Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Ceremony Results! BADA-BING BADA-BOOM BABY!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 11-42-47-319

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10:15am – 11:35am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Nomination Ceremony to take place. As heads of household both Frankie and Zach have the task of nominating 2 house guests each. This week the Team America Mission has taken a role in instigating drama with the nominations this week, however I think Zach’s nominations would be just as insane without the added fuel from Derrick, Frankie & Donny’s incentive to bank another 5 stacks each.

Team America Mission:
Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting.

Zach’s Nomination speech for CHRISTINE & NICOLE:
I nominate You Christine and you Nicole. Christine if we pulled out the big brother dictionary today and we looked up the word floater there would be a picture of you and Jenn City holding hands never being called to the diary room. Basically irrelevant!
Nicole, oh, Nicole you’re looking super cute in your little Germ-itard, like a true superfan. Well you dingus froot loop, I bet you didn’t see this coming!

Frankie’s Nomination speech for JOCASTA & VICTORIA:
I could say I was making these nominations out of strength but they’re actually kind of cowardly. You 2 have proven over & over again that you can handle being on the block. This has been an emotional week for me and I didn’t feel like taking on any additional burden. You’re staying here.

When the live feeds return all hell is going to break loose ..

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 11-42-04-086
11:35am – 11:55am In the fire room – Victoria is talking to Frankie. She asks why her?! She says that being up against Jocasta if Donny wins the veto he will use it on her. Frankie tells her that he hopes he stays HOH so that Zach isn’t in power any more.

Victoria talks to Derrick in the hive room. She’s crying and doesn’t understand why she always has to go up. Jocasta comes in and asks Victoira to please not throw the Battle of the Block. Victoria asks are you serious!? Every competition I go into I kill it! Jocasta says I just think that was the plan of putting us up.

In the bathroom – Nicole comments on how Zach called her a dingus. Amber tells Nicole that she did the right thing by laughing. Nicole hugs Jocasta and Hayden. The cameras switch to the storage room where Cody is talking to Christine. Cody reassures her that she is fine we have the votes to keep you no matter what. Hayden joins them. They talk about Zach’s speeches. Cody says I had no idea he was going to say that! He is just on a power trip right now. Nicole joins them and they laugh. Frankie joins them and tells them that he had no idea he was going to do that. The only thing he told me was that what he was going to do was going to be epic. I just need to remain HOH so that we can do what we what because I have no idea what he’s going to do. Frankie leaves. Christine says that Zach is going to look like the biggest a$$hole! Nicole says that she thinks Zach is America’s Player. He probably has to complete certain tasks. If that’s correct then America must hate us! Christine says he is literally a bigger lunatic than Devin!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 11-52-19-858

Up in the HOH room – Donny thanks Frankie and Zach for not putting him up. I appreaciate it because I’ve been up a lot. Zach says that he didn’t deserve to go up and that he is the sole reason why Devin is going. We are paying it forward to you. Donny leaves. Zach says I might have told Nicole to not trust Christine.. So now they’re not working together. I’ve stirred up a lot of sh*t in this house and in a good way!! Zach says that Nicole needs to stop crying.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 11-53-19-689

11:55am – 12:05pm Up in the HOH room – Derrick joins Zach and Frankie. Derrick gives a status report of whats happening in the house after the nominations. He says that at the moment everyone is split up. Derrick asks what he is going to do now. Zach says I am probably going to be even worse to them. This was the smartest move I could have made. Zach says that Christine is really pissed at me because I told Nicole not to trust her. Derrick tells Zach to just relax now. Zach asks is Victoria crying? Derrick says of course she is .. she’s always crying. Zach says alright I’m going to come down.

In the storage room – Hayden tells Cody that was the funniest thing EVER!! Even before he started talking I almost started to laugh. Cody says me too. Hayden says once Nicoles started laughing so did we. Hayden leaves. Victoria enters and starts crying to Cody. I don’t understand it! Frankie wants to be HOH too. He put me up because Jocasta and I were the easiest nominations. Thats just so stupid.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 12-02-56-163

12:10pm – 12:20pm In the kitchen – Nicole asks Victoria if she is okay? Victoria says not really. Nicole says at least you weren’t embarrassed on national television being called a froot loop dingus.

Victoria and Derrick head into the hive room. She tells him about how Jocasta asked her not to throw it. Derrick says of course not. Victoria says I just know there will be a high probability that I will lose it. Derrick asks did you think about going into the diary room? Victoria says no, I just feel so foolish I am always crying. It sucks that Frankie is just thinking about himself. I can already see Nicole and Christine winning it. Jocasta isn’t a good competitor. She sucks. She’s come in last in most of the competitions. It just sucks that even Frankie isn’t supporting me. It sucks because I am close to him. Victoria asks why couldn’t Amber go up on the block?! Derrick says you don’t know there could be another plan. Victoria says If I don’t win the veto then there is no back dooring. Derrick says no if he or anyone else he wants to win it .. then it would happen. Victoria continues to cry and says this just sucks so bad! Derrick tells her to just go out there and win it!

Victoria says I have just fought so hard in this game..

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 12-17-10-631

Up in the HOH room – Zach says that Donny told me to keep an eye on Derrick because if Nicole and Christine win the battle of the block he is going to be really happy. He’s with them, not with us. They talk about Zach trying to turn Nicole and Christine against each other. Zach says it might not be good for you guys but it is good for me. Zach says Christine brings NOTHING to the table. She doesn’t even bring us information. Obviously I don’t want to send either of them home but if one of them does go I don’t care. I hope that they lose the competitions. Hayden laughs at how sad Nicole looked in the germ-itard and how she’s on slop too. Hayden leaves. Cody tells Zach that he doesn’t want people to target Zach because you are connected to me. Zach comments on how he doesn’t even want Christine in our alliance, I want Hayden in it. Zach says I want to start a new alliance with Hayden in it. Cody says no way .. I am not starting another alliance. Zach says if you’re not with us, you’re against us. Cody says I am not putting into another alliance we will look like idiots to all of America. Frankie joins them and tells him if your two nominations stay on the block and one of them goes home I think you’re f**ked.

In the living room – Nicole and Christine are talking. Christine says we have to win HOH next week so we can put him up.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 12-24-15-260

Alliances (Some Of these are defunct)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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146 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Ceremony Results! BADA-BING BADA-BOOM BABY!

  1. Frankie is an idiot. I understand he want’s HOH to see pictures of his grandpa but he is totally wasting his nominees. He’s making it SO obvious he’s working with Derrick,Caleb and Cody. Luckily Donny knows that he’s a rat and him and Jocasta can stay another week and finally make a power shift this week.

  2. as cute as nicole is that was freaking awesome by zach! hopefully nicole can pull herself off tho she has 2 chances

    1. Yes she is sooooo cute! I just love a vacant expression on a woman. The constant whine also makes her especially attractive!

  3. YASSSSSS ZACH YASSSS!!!! So glad he got ratsine and annoying nicole scurrying and sweating. Finally someone changing the game up a bit.

    1. Yes Zach!!!!! And Zach is right….he DOES need another alliance! He needs to drop the ones he is in and start one with him, Donnie, Victoria, Jacosta, Nicole and maybe Amber. I don’t know, Amber talks too much to her fake alliance and Victoria is all up Derricks butt. Maybe VIctoria will see from this week that her “friendship” with Derrick isn’t getting her anywhere, so she should jump ship. All Zach needs to do is go to Nicole and tell her he put her on the block to get Christine out because she is such a rat to her and everything else was a distraction so they could work together. He should also go ahead and blow up the detonators (since they aren’t going to have much use for him after this week and he’s the low man on their totem pole) while he is at it. That will be the perfect time for him to set up this new alliance and flip the house to actually secure himself past 5th place.

  4. Looks like the insanity didn’t go out the door with Devin! #WILDCARD
    Hoping its Zach who is still HOH after the BOB as Frankie doesn’t have the balls to take out Caleb .
    A Zach HOH means more WILDCARD and Nicole or Caleb going home.

    1. OMG LOL So glad these girls who were nasty to Brittany
      last week are getting a taste of their own medicine & realizing
      how foolish they have been. Looks like Christine & Nicole’s game
      has an expiration date on it. I truly hope Frankie has a target on his
      back sooner then later & Donny just is safe in between all this
      Team America missions are epic fails! Seriously the tasks on
      BBCAN & BBUK are so much more fun without being so
      seriously lame!
      Take that Victoria for your catty comment while voting Britt out.

  5. finally a little drama! it will be interesting to see what this week stirs up. maybe christine can be outed finally.. she’s been getting away and looking innocent this whole time! way to go zach!

  6. #WildCarddddddddddd

    I could care f*cking less for Cody and Christine so Jocasta and Victoria better kill it.

    Either way even if Zach gets dethroned he finally didn’t let the BoB affect his nominations AND if he gets dethroned he can compete again next week for HoH !!!!!!


    1. True, but only if Zach doesn’t get sent packing this week — which is what Cody and Frankie were just talking about a few minutes ago.

  7. Thank you zach! It couldn’t have worked out better… both have-nots and on the block. It’s funny that Christine thinks Zach will look like the a-hole. No Christine, YOU are the a-hole! I’m glad Simon and Dawg will at least have something fun to watch this week.

  8. Time for nichole to toughen up and play the game. Shes got the brains to be here, now she needs to prove she can put them to good use. She needs to realize shes clearly not the target, and start working with zach.

    1. BRAINS????? Please. She had to ask if Oregon was a state. I am wondering how she found her way to the BB house in California. She probably had a one week start over other hgs.

  9. Please…send Christine packing. She thinks she is such a game head….it’s actually funny. Caleb has to go but let’s scratch Christine off the board first!

  10. Sooooo Happy that Christine on the block next to the person she wanted put up! I really you hope they stay on the block Christine. Really hope she goes home or that Nicole sees what christines’s really about!!!!!!!

  11. I think we are dancing in the streets too soon. These nominations almost guarantee Nicole and Christine win BOB. Unless the competion is sitting and doing nothing or speaking in tongues.

    1. then they backdoor caleb

      that is the brilliance of it. he shook the house up. turned it on its head, and in the end the strategy remains the same. if Christine wins BOB, they will try to use a POV win to remove a Victoria type player and put up Caleb.

  12. I have always enjoyed zach character and glad he is giving everyone some drama that everyone has apparently been craving … However I am actually surprised that people (fans) like this. Lol .. When Devin went rogue and crazy everyone (fans) were against it .. Am I missing something ?? Lol .. But I love when the feeds come back and several houseguests are crying .. That’s epic showdown that we missed .. Team America has waaay to easy assignments .. Lol.

    1. Zack is playing them and Devin was seriously uneven in his demure. I love Zack and his wackiness. The house say he is crazy, but I thnk that is what he wants them to think so he can get away with more.

      1. Please! No matter Zach or Diven to the people in the house they feel they both crazy. Not that I care but look at the way Nicole is crying.
        They just all were using words like fear, thinking he was going to kill them which was not true and everyone ran with it.
        Devin – coo coo
        Zach – coo coo too
        You know I’m sorry guys, but time and time again a black man can do the same thing a white man does and he will still be looked at as worst. It is what it is.

        1. Why are you apologizing? You speak the truth. No matter how much folks here try to rationalize it, the double standard is glaring. Devin never called any of the women out of their name, while misogynistic Zach has done this plenty (to their faces, but much worse behind their backs). Devin was not a bad guy — a type A personality control freak dealing with mommy and substance issues, maybe. Zach, on the other hand, is genuinely a bad person (he probably has mommy issues too — doesn’t he still live at home?). Yet the board loves Zach for what he is doing, while Devin was viewed as the boogey man? And the women in the house are representative of public attitudes (they even laughed at what Zach said about them). Pathetic!

    2. The difference is watching Devin was just uncomfortable and he was clueless.

      Watching Zach is entertaining and he’s putting on a show for us and I appreciate it.

    3. Unfortunately, most black players are usually in a bad position on this show. When they play the game they are hated like Devin or Kahlia but when they lay low they are hated too…Jocosta and Candice and Amber (even though she’s only half black). If Zack was African American I am about 95% certain the fans wouldn’t love his crazy antics in the house.

  13. Lol. I must admit, Nicole is one smart kid. Twice now she has suspected the TA tasks. First the Zach being Amanda’s cousin task and this one. But that not withstanding, she is very right, America hates them especially Christine.

  14. TA failed this mission since the girls just laughed. I wonder if they get more than one opportunity.

    I’m so glad Zach out Christine and Nicole up and used his rehearsed speeches!

    1. If BB considers this a failed mission, then they still have another chance at the POV ceremony. Just do not be surprised if BB considers the task complete, after all they let them get the money for getting Amber on the block as a “physical” threat.

      1. i should allow TA to get this one. if cbs makes it too difficult for TA to succeed, why would they even try to accomplish the task and risk jeopardizing their game?

  15. Love everything about that – especially love to see Victoria bawling again – to only the men no less. She’s a baby who doesn’t get it – nobody likes you. She thinks she’s ‘killing it’ in competitions so this should just make her want to compete right? I’d love for one of the other girls to smack her in the face.

    1. I lkie Victoria. She is trying to play and no one will pay with her. At least she is trying. If she won HoH she would shake up the house and put up Frankie.

      1. victoria should have told jacosta to stfu when jaco told her (victoria) not to throw it. jaco hasn’t won a single comp on her own and she’s got the nerve to tell victoria not to throw it??? omg, now if victoria/jaco don’t win, jaco’s going to accuse victoria she threw the comp. jaco needs to go out the front door and preach to the audience.

        1. But you have to remember, Jocosta was a victim of her partner throwing a BOB comp. Remember when Caleb threw the BOB comp when he was her partner? She actually had a good shot at beating Amber/Donny. Amber and Donny didn’t beat Jo and Caleb by a landslide. It was very close.

        2. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that Victoria has “won” by herself either. Her BOB comps were with someone else and the POV that she “won” was a total crap shoot (just like the HOH comp that Nicole “won”).

  16. Is Victoria delusional, she don’t kill anything. She only got veto cause Caleb elected not to take it and the BOB she was in with Brittany was won more so on behalf of brittany. She is nothing but a delusional floater. I hope she and jocosta “kill” it in this BOB so those two snotty little bitches Nicole and Christine stay on the block and Zack can stay on attack.

    1. Vic was doing the best after Caleb she only did bad on the last kick she even asked Caleb if he wanted the money, she earned it Caleb could have taken the veto but he didn’t

  17. If BOB has anything to do with being blindfolded & guessing what the object is by sniffing, nicole & crustine have an unfair advantage because of the enormosity of their noses .

  18. I really hope Frankie stays HOH so he either has to start playing or expose how much of puss he is PLUS Zack will have another chance at being HOH. How awesome would it be if he was HOH next week again!

  19. Nicole and Victoria think by crying, they can get away with it! Grow up ladies! I hope Victoria leaves this week! She is so annoying to watch…..her spoiled rich kid ways would make any person puke! Also glad Christine is up. She is another one who deserves to go up.

  20. Can you remember Zach 12 hours ago? He said there’s no way he’ll put Nicole up, because she trusts him.
    Now he calls her froot loop dingus.

  21. Love seeing xtine scurrying like the rat she is!! Nicole is a dingus fruitloop–classic!! You gotta admit Zack is wild and crazy and shakin things up for a change! How about Princess Victoria ‘it’s not supposed to be this way!” Why because you said so? Now ply them with lots of ETOH and let the fur fly!! LOL!

  22. YES! *doing Snoopy’s happy supper time dance*
    I need to scroll up top and read, but seeing Zach stuck to his word gave me unspeakable amounts of glee! *rubs hands waiting for Sunday’s show*
    On another note, Frankie is once again full of hot air. Last post he HAD to stay HoH to protect the house from Zach. ::side eyes:: So, you nominate Jocasta & Vic? Really?! Of course, if the Vickster has another pretty, pretty pony trick to pull her & Jocasta off the block, this week may be the most hilarious yet! Maybe Nic will FINALLY recognize Ratine for the vermin she is.

  23. Way to go Zach!!! Zach is pure entertainment & the fact that they are have nots makes it even sweeter.

    Since Nicole & Mike Boogey (I mean Christine) talked so much crap about Brittany crying after going on the block… How does it feel?! Have a tall glass of STFU!!!

    PS… Nobody cares :)


    Zach ATTACK is on the ATTACK. NO ONE would have given us this gift this particular week. we were set for jocosta, Donny, amber, caleb etc. a pretty obvious list of 4-5 people were going to go home next

    now? Zach has completely blown up the house. I mean he really just exploded and is now enjoying it. the best part is, he understands that this is a game. and that he doesn’t need to “feel bad” about any of it.

    thank you Zach ATTACK!

  25. GO ZACH!!!! Loving the action. Hoping Victoria and Jocasta have it in them to win BOB, then dethrone Frankie, Zach stays in power, and more mayhem! Puh-lease Vic/Jo, win that BOB!!

  26. look, I rooted for Rachel…why? she made everyone in that house squirm, they couldn’t handle it.

    Zach is very much the same in that regard. Production MUST keep him until jury. that kid is freaking gold. not in the “this was a good strategy” way, but in the “someone needs to shake up that house” way.

  27. As much as I don’t like Zach I’m loving him right now…this is the drama I like to see on BB everyone scrambling. I think this is going to break up the big alliance and I’m all here for that. I just need Donny or Jocasta to stay another week and win HOH and it’s gonna get better

  28. to be fair to the situation, too….Zach was going to be targeted first by a lot of these people anyway. maybe not Christine, but at the same time I can see her nominating Zach and claiming it was nothing to worry about. Zach was at the bottom of the alliance of the guys, so really all he did was make the fact that people want him to go home into a verbalized fact.

  29. my only Zach ATTACK complaint is that he didn’t go after Hayden. how that guy keeps getting a pass is amazing to me. he has a somewhat showmance going on and no one sees that as an issue?

  30. Hayden knew all about the nominations and the speech and is laughing about the whole situation with Cody. Does this mean he is more loyal to Cody and Derrick than Nicole and Christine?

  31. Would it not be hysterical that Christine went home sitting next to Caleb on Thursday Night… Because it is too early they have to wait for double eviction…. hysterical. I think if she is still on the block post PoV she will loose it hard.

  32. No Christine, you are still the asshole.

    Love how she likes to guess how America is viewing everyone else but herself.
    Finally Donny is safe! For now..

  33. Ahhhhhh…..The serenity that I feel right now. Lol.

    Zach needs to continue his tirade…Starting with TELLING Nicole that Christine asked for her to be put up. Then you will get the blowup.

  34. I can’t understand anything Victoria says because of her thick Hebe accent. She is so far out of touch with reality that she thinks her and Frankie are so close just because she fondles him.

  35. “Christine says that Zach is going to look like the biggest a$$hole!”
    -This is almost as funny as your belief you were getting the Christian girl edit. HA!
    “Nicole says that she thinks Zach is America’s Player. If that’s correct then America must hate us!”
    – Why yes, yes we do, ever so much
    “Christine says he is literally a bigger lunatic than Devin!”
    – Yes he is Ratine. You thought once you got the jock that bullied you, er Devin, out the house that it would be smooth sailing as you wooed Cody. NOT!
    Welcome to Elm Street and your nightmares!

  36. This was mildly entertaining but there is no way Victoria and Jocasta are going to win the BOB which means Frankie will be the sole HOH and everything will become extremely boring again for another week. Production needs to make this BOB an applying make-up or bible reading comp.

    1. I don’t know. Nicole has only won a dumb luck comp and Christine she hasn’t made a stellar performance in comps yet… I think they are evenly matched. I would jump out of the seat laughing hysterically if Victoria and Jocasta won the BoB… I hope that the BoB comp is something that Jocasta and Victoria could win.

      1. Contrary to popular belief, Vic and Jo are more in shape than Nic and Chris. WHO WAS THE LAZIEST HOUSEGUEST??? According to the activity scores – Nicole and Christine were the laziest. There might be hope!

  37. Zach should’ve been in team America. He is not letting the game get stagnant and has made a concerted effort to entertain, unlike most people, whose main concerns are not getting “blood on their hands.”

  38. there’s a huge difference between Zach’s craziness, and Devin’s craziness. Zach actually knows he’s being ridiculous, and he’s embracing it. he’s being a total s#@t stirrer on purpose. Devin thought he was the most cerebral guy in the house, like Steve Jobs or something. his crazy was creepy, Zach’s is HILARIOUS!

    1. exactly. zach knows exactly what he’s doing and is having fun with it. devin on the other hand was a dictator who thought hje controlled everyone in the house and that everyone should bow down to him and kiss his feet.

  39. Can someone explain what a froot loop dingus is please. I am from Canada, the french part of it on the top of it. I am lost with that expression….

    1. I am a so cal guy, born and raised

      and I have heard that maybe 1 or 2 times, I can’t remember when/where but I think its basically “douche” I don’t know.

    2. I googled the word “Froot loop Dingus” and it shows Zack using the word. I guess this word will be added to the Urban Dictionary. lol

    1. You think they would realize but they more worried about being on the block rather than why there on the block!

    2. maybe but if zach gets his way caleb will go home this week. thats his plan anyway. but his options of who to nominate were limted. he didnt want donny up again and he wasnt going to put up derrick or cody because those ae 2 of his closest allies(in his mind) in the house and he likes hayden and wants him around so …

      he also was determined not to waste his nominations on victoria and jacosta which i think is admirable

  40. So happy he put Christine and Nicole up, finally! and yes, to whoever mentioned it, Frankie makes his allegiance soooo totally obvious not to mention how is it good game play to tell someone to their face he absolutely is not putting them up, then puts them up. Only pisses them off. victoria could be HOH, why wouldn’t she put up Frankie and Zach instead of others who’ve never put her up. he thinks he has more influence than he really had, if you ask me.

  41. time for pandora’s box or a “dumb luck” bob. if not, this week will be another snoozefest.

    this season is an example of what happens when casting manipulates the house dynamic by choosing swimsuit models and strangers to bb, instead of interesting players who love the game – half are stumbling around in the dark, the other half are running the show.

    1. snoozefest? how? he just threw 2 people on the block who if they don’t win BOB they are going to really panic.

      what exactly would have been more exciting? Zach has a caleb backdoor planned as well, I don’t see how he could be any more entertaining than he has been.

      why do you watch? I mean really. if you aren’t entertained by this, you really should find a new show. even the feeds are super entertaining right now. thanks to Zach.

      if a power goes into the game, it needs to be a Pandoras, and it needs to be given to Zach. why? he has no chance to win this game, none. he has no chance to make the final 3, none. they need to keep him in the house as long as possible, giving him a diamond power of veto would be freaking hilarious. I could see Cody going home if he keeps being a non friend to Zach, pretending that they aren’t aligned by not going to the HOH room, its like hey cody…no one is that freaking dumb.

      1. another frankie hoh will be boring. the only excitement this week will happen if victoria and jocasta win bob, leaving zach as hoh. since they play against coco and christine, i’m not holding my breath. one day with zach as hoh does not make an entertaining week.

        if you don’t like my comments, stop reading them. i’ve watched for years because i love the show, but always hate when it’s predictable. i’m glad you’re happy with the pace of the show. last week was boring to me when cody put up donny instead of caleb as renom – it was followed by 4 days of nothing.

  42. they should give Zach a CBS edit where he fights for Donny. I mean, he did, just like earlier in the game fighting for brit to stay, just like when he fought to backdoor caleb last week. Zach is the ONLY PERSON fighting against what would have been a very predictable 4-5 weeks before they have to start going after the weaker parts of their alliance leading to Cody/Derrick/Frankie in the F3.

    not so fast.

  43. the problem with this is that unless they find something to cater to Victoria and Jocosta, those 2 will lose and Frankie won’t backdoor caleb because of all the blood

  44. If Team America wants to complete there is one way to do it. Start a cat fight.
    Donny needs to tell Victoria that the reason Zach put up Nicole is Christine that they are tired that there are people who do nothing but coast in the game and that Zach didn’t want to put up Donnie, Jocasta and Victoria up again. Frankie wanted the safe choices with as little Friction as possible and that Zach refused and he nominated Christine and Nicole because all they do is talk crap about the other girls and push to have Jocasta and Victoria to be put up every week. That they get you to talk about Brittany and Amber because they don’t think you will notice that you are their target every week… Victoria will turn into an emotional mess and blow up on Christine and Nicole. BOOM Challenge met. They just need Frankie Derrick say “I can not say.” and boom

  45. i do feel bad for victoria. its really not fair to her to always be on the block, to never feel safe in this house. honestly at this point it would be better to get rid of her, i hate seeing what constantly being on the block is doing to her..and im not even a fan

    1. She is the Spencer of this year. He kept going on the block every week and made it far in the game. But, as far as feeling bad for her, I do not. If she wants to not be on the block than she needs to get off her butt and play the game. Try getting into a alliance or try to win some competitions or anything. All she does is cry when she doesn’t get her way. That may work with her parents but it will not work in the Big Brother house. Next thing you know she will hold her breath until she gets what she wants. lol

    2. I don’t feel bad for her, it’s not like she’s being picked to be a HaveNot each week back to back. She has some arrogant and she’s delusional. Saying she pulled herself off the block when Britney helped her twice and Caleb let her keep that POV. Frankie put her up that first week after pretending like they were close.And here we go again, and she still doesn’t get it. I would question why she hasn’t put two and two together to fully mistrust Frankie. I bet she would have if it was others in the house. Yet, on the other hand she can be whiny and catty over the smallest things someone might say and gets hung up on and acts like someone is trying to destroy her.And here this man has dicarded her an nominates her and she doesn’t get he’s showing her what he thinks of her.

  46. I hope Nicole and Christine win BOB KNOCK Zachchild of his throne and Frankie puts him up as replacement of Victoria, THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!

  47. I hated Zach 2 weeks ago and now he is my favorite cause he is the only one that has any BALLS, and Derrick gained my respect for not trying to persuade him to change his nominations like No guts Franky. I feel bad for Franky on a personal level but he has no Guts!

  48. Oh my god, zach always says Frankie is funnier than comedians but I think zach blows him out of the water. He made a smart move, because Jocasta Victoria and Donny are now potential allies for him, and the guys aren’t going to get rid of him now because he is a vote for th

    1. donny and victoria maybe but jocosta plays on emotion and she’ll never team with zach because of “how he talks to women”

  49. It the game rigged? Zach said there were only 5 keys in the nomination box. Does this mean that production steers the nominations in whatever direction they want?

    1. Maybe production just figured that the same 4 people go up every week so why waste their time with all the keys. LOL. Zach fooled them this time.

  50. Wow… Cody & Amber were just discussing that if either one of them win veto, they are taking Christine down. All 3 of them truly deserve eachother. I’m starting to think that Cody is actually starting to like Christine & Amber is just horrible st this game. Smh

    1. If Amber do that she would be beyond dumb! I don’t know why she doesn’t see that the only person that was going to have her back is The person that she is always rude too Caleb

  51. Hey Simon or Dawg: Can you tell me why my “thumbs-up/thumbs-down” rating only shows up on just a few of the comments? Call me lame – but I like being able to thumbs-up my fav commentators. Also – a big thumbs-up to the both of you – this is by far the best B.B. site! And thought you guys might be able to get a little rest after Brit left – but unfortunately for you all (but GREAT for us BB fans) enter wildcard Zach Attack!

  52. Zach just prove me wrong! I was sure he was going to put up 2 of the same 4 people that they put up every week.
    #All Hail Zach

  53. Am I the only one that really dislikes Hayden? I don’t know, he’s very childish and says horrible things about people.. seriously evict this guy

    1. I dislike him as well he is an ass! It is really sad that he may go far in this game for doing nothing but talking shit.

  54. I agree, Zach knows exactly what he is doing to improve HIS game. Zach will not get back doored because he has all the dirt on everyone in his alliance.Zach is sitting pretty this week. If he stays HoH then he can stir up drama and lead everybody to believe his nominations was all an act to backdoor Caleb. If he doesn’t remain HoH, he can say he put up the alliance members to “ensure their safety” so that Frankie can execute whatever “ficticious” plan Frankie has (backdoor Amber or perhaps Caleb). Frankie will not backdoor Zach, because Zach has already made an emotional connection with Frankie (just as Hayden will never vote out Nicole and Caleb will never vote out Amber).

    At this point Zach is acting crazy to “convince” his alliance he wants to be carried to jury, while at the same time stealthly building a post jury stage in the game aliance where he will convince everybody to take him to final 2 b/c everyone will “hate him and not give him the $500K”). He would then at final 2 say that being the “wildcard” was his game all along and most likely open up the jury eyes to see that he actually was “playing the game” since Day 1.

  55. Love it.
    This is what we’ve all be waiting for. Someone to finally step up and do what they want to do as HOH, not what the house, or anyone else wants to do. ZachATTACK what a beauty. The only thing he could have done that would have been more interested would have been putting up Frankie.

  56. Let’s be honest – does anyone find Amber interesting as a person? Do you think she’s a great gamer? I think she’s a spineless girl who thinks being pretty is enough. She brings as much to the table as Christine.

    1. Agree, she’s lacking. I don’t understand the appeal. I only feel sorry that she has to deal with Caleb, lol.

  57. I’m extremely HAPPY Nicole and Christine are on the block, now they just need to lose and STAY on the block. I know they were throwing around sending Caleb or Amber home this week, but I would be so much happier if Christine went home. She herself has stated that she has “fallen” into these alliances, so in reality, this chick shouldn’t even be in their alliance, even Amber has done so much more than Christine. Zach is right, Christine thinks she is deserving because she gets info, but like he said, it’s not like they don’t already no these things. I’m tired of Christine and Nicole calling other girls floaters, when they are floaters themselves, I guess because they are BB fans and are smart at the game, so they are more deserving ::rolls eyes:: get one of these chicks out of the house ASAP, then focus on getting Victoria out next. I’m happy Zach is playing his own game, and not Derrick’s game. Don’t get me wrong, Derrick is playing a good game, but he basically held control over Cody during his HoH last week. Cody was dead set on sending Caleb home, but Derrick wanted Donny up instead, and even when Cody promised Donny he wouldn’t put him up, what did Cody do after he talked to Derrick? He went against his promise. Donny is not stupid, he knows what’s going on and who is controlling the game. If Donny wins HoH next time, I would not be surprised if Donny targets the likes of Caleb, Derrick or Frankie, that’s if Caleb is still around, if he doesn’t get backdoored. I’m just happy Zach is playing his game, and doing what he wants, Frankie went safe again, but what he doesn’t know is the others have caught onto him as well, and the minute they can strike, Frankie will be sitting on the block, because he is friends with everyone and has good social game, and that’s deadly, not to mention he’s been winning HoH competitions, even though this one was given to him by Derrick, but Derrick probably was thinking “I’m doing something nice, but I don’t want to stir the pot, because it’s gonna possibly get wild this week.” Go Zach! Rattle that house!1

  58. zack all i want to say is men you should of been team america with donny and hayden men that whould of been fun in thank you thank you or put up nicole and christina hope they lose battle of the block now you got donny jocasts and mabe victoria and your back pocket great game move great move cause you know that one of them donny jocasts or victoria will win hoh before the end in thier target want be you thank you zack if victoria says in win hoh she putting up frankie if jocasts say in win she put up frankie if chirstina say in win she want zack out if amber say in win she want zack out perfect donny going to be sit backing enjoying thank you zack

  59. Zach is doing exactly what Cody should have done, taking one for the team! I hope that Cody and Derrick have his back after this week. Brit was not a threat to anyone and they wasted last week voting her out. Someone BIG needs to go home this week and Zach is the only one with the nerve to do it. Go for it Zach!!

  60. HAHAHA YESSS!! Finally Ratstine will be outed for the rat that she is!! She thinks she is some kind of mastermind game player, but she really does absolutley nothing. When Julie first said that have nots would be determined by the activity trackers, I knew she would be one because she is so lazy. Go Zach!! #WILDCARD

  61. I love Nicole and I hope she pulls herself off with BoB or PoV, but I must admit, this season has been boring and I thank Zach for making it more entertaining. I just hope Nicole isn’t the one to get screwed over by this.

  62. Sadly the only way Frankie will back door Caleb is if Caleb finally comes out of the closet

    Here’s to hoping somehow Zack Attacks Stays on as the HoH.

  63. Is anyone gonna grow a pair this season and stir this polite pot ….12-0 votes. 11-0 votes 10-0 votes…. Come on folks… Make a game out of this

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