Power Of Veto Results – I’m going to use it on Victoria.. she picked me to play in the Veto

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Summary of Events


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Feeds come back Power of veto winner is Hayden
4:20pm HOH Hayden And Frankie
Frankie says he’s wanting to backdoor Amber this week so he needs the POV to be played
Hayden – I’m going to use it on Victoria.. she picked me to play in the veto.
Frankie is going to bring Caleb and tell him that Amber is treating him like the fool she’s not interested in him at all. She’s using him and talking sh1t about him. Hayden thinks he should pull everyone in they can all be there for Caleb. Frankie is going to do it alone at first then pull everyone in.
Hayden – “You can use that same conversation to Amber if Caleb is the target”
Hayden says Caleb is a giant target keeping him in the house is great for them keeps the target off them.

Frankie warns him that Caleb and Amber are going to be riding his d1ck tonight. they don’t want him to use the veto because They know Amber is going up.

bandicam 2014-07-26 16-21-06-431

4:27pm FIREROOM Jocasta and Donny
Jocasta is overheating from the competition

BB16-2014-07-26 16-28-16-597

4:30pm HOH Zach and Frankie
Talking about how exhausting the competition was. Frankie says HAyden is going to use it probably on Victoria. Frankie thinks this was best case for them. Hayden and Amber come up. THey all agree the POV was very exhausting. Hayden doesn’t think it was hard it was hot and tiring. Sounds like Christine and Frankie were close to beating Hayden. Zach teases hayden that nicole was getting aroused watching haden go into beast mode

BB16-2014-07-26 16-31-51-759


Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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I hated it when Caleb said he holds Amber’s game in his hands, and I hate it even more now that this is be true for this week. If he approves, she goes, if not, she stays. A dream scenario would be for Amber to somehow survive this week and then win HOH and kick some serious a$$ instead of waiting to be picked off when the boys feel it’s right.

I don’t want her gone this week. Damn…why couldn’t she be like Janelle and not just wait to be picked off? Sucks when all the competition beasts are in one alliance, looks like the boys have the house in their control.


And Frankie going to tell Caleb that Amber is making a fool of him…..my God I don’t think I can hate Frankie more than I do right now. Yes it’s game but no, Caleb’s a fool all by his own doing.

Still Yawning

You are exactly right! These girls better get smart quick! And they need to start voting their own way, that means that Caleb has to go.

Julie's Glitter

It’s way to late for the girls to recover. The plan from day 1 was (and always is) to evict all the girls first. Everyone sucks up to the meat-heads because they are afraid the next comp will be endurance comps.

he can't ATTACK from home

she is anti #WILDCARD . no brainer. she goes.


Calebs running around telling ppl to tell amber to grow
some b@!!s and quit acting like she is in High School
and come and talk to him? WTF ???
Hey freakoid Caleb why don’t you
quit Cuddling with Frankie
Cut down on the estrogen
Grow some b@!!s yourself
Man Up and go talk to the girl if you have something to say!
What a Pu$$! He acts like he’s in the 2cd grade or something
Casting must of hired the psychiatrist too. Wonder what bar they found him/her in?


now i wonder what guys will b in the final 2


If Amber is smart, she outs the Detonators to Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, and Donny. I think Christine would know she won’t last long with those guys once the alliance is outed. Those five could send Jocasta home and have a fighting chance together.

Irked by the stupidity!

Sadly Caleb is easily manipulated. He will fall for Frankie’s story…be mad…then he will confront Amber and she will deny everything and confuse him. This should be interesting but I have to admit that I am extremely irked by his belief that he has a right to try to strong-arm her game. It isn’t fair that the other HGs are treating her like an ex wife who did him wrong. Her ability to play the game shouldn’t be predicated on whether she digs him or not. It just isn’t right. Frankie is slimy and makes me sick.


I think the other HG’s know that Caleb has not only ruined Amber’s game, but acted like a paternalistic stalker towards her. They don’t believe what they are saying to Caleb – they are just humoring him to keep him in check. When the HG’s speak with each other without Caleb around, they are all clearly aware of the truth.


I think/hope that eventually that dummy Caleb is going to wise up and join Donny to break up the detonators. I hope that both Cody and Frankie regret not being men enough to take Caleb out when they had the chance because a physical comp has got to be comIng this week for HOH.


PLEASE send Jacosta home. Waste of space. I still have hope for Amber, I respect her more than most the other girls in the house.


Yes – please for the love of God, send Jocasta home and no don’t keep Amber who is also a waste of space IMO. What has she done except….ooops, nothing.
Would love to see a double with both Victoria and Joca gone in one fell swoop (of a crow).

Team Amber!!!

Why do people always conveniently forget that Amber has more comps than most of the boys and girls in the house? Also, she may not be perfect but she is nowhere as gossipy, mean-spirited, or lazy as the others in the house.


No kidding……it is like watching some old time movie from God know when, where women would swoon at the thought of any physical activity. This is the modern age woman. Please…….do something …. Without the aftermath of crying or needing medical attention!


way to go, hayden! glad he won the veto, and wants to use it to save the princess.

let’s watch frankie figure out a way to tell caleb the object of his obsession is leaving, while being able to sleep with both eyes closed.


I love Hayden!

Julie's Glitter

Haydon has turned on Nicole and Christine. He’s with the boys now.


I like Amber. Does she really deserve to be backd**r’ed? She has been loyal to their alliance. All hell will break loose if they tell Caleb that Amber doesnt like him and has been talkin shit behind his back which she hasnt really talked that much behind caleb’s back. Hurry Derrick and Cody…. Come talk sense to Frankie. Let him know the house could flip if they bd Amber.


no amber, omg frankie is something else amber has been nothing but nice to him and this is what he does. i just want her to blow up everything start naming names.


zach and caleb fake argument was the funny thing of this season so far, i have to rewatch it like 5 times


*i meant funiest

Still Yawning

Still looking for a big move…that will be the person who will win BB 16.


Hayden, get that stupid bun out of your hair. You cant rock the bun like Jared Leto.


Let’s face it – no dude should be ‘rocking’ that bun in the first place. It’s really douchey looking and really effeminate. Not a good look. Guys were asked what they thought of the bun on women a few years ago and said it was the least attractive hairstyle. It really is gross on either gender if you ask me.


You two are probably middle aged. Probably men too. The man bun is very attractive to many females around Hayden’s age (early twenties). I myself love a good man bun! Rock it Hayden!


I feel like amber is getting a raw deal due to calebs stalking Granted im not her biggest fan but I feel like she has had a disadvantage due to caleb She should of been honest with him from the beginning and told him she wasnt interesred in him that way Now he may react in not a good way towards amber Once frankie (he makes me sick!!) lets caleb in on her true feelings there is no telling how he will react and I dont think thats fair Frankie needs to just STFU!!!!!!


I agree. I’m not sure it will be good for Amber. I feel Caleb can be mean.

Team Amber!!!

She has tried telling him that she’s not interested but Caleb doesn’t listen. He thinks she just afraid of being targeted if she’s in a showmance. He’s delusional, so he convinces himself that they have a chance.

I think she is only guilty of being too nice in this game. She actually thinks that Frankie and Christine are real friends. She is too nice to tell Caleb that he’s not her type and he doesn’t have a chance in h ell.


I don’t know how TA is expecting to achieve their goal this week if they are planning on telling Caleb the plan. They should just blindside him and Amber and maybe there would be some fireworks. No?


When will someone make a bold move and shake things up? I would love to be able to nominate a player for eviction. I would send Christine, Derrick or Cody home.


amber was dealt a bad card in this game. she got invited into a kind-of-defunct power alliance that placed her at the bottom and is now booting her out of the house. so many of the houseguests talk major crap about her when, from what i can see, she is just a sweet and caring girl. and, her name keeps getting unfairly attached to a guy who creepily stalks her and asserts a delusional control over her game.
beauty can be poisonous in the bb house.


This cast is so clueless and a bunch of wimps.
Go Donny I guess.
Hey CBS, I canceled my live feeds because
your casting agents are lazier than the cast.
And the painted chipboard house sucks.
I built nicer forts when I was a kid.
Can’t wait for BBCA


I think you are way into this show… i think you should go outside for a walk or something.


Watcher: Well, I thought that was hilarious!


Go Donny, I guess…..hahahaha!!


I really feel bad for Amber. She’s the only female there thats trying to play the game and not whine and complain.about everything. I thought that they wanted to get weak players out. Hope Frankie is next out of the door


Are you kidding me. She’s one of the worst female players that have ever been casted. All she’s done is whine and complain. She has no idea what’s going on and is constantly scrambling.

She is a crazy delusional as well. One of those people that in their mind they are always in the right and it’s everyone else’s fault.

Team Amber!!!

Compared to everyone else in that wacky house she is always right. She only starting complaining in the last week because she is starting to see some of them for what they are. I’m sorry but Nicole, Christine and Victoria have a wayyyy worse personality and attitude than Amber. If Amber complains a little then those other witches complains ten times more than her.


Well, there goes the last of the eye candy for us. Brittany now Amber. Then look who is left,” the dog pound”

Team Amber!!!

It’s ironic, how people say the men are running the house but it was originally the average looking women in the house that wanted Brtiney and Amber gone. Froot Loop Dingus and the nose sisters starting bashing Amber first and then the guys (Heydan and Frank) jumped on the bandwagon and that’s how the witch hunt began. The guys know that putting up Amber will not get blood on their hands (except for dealing with Caleb and no one likes him either).

It’s like what the mother told Victoria’s look alike in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie, “men are the head but women are the neck and they can the head in any direction they like.”


The nose sisters!!! hahaha!! Good one.


When the going gets tough, Jocasta gets sick and Victoria cries .. How embarrassing for their families.


The only girl I like in the house is Nicole and that’s because she is really funny but all the other girls really seem like a waste of space to me. On the males side I like most of them besides calab but I love Derrick and zach and I think Frankie plays a good game but he is really sneaky.


yes Hayden save Victoria… and Nicole goes up mwahahahahah how sweet that would be.. unfortunately not going to happen .. sorry Amber


I don’t mind if amber goes simply because I can’t stand the way she moves he mouth and eyes she looks so creepy like a drug addict a lot of the time.


More than likely one of the ladies (Amber,Jocasta, Victoria) will be going home…again……..
Wondering how many of them regret not working with Joey, the feminist.


this! times a million, remember first week when Amber said in the DR “I’m not worried about guy’s alliance because I’m IN it !” well girl you’re about to be “OUT” of it now..


Yes I remember!
And I remember saying she likes to be in with “the guys” because they are more dependable than the girls who will turn on each other!….meanwhile……every guy in the house is planning her eviction…..


Can we please get rid of that moron Victoria… I know 12 yr olds with more on the ball…


I don’t dislike Jocasta at all but I pray fr the day she wins HOH, do I see her as weak because she didn’t win POV? , HELL NO because she would’ve made a smarter game move…

I fcking HATE frankie when it comes to the game..something about him is just.. UHHHH..
And Zach, is a disappointment and like he said. He only wants to make it to jury and get his TV time.
I will NOT be watching bb16 until Thursday because its just ridiculous..

And if I’m not mistaken, they talked about getting Caleb out all last week but now Frankie is fckinh it up..how will u get blood on your hands WHEN EVERYONE WILL VOTE HIM OUT!!!, ITS STUPID HOW CLUELESS THESE PEOPLE ARE..

Overall there is a good chance next week is endurance and I hope and pray that if Caleb wins he gets revenge for the house voting out Amber on Thursday night…


Jocasta will leave this week. I can’t imagine her in the jury. I can’t see her on the final show turning her key, asking questions, making any sort of decision, talking with Dan the man or whoever talks to jury members. No way will she be in jury. I would be thoroughly shocked if she ends up there.

There’s a lot of talk about backdooooring Amber/Caleb, but Frankie’s a bleeding a$$ pu$$y who nobody respects, even though they fake friendly with him, and “the alliance” is at odds. The vote may be split, there may be a long overdue twist, production may get in the HGs ears, but Jocasta will be evicted. She’s a liability. CBS better get rid of her one way or another. Otherwise she will be the first HG to ever drop dead in in the BB House.


why does he need Caleb’s approval first, that’s dumb.

I’d rather have Jocasta in the house after her wasting her play tears on Amber tho maybe not.


I feel like this lackluster “do what the house wants” “we have to benefit the house” season comes from all these sorry recruits. even the so called “live feeders” have no idea what they’re doing. Jocasta? a live feeder? and she thinks that blaming Brittany for stealing a story is game play? not to mention Christine, who’s supposed to be the most knowledgable about BB, has yet to make a good game move. Zach hit the nail on the head when he said she brings absolutely NOTHING to the table. as a woman, I hate to see the girls getting picked off, but can you blame these guys for doing it? I sure can’t.


I cringe each time they discuss being recruited to play or has never seen the show before.
Do the producers even wonder why there hasn’t been a good season in YEARS!?!
Because they hire MODELS and not real people who WANT to play this game!
This is so irritating…. Enough AARYNS, Victorias, cara the playboy, list can go on…. I need real people.
Ps- why was Jocasta ever a remotely good casting call?

jocasta is boring

jocasta is soo boring its painful, even her conversatiions with people are boring..she has to be the worst casting call ever,,right up there with jenn city


getting aber out is actually a smart move because she’d ave been one of the harder ones to get out later on. also.she’s spoken about going after members of their alliance before


face it most of you only want amber around because she’s hot


Why is everything thinking of Amber as this powerhouse player? WTF has she done in this game to assert herself as a player?
Feel sorry for her because of someone else’s behaviour? That doesn’t make sense. Caleb is an idiot and that has not affected her game IMO in any way. Everyone is aware that CALEB IS AN IDIOT. Amber lacks any sway in the house, any voice of her own, and any social skills to forge better alliances. She hasn’t been assertive about anything at all. Why all this pity for her?


I do feel that Caleb has ruined her game, but you have a very very good point about Amber when it comes to asserting herself. I have to agree that in the game she’s just……there. And because of that she’s getting evicted because clearly she has no other alliances to fall back on and no one willing to align with her. Devin adding her to the bomb squad was what ruined everything. Perhaps if he hadn’t she would not have gotten comfortable and would have considered Joey’s idea.

That being said I hope she stays this week and gets to prove what she can do and the only way to do this is by winning HOH.


I know it is a nice fantasy to think that taking Victoria off the block and replacing her with Amber might look like a good game move… It isn’t. You are still going to have one pissed off Beast Mode Cowboy. He is going to campaign and make them regret not keeping the nominations the same… These guys don’t know what awkward is, they hate confrontation (maybe not Zach)… this going to be fun (for viewers… because somebody is going to tell Her and Caleb, Amber she is the target. She is being back doored.)
The result, I think somebody is going puss puss out and evict Jocasta.


I wish Franke would put Caleb up. Do any of them want to sit in the jury house listening to Caleb endlessly drone on about his 4% body fat, his singing and acting career and all his other delusions? Sounds like the first ring or Dante’s Inferno to me, This may be their last chance to keep him off the jury.


Ahhhh I can’t wait to watch the show tomorrow night!! I know nicole & christine won BOB which sucks, but still, I can’t wait to see the nom ceremony and the events leading up to it again!! I will LOVE it if zach eventually sends the rat packing!!!


I don’t get it. What has Amber done so bad. She has actually been nice to Caleb and he is weird. He has ruined her game. Don’t get me wrong she isn’t great but come on!


It sucks because Brittany and Amber were the best out of the girls now Amber is about to go #Sad


Just watching after dark 22 and Jocasta talking about getting into a fight then whoop ‘praise God’, she could’ve gone further but still went to jail? Whoa wow what a con she is. Everything about this woman is straight out of the ghetto. Nothing wrong with that but to claim to be a preacher of all things. She has a lot of people fooled but she is a fool if she doesn’t think some of us can’t see through her. She’s starting to resemble the Joker with her makeup and eyebrows.


I got the impression from different conversations Jocasta has had that her back story is that she was pretty wild before she got right with God. “Praise Jesus!!” Don’t know how much I believe of it, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.


Wow. You are a very ignorant person. You got all of that from one conversation? Do you know Jocosta personally? It must hurt to be so miserable and bitter.


long donny dont go up im happy cleab amber nicloe christina derrick anybody could go up just hope its not donny but for real amber or cleab need to go i will say caleb but amber not bad to go


I am sorry i really have been wanting to like amber but she has the personality of a rake -.-. I have been watching some live feeds and she hardly ever says anything at all in a convo with somebody. And as much as caleb is obbsessive he has carried her and fought to save her and shes just like ok…. Granted she didnt ask him to but damn. the only reason she is still there is because people are scared to go after her because of caleb . Soo shes not as good as she thinks she is.
Derrick is doing a great sorta low key job running the house in a way that no one has caught onto yet. He has everyone from cody to victoria coming to him asking what to do or say.
Victoria and jocasta are just there, at least donny is attempting to play some game but unfortunatly he is linked as a outsider so nobody of power is lisening.
I wish nicole would wake up come unglued from christines ass long enough to see she is a rat.


These have got to be the dumbest ppl ever do they not have a mind of their own!!! It’s time for someone to shake this sh*t up the only one that will do it is Donny but he can’t seem to win HOH!! It’s time for Frankie & Derrick to get knocked off their high horses & I hope they have the twist where someone to come back in the house & as much as I hate to say it I hope it’s Devin!!! Caleb & Jacosta are annoying as hell!!!!

Caleb's Cool With Me

What I don’t get is why people can’t see the whole picture instead of seeing it from left of center. Everyone that says that Caleb has ruined Amber’s game is more delusional than what you all keep bashing him for. Amber’s game is…let me be precise…disjointed! She isn’t as smart as she thinks she is. If she had any sense at all she would play the game from a strategic point of view instead of being with someone “pretty” (her words) and allow them to rub upon her body. Now, the person who hasn’t tried to RUB upon her body has given her his FULL intention of helping/assisting to get her to the end, but instead she spites him when she should be acting on using his game to take every liberty to attack and get out the people who needs to go home before her. She is as blind in this game as all of the other floaters. How can you say that you are in an alliance and you don’t even know what’s going on half the time? Her name is being thrown around zillions of times and all she’s thinking about is spending time with Cody and letting him feel her up and pretending “oh we’re just friends” B.S. That is why the GUYS and thinking to get her out of the house. She has put this target on her back because she orchestrated the dynamics of Caleb vs. Cody by not utilizing Caleb for all that she could get from him, but accepting and getting nothing that Cody is doing for her but yet he gets to rub her arms and back and squeeze her nips. She’s not playing the game of BIG BROTHER, she’s sitting in the house playing the game of, “UHH, I don’t like him, but OOO, I like the other one” schoolgirl game. That is what her deal is. She’s not attempting to grab a hold of the game and make it her own. Rachel’s game puts Amber’s game in the DIRT and buries it. If Amber gets put up, then I really wouldn’t care very much because I don’t like it when a woman acts as though she’s competitive, but still shows no GRIT, instead just sashay around believing lies and not seeing what’s right in front of her face. If she doesn’t like Caleb because she thinks that he will want to get her in bed, (i.e., “Caleb thinks because he threw the BOB that I owe him something or he should get something from me” ideology) then she should have confronted him with that and got it out on the table and said something like…”We can work together in this game, but not as a romantic couple.” Oh, and then NOT run to Cody to get a SHOULDER and CHEST RUB. That’s ELEMENTARY!


Man if Frankie put up Amber then I hope she goes off on all of them all she’s ever been was nice to all of them and what do they do call her fake talk crap about her call her a bitch but these are the same ppl that say she’s not loyal she’s plotting against the alliance all Amber ever asked was to be including in on they target talks and that if her name comes up let her know that’s not asking for much that’s called loyalty u look out for one another ur in alliance. she’s voted every witch way they told her to vote did every thing the alliance asked her to do and how did they repay her? by throwing her on the block week after week but I guess that’s they way of showing there loyal to her. all she ever did was ask them why keep throwing her up she’s in they alliance why not Frankie, Zach,or Christine if they have the votes like they say why not take turns on the block and what do Christine do run upstairs and say Amber talking major crap about them. and they say she’s using Caleb how? I don’t know how many times a girl got to tell a man she’s not interested in him and tell the whole house that she’s not interested in him and that she see all the guys in the house as brothers & guy friends.

Caleb's Cool With Me

I might not have watched all of the live feeds or the live shows, but what I do know with that said is that SHE hasn’t told Caleb in PRECISE words that he isn’t her type. She has said it in the DR and to Cody and Nicole and maybe Brittany, but never have I heard her say the words to Caleb. She expects him to just not like her anymore if she lays around with Cody, but all that does is infuriates Caleb because why would she choose Cody over him. Amber states in her bio that the most thing that she is proud of in her life is not having sex for a year. I mean…really! Does your mind go straight to sex when someone asks you that question? It’s not like she invented celibacy. What’s there to be proud about? Perhaps, she is going to tell everybody that she didn’t want any sexual talk to come up with Caleb, but Caleb has not said anything about sex pertaining to her. But others have…like Cody for instance being coerced by Frankie. I don’t want to hear anything else about how Caleb has ruined Amber’s game. She’s a big girl and she should put on her big girl drawers and PLAY THE GAME!


To Caleb’s Cool With Me: You are so right about Amber! She’s been playing what I call the “hold me, loose me” game with Caleb throughout.

Caleb's Cool With Me

Exactly! It’s as clear as the big blue sky. Thank you.

Dpov for sonny

If Jocasta is having overheat exhaustion maybe she should leave the fire room and go to the ice have not room? lol


Why does cbs bring people like Howard and jacosta into the house?
I don’t get it every year it happens every year they have few fans
Next year they will do it again

BB Canada does a better job in casting America. I live in Canada so I get both BB seasons. On Canada’s version there is no weak god loving person who has no game


Please. The casting for BBCAN this year sucked.


Someone please put up Ratstine and Frankie next week so one can finally go home…

Thor's Sister

Hayden should totally use the veto on Victoria. Why the hell not. At least you would want to keep a vote you can control instead of Jocasta ,who has no game anyway, which is why she couldn’t , not didn’t tell Zach I think it was, who she would be voting for if she *cough* won HOH. She is all over the place and Victoria I like better anyway. I don’t give a sh*t how ditzy she is. I didn’t know she knew the game as much as she does (Victoria).I didn’t know it was Israel BB she was watching.
I hope Hayden uses it on her :).


This is one of the reasons why I wanted Brittany to stay. She wasn’t a sheep and would have put the guys up and they knew that and couldnt have it. She wasn’t a puppet like the rest of the girls so they booted her. I get it, but I still think it was stupid for the women (as usual) to not stick together and now they are being pinged off one by one and at this point, they deserve it. The men are ruling because the women are letting them!

Zach's Armpit Hair

I hope Caleb goes nuts when Zach puts Amber up and puts his fist 6 inches into that punks mouth. That way Caleb will be evicted and charged with assault and Zach will have gotten punched in the mouth.


Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.


Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

• Believing that you’re better than
• Fantasizing about power, success
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• Exaggerating your achievements or
• Expecting constant praise and
• Believing that you’re special and
acting accordingly
• Failing to recognize other people’s
emotions and feelings
• Expecting others to go along with
your ideas and plans
• Taking advantage of others
• Expressing disdain for those you feel
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• Being jealous of others
• Believing that others are jealous of
•Trouble keeping healthyrelationships
• Setting unrealistic goals
• Being easily hurt and rejected
• Having a fragile self-esteem
• Appearing as tough-minded or
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