Big Brother Spoilers When Amber gets nominated “she’s going to crawl back to me for safety”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-26 21-19-39-888

9:18pm Poolside Christine and Victoria
Talking about how dumb Caleb is.

BB16-2014-07-26 21-21-19-934

9:20pm Frankie and Hayden
Frankie is telling him Caleb thinks the POV isn’t being used and Jocasta is going home.
Hayden – Caleb is a f**ing d1ck dude he was telling Victoria she is going home. .. I’m like I hate you.
He told Victoria that she’s in this house to annoy people, Hayden – “i’m like Dude keep saying sh1t keep saying sh1t”

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BB16-2014-07-26 21-26-04-180

9:26pm Hot Tub Hayden and Nicole
Hayden telling Nicole he doesn’t know what he’s going to do they will have to see what happened. Nicole says Zach and Victoria were in the beehive room for an hour he talked about his personal life, “weird stuff.. people think that maybe Zach was telling her lies to tell you”

BB16-2014-07-26 22-06-30-715
9:36pm Hammock Cody and Victoria
She’s mentioning her conversation with Zach She him he was disgusting for being so rude to everyone during the nominations. She wanted him to think about his mother when he acts the way he acts. Victoria goes over her conversations with Zach the cameras switch over.

BB16-2014-07-26 22-38-20-079

9:45pm Kitchen Hayden and Zach
Zach says he’s started laying the groundwork to get Caleb to turn on Amber. Hayden is pissed at caleb for telling Victoria she’s going home, “It made me so mad”
Zach – I can’t wait until Amber is on the block.. it wasn’t 20 seconds after the veto that she was up with Frankie saying they have to keep the nominations the same

BB16-2014-07-26 22-01-31-585

9:56pm Kitchen Frankie and Zach
Frankie says Amber is freaking out. Zach – “really I thought she had no idea’
Frankie – She’s just up my a$$hole
Zach brings up Amber saying Caleb is blowing everything up out of proportion.
Derrick rolls in “Caleb brought up he might want Amber up on the block to send her a message”
Zach – “I’m a genius.. i convinced him that.. I convinced him”
Derrick – That’s a pure stroke of genius Zach Rance

BB16-2014-07-26 22-22-42-107

10:06pm Victoria and Cody
She is saying she cannot trust Frankie anymore Caleb has filled his head with so much sh1t.
Victoria says she was in the living room with Caleb and Frankie and caleb was saying to Frankie he would get too much blood on his hands if the POV was used.
Victoria – Caleb is a a$$hole
Cody wants the things thy talk about to be kept private. Victoria tells him she can be trusted.
Victoria adds she loves Derrick because they have a connection his wife is jewish.
Victoria says she has something personal to say. Amber keeps asking her if she has extensions, “five times” , Nicole, Christine and Jocasta know she does but she never told Amber. .
“My whole life I’ve been known for my hair my entire life one of the reason I didn’t want to come on the show was because of my hair”
My best guy friends don’t even know this only my girlfriends and family.. three years ago I lost my hair like all of it gone.
Cody asks how
Victoria -doesn’t matter.. I wasn’t goign to school for a couple months until I found a solution it was the biggest downfall in my life.. This all isn’t my hair.. she keeps asking about it.

They agree Brittany had a horrible rats nest of extensions. Victoria was worried that HAyden and Cody would look at her differently. Cody said he would never look at someone differently for have extensions. He says her hair looks great. Victoria thinks maybe Jocasta told Amber.

BB16-2014-07-26 22-33-54-185

10:33pm HOH Frankie and Beast mode
Lets convince Hayden to pull Jocasta down and we’ll put up Amber. This will bring her head back into the game. Make her think hey maybe I’m not as safe as I thought I was.
Caleb – “She’s floating to the other side”
Frankie says it’s a crazy move but is a great Move.
Caleb – at the end of the day I know who she is going to come to for safety. My allegiance is with you.
Frankie stresses every move he makes in the game is for Frankie and Caleb, “We’ve had a bond since day one and I won’t sacrifice that”
Caleb – I’m the exact same way.
Frankie knows they said they should make side alliance to help main alliance but what Amber did was make new alliance that hurt the 8 alliance

Caleb agrees says they need to help amber by putting her up and scaring her back into the game back into the alliance.
Caleb – Shes going to looks for safety and she’s going to go to Cowboy beast mode for safety because he’s the only one that can keep her safe.
Frankie asks him if Caleb can control Amber if she loses it.
Caleb – I really want her to be scared.. at the end of the day we’re going to be faithful and save her i’m going to look her in the face and say you’re questioning our loyalty we’re the only people that have been loyal to you. I want her to be scared that she’s going home.

Frankie says he’s glad Jocasta is staying she’s a floater like caleb says but she deserve to be in Jury.

Caleb – We have to now convince Hayden to use the veto
Frankie it’s very important that no one speaks to Amber
Caleb – I mentioned it to Derrick and Zach
Calb – The world will not believe the romantic cowboy puts his girl up.

Frankie – I’m not going to lie she’s making you look like a little bit of a idiot
Caleb – I just know when her butts in that hot seat she’s coming to me.
Frankie – I really think this is a great idea this is the answer. `

Caleb says if Amber blows up their alliance they send her home
Frankie – BEASTMODE is back i love this man this is the guy I Want to play this game with
They hug.
Caleb says at the end of the day they are not voting Amber out but if she blows them all up they will.

BB16-2014-07-26 22-57-14-115

10:57pm Hammock Hayden and Caleb
Caleb wants Hayden to use the veto so they can put Amber On the block. If she blows us up she’s going home if she doesn’t’ blow us up she’s going to crawl back to me for safety.
Beastmode cowboy is back in the game no more romantic.guy.

(Zach has created so much Chaos between Caleb and Amber today calbe is now suggesting they put Amber up to scare her. Now all they need is for Amber to blow things up and he will support voting her out. Amazing rankei was planning for the last 2 days what he was going to say to Caleb to get him to want Amber nominated.)

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Everyone is a bitch this season.


Except Zach Attack. He literally gives zero fucks!!

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Its easy to give zero fucks when you come from a well off family, have no responsibilities and don’t really need the money. Its the reason he and Frankie can take so many risks, their life will still be the same whether they win or lose.


Grenades! Gallons of blood! Kaboom yo! #wildcard

Allison Grodner

You’re Welcome.

Are my 15 minutes of fame over ??

Hey all you BBAD fans, Mike “the snitchuation” Sorentino here, don’t know if you guys are aware cuz TVGN never promotes my new show every 10 minutes, but I’m still doing my thing on reality television & I’m as infatuated with myself as Caleb is of himself & every bit as clueless as him…


You guys say that every season lol sorry the house guest don’t play how you want them to


why do all the girls want other girls gone? all the girls want amber gone, lots of girls want victoria gone, amber wants to be the last girl in the house, christine wants to go to the end with all boys, no one gives a f*ck about jocasta. it’s your own funeral, girls.


Cody is the biggest p***y in the house!! I really cannot wait for him & christine to get voted out!!! For this week though it’s going to be so great to see how shocked amber is about going up… Then to see how shocked her & caleb will be when she’s voted out!!!! Best week of the season so far… Hopefully it gets a lot better than this though


Caleb, please read California penal code 646.9 regarding stalking. You are the very reason there is an “Amber Alert”. It’s just rich irony that your obsession is with someone named Amber.


Amber alerts are for abducted children.

I Don't Like Derrick

That just shows what a dumbass he is, as well as the dumbass below. Low self esteem followers.


One Year Later…..
Kentucky police have located the missing woman
in a secluded underground bunker. The woman was
dis-shoveled, in poor health and dressed in a Wedding Dress.
The suspect has not been seen since BB16


🙂 🙂 🙂


That would be funny if it wasn’t so close to reality.


Caleb is psycho…he created this plan just so amber comes to him what a crazy stalker…im sick of him saying beast mode cowboy ur a d bag hopefully ur gone next week


This is soooo awesome. He’s seriously doing all of this just so she will talk to him lmaoooo then she will go home and he will realize how stupid he is… Actually never mind, he’s too clueless to come to that realization. Caleb should’ve been the one sent packing, not devin!!!

Hey !! What are you doing here ?

According to their bios, Caleb lives a 3 1/2 hour drive away from his obsession. What is the over/under after the show that he drives by her house in his creep de ville with a fake moustache & follows her to a club & walks up to her & says “hey, what are you doing here??”


Week 1 Caleb was already planning routes to get to her house. No joke.


Yea hes just gona park outside her house everyday and wait for her to come outside and be like o hey i was just ib the neighborhood cause im beast mode cowboy and im thinking about putting u at the bottom of my well “it puts the lotion on the skin”


I was in a documentary about stalking…played a woman being stalked! Very disturbing, but enlightening! Not sure Caleb can be classified as a stalker, but he’s definitely obsessed!

And the emmy goes to....

Was Caleb the co-star in the documentary ?? Of course if it was about obsessing/stalking I suppose he wouldn’t be acting, but just be his beast mode creepy cowboy self


He’s doing what a clinically diagnosed psychopath would do. He wants her dependent on him. I’m glad she has a solid family to back her up (judging from her website).


In all seriousness, you are exactly right.




4% Beast Mode Cowboy, 96% Fruit Loop Dingus

Well played ZachAttack!

Caleb meet my friends: Hook, Line, and Sinker. #WILDCARD


i would pay to see caleb’s expression when he watches the video leading up to his idea to put amber on the block, and learns the truth of how easily he was played…priceless!


I know Caleb is no genius, but I still think this is a great move. It will make for hilarious television.


Did Caleb leave his brain at the door??


His dignity is out there too!


He never had one


His brain got mixed in with his two meat and veg.


OOOOOOOOOOOPS Meant to say Caleb’s brain got mixed in with his meat and two veg.


Caleb is such a fool.


Fucking Frankie is an absolute piece of shit …..

Listening to him judge and speculate on Brittnay’s personal life is just sooooo fucking disgusting. He knows absolutely nothing about her and he’s got the biggest secrets in the house.

She might have been a little crazy but she was there fighting her ass off for her kids. Frankie is only there because of his sister and he wants nothing more than to become famous himself.

Frankie even said tonight that people wouldn’t vote him out because he is sad grieving boy. And he said it with a smile on his face. What a fucking despicable human being.

He doesn’t deserve a god damn thing. Fuck this guy.

I love Frankie

You could not be wrong about Frankie. First, he is in the house because he loves BB. He has been a super fan for many years. Second, he is donating his winnings to build schools in Africa. And third – he is playing a role, a game. It’s ridiculous that people go into the house wanting to be themselves. That’s ridiculous – nobody wants to watch that! We want to see good tv!! Seems only Frankie and Zach get that.


Fu¢k him. His entire family is filty rich. Let his family donate money to build schools. $5000 per school. He wants to build 5 schools. Thats a loose change for his family. He can sell some of his designer close from his closet to vintage designer clothes stores and build atleast two schools with that money. Where as, this game can help change someone life like Donny who has been a hard working janitor all his life who deals with sholder pain daily etc because of being such a hard worker on a very daily physical job.

Errrrr ..Ummmm

Big brother is not a charity case…. Mckay..

Christine's crazy eye

Umm, yes about Africa, which country in Africa? And will he go there himself? Or which charity will he use? What type of schools? Do we know for sure that that is his plan? Can’t he just say that’s his plan and not really do it? Does it count if he just gives $50.00 from his winnings? I mean he lies a lot, so couldn’t this be, idk, a lie?

First timer

No one can stay in character for this long. What we are seeing are people’s true characters, the good, bad and ugly. It’s all just being put under a magnifying glass I don’t care if Frankie is planning to build schools, Brittany was planning on buying another BMW, or Zach is going to deck out his parents’ basement. This is based on how well you play the game. While Frankie is playing a strong game, we has weasely aspects of his personality that come through on the live feeds that people are reacting to.

Reverse it

I actually think the role he is playing is the one where he pretends to be nice and do this for charity – who we see in the bb house is the real Frankie and the real Frankie is completely obsessed with celebrity, and riding his famous 1/2 sisters coat tails! There is NO WAY someone looks at himself as much as he does in the house, does these stupid pretend characters all the time, and has a you tube following before he even comes into bb that doesn’t want to be famous ……. Oh right…… Guess what if he mentions charity and pretends to be upset about his grandpa He will get an even bigger following and more fans… Yep he’s a peach!


why cant amber just blow up on him and tell him straight-up no flowery stuff. It is literally the only way he will understand, he has to know that he has NO CHANCE whatsoever no matter what happens, she cant even say maybe because he will actually believe it. He cant take a hint. She needs to put the cowboy in his place. The situation she is in now is a direct result from her lack of a backbone.
*drops mic


Caleb is a nutjob. This isn’t Amber’s fault and you can’t blame her for his batshit crazy. They’re all telling him she doesn’t want anything to do with him and what’s his reaction? To punish her by sticking her on the block and force her to go to him. You can’t talk to him and expect a reasonable result, he’s to damn stupid and busy watching for his next chance to say “Beast mode cowboy” and make me gag.


I can’t believe how fast the updates are on this site. Wow.

Seeing and listening to that conversation and how Caleb talked about Amber was disturbing. And it was also disturbing watching them as they overplayed and over killed trying to make him believe it’s his idea as they listened to how he talked about her like that. As much as I hate for her to go out with this guy thinking somehow she should have crawled back and stayed in her place. I think it’s best she’s goes home after listening to how ignorant he is and the other men basically feed into it. There is game stuff and than there is a level of sick sh*t that really isn’t worth it. It’s doubtful she will win and at least she isn’t stuck in the jury not being privy of the extent of Caleb and is ignorant attitude. Pretty gross. At least she can see everything that has been said and just move on and watch it play out if she does go home next week.

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Yeah I hate to see her go and I’m not sure, with the way things are going so predictably and boring, that I’ll be watching after this week either. But considering this idiot and the fact that Hayden, Nicole, Christine, and Victoria seem to genuinely hate her for no apparent reason I don’t think she has any play that she can make at this point. Its a shame because she had such potential and is good at comps but she will never be able to find a connection with this cast no matter what she does.

i am so sick of these people

That’s exactly my point she never had a chance with these people. The three ratchet sisters have been jealous from day one. Caleb crazy stalking ass with his drama. All the men except Donny and Derrick need to come out of the closet Jacosta is a non factor. Frankie is a little bitch.


“The three ratchet sisters,” LOL!


I think its absolutely disgusting how all the HGs feed his obsession and how BB allows it. He has a serious screw loose. SHe came in the house to play a game and all she got was a stalker. Its just plain WRONG. I feel so bad for her but in all honesty, she’s better off leaving before this whole obsession really gets out of hand. She’s gonna need to go home and have time to change her name, change her #, move underground and get lost before he comes looking for her. And id he does anything to her (seriously, he might) I’d sue Big Brother for instigating it and allowing a criminally insane person into the game.

Youse is all scrubs!

We can have a drinking game with this show! The next time someone says, “…at the end of the day…” or “…it is what it is,,,”, you take a drink. I swear, we’ll be hammered within the hour!

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Just don’t play a drinking game where you drink every time Caleb says Amber because you’ll die of alcohol poisoning within a half an hour, if that.


Or everytime they say “literally,” which makes no sense half the time the way they are saying it. They literally don’t understand the word literally.


or beast mode cowboy that fucking drives me crazy i can’t wait until he is evicted


caleb almost went pro in swing dancing… almost.

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Caleb is going to find work when he leaves the house playing stalkers on shows that re-enact real life crimes.


Or he’s going on the Bachelor or Survivor or the Amazing Race or Naked and Afraid,,, and then let’s not forget about the recording contract.


caleb is sure in for a surprise when he sees the feeds and learns what a tool he has been. what a stupid f*ck.


I wish I could give you 5 million likes. Ive never seen someone like him before. Zack said it best when he called caleb a love struck dingus froot loop fooligan. His family and entire town must want to crawl under the coffee table when watching the show. Who lies about the things they have done, the things they were going to do, the things they are going to do. Hes been an SI model, jujitsu instructor, dancer, hes going to be in the bachelor, naked n afraid, amazing race, survivor, record an album. On just his looks alone, he could have probably gone on to other great things but by just opening his mouth and telling egomaniac lies about himself and stalking a fellow houseguest, his 15 minutes of fame ends here.


A few hours ago he was talking about walking into the local bar at home where all the women crawl over each other to get to him! After this display I’m pretty sure they’re going to be exiting stage left! Beast mode my ass!

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Caleb is infuriatingly idiotic. How the hell can he think putting her up on the block will get her to like him. His new moniker should be Beast Mode Oblivious. If I were her or her family I would, all jokes aside, be genuinely worried for her safety outside of this house. I wouldn’t be shocked if he tried something. I feel sorry for Amber. She hasn’t played the best game and is naive but she never had a chance to play this game and figure shit out since her entire existence in this house in some form or another has been completely consumed by Caleb’s obsession. How the hell can she figure anything out or play the game when she either has to deal with his clueless aggression and flirtations or with his anger and pouting at his feelings not being reciprocated. She really got a bad deal having to deal with him.


I agree with you 5000%. Trust me, her family is very worried and wishes they vote her out ASAP so that she can be away from him. No amount of money is worth her life being in jeopardy around a crazed, ex military, delusional, egomaniac. He has serious issues. Honestly, he needs therapy. Im not kidding. Im very concerned for her well being especially when the show is over.


Greatest name ever! …but you might also say, Ambers future restraining order!

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Yeah but I chose Caleb’s future restraining order since he’ll be the one receiving it in the not too distant future. Can you imagine the frenzy he’ll be in to contact her once she gets evicted and he gets evicted right after. I think she genuinely may need one.


At the beginning, middle and end of the day, Beast Mode Cowboy, is an idiot.

is it wrong

is it wrong that I think zach’s badass attitude is kinda hot? who’s with me? or no?


He’s a bit of a sociopath, but they are usually very charming! He scares me enough to be interesting though!

Amber's Bodyguard

Thank you God for fast forward option. I just can’t take Caleb’s bazaar, obsessive and egotistical conversations. Someone will be trying to talk to him about fish or something and in the middle of their sentence he says but yeah, you know she’s going to come running back to me for protection. She needs to be running away from your @$$ and GET some protection from you with your obsessive, whiney self! Geez


I keep thinking it would be hilarious if Amber walked into the DR and self evicted…the look on Caleb’s face would be worth the $500,000 just to see it!


Uh no Victoria you don’t have to be a genius to see that isn’t your hair. The thickness at the bottom of her head is disproportionate to the top which means she’s attached it all at the middle and it looks overweighted and too big. That big mess is noticeable.
Is cereal Kosher? I actually don’t know so that is a serious question. She eats a lot of cereal and I wondered if it has to be kosher.
Also, her liking Derrick solely based on his wife being Jewish proves how ethnocentric and prejudice she is and really naiive to think that makes Derrick better or trustworthy. She’s stuck on him and he can’t stand her.


Is Derrick telling her the truth, or something he thinks she wants to hear, Derrick lied about his job, by telling her his wife is Jewish, she will never vote him out. Besides, Victoria is in love with Derrick. She always goes to him for comfort.


If Derrick is lying then mad props to him cuz he knows what to tell everybody to make them trust him. However that is very stupid of Victoria to trust him cuz his wife is Jewish.Seriously?

The Sabouteur

Time to meet the BB16 Houseguests!
Victoria: The Mole. I forget she’s even in the house
Amber: Clueless and doesn’t realize the power she had to control Caleb. Nice girl though.
Donny- The most genuine, down to earth, greatest man in big brother history. Nothing bad to say to all about this gentlemen.
Hayden- Screw 500’000 dollars, he just wants to get in Nicole’s p*ants.
Cody- Major pu$$y and acts like a little b*tch. All my respect for him has vanished.
Derrick- Hated Devin but is just as arrogant as he is. Probably will win the game.
Caleb- Ugh..
Jocasta- Professional tongue speaker by day and minister by night.
Christine- Anyone that’s nice to her is stuck up and fake apparently. Also, she needs to keep her hands to herself. It’s kind of hard to watch.
Zach- Talks big but hasn’t done much. Hopefully he’ll be the seasons redemption.
Nicole- Catty and jealous. Hates Amber for no rational reason.
Frankie- A Rat, stuck up, annoying, cowardly and a little b*tch. Only on the show for attention because he’s tired of riding off of his sister’s coat tails.

Hands off to Robyn Kass for yet another year of horrible casting. It won’t be long before BBCAN DOMINATES BBUS and by the looks of it, it will happen VERY soon.


You know America has a population of 400 million + yet BBUS always finds people who don’t have a clue about the show. What the point of all those people who audition but the casting team just hires non entities.
P.S cant wait till BBCAN3!


Does anyone not see the change in JOCASTA…..our “Save Me Jesus” minister is turning into a conniving, lying bitch just like everyone else. Love it. The eye rolling, getting sick every time she has a comp, the constant blubbering all the time. I think that is her plan to have everyone think she is trustworthy and truthful because of who she is, and then lie her ass off!!!


Hey, does anyone think that Hayden has the hots for Victoria. { Why should he care if Caleb tells her she is going home?} Nicole is getting jealous of Victoria and Hayden’s relationship. I picked this up from the conversation between Frankie, Christine and her in the HOH bedroom.


Hayden is a numbers guy – if he throws out his rod and reels in a couple of floundering dumb fish, hey he’s golden. He’s got Nicole (even though I think she knows he’s a douche), and Victoria (who doesn’t know a douche if it slapped her in the face).
He’s not exactly ‘selective’. He’s just playing the ‘numbers game’ – so far 2 women are returning the attention.


Cody and Hayden are both playing the girls for final two votes…every lustful grab,look,pet,claw,snuggle,hug…it’s all with an eye on the prize! Great game boys!


I really hope Team America fails this task. Such a waste of what could have been a great twist.
Also I dont think Amber will blow up, she seems very relaxed and timid most of the time so I doubt she will blow up. She might just break down crying though. It is so sad how these keep wanting to get rid of the Beautiful girls first lol.

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

I’m convinced the majority of the men in this house have homosexual tendencies. No way in hell a group of men, mostly under the age of 24, would continually and willingly remove the most attractive women in a house where you are cut off from the world for months at a time. Add to this the fact that even when they don’t have to they sleep 3 men to a bed in the HOH and never invite women in. The night Brittaney slept in there before she got evicted Cody almost seemed offended that she would dare sleep in his bed an take a space away from Frankie or Zach. And as a heterosexual man I can guarantee no straight man would allow Frankie to lay on and feel them up like this cast is.


Oh this is going to be hilarious when Amber is on the block. Then Caleb realizes he is too blame when she gets backdoored. Then 10 minutes later he is leaving for Jury by himself in fast forward week. Almost feel sorry for him, but I don’t.

Zach created all of this. He feed Caleb so much B.S. that Caleb volunteered Amber. Too funny.


Once Amber is nominated, I predict, at the end of the day, our Douchbag Dingus is going to be CRAWLING back to Amber begging for forgiveness.


The only people I like are Zach, Amber, and Donnie. I think the rest of them just like to think they’re all great in some way, but they’re just a bunch of pathetic cowards who don’t deserve to be in the final 2 or even jury for that case.

BB16 sucks

Man, Best Mode is SO easy! #dumbolicious


Just reading through the comments on some of these updates make me sick. You viewers negatively commenting on and making judgements about the houseguests’ appearances, characters, families, etc. are just as bad, if not worse, than what the houseguests are doing themselves. And the environment that the houseguests are doing it in isn’t even a realistic situation. There are so many hypocrites here it amazes me.

Judge Much ??

Respect your take, but it seems you are going off on fans for their judgment of the contestants & yet you choose to judge the great fans on this site..


Are you talking about me? Because I give zero f**cks about what you think.


Move along!…nothing to see here!


“Fruit loop dingus,” “Gallons of blood,” “Zero fucks…” My favorite “Zach-isms” and looking forward to more!


Knowing Derrick he’s going to tell Cody hey Amber going home so go have sex with her then kick her out or make her give u a BJ for a vote and then we kick her out anyways and laugh about what she did for a vote. serious I hope Derrick wife is watching how he degrade women and only see them as sexual objects. if he’s like this in the house I can just imagine how he is as a cop pulling women over asking for sexual favors to rip up tickets his a pig.


That just how guys talk. Get over it.


I’m a guy and I don’t talk like that. Especially if you have a classy girl like Amber, who is a professional model and should keep a clean profile. Those guys are plain imbeciles.


You’re right. Derrick and Devin both have daughters and atleast Devin’s mentallity of speaking about women and treating women was based on the fact of how his daughter would view him and on how he would want his daughter treated by men when she gets older. Derrick can care less about that.


Who’s the biggest “Andy” this year Frankie or Christine? I’m ready for next season already. Zack is a tool, I just like watching people with class battle it out. Like “Big Jeff” The girls will all be gone soon and the guys will all sleep together in the birds nets


Wtff ?!?! Omg im so madd at hayden and so proud and bewilderd at nicole for taking hayden all a sudden being up the crack of victorias ass for the past week or so i couldnt beileve it!!!?!
She played hard to get and finally kissed him and sure enough now he is on to victoria!!! Why?!?! Becyz she gives otphj?! Wow oh yea he is soo sweet and such a nice guy! Now he is all mr pissy becuz caleb wants victoria to go home and mad about it ?! Ughhh


Nicole wasn’t putting out, but Victoria will accidentally touch everyone,even Frankie had her massaging him nightly while she pretended to sleep! If a man in the house was sexually assaulting women, this would be taken seriously! It disgusts me to hear the guys talk about her behavior every night!


This sums up the girls game.
Nicole is complaining to Christine about how Victoria is flirting with Hayden and it is pissing her off.
Meanwhile, Derrick and Cody are in the supply room talking game and scheming weeks down the road.

Caleb's Future Restraining Order

Thats the case most years truthfully. I don’t mean this in a chauvinist way but early in the game the woman are always catty and unfocused which leads to more of them getting eliminated than men and by the time they realize it its too late. Just like in the Brigade season, the majority of the women in the game spent over half the time going at each other (mostly Rachel vs. the other women) that by the time she was gone they were already half way through and they had no chance to get the numbers. I think Rachel was the most important Brigade member truthfully. This year will be no different. Nicole and Victoria will regret not linking up with Amber, who could actually win shit and tried to be cool with them, at some point. Christine isn’t worried about it because her strategy is to basically do what Andy did last year so it won’t really affect her.



in the past hour frankie has said

that amber acts like a schizophrenic
nobody would watch the show anymore if zach stayed over him
nobody would send home the “poor grieving child”
called zach a demon and thinks he’s a psychopath
said that anybody who puts him up after his grandfather dying is an asshole
how do any of you like him?

Christine's crazy eye

Didn’t like him before I read your post, like him less now.


But all he said is totally honest and perfectly realistic! What did he say that it was a lie?
Amber DOES behave like schizophrenic when she’s trying to be on two different places at the same time.
Zach is CLEARLY bipolar — which is OK, but it’s hard to play a game with someone as unreliable as he is. Besides, he told him in the face “You’re lunatic, which is why I love you!”.

Having said that the Evil Gay Clown is not my fave, but not for the reasons you are mentioning there. DO I like him as a person?! NO! BUT, he’s arguably the best BB player ever: his athleticism is extraordinary, he’s witty, quick, bright and intelligent.


Frankie Grande, you are a delusional, spoiled, low down piece of s#$t!!! Big Brother is not all about you and the world doesn’t revolved around you either!! Do us all a favor…get evicted and go the f$^k home!!!

I love Frankie

First – a HG economic status outside of the game should not be a deciding factor in whether they win BB. It should be about how well they play the game – socially, strategically and competitively. The game is not about who has the saddest story. That’s like saying someone “deserves” to win the lottery. Secondly – the duck dynasty simple country boy act of Donny’s is played out. And what’s up with the Harvard tshirts? Third – both Donny and his girlfriend have said the money would not to change their lives and they don’t need it, he just wanted to play BB.


Delusional thoughts from fantasy island… you’ll never get metal legs… Samantha is fucking Alex… NO SHE’S NOT!


As much as I hate the way Amber is going out, meaning that they are really playing into Caleb’s sexist ideas and his sick sense of entitlement, i’m glad that they won’t be in the jury house together where there are not cameras to catch his every move. So, bye bye Amber, hate you had to go for seeming no reason, but at least you can get away.


Now Nicole doesn’t like Victoria giving Hayden attention….make up your mind? Really? Brittany is out. Amber is leaving. Nicole is not a bad looking chic….remove the glasses, glam it up a bit and spice the up the wardrobe. She can be BB eye candy too , but wait she would become a target for Christine. If anyone hopes to be on BB next year, please be aware that, if you are a confident, attractive, intelligent woman these positive attributes are dangerous to your game….Just play the game people leave the high school BS, from wherever you are from!!

I love Frankie

About Frankie and building schools in Africa – I don’t know what kind of arrangement it is but if you google him it says he is involved with two organizations. Broadway in South Africa and Build On. They both do stuff in Africa. He’s a broadway actor – I think a lot of his antics are similar to that kind of training. He is over the top a lot of the time but he keeps it entertaining. And – he wins competitions so I respect that.


Is this all staged? I find i hard to believe that Caleb is this much of an idiot. Very hard to believe. Surely he has an IQ over 70..


This might be a dumb question, but how do you watch BB Canada in the US? What Channel??