Big Brother Spoilers “I want to get blood on my hands… I don’t give a f** ” #WILDCARD

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-24 19-18-46-727
7:17pm FIREROOM Jocasta and Donny
Jocasta says they are both going up. Jocasta points out how Christine was saying right before the show how she didn’t know who to vote for. Jocasta doesn’t believe that one bit Christine knew who she was voting out earlier in the week.
Amber rolls in, Says she’s worried about going up from Zach. They start talking about double eviction happening next week. Amber tells Jocasta if she hears anything she’ll let her know. Donny points out they can at least relax tonight.

BB16-2014-07-24 19-23-30-097

7:20pm Jocasta Caleb and Amber
Saying how nice Derrick was giving the HOH to Donny. Jocasta leaves. Caleb is calling bullsh1t on the bracelets saying theres no way Zach is more active than he is. Amber says Jocasta just asked me if Donny and her are going up.
Caleb – “You should have said YEAH “
Amber – “I don’t know”
They agree the Have Nots room last year was a lot easier than this year. Amber mentions how Brittany was pissed at her when she voted her out. Caleb had told Brittany that Amber and him wanted Britany to stay but they were not going to be the only two votes to keep her.
Caleb back to the bracelets and the have nots
Caleb – “America just wants to see me shredded again”
Amber laughs – “you’re so cocky Caleb”
Caleb – “I’m confident”
AMber leaves
Caleb talks to the Camera “America these bracelets suck we all know i’m the most active person in the house.. these bracelets are for the birds”
Caleb – “I am ex military so for me the slop is great and these beds Better than dirt.. so thank you”

BB16-2014-07-24 19-25-58-514

7:31pm Milling around chit chat and talking about the have nots starting NOW

BB16-2014-07-24 19-35-00-950

7:36pm have nots room Nicole and Caleb
Nicole says she’s living the life now. She thinks the worst thing is going to be the cold showers because she has so much hair. Frankie rolls in and they congratulate him. Frankie says he’s probably not going to be HOH the last two his nominee won the BOB . They Caleb says if they put Caleb and HAyden up they will win the BOB but if they put him up against Victoria then.

BB16-2014-07-24 19-43-04-933

7:39pm Living room Derrick, Zach and Caleb.
Derrick says he threw the HOH to Frankie so Frankie could see a picture of his grandfather
Zach tells Derrick he’s safe this week he’s got nothing to worry about
Caleb saying the comp was easy but when he got up he could barely hear it.
Caleb says Jocasta and Victoria up on either sides so they guarantee one of them go home.
Derrick says it’s already set, “lets hit the cruise control button.”
They agree Caleb getting the have nots is a bit fishy. Derrick would have thought it was Zach, himself, Jocasta and Victoria.
Zach – It makes no sense that you are one and I’m not” Zach says all he does is sleep. Zach asks Caleb f he’s always wearing the bracelet. Caleb says he wears it even to bed. Derrick – “Ya you always got yours on”
Derrick says the only thing he was thinking about when he gave the HOH to Frankie was now he’s gotta be a HAve nots.
Zach – The best part is knowing we’re all safe”
Derrick – WE’re beasts in this thing tearing it up
Zach – Dude.. every competition.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Zach – How hard can this be
caleb points out Frankie has won 3 competitions now.
Zach – He owns that room.
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BB16-2014-07-24 19-49-47-557

7:50pm BEEHIVE Zach and Frankie
They hug, Zach – “that was the best hung of my entire life”
Zach says he wanted to give Frankie 100% control in the HOH.
Zach – do we have a target
Frankie – you have to be the one that does it (Wins HOH)
Zach agrees
Frankie – you have to put up the people that we (my nominees) can beat
Frankie wonders if Zach should put up Donny and Jocasta.
Zach – I can’t put up Donny
Frankie I need to put up people that can win .. why can’t you put up Donny
Zach – I can’t he’s in my back pocket
Zach wonder if he should put up Victoria and Jocasta. Doesn’t want to put Victoria up but it’s a game.
Zach- we’re going to put up the four people that are not in the bombsquad
Zach says the best way for him to lose the BOB is to put up Jocasta and Victoria or Jocasta and Nicole.
Frankie still thinks he should put up Donny, frankie doesn’t want o he feels bad.
Zach is going to try and gain as much information as he can. He’s going to work on Donny for awhile, “I want to gain his trust completely” Zach says it’s stupid to burn his bridges with Donny now if Donny wins HOH Zach will control it.
Zach – “I want to get blood on my hands.. I don’t give a f** I want caleb pissed at me”
Frankie says Jocasta or Caleb are the targets.
frankie is talking about putting up Donny and Hayden. Zach warns If his nominees lose the BOB Frankie will have to take out Caleb if he doesn’t he loses trust with everyone.

Frankie doesn’t want to put up Donny he’s thinking Nicole now..
Zach – Is caleb for sure the target because i’m questioning it now.. (Zach is worried if he Backd**rs Caleb and he doesn’t go home Caleb will come after him hardcore)
Frankie says if Caleb goes on the block he is going home it’s a lock.
Zach – Caleb got his 5K lets send him home”

(Lots of back and forths but it sounds like Zach will put up Jocasta and Victoria or Jocasta and Nicole. Frankie will put up hayden and Donny with the hopes they win the BOB. If POV is not played Jocasta goes homie if POV is played Caleb goes home)

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I have a HUGE grin on my face just for the fact that Caleb AND his ego got called one of the 4 lazyest HGs by Julie Chen!
She could have said “least active”, but no, she said “lazyest”!
Caleb was just in the HaveNot room and “told” America/the cameras that those trackers are crap, because “WE ALL KNOW THAT I’M THE MOST ACTIVE HG IN HERE”
“I think america wants to see me ripped again.” Lord Jesus stfu.
He added that as ex-military, he doesn’t care at all, but you can just see how it’s eating at him. I’m so happy.
He also already told Derrick in the livingroom that “I’m gonna WIN next week’s HOH”! Of course ya would! LOL.


Beastmode Cowboy. He’ll soon have to rename himself to Beastmode Phony.

Is he ever going to win something!? Maybe they can wrestle a baby bear next time….


Did I say “Beastmode” I meant “My little Pony”!!


Caleb has now proven that he is nothing more than a Broke Beast Dumbo. You can take that pickle. Fill it with cookie dough. Wrap it in a banana. And stick it where the sun don’t shine. The only thing in overdrive is your delusional brain thinking about how you’re gonna get Amber to marry you after the show. You’ve got Production booking a cruise to Atlantis, buying you a ring. What’s next on your To Do List? Should they start scouting out trailers? Would that be a single or a double-wide? Would you like a Justice of the Peace to be ready for the Jury House? Enjoy your bull sperm shakes this week and keep playing with yer plastic knife while Amber and Cody enjoy their new sleeping arrangements.


Everything about that comment was perfection! You nailed it! I was literally laughing out loud.


Agree!! Purrrre perfection!


Here we go again, Frankie getting away without having to do jack shit again…

Go Donny!

Then good for him. I mean, they’re all letting him do it (just like they’re all letting Derrick run everything) so kudos to those who are getting away with this crap because the other houseguests are too stupid. That’s kinda the point of the game right? Outsmart your opponents. Donny is the only one outside that group with any sense but he just can’t get any numbers over those frat boys. Unfortunate, but it’s the game.


You’re absolutely correct. It’s a runaway train. No amount of twists and turns can stop the stupid and the ignorant from running scared like mice. No one will confront Derrick and they won’t have the numbers anyway. You’re right…that is the game and Derrick playing it best. Wheels are in motion and it’s enviable….and Derrick knows it. Snoozefest time. ZZZZZ

The fault for this mess is whoever was in charge of casting these pretty losers


I think Frankie’s strategy is to keep putting people up that will win the BOB so that he is dethroned and he will be able to play in the next HOH comp. again.


Frankie has positioned himself in this game so that he doesn’t have to do much. And he’s won three HOH comps…two if you don’t count Derrick’s gimme. He is manipulative and knows how to work a room. He’s far down on my list of people who I hope win but he is playing the game. Victoria, Christine, Nicole, Caleb and, most of the time, Hayden aren’t really playing the game. Derrick and Frankie, the two guys ruling the house, should have been spotted from a mile away and targeted as threats a couple weeks ago. The dumbasses in the house are allowing them to steamroll their ways into the final 2.


Im so sick of this f**ing twist!!!!
WHY TF DOES FRANKIE ALWAYS WANT TO BE DETHRONED, ITS A WASTE OF AN HOH,,, I feel like the last 2 HOH’s should NOT compete because this is getting annoying..
Hopefully they go through with the olan to BACKDOOR caleb, the only way he wont be BACKDOORED is if he wins pov..

Im honesty tired of this season tho tbh, why cant we have a Pandora Box or A special power..UHH!


I’m glad Frankie wants to lose HOH. Since I’m hoping for Caleb to go, and that will only happen with Zach as HOH.


Why does Zach agree so easily to be the person to put up Caleb? Why can’t Frankie do it? Just curious.


Frankie and Caleb are close. Caleb is a possible vote for Frankie if Caleb makes it to Jury. Frankie knows Caleb would go after Cody and Zach first. Frankie does not want Caleb gone, no matter what stuff he said when it didn’t “come down to it”.
He already managed to turn the target from Caleb to Amber.


yeah this season has sucked


I am also SICK of these people always voting with the HOUSE like a school of f’ing fish. What the hell is that, aren’t those people allowed to have FREE WILL??


By the way, I closed the feeds again. They had Zack, Frankie, Christine talking when Hayden came in. They told him to throw the competition. I damn lost it. Why is it that these people keep throwing the competitions!?!?!? I get the mechanics, but whatever this is, BB needs to remedy it next year where contestants are encouraged to play hard and WIN. This losing on purpose thing is a total waste. Even the comps aren’t fun anymore.

Commence nail biting

Who are they gonna put up ! The suspense is killing me !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 … I know people are gonna whine and moan .. But I like when the main characters of my Fav tv shows keep winning lol .. Who would wanna watch 24 if jack dies or if Sherlock dies in elementary … Haha just examples peeps don’t get your feathers ruffled .. But lol .. I am sooo getting down to my nail beds with this week progress

Captain Crunch

I have a feeling whoever Zack and Frankie put they’re going to throw the BOB so that Frankie can be HOH (sympathy week) or that Frankie is gonna put up two weak players (Victoria, jocasta) and Zack will put up two strong players (Caleb, Amber) so that they’ll win so Frankie gets to be HOH.

I hope I’m wrong and if two weak players go i hope they win BOB b/c this suppose to be the most twisted season but it’s more like the most predictable season.


If anyone throws the game to for Frankie they deserve to go home. I am hoping someone (maybe Donny) can convince Zach to backdoor Frankie or Derrick. Maybe the Team America mission would help convince people that Frankie and Derrick are the most dangerous players and they need to be evicted ASAP. I am ready for Frankie and Derrick to leave this game. I was hoping if CBS told Frankie about his Grandpa he would leave…I do not think they should have told him because now he will use the death to get sympathy wins.


And once again it works out perfect fir Derrick and Frankie. Frankie let’s wild card Zach loose, does the deed of getting Caleb out. Frankie’s hands are clean. Also him and Derrick win another 5K cause must likely Caleb goes up and an argument will occur. Why don’t they just name this the season of Derrick and Frankie. So predictable. As long as Donny is safe, I’m cool.


I was so disappointed, yet again, with the two HoH’s this week!! Another predictable and boring week 🙁 At least we might see Caleb go.


yeah where are the twists?


Shut up already, Caleb!!!!!!!!

The Sabouteur

Last year was the season of the worst house guests..
This year is the season of the worst twists.


I believe BB9 had the worst twist/theme.


Why does Frankie keep pushing for Donny to go up? It is really starting to bother me that Donny gets put up all of the time. And Jocasta being a target? Uh…I thought the targets were Caleb and Amber? I doubt either one of these fools will have the the guts to go through with backdooring Caleb. If they do, I will be shocked. I am glad that Christine is a have-not though. I wish she was the one going home this week.


Shame on Big Brother production this season.


I’m glad Zach stood his ground about not nominating Donny. Out of the whole bombsquad, he’s the closest to Donny and it’s not worth it to ruin the relationship.




Frankie so afraid to “get blood on his hands”

Zach, knew we could count on you #wildcard


Dear Julie, I am still expecting the unexpected you promised.
When do you plan on delivering that?


Those were my exact thoughts……


see, Zach is with it, he doesn’t want to put up Donny.

if they really want a BOB loss, just put Victoria with Jocasta. that is a guaranteed loss.


Now that pair is a brain-trust if I ever did see one.


Exactly. All they do is think and they can’t come up with this?


Zach Attack, make me proud. Stir this place up, don’t go soft like Cody.

Oh yeah!

Time to get dirty ZachAttack. #WILDCARD


Well the next 2 months will be predictable because I already know that Frankie will more then likely will win BB16


Wow! Other repeat of the last four weeks, why can’t a twist really happen. Smh

david anderson

Caleb has to be the most clueless HG ever. first he can’t take about….2000 hints from….10 different people including the girl he is chasing that said girl has ZERO interest in him. and now he has absolutely no idea that there is no real bombsquad and that he is not any more in with the guys than Amber is.

it really amazes me that a girl who isn’t even playing you, can be your downfall in a game where you have had a month to get over it and see that she has no interest. instead he wants to buy a ring. I hope they go buy one for him, It might be the most pathetic thing ever shown on TV


* another


the hoh twist is getting boring…it seems like even the dethroned hoh is guaranteed immunity because, so far, they two hohs have agreed to work with eachother and agree on targets, or they have been allies. so much for the idea of being hoh one day and a nominee the next.


Yeah right Zach Attack my rear end.
Hayden/ Donny v Jocasta/ Victoria
Hayden is not going to like their plan
and what happened to a Amber is a Target… poof gone
Zach is already saying that he does not want Caleb mad at him if he doesn’t go home.
Wasn’t that what Cody said last week? Then flipped to nominate Donny after Victoria used the PoV?
I hope Donny and Hayden loose the BoB and Frankie has some major blood on his hands.
I hope he has to put up Caleb as a backdoor because Donny won the HoH
and I hope because of that.
The votes go something like this.
To evict Hayden:
Donny and Jocasta (Though they both dislike Caleb. I think Derrick can have them vote out Hayden. They may decide to tell Caleb and Amber he is the target but they will try to help him stay and try to cause a fissure in the core group of the house. The need a house flip more than anybody.)

Christine (This may sound odd, but Nicole is her only lynch pin and Hayden controls her. She needs him out more than Caleb.)

Amber: Thou Caleb is a rock around here neck he does keep her safe.

Derrick (He does not consider Hayden as anything that he controls and somebody that might come after him. He controls some of the people that he can consolidate into Team Derrick. He can also use this to have more control over Caleb making Zach and Cody Caleb’s targets. Strangely enough great strategy for him)

To Evict Caleb:

As far as those activity bracelets go. They chart steps per day. Caleb is more physically active, but it is weights and gym equipment. He actually walks around the House the least. If it was covering heart rate or muscle use. He would not be a Have Not.
Climb those HoH steps they keep you safe.


If you really think that with Caleb and Hayden on the block, Donny would vote out Hayden, you really need to pay more attention to the feeds.
Like, a lot.


Why was this week “too soon” to take out Caleb, but now they want to? Makes no sense to me, what a waste of Cody’s HOH. And Frankie…..he is just a coward. Why does he want to win HOH if he is too afraid to make a move? Ugh — boring season!


I was close with my grandfather and i would leave the bb house in a second for his funeral. But thats just me…


nobody asked you


Dang They have it all planned out. Stupid girls! Btw I’m a girl but those girls were stupid from the very beginning let those men control them.


There are five people in that house that really need a House Flip the most.

Donny, Amber and Jocasta.. They need it so bad to stay in the game. A power shift would keep them until at least Jury.

Christine and Nicole: They are clueless about it but at this point the only thing they are competing for is who gets to be the Brittany. Any female fan that is a die hard fan, that is OK with being the Brittany deserves to loose. I can not see how they don’t see this. If one of the power boys even Hayden was to leave the game… they would be in a much better place (The only reason I say that is Hayden can replace any of the guys in that core 3 or 4.). If the house was to flip on it’s head… They would be in an even better place. Status quo only makes them the Brittany. If I was in that house I would look at those two and say “So tell me which one of you is the Brittany?”


Basically bb12 all over again and that’s not a good thing. At least then we had funny people like Brittney and his time we have zach but still we need some action


You have that wrong. This is more like Season 13… where Brenchal and Jordan ran the house and the newbs where picked off one by one. That Season didn’t kick in tell the jury.

Season 12 had Dan and he managed to get to final two with Danielle until the final 3. I would have evicted Danielle when she was Dans last team member… just to get Dan out… I would have wanted the money.


Dan / Danielle were on season 14, not 12.

Big Jacket



I’m getting tired of them playing it safe and putting Donny up because he handles it so well. Hang on to your hats, boys…the Beard WILL be coming for you! Fear the Beard!


Expect the Unexciting


Bravo on that one.


Worst season! This Two head of household twist is so dumb. Where are all the twists after twists that CBS has promised us??


Why is everyone saying or thinking that Zach is going to stir up the house, or make game changing moves?, cause he won’t he will do what every the mob boss says (Derrick), ugh I can’t wait till the second half of the season at least there will be some drama with the main people controlling the house when they turn on each other’s closer to the end, now I don’t want to miss that!


Twist after twist… Yeah right.


i know this competition shouldn’t be about financial need, but it’s always cooler when someone whose life could really be transformed wins the money rather than it going to a victoria or a frankie

Obvious derrick




Obvious and pathetic but the morons in the house will never notice


Derrick is in character 24/7 in the house. If he wanted to be gracious, he would’ve just thrown the competition without mentioning anything and let Frankie win. But He’s gunning for America’s Fav player and the $25K that comes with it just in case he doesn’t walk away with the $500k.

Everything he does is calculated. Granted it’s the game, but don’t expect most of us to fall for the fake sincerity.

Finally someone gets it!!

OMG, I wish I could like your comment 100 times!! I don’t see how no one sees the things that Derrick is doing. That was a very obvious move to win points with America and further cause Frankie to let Derrick control his HOH nominations. Gotta try to compete for America’s favorite somehow…because without gestures like this, he isn’t even close to competing with Donny! I don’t want to like him, but you can’t help but respect how he has the whole BB house on his puppet strings! I still wish that BB didn’t fall for him trying to talk up Amber as a physical threat and give them the 5K for last week’s Team America mission. Smh Just UGH!!!! I also can’t wait until this BOB “twist” is over!…I’m ready to see some action!!!!!


In my entire life, I have never seen a bigger douchebag than Caleb. It’s so ridiculous, it’s not even laughable anymore. In fact, I’m just baffled at how no one in the house has called him out for his absurdly inflated self-adoration. The best part is that this tool actually thinks America likes him. So, he’s an oblivious moron too.

This house needs to grow some balls and just get him out NOW, by any means necessary. Flush this total sucko back into the real world and let him see what the general public really thinks. Although, I suspect he can’t read.


For a “twisted season” it’s been pretty predictable to me lol


This season is becoming predictable. One by one, the “outsiders” will be picked off.


I TRIED to like Frankie, but I can’t. He’s just someone that is not sincere about anything. I wouldn’t wanna be friends with him in the real world. He was such an ass to Zach when Zach didn’t want to put up Victoria again.


Would you want to be friends with any of these people besides Donny? I sure as hell wouldn’t.


Getting rid of Caleb is like me going to the gym. I say every morning that i’ll go the next day but it never pans out. Just like these idiots who keep saying each week they are going to get rid of Caleb but it’s the wrong week.


if zack dont put up donny i going for him second to donny to win it all i trust zack now finally someone want to work with donny in donny will keep him safe too smart zack smart zackattack rules


Come on, Zach! Remeber, you’re ZachAttack! Love that you refused to put up Donny and stood your ground with Frankie on that one. Good for you! 🙂 Do what you want to do, not what Derrick and Frankie tell you to do. You have a brain, and you’re more brazen than Cody, who wimped out on nominating a too-comfortable Caleb. Zach, throw this week into a tail-spin, and give us something fun to watch! #WILDCARD


Oops — Didn’t reread carefully enough. REMEMBER, not remeber. :/


Why is everyone congratulating Zach on saying that he will not put up Donny…? This is the BB house. Things change every second. Zach is so unpredictable. One minute he will nominate Caleb, the next he will nominate himself. Lol. Cody swore on a stack of bibles last week that Donny wouldn’t go up, look where he was tonight, sitting next to Brittany. I’m sure that Donny will somehow end up on the block this week.


“Cody swore on a stack of bibles last week that Donny wouldn’t go up”
So basically, you just make stuff up as you go?
Cody ended the conversation with Donny with “F#ck it, I’m not putting you up.”
Where are the bibles? Seriously, what’s so bad with actually sticking to the truth?
I don’t get it.

Detroit Girl

“Zach says it’s stupid to burn his bridges with Donny now if Donny wins HOH Zach will control it.”
– No, really? There is no way in hell Donny would give his HoH power to Zach! I know he’s providing some entertainment since Devin left, but let’s be reasonable.
Since when is Jocasta more hated than Christine by the commenters?

production rigged it

I think Julie Chen got it mixed up, this is not the most twisted season ever. It’s more like the most predictable season ever. Unless Zach grows a pair unlike that big pu$$y Cody who chickened out this past week. Here’s hoping that something happens that throws a monkey wrench into their plans like maybe whoever wins the POV gets a DPOV instead of just a regular one and then gets to pick who goes up on the block like Matt did in season 12.


Someone commented that this group running the house is boring but will get interesting once the “floaters” are gone and they have to turn on each other, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s only 1/3 way through and there’s been NO “blood on anyone’s hands” yet (Gawd, I drank everytime Cody said that phrase) but give it two more weeks when Nicole or Hayden win an HOH and shit will turn… Giving us a good turn out of a season. Let them pick off the non-players and let’s then watch them “detonate” each other to smithereens!!!


Nicole or Hayden won’t do sh!t!


Oh yay. Another predictable week.


If I hear these houseguest say one more time that there is going to be a double eviction, I’m going to scream! They have literally said that EVERY week. These is not going to be an double eviction in week 2 or 3! They also keep on say that the wall HOH challenge is every week… I feel like I watch the same show on repeat every Thursday.


The only thing more annoying than hearing them say these things every week is going to be listening to them spout all the “I knew it! I am SO good at this game!” crap when we finally do get a double eviction and the wall. Cripes, if you say it’s going to happen every week you don’t get to be so damn proud when it finally occurs but they will be.