Donny says I chose to come play Donny Thompson’s game not America’s game.

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

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1:10am Hayden and Nicole are talking in the hammock. Nicole is having a date with “Carter” the Hayden says that Amber’s jaw is going to drop when the vote is 9-0. Nicole tells Hayden that if she was HOH she would put up Victoria & Zach, with Caleb as the backdoor target. Hayden says that is fine with Zach going home. I really want Frankie. Nicole agrees she would be on board. Hayden says Cody is on board. They comment on how worried they would be and what would happen if Frankie didn’t go home. Hayden says that he talks game with Cody and Derrick and they’re on the same page. Hayden says that Cody & Derrick are sketched out about Christine. Nicole says Christine is worried about Cody. She wanted to make sure Hayden is with them. Nicole says I assured her, and told Christine that even though she (Christine) wanted to keep Amber, they wouldn’t be able to rally the votes.
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1:35am TEAM AMERICA MISSION: Derrick heads out of the HOH room and wakes up Donny in the fire room. Donny is surprised when he wakes up and says What the!? Derrick tells sorry, Donny we got another Team America mission: “Vote against the majority of the house and then publicly accuse two people during the eviction fallout.” Derrick says sorry for waking you but they said I had to wake you tonight. Derrick tells Donny to go to the diary room for the official rules. Donny says we need to decline it. Derrick says it will be easy we can vote to keep Amber and then Ask Caleb and Zach . Donny heads into the diary room. Derrick grabs Frankie to join him in the living room. Derrick tells Frankie that Donny initially wanted to decline the mission. We will need to convince him. Frankie agrees.Derrick says every week America wants us to stir the pot. We’re saboteurs.

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Donny comes back out of the diary room. Derrick says you and I would vote to keep Amber to stay .. that’s the two votes, everyone else votes out Amber. Donny says there are a lot smart people and their brains won’t quit until they find out. It’s out of character and people quit until they find out who did it. Derrick says You and I vote to keep Amber then when we’re standing out there. Frankie jokingly asks Caleb you had a change of heart didn’t you? I would ask Zach jokingly Amanada’s cousin trying to flip the script. Donny says that he’s worried but if you two want to do it we can try it. Donny says Frankie can agree to do it but he isn’t voting, we’re voting. Donny questions what if Caleb does vote for Amber to stay? Derrick says he won’t he is planning to publically humiliate her during the live eviction. It uncharacteristic for us to call people out. I don’t want to get blamed for something when I’m against it. Derrick says we can talk about it.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 01-48-25-745

2Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds:10am – 2:40am Donny, Frankie and Derrick head up to the HOH room. Donny says they didn’t pick a bunch of dummies. Its not normal for me to come up to the HOH room at 2am. Donny says I didn’t fly across the country to ruin my game. For me to speak out of character and to blame someone like that is very out of character. People are already thinking saboteur. Donny says if you two want to do it then we’ll do it but I don’t think 1 mission could easily cause these people to backfire. Derrick says we can’t blame it on you. Because then we would forfeit all of the winnings. Donny says well you could say I think Donny did this. We just can’t blow Team America. Donny says I chose to come play Donny Thompson’s game not America’s game. They decide they will sleep it on it. Donny heads down stairs. Derrick looks at the camera and says you voted him America! Frankie says Donny doesn’t want to be America’s player. Derrick says f**k! Cody joins them. Chirstine joins them. They talk about if its a double eviction who they would nominate. Victoria & Jocasta and then only backdoor Donny if we have the votes to evict him.

2:40am Frankie has his bath and Cody takes a shower in the HOH room. Caleb comes up to the HOH room. Caleb tells Christine how Amber will be shocked when its 9-0 vote. I will stand up and say you’re the reason why you were still here and I am the reason you’re going home! Christine laughs. Caleb says I think when we’re at the finale I think she will open up to me. I will ask her for this dance. When she gets opens that banana she and sees the pickle she is going to be like ah I see.. That pickle inside the banana is literally genius! Genius! Christine agrees. Caleb says during the live show I am going to say Amber! I’ve known all along and quite frankly don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

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3am Victoria is talking to Derrick in the hammock she says she’s so embarrassed about how she looked in the feed loop. Victoria says I take pride in how I look and I’m embarrassed. Do I really look that horrible on camera. Derrick says that’s not true. You can’t worry about stuff like that. What else is bothering you? Victoria says she is worried people aren’t taking her seriously.

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3am – 3:50am Up in the HOH room – Caleb, Hayden, Amber, Christine are joking around. Christine makes fun oh Devin when he was pointing at the spy tv talking about who’s votes they had. She says he wasn’t even pointing at the memory wall. Hayden comes over and says we have this green chairs vote, if you think we have the other chairs you’re kidding yourself. We don’t have any of these peoples votes. Caleb tells Frankie and Hayden about how its impossible to crack an egg in they’re hands if they position it the way he show them. Frankie says I feel like this is a joke where you end up with yokes all over your face. Its an equilibrium. It’s impossible. They tell Caleb to go get an egg. Caleb comes back with an egg. Hayden tries and can’t do it. Caleb leaves. Hayden says well we can’t get rid of him. I have been boosting his ego all day. I genuinely like Caleb as a person but it is really hard to be in the same room with him. His stories are getting more and more ridiculous. He told me the other day that the national football league the colts were looking at him. They talk about Victoria’s aggressive cuddling. Frankie says she got me hard and I had to tell her to stop. Hayden talks about how he had to tell Victoria to stop as well. Frankie asks Caleb who he wants out after Amber this week. Caleb says Donny, Nicole, Victoira, Jocasta.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 03-31-20-733

3:55am – 4am In the bathroom – Frankie and Derrick talk about the team America mission. Frankie says I think we should just decline the mission and then work to get rid of him (Donny). Frankie wonders if just you and I work on it and not him I wonder if they would let us. Derrick brings up how Donny was worried about one of them blaming things on him. Why would you be thinking like that? Derrick says we all have to agree to do it or we don’t do it. Frankie says but remember last week when they amended it for us? Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Frankie says we’ll ask and see.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 03-57-38-944

4:10am Up in the HOH room – Hayden Amber asks should I just deep throat a banana? Would you let me stay if I ate a banana? Caleb says Amber just said she would deep throat a banana. Amber leaving says she wouldn’t eat it I would just swallow it. Caleb says she will not want to hug me or kiss me or nothing. Hayden agrees. It sucks because who is going to clean the dishes, cook and do the laundry.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 04-02-52-674

4:20am – 4:30am In the storage room – Hayden tells Derrick Frankie was just up in the HOH room for sure trying to solidify me, Nicole and Christine. Derrick says I don’t trust Frankie and just the fact that he didn’t include him in that. Hayden says I am set on putting up Victoria and Jocasta. Now how everything has panned out there is no need to get rid of Caleb. Derrick says Frankie would be hard to get rid of. Hayden says if Frankie, Caleb or Donny were on the block .. Caleb or Donny would go home but I don’t think Frankie would go home. I dont want to work with Frankie because I don’t trust him. Derrick asks where do you stand with Donny. Hayden says I trust Donny 1000 times more than Christine. Cody joins them. Cody says that he is cool with taking out Donny if there’s a double eviction

4:30am – 4:45am Out in the backyard – Frankie and Derrick comment on how they are done with Donny. Derrick says it’s Donny’s mentality towards the missions. I am just glad America got to see that on the live feeds to see how Donny really feels. Frankie says I care about this. It’s done it’s over. Derrick says that was Donny speaking the truth up there. He was tired and didn’t have time to put on the face. That conversation up there was weird. Frankie says and now we have everyone on board with evicting him. How long did that take like 20 minutes? Frankie says the only person I wouldn’t too sure about would be if Zach would vote him out. Amber, Christine, Nicole, Cody and Victoria come outside they ask Derrick to tell the story of how he woke up Donny.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 04-38-33-367

5am – 5:10am Cody and Nicole cuddling..


Where is the vote
Amber’s going home 9-0

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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146 thoughts on “Donny says I chose to come play Donny Thompson’s game not America’s game.

    1. I am going to buy a bottle of the most expensive
      champange to celebrate on the night of Frankie
      Rat Bitch’s eviction. It will be Glorious!!!!

    2. We really need people to start booing in the audience to the people in the house.
      Or get someone to fly banners over the house like the old seasons.

    1. Apparently using Zach works if production is going to amend the rules for them. The show have last night’s mission a fail, but Frankie made it sound like they got a mission complete. No wonder Donnie doesn’t want to continue….the rules change on a whim.

      1. I’m a bit confused with this mission. Is this for tonight’s Amber eviction? If it is can’t Donny and Derrick vote and then have Frankie just say out loud “like well I guess Caleb and Zach went for Amber “. It doesn’t sound that hard. If it’s next week why are they freaking now?? They don’t even know what the situation will be!!

        I think I’m missing something. Or is their ignorance confusing me?

        1. Doesn’t matter, Donny knows either of those two would turn on him in a jiffy and he wisely declined. He’s seen them turn on HG’s and play games with the truth and he’s not putting himself in the way. Very good play by Donny because they could say he was the turncoat vote when they stack the deck to get him out.

    1. I doubt most of the viewers will hold it against him. He’s not playing the game to be America’s favorite. He’s playing to win 500k, and who could really blame him for not wanting to do these stupid missions that are just to create drama. That isn’t what Donny is about. Frankly I have more respect for him now for not wanting to do it. He isn’t changing who he is or how he plays the game for anyone including the viewers.

      1. Exactly. Frankie and Derrick should shut the f*** up. If they didn’t have Zach doing all the dirty works for them would the TA missions have succeeded? They are pretending like they are happy with the TA missions they get. I agree with Donny because Frankie and Derrick are in the group of the majority. If anything goes wrong with the task, they will easily throw Donny under the bus to the other HGs knowing he won’t be there to defend himself and everyone will turn on him. If they value the TA alliance so much, they won’t bring up Donny’s name every time talks of who to nominate and back door comes up. Every week Derrick always brings up Donny’s name. So much for TA. Now he has gotten a ‘genuine’ reason to evict Donny. Something he’s always wanted to do but was worried how America would judge him. Derrick and Frankie are the happiest in the house now. They now have a reason to evict Donny. Stupid people.

      1. I’m pretty sure Donny could do just about anything except murdering someone at this point, and he would still be voted America’s Player.
        For one he is the real deal genuinely nice person, and two he doesn’t really have too much competition..

        1. Personally I wish that were true (#teambeard) but Frankie’s pop-star sister will get her fans to vote for Frankie like she did for Team America. A bunch of people who don’t even watch the show will vote Frankie in as America’s Favorite. Sigh.

        2. Derrick & Frankie are so into the $$ aspect of TA, they would both sell their grandfathers if that would add $5,000 to each of their winnings. (I really despise how Derrick thinks he is talking directly to America whenever he chats to the cameras.)

    2. O please! Donny was happily reaping off the TA harvest then all of a sudden he is “playing Donny Thompson’s game not America’s game”. This is hilarious! Donny has shown himself to be the hypocrite that I already suspected him to be.
      That clown didn’t have a problem instigating a fight… or better yet watching the girls get bullied by Zach but he cannot falsely accuse another player? I call BS on that! And I really hope he goes home next.
      That fake mofo! Has anyone ever noticed that his voice changes a lot???
      And I’m out!

  1. Wow whats wrong with Frankie…Donny just simply declined the mission, saying ” I want to play Donny’s game, not America’s game”. Since when did Frankie not look out for himself? He keeps throwing people under the bus and does not have anyones back

    1. Derrick and Frankie are seriously taking the whole Team America thing way too seriously. They are acting like these missions are for the greater good and Donny looking out for the future of his game is a treason of sorts. How dare Donny not throw away his chance at the big prize for 5k!?!?!? I just hope Donny wins the upcoming HOH.

    2. Good for you Frankie for taking your role on TA seriously! And….he is donating the money to build schools in Africa! It takes creatively, quick thinking and strategy to be a good TA member. Voting for Donny was a waste! His Duck Dynasty attempt is played out. I vote to evict Donny – from TA and BB!

      1. I believe that Frankie will build schools in “Africa” as much as I believe in the tooth fairy. If he was that serious about it, hed already be doing something about it. The family is wealthy yes? And in defense (weapons?) business if I recall. They SHOULD be building schools there considering that. Donny would have to do WAY more than think the TA mission is a bad idea to lose me.

        1. As much as I dislike Frankie in this game, him and his sister do help charities with schools in Africa. I would still like to see sweet Donny get the money anyways. Frankie will be able to raise money otherways with his sister as they are blessed to be well off. I think this is a once in a lifetime chance for Donny. Donny for the win!!

    3. Frankie has been desperately searching for a BS reason to justify “to America” to get rid of Donny.
      He found this “BS reason” and now he’s running with it:
      “Donny is against Team America, so he needs to go!”
      Poor acting skills.

    4. Both Frankie and Derrick have a tacit goal to be America’s Favorite player at the end.

      They both want to get that $25K just in case they don’t win the $500k or $50K, so throwing Donny under the bus at this point was a golden opportunity.

      He’s probably the only other person they see as challenging their right to claim that title/prize.

    5. Donny, Frankie and Derrick have won 10K each for sure (they are acting like 15K , although last nights show said failed). Considering the prize structure, 1st = 500K, 2nd 50K & America’s Favorite = 25K – the Team America’s winnings are a huge bonus. It also gives them something to do, with the hours and hours of free time each week. If I was Frankie and Derrick I’d be pissed off at Donny too this week. Frankie can’t vote. So Donny’s declining the mission, means the other two cannot complete it either. That takes money out of Derrick and Frankie’s pockets. Donny knows he is out of the big-male-alliance. He knows Derrick and Frankie are in. If he played Team America more he could make in roads and get info or even reposition himself from a target. Donny is a jackass for not seeing the TA missions as an asset to his game! Donny will be able to sleep the rest of the summer away in the jury house

      1. Exactly! Frankie can’t vote so it in NO way hurts him. Donny calling people out in front of the group is so out of character that it really only hurts him. These TA tasks seem tailored for keeping Frankie safe.

    6. I’ve seen other seasons where hg’s have secretly voted to evict against the house in hopes of stirring the pot but it has always backfired. There is so much going on after the eviction with HOH comp and nominations that it doesn’t really effect anything good for Donny for having enough balls to play his own game!! Go Donny!!!

  2. I think that Donny is really stuck here.
    This honestly does no good for Donny’s game. If word got out about Donny and Derrick opting against the house and blaming someone, Donny would be in more trouble than Derrick ( since Donny has no alliance, and Derrick is very good at manipulating people)

    If he declined, like he did, Frankie and Derrick would distrust him and try enough now theres a plan to backdoor Donny

  3. Whats up with Frankie wanting to blame everything on Zach? Is he not aware Zach tells him everything and totally trusts him? Why is he consistently throwing Zach under the bus?

  4. Can’t stand Cody.All he does is cry and moan like a little bitch.Grow some fucking balls !
    (The girls is the house are pathetic the way that they are all fighting for his attention.)

  5. Why is Nicole all over Cody like that if that was Hayden with Victoria she would be livid she is such a little brat who wants all the cute guys to herself but the minute Victoria starts talking to Hayden she gets all feisty meanwhile Cody is only cuddling with her not because hes attracted to her but for game stratagy just in case she wins HOH she wont put him up. I hope ZACKATTACK wins next HOH and takes that floater out i am not buying that cutesy all so innocent act shes playing she needs 2 go.

  6. Nicole is cuddling with Cody now?? Gurrll, don’t be all jealous of Victoria then if you are going to go and do that.

    This show is so high school.

  7. For Gawd’s sake, would someone please, please get Frankie a pair of big boy pants. The shorts he was wearing last night were made for a 6 year old. So tired of this Frankenstein Drama Queen. Think I preferred Rat Boy Andy.

  8. Derrick and Frankie are on top of my sh*t list now! Donny doesn’t agree to do one freakin mission and they want to get rid of him ASAP?!?! Donny’s smart because he’s looking at 500k not 5k and the effects it could have on his game. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vlasic and Claussen are in a biding war for Caleb to be their spokes person for their new pickles called Dill Banickles. They would much rather have Ambers picture on the the front of the Jar but expecting her to decline.

      1. Caleb, just…why…?? I would love to see Ambers reaction when she finds the pickle in her suit case and when Caleb asks her for a dance. lol

  9. Not a good idea of sabotage of changing the votes. They are to smart to ask question and accused other houseguest of changing the votes. Derrick will be question loyalty by Zach & Detonators and Donny will be question by Jocasta for saving her from getting evicted. That’s not a good idea of changing the votes.

  10. I hope Donny didn’t just blow up his game, but good for him for saying he isn’t ruining his game for a TA mission.

    1. This is how I fill about Donny, He’s a winner whether he wins BB16 or not his character is outstanding. Whether he did or didn’t do the mission he went according to how he felt not how Derrick or Frankie felt. If he changes his mind it’s because it’s what he wants to do. He’s not a follower. If I wasn’t married, like beards and lived in his state I’d be looking him up. If we all had just a little of Donny in us maybe the world wouldn’t be so screwed up, I say go Donny.
      O, can someone please backdoor: Christine, Frankie or Derrick. Caleb sweetheart I hope these feelings you’re putting on Amber is a game plan, I’m in my late 60’s and I’ve never seen a person that is so senseless in love please tell me and other’s is a game plan. If not I’m truly worried about him all jokes aside. Let’s hope and pray Caleb doesn’t hurt anyone or himself. Thanks

  11. If Donny left next week I would be heartbroken. I hate Frankie And Derrick, The Dictators who are the most selfish in the house are trying to flip the script. I’m strongly disliking this season more and more. Thumbs up if you would like to see Frankie Grande evicted next week!!!!!

    1. I would rather see Derrick evicted. Can you believe him, talking to the camera, saying, “This Is Who You Voted For.” LOL. He and Frankie are the ones America regrets voting for. Then, those assholes put a target on his back. Hopefully, Donny will take the first shot.

    2. I would rather see Derrick evicted. Can you believe him, talking to the camera, saying, “This Is Who You Voted For.” LOL. He and Frankie are the ones America regrets voting for. Then, those assholes put a target on his back. Hopefully, Donny will take the first shot.

  12. I can see Donny’s point — it is a task that has a higher probability of him getting the final blame for the vote. But why would anyone blame him? He’s been working with Jocasta since Day 1 — at least that’s what the other HGs think. The more logical blame would go to Caleb (naturally), Zach (the saboteur), and Christine, who has campaigned quietly to keep Amber in the house. (But, yes, calling people out isn’t his game. Maybe they can fulfill the task with the votes of Donny and Derrick and the finger-pointing by Frankie and Derrick, as they suggested?)

    Team America, however, was what was keeping Donny safe. He wanted to draw a line in the sand. Well, he just did by declining the mission.

    Perhaps he will wake up with a different attitude. Donny fans should hope he does.

    1. I think Donny’s objecting to the part where he has to convince other HGs that some voted differently than what they said they did. Its a tricky situation for someone who doesn’t have cover from the larger mob,or alliance or whatever they call themselves these days.

    1. I believe it’s when production says no eviction, new hoh, new nominations…basically the last week never happened

      1. we used it when we needed to save Frank… two seasons ago…. and he won Am Favorite (according to plan)

    2. They did it in BB14 when they gave the Coaches (Dan, Brittany, Boogie, Janelle) the option to hit the reset button and have no evictions that week, having a new HoH comp, as well as let the Coaches to enter the game as players. I don’t know if they have done that in other seasons as well.

    1. Frankie can’t vote as HOH unless it’s a tie. And with nine votes, it cannot be a tie.

      The producers had stupid tasks this week. Neither the vote nor the HOH comp would have applied to Frankie.

  13. I’m just praying to the BB god’s that the detonators, hayden, nicole, or caleb DO NOT win the HOH tomorrow. I want someone else to be in power, this house needs some shake up. Hell, I would it would even be funny to see Jocasta win. I don’t like her game play so far, but her Diary Room sessions are hilarious!! She would be a wildcard HOH. I have no idea who she would target!

  14. Try to warn you, you should chose B!! Instead, you want two houseguest to change the votes. Not good idea.

    1. You know, picking A was a pretty bad idea…unless some of us wanted to see Donny and Derrick’s games blown up.


  15. Derrick and Frankie disappoint the hell out of me. I am so tired of them constantly throwing Donny under the bus. Everything Donny said makes sense and can you blame him for not wanting to ruin his game for a possible shot a 5K when he could be risking 500K? Donny is absolutely right, it would be so out of his character to stand up and start accusing people of voting against the house. And then as soon as he walks out the door, Derrick says “I hope America saw that.” and then continues to insult us by saying “You picked him, America”. I think Derrick knows Donny has a lot of fans and he is now hoping that America will turn on Donny just because he was thinking about declining the last minute mission that was thrown at him. And Donny is such a nice guy he was saying that he didn’t want to ruin not only his game but Derrick and Frankie’s games as well and then as soon as he leaves they talk about getting rid of him. I stand behind Donny 100% and do not blame him at all if he decides to decline this mission. And Frankie of all people should talk considering he was trying to use his own Grandfather’s dead for sympathy saying “No one wants to vote out to poor grieving kid who just lost his Grandfather”. What a tool. I’m still rooting for you Donny!

    1. i think derrick and frankie should know that AMERICA regrets that you the rat and the pig are a part of team america. derrick even said it himself he didnt want donny to get to jury because he will be americas favorite player. youd think the cop would have some integrity, no, but he is just the cop stereotype pig. i have nothing against cops, but i do have something against cops like him. i was just in providence (where derricks from) and let me tell you the police force there sucks its a mess. disgusting.

    2. Agree. I’m tired of Derrick always talking to the camera. He’s delusional if he thinks we all love him. Same with Frankie. He thinks he’s cute and funny in his diary room sessions but he’s annoying. The same “act” over and over again… Like he rehearses everything beforehand.

  16. Go Donny!!! The TA twist is stupid anyway. Kill TA!!! Donny shouldnt have to go out of his way for this dumb twist and I have even more respect for him for saying what he said. Of coarse Frankie and Derrick dont have a problem they basically run the house so the mission really will not effect them. Donny is giving America the middle finger and id do the same if i felt it was ruining my chance of winning.

  17. Really hoping for a Donny win tonight for hoh. He is smart to not put a target on his back for the team America mission. Really want to see a power change in the house. And Donny and Jocasta may be the only ones that would go after the detonators. If nicole, Victoria, or Hayden won I think they would just do what they are told to do by derrick. Something needs to happen to break up the predictability of this game. Everything just keeps falling into place for the detonators. And it’s getting old fast.

  18. Anybody see the naked pics of Amber that were tweeted to Evel Dick last night? One naked that didn’t “show” anything… the other was a “booby” pic.

    1. Evil Dick is a dick. 50 years old (or whatever) and clinging on to his BB “fame.” Wish he would just disappear from the face of the earth. Note Frankie is going to be the next Dick, he’s never going to go away.

  19. You gotta respect Donny. He knows he’s climbing an uphill battle to win this whole thing. Yet he still turns down an easy $5000 to play his own game. I actually like Derrick. I think he’s playing the best game. (Hey, lying and manipulating has always been a part of it) But, this time he’s wrong about Donny. He’ll still be America’s fave.

  20. I think with every new update, Caleb makes me shake my head again. This guy is unbelievable. What’s next? NASA was pounding down his door, begging him to lead the next space mission?

    1. Didn’t you know that NASA has asked Caleb to lead a mission to Mars? And Amber is going with him. And the spaceship will have a new, state-of-the-art design. It will be in the shape of a pickle and will have the aerodynamic skin of a banana. There will be enough cookie-dough rations to keep Amber happy for the duration of the trip because Fruit Loop Cowboy has thought of everything and wants his Queen to be happy.

  21. I’m so fu@k#g piss with derrick and frankie, people that vote for them didn’t have time to know them, Donny is the only legitimate American vote and CBS really? What kind of stupid mission are those, if u want to stir the pot wouldn’t be better get at least 4 votes instead of 2? And who’ll take the blame? Like always zach

  22. If they really wanted to get Frankie out they would keep Amber, and tell her it was all his idea rather. They could use her to better there games. But they’re not thinking..

  23. love how donnys playing his own game and not following what america tells him to do….i cannt understand why derrick thinks ppl are gonna hate donny for saying that on the live feeds…its how i would expect any rational player to feel about the twist

  24. Oh, Derrick and Frankie, if only you knew how little America thinks of YOU two. I honestly wouldn’t vote for the 2nd Team America option because I don’t want to see Derrick as HOH. Just being truthful…

  25. Caleb is by far the most delusional bat s**t crazy person I’ve ever come across. And that’s saying something considering some of my ex’s.

  26. Framkie need to take gay etiquette lessoms from Wil (BB14) because he was funny, respectful, and did not grope, molest, dry hump or lying in the bed with the straight guys…in fact, he has given total respect to all the HG’s.., take that, Pinky!!!!!

  27. This stupid TA mission totally blows up Donny’s game. It is dumb that the mission is for this eviction when Frankie can’t even vote and gets off scot free. And there is no way in hell Frankie/Derrick wouldn’t have blamed Donny behind closed doors.
    Who would they blame? Joc is on the block and Victoria hates Amber. That leaves Caleb (obviously people would think was one vote), but who else? The detonators would all know it wasn’t any of them. That leaves Nic, Hayden and Donny. Clearly Donny would be the scape goat here. Ruins his trust with people like Hayden and might put him on the outs with his only real ally in Joc.
    Should have been a mission for next week. It is bull that they let Frankie off the hook with this mission. And I knew that Frankie/Derrick were just waiting until the $ ran out before they started calling for Donny’s head. Figured it would be when they completed the last mission, but now they will do so next week. Production better not let them continue with TA without Donny! Although at this point they are going to gun for Donny and he will be evicted next :(

    1. you are correct – he is not our favorite – but darn – he isn’t listening to us….. but we’ll get him… the DR is our secret weapon…..

  28. What is wrong with nicole? I liked her at first but honestly now I just think she is an idiot. First she has absolutely no clue about alliances in the house, and is going to put up victoria if she gets the chance?? Her sole reason for not liking victoria is because victoria is all over hayden, and has nothing to do with game play. Oh ya, and after making hayden wait weeks for a kiss she is rubbing all up over cody in one night. Btw does anyone else think it’s weird that the favourite house pastime is rubbing cody?!

  29. Good for you Donny, don’t trust those two motherfukkers with your game. They throw your name out there too easily.

  30. The one time Team America actually has a interesting mission….
    ( I been saying this for weeks) I hope donny wins HOH and sends Frankie home

  31. All this hate on Frankie is a good thing because it means he’s actually playing this game the way it should be played. I know I hated Evel Dick and Rachel and look who won

  32. Dumb of Donnie to do that. Hopefully he’ll change his mind. If not he just played Donnie’s game out the door.

  33. I kind of agree with Donny on this cause they will tell every one next week it was him that did it remember first mission they said pow pow told Donny in Donny told them to put it on Donny Frankie and derrick not with Donny they for themselves so why whould Donny do that knowing they throw him under the bus I sill go for Donny if he don’t do the mission Frankie and derrick should of never being in team America I hope today that jocasts and Donny win hoh today Christina think she going to win already she aready talking about who to put up Donny I hope you win hoh in say hoh

  34. It’s understandable why Donny would be hesitant to do that mission. Derrick and Frankie (who’ve already shown they can’t be trusted) only ever include Donny in their plans unless it has to do with TA or he when he wins a veto comp. Other times he’s just left in the dark. Plus. they’ve already started talking about getting rid of him just because he didn’t want to do what they wanted. As a viewer I’m not mad at him besides, TA already disappointed me when they chose to nominate Amber as a “threat.”

    1. I voted option A hoping it would blow Team America’s cover. Sorry, but I’m sick of it too. If they aren’t going to make the missions fun or interesting, then screw it. I’m not a Donny or Derrick fan anyway, and I only like Frankie on the rare occasion that he’s not throwing Zach under the bus.

    2. I voted option A hoping it would blow Team America’s cover. Sorry, but I’m sick of it too. If they aren’t going to make the missions fun or interesting, then screw it. I’m not a Donny or Derrick fan anyway, and I only like Frankie on the rare occasion that he’s not throwing Zach under the bus.

  35. The sad thing about Donny not doing this… it would be the best thing for his game to save Amber and expose so other players. It is like America handed him a gift and he did not want to take it. Donny America has given you a gift, you just have to publicly accuse some body of flipping. For example “Christine, I know you are one of the people that voted to keep Amber because Caleb told me he had your vote to save Amber.” That is a public call out on Caleb and Christine and he did not even had to lie.
    Donny TAKE THE GIFT AMERICA IS GIVING YOU, it should tell them that America is seeing stuff that they are not.

  36. But, “at the end of the day” didn’t Frankie NOT perform a TA mission? Who did he tell that Zach was Amanda’s cousin? I know both Donny and Derrick told their person. But, I don’t remember Frankie doing so.

  37. Maybe Donny doesn’t want to accept the mission because you @s*holes are already throwing him under the bus every chance ya’ll get!!

    The way they speak to the camera addressing America is too funny. Like they really think they are the favorites… haha

  38. BB gods please have whoever wins the HOH tonight SMASH the detonator alliance. I don’t care who it is I just want something to change in this game

    1. amen to that! simon (or dawg) do YOU think tonight will be double eviction? You guys usually predict things pretty spot on.

      Im hoping either Donny wins HOH OR Zach wins and puts up people from the original alliance of 8

        1. it was never officially announced – but it seems like the houseguests are all preparing for double eviction tonight… I think it might be a week too early also…

          Thanks for responding and for all the great work here on your blog!

          1. Your welcome! If it wasn’t announced on the show then you are right its too early they will probably announce it tonight for next weeks Thursday episode.

  39. can Team America please end now? Can they be told that America (and Canada) doesn’t even like them ? (not Donny though)

  40. Donny doesn’t want to vote against Jocasta because he is loyal to her. They may not have an alliance they do trust each other and wouldn’t put each other up. The fake votes would work out much better for Derrick and Frankie’s game, and would hurt Donny’s game.

  41. frankie is dumb for always throwing zach under the bus, like really ? Zach trusts him but he keeps throwing his name.

  42. Donny really does not trust Frankie and Derrick…. I remember the Donny and Derrick chat in the storage room after the veto players where picked…. He told Derrick off about him not telling about the plan to backdoor devin…. Donny knows team America is bs because the two don’t even talk game with him and the 3 are supposed to be in an alliance?

  43. While I cheer for Donny and know he’ll get America’s favorite, I think he just screwed himself over. TA , at least, was keeping him safe. Now Frankie and Derrick have a reason to turn on him and we all know who runs the house. All we can do is hope Donny wins HOH.

  44. So everyone recognized that Mission A is bad for Donny’s game…and yet that’s what most of us voted for.

    Seems like there’s a large, but quiet camp of people who aren’t on the “Donny is the best” train.

    Not surprising, plenty of people hated Elissa last season, but were always drowned out by people who felt their opinions mattered more as long as they shouted louder..or you know…typed IN CAPS.

    1. A lot of viewers also don’t think before they vote. A lot have no idea about alliances and how they work and instead of taking a minute to think about both Tasks they just picked the one they thought would best suit their viewing pleasure without giving it thought, now Donny is in danger. Well done America, well done.. NOT

      (Hope Donny can team up with Zach and flip this house upside down)

  45. Not loving this season. Watching Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Zack dominate tha game is boring. Really weak women this season.

    1. Zach clearly was his usual obnoxious self
      but Amber totally kept her cool and did not
      reply back. TA needed to spark a quarrel.

  46. Just thought of this and had to post it. What if they put a screen in the Big Brother house and do a poll where America votes on which houseguests they like (like the polls on this site). And let the houseguests actually see it. As the player does something america does not like they will see their numbers drop and so on. It would make them want to play the game more I think. Like if Nicole seen her numbers were low she might actually start trying to play the game. It would also add a lot of paranoia in the house when numbers are low and maybe even put the houseguest with the lowest votes in the poll on the block one week. Just might be interesting if they knew what america thought of them in the house and would change a lot of the gameplay. Just a thought

    1. I think it has been done before. On ABC they had Glass House kind of set up like that. It didn’t do all that well in the ratings

  47. I hope this so-called “Team America” task isn’t production’s attempt to save Amber. No need for a rig this early in the game, especially to save someone that was never playing the game.

    1. First thing I thought was that production is trying to avoid another landslide vote. I notice that each Thursday in her intro Julie tries to make it sound like the vote could go either way, instead of admitting that it’s already a done deal and the live vote is just a “rubber stamp”.

  48. ” asks should I just deep throat a banana? Would you let me stay if I ate a banana? Caleb says Amber just said she would deep throat a banana. Amber leaving says she wouldn’t eat it I would just swallow it. Caleb”

    If Amber swallowed the banana(deal throat) Would be for great TV, but if she was that good, she wouldn’t be going home.

  49. Donny shows once again that he is the ONLY honest and genuine person in the BBHouse!

    It is easy to be heartless and ahole like Cody, Derrick, Christine, Frankie… but to be honest, save your honor even when tempted by money is always on the top of my page.

    With this gesture Donny rose even more in my eyes.

    God bless you and may He help you win against the backstabbers, bad people, poisonous, disingenuous aholes…. and the rest of the human scam in the house.

    Go Donny!

  50. So production is amended the rules now and it got out….nice. Come on production we know you do it…might as well own it.

    Another nail in not watching anymore unless I read something might happen via this site and then I might tune in.

  51. Would like to give Victoria a little credit for telling Amber to wear her best outfit tonight. “At the end of the day” she might be feeling a little bad (doubt it). I’m just reminded of Caleb sitting there a few evection nights ago looking like a complete fool. At this point I’m just relieved Amber will finally be clued into what’s really been going on in that house. I hope she has a good exit interview and I have a feeling this is not the last we’ll be seeing of her as far as the entrainment industry is concerned. Now bring on the HoH competition and lets shake things up!!!

  52. Surely I’m not the only person who questions Frankie’s plan of building schools in Africa if he were to win the 500K. I don’t buy it for one second. He comes off as way too self- serving to me. Has he ever told any of the HG about this?

  53. If Donny vote to keep amber nobody will expect him when Jacosta is his closest friend then Frankie nd Derrick can call the people out while Donny ditting pretty idk what’s the problem

  54. I was just reading BMC’s houseguest profile . . .very telling now that his true colors are showing!!

    Caleb Reynolds Age: 26 Occupation: Adventure Hunting Guide
    Three adjectives that describe you: Loyal, talented and charming.
    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: The most difficult part is being watched at all times, because everything I’m doing my family back at home is watching. Also, throwing a sexy girl that likes me under the bus will be hard but I will do what I have to do, so kiss me, lay with me, have sex with me, tell me you love me, I’m still in it to win.
    Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: Yes I have a strategy, I will make sure I have the ladies in my pocket.
    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: I liked Hayden because he has the same mindset that I would have had in the house. He plays his cards right even if he has a bad hand and he makes his cards work to his advantage.
    What are you afraid of: I’m not a fan of clowns, but other than that I’m pretty fearless.
    What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: My military service.
    Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… If you want something bad enough, do whatever you got to do to get it; no matter the consequence.
    What would you do if Big Brother made you famous: I would give back to the people that has helped me and held my hand through my struggles, and I would try my best not to turn into another Justin Bieber.

    Caleb joined the army after high school and was a prison guard in Iraq. He and his family run a hunting business, and his favorite movie is The Notebook.

  55. I thought it would be easy since no one would suspect that Donny would vote for Amber. Now seeing that Donny might go home because of the mission I voted for, I wish I had never voted.

  56. I believe that Derrick said that Donny didn’t want to to the Team America task out loud. Because he knows Donny has a good chance of winning Americas favourite player. He is trying to limit his chances of winning it.

  57. Don’t worry, Production won’t let Donny go home this early! He’s clearly a favorite, so we will intervene. Perhaps we’ll just change the TA rules to not being able to vote out a fellow TA member.

  58. I was fuming when I read this today as I felt like we handed Donny $5K and he threw it back in our face…and took it away from Derrick and Frankie as well. The 2nd choice was impossible unless it was Double Eviction and they essentially got 2 tries… with Derrick winning the first and Frankie or Donny winning the 2nd.

    The way I was seeing it was all about Amber who right now is leaving 9-0 so two votes should make no difference in TA’s eyes… In my mind, the other person up is a dingus (according to cbs definition of dingus for fruit loop dingus) which is “I can’t remember her name” as she is nothing in this game except someone who can’t handle any competitions without succumbing to dehydration (though her taking slop to continue in POV was admirable)

    It wasn’t until I cooled down and actually used her name that I understood Donny’s problem… He would have to vote for Jocasta to leave but no one in the house would believe Donny voted against her and no one in the house should even think that even with 2 votes thrown against her that Jocasta would be going home.

    Personally I would love to keep Amber (with her in, it is much more possible to see some of these A##H###s get out and I see this as possibility of keeping her as 2 votes for her from TA, add in Caleb and Christine which can be easily flipped by production that just leaves one more vote needed to flip the house totally upside down and make this week interesting, To me they win just accusing Caleb and Christine whether they did it or not and Donny doesn’t have to say a thing (though I expect he would come clean with Jocasta that America made him do it and his first thought was F*** Them but thought it wouldn’t have mattered… heck split or give the 5K to her if she does indeed go).

  59. Donny doesn’t seem to understand that he may blow up his game by not agreeing to the mission. Frankie and Derrick have a lot of power and it’s not smart to piss them off.

  60. I think what made Frankie and Derrick so mad at Donny is that he used terms such as “personal integrity” and “character” to explain why he wanted no part of this TA assignment. Those two knuckle heads have no idea what those things are. They would do anything for a buck!

  61. Victoria is worried about people taking her seriously and says it seconds after she worries about her appearance. Well duh! Cody’s only contribution is to cuddle and be a basic bitch. And if the only reason they would miss Amber is because of the cooking and cleaning they deserve to live in their own filth.

  62. I can picture Saturday Night Live doing a sketch on Caleb’s and Zach’s personalities. That would be funny!

  63. Donny, you suck! If you’re too much of a pussy to do what Team America asks, then why bother being in it in the first place! Donny the pussy should follow Lesbian Amber out the door!

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