Big Brother Spoilers “Christine.. if she goes home whatever” #WILDCARD

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-24 20-15-36-876

8:15pm Back in the gutter

BB16-2014-07-24 20-16-58-937

8:16pm Derrick and Frankie BEEHIVE
Frankie says he’s a little concerned, “Do we want him to stay HOH “ (Zach)
Derrick – probably not..
Frankie – He wants Caleb gone.. he doesn’t want to put up Donny.. which puts me in a awkward position
Derrick – “and Donny is part of team america.. who does he want to put up”
Frankie – Jocasta with either Nicole or Victoria
Derrick asks if Amber was trying to get donny out or one of them during the HOH competition.
Franke says Amber doesn’t think She saw “Pretty colours” and was preoccupied
Frankie wants Derrick to try and get Zach to put up Donny.

Derrick says Frankie has to be really careful with Zach because he’s all over the place. If Frankie is forced to put DOnny up he’ll have to pull Donny aside and tell him everything about the plan this week.
Derrick wonders why Zach is protecting Donny derrick thinks if Donny won HOh he would have put Zach up for sure.
Derrick – you got the hardest HOH to work with (Zach)
Frankie – He’s predictable in his own unpredictability

Frankie wonders if he should put up Donny and HAyden. Derick is worried about the repercussions. Frankie can tell Hayden do you want to fall on the sword for Nicole she’s a Have Not don’t want to put her up. “

BB16-2014-07-24 20-32-50-021

8:32pm BEEHIVE Frankie and HAyden
Frankie tells him the plan is to backd**r Caleb. He says the four people that are not on the bombsquad are going up but he doesn’t want to put Nicole up because she’s on slop and might lose. He doesn’t want to put DOnny up because he’s won so many competition already.
Frankie – What are you thinking of
Hayden – Ego wise I want Caleb to go. BUT Caleb won’t put any of us up so why get rid of someone like that”
Hayden says amber and Jocasta are two player that will put them up those are the better targets in his mind. even though caleb is annoying to live with he’s good with them. Hayden’s list of people to go this week is 1) Amber 2)Jocasta 3)Donny

Hayden says Donny’s targets are Amber and Caleb they’re the same targets as them so he should stay a bit longer.
Hayden says Amber/Victoria vs Jocasta/Donny
Hayden says this way their options to evict are Jocasta/ Amber or Caleb if they want to backd**r him.
frankie says Caleb is going to freak out.. he wonders if Zach is going to do it. Frankie tells Hayden to go talk to Zach and tell him to do it, “It’s the smartest thing”

BB16-2014-07-24 20-33-06-003

8:32pm Zach and Nicole
Nicole tells him she will never put up the guys. She points out she gave him the germany trip. Zach thanks her says he does owe her a favour. Zach proposes he puts up Victoria and Amber, Nicole calls this a big move.
Zach says the plan is to backd**r Caleb the four pawns are Jocasta, DOnny, Victoria and ??? Nicole thinks it will be her.
Nicole says she’s not putting Zach up she wants to work with him.
Zach says he’s going to be the HOH so Frankie is putting up strong players.
Nicole warns him that Amber is after Zach 100% Amber told her to her face.
Zach is worried about taking out Amber before Caleb he’s going to go crazy in the house.
Zach and Nicole hug he promises her she will not be going up by him.

BB16-2014-07-24 20-41-18-357

8:39pm FIRE ROOM Victoria and ZACH
Zach tells her he’s not putting her up. they hug

BB16-2014-07-24 20-41-39-547

8:38pm Christine and Frankie
Frankie says Zach doesn’t want to put Donny up which is fine Frankie will do it, “I wanted hayden to be like I’ll go up but he didn’t… cause that will be awesome Donny and hayden up”
Christine tells him to put up Donny and Nicole. Frankie – She’ll kill me
Christine will tell her she’s not going home.
Zach comes in says Christine is going to have to take one for the team. He says Christine has a severe case of narcolepsy and will fall asleep in the BOB. (#WILDCARD)
Zach says Victoria will not throw the BOB he was just talking to her.
Christine says she will not throw the Battle on the block She’s watched this show too many times to know that is a bad idea.
Zach asks her why she won’t throw it. you are not going home.. lets be honest Christine.. you can’t throw the competition cmon.. earn some stripes for the team.
Christine – NO”
Zach – Christine cmon you gotta do this
Christine – I’m telling you right now you put me up i’m not throwing it.

(They got back and forth through all the possible scenarios it’s pretty exhausting Zach is going to have a brain aneurysm)

Zach puts up Hayden and Amber with Hayden throwing the s1t out of the BOB
Frankie will put up JOcasta and Donny

Christine – so Victoria isn’t going up at all.. what if Caleb win the POV and pulls down Amber then you can’t get rid of Donny, Amber or Caleb
Frankie’s jaw drops
Zach reminds them they can’t send amber home before Caleb, “we’ve talked about it this last week”

Hayden rolls in .
They tell him theres a new plan, Hayden will go up with Amber and throw the competition
Hayden – I don’t want to be involved again. .

Hayden suggest they put up amber/Victoria and Donny/Jocasta, “No matter what happens we have an opportunity to backdr**r Caleb if POV isn’t played Jocasta or Amber goes home.
Hayden says the chance of Caleb winning the POV and taking down Amber is slim
THey ask him again if he’l throw the comp
Hayden says he’ll try and not make it too obvious but he really doesn’t want to .
Hayden points out that Caleb won’t put them up he’s after the same targets as they are.

Zach proposes he puts up Victoria and Caleb and convince him to throw the competition and if Caleb wins the POV he’ll put up Amber if he doesn’t Caleb goes home. Zach will tell Caleb to throw it
They agree with Hayden.

Hayden – I want to see Caleb go more than anyone else in this house but let’s get rid of Amber and Jocasta the two people that will put us up.
Zach’s plan A is to convince Caleb to throw the competition
Frankie – That is really smart
Plan B Amber/Hayden or Donny and they throw it they have the risk of Caleb winning POV and taking down Amber down.

BB16-2014-07-24 21-01-31-244

9:00pm FIRE ROOM Zach and Victoria
Zach tells her they have three plans and she’s not involved in any of them
Victoria people volunteering,
Zach – “I hope so it’s all contingent on Caleb’.

BB16-2014-07-24 21-05-50-011

9:03pm Zach and Donny
Zach tells him he has to convince Caleb to go up on the block and throw the BOB. Donny doesn’t want to go up says he’s done enough for the house.
Donny says the target should be Amber because she controls Caleb.
Donny says theres 4 people that haven’t been nominated why can’t one of them go up “I’ve paid my dues” suggest one of Derrick or Christine goes up just to be fair.
Zach thinks this is good idea says Donny has “paid it forward 100%”
Zach – “Donny you are exactly right. So Frankie puts up Derrick/Christine or Cody/Christine.
Zach tells him about Plan A put up Caleb/Victoria and Derrick or Christine. They have Caleb throw it.

BB16-2014-07-24 21-09-05-119

9:07pm Cody and Zach FIREROOM
Zach tells him there’s a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C

Plan A convince Caleb to go up on the block with Victoria and throw it to Christine and Hayden.
Plan B he puts up Amber/HAyden and Hayden throws it . Zach adds that Amber is targeting him everyone has said it.
Cody doesn’t think people are going to throw these competitions.
Zach says Christine hasn’t done sh1t she needs to go up.
Cody – I don’t’ want christine to get f** but at the end of the day” he explains everyone in the alliance has to do something, they’ve all won HOH’s Christine has done nothing.
Cody warns if amber goes home they have BEASTMODE cowboy comin in hot
Zach – He’s coming in hot anyways.

Derrick rolls in, Zach says Christine has got to go on the block.. ”
Derrick – she’s safe.
Zach – Devin brought Christine into the alliance says she has done anything for them.
Zach to Cody – You have Christine in the palm of your hands.. all she does is laugh all day and let us do the work
Derrick – you’ve seen Andy’s season right.. he flipped on his alliance
Cody – She can flip and f*** us
Zach – she’s going up
Derrick- she doesn’t have a choice..
Cody – you have me to calm the storm
Zach – she’s going up with Amber against Hayden
Derrick she will win
Zach – Hayden and Caleb. (they are all over the place with their nominations)
Derrick says Hayden is more intelligent than Christine.. he’s going to embarrass her
Derick says Caleb will not throw himself on the block again he’s going to have to be backdo*rd
Zach – this sucks dude
Derrick – welcome to the club dude
Zach – WE all got it Back to back to back
Zach tells him what he brings to the table is he’s the target over all of them.
Zach – Oh my god dude this game is hard’
Zach tells them they are both safe. THey thank him say they are BEAST in this game.

Zach leaves

Cody says to Derrick “Bro we are so good at this game”
Cody – Bro i’m going to miss seeing Brittany walking around in her bikini
Zach rolls back in,
Zach is pissed that Christine is in the Detonators and Hayden is not
Derrick says not everyone can be in the alliance.
Cody says Caleb only worked out one time he is the least active
Zach Victoria and Amber next to Jocasta and Christine ..
Zach – Dude that’s it.

BB16-2014-07-24 21-13-16-132

9:12pm BEEHIVE Donny tells Frankie about the Team America task

BB16-2014-07-24 22-11-34-992

9:44pm BEEHIVE Nicole and Frankie

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BB16-2014-07-24 21-52-03-641

9:52pm BEEHIVE Jocasta and Frankie

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BB16-2014-07-24 22-03-08-629

9:54pm FIREROOM Derrick, Zach and Cody
Zach – Christine.. if she goes home whatever.. I know things are changing dude.. I truly think I take a lot of heat off your guys back.,. you know that‘s something to bring to the table
They agree they don’t want Donny to go up he’s done enough pawn work.
Zach points out that 20 seconds after Zach won the HOH Caleb came up to him and said “You’re not putting up Amber right”
(They are pissed at Christine for not being a contributing member of the alliance. Christine told Cody she wanted Donny to go home this week This pisses Cody off)

BB16-2014-07-24 22-12-03-319

10:16pm Beast mode Cowboy and Zach
Zach say Amber is telling people today that she’s putting him up if she wins the HOH, She told people inside their alliance and not just Christine. Zach asks him who he should put up. Zach says they needs someone to go up that will throw the BOB.
Beastmode says no way is he volunteering.

Zach says if he doesn’t figure out what to do tonight tomorrow morning he’s going to do something stupid.

Caleb tells him when Zach was on the block the entire alliance turned on him because of what he did. They turned it around and Zach was saved because he was in the alliance. “It’s the alliance that saved you”

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I hope Zach realizes that his alliance is really starting to doubt him and he breaks off and allies himself with Donny and Jocasta. If Zach is what he says he is, he will for sure make a big game move this week if he is the sole HoH.


Since the 2 worst people got HOH this week this is what I’d want to see: Frankie nominates Donny and Hayden with intentions that they win BOB, Zach nominates Amber and Victoria/ Jocasta. If they were smart they wouldn’t put Hayden and Nicole on opposite sides against eachother in case of Hayden throwing it cause he wants in Nicole’s pants. Donny/Hayden win BOB and Zach stays HOH and Amber/Vic or Jocasta stay up. Zach and Amber fight like hell to win POV. Hopefully Zach wins and convinces Caleb to go up as a “pawn” when the intention is to backdoor him. If they were smart they’d do they same thing except backdoor Frankie but they will never do it now.


Two worst people?! I thought Zach and Frankie got HOH, not Amber and Hayden.


I’m a Donny fan and Zach and Frankie were the worst 2 people for Donny to get HOH. How is Hayden a bad player? He’s in a showmance, which gains him at least 1 ally, everyone likes him, and he’s a strong competitor. But Amber is a bad player


Donny is one of the dumbest players in the house. He lucked into the one competition he won for the veto. The battle of the block that he won and eviction he survived..he wasnt the target. Yet, he should shut up and just lie low cause he’s aligned with two of the strongest/smartest players in the house in Derrick and Frankie. He doesn’t seem to realize that they aren’t going to get rid of him and not worry.


What r u smoking


Please put Christine up she hasn’t done anything, the others at least won one comp
Nicole wake up Christine is not on your side





Since Zach and Cody love Donny and even Frankie doesn’t want to nominate him, what’s the chance that the Detonators kick Christine and try to reel in Donny or Hayden?


Replace Frankie/Christine/ with Donny/Hayden


It took exactly 13.06 seconds for Victoria to throw all her rules out the window and lie on top of a guy. Zach will probably tap that ugly bitch this week (as long as she turns around) cause she’s handing out elblow jobs.
So basically Zach is lying to everybody right now right? He told Victoria she’s not going up and quite a few other people….


A girl’s got to do what a girl’s to do in this game, Please like Zach hasn’t been secretly hoping she would


The Battle of the Block twist needs to end now, [by theory] it is [supposed] to be exciting had two HOH who are on different sides and alliance would win and nominate people that they don’t work with. The problem however is that the twist only reinforces the winning HOHs to work together and create a “united house” group, this is why for an entire month the people in control of the house are the same. It’s not even entertaining anymore. As much as I hate “Canada’s vote” that nominated people on the block, I want it to happen this season just to put Frankie, Derick, Cody and Christine on the chopping list.


Except that the BOB is just starting to do the same thing. With less people, the alliance is gonna have to put their own up more and more. And not all of them can get pulled off.

Roisen Dubh

Smart move by Derrick to throw HOH. I’m not a big fan of his anymore but his game is tight. Zach, c’mon buddy, bust it wide open. I know you want to.Send Christine home, that weakens Derrick, Cody, and Hayden- and they won’t see it until it’s too late. I think the kid has some Lex Luthor skills in him. Frankie gets another easy week. Yeah, I know he lost his Pa Pa, but this guy is gonna ride it. Nicole has no butt. Sorry, I just had to get that out. That Germitard didn’t do her any favors. Victoria has her one POV win card to play. Looks like they’re giving Donny a break- oh boy is that one gonna come back and bite. The whole Caleb/Amber lifetime movie continues. Even Cody knows and says it out loud that he’s a pussy, so that ends that. Hayden.. God, I just think his ending is going to be good TV.


Holy dam imagine Joey was still and and had to wear it, dam it


omg this is so exciting to watch!!!


I guarantee by the nominations there will be a Plan X, Plan Y, and Plan Z at the rate Zach is going.


Zach will have a heart attack before he gets to Plan W at this rate!
It’s frightening to watch – yet you can’t take your eyes off of it…


Love that christine is finally taking some heat!!!!! Maybe she will finally learn that she talks wayyy too much!!! Please take her out Zach!!!


I really wanted her to win hoh just to see what her husband had to say to her. That’s it, then she could get kicked off, and back doored.


I hope Christine wins the $500,000, so she can get plastic surgery and fix that ugly face of hers!


Would prefer she spent the money on having the tramp stamps removed.


Why can’t the plan be to backdoor Christine? She does NOTHING for the show except complain about people complaining. Wouldn’t miss her.

after dark

BBAD is crazy now. If amber gets nominated, she’s blowing up the alliance. Amber needs to know she isn’t in it. That she and Caleb are targets. Jocasta/Victoria are easy loses in comps. Donny is sitting very well. Derrick and Cody may need to realign some things if they want to work out. Frankie is doing well.


Christine hasn’t done anything, and she has the audacity to tell them not to put her up, how bold. I’m hoping Caleb/Christine are the ones on the block at the end of this week.


What’s up with the BBAD owl’s pink-Frankie-hairdo? Gimme a break


Like it or not Frankie is one of the most popular houesguests. Don’t you notice how the audience reacts and laughs every time Frankie is voting on the live shows? The general audience finds him entertaining and likable. Agree or disagree, it’s the truth.

But to be fair, the BBAD owl is also shown wearing those nerd glasses everyone seems to have a pair of, so don’t freak out over what the owl is wearing. It’s just something they (those in charge) think is cute and fun.


I guess I didn’t think he was that likable on the show. Frankie always seems so fake to me, like he’s putting on a show 24/7. But that’s just me. Personality aside, he does have a good handle of the game very well even if I don’t like his style (***cough*** Andy 2.0)

I like the BBAD owl with different looks, loved the glasses. I think it should be more general, like the glasses several people wore maybe a sideways pink hat. Or to be fair 1 of each houseguest (bowtie, beard, blonde hair comes to mind).


Have you noticed that Julie is so short with the other HG’s when they are voting EXCEPT for Frankie….she’ll always thank him when he sings her praises etc but with others shes just asks for their votes and lets them leave without replying


They need to keep Caleb because for some reason people think he is the mastermind and he will be the target for a while.
I hope one of these people go this week:
Christine – No one would miss her
Jocasta – Same as christine
Victoria – Same as christine and jocasta!
Frankie – He is entertaining BUT two-faced as hell, even for BB (I got mad at the comment of him being in an “awkward” position if he has to put up Donny – when in fact he has other options, he’s just mad he can’t control Zach).

zach's lemons

[Zack] “Christine has a severe case of narcolepsy and will fall asleep in the BOB.” Too funny!


Christine is so pissed off that her name has been mentioned as a nom, she’s flipping out. Now saying how much she hates #WILDCARD and that she is sending him home next week.
I hope that she keeps running her mouth and that someone tells Zack.
Send that bitch packin.


Christine should go up. No question. It’s true that everyone in “the alliance” has made a contribution but her. Christine + Jocasta (Zach’s noms) vs Hayden + my girl Amber (so that Caleb goes crazy beastmode for POV and wins it). Hayden hasn’t really done anything either. Amber put him up, but he’s hated her since.

If the noms are Jo, Amber, Donny, Vic AGAIN, then Zach isn’t really a wild card. He’s just as predictable as the rest of his crew. I’m counting on him to do something different this week. If he won’t, nobody will.


I mean Christine + Jo Frank’s noms.


What exactly has Hayden done to get a pass from the block?

Big Jacket

I miss Brittany already. At least she was willing to fight.


I think you mean “whine”. That was pretty much her game talk with everyone…I’ll just whine about how I deserve to be here and how I’m being treated unfairly thus I should stay. meh I give her kudos for kicking the soccer balls, but she had no skill in this game.


Omg I’ll be team zack if he takes out Christine. I hate that b*#%€


Christine should be up there. Pair her up with her BFF Amber!


Oh my big btother please take the mic from the house mates when they are eating Frank is getting on my last nerve the way he’s sitting there talking to Zach and smacking


People complain Victoria doesnt do anything, what has Christine done besides bein in the right place at the right time? she is worthless.. i love the fact now they will have to start turning on each other, i give zach credit for shakin things up.


Backdoor Caleb or Christine. Leave Donny alone this week.

The Beard abides.


Amber still trusts christine as of right now… Wow she is one of the most ignorant bb players of all time. It’s so obvious that nicole & christine are the ones who ratted on her!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES

At the end of the day...

I like Amber and I think she, Jocosta, and Donny are some of the nicer people in the house, but she doesn’t know who to trust and she thinks she’s popular when the house actually hates (for no good reason, I might add)


Lol @ Zach for telling Christine she’s gotta earn her stripes


this is even better than expected. Zach has even mentioned cody AND derrick. he is all over the map and it is freaking everyone out. I love it. as much as no one is willing to admit, his version of evel dick’s game is working. people are absolutely afraid he will blow their game up and will tip toe around him all summer.

Am I wrong to think that this is when you should have some crazy choice pandoras. as we all know Zach will do something stupid and imagine if he got a power. he could end up deciding to send home just about anyone depending on his mood at that particular moment


At the end of the day...

IMO, Zack is ten times more erratic than Devin. He’s going to make a lot of enemies but I will sip my tea and enjoy every moment.


I guess Christine thought she was going to have it easy lay on her back and kick up her feet and coat tail ride to the end well guess what Christine ur know Tina Fey or Amy Poehler ur jokes are not funny just plain mean digs. I like this alliance in terms of calling each other out for not carrying they weight. and I’m glad Zach stood his ground with Frankie on not putting up Donny and convincing the others that Donny has done more for they alliance than Christine ever did and he’s not even in it why keep giving her a free ride cause she cracks jokes with Derrick & Cody all day and talk shit about amber when amber been more of a team player than Christine has. she’s getting so scarred to go up on the block that she even said throw Nicole up there she done nothing.and I thought that was her bestfriend damn.

Roisen Dubh

Zach knows the entire house are scared sheep. He wants to see where people’s heads are at and right now Jo and Donny are passing the test. Look for him to align with them. Everybody else is running around crazy and he’s measuring every last one of them. I’ve known a few people like Zach, they thrive in Chaos. Pressure brings out the real person, this kid learned that lesson. He’s gonna do well in life. He’s keeping Caleb, that type of crazy benefits his game. If he stays HOH nobody’s controlling him. Derrick better watch out and tread light this week, Zach’s the cat that will backdoor him.


Not a Caleb fan but…..What Caleb told Zack is true. When Zack went on the block, the alliance members were saying that Zack was a liability and a loose cannon and they started thinking/talking about evicting him. It was Caleb (who was very loyal to the alliance) who said straight up to all the alliance members, there is no way we are evicting Zack, he is a member of the alliance and we will be loyal to him.


I agree. As crazy as Caleb is with the whole Amber thing, he IS a man of his word, and when he pledges loyalty to an alliance, he really means it. Most people in this house know nothing about loyalty. I know BB is a game built on lies and deceit, but the more people you backstab, the less trustworthy you look, and that always puts a target on your back.


Who the hell the Victoria think she is calling Brittany conniving when she evicted her? She is useless and lacks any skills other than putting bows in her hair. Jocasta is useless other than putting bows around her neck.
I love that Christine is finally getting put in the hot seat. She is an irritant on the ears and eyes and has been way too safe.
Zach is going to let some fireworks go off this week and I love it.
This kid is not scared of anything.
Donny is about the kindest person I’ve ever seen on Big Brother but in the end people won’t want to take him to final 2 because that quality will earn him all the votes. Love this guy so much.
Derrick could use a little fire under his ass too. Zach is too smart not to have figured out what a threat that pig is to his game.


time to send Christine home, she has actually said she is going to get rid of #Wildcard….Over my dead body. She is not getting that last laugh. send Jenn City 2.0 home

Caleb's Sock Monkey

What’s up with Caleb’s obsession with women having conversations about their periods? He thinks that every time a woman (Amber) prefers to talk to another woman over him then she must be discussing her period. Then he gets all pissy when Amber gets upset and doesn’t want to talk to anyone (including him) and says well fine, she’ll just go home this week or next week. I won’t protect her any more. >_<

Can we just have Amanda Zuckerman come back in the house for 2 minutes and let her lay into Caleb? I hated her, but she would chew him up and spit him out. I'd pay to see Caleb humiliated on TV….although we got a taste of that when Caleb was called out for being one of the laziest by Julie. HA! Of course he blamed the bracelets….

Love this kid

I didn’t much care for Zack the first week or so but wow has this kid changed my mind.I absolutely love the chaos he brings and the way he has called out Christine’s uselessness


Caleb or Amber are gone.

Caleb is loyal to a fault. These guys don’t realize how loyal he is. Amber would turn on them in a second.


If Zach were not gay, I would go for that ass 😉


He’s no gay


Amber Amber AMBER!! Girl I was trying so hard to like you! You are seriously beautiful, but you are not smart. You just found out that people are throwing you under the bus. You say that you are not going to talk game with anyone because they can’t be trusted. FIVE SECONDS later you are in the beehive room saying to Cody, “I don’t trust anyone…. I want to tell you a secret… but you have to promise not to tell anyone…. I don’t trust anyone” If you don’t trust anyone, WHY do you keep opening your mouth. These people are not your friends, they are trying to get you out girl!


Christine seriously said on BB after dark that she has won two competitions so why is being compared to Victoria…..? Was that this season when you won two, because maybe I missed it..? Girl all you have won is the hate of America!


It’s funny how everyone’s freaking out about who zachs gonna put up. Goodjob zach


Zach wining is the best thing that could have ever happened. It’s actually entertaining to watch now


Would love to see Christine on the block and sent back to her soon to be ex-husband. She’s vile, rude, condescending, racist, and trying to be sexy….sorry Tuscan Sam, your pseudo sexiness is non existent; and you do not have the the sex appeal of Amber, Brittany, Joey, Nicole, and Pao Pao…hell, even Victoria is better looking than you! Go back to serving coffee, bitch!

BB16 sucks

Zach is spicing this snoozefest up a bit, but they will tame him down and make him pick Nicole and Amber anyway. Christine a.k.a. giggling-Hyena did NOTHING so far and is the most boring housemate (along with the Bible-toting-freak Jocasta) — and yet she will dodge the block AGAIN. #pitiful

The Canadian gal

“Christine a.k.a. giggling-Hyena ”

That one made me laugh so hard!!!!

Thanks for the laugh!


i love being a zach fan. there is always drama!


re: last nights After Dark.

I think it is HILARIOUS that Nicole and Christine were SO venomous about making sure that Caleb didn’t go home, that Brittany went home because they didn’t want her to nominate them, and the first thing that happens is this new pair of HOHs is going to nominate them both right away.


Been yawning for a month now...

Hoping that someone, hopefully Zach shakes things up a bit…these people are very boring and predictable. Same four on the block. Ho hum….come on people. Donny needs to win HOH. Now that would be interesting. I think he is gunning for Derrick. Derrick is playing a good game. He has that “Dan Mist” thing going for him. He changes their minds and they think it was their idea. Come on Allison, twist things up and make it exciting. You guys always say “expect the unexpected”… I say – prove it!