Zach – Who is your target Boy or girl.. I can keep my mouth shut , Nicole – Please

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4TH
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-31 19-12-08-914

7:10pm Storage room Frankie, Zach and Hayden
Zach is freaking out that Nicole is going to put him up. Frankie thinks they can get Jocasta and Victoria put up and they will lose the BOB and stay on the block.

BB16-2014-07-31 19-12-20-473

7:11pm Have Nots Frankie and Nicole
Frnakie says she needs to put up two weak players so she stays HOH. Frankie thinks Donny will want Caleb and Zach put up. Frankie asks her if she can try and keep him safe it would be much appreciated.

BB16-2014-07-31 19-13-50-480

7:13pm Donny and Nicole BEEHIVE

Nicole thinks they can come up with a really good plan this week.
Donny says it’s going to be a perfect plan
They agree they cannot nominate certain people themselves so they can use each other.
Donny wants to pull in Hayden on making these decisions. Nicole is 100% down with that plan. Donny says they have to be careful if the house sees Hayden with them too much it will alert them. Donny proposes they invite everyone to talk to them and try to spend equal time with everyone before the nomination ceremony. .

Donny was cheering when Christine lost the HOH because she was going to put him and Jocasta up he knows that for sure.

Donny says there isn’t a lot of choices for people to go up only 9 people. They agree HAyden isn’t going up.
Donny – we need to throw a weak player on each team.. someone they will consider is weak at least.
Nicole – we need to pretend we don’t know each other’s nominations

Nicole says there’s people in the house that are throwing competitions it pisses her off because she has to fight in the competitions. . Donny says after today there’s only a handful of people that haven’t won a HOH and there’s only 3 people that haven’t been nominated , COdy, Derrick and Frankie.
Nicole wants them to be chill tonight. Donny says they have some time in the morning to talk/

Nicole feels she was going to be used again this week she’s happy she won the HOH.
Donny thinks he would probably have gone up again too. He says he doesn’t want CHristine to go home but she might have to go up.

Donny says he’s had a bad day he was sitting thinking he wasted a whole summer to hang out with a bunch of juveniles. He’s really needed this win.

BB16-2014-07-31 19-19-46-149

7:20pm Jocasta cries because her showing in the competitions is beyond bad

Derrick come sin at 7:25pm to comfort her.

BB16-2014-07-31 19-32-05-574

7:30pm Storage room Nicole and Zach
Nicole says she does have a reason to put him up. She tells him she has a target and it’s not Zach but some guys have to go up this week, “It’s all been girls so far”
Zach says he knows 4 people she’s not going to put up he thinks he’ll be one of the 3 options she says because Donny will have 2 people he wants up for sure. “I expect you to put me up”
Zach tells her he doesn’t mind if she puts him up he can get more air time
Nicole – I could put up Victoria and Jocasta
Zach – THen you will stay HOH
Nicole – I don’t know if this will be a working thing (She’s pretending the HOH’s will not work together this week like all the past weeks when really they will be)
Zach – you guys want two different people up.. he wants Caleb gone
Zach wants to know what Donny and her were talking about in the BEEHIVE room. Zach says he told Nicole everything when he was HOH.
Nicole says he bull crapped her when he was HOH .
Zach – I can tell this will be the first BOB where the HOh are not working together
Zach – Who is your target Boy or girl.. I can keep my mouth shut
Nicole – Please

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BB16-2014-07-31 19-42-22-774

7:41pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole is saying she wants to solidify something with Cody, Derrick and Hayden. She’s not sure she’ll be working with Donny on this HOH.
Nicole says Donny told her he’s having a bad day that’s all they’ve talked about so far.
Nicole says she thinks Donny wants Caleb gone, But she really doesn’t know for sure.
Cody doesn’t’ want Donny to target Derrick
Nicole agrees – “I trust Derrick a lot” Nicole is going to try and protect Derrick this week. Nicole assures him he’s not going up by either HOH this week.
Christine comes in and hugs her.

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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I bet that dumb bitch Nicole will listen to Frankie and vote how he wants! So sad

The House

Yes, I agree that girl really has no brains and always want to be in with the guys.

Four eyes

Nicole Wake Up!


Please do not let Nichole be as dumb as she is appearing to be right now. Nichole Frankie lied about you so put that sorry sack of crap up and vote his ugly stank butt out of that house this week. Please Donny and Nichole put all four detonators up on the block and forget about stupid Caleb as he could not punch his way out of a paperbag, and that is who those four detonators want out anyway. DO NOT WASTE THIS HOH THIS WEEK. BB RIGS THE GAME EVERY YEAR SO BB RIG IT THIS WEEK SO DONNY AND NICHOLE PUT UP THE FOUR SCUMBAGS IN THE HOUSE AND HOPEFULLY FRANKIE GETS HIS UGLY BUTT BOOTED RIGHT OUT THAT DOOR!!!!!

Zach's Nasty Armpit Hair

If Victoria or Jocasta go on the block this week I am going to punch out my computer screen! Donny should get Nicole should put up Frankie and Derrick (to cover the Team America BS, if he cares after that last assignment) then Donny should put up Zach and Cody. Make sure one of those four punks go home, preferably a member of Zankie. Would love to watch those two try all week to throw each other into a wood chipper. AND KEEP FRANKIE OUT OF THE DAMN HOH ROOM FOR A FEW HOURS!!!!!


why don’t you guys learn to either read or listen to what someone says before doing the name calling .. btw DUMB is an appropriate name for you .. good choice..


this is the week where Nicole and Donny needs to make a game statement, and get blood on their hands. enough with the weekly Victoria and Jocasta on the block, they need to throw up Frankie and Christine on the block. to make sure that Donny and Nicole HOH stirs up some real shit this season, production needs to throw a monkey wrench and have no team america mission this week. I would hate to see a team america mission where it affects Donny and Nicole’s HOH, and we see another “expect the expected BB16 week” having Victoria or Jocasta evicted from the house.

Zach's Nasty Armpit Hair

Mark my words on this; if Frankie is in a position to get evicted you will see a “twist” to save his sorry little butt, just like with Rachael a few seasons ago. Production picks a pet guest each season and Frankie has been it from day one.


I swear i read here recently her complaining, gee it’s always girls up, some guys have to go up and go. Um, if I win HOH i am going to put up Victoria and Jocasta.

Oh. OK Nicole way to take one for the team there. What happens if you do end up HOH for real, those two can’t win Vetos, so they aren’t taking themselves down, and there aint a damn thing you can do if you put up a Zach or Frankie against Jocasta. J isn’t staying. stupid. A chance to make some kind of impact, and please half the house, and she’s going to take votes away from what she should want.


I’m STOKED that Donnie won! Nicole as 2nd HOH isn’t too bad imo.
My (educated?) guess would be:
– Donny nominates: Derrick and Christine
– Nicole nominates: Zach and Jocasta

– Donny backdoors Frankie
– Nicole backdoors Caleb (unless Hayden and Cody can convince her to go for Frankie – fingers crossed!)

To be honest, Nicole should ask Zach to throw the BotB! And be REALLY OFFENDED if he refuses! 😉


I still don’t see Donny putting Derrick or Frankie up because of Team America. He has openly states that he will vote Frankie out, but he refuses to put him up.


Donny needs to lose BOB so he can play for hoh during double eviction bc that’s when he’s Definetly not safe.


I think Donny will put up Derrick and Frankie.
Nicole WILL put up Victoria (because she’s so jealous of her) and probably Jocosta.

I hated the way Donny talked to TA when he was casting his vote, Derrick needs to remind him everyday that he’s a grown a$$ man. ha ha

Zach's Nasty Armpit Hair

Sending home Victoria or Jocasta this week would be the biggest waste of a HOH in the history of the game.


I 100% agree with you FINAL outcome. (Frankie gone) But I don’t agree with you on how to get there. There MUST be the lowest possible risk of a girl going home, so none should be nominated. Here is my proposal. Donny puts up Cody and Derrick. Nicole puts up Zac and Caleb. If the veto gets used, Frankie gets put as the replacement. That puts the odds at (over) 95% that a male detonater gets voted out. The only real possible foul up would be if Frankie gets picked for the veto, WINS it, and uses it to take Zac off (if Nicole is the final HOH) or Derrick off (if Donny is the final HOH) That would be a COMPLETE disaster! But the math puts that at 5%, so rock n roll with it guys.

Charlie Moonves

I’m worried that Nicole will be an idiot again.


I’m ecstatic that he won but I’m worried about Donny going into the double eviction with blood on his hands and not being able to compete.


Donny needs to be careful of not putting up a Strong player. Donny will put up Christine & Victoria!! Nicole will put up Jocasta & Zach!! Backdoored Caleb or Frankie!!!

Zach's Nasty Armpit Hair

Nicole is too vulnerable to being controlled by Christine or Derrick.


I would love for Nicole to put up Christine…*sigh* but that will happen when Caleb stops talking about Amber. So never.


Caleb is reminding me of Bubba from Forrest Gump. Shrimp this, shrimp that and on and on and on. Amber this, Amber that and on and on and on. My gosh that man is all looks and absolutely no content. Painful to listen to him.

A Nonny Mouse

Yup. Great, Nicole. You notice that the girls are being taken out. You decide the best thing to do is to nominate two more girls, proving once again how useless you’ve been as HOH. Well, guess you’ll have fun in jury with crayolas and construction paper.




I hope Donny makes some BIG MOVES. Come on make Frankie and Derrick squirm a bit.


Get ready folks… Frankie’s gonna freak the f*ck out this week. I hope he feels the burn and I’m not talking about his crotch burn.


“Frankie asks her if she can try and keep him safe it would be much appreciated.”
I am laughing so hard lmao. Frankie you pathetic weasle, I hope you piss your pants this week trying to cover your a*s.

Homophobic much?

Why the “crotch burn” comment?


Because Frankie was complaining about the burn he got from the jeans he was wearing in the Veto comp.


Frankie had crotch burn after the horserace veto comp!!

Watch the show or read the blog much?

He got crotch burn from riding the horse in the veto comp. He’s not use to being a top. And that wasn’t a homophobic remark either, I’m gay.


Because he is an ugly rat face fag!


Well, takes one to know one.


Wow. & you’re an awful person.

Derrick's Bacon Aroma!

Homophobic much?…… Looks like your stupidity just got you obliviated! *BURN*

Geez Louise

Frankie is reminding me of my breakfast with all the scrambling he’s doing. I love it! Good ole Donny refuses to be intimidated or manipulated! Game on youngens!! 😉

the pink hat

For once there are two HoH’s that he can’t suck off, so now he will have to actually play. This is gold lol.


Yay Nicole and donny! Nicole will def put up Victoria and Zach and donny will probably put up Hayden and christine …..we shall see!


Donny and Nicole have already agreed that Hayden is SAFE!


Way to go guys. Lets flip this house. Lets make the boys scared for a change. He he he.


If the guys get through this week just losing Caleb. They will bet set for double eviction, with all of them playing. This unfortunately might work out for them.


Ughh Nicole don’t trust Derrick and Cody u fool


She is not, she told him that Donny and her are NOT working together.


I really hope she is playing dumb. I doubt she has the guts to make a move so hopefully Donny stays Hoh.


Couldn’t be any happier with the HoHs this week. Perfect. Now hopefully this week leaves shit stains in Frankie, Caleb, and hopefully Derrick’s underwear.

Praying Nicole and Donny don’t let this week go to waste. An exciting week this week would more likely lead to a more entertaining Double Eviction next week as well.


DONNY!!!!! Attuh boy! Obviously it’s premature to call Donny a “great” but this was a HUGE win for him. If Donny didn’t win this comp he had a good chance of going home this week, but thankfully he pulled through when it counted. Donny saved his butt week one when he won the veto to take himself off the block and he does it again by winning this HOH that’s huge…Donny is a force to be reckon with, hopefully he can make it very far in this game! I am SO rooting for Donny to backdoor Frankie and give him a taste of his own medicine, let’s see how this week pans out.

Don't wake Donny!

I’m terrified of Donny going out in the double eviction. He’s honestly going to need a miracle to make it to the final two. Who would be stupid enough to take Donny knowing he’ll win hands down? I’m keeping my fingers crossed but bracing for the worst.


He ain’t gonna make it to the final 2. I think he will be gone in the next 3 weeks.


Donny will now be an easy target on double eviction next week.


Donny please put up christine & cody!!!!!! I’m praying they lose BOB if they go up!!!!!


Don’t play the boy’s game Nicole!! Send the heads of the snake home! Either Frankie, Caleb, or Zach! I would say Derrick but Donny has his eye on him I’m sure 😉

I was rooting for Donny to win and i’m glad 🙂


What would be absolutely fantastic is if Donny nominated Caleb & Frankie while Nicole nominated Jocasta & Victoria (as they asked) & then by some act of God Jocasta & Victoria actually win something! Against two of the boys! That would be great tv… but I know I’m just dreaming & they won’t actually pull a win off.

Jimmy 64

Come on Nicole put up Frankie & Zach don’t be stupid and put
up another woman. Donny put up Caleb & Cody that would be a good
Battle of the block.


Donny should nominate Cody and Caleb and Nicole should nominate Zach and some else (I would want Derrick) and their excuse would be that they put them up first, and “they didn’t want to get blood on their hands”


Yea, for some reason i think nicole will take the “punk” way out, and nominate the usual suspects. Please donny, win hoh and get rid of that snake in the grass, frankie! Team america has run its course…


Frankie and Derrick definitely should not be put up together. One per HOH. I think Donny’s smart enough to make that happen.

My hope: Frankie/Christine and Derrick/Cody if POV is used throw Zach or Caleb up.

Bren says

Yeah Donnie, felt sorry for Amber,but at least she is safe tonight away from delusional Caleb! I really want him gone next, so he can see how people feel about him! Has anyone heard anything from his past girlfriends!


We want Frankie out…

Boring white bread

I can already predict that stupid Nicole will do whatever the guys say and put up weak players, and Cody will be up in the HOH room with her the whole time, it’s like the dumb bitch never seen a season of Big Brother. Super fan? I think not.


Well Frankie screwed with Nicole last week so she may want to either put him up or replace him as a nom. Let’s hope.
I want Faketoria to end the misery of watching her snivvle and tell us all what a comp beast she is.

Dill pickles

Nicole is too stupid to put up Frankie.


I fear that Christine will put up Victoria and Jocasta knowing they will lose and will stay HOH. The only
way Donny would stay HOH is if he got 1st pick and nominated them first. I would really like Donny and Nicloe to work together. Donny could
put up Derrick and Jocasta and Nicle could put up Victoria and Cody. I doubt Nicole would though because she lets everybody manipulate her in this house. Every week they get out a person who is pointless. It’s boring seeing an unanimous vote and something good needs to happen. Knowing that Donny is here for him, he will benefit himself I’m this game,

Poor Jocasta

This just isn’t Jocasta’s game but I would take her far simply cause she can’t win crap. Sitting next to her in final two is guaranteed victory. That may be Donny’s plan. Hmmm


Oh I don’t feel good about double eviction next week. Donny is going to be very very vulnerable.

Nicole is going to try and protect Hayden, Cody, Derrick. (in that order)


Donny may need to let Nicole have this hoh so he can compete next wk.


Yeah. If he can’t play for HOH, then POV will likely be Find the Vetoes. He’s not fast enough to win that unless his vetoes aren’t buried in difficult places…


I think Frankie will be talking to Julie next week…followed by Caleb. Hopefully Donny makes that big move!

Don't wake Donny!

I am just so tired of Jocasta and her crying. And wasn’t she the one bitching about Victoria crying when she was put on the block last week? She’s a hypocrite and I’m not buying the good preacher act. As much as I would LOVE to see Derrick, Frankie and Cody out, I really want Jocasta and Victoria gone. Those bottom feeders don’t deserve to last this long.


Praise The Lord she won’t last much longer. She has done nothing but make every conversation more boring/tame. She’s so busy tryin to “save” everyone.


Ruin Team America, I don’t really care for it. As long as Frankie goes up, I’ll be very happy 🙂 with a chance of being backdoored?? I’m too hyped for this week lol

Worst Season Ever

This season is so boring I can’t stand it. Have lost patients for this show because it is so predictable. Nicole will do what Frankie tells her to do so she “doesn’t get blood on her hands.” I have had it with the show for not trying to change things up because their ratings are decreasing each week. I think that all the people on the show are stupid besides Donny and Amber but now she is gone. Zack is obviously confused in many aspects. “Oh I love you Frankie.” (Eviction Night) “I HATE YOU ALL!!!!” I lost interest in the show last season and have the same for this one. If anyone were to win, I would want it to be Jocasta (I know right!!), Donny (easiest choice), Victoria (I know right x infinity!!), or Hayden (best personality). They have been the least boring, predictable, and most fun people on the show. If Big Brother wants to spice up their show, why don’t they extend the stay of the contestants adding the chance of adding more people who will knock out the people who by now are just as worn out as I am watching this show, and one more thing…when you say this will be the most twisted season yet, are you referring to the people or the game because this game is like a 1000 piece puzzle, mysterious at first but always predictable…frustration and regret follows. -unsattisfied viewer (Heath)


So Jocasta who’s crying over spilt milk? She said that last week.
Her and Victoria gotta go home – never seen two more useless and tear soaked players (except Amber Season 8).
Amber was at least worth a laugh to watch because she cried about absolutely everything – if someone drank a cup of cold water after being really thirsty; Amber would cry. Jameka, Jameka…… Hilarious.



Donny: Christine, Caleb
Nicole: Zach, Victoria


I hate because of team american Donny won`t go after Derrick and Frankie.

I hope Nicole stop being such a lazy cow and stop Donny from putting Christiane up/

I want. on the block.
Zack-Frankie vs Frankie-Derrick


I mean

Zack-Frankie vs Cody-Derrick


I thought you were done with this season.

Christine's crazy eye

Is it just me, or is a Crybaby, er Cody, starting to look a bit ratty around the edges? I am generally NOT a Nicole fan, but, if she can keep her head in the game, it may, may be ok. Donny has shown backbone and a real independent streak. He’s finally gonna be able to get a good nights sleep. It’s gonna be interesting watching the Fancy Man and his side kick twist. I am also excited to see Derrick dance to someone else’s tune.
I wonder, where everyone will be laying around now? I just don’t see Donny letting the kiddies stay over.


So typical of Derrick… to tell America, that Donnie won’t play this week. Does he really think America will give him Brownie points. He’s such a weasel.


Zach should be careful of throwing the BoB because he will bite his butt!!

Kim and Mike

Hope they put up zach and Frankie just for entertainment value. Tired of watching floaters cry!!!!!!


He did it! I can breathe this week. Love the beard

Love Donny

But hate this BOB twist! It is going to ensure at least one ‘weak’ player (Jocosta and Victoria) sits on the block next to a detonator and they have the votes to keep each other safe. Without the BOB Donny would DEFINITELY put up some combo of derrick/cody/Frankie/caleb… but as it stands they will all be safe this week 🙁

Love Donny

sorry Christine, not caleb


My fear is that Donny will put up two strong players, and Nicole will listen to everyone else and put up two weak players. Donny will be dethroned and Nicole would be HOH. Nicole is MOST DEFINITELY going to let the guys control her HOH this week. If Donny loses the BOB he will be able to be nominated. If he isn’t chosen for veto, they will backdoor him. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but there is a huge possibility.


Ok, who would you put up if you where in there shoes? I would do; Jo/Frankie for Donny and Vic/Derrick for Nicole. Now, a few weeks back if I can remember correctly Donny was telling Nicole to trust him or something like that. Nicole, may and that’s a big “may” listen to Donny as long as Hayden is in the mix; Either way it goes Donny’s going to do what Donny wants. Maybe Jo and Vic will win something next week, Bless their Hearts!!!! Yea Donny.


There you go Nicole” trusts “Derrick . She’s so clueless .


So Victoria and Jo are safe for another week and y’all are happy about this?? They are absolutely the worst 2 players in the game.

But whoever loose BoB is gonna have whoever they put up coming after them

you can seem more drama by watching the fishtank in the house.

Wtf. Id rather watch them remold the bb house than watch this season.


Donny is perfectly vague saying there will be ppl he can’t put up…which means Derrick and Frankie.

I would guess Donnie noms Christine and Zach. Nicole noms who knows?!

On another note, did anyone else notice Victoria check herself out in the DR glass after she voted for “the fakest Amber”. I think I would self evict if I were locked in a house with her.

Caleb next TV show

I feel like the CBS next show, Stalker, was inspired by Caleb.

Amber's Bunny slippers



I know this is a gamble but if I was Donny I would let Nicole stay as HOH. I’m pretty sure Nicole would not nominate him meaning that he can once again fight for the next HOH and be safe. I know its Big Brother and anything can happen but I can’t see Nicole nominating him.


I don’t know if I should be happy or sad for Donny! I wanted him to win hoh but I want him to play during the double evictions! Omg omg! I don’t want him to go. I hate Frankie ugh! I hope he is backdoored this week.

Christine's crazy eye

Donny puts up: Zach and Cody
Nicole puts up: Frankie and Caleb
BoB Winner: Eitherway it’s ok
Veto if used: up on the block Derrick
Detonators go BOOM!
I know it won’t happen that way. I like Donny, but let’s face it, his chances of surviving the double e are very slim. At least with my dream nominations one of the rat pack goes home.

Operation Brittany

That would be awesome. If I were Donny, I would just worry that after putting up two strong competitors that Nicole might get influenced by Derrick to betray him and put up Jocasta and Victoria at the last minute. Nicole is dying to work with Derrick and I’m sure he’ll push for Victoria and Jocasta to be put up together.

Help plz

Anyone know a link for watching bb afterdark live streaming? My cable provider doesn’t get the channel and i really want to watch tonight for the first time all year. Thank you please!!!


Caleb is STILL talking about going out with Amber!!! #BlessHisHeart (that’s a Southern thang)


I am glad the cast this season isn’t a bunch of bigoted homophobes…however this season needs a shake up. it is getting predictably boring. Even Caleb getting backdoored this week would be predictable. Someone like Zack, Frankie or Cody need to go home this week. Don’t tell me how much you are playing your game if all your game is surviving by doing the bidding of others to “Not get blood” on your hands. lay the game or you are next.


Caleb going home would rock Caleb. Frankie or Zack going home would rock the house.


Have you guys not seen Big Brother before. I’m pretty sure Donny will put up Christine & Zach or Caleb. And Cody will convince Hayden to convince Nicole to put up Jocosta & Victoria. Nicole will stay HOH & one of the guys will win HOH & keep nominations the same & Jocosta will leave. One of the guys will win HOH and put up Victoria or Donny and one of the guys will POV keep nominations the same And Donny goes home over Victoria. Then Zack or Hayden or Derrick wins HOH and if Hayden wins Frankie is goes or If Zack wins Hayden leaves and if Derrick wins Nicole leaves.

Operation Brittany

That why Donny should put up Victoria + one of the detonators and least have a shot of his nominees losing battle of the block. Then Nicole couldn’t totally sabotage him. The only weak player Nicole would have left would be Jocasta. And if Donny stays HOH, he would also have a chance to backdoor someone.