Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! BOOM-BOTS Zach-ATTACK!

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-10-47-922

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Power Of Veto Ceremony Results:

  • Hayden used the veto on Victoria
  • Frankie nominated Amber as the replacement nominee

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11:16am – 12:13pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony to take place. The plan is for Hayden to use the veto on Victoria, removing her from the block. As head of household Frankie will then nominate Amber as the replacement nominee. Following the veto ceremony before it ends Zach will then give his “Zach-Attack” speech taking aim at Amber. This is all part of the Team America mission – “Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting.” According to the rules only 1 house guest has to attack another for a certain amount of time for the mission to be successful. (They failed their first attempt during the nomination ceremony.) Caleb know Amber is going on the block and thinks that its his idea when in fact it was planted in his head. He thinks Amber will apologize to him for being distant with him. He also believes Jocasta is the one being removed from the block which will likely upset Caleb as he feels she deserves to go to jury over Victoria. Caleb plans to take all the blame for Amber being nominated.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-11-02-292
When the live feeds return – Amber is in the hive room talking to Frankie. She tells him that she still wants him to be standing at the end of the game. She says this is just messed up because I trusted you in this game. Amber leaves the room. Cody, Derrick and Frankie talk about how Zach is throwing them all under the bus. Frankie says what you need to remember is that this is Zach’s game. They talk about how Jocasta is balling because she is up on the block when she thought she was coming off. Cody says Zach isn’t going to burn us .. I just hate how he throws our names out there ..throwing us under the bus. Frankie says Beast Mode Cowboy … Beast Mode Pu$$y!

Amber goes to bed in the earth room. Caleb walks by with his head down and goes outside. Zach tells Caleb he needs to go talk to Amber. Caleb says not right now she is pissed and throwing things around.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-11-26-275

12:17pm Up in the HOH room – Frankie tells Zach first off great job! But you need to stop throwing people under the bus. Zach asks what do you mean. Frankie says you told Amber not to trust me. Zach says I never told her that. Frankie says that Amber says she finds it hard to trust me because of what you said. You need to stop throwing the detonators under the bus. Zach says I was thinking because I want everyone to hate me .. everyone doesn’t want to hate me because that’s what I want. Frankie says yeah that’s beautiful. Zach says that was ether! Zach heads down stairs.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-17-24-682

12:30pm In the kitchen – Donny asks if Amber is okay. She says its okay people are just backstabbers.

In the hive room – Derrick and Cody continue to talk. They agree that Amber won’t throw them under the bus because she knows if she does she will go home. Derrick talks about how Caleb was taught that if you lose you die. That’s why he thinks he can win everything. Losing isn’t an option. Derrick says I don’t trust Frankie. Cody says you and I have the most trust in this game. If Amber blows us up we have the most to lose. Amber comes in and Derrick asks do you want to talk? Amber asks about what?! Derrick says you think we knew about it? I am not an actor, we were just as shocked as you are. Amber says that you guys are all working together… you all are just using Christine and I as pawns. I don’t get why people don’t backdoor Zach!? Derrick says that is the plan but.. Derrick tells Amber that she has his vote but you have to get Caleb’s vote. Amber says I don’t trust anyone in this house.. because Frankie has put me up twice now. Derrick says I think Caleb’s plan is that you are going to come talk to him and he saves you again making him the knight in shining armour again. Cody says you don’t need to convince me of anything. I am working with you, not Jocasta. Amber says this just sucks that this is because of personal reasons .. Amber gets up and tries to leave and then opens the door again and says that she doesn’t want a relationship because she lost someone that was close to her… Amber leaves the room starting to cry.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-36-20-075

12:40pm Up in the HOH room – Zach asks Caleb how perfect was that?! They laugh about it. Zach then asks but what was up with Hayden using it on Victoria and not Jocasta?! Right?! Caleb says yeah he switched it up. Caleb brings up how Amber told someone to tell him she wanted to talk to him. He says why has she not learned by now that if she wants to talk to me she should come talk to me herself. Caleb says she went up to Frankie and requested to talk to me .. You are not royalty .. you do not request to talk to me. Zach tells Caleb that was a brilliant plan of yours!! Frankie, Cody and Hayden join them. Caleb says Amber is talking to the wrong people .. I am the only one that can save her right now. She needs to come talk to me. Caleb says we are the main 6 and we deserve to be in jury. (Caleb, Cody, Hayden, Frankie, Zach, Derrick)

bandicam 2014-07-28 12-42-38-313

12:50 – 1pm Out in the backyard – Jocasta, Amber and Nicole talk about how Zach has attacked 3 girls this week. Amber heads inside and talks to Christine in the bathroom. Christine comments on how Frankie said he received information this morning… What information? Amber says I saw Zach smiling and looking at Caleb during the veto. I knew it was about to be used and I was going to go up that’s why I was so calm. Amber says if I stay we need to win HOH. Christine says if you go I am screwed!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-28 12-40-55-798

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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120 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! BOOM-BOTS Zach-ATTACK!

    1. I just got a flashback: Remember when Nick got evicted last season and GM went berserk, and that cockroach rant, how they’re scurrying and hiding… with the houseguests laughing in other rooms?

      Well, I see a similar scenario after Amber gets evicted.

  1. Do the plan work to have an argument or do you think Amber just laughed Zach off like Nicole did. They have to know a lot of his antics are just for show. He is playing a good game.

  2. Caleb is afraid because Amber is pissed and throwing things.

    DUDE…you were pissed and threw a pillow at her while she was sleeping !!!

    Beast Cowboy…not

      1. Given the state of his left boob, the number of times he mentions women’s periods, and the fact that he acts like he is the biggest girl in the house, Caleb, I re-name thee…Breast Mode Cowgirl.

      1. I think that Caleb will lose his mind for real and self evict. I’m pretty sure that the Psych Ward is on alert

    1. Yeah, we don’t call him that anymore, it’s Beast Mode CoverGirl now. (An homage to his prowess with the mascara wand.)

    2. caleb keeps saying that amber needs to come talk to him, but she doesn’t WANT to. he should go talk to her, if he wants. he’s such a psycho little kid. he has now kissed her and hit her in the face, all while she’s sleeping. where is the honour in that, caleb?

  3. Did the plan work to have an argument amongst the cast members work? or do you think Amber just laughed Zach off like Nicole did? They have to know a lot of his antics are just for show. He is playing a good game. I seriously think Caleb is gay and uses Amber as an excuse for a showmance.

  4. Why is this group so dedicated to getting out floaters and weak players? Everyone except Zach is afraid to ruffle feathers.

    1. Because of the Battle of the Block. No one wants to put up a strong competitor. The primary result of the twist is that it gets the weaker players out first…or forces backdoor play (Devin, Brittany and now Amber).

      Once that stops, the playing field should level out.

      1. As I have said the BOB essential has given floaters a real challenge. A do nothing lay about is NOT a floater. This season has no real floater. A lot of fodder a 1 big voting block that basically hasn’t turned on itself.
        The problem is that the easy secondary votes are hitting the door early.Sadly I see this not as a house divided at 9 but 8 versus 1 then 7 versus 1 and so on.Unless they foolishly leave Hayden. Nicole and Christine around til jury what goes against the guys? Nothing is the answer

  5. HA HA!!!!!!!!!! This is so funny that what you all get the ZACK-ATTACK had to bring somebody down with him Amber needs to blow up there games as a parting gift Caleb too me. Please let these few next days be very interesting

  6. Perfect scenario: Caleb gets thrown out of bb for being a pyscho and physical harassment (smoking amber with the pillow) which means amber/ Jocasta are safe for the week… Then Donny, Amber, Jocasta,and Victoria form an alliance and rule the house!

    1. All three of them can barely take care of themselves, excluding Donny of course, let alone “rule” over other people.

  7. they hate the way Zach keeps throwing their names out there and throwing them under the bus?
    oh please. They all need to grow a pair!

    funny how Zach is the crazy one in this house, but they are all actually “crazier” than he is. lol

    1. Please… They all knew he was going to do this. He kept rehearsing his speech with them like a million times and they all approved. So what’s with them saying he is throwing them under the bus? Except he said something different. With Zach you never know. We may no actually like him but he is the one making this whole thing exciting. It just feels sad that Amber is the target . I’d have loved it if it were Christine.

    1. I have to agree that I find most of the men this season to be wimps. They are just so afraid of making a move. I think Zach is the only one that is thinking about how to play a jury, and yes, you do have to start thinking about that even this early in the game.

    1. After everything that’s just happened, even after she herself said that she believes all the guys were in on the POV plan, Amber still thinks that she’s part of “the alliance” and that she’s only a pawn. I’ve been rooting for her since day one and still am, but it’s pretty obvious that the girl is just not that bright. smh

      1. She’s on the block because she does know what’s going on. Her mistake has been in talking about it with Christine. They’ve had 8 people in the alliance, and the house is down to what 11? Obviously Christine is on the lookout for alliance members (BS ones) to throw under the bus, having Amber come up to her and say have you noticed how none of the guys ever go up? Yes, A, C has noticed. C has also noticed that she herself hasn’t had to go up, so having Amber run around telling guys who have a habit of only nominiating girls to remind them that she’s a girl, isn’t working for Christines game at ALL.

        chance to take out one of their targets early (as Detonators)

  8. Did Frankie find his butt cream yet? How do you misplace a 2 gallon jar ! I thought Cody took it but then he would need a tampon instead. What a wimp ! Caleb and the sock monkey stole it !!!

  9. OK.. first off.. Last night on the broadcast Amber looked SMOKING HOT in HD and large screen. lol Man no wonder Caleb is obsessed.. he’s probably never been that close to a hottie like her. And NO WONDER Christine hates her. Typical low self esteem reactions. And I will say Caleb has a great body and good looking too. Its a pity he’s crazy.

    I believe Amber should stay in the game…. and not because she’s so hot (well it helps). And yeah, not playing the greatest game admittedly But I think without her you’re left with the weakest of the women players. Being left with Derrick, Cody and Frankie in finals is SO BORING!! I guess if the main demographic is young girls then I suppose it makes sense to keep Cody. But for the rest of us who want some real action, it won’t happen with just the guys deciding everything.

    And watching broadcast it’s wild how they can edit to make up any kind of drama. It’s a shame they don’t show some of the ugliness of the catty girls.. like Christine look like the petty jealous shrew she is on national TV. :)

    Frankie has used up his bag of tricks. His entertaining ways are tired now.

  10. They should give split this TA challenge money with Zach if it was accomplished. I can’t believe the “missions” handed to them. I hope it’s the last one. lol

  11. I can’t believe Cody, Derrick and Fakie were pushing Zach to do this speech on Amber when he was having doubts, then have the audacity to talk shit after he leaves the room
    Fakie is 31 years old and acts like he is 15 secretly grow up! we know you have little man syndrome but doing that to Amber was gross and she doesn’t deserve it at all

  12. love all these updates! cant wait to read more about the drama!

    zach is definitely the most entertaining this season. i feel bad for amber because she really didnt see it coming and it’s not her fault she doesnt like caleb, but this finally gives us viewers some good drama to watch!

  13. Caleb and Cody are such little girls I dislike them both. Hayden just looks dirty all the time to me. This is the worse season ever. This is the worse season ever and my last!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m glad cAleb feels like a dick because he is an I’m so glad zach blew up rat Frankie, pussy Cody, and pig derricks games. they deserve it for encouraging the veto meeting fight in the first place.

  15. Is anyone else uncomfortable with the head games they are playing with the emotional fragile Caleb in order to humiliate Amber and score the TA payout???????? Strikes me as a bit twisted considering how they are enjoying every minute of it.

    1. I completely agree….. Caleb is a little bit crazy and Amber is a little bit of a tease but my gosh, what those “guys” are doing is way worse. No wonder Caleb thinks he God’s gift.

      At this point I think it would be cool if Amber and Caleb squashed this and teamed up together and took out Frankie, Cody, Zach, and Derrick.

  16. I’m glad Amber is finally getting what she deserves. She’s been asking for it all along by leading Caleb on and never thanking him for all of his sacrifices. Eat pickle? Check. Breast Cancer? Check. Creepy Date? Check. Drink bull sperm? Check. Find cookie dough? Check. Share blankets and give creepy nighttime forehead kiss? Check, Check. What else does she want? She’s begging him to go beast mode cowboy all over the house until it’s blue in the face.

    1. I’m giving this one a thumbs up only because I think you’re being sarcastic.
      (If you are…good one! If you’re not…shame!!)

  17. Simon, is there anyway send Donny a message in a bottle telling him that just because he use to clean the toilet after Kelly Pickler used them does not make him famous too, so stop mentioning he was her janitor.

  18. At this point, IF Joey was a fan and watching the live feeds, she’d be saying, “I told you so, Bit*&es!” Should have done a girl alliance. But Christine wanted to be “in” the boys crowd…….

  19. Sickening! Last year the rampant racism was tolerated and event encouraged, this year a verbal and even physical violence on Amber is tolerated (and encouraged).

    So sorry for Amber. I believe would be ecstatic if someone (deranged Zach or creepy Caleb) slapped or attempted to rape Amber. #disgusted

  20. Whatever happened, it doesn’t look like Amber lost it. It seems she was upset with Frankie that he put her up but it doesn’t look like she broke down crying in front of anyone. She is rightfully upset and the whole house knows it. I think Caleb was hoping she would cry so he could go comfort her and then he would have told her he would save her. I cannot wait to find out what Zach said but it doesn’t look like the scenario the Detonators planned occurred. Still hope Amber doesn’t get voted out….

  21. people need to stop complaining about this season! its one of the most interesting seasons in that last 6 years….

    1. It happens every year.. I think of it this way, break your season of Big Brother into 3 pieces (start — middle — end) . Most solid seasons give us great feeds for 2 of these pieces, it’s rare we get all three and even rarer we get just one. This season is probably going to have a very active middle/end game because they will have removed all the lower tiered players from the house.

    2. The problem with this season is we didn’t get rival sides. I think production was hoping for that with the double HOHs.

      1. This would be a perfect time to take a page out of this year’s BBCanada2, and let “the viewers” be HOH….it would be interesting who would end up on the block???? I know I mentioned this before, but once the double HOH is done, it would be the perfect time to make this type of “Twist”. The power then goes to ” our” hands and the house guests know we have been watching their every move…let them sweat/panic/beg the viewers not to be nominated.

      1. right? eavesdropping, throwing a vote on someone, understanding when to use a backdoor and that it really isn’t all that necessary to do every single week(partly a BOB issue) no one is even seeing BOB as a way to stay safe. its so weird. Rachel pointed that out on RHAP. why aren’t people thinking that way? must ALL be lost on them

        1. I also wonder about why someone doesn’t throw a vote the other way. The voting has been so lopsided that it would create some drama and speculation to vote the opposite.

  22. THIS IS VERY WRONG, This thing with Amber is not sitting right with me. This is just under the racist things from BB15, think if this was Nicole and Devin his a%$ would be out the door. This show is not fun anymore.

  23. so now Zach is shown as a woman hater. whatever. load of BS. I love what he is doing. Zach on the ATTACK. always fun(not a huge fan of his DR work, but he is the live feeds king)

    if they save Amber, that might be the one move that outs derrick and cody. now they say they don’t trust Frankie. Frankie better wise up that Zach ATTACK is a good partner to have. they always blame him for “throwing me under the bus”. how is Zach ever throwing Frankie under the bus other than the time he pointed at him and all that did was show people they weren’t working together?

    freaking Frankie, wake up dude. Derrick and wimpy Cody…..you know what? no. Derrick is running the game, Cody is a follower and sucks. he is the wimpiest wussiest HG ever

    Cody is a weenie

  24. Like I said yesterday, this is the biggest bunch of douchebags with vaginas (both men and women) in one season. Of course those three would rev Zach up and set him off to hide behind…and then bitch that he is including them in his rant. At least Derrick and Frankie had the TA task as an excuse…not really. I guess they expected that they could use him to do all of their dirty work (while they get paid for it) and not get any shit on their shoes. They are the slimiest ****ers in that house. But Cody has the biggest vagina I have seen on this show…and there has been some BIG ones in the past. He continues to bitch and moan about the need to get Caleb out…when he had the chance to do it last week…so he needs to stfu about it already. And now he doesn’t trust Donny? Why Cody? Are you scared that going back on your word to him about putting him up last week might have caused him to be wary of your pussy-ass? And speaking of Donny, if I have to hear Christine call him creepy and tell lies about him…just because she knows he can see right through her…anymore, I don’t think I could handle it. If anyone is being a creep…it’s her. Ugh…what a bunch of douche-VAGs!

  25. if Zach doesn’t win HOH, and someone who wants him gone does…he just needs to figure out a way to get them to nominate him. with battle of the block, its almost a gift to be nominated if you are the target

  26. Zach is a pathetic coward, as a matter of fact all of these loser men in the house except for Donny are absolutely pitiful. What are they gaining from this?? You wanna send Amber home, fine, but whats the point of egging her stalker on and making her feel like garbage? They can all go swallow a chainsaw as far as I’m concerned.

  27. cody says when he looks in zach’s eyes he sees someone without a soul.
    WOW…talk about taking things too far.

  28. After eviction we will be down to 7 guys and 4 girls. After this season we will most likely see a all girl alliance next year, unless they do a allstar season.

    1. An all girl alliance would’ve awesome but the girls they pick aren’t that smart. You see it year after year on BB and all the time you hear the girls should stick together but they all run to the “best looking guy” or the “strongest guy”. They think they can get by by shadowing the guys and hiding behind them so they could get them voted out. All it does is cause jealously and get them picked off one by one before jury.

  29. Frankie and Victoria talking about Amber and how fake she is — such nastiness foaming from their mouths. Again, projecting personal traits onto others in order to justify words and actions. It’s irritating. I know; I know; it’s a game, but still…

  30. This is bullsh!t it plainly stated when they got their mission that 2 people had to get into an argument and now all of a sudden they changed it to only 1 person had to berate another one for 20 seconds. What a load of crap, I say next week everybody boycotts the TA mission and doesn’t vote for anything, maybe that will let that stupid b!tch Grodner know that we’re tired of her stupid ideas. Obviously she wants Frankie and Derrick to get as much money as they can otherwise they wouldn’t have changed the rules because Amber stayed calm which would have meant that they failed again, but whatever this season is a joke just like last year. I’m done good luck to everybody who wants to continue to watch this crap.

  31. Its just a game and people will do things they normally would never think about doing in real life. There is a lot of money at stake. I bet most people watching would do the same things the BB houseguests are doing.

  32. When you have an alliance dominating the game both in comps, socially and strategy what do you do? Shake it up now or wait two weeks for it to turn on itself?

    BB11 via a twist they tossed Jeff a power so he took out the alliance leader resulting in a cascade of events ending with the alliance collapsing

    BB12 the alliance was small enough so CBS let it run to the end and win

    BB13 the alliances were formed early one was coddled by CBS the other used as target practice.

    BB14 the alliance formed late in the game and made a run to the end

    BB15 the alliance formed late in the game and made a run to the end

    BBCAN2 the alliance was large and formed day one but via a twist they tossed the two key figures in the alliance on the block causing a collapse .

    BB16 the alliance was formed day 2 is humongous and essentially in plain sight.

  33. ” Amber told someone to tell him she wanted to talk to him. He says why has she not learned by now that ” This is taken from the updates. Does anyone else find his wording “why has she NOT LEARNED BY NOW” a little creepy? Caleb makes it sound as though he is Amber’s master and her every move and every word must be approved by him.

      1. These guys are in a good spot. They have the women so trained The women are like kittens going against some wild lions. They have no chance in winning…I’m waiting for producers to come up with a master plan to shake things up.

  34. Everyone feels sorry for Amber now.

    You fruit loop dinguses voted for this Team America tasks.

    Americas fault.

  35. Amber still trusts Cody, Derrick, & Christine 100 percent!! I don’t get it… She’s going to feel so stupid when she gets out!!

  36. I agree with moon3k 100%! No wonder Cody talks about his brother calling him a pu$$, cuz he is and he has probably had to defend him his whole 23 years. Big brother had to fight your battles for you. When has Zack thrown under the bus? Wwhy not mention it to him like a real friend would, sounds like a Lil bitch, but I bet he still wants to go on the trip to Germany! The nerve of this MF!

  37. I belief that America’s team was formed to keep Donny safe. Frankie and Derrick would have tried to get him out by now if they were not so money hungry. Productions way of keeping Donny in the game…. that’s why the missions are ridiculous.

  38. Does anyone else think Zach is trying to be “Evil Dick”? I think he is doing a poor job of it as he can only pick on the women. He wanted to go after Devin but wimped out. He wants to be Dr. Will or Evil Dick but I think we should call him “Wimpy Zach”.

  39. Karma is a b**** what goes around will come back and bite you in the butt whether in the house or outside Zach,Cody,Caleb,Frankie ,Derrick and Christine.This was just plan nasty what they did to Amber

  40. Hey, all you wenches and wankers stop being dufus and get with the program. Zachmeister Zack-Attack did the dirt to the bone, but I’m about to do the dirty to the soul. First off, Amber LOVERS did you know that you have to be a MEMBER of the PRETTY PEOPLE CLUB or else you are NOT WORTHY to breathe in her world. TRUE STORY! So if you are less than gorgeous and pretty ain’t nowhere in your zipcode then you can put all that LOVE back inside your love satchels and take the HAND TO THE FACE! Zachette, that’s moi, is blasting everybody and don’t care SQUAT who is under the bus cause I’m flooring that MUTHA and you gonna taste the rubber burning across your teeth. HAHAHA!!! WHO’S NEXT? Taking all comers!!! I ain’t afraid of nothing, oh wait a minute, let me say it a little nicer…I’m just not afraid of anything, truly I’m not. I can take it as well as I can give it, unlike that dweebish Cody who can’t take the HEAT and just melt like a lemon popsicle on a damn stick. Caleb, lawdy-child, he is wasting all that beautiful body and sexy lips talking about a piece of jelly-filled doughnut with NO JELLY inside. Please, somebody give the man something with some JELLY inside it so he can have his sweet tooth appetite fulfulled. That’s all, he just needs to be WANTED, just a little bit. He’s a feline purring all the time. Where is a cave man with that big ass stick when you need one. Caleb…come back to the 21st Century. She ain’t worth it. But like my momma use to say, or maybe I just heard somebody else say it, “You can get more with sugar than you can with vinegar.” Caleb when the SUGAR don’t work, just say “FVK IT!!!” Christine and Nicole, what’s the matter with you BEACHES? Go somewhere, why don’t you with that dumb SHXT!

    I’m tired now, I don’t know how Zach-Attack goes on and on and on with this type of shxt, but I got to do my JOB, dammit! HAHAHA All the rest of them SOBs can just turn around and assume the position cause I have one thing left to say….maybe 2…Does it HURT REAL BAD to THINK? Do you need some orange juice with that stiff flavorless game y’all got? Don’t care! YOU ALL SUCK!!! Zachette out! PEACE. Don’t mean that…NO PEACE!!!

  41. Congrats to Amber in being a strong girl and not giving them the response they want from her and Frankie getting mad at Zach why because Amber not dumb enuff to say like Victoria I still trust u even though u put me up twice.

  42. Hayden/Donny/Zach has to win HoH next week because they are the only people who have the balls to shake things up ffs

  43. “Amber gets up and tries to leave and then opens the door again and says that she doesn’t want a relationship because she lost someone that was close to her… Amber leaves the room starting to cry.”
    – Where’s the next sentence? Every guy in the room felt like the biggest a$$. I thought picking the combination (Donny and ???) at the Name that a Tune HoH was a dumb move, among others. Dumb moves don’t require this level of cruelty. They went beyond game play and got downright personal.

  44. If Amber is such a smart girl like she says she is … Wouldnt take her long to figure out that christine is the one telling everything. She only told her exactly that they should go after the guys her and nicole and magicly they heard it soooo ?!?!?! Than she continues to talk and tell them things and it ridiculous watching christine go straight up to the hoh room everytime she talks to someone and report back word for word what was said.
    And grr caleb saying im done im done with her and than she talks to him than nope back to playing her game for her! Smh …
    I think the reason he wants her so he can brag and show off to people .

  45. I think Christine and the guys are so cruel to Amber. Christine is the one needing to go home. Frankie you are a joke. You and Christine are BFF I hope it bites you both In the behind.

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