“Everyone needs to stop playing with their f*** v@g grow a pair and throw the competition” #WILDCARD

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-24 22-22-26-425

10:25pm Storage room Christine and Nicole
Nicole says Cody told Zach that Cody did Christine and Nicole a favour by getting rid of Brittany last week. Cody said “he took one for the team” Christine says that makes her so mad doesn’t believe it thinks Zach is lying.
Christine – “I wish I had won this one..” Christine mentions that Zach is saying she has to earn her stripes but he’s not putting Victoria up she’s done nothing. Christine calls Zach a idiot says he needs to shut his mouth he’s talking way too much.
Christine says Cody hates Zach that is all he never talks about.
You know Zach told Brittany that Cody and Amber Were working together.. Cody is pissed off. Christine and Nicole want Zach gone next week. Nicole thinks she has a good chance teo win the competition if she’s paired with Amber but if she’s paired with Victoria she’s in trouble.
Hayden rolls in
Christine says Zach is so stupid she hates him
Hayden mentions how Zach is asking everyone to throw the Battle of the Block

BB16-2014-07-24 22-31-35-141

10:30pm BEEHIVE Caleb and Amber
Caleb says people are telling Zach that if you gets power you are coming after him today
Amber says if he puts her up she’s mentioning the whole alliance to the house
Caleb – is he your target or not because he’s going off what I say
Amber never said anything like that today, She adds Zach is not her target. Explains it was Brittany that said if she stayed in the house she would put up Zach.
Caleb says it was from people within their own Alliance, Frankie, Nicole, Hayden and Christine

BB16-2014-07-24 22-39-03-638

10:35pm Zach Cody and Hayden Storage room
Zach says he told Caleb that he’s heard Amber is coming after him and Caleb immediately said it must have been Hayden that told him. Zach tells them he’s gathering information from Amber and he’s still going to put her up. Zach mentions he’s so wondering why Christine won’t’ throw the BOB.
10:39pm Storage room hayden and Cody
Hayden saying that Zach has been asking everyone to throw the BOB but nobody will.
Hayden you have to be a idiot to throw it.
Cody agrees says no one is going to throw it.

BB16-2014-07-24 22-40-02-022

10:40pm, Have nots room Donny and Zach
Zach says he’s going to put up Amber. Caleb opens the door to talk to Zach. Zach says he’ll just be a minute. When Caleb leaves Zach because very worried that Caleb heard what he just said. Donny assures him Zach was whispering he didn’t hear.

BB16-2014-07-24 22-42-28-291

10:42pm Zach and Caleb
Caleb says Amber told him she didn’t say she’s putting up Zach this morning if she won HOH.
Zach thanks him says it’s good

BB16-2014-07-24 22-43-18-599

10:43pm Christine and Amber BEEHIVE
Amber says she doesn’t want to tell CHristine too much because she doesn’t know how close she is with them. Christine says Zach is talking about putting her and Amber up. Christine told Zach she wouldn’t throw the competition and if he put her up with Amber they would win it.

BB16-2014-07-24 22-46-01-245

10:45pm Bathroom Christine and Frankie
Chrsitne says she’s so pisseed off at zach she wants him gone next week
he can’t keep his mouth shut. Christine says that Zach told Amber she was the one saying Amber is targeting him.

BB16-2014-07-24 22-47-16-632

10:47pm Derrick and Christine
Christine – Zach is pissing me off he “Pretty much” told Nicole that bombsquad is still working together.
Christine says she would love it if Zach went home next week. “He’s throwing me under the bus twice already.. I pray he goes home this week”
10:49pm BEEHIVE Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says Christine, Hayden, Frankie told zach that Amber Is coming after Zach. Derrick mentions that Amber came up to him and Said she is done talking to the people in the alliance.

BB16-2014-07-24 23-02-56-504

11:03pm HOH Zach cam 1 Zach’s HOH Letter

Dear Zach,

This summer has been good. Basketball camp and sports camp is great . I’ve played two golf tournaments and the first one I shot two over par and the second one I came in First place with 3 over par. You should have seen me play it was great. Tiger is tearing up the house and I think you might have to replace the living room furniture. But mom will talk to you about that when you are home. Mom and Dad are really proud of you. I miss you a lot, can’t wait to see you but don’t come home too soon, if you know what I mean. I’m so happy you’re my real Big Brother.
Love, Peyton

BB16-2014-07-24 23-03-41-510

Frankie’s HOH letter

My dearest Frankie,

We are so proud of you. If you are reading this you have won HOH congratulations.Well, it’s been a heck of a week, as I’m writing this to you… as always I’m here for you and always in your heart, as you are in mine. We all cried and laughed and felt as if we shared Grandpa’s news with you in our arms. We were so comforted by all the support of your housemates and how they took care of you in our absence. Please thank them all from all of us. Ari was so warmed by their love.. NONA is sending her love, as well as Ari, Cocoa, Taluss and Ophelia, “my dogs” who are also with us in Florida “oh good” We all miss you so much. Spoke to your father.. he is doing well and rooting for your success. Enjoy your suite and have a great run. I love you, Mommy

Ari has made you various tyedye items and hundreds of beaded bracelets with funny insults on them.. and bedazzled the dragon for you. I guess crafts are the way to go when you are in mourning. Ari says she’s obsessed with you and misses her other half. She loves you.

BB16-2014-07-24 23-22-13-496

11:19pm Amber and Cody
Amber says she’s got to stop talking to people “This game is so crazy”
Cody – Is that directed at me”

11:21pm Christine and cody
Cody asks if Zach is going crazy
says Zach threw her under the bud, “I’m royally screwed”

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11:26pm Have nots Caleb and Cody Cam 1
Cody thinks that Nicole is getting hints sometimes. Caleb says Christine and Nicole are very close. Caleb says he can only protect her so far if she keeps running her mouth like she has to the people in the alliance it’s going to ruin his game and he can’t have that. Caleb claims that Amber’s game is in his hands whatever he tells Zach will dictate if she goes home or not. Cody says Amber came up to him and told him she’s not talking to the people in their alliance anymore. Cody sees this as a big problem . Caleb mentions Amber telling him she will blow up the alliance if she goes up. Caleb thinks if Amber goes on the block she’s going home. He can only do so much to protect her.

BB16-2014-07-25 00-09-33-805

11:35pm HOH Zach and Frankie
Zach says they need to get Amber out but it has to be Caleb before Amber
Frankie says Amber Is freaking out and putting a HUGE target on her back everyone hates her.
Zach – Christine needs to sack the f** up or i’m sending her home.
Right now Zach wants Amber gone, “Why can’t christine f***g throw the competition.. what does she bring to the table”
Zach mentions he was talking to Caleb and told her there was people in the alliance that said they are targeting Amber. Caleb figured out it was Christine and hayden. Caleb told this to Amber and Amber ran into the Storage room and told Christine.
Zach says Last week when Cody had a chance to backdoor caleb for himself he didn’t do it to help Christine, Nicole’s and Frankie’s game.
Zach – “it’s time for Christine to do something for herself.”
Zach – “If she doesn’t throw the competition we’re done.. I’’m throwing her under the bus to everyone I see.. Does this make sense is it rational.
Frankie suggest he puts Victoria up and call it a day
Zach – will it be calling it a day though..I want to put up Christine.. I’m tired of all of us Carrying Christine she does nothing for us.. she’s in the bomb squad because of Devin.. wouldn’t you rather Hayden be with us”
frankie – “he can’t keep switching people in the alliance”.
Zach – She always laughing she; happy she needs to sweat it. She always knows she’s safe“
Caleb, Derrick and Hayden roll in

Caleb says he talked to Amber and told her who said she was targeting Zach. Zach knew already he’s seen her coming out of the BEEHIVE room Caleb says they built this great alliance and now it’s crumbling he points out how Amber is threatening to out the squad and has told two people she doesn’t want to talk to the alliance anymore. Caleb says he’s pissed off.
Zach says he’s still wanting to complete the mission. Caleb says there’s people in the alliance that don’t trust Amber So why are we not trusting her for not trusting those people.
Frankie doesn’t believe Amber personally that she will not blow up the alliance, :”Who is she going to blow up the alliance to .. Victoria.. that’s what we’re worried about”
Frankie points out the alliance already blew up and it really didn’t change anything.
Frankie says If Amber is falling apart she cannot be here. Caleb say Amber isn’t falling apart the entire alliance is
Frankie doesn’t like what he’s hearing from Amber. Caleb snap backs say amber didn’t like what she heard coming from their alliance with.
Frankie – I know
Caleb – She straight up said No one in the alliance is her target if she goes up
Zach – that’s good to know that’s breaking news.. Frankie and I haven’t had a chance to talk yet.
Frankie san Zach say they will talk to Amber.

Caleb – “You can talk to her I’m not she can suck my B@lls”
Frankie – – can I suck your balls
Caleb – ya
Caleb leaves , Zach – Jesus christ.. I’m good at this game.. I’m an all star I created all this havoc just now.
Derrick what’s the story what are we thinking now
Zach and Hayden ‘backd**r Caleb”
They all laugh.
Zach says that makes is so easy now “I was so worried about Caleb was going to eat my face off now it doesn’t matter”

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Zach brings up Cody’s move last week to help out the alliance and how it wasn’t the best thing for Cody’s game. When Zach asked Christine to do something for the alliance she said
“NO NO absolutely not..; who the f** are you what the F** have you done. “
Zach tells them he won a HOH and now he’s the target for the group if he’s on the block against any of them he’s going home that is a legit thing he’s bringing to the table.
Frankie – ya ya we know you’re a monster
Zach – What the f** does Christine bring to the table she sits right there plays with Cody’s hair and she just LAUGHS AND LAUGHS how she’s safe”
Frankie are you putting Christine up over Victoria. Zach YA .. no i’m putting up Christine and Jocasta
Derrick – So he’s (frankie) putting up Donny and victoria.
Zach reminds them that the sole reason why Devin is gone is because of Donny
Frankie wants to put up Donny and Jocasta says Zach should put up Victoria.
Derrick says Victoria is on Zach’s d1ck
Zach had just gotten back Victoria’s trust., “I’m the king of the castle now.. i’m not taking this robe off either”

Zach again says All christine does is “Laugh all day, Flirt with Cody, she knows she’s safe every single time one of us wins HOH … She brings nothing to the table. she just listens to us game play.. she can flip the house “
Frankie doesn’t want Christine to be nominated he wants
Zach – “Everyone needs to stop playing with their f*** vag grow a pair of balls and throw the competition and it will be done”

Derrick – Dude I can’t wait for the nomination ceremony tomorrow.. Dude you should blow up on sombody make some great TV”
Zach – “I’m going to” (This is the Team America Task)
Derrick – The people are expecting it from you..
Frankie wants it to be Donny/Jocasta and Victoria/Nicole

(This was insane.. they are going to be going back and forth all night. )

BB16-2014-07-25 01-12-31-714

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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For the first time this season, I can actually say that I don’t know who is going to go up. Every other week has been so predictable, but with Zach, this week is already getting interesting. I just hope that someone from this stupid Team America alliance can convince him to blow up on someone and we can get some good action going on in this snooze fest! #WILDCARD


Derrick is planting the seeds…


Zach’s been my favorite since get-go. He is the only constant for me.

He is very entertaining and enjoy him calling out Christine.

Too bad Zach won’t be in the house too long but now I’m switching my favorite from Donny to Zach.


Christine/nicole vs Jocasta/Victoria


Jacosta was amazing at the HOH, she was slow to react and still hit the wrong button.

BB16 sucks

#useless 🙂


whose jocasta?


cody is just such a wuss, he needs to talk to Zach and stop sitting there complaining about his game being blown up when last week he has these emotional moments where he is the one ruining his game and making things seem WAAAAY bigger than they are. he takes EVERY SINGLE THING people say to him about Zach as fact, and might be the worst “bro” ever.


Cody’s nice to look at but that’s it.


Hahahaha…..I just love that their 113 person alliance is getting a little too large to manage. No wonder Officer Derrick handed this one off to Zach. Could it be possible that we might actually see a little bit of real drama this week? Oh, to dream………..


Oops! meant *Francine*


I love that you call him Francine! Haha. Has nothing to do with his sexuality, it’s just hilarious.


I don’t think he’d care, do you? 🙂

zach ATTACK the house

I hope Zach says no to just throwing up the same people again. Donny, Jocosta, Amber, Victoria

no. Zach ATTACK should put cody’s wimpy behind on the block. if any of those people had any sense, they would tell Zach all the stuff cody has been saying without even talking to Zach. he would nominate cody immediately. he really doesn’t care and in a game with so many so worried about the smallest things even more than other seasons….its freaking gold.


I’m in love with Zach. Only player in the game that isn’t playing like a scared little bitch. His days are numbered and the feeds are going to suck when he goes, but I hope he just blows up all these chicken shits ……


Zach is not the best player in the house but he is very easy to root for because he rocks the boat so much that even those that are sitting pretty and doing nothing has the potential to go home. (I’m secretly hoping that something hits him five minutes before nomination and nominates christine and derick.) Although this week I can see Victoria or Jocasta out the door, not a fan of Amber and Caleb but I’m starting to root for them because they seem to be the Brendon and Rachel (minus the competition wins) in the Brigade season.

new to BB 14

Zach put up Derrick and Christine man up dude

Frankie you little weasel !!!!!!!!

Why the hell would he put up Derrick?

Okay so his main alliance includes: Frankie, Cody, Derrick, and Christine
Derrick will not come after him –at least not until Amber, Caleb, and Christine is gone. Man up? Really? Christine is making it easy for Zach to nominate her –especially with her saying that she’ll go after him next week.

As for Caleb –Amber has influence in him so while I would like for Caleb to go –for Zach’s game –it would make more sense for him to target Christine. If he wants to play it safe, he can target Jocasta or Victoria but I don’t think he wants to do that.


I hate Frankie. Just shut the fuck up dude and go home.

I totally agree!

He actually makes the game hard to watch for me……and I’m sorry I feel terrible that his grandfather passed but I think he is being completely fake about it, I’m not sure he even cares he just used it for more camera and fake acting time/sympathy from the house. I know it’s a game and he’s playing it for sure but I don’t think he’s a nice person at all he says he loves his sister but I think he would give anything to be more famous then she is and that is his entire goal in life.


Zack is raising hell in this house!



I wish derrick was more of a fan of taking Zach to the end but just letting him destroy everyone else’s game. he doesn’t talk to him anyway, but don’t target him

derrick is by far playing the best game, he just assured a Zach blowup at noms, and that continues his flawless gameplay. although I think he made it way too over the top throwing HOH to Frankie, he shouldn’t have said anything and should have just made it obvious without having to point it out. it was like someone asking for a thank you


I was rolling around laughing during Zach’s whole thing in the HOH….funniest thing I have ever seen.


I’ve never really been compelled to jump on the Christine hating bandwagon, not because she didn’t deserve it, just that it was all pretty well said. BUT, now she is showing ALL her cards, and they sure ain’t pretty. Absolutely she’s done NOTHING, and deserves nothing from anyone. Now she’s on a rant about the unfairness of it all. Dollars to donuts she’s gonna blow up the unholy alliance if she goes up. THAT will be worth watching! yay!


Right now I don’t even care who the noms/final noms are.
Zack has only been hoh for a few hrs and has every single one of them (except Donny&Jo) running around in circles.
Everyone is freaking out and nobody (except D&J) can sleep now because they are all on high alert. lmfao
Suddenly, now Frankie is talking about having to keep the hoh himself, even though he origanally wanted to avoid winning and keep the blood iff his hands.

BB16 sucks

I only hope Zach will persist and put up the Giggly-Hyena Christine on the block. Her and the Bible-totong-freak Jocasta are BY FAR the most boring persons in the house right now — they don’t bring any entertainment value to the show, they’re not winning competitions. OUT!


Oh my word! Zach is absolute gold! Hopefully this evening is a precursor to what is to come this week… 🙂 Hilarious to watch him go bounce all over the place! Frankie and Derrick have their hands full with this “King of the Castle” — I’m absolutely LOVING it! Kudos, Simon, for tracking Zach’s tangents. That can’t be easy; he’s all over the feeds, and it’s awesome! No wonder he sleeps much; he’s recharging that battery! 🙂 Please, Zach, go with your gut and put up Christine! Definitely a ZachAttack! #WILDCARD


Right now, Zach is the only one capable of making a move contrary to the wishes of Derrick and Frankie and I hope he follows through. Reasoning and talking to Zach is like playing hopscotch in a field filled with land mines – one false step and the whole thing blows up. I’m keeping a close eye on Sergeant Derrick to see if he can diffuse this one to work in his favor. I find it odd that no one has clued in to his game play but I am patiently waiting for that day to come.


Isn’t it funny that while Zach is 100% loyal to Derrick and 120% loyal to Frankie, he IS the ONLY person in the house they can’t control?

I’ll take loyal and an umbrella (target) over easy to control and meek (Cody) any day. Plus Zach is way more likeable, entertaining… And he cried for both Derrick and Frankie.


Jocasta called Derrick on it practically day one. Right after, the Devin fiasco when he flipped the house(after agreeing with Devin to put up Zach) she praised him on his skills of manuipulation. She and Donnie hinted to Christine week ??.(Christine, Jocasta, Brittney, Donny in the Bee hive room)…she told her “don’t let anyone else play your game for you.” She asked Christine if she needed the money…and told her to play for herself. Donny caught her up in a lie….and hinted the same thing.
Donny then tried to warn Nicole about Christine….and ended up on the block
Unfortunately, the alliance has been so huge that no one would listen to the “outsiders”…See how he manipulated Frankie to win HOH….(gotta give Derrick credit where credit is due)
If things don’t stop soon Derrick is gonna coast to a win….


I agree, some people have come close to figuring it out (Brittany not be one of them – too bad) but not close enough – not yet. This is the only reason why I continue to watch the show – to see who/how/where/when they figure out Derrick IS THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE. Unfortunately, these House Guests are so brain lame, this win for Derrick looks like he is taking candy from a bunch of babies – couldn’t be easier. It’s a good thing that Donny is part of TA, otherwise Derrick would have arranged to have Donny evicted but Derrick is money-hungry and right now, Donny is helping him get $5,000 each week.

Derrick for the win

Derrick will not coast to the end he has worked harder than everyone for the end.


*off his hands.

Roisen Dubh

Zach rules. If it’s this nuts now, by Monday morning, there’s gonna be a lot to talk about. Frankie says he needs to be the HOH. Like that’s gonna make a difference. He’s a hot mess also. I hope Donny caught on to the alliance by the way they were picking people on the HOH. But like I said before, smart move by Derrick for throwing HOH. Zach’s right, Christine has to go. That’s the best choice for his game. I’m pretty sure that Hayden and Nicole will get over it real quick. Derrick? Frankie get mad? It won’t mean nothing by then, getting rid of that vote puts the whole alliance in check. Zach takes the most heat off of everybody and they all know it. Devin was sound in his choices of Zach and Britt when he was HOH. Crazy knows each other.


Things are really heating up. Soo glad the house is changing. The house just did a 360. Glad amber opend her eyes


You mean 180… 😉


Zach talking with Jocosta was a classic. he had her out of the room so fast. he asked her for advice, he tried, and she did what she always does……give us absolutely nothing of note and nothing that has me believe she actually auditioned for big brother. it has to be a mistake. she is telling him to really think it through as he pushes her out the door lol


Yea, I could barely understand a word she was saying, she was trying to talk so much with some code of secrecy, it was ridiculous. Even when she’s talking game, she;s not really talking.


BOB may take a long time to complete this week- with all the nominees just standing around “throwing it.”


Re: Francine: Do you think it’s possible he could come up with ONE original idea in this game? Talk about not getting your hands bloody…he’s the worst! He’s by far playing the safest game in the house; just much noisier.


PS: his outfit was a little too blinding tonight, even for him.


Finally we get a little of that Devin CRAZY wildcard back in the HOH I love it when they make ppl play the game instead of sitting back scratching they ass cracking jokes doing absolutely nothing till Thursday. love that Zach walking around making ppl go crazy giving out block spots like Oprah give away cars. only wish Devin was in the house too just so we can see him and Zach drive these house guest up the walls man if Devin was still there and him and Zach both won HOH man we talking about feed gold 1day with them making these ppl go crazy feels like a week two CRAZYZ in one house is like instead dynamite. but its a wish a guy can dream ol well if only Devin and Zach realized two Crazys is better than one and agree to team up and just wreak havoc on the house.


can we make a team to take down TA? I mean, its just at this point kind of sucky and unfair. I am tired of Frankie getting these advantages, and they are really nice advantages that help him bond with 2 other HG’s. I don’t like that at all, I think its cheesy and they need to put an end to it. giving them money for identifying amber as a physical threat? I had never heard anyone mention Amber as any sort of physical threat of any kind. absolutely stupid for them to get the cash for that. please stop wasting air time on that and show Zach ATTACK on the ATTACK. even him mocking a completely clueless Victoria as she tells her story about the crow is better TV than Team America


Letter from AMBER’S PERIOD

Dear Beast Mode Cowboy:
Have we met? First, I prefer to be called Aunt Flo. I understand you were talking about me again on national television last night. Can I respectfully request you stop doing that?


Dear Aunt Flo,
I realize that Amber hasn’t been herself and is not thinking straight because of you. Can you stop influencing her long enough for her to see that I am the best thing that’s ever happened to her?
Stalker Mode Cowboy


🙂 🙂 :). Good one!


I promise that I am not stalking you, but you are hilarious! I literally die of laughter every time I read one of your comments!


I like you, Sista!


Zach the ticking time bomb. Only a matter f time he blows up his own game..TICK TOCK….TICK TOCK….

And it just got interesting

Why in the hell does Cody believe every word coming from Amber? he’s always talking about going off on Zack. Knowing damn well he ain’t gonna bust a grape. Just because Amber says not to tell, he fucks the bro code. I used to like Cody but now I can’t stand his bitch ass! Go ZACKATTACK!


He’s putting up Christine and Nicole as of right now.
Thank god that would be perfect!!


Thank you Zach for making BB interesting again!!!
#zachattack #wildcard


I’m so over cody. over his weak game, personality, everything. especially can not stand his sniffeling, constantly pulling snot up his nose, so disgusting. plus he is such an asshamster with all the women, but then goes and talks the most disrespectful immature crap about womens looks. how old is this dumbass? seriously,. such a turnoff. sb. get him out please!! and christine!! go zach and donny!!


Just Watch! I bet when it finally comes down to the nominations, Zach will change his mind and put up the same four people again: Amber, Jo, Donny, and Princess V.


You pretty much nailed it. The drama is all for TV. Zach will fall in line and do what he’s told to do. The same people will get nominated until they’re all gone. The real drama will only start when the core alliance has no choice but to start picking each other off.

Holy Cow

The broads left in the house (Cody included) have a combined IQ of a sack of rocks!!! Maybe Zach will get the pigman to squirm a bit this week.His face looks more like pigman when he wears those stupid hats all the time.This sympathy ploy of Frankies was planned out before he went into the house.A real piece of work !!!!


Thank God for Zach getting HOH. Hoping he really stirs things up this week, sticks to his guns and doesn’t let Frankie and Derrick influence him. Put Cody and Christine on the block. They’re getting way too close. Can’t stand this little “showmance” they have going on. Makes me want to hurl. It should be a clue to everyone that if she’s willing to throw Nicole under the bus, she’s not very loyal. She wouldn’t seem so darn ugly if she just had a nice personality.


Please stay wild wildcard! Not another Cody

Also hoping one of the girls does go off the deep in when they get nominated and out everyone. Even though I cant for the life of me figure out how they dont already know.


I hope that Zach is the sole HOH after BOB and production gives him the coupe de tat… I was SOOOOO mad the year that they gave it to Jeff (and basically kept him in the game) but the fact of the matter is that they did so they can do it again… If Zach leaves the house it will literally be more boring to watch then paint drying. Frankie is so concerned about who he will spend the summer in the jury house with that he isn’t worrying about WINNING THE GAME! GO ZACH!


So what happens when it’s just alliance people left. No, you can’t put me up because of x,y,z and you can’t put him/her up because of q,p,r, etc. They all know their time is limited! I agree with Zach, Christine brings nothing to the table at all! Zach is so easily playing into TA assignment for this week and you know with Zach, it will be completed and a complete meltdown will happen.

Hey Caleb, you guessed why your a Have Not this week, we want to see you shredded. You sitting on your ass and being lazy was just our sneaky way of getting you to be shredded again.

“Amber says she’s got to stop talking to people “This game is so crazy”
Cody – Is that directed at me” ——– HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s always about your Caleb, everything, all of it!




Cody will literally flirt with any girl. Says so much about him and how his ego feeds off of it. He never said he found Christine attractive, only Brit and Amber, yet he keeps on flirting… I hope this Casanova-wannabe flirts his way to the block


Cody revealed late the night before live evictions to Zach and Frankie during $ex talk that he rarely ever uses condoms, so all woman after him should beware! God know what he’s spreading! What a dumb ass!

Killer K

And people were worried when Devin left, there would be no one around to shake things up! I love Zach…he’s made the feeds and BBAD worth watching too! The beauty of Zach is not even HE knows what he’s gonna do next! LOL…he wasn’t one of the 4 have nots cuz the guy is running around at night like a mad man, creating madness JUST for the sake of it, ala almost talking Britney into a house meeting the other day JUST to turn around and undo it all in the end….That whole sequence of events was hilarious…Is he gonna win? No way in hell….is it fun to watch him in action? HELL YES! BTW, I agree with Zach….Christine SUCKS! Who cares if she goes…


What is the deal with Caleb and the sock monkey? lol


Okay Christine….Zach needs to shut his mouth? You literally went to every single person in the house to bitch about how pissed you are at Zach. I really hope Zach puts Christine up. Even if it is just to backdoor Caleb. She needs to sweat a little and get over herself, she isn’t that special.


Love how Christine was complaining to Nicole after SHE suggested that Nicole goes up. What a bitch! Hope she goes up and her and Zach get into it during the ceremony. Would love to see Zach tear her a new ass.


Zack reminds me of Dr Will


don’t let me (us) down Zach.
Make the ones rooting for you since week 2 (let’s face it nobody was in week 1 lol) proud.



Why is Nicole completely off everyone’s radar? I don’t get it. She’s just as useless as Christine AND is not in the bomb squad/the detonators. She’s untouchable apparently.

I really don’t want another Jordan win this. Nicole needs to go. She’s the worst.


It kills me when people say I’ll never put you up but when the pool starts getting low you don’t have a choice!!!!


OMG Frankie!!! Why are you so bent on throwing Donny on the block. F@*k!! the poor guy has been up there 3 f@*ing times in four weeks. Find another pawn you d&*k.


that’s what I was going to say. It’s done, it’s over, now it can only make Donny need to put Frankie on the block if he ever gets the chance. Plus, how can it possibly help? Donny is also TA with Frankie, they have a working alliance. He isn’t going to continue to buy into what F or Derrick are feeding him.

There is zero reason to not put up Christine if it is just a matter of having someone win, and motivated to win either the BoB or POV. There is little chance that Donny will lose either, since that is his track record. And there is also slim chance that a combo of Nicole and Hayden or Christine and Hayden would lose the BoB. Or Derrick can go up, if it is really just about being a pawn, throwing the BoB and winning the POV to be taken off. If he is up with someone they want out, or can live with going out, what’s the problem. I mean, that is what they always tell Donny.

zach's lemons

Frankie is so superficial? Could it have something to do with the fact that Donnie may be a member of the “Duck Dynasty?” He (Frankie) can’t be too broken up about his grandpa passing – or he going to use the old “I may be laughing on the outside, but I assure you Julie (he pauses – fake sniffle – then forced tears), I’m crying on he inside!” What dribble!