyone, up to call him out on something.
They KNOW that the wildcard would fight back, thus completing the mission.
Instead of having him try to start an argument just get someone primed up to get him going.


I am so glad they didn’t get the money for that mission. Now, maybe we will see some effort put into it. We do NOT want the HOH to get thrown to the American players because other house guests would through it to Derrick and Frankie. They don’t trust Donny enough to let him have it. We’ve seen these house guests do the exact OPPOSITE of what the anticipated moves were (anybody remember the “physical threat?). This would be no different.


Frankie can’t be HOH this week so it would be Derrick and Donny. I rather Donny win HOH with Hayden and not Derrick.


Frankie can’t be HOH next time


I hope Team America is HoH!! Please houseguest, throw it to Donny and Derrick!!!


I rather them vote against the house. Someone from TA is always on the block, that is easy for them. Going against the house is something we haven’t seen all season.


That would be hard, most houseguests will question Donny & Derrick about changing the votes. That will never happen.


I’m surprise to see Zach and Derrick as the favoritesfollowing Donny which is not a surprise, as the favorites on this site. Mainly because my favorites are usually disliked on here. It would be cool to see Zach win cause he’s more in people’s face, Derrick is playing the quiet social game. I don’t mind that game, when it works and he was undercover for 3 years, so if anybody can pull it off, he can. It would make this season more special if Zach somehow won. It seems like it’s sort of working, now that he’s been making himself a target, it’s been taking the target off him.


They won’t throw it to Donny! Everyone trusts Derrick and Frankie is in the detonators. Think!


I’m pretty sure that they will throw it.

production rigged it

Christine is a complete waste of space, on tonight’s episode she said she wanted to win the POV so she could keep the nominations the same because she didn’t want Amber to go just all the guys did. OK if she didn’t want Amber to go then why in the hell did she run to guys less than 5 minutes after everytime Amber told her something then. Makes no sense, but I guess that’s this year’s version of a superfan though (meaning a clueless moron).


She was probably fed that ‘strategy’ in her DR sessions. To make it look like she has half a brain in this game. Otherwise she’s content being the giggly girl left with all the guys, so she thinks.


Not only should everyone in the house want zach there (big target) but especially team America should want him there because they can use him for like every mission!!! He can make those 3 a lot of money so why get rid of him?!?! I sure as hell wouldn’t plus it’s a bonus that he’s the only entertaining one there!!!


Cody is jealous of Caleb. Note every time Caleb comes near Cody the way Cody starts trying to flex his muscles. I think he might have a secret man crush on Caleb. (Zach Efron who?)


Oh yeah. Whoops. :-/