Big Brother 17 Week 7 Summary and Live Show Results Shelli Vs. Vanessa


Week 7

Week 6 ends with Clay being evicted by a unanimous vote. Becky wins the HOH after a gruelling endurance competition, Julia came in second, Jmac, Shelli round up 3rd and 4th place. The initial nominations are Steve and Shelli. The original plan Becky had with Vanessa’ was for Johnnymac and Shelli to be nominated. (remember there was that fake final 8 alliance “Give me your word”)

Becky tells the goblins she wants to save Shelli and put up Vanaessa she tells Vanessa she wants nominations to be the same to take out Shelli. Steve wins the POV. Becky tells Vanessa, Austin and the twins that Johnnymac is going up as the replacement The day of the veto Becky tells Austin the truth She’s going to nominate Vanessa. With Jackie, Meg, James and Johnnymac’s vote she can evict her. Once nominated Vanessa goes on a tirade for about a day “You don’t know me I don’t need the money, F*** u, Sell outs, My Word” Becky made it very clear who her target is and the hate between Becky and VAnessa starts to bubble over. Becky wouldn’t put up with any of Vanessa’s bullshit schemes, told her no game talk no deals, you’re done.. The Goblins on the other hand had different plans.

Late Monday night the goblins start worrying that Shelli is more dangerous to them than Vanessa. They form their goblin circle and start to scheme about keeping Vanessa. They have the votes knowing flipping Austin and the twins will be easy. Come Tuesday Vanessa is back in full form campaigning hard to the Goblins. James approaches Austin and a new mutual level of trust is formed. A temporary ceasefire is agreed upon to take out jmac, Steve and Becky. The goblins want to keep Becky, The Austin/twins want to keep Steve, Jmac is screwed. Come Thursday morning it’s apparent that Julia and Liz are becoming closer to Vanessa and they will strike at the goblins.

Shelli tried to stay but after losing clay and having the game implode it wasn’t the same. She needed to win a comp this week but couldn’t pull it through. I enjoyed Shelli in the house she was their to play. There’s always the chance of her coming back.

At the end of the day the brass tacks is Shelli is going to Jury..

Checkout our top Animated Gifs from week 7 I promise you’ll laugh

It’s double eviction tonight a very exciting night for Big Brother :) Buckle up and grab your feeds.

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How the week went down (Links)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-12-45-431_jpg

Summary of live show

Austin votes to evict Shelli
Liz votes to evict Shelli
Julia votes to evict Shelli
Meg votes to evict Shelli
Steve votes to evict Shelli
Jackie votes to evict Shelli
James votes to evict Shelli
Johnnymac vote to evict Shelli

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-19-25-676_jpg

Evicted Houseguest is Shelli

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-28-51-428_jpg

HOH competition is called Getting loopy

Round 1
All right
Round 2
James. Meg, Liz, Jackie are out
Round 3
All right
Round 4
Vanessa and Julia are out
Round 5
All right
Round 6
Steve wins HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-33-57-618_jpg

Steve nominates Meg and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-40-26-035_jpg

POV players = Steve, Meg, Jackie, James, VAenssa, Johnnymac
POV Competition called Slippery slope
POV Winner is Johnnymac

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-47-54-690_jpg

POV used NO!

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 18-58-51-054_jpg

Vanessa Votes to evict Jackie
Becky Votes to evict Meg
Jmac Votes to evict Jackie
Austin Votes to evict Jackie
James Votes to evict Jackie
Julia Votes to evict Jackie
Liz Votes to evict Jackie

Second evicted houseguest is Jackie

Next HOH is played later tonight.. Buckle up

Some more information about Double Eviction.

It’s going ot be a new game tonight.. the changes in the house will be massive. Get the feeds and have some fun.

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199 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 7 Summary and Live Show Results Shelli Vs. Vanessa

        1. Stupid is as stupid does! Well here’s another reason the goblins should have voted out Van. Steve would have had Johnnie and J Mac wouldn’t be pissed at the flip. Likely target may not of been a gob. Wrong one went 1st as Meg is the Lazy cow of the season. Have another bag of Cheetos piggy. Worst player in years.
          Jackie got what she deserved and James and Austin seem to have bonded some. Megs might not be far behind if we are lucky. Funny Meg may be looking for Becky just to have someone to talk to…. poetic justice! JJM snickering about the DE well snicker some more you morons.
          For those of us who have watched BB a very long time it puzzles me how BB basics aren’t understood by HG’s the last couple seasons. “Best for my game” is just a set up to say I have no idea how to play.
          So it would appear the house will all try to float to numbers/HOH. A run of J Mac/Steve/Becky would sure be fun. At some point someone better take a shot at the twins. At this rate it’s summer camp and 500K if they can get out Nessa

          1. I agree with a lot of what you said about the gameplay but you proved your dipshit status by calling Meg fat and piggy, she’s really hot dude. I don’t know what you’re rolling with but I doubt if she’s real and not one of your numerous girls in the Niagra Falls area (kids of the 80’s will get that Niagra Falls reference and the first to get it gets an honorary Chilltown application) is anything anywhere near as hot as Meg.

  1. Simon,

    Can you please post a link where those of us pre-empted by football tonight can watch the show? Maybe put it in your Big Brother links?

    1. I hope not… she adds drama/entertainment.. I hope JMac doesn’t leave either. I wouldn’t mind Becky leaving, or Jackie.

    2. Vanessa is going no where. Her only real concern would be the goblins teaming up with Austwins. Then she is easy pickings. The question is are the Austwins shrewd enough to get out Van and hope they can beat the Gobs. Looks like Steve, J Mac and Becky go in short order baring a HOH miracle.

  2. I asked this in the other article for Simon/Dawg/everyone:

    1) What are the chances that Austin puts on Vanessa tonight during DE?
    2) Who do you think will strike first at each other: Austin or Julia?

    1. Nope……James is not going anywhere. He won’t get backdoored. James wins HoH puts up Becky & Steve. JohnnyMac wins pov and James will backdoored Vanessa and she’s out.

      1. That little guy should go, he just cost his alliance member her game because of his personal grudge with Shelli (over a hoodie that wasn’t his) and his need to inform people who his alliance is voting for. I don’t know here’s an idea, maybe you make them both nominees sweat, not study, cry for two days and then let them be surprised/blindsided with the result of the vote, that’s what I thought was basic strategy and good TV. When will these fools realize, loyalty and group voting sucks in the game and when you have a chance to take out the best player in your season you might want to do it. James game took a nose dive tonight. Meg however will go far because she doesn’t win which is a great strategy if you throw them or not, NEVER WIN COMPS be great socially, lie everyday, deceive everyday and backstab every chance you get. Chilltown loves Meg but she needs more evil and ruthlessness in her to win it though, she’s way too nice and honest, leave your conscious at the door as well as James. Also as much as her numerous completely wrong theories and meth like crazy eyes annoy the shit out of me Vanessa is going nowhere for a while either. If you dislike Vanessa and plan on getting pissed when she wins 500k look no further than mini man James. The brilliance of him and his alliances stellar gameplay this season is on historic levels.

  3. Welcome to Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015
    The first inducted is….Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
    The second inducted is……Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement award
    The third inducted is……Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:AllStars)
    The fourth inducted is…….Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13)
    The fifth inducted is……..Joshuah Welch (BB9)
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    Congrats to both Curtis Kin & Jason Guy into the big brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015
    Tuned in next week will inducted another member into the big brother hall of fame class of 2015.

      1. Getting evicted 3 times in 1 year and nominating Nikomas & Diane instead of Chilltown doesn’t get you anywhere near the BB HOF. Kayser is a real nice guy but a horrible game player.

        1. Dr. Will……Chilltown, Kaysar & Janelle are already inducted in BB Hall of fame. Check out the stats and scroll down.

  4. Julia is too silly to realize Vanessa is bad for her game, and Austin is trying to protect Julia and Liz. If the twins choose Vanessa over Austin, it’s game over for the twins. Vanessa will sacrifice the twins to save herself. Austin would remain loyal to the twins. DE will be interesting.

  5. James or Jackie wins HoH, puts up Becky & Steve. JohnnyMac wins the veto and backdoored Vanessa and she’s out.

    1. vanessa has the numbers now. if james, becky or Jmac want vanessa out they have to put her up with an austwins, any other house guest against vanessa and she is staying 100%.

    1. Usually what happens is the feeds come back after the show. A couple hours after that they’re cut again for the second HOH then back again for the evening drama.

  6. Probably I’ve missed something along the way. Weren’t double-eviction nights supposed to come as a surprise if not a shock? I understand that the HGs know there WILL be a DE but I wasn’t aware that they knew WHEN it would be. This group seems to have known for a week or two at least that this is the DE night. Are they told well in advance now? It drops the drama level a bit even if they don’t know who will win HOH.

    1. When BigBrother starts sending evicted house guests to the Jury house, they like to start it off by sending two during the same day. The guests can watch over each other and keep each company during the first week, provided they are not enemies.

    2. as far as I know, they weren’t told, there are just enough in the house who have studied or been fans that they just have assumed that it is DE night. If it wasn’t it would have been a surprise to them, and then they would have known for sure it would be the following week.

      there are a couple of reasons, it is always following the first person sent to jury, it isn’t usually immediate after tho, first person is often in there a week, but they had the added person come in so timing is a bit off. so this weeks day 55 or something, half way mark meaning the first of probably 2 doubles.

      also they were told someone is coming back, which means they need 4 in jury sooner rather than later. if this week wasn’t double, it would have been next for sure. they had a 50/50 chance guessing and they happened to hit it right.

      so shelli, whoever is #2 will be there now. #3 will be there in a week, then i just don’t know if they will do an accelerated week, or a regular one to get #4. for sure in #4’s week, #4 will turn around and go right into the back into the game comp.

  7. SIMON or DAWG…I have a feeling that JMac will win !st HOH ,because of all the time he spent in DR .Who do you think he would put up? I really have no idea.

      1. They suck at life and they’ve packed on the pounds since being in the house, surprised they haven’t noticed with the hours of nonstop eating and staring in the mirror at themselves. Liz especially is the epitome of what guys like to call a “trash bag”, a hefty trash bag. The only thing that sucks worse than those two is the amount of Vanessa’s dick Steve sucks all day and night hence the mouth sores destroying his ability to speak.

  8. Who goes home after Shelli in DE tonight?

    1. James 2/1
    2.. Vanessa 3/1
    3. Jackie 4/1
    4. Meg 7/1
    5. Austin 4/1
    6. Liz 6/1
    7. Johnymac 4/1
    8. julia 8/1
    9. becky 4/1
    10. Steve 5/1
    what do you think who’s the next to go home ?? any thoughts

  9. Did I miss something after the feeds went off today? When did the unanimous vote to evict Shelli come from? How and when did Shelli know she was leaving?

    1. Tried that one. Won’t stream on mobile device. First show to really look forward to in three seasons and they preempt for pre season no count football.

  10. WTF why did Steve put up Jackie and Meg those are my girls he is so dumb ugh…Why didn’t he just put up Vanessa so that there will be no blood on his hands .Now Vanessa is going to be back in charge and running things

    1. neither Steve nor Johnnymac were brought in to the DE ‘plan’/. either one of them can do whatever they want. If JM did not use the veto it’s because he suspected that steve’s plan was to backdoor becky. Neither one of them are going to care if either Meg or Jackie go out, of course.

      Goblins problem is they have always assumed Steve would put up Austwins, or vanessa even. For whoever is asking why didn’t Steve put up Vanessa, i can only assume they found this site today and haven’t read any recaps. or the alliance names, since i think it is SOS vanessa & steve’s final 2 deal. So there is a long list of people steve was never going to put up, and like i said if veto wasn’t used, it is kind of because both Jmac and Steve are individually aligned with people their Rockstar alliance member loathes lol. Steve will never put up Vanessa, and if Jmac tried to back door her and Steve won the veto, steve would not use the veto too

  11. Don’t want to post a spoiler – am super excited by who won the first HOH though!! Nice!!

    Very surprised by the nominations – thought their target would be the person a lot of people were predicting here? Are they the two that the HOH talks to the least in the house?

  12. I hope Steve is back dooring somebody if not he is gonna be out the door next week James is gonna be gunning for him

  13. Was Meg and Jackie the plan for the DE? Something I missed, and maybe they did too. Or is the plan to backdoor Becky here?

    1. A better question is why Steve “needed a minute” after JohnnyMac didn’t use the veto at Steve’s request?
      WTF does STEVE need a minute for?

  14. does anyone know where I can watch tonight’s show tomorrow on the web? I cannot access CBS as I do not live in the correct geographical region. The links provided tonight will not work – keep getting adverts to earn mega bucks or hide my mega bucks in secret bank accounts. SIMON or DAWG — any suggestions for viewing tomorrow?

  15. This is karma for not getting rid of Vanessa. Steve is Vanessas minion..if Vanessa was not in the house tgere is a good chance the house would have decided to turn on Austin and the twins . Lol

    1. i concur.. vanessa didnt get james out, but she got a goblin out, which is win win for her. and now its 1 vs 5, james will be leaving next if he doesnt win HOH or veto. vanessa and austwins will be his undoing.

    2. Steve would of done the exact same if Vanessa left. He rida his own boat. Hate to see Jackie go but one by one everybody goes..

  16. Wow the goblins fucked up. What a stupid game decision. If they were going to screw Becky over, they should have made damn sure they won HOH. They totally brought this on themselves. If they had just stuck with their alliance with Becky they would have been golden, She’s such a strong player and it would have been great for their game to have her on their side (along with Johnny). Dummies.

    1. How would this have been different? Steve won. JMac wasn’t gonna use it and chance Becky any way you look at it. This would have played the same even if Vanessa had left.

      What a wasted DE. I hope James wins HOH tonight. Please someone…get the two floosies out because I’m sick of looking at them floating to the effing top.

      1. Yes, but I’m pretty sure Jmac orchesrated this. If the goblins hadn’t screwed Becky over, Johnny wouldn’t have convinced Steve to put Meg and Jackie up.

      1. Meg is this seasons Victoria, waste of space who will likely be taken to the end since she’s incapable of doing anything

  17. Steve and JohnnyMac are freaking cowards!
    Meg and Jackie are noms and you LEAVE THE NOMS THE SAME?
    What happened to Austin, Vanessa and Becky being the ones they wanted out?
    This game, I swear!!

    1. John probably thought he would put Becky up so John really wasn’t a coward. The goblins were stupid to think that Steve would put Austin up. It’s the goblins fault for playing a horrible game. BYE JACKIE!!!!

    2. Johnny and Steve must have made a deal to not send out Vanessa (Steve) or Becky (John). If not, the move would have been to pull down Jackie and put up Vanessa. If so Johnny, James, Becky & Jackie would have saved Meg and sent Van home. There must have been an understanding – cause the play was just sitting there.

  18. Becky is freaking out because she was so rude to Vanessa after she put her up. Vanessa would have let it go but Becky was cruel afterwards. That wias a mistake that she can’t take back. Bad social game play.

  19. I think Steve planned on backdooring Becky but then John won POV, so his plan was destroyed. Why did’t he just put Becky on the block immediately? Why so afraid to make moves? I mean this is DE, they don’t have time to think, just put your targets right on the block. Such a coward.

    1. Ya, was super surprised that Becky didn’t get nominated – thought the big question would be who she’d be up against.

      But things have changed a lot this past week – guess the brass tacks have been targeting Johnny Mac and Steve. Did he know that? Maybe his backdoor would have actually been James?

    2. My take is Steve and Johnnie Mac are trying to work together. John likes Becky and Steve likes Vanessa and they don’t like each others plus 1 a whole lot. So Jackie and Meg are the simplest targets which won’t upset either partner. Next HoH could be interesting…

    3. Could be a good move for JMAC keeping the noms the same. Having Becky and Van in the house to put the pressure on them for the week instead of JMAC.

  20. I am happy Shelli is gone! She was definitely the most fake person in the house. I do not enjoy the southern accent either, like how hard is it to say YOU ALL?! She holds zero entertainment value and a bad game player from my point of view. Bad decisions, petty moves, piss poor alliances, and a cringe worthy showmance. I hope you dont come back!

  21. I’m baffled by Steves choice of Noms, how will that help his game? For the first time in 9 seasons I don’t really have a favorite this year, there are some I like more than others but some of the game play this year has been odd to say the least.

  22. I really hate Austin and the twins. Now Steve. I’m over his ass talking to himself and the feeds. Weirdo.

    So who there is even likeable. NO ONE. Back to not liking the show

    1. Just think, one of these people is going to win. I don’t want any of them to win lol. Jason would have been a good winner.

  23. I can’t say I’m a fan of Steve like I thought I would be at the start of this season. It felt like a very weak HoH….

  24. Loved Jackie but that side of the house is so so so stupid and they got what was coming to them. Somehow James and meg will still be too dumb to realize they have no allies

    1. if they didnt figured that out when jason got evicted, they probably never will.. especially meg, she’s on a different astral plane.

  25. Yeh he should have put Becky up next to one of the twins. JohnnyMac I think realized that Steve was gunning for Becky so of course he kept the noms the same. JMac has the hots for Becks.

  26. WOW!!!!!! Steve is the man!!!!! He made the biggest move in BB History!!! He put up Meg and Jackie, and then had Johnny Mac keep the nominations the same, so he could get rid of the biggest nemesis in the house….Jackie!! Oh, I forgot…his cover story “I was confused, I thought you were coming after me”. Yeah right, Jackie and Meg couldn’t win, if they were the only ones playing. A DE is supposed to be for getting a big threat out of the house, not the two weakest players, what a joke!!!! He had Austin, Vanessa, James and Becky and he picks those 2.

    1. The Goblins would have had the numbers if they’d have evicted Vanessa instead of Shelli. Jackie got played by James and Meg, and those two didn’t see it coming.

  27. So in the Right hand Left hand dispute between Austin and Vanessa
    (where Austin blew up on Van for giving Liz n Julia the right answer)
    Vanessa told Liz, That Austin was giving her bad info so Liz would not win HOH
    Julia trusted Van and Austin had the right answer
    Liz listened to Austin and was eliminated
    Austins a scumbag
    The FnGs need to dump Austin and recruit JM
    They could run the game
    Go Vanessa FTW

  28. I am not sure what steve’s plan was but this was good for steves game. Whoever wins HOH will have bigger targets to go after. whether it’s becky or venessa.

  29. What an idiot! I can’t believe that he put up Jackie and Meg. Why not go after Austin/Twin? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  30. Had the goblins kept Shelli instead of Vanessa…..Steve would have had no choice but to put Shelli and another house guest. Cause right now he is playing Vanessa’s game instead of his own. As long as Vanessa is in the house pulling strings, NOBODY is safe.

    1. Steve is Vanessa’s puppet. It was a petty move because they were part of the group that was trying to get Vanessa out.

  31. Jackie was actually an OK choice for the game because it broke up an alliance. The house will now shift and it will be interesting to see where, James, Meg, and Becky land. I think Jmac messed up Steve’s plan to get Becky out.

  32. Hate how V thinks she was the only one on the block. Poor poor V. Hate that Shelli left over V wish Steve would have put up James and Van. Would have been an interesting vote.

  33. Steve’s game is definitely out the door tonight, but he still has Vanessa to take care of his f*cking ass, I hope Johnny is Ok, but his moves tonight really disappoint me. But that’s why this sesason is so awesome. People who I thought would be good players turned out to be not too great, cough Steve cough. Now I hope that JAmes and Austin are gonna team up to take out Van and her puppy. Julia and Liz stop thinking for Van all the time. She won’t take you b*tches to the end. She will take her minion, Steve who wasted such HOH, for her sake. And I think the rumor that’s Jackie told Julie was made up by Van too.
    Overall, this season is so weird, but I love it

  34. Can’t believe Steve put up Meg and Jackie. After seeing him talking to himself about how he wants to get Becky out, he turns around and does the dumbest game move ever.
    Note: he did say he is the last man on everyone’s totem pole, I can see why!

  35. I think Steve played it right. He did not put Becky straight up because of Jmac and who knew how the veto would play out. If the veto had been used by anyone then he could backdoor Becky and his enemy would have been gone. Unlike Becky who made an enemy of Vanessa who is still in the game. Now Steve is still in with Jmac, Vanessa, Austwins and Becky does not know she is his future target. Go Steve!! Goblins are so screwed.

    1. Yeah, and there was a strong chance he’d have had his chance to go through with the backdoor, depending on who would play for the veto – as it is, there were FIVE people playing of the six who would have gladly used the veto to take one of the goblins off the block so Steve could put up Becky … the three goblins, Steve, and Vanessa.

      With an 83% chance of a backdoor working, it was a pretty safe gamble for Steve to make. Not stupid at all.

      The goblins had a fair shot to save themselves – it’s sad for Jackie that it didn’t pan out the way.

      Can’t wait for the next HOH! Hope it’s tonight!!

  36. JJM deserved this, james better pray austwins or vanessa dont win HOH, otherwise he is going jury too. im actually surprised that some of the posts here thought that vanessa would be a target to steve, they have an alliance together, vanessa uses him for every vote, why would this change all of a sudden?

  37. Well Goblins are done, I’m surprised James voted out Jackie over Meg, I think James has the hots for Meg lol ..I think you should realign your team and add Becky, or you’re Toast!!

  38. Jmac needs to win this HOH or he is in some trouble! I don’t like Becky but she can win again also and have another chance of getting Van out!

    1. First , the house guests allow a twin into the game so easily and with open arms. Now, Everyone is letting them skate right on by. I think there was no backdoor plan . Steve took out his target . another moron who doesn’t see that austwin/van make final 4…

  39. My plane just landed after being away to attend a funeral and tried quickly to find out who, why, etc. got nominated and evicted. I am baffled how I leave for Italy with it a given that Vanessa was out of there, only to come back and find Shelli and Jackie evicted, and Vanessa still pulling the puppet strings. I truly don’t know if my heart is in it to watch anymore. Thank you, Simon and Dawg, for all your hard work. I’ll still check in to see what’s up, and of course use your Amazon site for holiday gifts.

  40. weird move.
    weird but there’s a strange logic.
    steve developed relationships with vanessa, Austin and the twins as well as James.
    John has a relationship with becky.
    the only people that have pretty much ignored steve for the most part in the game are Meg and Jackie. he has no tie to either and therefore no loyalty.
    By steve’s logic i think he’s believing he can salvage his freaks and geeks relationship, taking the heat off of himself and john.
    Steve is thinking he still has the option of staying with john and becky because becky’s strongest tie to the goblins has just been cut off.
    Vanessa will still go after Becky. Becky will still go after Vanessa.
    steve is thinking since he didn’t nominate james, james won’t go after him.
    Add to that he overheard that he was a backdoor target to Jackie at some point and he has taken out someone he believes would target him. In general the Goblins and the Austwins did say they’d go after jmac and steve, even if they were bullsh!tting each other.
    There is some logic in there, so for his own game it wasn’t a complete error… but it wasn’t the best move either.

  41. The execs at CBS might as well put Vanessa’s name on the $500,000 check already.

    She’s won because everyone else in the house is too spineless and brainless to go after her. Game over.

    I’m outta here. Time to go back to my regularly scheduled life-LOL.

  42. Could have should have back doored Vanessa. But he probably didn’t have the votes. Very disappointed that Vanessa is still there. Can someone help me understand what John boy’s plan is.? Or take down meg put up Austin and find out who is doing what. Seems like a nothing move. Confused!!

    1. I believe John and Steve agreed to leave Vanessa and Becky off the block, as a favor to each other. If not, Johnny could’ve taken down Jackie put up Vanessa. That move would’ve ensured the numbers for Meg to stay (James and Jackie votes) and Van to walk (Becky and John votes)

  43. Steve was smart. I think he would have gone for Becky if the Veto had been used, but if he had nominated her right off and she or someone else (JMAC) had saved her from the block then he would lost their trust. He is now in with Jmac, Austwins and Vanessa. Becky has no clue that he would target her. Only enemies are Meg and James who have a lot bigger threats than Steve. Now that the Goblins have lost a member it is better if they all team up and take out an Austwin.

  44. Was glad I got to use my dishanywhere app. while in Grenada. Football game on here, and I would of been so pissed if I missed this show tonight. Go JMac! Now I hope that the Austin group has to feel the block. There just cruising by.

    1. kellym — hope you are enjoying my little island in the sun. Glad you were able to watch tonight’s show. I sat and used every curse word that came to mind, mixed a rum punch and decided that as I was cheated out of tonight’s episode, I will drown my sorrows tomorrow night, starting at Bananas and finish at Port Louis.

    1. By the same token, she may not have done anything to him, but she never did anything for him. I don’t think there is a single time on any update on here where there was a Steve and Jackie moment. In fifty plus days I can’t think of a single one. Even during late night studying, Jackie stayed in the hn room staring at the wall rather than join Meg, James and Steve.

  45. Hey haters guess who still in the house? LMMFAO!

    But what do I know?….I’m “delusional” and “wrong” and “know nothing” haha

    It’s ok haters I still love you and we are witnessing the best season of all time together. So we golden!

    #Nessa owns and loves you all as well!

  46. I didnt want to see Jackie go tonight. But im not mad. Ive said I like this this season because its soo unpredictable latley. But to everyone sayin Goblins screwed up they didnt take out Shelli youre wrong. If Shelli stayed Steve would have still put up Jackie/Meg or James. Steve wasn’t burning bridges with austwins/vanessa yet. Defenetly not putting up Jmac. I was kinda surprised he didn’t put up Becky with one of them(not that it would have mattered with jon winning veto). Add that if Shelli was still in the house she would still go after James, where with Vanessa she’ll target Becky.

  47. Boy, they sure had a gift given to them, and they didn’t have to lift a finger….Worse possible scenario….Somebody better vote one of these numnut twins out now!!!

  48. I wish it was Meg that left tonight, hopefully this motivates James to find new people to ally with. I think Johnny messed up. Steve could have made a huge move in the game but he was too chicken to pick a target that mattered. He could have put up Meg against James, Becky or Vanessa, and Meg would have stayed. I think Johnny was scared to use the POV in case Becky was the replacement. The only way this doesn’t revert back to a Vanessa sweep is if Becky wins HOH again. I don’t think anything would have played out differently if Shelli stayed, except it would have been James in jury.

  49. Got a feeling that Shelli will be the jury member coming back. After watching her interview with Julia, I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind it (Team up with JohnnyMac & Steve and go at Vanessa). This is coming from somebody who is NOT a fan of Shelli/Clay.

  50. I guess now these two idiots James and Meg are still wondering why their alliance is still picked off one by one. These two idiots think they are in good position into DE. They thought they know the house dynamics very well (no one is targeting them) but big surprise they are still in the dark. Now one more of their members is leaving, I hope these two idiots wake up soon to see Austin/Twins/Vanessa will not be with them. If they kept Shelli, Steve probably switched to their side to take out Austin and the twins. Davonne, Jeff, Jason and Jackie all left, they still want to align with Austin and the twins.

  51. I’m sitting here eating donuts and hating Ariana Grande, because there is a stupid NFL game on TV. BB won’t air till near midnight! Why do people think that NFL is real??? It is as fake as Wrestling, all the winners and losers are predetermined, it is so fake!

  52. I guess now these two idiots James and Meg are still wondering why their alliance is still picked off one by one. These two idiots think they are in good position into DE. They thought they know the house dynamics very well (no one is targeting them) but big surprise they are still in the dark. Now one more of their members is leaving, I hope these two idiots wake up soon to see Austin/Twins/Vanessa will not be with them. If they kept Shelli, Steve probably switched to their side to take out Austin and the twins. Davonne, Jeff, Jason and Jackie all left, they still want to align with Austin and the twins. Now these two idiots have to win HOH every week to survive.

  53. I think Steve needed a minute because he was going to back door Becky, and Johnny Mac told him he was not going to use the veto. I don’t think John knew of Steve’s plan to back door Becky.

  54. What a wast of a move, double eviction should have been a big move, Meg and Jackie??? Wth was he thinking? Then the most epic moment in BB history happened, the voices in Steves head started talking To him on live TV and he began talking back to them ROTFLMAO.. JC, do they screen these mental patients or what?

  55. Hate to see Jackie go.. especially sitting next to Meg cause she is worthless with the exception of being a late night cuddy buddy

  56. Seeing as how things change from one minute to the next in that house I’m not totally surprised by Jackie’s exit. Best possible move for Steve or Jmac? Perhaps not. Consistent with the surprise script flips? Yes. Not the ballsiest or overly dramatic choice of nom’s and not using the POV but I dunno. Goblins got comfortable and didn’t stop to think they could possibly lose a member tonight and I’m not sad about this. I liked Jackie, she was my favorite out of that group but they brought this on themselves. The only way this could have been better is if Meg was the one walking, but here’s hoping that isn’t too far off.

  57. You have an alliance of 3 or 4, and you vote to keep your weakest player, really James? What brain were you thinking with tonight?

  58. Quick question Dawg or Simmon….Did Becky know before the vote that the house wasn’t going to vote Vanessa out over Shelli. Sorry don’t have feed live in Canada. Thanks

  59. Still surprised Steve didn’t target Becky – but can understand why a loner like him would find an alliance like the goblins scary … the three strong had so much influence over the vote last week, look what happened to Becky during her HOH – they voted out her ally and not her enemy, and now Vanessa’s still in the house gunning for her. And the week before they won HOH and had power then too, whereas the Austwins haven’t done anything all season.

    And the goblins hardly ever talk to him – even Liz has flirted with him … sometimes little things like that can make a difference, when choosing between two big alliances.

    Too bad it wasn’t Becky who got evicted – funny that the producers didn’t even pick her to play for POV … usually they give the person they suspect is in danger of getting backdoored at least the chance to save themselves … she’s not the greatest tv …

    Think he gets along fine with Austin, and at least the twins talk to him, don’t totally ignore him (Liz).

  60. I know JMAC was mad about the vote flip, but he had some serious attitude on the eviction episode last night! I wonder if some drama went down after the feeds cut yesterday. JMAC to Julie “Yeah, what do you want?”

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