Derrick tells Donny You’re a grown a$$ man! I’m not going to try and convince you.

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 10-01-56-867
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9:45am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Amber joins Donny in the bathroom and asks him how he slept. Donny says well, not very well. A bunch of young people out there, outside of the door were pretty god dang loud. Amber says I heard you had to go to the DR too? Donny says yes.

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In the kitchen – TEAM AMERICA MEETING: Donny asks Derrick which way are you feeling? Derrick says I no you’re not feeling it. Donny says look at how fast Frankie threw Nicole under the bus this week. What’s to say in three weeks he don’t throw us under the bus? Who’s going to say when we pick with Zach. That Zach won that button one last week real quick that he don’t go out there and win that one real quick and you and me sits beside each other tonight (in the nomination chairs). Just because we didn’t pick, we can’t pick. Derrick says yeah, I told you guys week one that we’re in an alliance. You’re a grown a$$ man, I’m not going to try and convince you one way or another. Game or throwing it. You know. Jocasta joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 10-21-09-549

10:30am – 10:40am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return Donny is in the living room sitting in silence. Derrick comments that the HOH lock down is at 11:15am.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 10-40-34-713

10:40am – 10:55am Jocasta joins Donny. Donny talks about how loud the others where while he was sleeping. He says where I come from if people are sleeping you tip toe and whisper. They had the whole backyard and the rest of the house and they did it all right here! Donny says that he has only a little bit of the bed and had a knee in his tail bone. Jocasta asks Derrick did you know what you said in your sleep? Derrick asks that I am secretly in love with Jocasta? Jocasta laughs and says no. You said Hayden do you believe we’re in the big brother house. Derrick says I might have been awake for that part. Donny says if I went into the fire room right now I would open the door gingerly and tip top in… they yell and scream. They even went running over my bed in the rock room while I was sleeping! Donny says they didn’t go on for a long long time.. But just enough to get my blood boiling. Got me thinking about how people were raised.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 10-44-41-389

10:55am – 11am Donny asks Derrick did you think about it any more? Derrick says I am not going to try and convince you so we are going to do it. Donny says when we can into this game that $5000 didn’t exist. Derrick agrees. Donny says and the looks I got after coming down from the HOH at 2am can you imagine if something else out of character would happen? Derrick says yeah, I explained why you were pissed and how Frankie asked you up there to give you a cream soda. Donny says think about how Devin went out and what if Zach wins. What if people were pointing at you? Derrick says I would be pissed especially for the reasons why I am here. Donny comments on how Derrick has so many people that follow him everywhere. Derrick says its mentally draining. I got to the HOH to take a sh*t and EVERY time there someone sitting there when I come out. Donny says we could do it, get $5000 and go home this week or next. Derrick says doesn’t matter we’re not doing it but to me $5000 is like 2 or 3 months work and I could go home tonight or next week. Frankie comes and gives Donny a hug. Donny is then called to the diary room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 10-58-23-033

11:15am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH lock down…

1:15pm The live feeds return – The house guests are getting ready for the live show tonight. In the bathroom – Derrick cuts his own hair and then cuts Caleb’s hair. Caleb talks about wanting to start a side business of being a hair dresser along with his personal training business. Caleb is drinking a beer and comments that he quit drinking before coming into the house and doesn’t consider having one beer drinking. Derrick disagrees and says that’s still drinking. Derrick asks Donny what he thinks. Donny says if I said I quit chewing tobacco and then had some… I’m still chewing tobacco. In the kitchen Frankie comments on how he thinks there would be no way they could do a double eviction with still having the double HOH’s. Frankie joins them in the bathroom and Derrick cuts his hair next.

2:35pm – 2:55pm In the fire room – Christine tells Nicole that if she won HOH she would put up Jocasta and Victoria as her initial nominations. Niocle says I really want you, me or Hayden to win HOH. They talk about how awkward its been to lie to Amber that she’s staying when she’s not. Nicole says that if two gusy wins all girls are going to go up again. Nicole says that she wishes she could win so that she could talk smack. Frankie joins them. Frankie says Caleb is not coming from us ..he wants us 4 till the end.. once Amber is gone he wants Donny, Victoria, Jocasta out next. Frankie says they have to flip Caleb against the boys. Caleb LOVES Hayden like a brother.. since that first challenge ..I feel like Caleb could still be a tool. Nicole comments on how Amber is stressing out. That’s why I’m trying to hide. Nicole says if its another BOB I will be pissed .. its old and all the girls will go up again. Frankie says 4 people would be on the block out of 9 people. Nicole says thats almost 50% on the block. Nicole and Frankie decide to take a nap.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-31 14-35-46-901

3:10pm – 3:15pm Caleb comes to the hive room with his banana telling her that a banana might look disgusting from the outside but on the inside its beautiful. You’ve got to give the banana a chance. He says that every banana has different texture just like Derrick, Donny and Frankie are all different. Amber says it looks like an old man. That was the worst banana speech ever. Caleb leaves and heads to the bathroom. He tells Derrick about the banana speech he just gave Amber. Derrick asks what did you do with the one with the pickle inside it? Caleb says its in the freezer. Derrick asks are you going to give it to her? Caleb looks at Derrick and winks.

Where is the vote
Amber’s going home 9-0

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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Kathie from Canada!!

What???? Dawg getting votes for least favourite??? What’s up with that! I demand a recount! 😉


Don’t sweat it Dawg…. Caleb will give a banana with a pickle in it.

Caren in Canada

Production is rigging the votes, the one that are liked the most always get a bad edit at some point! Is all good Dawg we all love you! 🙂


I’m sure they just glanced at it and thought it was the favorite poll:)


That 1% of people need to get off OBB!! But seriously, I continue to love you, Dawg. Thank you for all you do for us.

Pinnocchio Obama

It stinks that the people that I’m rooting against are in power. Zach, Caleb, Derrick and Frankie are my least favorites and they are in total control so far. I like Donny, Nicole and Hayden but they look to be in danger.

What worries me the most is that I can’t believe that the non Detonators don’t seem to have figured out that they need to band together. I’m not even sure they would take out one of the strong guys even if they won HOH. I also am pretty disappointed that Christine is falling for the guys bs.


Starting to become a Zach fan. Love Donny.

Poor Derrick

The one person he cannot control is Donny.
He knows he can talk and talk, but Donny is a mature adult and knows what he wants.


I’m not gonna tell you what To do……. (Directly, just try to manipulate you)


Ambers going home 7-2.


Which makes me sad! Amber should get to stay.

Maybe Christine, Cody & Caleb will all throw her a bone and then it’ll add up to 5.

Jacosta going home 4-4


BB last effort to keep Amber. Trying to get TA 3 votes to keep her. Not that I don’t like Amber. I do. But I can’t stand Caleb and I want her yo go to shut him up. I’m sick of his pickle mentality. I just can’t take it anymore. He still thinks after all this Amber is going to coming running to him at the finale. I want her to go home and look at the feeds to see what a dumbo banana head he is.


Yes!! Tho, I’d rather Caleb go than Amber.

Oops, and I meant:
Jacosta going home 5-4 (?)


I’m glad Donny said no. When i saw the choices last night i thought they should all say no if that was the one TA was selected to do. It’s too much for TA tasks to be choosing who they are supposed to be voting for, there is no way that they wouldn’t end up getting revealed. I think the task was chosen because TA voters want Derrick and Frankie to be revealed or have their games negatively affected. I also can’t see Donny reconciling a TA task with voting out Jocasta at this point. If anyone else was up there, he probably could have agreed.

I don’t think they know which tasks they win or don’t win, if they think they won the last task. It showed a failure, even with what they thought was a rule change, i think that the 2nd person still has to respond. They chose Zach wisely, they chose his target unwisely. none of these people are able to even get heated, so there isn’t going to be a heated argument even with Zach helping. All there is going to be is deer caught in the headlights responses.

Double Standard

BB gives America what it’s been begging for, especially the majority of people here. The opportunity to shake things up in the game. BB opened the door for someone like Derrick to campaign and possibly flip the script and save Amber against Frankie’s wishes. But all of a sudden when Donny decides he does not want to accept the challenge and it’s all okay and good with most people here. It makes those that demand excitement sound like hypocrites. My point simply is stop complaining that this season sucks because it is so boring when you really are just pissed because the people you want to win are not in power.


I mean, donny has a point. Who is to say fakie wont throw them (derrick and donny) under the bus at some point for voting against the house? Frankie is a snake in the grass.

Jody H

So is Derrick! He would do the exact same thing. Would love it if Donny would throw them under the bus!!


I still favour Derrick or Donny for the win but agree, I don’t like Derrick dissing Donny this way. But, you have to hand it to Derrick, he definitely has his eyes on the $500k. Barring that, he wants a shot at America’s fave. He absolutely knows Donny is his biggest obstacle. And vice versa. I think Donny would be doing relatively the same thing if tables were turned.


It’s your decision Donny, if Team America wants to change the votes. Go right ahead!!


the thing with this vote is that those 2 votes and what would happen after would do absolutley nothing to stir up the house


If they complete this task, I could eventually see the people that are accused of throwing the vote suing CBS and Big Brother for altering the game and possibly costing that individual $500,000. I would.


LOL, okay. Well in reality Victoria might try and sue. But I’m pretty sure NO houseguest could sue a company like CBS, imagine how many lawsuits past contestants could do. Did the coup de tat that got handed to Jeff alter the game and ruin someone else’s chance on $500,000. YES. Did adding 4 Veteran players ( Coaches ) ruin others chances of winning, YES. All the ‘un-truths’ told about houseguests from other houdeguests affect their chance, and yet they can’t sue for those. ALL Twists alter the game to ruin or hinder people’s ability at the $500,000. And there has been production manipulation playing a large role in a lot of those twists. That was just a silly comment thinking that someone could bring a lawsuit forward, pretty sure CBS has their butts covered.


They can’t sue CBS for that is in the contract that they sign, that they can’t sue them if a twist hurts their game.
There is no guarantee that it would hurt them from being in the final two or the jury. To sue you have to be able to claim damages. No provable damages no law suit, especially if you are a fan you go in knowing about things like this a head of time.


On top of all that, Big Brother is not classified as a Game Show, so they can basically rig the game all they want against someone.

The DR

That is the whole point – will people ever learn


I really can’t say that I blame Donny. He doesn’t have the allusion that he has the game sewn up like Derrick and Frankie do. I think it is pretty smart of him not to potentially blow his game for the chance at 5 grand. Who knows…this week’s HOH comp may be his win.

Double D

1. Donny is already a target.
2. What are the chances he makes final 2?
3. This assignment is easy money. Blame Caleb…Point finger at everybody else “You did it. No, ok”


agreed, if Frankie or Derrick turned it down the response would be the exact opposite. Not that I have a problem with Donny turning it down, but Frankie and Derrick would have gotten shredded for doing what he’s doing.


The TA challenge should’ve been to backdoor Christine or Caleb this week


The only argument donny can make for not doing ta task is he doesnt want to vote against jocasta. So that flies in the face of his statement that he is playing for himself. He has nothing to lose by doing it. Nobody would suspect him ever of voting out his friend. I dont think anyone would suspect derrick of going against the house either. This would be an easy one and it would make the game more interesting, causing some valid paranoia for once.


I agree! If Victoria was the 2nd nominee, it would be an entirely different scenario for Donny and an easy decision to complete the mission. Derrick would be suspected of voting for his puppy/shadow.


Yes, but the actual vote is not what concerns Donny. What concerns him is the aftermath. After the vote, Donny would have to publicly stand up and accuse someone else of voting against the house. And like Donny pointed out, it is not in his character to do that! Donny is also worried that 2-3 weeks from now that Frankie will throw Donny and Derrick under the bus saying “Oh, those votes to evict Jocasta were cast by Donny and/or Derrick”. Donny is a smart man. He isn’t just thinking about today, he is thinking about whether or not it is worth it in the long run and for his game, he feels like there are too many risks and I completely agree with him. And Frankie and Derrick say “oh it’s no big deal if we decline this one mission” and then as soon as Donny leaves they say how they “have” to get rid of him because he is looking out for what is best for not only his game but theirs too. I sincerely hope there is a power shift tonight and Donny/Jocasta win HoH and get Frankie out of the house. At this point, I want Frankie gone over Caleb. He is nothing but a rat and a backstabber who is loyal to absolutely no one, not Team America or his best friend Zach. And if Frankie wins America’s Favorite Player, I will be highly upset!


Donny doesn’t have to say anything after he just needs to vote, sit and keep quiet then watch the entertainment… Frankie/Derrick will do all the accusing.


He will cast the vote after coming out of DR. The rating will tune in just to see what he decides.

jocasta christ

The part that he has a problem with is having to publicly accuse two people. That would be out of his character and they believe it’s a double eviction tonight.


Exactly!! People aren’t going to suspect Donnie of doing anything. But, voting out Jacosta is bad for his game.


Actually Jocasta would still stay. I think they just have to get two votes for Amber so Amber still goes home. Am I right??


Also, Donnie should just do it because it will make the House twitchy & paranoid. That’ll also make it harder for Frankie & Derrick to control the house and that could be an opportunity for Hayden or Donnie to get out one of the puppet masters (Derrick, Frankie).

Irked by the stupidity!

The issue is not the voting, it’s coming out and blaming someone else. It would be out of character for him. Could he do it? Sure, but he is looking at it big-picture. I get that. It could work against him unless they seriously plan to cut Frankie the snake loose, and quickly.


I hope Caleb has some sort of breakdown tonight when the realization of Amber’s exit hits him. He’s beyond disgusting and a Donny HoH is what we NEED!

Ricky (teamZachTeamBi

please BB gods let Zach win HOH or someone that will shake up this house and not put Zach on the block!


Zach hasn’t done much. He’s all talk and no action so if he won HOH, it would be another boring week.

BB16 sucks

I agree but at least he’s trying to dispel the thick cloud of boredom in that house… He comes across as deranged but he does something in that house except being wimpy, washing dishes and laying in the hammock complaining about being ‘tired’ [sic!]


My bet is on Zack to win. He won’t crack under pressure and claims he has a photographic memory. Just please anybody but Christine.

The DR

Oh she is who we are counting on….


I think dr is going to try really hard on convincing Donny to do it?

BB16 sucks

Good people still exist and that’s the best lesson of this BB.

Team Sabotage

I wish CBS would have been more forthcoming on how they were going to use this “Team America.” It seems to me, and I may be 100% wrong, BB watchers generally fall into two categories – those that like the lies, disloyalty, and backstabbing for the excitement/drama and to see the fallout (NO judgment attached) and those that like clever play/moves that don’t necessarily involve some of the dirtier elements (NO judgment attached). For those that like the more “sinister” type of BB play, Frankie would be a good choice. For those that fall into the other category, Donny would be a good choice.

CBS didn’t disclose what type of role “Team America” would take. If they were going to be responsible for “purposely” instigating fights, blaming others for their actions (which is far different that taking action without confessing that you did it), then why didn’t they call it Team Sabotage or something that indicated the nature of the group?


I think the whole Team America is just a rip of of BBCA2’s twistos twist.

Get the audience involved; it seems like a cheap knockoff. Artificial drama. It’s frankly, kinda lame.


Kev, I agree with you that BB US is copying the Canadian BB2 twists. I thought that from the beginning when Julie announced this season would be different with viewers having an input.

Wonder of wonders that we Canadians actually did something that the US thought was useful for their own show and we only have 2 seasons under our belt while the US is on their 16th.

Did it take 14 seasons for Grodner to wake up and realize that every HG that came on the show knew ahead of time what was coming when and there was no element of surprise for the viewer, who also predicted each coming show in advance?

We may like or dislike these twists and production interference but you have to admit, it does keep the HGs on their toes and us viewers filling the comment section. 🙂

BB16 sucks

Except that these housemates are the most boring EVER! Ganging up against girls and not making any move (Tampex-Cody is a good example) — the show is downright boring. All they do in AfterDark is washing dishes, Christine giggling like hyena, Frankie making vulgar jokes that are not funny at all (Evil Gay Clown). Twists are falling flat as well… OTOH BBCAN this year was 100% BRILLIANT! They had a superb cast and all the participants really played the game.

BB16 simply sucks ass! BBCAN2 > BBUS(any season)


I don’t think TA should do this task Donny and Derrick have a lot to lose! Donny will be the #1 target in the house if anyone found out

Double D

Have you been reading the threads? He’s already a target.


Yes I’ve been reading the threads ik he’s a target but only by the detonators, if he does this and gets caught the entire house will be after him


I’ve never been a fan of Amber’s game (none) but in her bio she says one of her hobbies is cow-tipping? Really? Takes a really strange person to find things like that fun in my opinion.
She’s a snoozefest anyway. Good riddance.


Maybe they are meant for each because I figure a date with Caleb would consist if cow tipping.

Captain Crunch

Caleb is an idiot if he thinks taking blame for putting Amber up and voting Amber out will bring them closer at the finale. More than likely its gonna push her farther away from him, I guess nobody in his family taught him that u cant make a girl like you.

Chick in LA

I agree! I would avoid this dude at the finale every chance I got. And to top that off putting that banana/pickle combo in my suitcase!? I would go off! Can you imagine what her clothes will smell like? I’m assuming being a model that she has some pretty nice clothes too.

Kathie from Canada

… but you sure can make a girl hate you.


This season needs a new twist ASAP. The original twist essential has screwed over the people not in the big alliance. They have less probability now of winning and HOH and staying HOH. I have a feeling if someone doesn’t flip soon, or we don’t see a game changing twist, this game is going to be to predictable and boring.

Michael LB

Applicable to nothing, but I’m bored. I really am so over Frankie and am bothered how CBS is giving him such a good edit.
I was giving him the benefit of the doubt up until his grandfather died. But when he took over the BBAD feeds for his pre-rehearsed half hour memorial speech with fake tears he lost me. He has been a total turd in the house but production is making him look like a cute little sassy thing. Sure they’re trying to draw in some of his sister’s fans but in the scheme of things how many 12 to 17-year-old girls watch big brother?
He’s gotta go. OK, rant over.


I thought Frankie came across as obnoxious and my daughter who doesn’t watch feeds or read spoilers agree. She thinks Zach is great. I said, he’s great a shaking things up, but he’s an a$$ too.


Frankie is the downfall of team america. He’s getting his hands into everything way too deep and the others are starting to catch on, especially Donny. Derrick is playing the best game right now, you never hear of anyone wanting to get him out soon, even Donny who has been catching onto the guys alliance.


such a good detonator talk last night. good for Zach ATTACK


go Zach go! #wildcard

Double D

DONNY…..this is the EASIEST America’s Team challenge. Nobody is going to care about 2 votes for Amber. Its not like you are voting out a major player. Caleb is an easy blame. People forget who voted for who in a few days.


I agree that this is pretty easy, except for the finger-pointing part. But even then, you have some potential culprits folks would believe. Caleb LOVES Amber. Zach is a wildcard. And Christine has told at least three people that they should keep Amber.

As for blame, the house never forgets “hinky” votes. They cause all sorts of paranoia over who’s going against the house. Remember Eric’s America’s Player votes in BB8? Those really screwed him with the LNC. They caught on that he was the one who was voting to evict Kail. And then the banner plane that Dani saw that may or may not have said not to trust Eric…..


donny is afraid he won’t be convincing when he has to lie about his vote. paranoia is getting the best of donny, and i understand – he looks at the two times zach tried to start the argument and failed, then sees how people view zach differently afterwards.

donny doesn’t realize it was the planning and the timing at fault last task, so zach was doomed before he started. now donny is over thinking the new task and is afraid, when he shouldn’t be – it’s two votes in what otherwise would be a landslide.


I don’t want Amber to leave! I wish she was smarter…

not good for donny

but she isn’t smarter

this is the thing. people want her to be so much more than she is. she can’t rally people. she isn’t well liked by the girls. I just think its time to move on from Amber at this point. Caleb was going to screw her game one way or the other at some point. its not fair that it was almost set that way once he looked at her…but that is how it is


Donny has the most sense. He peeped Frankie’s snake ways a long time ago. Derrick is just being thick headed but he could be sitting in s nomination chair before he knows it.


zach’s smart for targeting Hayden and Nicole. #wildcard


Yes he can’t target his love Victoria
If they had a final 2 deal no one would guess it


I do not think TA should do this task, Frankie would toss Donny under the bus if Donny agreed to do it. Frankie needs to go can’t stand to watch him blame everyone else for his lies. Derrick needs to open his eyes and see Frankie for the little snake he is.

Christine needs to go too. I hope Donny and Hayden wins HOH tonight, and they backdoor Frankie.


All this is sickening, Frankie targeted amber so he can b the pretty one cause Christine and Nicole smacked on top him being secretly jealous and envious cuz Zack said she was attractive to amber n would sex n go out with her! N Zack as we all know is “in the closet ” bestie:-( amber has been voting like the rest of house regardless of what been said no more than rest of snakes that have back bitter n lied…. How hypocritical????!!!! They beat down Caleb n her “whatever” but everyone else sneaking and creeping Wtf are u serious what a crock #fakeness


Is this even English??



Just saying...

Some of these OBB updates are written just like
‘realtalks” post.


Your name is “RealTalk” but sorry to say, I can’t understand a damn thing you are “talking” about. It’s called proof reading.

The educator

Core Values – we are doomed


Donny’s the only one with a brain. 5k is not worth getting nominated and/or going home. Please Donny win HoH tonight! Please put up Gonzo, Derrick or Frankie!


I wish amber was staying and caleb was leaving I would be upset if I had to deal with that mental case all summer!!! #bb16

BB16 Twists Sucks

I think not only should Zach get a portion of TA winnings for constantly being thrown in to do their dirty work but also Amber. She was put up as a ‘threat’ which somehow fulfilled that mission and now she is being sent home and was used as the other piece of an arguement to help, which didn’t, TA to win that mission.

Things need to shake up fast cause they are losing viewers by the second. Aside from this site, big thanks to Simon & dawg, I can’t even bare to watch!

Teri B

TOTALLY agree with you! I never really watch the shows any more. I like to watch the comps for production value (I enjoy seeing the sets and costumes, and occasionally I’ll watch some of the actual comp). Oh, and once in a while I’ll catch someone in the DR that draws my interest, but with the show DVR’ed I can get through it in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Once again I’ll say thank you Simon and Dawg for all your hard work and dedication!! Love you guys!!

Just Me

Can’t Derrick and Donny do the voting part and Frankie and Derrick do the public accusation part? I don’t see where two votes are going to affect the results much. It seems pretty simple Derrick accuse Christine and Frankie accuses Caleb? JMO

Michael LB

Agree. Since Frankie is HOH and doesn’t get to vote does he not have to participate in this challenge (but still gets the $5k if it succeeds)? Let Donny give the vote but make Frankie be the one to accuse somebody, that’s the only way this is fair.


I know most of you hate Zach, but he is the only entertaining part of this season! Such boring people this year, oh well, better luck next season! BB fan for life regardless. I hope Zach wins HOH tonight, and I hope the BOB twist is OVER. Way too many people are left safe for the week.. And Donny needs to suck it up and complete the task. It may not be best for his game, but its best for our entertainment, haha. 🙂 And WHO WOULD SUSPECT DONNY AND DERRICK?! No one.. I also like Frankie, which I know most of you ALSO hate, but he knows the BB game and he’s playing it well.


I have a love/hate relationship with him, which i think is what he is going for. I think he is great, but an a$$. I hope he stays in the house as long as possible because he does such bizarre and off the wall stuff. Without him the house would be boring.

not good for donny

Zach is our #WILDCARD !!!!!

he is on the ATTACK!!!!! I think his speeches need to stop…now. I think his DR stuff is pretty bad, but I mostly blame big brother as he has even said they ask him to go as loud and mean.

but I think he is easily the most entertaining on the feeds and BBAD. when he is awake, he is talking game, its really interesting stuff, last night was amazing game talk. I thought Zach put a lot of good players in their place last night about Hayden.

now…do I want to hang out with Zach and share his views outside the house? NO. but I like good TV, Zach is HILARIOUS to me. he accidently smacks into amber, keeps celebrating while saying sorry. he mocks people to their face and they have no clue. he calls Caleb “Beast Mode Cowboy” when talking to him. there is a long list of things he does that are entertaining. and heck, even his showmance is the most interesting of the year. is he gay? does he have eyes for Victoria? will Frankie get jealous and suddenly want to evict Victoria? all good questions.


RIGHT! He is SO entertaining. Would I liked to hang out with him at all, ever in my entire life? Absolutely not. He is great to watch though. By far the most entertaining in the house. I will not be happy if he gets backdoored this week if its a double. Also, what’s up with Cody and Nicole? I know Cody cuddles and flirts with evvverrry girl in the house, but did they actually hook up? Anyone?


Oh oh oh – Zankie is by far the best showbromance ever. I want him to be gay so bad.


Most people hatED Zach. By most accounts he is second only to Donny in popularity. He has been my favorite since day 3 (and he wasn’t on day 1). Besides, how heated or malicious is it when he is practicing his speeches and getting encouraged?! He’s adorable and entertaining. And hot…


Oh… I wouldn’t want to be trapped in a house fighting against him for half a million dollars, but I def want to hang out with him. (And maybe cuddle…)


Based on looks, I’d cuddle him so good. Lol. But his view on women is horrible, so.. No. But I love him for the show. I voted him my favorite before it started based on his bio. I knew he’d be a good time… Let’s hope he pulls out a win tonight!!


you’re missing a “not” in the place they say “we’re not going to do it” in the 10:55 conversation..

Teri B

I’m pretty sure Amber is going to be looking into getting a restraining order on this nut. I’m not an Amber fan, but her leaving now (before jury) is probably in her best interests. Just sayin.


I am SO not an Amber fan, but deaaar god, Caleb is insane. I feel horrible for her in that department.


I would vote the other way just to screw with people if I was in the house give me 5 grand to do it pssh easy money. If this was a crucial week I would understand but what’s the difference 9-0 or 7-2 she goes home either way

Just Me

That’s what I’m saying. The actual numbers aren’t going to mean much and if it’s Frankie who makes the public accusations instead of Donny and Derrick, then they are all equally guilty and no one can “rat” them out to the others. I could totally understand Donny’s hesitation if Frankie wasn’t getting his hands dirty (ie Donny and Derrick do the flip vote and the public accusation) but I think if they make sure Frankie is the one making the accusations then all three of them played a roll in it.


If Donny votes his vote is what he wants it to be. Derrick has to change his. I think it’s the lie that’s the problem. Why pick on someone. Can’t they just deny?


Caleb didn’t ask one question about Amber on their date, that’s what you’re supposed to do , find out about her . It was all me , me, me !!


Caleb would you re-enlist since “Don’t ask Don’t Tell” was repealed, Kick this cowpie out!

Flawed Logic

I accept I’m a halfwit. So tired of unanimous house votes. Wanting the twist to fuel more mistrust, I jumped on voting for Mission A. Totally forgot that Frankie can’t vote. I had figured Derrick and Pinkie the Brain vote to evict Jocasta, then blame Nicole, Caleb, Victoria or Hayden. Don’t think these twists are working out like BB hoped.
BTW, does TA know they failed the last mission?

At the End of the Day

What is Christiane going to do when she finds out that Nicole and Cody messed around?


Start talking bad about Nicole to everyone in the house


YUP! So weird, last time I checked, the chick was MARRIED. Her husband might be waiting for her with divorce papers after her behavior in the house on LIVE tv.


Does it bother anyone else that the last two seasons have been about the house having one big groupthink and the game being extremely boring as a result? I have to feel AG added two HoH to try and make sure all these consecutive 13-0, 12-0, 11-0 etc votes would not happen this year. Instead that is exactly what is happening. The cast this year are at least a better grade of people overall than the group last season overall but I know I can’t be the only long time fan that misses the days when you had two alliances really going at each other like rabid dogs. The people this season not in the bomb squad/detonators are literally just walking bus tickets home and have been all season.


It is the curse of longtime Super Fans. I think it would go back to the split and chaos caused by that if they casted people who have not really watched the show or the feeds…. total newbs. A lot of the biggest game moves are made in the early season when people did not have a decade to watch all of the strategy or the BB terminology.
If you get a completely BB Virgin Cast it will go back to the chaos we all love. I remember when the Super Fans where the First Targets because most of the house did not know the game as much and they thought the Super Fan had an advantage.
You want Chaos cast an all NEWB Season.


I tend to think it’s the mental state of the people they are choosing. Maybe they look good on paper and in interviews. And some of it also I suspect is due to some generational and social shifts in thinking etc as a whole. Like some don’t have clear boundaries or any sort of wisdom that people maybe their same age may had a generation ago as just one of them. I don’t think having people who never watched it in there is as big of an issue. The game has been going for this long so it’s not new and there’s different things involved now like social media and people’s on the Internet responding etc. So there is different aspects they should be aware of, so overall I just think it’s the type of people they can’t seem to get right. Maybe some of the producers are also to blame and are just picking up people in bars, on planes, or soemthing. lol I don’t know.


It’s happening because you have a bunch of weak personalities in the house (who just cling to the stronger ones not to get targeted), that’s one, and two, you have people who don’t understand the game. When they select a person who never watched BB, I believe they are given some DVDs of past seasons, and I would guess they only get the official CBS shows. So they don’t know how the game really works. You don’t get the real picture of BB that way. Even if you have a person like Nicole who says she has watched BB for many seasons, but has she watched the feeds or just the main shows? Unless someone watches the feeds, they have NO IDEA what happens in the house and how vicious things get and how important it is to pick the right people and develop a strategy. Only people in the house who have a plan are the 4 guys. Everyone else is a clueless pawn to take out, with a couple exceptions but even those are helpless in the face of what’s happening. This really sucks. This is a very uncompetitive season.


Plus there’s too much talk of backdooring nominees. That used to be an option to get a competitor out who was really good at winning HOHs and POVs and could potentially take themselves off the block. Now it’s the wimpy standard of getting even the weakest of players out.


If BB wanted it to be like the old days with 2 or 3 alliances going after each other they shouldn’t have cast Derprick with a bunch of fratbrats. The government trained narc is the reason this season is so boring. Can you imagine how fun it would be if Derprick and Fakie were in separate alliances? But Derprick knew Fakie would gleefully do the dirty work so we end up with this hot mess of a season.

Last Year

I mentioned early on – the house needs a sage – Helen is still there…


Who was loud and kept Donny awake? I missed that.

Mr. L

Is it still a 9 person jury this season?


Just think how exciting the game will be when its down to Derek, Frankie, Zack, Cody, Caleb, Hayden and Christine!

Christine's crazy eye

Caleb knows how to give a gift with meaning. An old banana peel around a dried up pickle is always the way to a girls heart. Especially when delivered with a heart felt speech. Such as, “if only you had done what God had wanted you to do and accepted that I, beast mode, breast enlarged, pig killer, naked and afraid, cowboy was meant to be your sweet puddin pop, you would still be in the game”


I love you. Literally dying.

Christine's crazy eye

At the end of the day, all you need is love.


Ugh now I got yo clean this mess off the floor. Thanks Caleb a lot

Caleb's Flossed Pickle

LMFAO ! I can totally understand why Derrick would want to keep Caleb around, he is like a brainwashed zombie working on his craft project for Amber all day, chanting to himself, ” beast mode cowboy, me beast mode cowboy” Derrick, the mastermind can just give Caleb an order and plant ideas in his head and Caleb follows like the good sheep’s a$$ that he is

not good for donny

right before a double, the last thing you want to do is start to mess with people’s money, and Derrick/Frankie ARE in an alliance, and if you watched BBAD last night, they had a VERY good conversation that really set a lot of stuff straight, they talked through every scenario, it seems Zach has calmed down enough to at least talk with everyone and I think the detonators will go far, and its interesting to see how of that 5, you have 2 alliances, and it breaks up 3 and 2. Christine is the unknown but I think she sides with Zach and Frankie(it amazes me Zach is able to form alliances with people he put on blast less than a week ago)

Donny will quickly rise ahead of Hayden, as Zach spent a lot of time selling hayden as a legitimate target, and for once Derrick listened, for once Frankie FINALLY listened, Cody is being weenie cody(I wouldn’t put him up…..durrrrr)
but Donny may very well have undone all that Zach just did.


for an innocent girl, Nicole sure…uhhh isn’t. lol

She isn’t hot enough for Cody, but whatever.


Someone tell me what happened!


Nicole? Butter Face!


What I don’t get, is production gets you to vote for your favourites, and then they want America to vote on activities that will get them voted out of the house. This team America thing really doesn’t make sense.


Oh and wtf is going on with Cody and Nicole? I thought she liked Hayden


Cody and Nicole used to cuddle in the beginning of the game. I remember people calling them nicody. I guess she’s mad at Hayden. Whatever.

Mister E

I kind of think she is trying to make Hayden jealous because he is close to Victoria and Nicole does not like it. Plus they all cuddle with Cody. It is the only game Cody has played since he walked in the door.


Hey, if it works.. ya gotta work it.


Christine wants to be the last girl standing. It is the only way any of the guys will even look at her. Even at that I think they will just cuddle with one another more than usual rather than cuddle with her beak.


Too bad Donny doesn’t have anyone to 100% play with in the game. I don’t see how he’s going to make it the finals although I really hope he does. I like Derrick’s game play related to the game. But I actually like Donny and his wit. But there is a lot of “too bads” and mostly they are pointed toward the caliber of the women put in the house to play the game. I liked Pow Pow’s spunk toward the end but she seemed clueless of some basic principles of the game. And of course she wasn’t good at comps. But where some of them were lacking some of the other women could have picked up if they respected a common goal.Amber is good at physical but isn’t very street wise and didn’t have enough b*tch in her like Britney had. Too bad some of the women like Joey, Britney, Pow, and even Amber didn’t at least have a better sense of what may go on in the game so they could have at least been a little primed. What’s bad too is that some of the women had things in common Amber was a model (in front of the camera), Victoria is a photographer (behind the camera and I guess in the mirror too with her), Joey is a make up artist, Pow was a DJ (entertainment and visually minded), Britney was a mother but she had her own spunk and attractiveness, and Jocasta actually had potential if grouped up with right personalities.


Only Ratine and KnowNothing Nic were BB fans. The others were recruits who didn’t know anything. And the 2 female superfans never even got the feeds! How can you be a superfan and not have the gotten the feeds? Are there no physically capable, pretty women who are BB superfans and have the guts to make a move?

Hey Simon, quick question please

Is there anyway that you could post a link on here that shows how to donate
to the animal shelter that you help with?
I for one am an animal lover, and I’m sure many others on here are as well.
Anything you could post to help you, and all the animals would be great!!
Thank you for all that you do…


Thanks! I just help out at my local SPCA and food back. I like to help local community charities

The Truth

It really doesn’t matter if you choose option A or B they both suck. Option A screws TA as it forces them to publicly accuse 2 people, thus putting their own game at jeopardy and Option B would mean that Derrick, Frankie or Donny are HOH. And at this point most of “us” don’t want 2 out of 3 of them to be HOH again. I’d like to see a shift in power today. Or better yet get rid of Battle of the Block and Team America.

Derrick can go scratch. He’ll do anything for a dime.


Makes you wonder how much he stashed away while undercover and setting up his “friends” doesn’t it?