Big Brother 17 Week 7 Summary and Live Show Results Shelli Vs. Vanessa


Week 7

Week 6 ends with Clay being evicted by a unanimous vote. Becky wins the HOH after a gruelling endurance competition, Julia came in second, Jmac, Shelli round up 3rd and 4th place. The initial nominations are Steve and Shelli. The original plan Becky had with Vanessa’ was for Johnnymac and Shelli to be nominated. (remember there was that fake final 8 alliance “Give me your word”)

Becky tells the goblins she wants to save Shelli and put up Vanaessa she tells Vanessa she wants nominations to be the same to take out Shelli. Steve wins the POV. Becky tells Vanessa, Austin and the twins that Johnnymac is going up as the replacement The day of the veto Becky tells Austin the truth She’s going to nominate Vanessa. With Jackie, Meg, James and Johnnymac’s vote she can evict her. Once nominated Vanessa goes on a tirade for about a day “You don’t know me I don’t need the money, F*** u, Sell outs, My Word” Becky made it very clear who her target is and the hate between Becky and VAnessa starts to bubble over. Becky wouldn’t put up with any of Vanessa’s bullshit schemes, told her no game talk no deals, you’re done.. The Goblins on the other hand had different plans.

Late Monday night the goblins start worrying that Shelli is more dangerous to them than Vanessa. They form their goblin circle and start to scheme about keeping Vanessa. They have the votes knowing flipping Austin and the twins will be easy. Come Tuesday Vanessa is back in full form campaigning hard to the Goblins. James approaches Austin and a new mutual level of trust is formed. A temporary ceasefire is agreed upon to take out jmac, Steve and Becky. The goblins want to keep Becky, The Austin/twins want to keep Steve, Jmac is screwed. Come Thursday morning it’s apparent that Julia and Liz are becoming closer to Vanessa and they will strike at the goblins.

Shelli tried to stay but after losing clay and having the game implode it wasn’t the same. She needed to win a comp this week but couldn’t pull it through. I enjoyed Shelli in the house she was their to play. There’s always the chance of her coming back.

At the end of the day the brass tacks is Shelli is going to Jury..

Checkout our top Animated Gifs from week 7 I promise you’ll laugh

It’s double eviction tonight a very exciting night for Big Brother 🙂 Buckle up and grab your feeds.

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How the week went down (Links)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-12-45-431_jpg

Summary of live show

Austin votes to evict Shelli
Liz votes to evict Shelli
Julia votes to evict Shelli
Meg votes to evict Shelli
Steve votes to evict Shelli
Jackie votes to evict Shelli
James votes to evict Shelli
Johnnymac vote to evict Shelli

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-19-25-676_jpg

Evicted Houseguest is Shelli

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-28-51-428_jpg

HOH competition is called Getting loopy

Round 1
All right
Round 2
James. Meg, Liz, Jackie are out
Round 3
All right
Round 4
Vanessa and Julia are out
Round 5
All right
Round 6
Steve wins HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-33-57-618_jpg

Steve nominates Meg and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-40-26-035_jpg

POV players = Steve, Meg, Jackie, James, VAenssa, Johnnymac
POV Competition called Slippery slope
POV Winner is Johnnymac

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-47-54-690_jpg

POV used NO!

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-58-51-054_jpg

Vanessa Votes to evict Jackie
Becky Votes to evict Meg
Jmac Votes to evict Jackie
Austin Votes to evict Jackie
James Votes to evict Jackie
Julia Votes to evict Jackie
Liz Votes to evict Jackie

Second evicted houseguest is Jackie

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Next HOH is played later tonight.. Buckle up

Some more information about Double Eviction.

It’s going ot be a new game tonight.. the changes in the house will be massive. Get the feeds and have some fun.

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go van go!


Go… right out the door!!!


Why hate on Vanessa when she is playing the best game this season?


Yes she’s staying!! Waaay to go Vanessa!!!

Jackies done nothing all season

BYE Bitch!

#Team Vanessa!


Stupid is as stupid does! Well here’s another reason the goblins should have voted out Van. Steve would have had Johnnie and J Mac wouldn’t be pissed at the flip. Likely target may not of been a gob. Wrong one went 1st as Meg is the Lazy cow of the season. Have another bag of Cheetos piggy. Worst player in years.
Jackie got what she deserved and James and Austin seem to have bonded some. Megs might not be far behind if we are lucky. Funny Meg may be looking for Becky just to have someone to talk to…. poetic justice! JJM snickering about the DE well snicker some more you morons.
For those of us who have watched BB a very long time it puzzles me how BB basics aren’t understood by HG’s the last couple seasons. “Best for my game” is just a set up to say I have no idea how to play.
So it would appear the house will all try to float to numbers/HOH. A run of J Mac/Steve/Becky would sure be fun. At some point someone better take a shot at the twins. At this rate it’s summer camp and 500K if they can get out Nessa


I agree with a lot of what you said about the gameplay but you proved your dipshit status by calling Meg fat and piggy, she’s really hot dude. I don’t know what you’re rolling with but I doubt if she’s real and not one of your numerous girls in the Niagra Falls area (kids of the 80’s will get that Niagra Falls reference and the first to get it gets an honorary Chilltown application) is anything anywhere near as hot as Meg.

Mrs. Mac

Everyone has seen The Breakfast Club. It’s not an obscure reference.


Just wondering is there clocks in the BB house? Cause than they could tell that the voting is earlier than normal

Hot Twins


Can you please post a link where those of us pre-empted by football tonight can watch the show? Maybe put it in your Big Brother links?

Captain Crunch

I hope Vanessa walks right out the door after Shelli during DE.


I hope not… she adds drama/entertainment.. I hope JMac doesn’t leave either. I wouldn’t mind Becky leaving, or Jackie.


Vanessa is going no where. Her only real concern would be the goblins teaming up with Austwins. Then she is easy pickings. The question is are the Austwins shrewd enough to get out Van and hope they can beat the Gobs. Looks like Steve, J Mac and Becky go in short order baring a HOH miracle.


I asked this in the other article for Simon/Dawg/everyone:

1) What are the chances that Austin puts on Vanessa tonight during DE?
2) Who do you think will strike first at each other: Austin or Julia?

The disinfectant bottle

Vanessa winning HoH and backdooring James is the most entertaining scenario for me.


Nope……James is not going anywhere. He won’t get backdoored. James wins HoH puts up Becky & Steve. JohnnyMac wins pov and James will backdoored Vanessa and she’s out.

April in Paris

If only


You know James is not going anywhere.


That little guy should go, he just cost his alliance member her game because of his personal grudge with Shelli (over a hoodie that wasn’t his) and his need to inform people who his alliance is voting for. I don’t know here’s an idea, maybe you make them both nominees sweat, not study, cry for two days and then let them be surprised/blindsided with the result of the vote, that’s what I thought was basic strategy and good TV. When will these fools realize, loyalty and group voting sucks in the game and when you have a chance to take out the best player in your season you might want to do it. James game took a nose dive tonight. Meg however will go far because she doesn’t win which is a great strategy if you throw them or not, NEVER WIN COMPS be great socially, lie everyday, deceive everyday and backstab every chance you get. Chilltown loves Meg but she needs more evil and ruthlessness in her to win it though, she’s way too nice and honest, leave your conscious at the door as well as James. Also as much as her numerous completely wrong theories and meth like crazy eyes annoy the shit out of me Vanessa is going nowhere for a while either. If you dislike Vanessa and plan on getting pissed when she wins 500k look no further than mini man James. The brilliance of him and his alliances stellar gameplay this season is on historic levels.


They dropped the Ball by not getting rid of Vanessa


Welcome to Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015
The first inducted is….Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
The second inducted is……Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement award
The third inducted is……Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:AllStars)
The fourth inducted is…….Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13)
The fifth inducted is……..Joshuah Welch (BB9)
The sixth inducted is………..Sheryl Crow (BB3) Celebrity Wing
The seventh inducted is……….Sue Hawk (BB2) Celebrity Wing
The eighth inducted is…………………..Curtis Kin (BB1)
The ninth inducted is…………………….Jason Guy (BB3)
Congrats to both Curtis Kin & Jason Guy into the big brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015
Tuned in next week will inducted another member into the big brother hall of fame class of 2015.


James or Jackie or JohnnyMac.

Ms Chiff

List needs more Kayser <3 lol

Dr. Will

Getting evicted 3 times in 1 year and nominating Nikomas & Diane instead of Chilltown doesn’t get you anywhere near the BB HOF. Kayser is a real nice guy but a horrible game player.


Dr. Will……Chilltown, Kaysar & Janelle are already inducted in BB Hall of fame. Check out the stats and scroll down.


Julia is too silly to realize Vanessa is bad for her game, and Austin is trying to protect Julia and Liz. If the twins choose Vanessa over Austin, it’s game over for the twins. Vanessa will sacrifice the twins to save herself. Austin would remain loyal to the twins. DE will be interesting.


James or Jackie wins HoH, puts up Becky & Steve. JohnnyMac wins the veto and backdoored Vanessa and she’s out.


vanessa has the numbers now. if james, becky or Jmac want vanessa out they have to put her up with an austwins, any other house guest against vanessa and she is staying 100%.


Simon and Dawg

Are the feeds going to be off for an extended period of time?

I Love Jordan

Simon, what do you think the final vote tally will be?


Probably I’ve missed something along the way. Weren’t double-eviction nights supposed to come as a surprise if not a shock? I understand that the HGs know there WILL be a DE but I wasn’t aware that they knew WHEN it would be. This group seems to have known for a week or two at least that this is the DE night. Are they told well in advance now? It drops the drama level a bit even if they don’t know who will win HOH.


When BigBrother starts sending evicted house guests to the Jury house, they like to start it off by sending two during the same day. The guests can watch over each other and keep each company during the first week, provided they are not enemies.


as far as I know, they weren’t told, there are just enough in the house who have studied or been fans that they just have assumed that it is DE night. If it wasn’t it would have been a surprise to them, and then they would have known for sure it would be the following week.

there are a couple of reasons, it is always following the first person sent to jury, it isn’t usually immediate after tho, first person is often in there a week, but they had the added person come in so timing is a bit off. so this weeks day 55 or something, half way mark meaning the first of probably 2 doubles.

also they were told someone is coming back, which means they need 4 in jury sooner rather than later. if this week wasn’t double, it would have been next for sure. they had a 50/50 chance guessing and they happened to hit it right.

so shelli, whoever is #2 will be there now. #3 will be there in a week, then i just don’t know if they will do an accelerated week, or a regular one to get #4. for sure in #4’s week, #4 will turn around and go right into the back into the game comp.


The DE used to be a surprise, but not anymore. Hopefully the next one is


So pumped


Team Jackie!


I hate to ask but any possibility of a link for those of us football preempted?


SIMON or DAWG…I have a feeling that JMac will win !st HOH ,because of all the time he spent in DR .Who do you think he would put up? I really have no idea.



stupid twins

pleeeeeeeze get one of them out next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia’s not bad lol

Hefty Twins

They suck at life and they’ve packed on the pounds since being in the house, surprised they haven’t noticed with the hours of nonstop eating and staring in the mirror at themselves. Liz especially is the epitome of what guys like to call a “trash bag”, a hefty trash bag. The only thing that sucks worse than those two is the amount of Vanessa’s dick Steve sucks all day and night hence the mouth sores destroying his ability to speak.


jeepers! whats your damage Heather?


does anyone have a link to the live show that’s not the stupid football game?! I can’t believe this!


Even though I want Shelli and Vanessa both to go, The Doublemint Twins need to get a taste of the block ASAP


Who goes home after Shelli in DE tonight?

1. James 2/1
2.. Vanessa 3/1
3. Jackie 4/1
4. Meg 7/1
5. Austin 4/1
6. Liz 6/1
7. Johnymac 4/1
8. julia 8/1
9. becky 4/1
10. Steve 5/1
what do you think who’s the next to go home ?? any thoughts


James or Vanessa


Becky or Jackie

New Mexico

CBS Albuquerque prempting with football .


cannot get any of the links to work. SH*T.


One eviction speech was oddly philosophical. The other was just odd.


OMG SHELLI IS GONE IM SHOCKED… i totally thought she was safe lol not really.

April on Paris

If ever we need a rockstar it’s NOW- go jmac


Poor Clay!.. he sacrificed his game for Shellie and she gets evicted a week later!

Min O'Pause

And that’s why Clay is a dumbass Sissy.


its so hard to cheer for JJM when they make such stupid decisions.


Did I miss something after the feeds went off today? When did the unanimous vote to evict Shelli come from? How and when did Shelli know she was leaving?

Not ok NFL

How can CBS play football on double eviction night!! This is not ok!


Tried that one. Won’t stream on mobile device. First show to really look forward to in three seasons and they preempt for pre season no count football.






steve is hoh


Damn I am pissed at cbs. Show not going to air here until 1 am. All for preseason football that counts for nothing.


Steve!!!!!! Please go after Vanessa!!!






Wrong! James is still there.


well obviously i posted that PRIOR to the veto comp. james was the target.


Steve nominates Jackie and Meg. Jackie is gone unless Becky is replacement.


Looks like Johnny Mac’s safe another week boys!!!


Oh, the look on Meg and Jackie’s faces were priceless. I’m rooting for them but they chose wrong.


WTF why did Steve put up Jackie and Meg those are my girls he is so dumb ugh…Why didn’t he just put up Vanessa so that there will be no blood on his hands .Now Vanessa is going to be back in charge and running things


neither Steve nor Johnnymac were brought in to the DE ‘plan’/. either one of them can do whatever they want. If JM did not use the veto it’s because he suspected that steve’s plan was to backdoor becky. Neither one of them are going to care if either Meg or Jackie go out, of course.

Goblins problem is they have always assumed Steve would put up Austwins, or vanessa even. For whoever is asking why didn’t Steve put up Vanessa, i can only assume they found this site today and haven’t read any recaps. or the alliance names, since i think it is SOS vanessa & steve’s final 2 deal. So there is a long list of people steve was never going to put up, and like i said if veto wasn’t used, it is kind of because both Jmac and Steve are individually aligned with people their Rockstar alliance member loathes lol. Steve will never put up Vanessa, and if Jmac tried to back door her and Steve won the veto, steve would not use the veto too

Ms Chiff

Don’t want to post a spoiler – am super excited by who won the first HOH though!! Nice!!

Very surprised by the nominations – thought their target would be the person a lot of people were predicting here? Are they the two that the HOH talks to the least in the house?


You don’t want to post a spoiler… on a spoilers site?

Ms Chiff

… for the show – if you’ve ever lived on the West coast you’d understand 🙂

twin hater

I hope Steve is back dooring somebody if not he is gonna be out the door next week James is gonna be gunning for him

Ms Chiff

What’s with the German ‘oompa’ music going in the background during this POV? :/

Steve tv

Steeeve what are you doing???? meg and jackie???>?

Ms Chiff

All the passives are *finally* scrambling into action tonight – LOVE IT!!


Was Meg and Jackie the plan for the DE? Something I missed, and maybe they did too. Or is the plan to backdoor Becky here?

Jmac attack

Yay jmac!
Send Vanessa or Austin out the door

Steve tv

Jackie and Meg should of paid more attention to him, like julia did…lol

Ms Chiff

lol – that’s what I was trying to get at with my post above (where I was trying not to post spoilers) 🙂


You failed but nice attempt